Talking Computers?

Month 4 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tidal Pools
Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

Etinei's explorations of the Weyr have led her to the tidal pools on several occasions now. While candidate chores (so different to what she's used to in her craft) take up the majority of her time, there is the odd moment to be snatched. And so the teenager snatches one this afternoon, just before lunch. Clad in her bathing suit, she sits in one of the pools, eyes closed as she enjoys the warm sun that beats down on the plateau. She looks more relaxed than her fellow candidates have probably seen her before, leaning back against the smoothed edge of the pool.

The thing about dorm living is that it makes people want to seek out those nooks and crannies where the can steal a few moments alone… Even if those spaces are public places in broad daylight. Is it any surprise that multiple Candidates might sneak off to the same space? A small green firelizard precedes Teinon into the area. She dips and wheels with glee, now and then trailing a wing into the water of the pools. All the while, she makes quite a racket, wailing and chattering away. Teinon walks at a much more sedate pace, grinning at the lizard's antics. He's not in a bathing suit… He's wearing the same thing he always wears. A tunic over a turtleneck and trousers. In spite of the warm day, he doesn't seem terribly overheated by it. His steps slow when he spots Etinei, for fear of interrupting her quiet moment.

The noise is what makes Etinei open her eyes, blinking them a couple of times before she spots the firelizard wheeling around the place. Another blink, and her focus falls on the man who accompanies her. No disturbance to be done by the man here - that job's been filled by his green! "Oh, hello," the teenager says softly his way, voice just loud enough to bridge the distance between them. "You're - I don't know your name. But you're one of the other candidates?" The girls names - that she's better with. But she's been decidedly less companionable with the male candidates with whom she's sharing the barracks.

Teinon's steps still drag, until it's very clear that she's not going to be angry at having been disturbed. He starts toward her, giving a nod of confirmation regarding his status as a Candidate. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a (now slightly worn) note written in careful script. "Teinon. Herder from Xanadu, now Candidate." He gives her plenty of chance to read the note before taking it back and tucking it back into his pocket. Waste not, want not, and all that.

Etinei sits more upright in the pool, watching Teinon curiously. When he holds out the note, she doesn't take it, but does lean closer to get a better look. Nodding, looking up at him again with intrigue in her eyes, she considers her next words. "You don't speak? Or can't speak?" She asks him, quiet but forthright with her curiosity.

Teinon gets a flash of a certain long-suffering look at that question, suggesting it must be a common one. He finds a spot near her pool that's relatively (if not completely) dry, and settles down cross-legged. He pulls out a blank paper this time, penciling out a note that takes a bit longer than his first, premade introduction. "Practically, can't. But I can write. Sorry it takes longer." He holds the note out for her to read.

Etinei is, despite the questioning she's doling out, patient. She seems to miss the long-suffering look - or perhaps just doesn't read people very well? - and watches the man with that same blatant interest as he sits down to start writing. She reads the new note, her hands remaining in the warm water. Good thing she doesn't have to write back to him, really. "Oh. That's okay. So I suppose…if you Impressed, you could talk to your dragon mentally?" She's thinking this situation through, the cogs in her head turning, looking intrigued by the concept.

Teinon nods a little and brightens. The topic of dragons triggers his enthusiasm, probably as much as it would any Candidate's. He scribbles a new note for her. "There's nothing wrong with my brain. Riders I know can all talk to their dragons without their voices. I don't see why it would be different for me." He holds the note up for her to read with a bright smile, giving her a little more time to read it, since it's a longer note.

Etinei waits patiently for the next note. It probably helps that the water she's in is warm, and she's reluctant to move unless she has to. But, also, this other candidate is ever so interesting, and she's more than willing to wait to find out more about him. When the next note is presented, her eyes dart across it, reading quickly. There's a little smile. "Well, exactly. If your brain works fine, then that's the important thing." There are a number of questions fighting to have their turn next, and the girl watches Teinon with large blue eyes. "Is this your first time as a candidate?" She asks in that same direct manner.

