Why is Ir'e's Weyrmate so RUDE?

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's just one of those lazy afternoons. The kind where you pack your family up and drag them kicking and screaming down to the beach. Okay, maybe not kicking and screaming seeing as how Ir'e and at least one of his daughters is quite thrilled at the prospect. Idrea however is not that thrilled one, she's the fussy one who doesn't like the feel of sand on her skin. Lyrabel on the other hand has scooted off the blanket that Ir'e so lovingly spread and is in the process of tossing sand anywhere within in five foot radius. Which sadly happens to be all over her sister who's fussing in her father's lap and desperately trying to escape over to Rhab's much cleaner one. "Daaaaaaaa." Idrea's chubby little arms are outstretched towards Rhabel as she squirms against the bluerider. No want Ir'e and his sandy covered lap!

Rhabel does not mind the beach so much, though it doesn't hold the same promise of peace as it did a turn-and-a-half ago. Where before the teenager would have brought his books and his violin, now he's bringing blankets, and napes, and snacks for little children. He's just finished putting together a blanket when Idrea's cry and desperation call for action. He plucks her from Ir'e's lap, hugging her into himself as lips find the side of her head, just before he settles her. "You don't like the sand?" he inquires, and for being usually monotone, there's a tenderness when he speaks to the little girl. He brushes at some of the sand left clinging to her chubby little limbs, and then blinks his eyes over to Ir'e. "We should really find a place that both of them enjoy, instead of trying to compromise for one and the other." Really. Screeching children is no fun.

Zi'on really only has one kid old enough for a beach trip without things turning into a cry-fest, and that is Ezio. Zi'on and his little clone wander down to the beach both dressed in blue and white shorts and white t-shirts and sunglasses. Zi'on is carrying most of their stuff, blanket, towels, and a backpack with their other essentials. Ezio is carrying his own essentials, mainly a bucket and a little shovel. Once they hit sand, Ezio goes bolting off across the beach, finding a spot near Ir'e and Rhabel's set up. He yells, "Here, da!" and then sets his stuff down. Zi'on wanders over a few moments later and unfurls the blanket with Ezio's help and they anchor it down with some rocks. Ezio flops down to start peeling out of his sandals and Zi'on gives a wave to the pair. "Hello hello! Who do we have here?" Zi'on can't recall seeing Ir'e's kids before.

While Rhabel will never hear him admit it-mostly because he's absolutely infatuated with his two daughters-the bluerider does miss those days where the sweet music from weyrmate's violin was often heard. Really Ir'e needs to do something to solve the lack of said music lately. He files that thought away as his arms fall limply at his side as Idrea is rescued from her evil dad. "I always forget she hates sand so much." The bluerider admits sheepishly, reaching up to rub at the back of his rather long unkempt hair. "What child doesn't like sand?" It's not really a question and his chocolate eyes drift to Ezio at his appearance and then his father's. "See, I bet he doesn't dislike sand. Idrea's just a strange child." His nose crinkles up as he peers at the girl as she clings happily to her savior. The words aren't said with any irritation, more confusion at how he could have produced such spawn. One can be thankful she's definitely quieted down almost instantly in her second father's embrace. "Hey Zi'on, how goes it?" He pauses and waggles a finger at Rhab's addition, "Idrea and the sand monster over there is Lyrabel, Keely and I's daughter." Who for some reason has parts of Rhab's name. Go figure.

"You're an idiot," Rhabel says, on a long-suffering sigh. "What father doesn't remember that his daughter doesn't like sand?" He's already pulled out a picture book for Idrea, and shifts the child just slightly in front of him, settled on the blanket, so that he can twist her hair up in little 'dos. None of them take, and Rhab certainly isn't very adept at them, but when you have a /girl/, there are certain things that Rhabel thinks you should be required to learn. Ezio's approach earns the teenager's attention, and Zi'on's greeting has those eyes focusing on the Weyrleader. He remains silent throughout Ir'e's introduction to their little family, and well after it, until finally he's saying, "You've recovered. Did you ever catch the man?" His entire attention is focused back on the the little girl in front of him, and occasionally, Lyrabel, to assure that she hasn't strayed far. Seems he isn't too keen on politely keeping his gaze on Zi'on for the duration of his possible answer.

