Introducing... Crawlie!

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's late at Western, and it's a deluge outside. So much rain. Typical tropical weather during the rainy springtime. The sun is still up, barely, but it's pretty dark due to the clouds and all. It's slightly past dinner, but Zi'on is just getting to the caverns. There's a grunt as he trudges into the caverns and hangs up his raincoat. Then there's a trudge over to the food tables, where he wrinkles his nose. Food. What to eat? Perhaps some stew, that looked good. And then… pastry. Stew and pastry. Also he'll have a roll and some juice. Then he trudges to sit down at a table and look brooding and grumpy.

Raincoat? What is this? Real men don't need raincoats, they just walk out of their weyr with a shrug. But at least Ir'e isn't a complete waste of space as the turn and a half little girl he's carting about in his arms is wearing a jacket and hood and kept mostly dry, even if her father is soaked. "See, it wasn't that bad." He's talking over his shoulder to Rhabel, a wide grin revealing those crooked teeth of his before he turns his head back to watch where he's going. Idrea reaches up to tug at his goatee, a soft giggle bubbling up from her when Ir'e starts batting at her hands. "Ouch! What did I say about tugging on that?"

There is a egg held in her hands and a look of pride on her face as she enters the living caverns. Yes, that is a firelizard egg in her hands. After all this time she will /finally/ have a flit, which she is sure will be a great help when it comes to sending messages. There are a few meatrolls in her pockets, ready for the hatching of her new pet. At the moment she isn't even slightly focusing on finding food for herself, it's all about the flit. Naris sits down at a table with a sigh, setting the egg in front of her. It might not be completely advised to carry the egg around but she isn't about to let her eyes leave that egg for a second. In fact she is so focused on it that she fails to notice Zi'on until she has already sat at his table. She gives a quick nod to him before commenting, "looking silent and creepy as ever I see."

The look on Rhabel's face would suggest that whatever he and Ir'e are discussing was /definitely/ that bad. Definitely. At least, it /would/ have suggested that anyways, if not for that horribly boring blankness that he delivers instead. That's where words come in, and Rhabel is saying, "You're an idiot," on a whisper, though he doesn't elaborate any more than that. When Idrea begins her terror-making, and Ir'e scorns the child for being… well… a child, the teenager is slipping his arms under their daughter's and hauling her away from her grumpy, blueriding father. Now there's a genuine smile as he hugs the girl close against himself, pressing his nose and lips into the side of her face for a kiss before murmuring, "Daddy's hair is gross, like Daddy. Understand? If you touch it, then you get infected with Daddy's gross, too, and nobody wants Daddy's gross. It's yucky." SO LOVING, ISN'T HE JUST? Everybody should strive for a weyrmate like this one. Rhabel didn't bother bringing /anything/ to protect him from the rain, and so he's thoroughly soaked by the time they're making their way further into the Living Caverns. It's Idrea, actually, who has him moving to join Naris and Zi, because the child gives a happy gurgle and reaches out chubby arms when she spots the Weyrleader. He settles in right beside the bronzerider, so that Idrea can lean sideways and latch onto his arm while babbling nonsense, completely uninvited. It's Naris who gets… stared at. "Should you really be carrying that egg around?" he asks, flawless at being Captain Obvious.

Zi'on wears a raincoat. We wasn't allowed to die by sword, he can't catch a cold and die either. Also he might yell at Ir'e for not wearing a coat, too. Though since he's got Idrea Zi'on isn't feeling so grumpy. Maybe some sweets with help as well. A firelizard! It will help Naris be more efficient at doing Zi'on's chores. But not very helpful as an egg. Zi'on peers at her. "What's that? Looks like a rock. That a rock? Also, yes. I am brooding." Zi'on gives Rhabel and Ir'e a peer. "Get some raincoats you two. There she is! C'mere and hang out with Uncle Zi'on. Let's get some nummy stew in you!" The weyrleader reaches over to steal Idrea from Rhabel. He'll get her out of the raincoat and sit her in his lap. Zi'on tests the stew's temperature, then offers a bit to Idrea. "Heeeere comes the stew dragon! Wooooosh!"

Ir'e's eyebrows crinkle at the sight of /that/ girl carrying around an egg. He's not about to tell the poor girl that it needs to be kept warm and in a pot of sand less she kills it. Part of him feels bad for the little thing but his pride really can't be lowered to speak words to her at the moment. So instead it's his weyrmate who then gains his full attention as he gets rescued from his darling daughter and.. insulted at the same time. "It's not that gross. I wash it every day. Not my fault it doesn't look all nice like yours." Rhab's a pretty boy apparently in Ir'e's eyes. And as for Zi and his mother-hen-ness, well: "Meh, coats are for sissies. It's just a little rain, not gunna hurt ya." He mutters under his breath as he swoops by the hearth to pick himself up an ample bowl of his own stew. "If she spits up on you Zi, I'm not cleaning it up." Because that's totally going to happen too.

