Damaged Doesn't Mean Unacceptable

Day 10 of Month 4 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Smelling a bit like redwort and numbweed salve — plus or minus medicinal herbs — Leeta prowls into the living cavern with roving green eyes and a grawing hunger in her belly… 'cause it's lunchtime. Her white shirted, athletic form is one among many who stream in to take their mid-day meal, the Holder woman quickly availing herself of a tray, plate, and utensils before settling into line. As she waits her turn for chow, that incisive gaze of hers scans the cavern in leisurely fashion, while — perched on the firelizard 'tree' farther away — her three chromatic pets chirrup and 'talk' amongst themselves.

Teinon has managed to beat the crowds a bit, but only by a bit. He's got a bit of the once-drowned rat look going on… He's at least dried up a bit, but there are still damp spots on the edges of his sleeves and pant cuffs. The weird turtleneck that he wears is a bit slouchy, but he's managed to keep it mostly pulled up. He is just stepping away from the tables with a plate piled high with various foods. He sees Leeta in line, recognizes her with a bit of a smile, then heads for an empty table somewhere near the edge of the room.

There's a small nod of recognition to Teinon for his smile as Leeta's gaze scans over the other candidate, the woman watching where he's going, then finally turning back to the line since her turn is coming up soon. After availing herself of a little of nearly everything the cooks have to offer, the palest-blonde heads back into the crowd to look for a likely table. One dragonrider jerks a thumb as she tries to sit at 'his' table full of riders, noting flatly to the Holder, "White robes sit over there, mostly…" Yep, his thumb is jerking towards Teinon's general direction. One of Leeta's slender brows arches just a little, and she takes time to drawl back to the man, "I don't see your name on this chair, or a Wing sitting at it." Beat. "I think yer' bullshitting me." Unvoiced: asshole. Still, she won't make too many waves, and merely shrugs as the brownrider splutters in slight outrage, turns her back coolly on him, and paces over to sit across from Teinon. While settling on her bench, the first thing out of the woman's mouth is a lazy, "Why the turtleneck on this weather?"

Teinon's gaze sliiiiides toward the other table where Leeta is having the altercation with the brownrider. There's a faint sort of amusement that glitters in his eyes, but he brings it back to his plate and continues chewing. He's halfway through a bite when she joins and asks her question, sending his brows flying upward. He wipes his hands on a napkin, and almost looks apologetic as he digs into his pocket. The paper he produces is… limp, to say the least. It definitely got doused at some point along with the rest of him. Writing on it turns out to be a challenge, but after some intense concentration and only tearing the paper /once/, he manages to delicately inscribe a note on the least-damp part of the page, then passes it to her. "They're terribly comfortable. Everyone will be wearing them in the future." Then it's back to his lunch with a little smirk.

She's into her own eating — with a quick, neat gusto — when Teinon finally hands that slightly soggy written note to her, Leeta jerking that one brow upward again, then accepting the missive from her fellow white robe. Apparently she's already blown off the brownrider and the encounter, focusing on the present, then finally answering her Teinon, "Comfortable in Crom, sure. 'R on a cool day here. Right now…" Eyeroll. Feel free to sweat to death, kid. Another forkful of veggies heralds her quick alto, "Are you mute?"

Teinon lifts a shoulder, apparently unbothered by the heat or the eyeroll. Certainly he's encountered that reaction before, and he leaves it at that. The question earns her an eyeroll in return, and he plucks the note back. No point wasting it, even if it's damp! Another note is carefully scrawled, and he pushes it back to her. While she's reading, he takes the opportunity to enjoy another small bite of something green. "No, I just enjoy collecting weird looks."

Seems Leeta's used to more reaction than a shoulder roll, and Teinon's lack of some kind of outrage or another earns him a quiet look. Then it's back to eating, until the new note is shoved towards her again, a pause in drinking her juice taken to read it. Blink, stare…smirk. Perhaps oddly, the Holder candidate replies levelly, "Time will tell…" before tackling her tater tots. Yum!

Teinon favors Leeta with a weird look, but he goes back to eating in his customary silence. After munching for awhile and occasionally straying a glance toward the older Candidate, he eventually resorts to the note-writing again. This one doesn't take as long to write. "What did you do before?" He nibbles the edge of a piece of toast, watching her while he waits for the answer.

Nom-nompf. It's simply eating without conversation from Leeta until Teinon passes her another note, the woman seemingly accepting this as his form of communication with no fuss. "Before I became a candidate?" is inquired with a hint of curiosity, greens touching blues for a long moment before returning to her food. "Head of Blue Fire Hold gas field security." She sounds not braggartly, but quietly proud of her work. "You?"