The answer is probably clear in the kind of sappy-eyed look Teinon gets, but he scrawls the note anyway. "Yes. Lived at Xanadu Weyr since I was 15. Didn't think anyone would pick someone like me. I was about to move in with my boyfriend. We came here to celebrate/vacation, and a rider jumped off a cliff to hand me a knot. Threw us both for a loop. What about you?"

Etinei does catch that look, and it seems to make some sort of sense to her. She's maybe not quite there (yet?) with that feeling herself, but she's seen it in the faces of most of the other candidates she's been getting to know here at Half Moon Bay. She waves her arms back and forth in the water as she waits for the next note, and reads it with eager eyes. "My story seems much less exciting…I was a tech crafter, apprenticed at Monaco Bay Weyr. A greenrider searched me - the Weyrwoman here's cousin, apparently. Is your boyfriend still at Xanadu?" Because asking Teinon more questions is apparently higher on her list of priorities than talking about herself.

Teinon's expressive face falls a little at the question about his boyfriend. He hesitates to answer this one, but in the end, he does scrawl a note. "Yes. He's a Sr. Weyrling. We met when he was a Candidate, so we were waiting a long time. He was very understanding." There's something about his expression to suggest that there's more to it than that, but he has already written a counter question to change the subject. "Do you have someone waiting back home?"

Etinei's arms return to her sides, hands pressing down on the ledge that is currently her seat. It's a longer wait this time, and for just a moment she wonders if the question was the wrong one? Too personal? But the answer does come, written out for her eyes to flick over and take in. Her expression has sobered a little, and she nods at what Teinon has said. Before she can think of something else appropriate to ask, he's questioning her. "Oh, no," Etinei replies, entirely nonplussed. "Just my craft, I suppose." It's said as easily as if it were a fact she's read in a book.

Teinon nods a little, and takes that at face value. Curiosity piqued and momentary melancholy successfully banished, he penciled out another question for her, then holds it up with a raised brow. "Specialization?"

That one also gets an answer, though a less certain one. There seems to be a little annoyance, perhaps frustration in Etinei's quiet voice. "I - hadn't chosen yet. After this, if I don't Impress, that's the first thing I'm going to do." At least she has a plan, one way or another, a flash of certainty in her big eyes as she watches Teinon.

Teinon raises his brows at that, but just smiles and gives a shrug. "Sorry," he writes, quickly. "You're young. There's time to decide." He shows her that note first, with an apologetic sort of smile. The smile turns impish then, and he pulls the paper back to write another note. "A friend of mine thinks the tech crafters ought to come up with a solution for my voice."

"I know," Etinei says. Her hands beneath the water press harder onto the rock, and she lifts herself up off the sitting ledge, until she's sat on the very edge of the pool, her feet now on the seat. She watches Teinon silently as he writes another note, reading it and getting that intrigued look of hers again. "I suppose - there might be something. If I don't Impress - maybe I could see what I can find out? If there's been anything done before along those lines?"

Teinon rolls his eyes a little, and though he has good humor about it, it's clear that he's skeptical, to say the least. He draws a little stick figure man with a computer for a head, and then gives it a speech bubble that says, "Beep boop!" He shows it to her with a crooked grin and a wink.

Etinei outright grins at the picture, eyes bright with amusement as she looks up at Teinon. "Maybe!" She draws herself up fully out of the water, getting to her feet beside the pool. "I should probably head back to the barracks. Are you coming back too?" She curls her toes on the warm ground, watching him with an intent blue gaze.

Teinon starts tucking his paper and pencil away again when Etinei is clearly pulling her feet out of the pool to leave. He waves off the question of whether he's going to join, and gestures to the firelizard, who is still having a grand ol' time playing in the pools. He starts to kick off his shoes, making it clear he's going to spend some time soaking his feet, but gives her a friendly wave of farewell.

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