Zi'on's musical talent never really developed, and his weyrmate bangs on metal, not on a drum. Ezio takes his little bucket and his shovel and heads out into the sand. "I'm gonna build a big castle right here!" Zi'on peers at his son. "Not until you've got lotion on you're not." Ezio and Zi'on have dark skin, but still, he didn't want his son getting burnt. Ezio reluctantly pulls his shirt off and lets his father lotion him up. "Why don't you play with Lyrabel?" Ezio wrinkles his nose at this. "Da-ad. She's a baby!" Zi'on sighs. "Well, okay. Go build your castle." Which Ezio does. The bronzer shrugs and chuckles. "Apparently your child doesn't? Every kid has their quirks. She may hate it today and love it tomorrow. Goes alright." There's a nod to Rhabel. "I have indeed! No, we've not caught him. He's long gone and I hope he drowns. He's created a lot of extra duties for everyone. Me included. Now I have to learn how to defend myself from weaponry."

Ir'e blinks those naive big eyes of his at his verbally abusive weyrmate. So mean! Don't you feel bad for Ir'e for weyrmating such a monster? He feels sorry for himself sometimes very late at night. "Well, it's just we don't go to the beach that often when it's just us three, and it seems like we don't have Lyra all that much and whenever we do.." He just naturally gravitates to the water is all. He is a beach bum, or maybe part dolphin or something. Who knows. His gaze focuses on his weyrmate and those different hair styles he's testing out. At least one of them is going to be able to do something with their hair because all Ir'e wants to do is hack it off and not deal with it. Boys and girls are the same! Rawr! "Gave us all quite a scare, ya know. Glad that it wasn't more serious." He pipes up and then chuckles at Ezio's reply about playing with little Lyrabel. "She can always pretend to be a dragon to your castle, she's good at trying to mimic Yiska when he's in a bad mood." And then the next comment earns the Weyrleader a shrug. "Well, she can't be related to me if she doesn't like sand so I do hope it's a phase. Maybe that greenrider was lying to us when she put her on our weyr ledge." And yet those locks of hers match Ir'e's own hair quite perfectly and she even already has freckles starting to bloom. "Learning how to defend yourself is good to know though. I suppose it's a good thing it's not like times of the past where we used to solve our disagreements with knives more often than not."

When Ir'e starts to deny the possibility of being Idrea's father, the teenager simply brings his hands over the little girl's ears and turns a steady look onto his weyrmate. It's a /warning/ look, one that leaves only when his attention is turning back onto Zi'on. "He was able to escape an entire weyr, I don't think he's stupid enough to drown." All said point blank, all said without a flicker of emotion, all delivered as if Rhabel might be discussing something very /obvious/ and /boring/. "How many riders did you have on that beach with you? You all deserve the extra duties, if you lose a man to the sea." Ouch. He spares NOTHING, though it's probably his /own/ naivety and inability to understand basic human interaction. He just goes right back to twisting Idrea's hair about, and making sure Lyrabel hasn't buried herself alive.