Teinon blinks rapidly at her answer, and if his expression wasn't enough to make it clear he's impressed, he makes a little whistle noise. He's quickly back to scribbling. It's proving less of a problem as the paper dries out again, though it's got a distinct wave to the grain, now. "Herder at Xanadu Weyr. Yours is more interesting."

"Well, you're not mute, since you c'n whistle…" Leeta notes dryly of Teinon's reaction, the blonde woman tapping her fork's tines against her lower lip before eating again, then finally peering at his latest missive. "Yer a Crafter; nothing t' spit in the wind at." Sagenod. "What's yer specialty?"

Teinon smirks back at Leeta at the first, then just rolls his eyes again. He scribbles out a slightly messier note, compressing longer sentences into a shorter period of time, probably out of some desire to keep her from waiting. He passes it over with a crooked half grin and a shrug, then plucks some small piece of fruit to eat while she reads it. "Not a Crafter. Mostly shoveled poop. Fixed fences. Sometimes other things. But it feeds the dragons."

'Ahh…' is Leeta's silent look as she peruses that shorter note this time, the woman then shrugging lightly, and then looking down at the paper again. Pausing in her eating, she proceeds to fold the paper this way and that, finally making a sharp paper airplane…which the woman then starts to 'flap.' No tossing is to be had. "Lots uv' dragon crazy people here." Smirrrrk. "Especially white knots."

Teinon watches her fold the paper into an airplane with a long-suffering sort of look… But not without at least a little bit of good humor. He tries to pluck the paper back from her so he can very carefully unfold it and smooth it out. He uses /all/ the parts of the paper buffalo, apparently. "Not dragon crazy." That's the claim, anyway. "I just like feeling useful." He lets her see the note, but he keeps a hand on it, in case she feels the urge to try more origami.

Ha-HA. She *does* get a reaction from Teinon, and Leeta flashes him her even, white-toothed grin for that rather long-suffering look of his. His paper isn't grabbed at when he takes it back, the blonde noting, however, "I wonder if I'd've squelched your 'voice' if I kept that." A flick of finger at his undone paper once-airplane is a cue for another smirk. "Don't need to be a candidate to be useful." Is she silently accusing him (still) of being dragon crazy? Unknown, for the woman returns to finishing up her lunch.

Teinon raises an eyebrow slightly, suddenly less amused. He scribbles a note for her. "I have more. But not infinite. People always trying to waste it." As for not needing to be a Candidate… Well, he just gives a shrug and a wry smile. Maybe he's admitting to being dragon crazy! He's certainly not continuing to argue /against/ it. He does, however, reach over and tap /her/ Candidate knot with a slightly raised brow.

"Why waste it on simple communication if yer not mute? Paper's still a pricey commodity to use like that…" Leeta notes quite matter-of-factly to Teinon's next note, the Holder then sipping from her tall mug…noting that wry smile of his. When he reaches over to try and tap her grubby white (more like beige with some age) knot, there's a reflexive pull back away from him to avoid the touch, something guarded and watchful behind those now-flat green eyes of hers. Recovering quickly, the now slightly smirking woman notes wryly, "I'll be thirty soon. Figured I'd try before I aged out."

Teinon notices that reflexive retreat, and it stops him in his tracks. If there's a flash of curiosity or interest… It's quickly glossed over as he pretends that nothing just happened. He sees nussing! Instead, he pulls the paper back towards himself. He thinks hard before writing, and then finally starts to scribble, "Normally I don't bother. But they'll decide I'm damaged and kick me out. I have to try." He pauses, chewing a little on a hangnail as he skims his words, but then he passes it over to her. He starts gathering up his dishes, as he'd already finished his meal, while giving her the chance to read it.

He's not reacting, she's not reacting to her pulling away so suddenly…so all's decent in Leeta's eyes. Her last swig of juice also brings the reading of that paper of Teinon's, the Holder slowly looking up at him with the gaze of a razor. It's not pugnacious in any fashion; more the look of a scientist examining a new species they've found: intense. The blonde remains quiet for a long set of seconds as he gathers his dishes…and she gathers her own onto her tray, as well. Finally, spoken low, "Damaged doesn't mean unacceptable." Firm and sure…and maybe slightly angry, that.

Teinon looks back toward Leeta, taken just a little aback at the anger. He watches her again with more of that gentle curiosity he seems to have. He starts to reach for the paper, but thinks twice about it. Instead, he neatly folds it up and tucks it into his pocket. He gives her a smile, and even a bit of a wink. Then, with a finger-twiddle of farewell, he picks up his tray and heads off to bus it.

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