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Date: Day 19 of Month 4 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Kayinth has gotten that flying down quite well since the last time they saw Teinon. He lands easily on those short legs and furls those still ridiculously large wings. In his feline-dragon way he looks all about him curiously, having only seen it from above in learning their between locations. Rin gives the warm brown neck a fond pat and joins him in looking about, not sure where she might find what..or who..she's looking for.

Even Candidates get the occasional rest day… but not all at once. This leaves one slightly out-of-place herder-turned-Candidate to wander the weyr seemingly at random. He's headed back toward the living caverns when Kayinth lands, and though he ought to be happy to see a familiar figure, it actually takes him a sec to notice them. Probably just because he's not expecting to see them! But he does a little double-take as he starts to circle the bowl, and a broad grin splits his face. The avoidant curve turns into a beeline, and he brings his fingers to his lips to make a shrill whistle to catch their attention.

Kayinth and Rin both look towards the whistle at the same time. Kay crosses the distance between them in a few steps, stately for all the fact that they aren't long strides draconically speaking. Once close he lowers his large leonine head and whuffles a friendly greeting. « Hello, ball maker. » Added in is, "Congratulations! How are you doing?"

Airin swings down from Kayinth's neck.

Airin has arrived.

Teinon waves as they approach, still grinning ear to ear. For Kayinth, he offers an impulsive scritch to an eyeridge, and then steps back to sign, "Hello, Cat-Dragon!" For Airin, he just gives a little rueful, amused shrug. "Thanks. I'm well. Glad to see you!" Just as impulsively as the eyeridge, he tries to sweep Airin into a bear hug. Apparently he's /that/ happy to see her.

Airin is surprised, but not unhappy about it. She returns the hug tightly, and be warned..she may be small, but she's strong. First all that hauling and working with wood, and then dragon training. For all she's now 17 turns, she honestly doesn't look like she's gotten any taller at all. Kay rumbles a purring approval for the eyeridge, even if perhaps it was too brief. "How are they treating you here? Well I hope?"

Teinon releases Airin, and if anything, the strength of the hug only encouraged him. He does step back enough to make signing a little more convenient, and gives a crooked grin. "It's weird," he signs, though he doesn't look unhappy. "Different weyr. Different people. No one signs. Paper is expensive." He shrugs with one of those 'what can you do?' sort of expression. "But it's good. I got to shadow a rider. The mother-dragon knows sign, but her rider doesn't. Have you ever heard of that?"

Airin blinks.."Wow..really? That's amazing!" She hmms, "We need to give someone around here lessons." She only knows Xanadu so is very curious, "How is it different?" Like..are the people normal, or as weird as those at Xanadu? Not that she doesn't love her weyr and its weird people, she does.

Teinon nods a little, but he looks less certain about that idea. Some of the enthusiasm dims a little, and he almost looks reluctant as he signs, "I don't want to remind them that I'm weird." Which reminds him to glance around and see who might be watching this little dance. Luckily the bowl is pretty deserted, so he continues. "Feeding grounds are smaller. I don't know how they keep the dragons from eating the breeding stock. And the dragons aren't as friendly. Mother-dragon snapped at me." He clicks his teeth as demonstration, then smiles ruefully and shrugs one shoulder.

Airin mms, "Maybe she's just a really protective mother. Will have to see what she's like after they hatch and impress." She smiles at Teinon, "And you're not weird. If they can't accept you for the great guy you are, then something is the matter with them." Kay rumbles again, and his tail snakes around the pair. « You are good. » Rin wonders, "Do you think they keep the breeding stock elsewhere? You know, so the dragons hunting them don't put them off doing..well..their thing?"

Teinon lifts a shoulder. "I accidentally insulted her," he admits, with an embarrassed little smile. "She said something rude and I didn't know she knows sign. I think she forgave me in the end." The talk about them not accepting him just seems to discomfit him. He shrugs a shoulder and glances away, but is drawn back by Kayinth's rumble. He gives Kay a fond smile, and his attention returns to the conversation. "They'd have to, I think. No chance to talk shop, so I don't know."

Airin frowns a little. "That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, and Candidate chores in a strange place are bad enough. I guess I'll just have to come and visit you whenever I can, so you can have a decent conversation. Steve the tail coils about Teinon. Hard to say if that is Kay displaying his favor of the herder, or the tail just being Steve.

Teinon doesn't seem to mind the tail coiling so much. If anything the familiarity of it cheers him, and he gives Steve an affectionate little pat, his grin returning. "Not as bad as it sounds," he signs. "I made a friend, I think. And I have a stalker, maybe. Both of them think it's funny to snatch my paper, but I'm teaching them to behave." He interrupts the conversation so that he can reach up and give a CatDragon's eyeridge another scritch. When he's finished, he adds, "You're welcome to visit anytime. I miss all of you." He could mean this last cohort of weyrlings, or the entire Xanadu Weyr. Probably both.

Kayinth rumbles happily and bunts the herder gently. "Then we will, as often as we are able." The freedom to go places so fast is..well..fabulous. That is, when her own duties and studies allow. She's still a sr weyrling after all. She doesn't ask about him and V'ayn as they had had plans before…he seems sad enough so she'll have to ask about that later. "Is there anything I can bring you the next time I come?"

Teinon chews on the side of his lip, and scratches Kayinth's eyeridge again, as an excuse for not answering right away. When he does, it's with a return of his usual smile. "Not really. But you could check in on my uncle? Let him know I'm well. All of this happened suddenly…" He shrugs, and goes back to scratching Kay.

Kayinth does the dragon equivalent of purring and settling lower down on those short legs of his. There is sunshine and scritches and friends….life is good. Those great wings relax so as to trail on the ground as they tend to do when not held tightly up. They are just too big for the size of his body to not to. Rin nods with a smile, "I'd be more than happy to. Or even take him a note if you wanted me to?"

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