Zi'on would feel bad. But have you ever heard Kiena talk to Zi'on? She's generally just as abusive. Though to Kiena's credit, Zi'on usually deserves it. Her petname for him is "pervert" for good reason. "I like the beach, too. Thankfully so does Ezio. But I'm sure some of my kids won't. And if Ezio didn't… I'd probably still drag him down here. We live on an island, he needs to learn to swim and not be afraid of the water." Parenting 101 from Zi'on! "Me too. Ziria looked out for me while I was in the infirmary. I don't think I'd be here if not for her." Ezio makes the castle large enough for himself to fit inside. "Maybe when it's done." He tells Ir'e about letting Lyra play. There's a brow raised to Rhabel. "Don't look at me, I was busy dying at the time. Besides, no one was expecting something like that. There was mass chaos, people were dressed as other people, as pirates, no one had knots and everyone was running around trying to figure out what had happened. The guards didn't know if they had a murder or a riot on their hands. A few pirates escaped but no one died." So there wasn't anything in Zi'on's mind that was really that horrible. And he has a battle scar now. "I wanted to get a bodyguard, but Th'ero kept telling me not to trust anyone."

"That seems like a poor excuse," Rhabel says, "for not having people competent enough to either run or help run the weyr. I think your friend Th'ero is right about not trusting anybody, though not for the same reason he might be implying." Yes, Rhab just took a swing at /everybody/. He does, however, seem to attempt to soften the blow with his next words, "I guess it's a learning experience for everybody. Hence why you all deserve the extra work." Green eyes shift, access the bronzerider beside him, and then he drops his gaze right back down to Ir'e's daughter. "You should look for other people willing to and able to throw themselves in front of you. Nobody died, but you almost did. You and Enka are a lot more important than anybody else in this weyr." If only because they already know the trade, and are seasoned with their positions.

Zi'on raises a brow at Rhabel. "Well if you don't like the management you're free to leave. No one has come talk to me about wanting to leave though. I don't remember anyone dying. I was the only one hurt. Overall the damage was small. The issues with the jail have been fixed, as well as the ones with the guards. But there's still more work to do. Which I guess involves me becoming competent with a sword." Zi'on gives Rhabel a look that says 'and what are you doing to help, harper'? He shrugs. "I may do that anyways, but learning more self defense skills are good enough for now. I would be more concerned with Enka. Though telling her I would like extra guards around her might not go over well." Who knows, the weyrwoman may actually like some privacy?

Rhabel seems to care little and less about being told to leave if he doesn't like something, and retaliates with, "You almost died. I don't have a problem with the management, either, but you should be able to have more faith in the people filling your wings." Still monotone, still bored. Idrea decides to be brave, and the bookworm watches the child crawl away, slightly closer to Zi'on, staring with wondering eyes and her book hanging from between her lips. She makes a grunt at him, as if communicating, and then /creeeps/ a little closer. The look is does not go unnoticed, and Rhabel returns it with a rather blank expression and no real response to the unspoken question. "Why does it matter how much she likes it? If it's necessary, then it's necessary." So black and white. Now his eyes are on Ezio, and he's transitioning into topics that are much safer. "How old is he?"

Good because Zi'on isn't really kicking him out. He just doesn't want to hear his bitching if he's not going to do anything about it. "I have faith in the people in my wings. If it weren't for them I would be dead right now and the weyr would be overrun with pirates." Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration there. Zi'on grins to Idrea. "Hey there little Idrea. Have you come to visit uncle Zi'on? I got some fruity snacks. You like grapes?" He opens up the backpack and takes out a container of grapes. "Well, how would you like it if I said you needed to have some armed guards traveling with you everywhere you went all the time? It doesn't make for a private time." Zi'on grins at his son and reaches over to tousle his curly mop of black hair. Which earns him a -look- from Ezio. "He's four. He's Enka and I's oldest. My oldest in general."

Ahhh, but Rhabel is not /bitching/, simply making an observation. He chooses silence, at least having learned from Ir'e when maybe he was pushing a little too hard, and watches the interaction with Zi and Idrea instead. The girl looks wary, for just a moment, and then gives a delighted giggle as she crawls her way between blankets and reaches up her hands for the grapes. There's more of those gurgling, childish noises, and a slaughtered, "Ple, ple!" that should be 'please'. "Four? They grow fast," Rhabel murmurs, and then busies himself with Lyrabel. What the heck is Ir'e doing? The teenager doesn't know. The man is always… up to something.

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