Naris raises an eyebrow and lets out a snort at Zi'on's words, surprised yet not at his questions about the egg being a rock. She shakes her head, a small smile crossing her face. "No," she responds. "It is most certainly not a rock. I mean, unless firelizards hatch out of /rocks/. Also, you don't brood, you creep. Brooding takes a level of mysteriousness. All mysterious left you for me when our first meeting with mostly you talking about beards. Mysterious men aren't that into beards, dude." And oh look, it's two people that she has declared unbareable. One of them, Rhabel, walks right over to her and bluntly asks if she should be carrying the egg around. Naris snorts before pointing out, "it could hatch at any time, I'm not going to risk not being there." She gives Ir'e a glance but doesn't scowl or anything of the like because of the girl who appears to be his daugher, instead returning her attention to the egg. Just then, as if to prove her point, the egg began to rock wildly before seeming to explode in a ball of eggshard glory. A little blue is left there, looking at her and creeling for food with whirling red eyes. Immediately Naris reaches into her pocket and pulls out a meatroll, although it only take a single bite before letting out a snort and dipping his head into Zi'on's stew, eagerly eating his fill.

Attention?! Idrea gets ALL THE ATTENTION? She eats it up. She croons with good nature as Zi'on strips her out of wet clothes (which she probably hates anyways), and then opens her mouth patiently while she awaits the… err'… 'dragon' stew. Once delivered, she closes her mouth to chew, chew, chew, swallow, and then opens her mouth for more. Rhabel doesn't mind the trade off, though Zi'on's suggestion (or was that an order?) goes unanswered. He is a grown man by Pernese standards, thank you very much. HE WEARS WHAT HE WANTS. Rhab does, however, agree with Naris on one point. "You are creepy," he informs the Weyrleader, sounding bored, though his eyes go back to Naris, and her impending firelizard. "I just figured since you can't seem to watch where you're going, carting around an egg might spell bad news for you." And then the blue hatches, and goes for Zi's soup, and Rhabel puts /distance/ between himself and the tiny thing. SO WHAT IF HE IS SCARED OF FIRELIZARDS. "You should name it Lucky, since he didn't die before you got him here." So rude.

Zi'on peers at Ir'e. "But you look like a wet dog." He sniffs. "Smell like one, too. Are you sure you wash?" Zi'on chuckles. "She won't spit up on me. We'll eat slow. Right cupcake?" Zi'on gives her a tiny bit of stew, then eats a bit himself. Zi'on has let his beard grow in! "Hey now, I like my beard. But there's not much to talk about anymore. Also, why is that rock not incubating if it's an egg?" Zi'on raises a brow at Naris. "But there are a ton of people here. Any one of us could end up impressing your fireliz— Ack! Egg on the loose!" Zi'on grunts at it hatches and starts in on his stew. "Shoo! Shoo you little crawlie or I'll have Miraneith force you to drown yourself." He pulls the firelizard away from his stew. "Take Crawlie out of here or I'll have Suldith eat him." The bronzer stares at Rhabel's reaction to the tiny firelizard. "Don't name him yet. In case he does die." Also rude.

Ir'e is a good weyrmate and manages to balance two bowls without tripping over his feet long enough to make it to the table and plop it down in front of Rhab. His gaze flickers over to the newly hatched blue and he shakes his head, "Somehow managed to get myself a green, not sure what I'm gunna do with the eggs when she's old enough. Maybe I'll be lucky and she'll go hide 'em on some abandoned beach and they'll just go wild. Zi, you don't know how old a kid's gotta be before the lil monsters will impress on them do you?" He reaches over to Rhab and tugs him closer, further away from that blue menace before kissing his temple. "Don't worry Rhab, I'll flatten it if it gets too close." He flexes a large hand and narrows his gaze on it. "And woah, hey now. I don't smell like a wet dog. I even use some of those fragrance added salts after I bathe 'cause Rhab bitches if I come home smelling like Yiska. Now that guy, no matter how hard I scrub he always smells like dirt." And blood too but he'll refrain from mentioning that little tidbit.
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The eggs hatches and suddenly she has a lot of people to scowl at. First is Rhabel, both for implying that what happened the other night was /her/ fault and suggesting that she name her new blue Lucky because he didn't die. Then there's Zi'on, threatening to have his dragon eat him, saying that he might still die, /and/ appearing to name him without her permission. Last but not least is that horrid Ir'e, threatening to kill the new flit. With a scowl Naris picks up the blue and pulls him over to her, feeling him give a squeak and claw his way up to her shoulder. Zi'on then gets a glare and an exclamation of, "for Faranth's sake Zi'on, he isn't going to die! And his name is not Crawlie, don't call him that." Meanwhile the blue gives a loud chirp the exact moment she says Crawlie, not that Naris pays any attention. She then glares at Ir'e before narrowing her eyes and snarling, "and /you/ will not touch him if you want to keep your manhood in tact."

Poor little blue firelizard! Just coming into the world and being met with SO MUCH HOSTILITY! Rhabel, of course, doesn't mind. A world without dragons and firelizards is a world that he would gladly participate in, immediately. Ir'e comes back with food, and pulls him close, and the bookworm is absolute putty in his weyrmate's hands. He doesn't fight off the kiss, though he doesn't return it, instead shouldering the hulking man away with a whisper of, "Idiot. Who asked you for help?" He's not some helpless damsel, after all. Zi'on's comment earns a quip of genuine laughter from Rhabel, but then Naris goes and threatens Ir'e's manhood, and well… It's all just downhill from there. The teenager freezes completely, and then blinks those green eyes from Naris, to Ir'e. Has the girl /seen/ Ir'e, /really/ seen Ir'e? The man is a /giant/. A horrifying, muscle-bound, /giant/- maybe not in height, like Zi, but in mass, well… Rhabel certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his 'mate's ire (PUN INTENDED). "How are you planning on detaching his manhood?" Rhabel asks, because… well… he simply has to know.

Zi'on chuckles at Ir'e. "I don't. But I think I got my first one at twelve or so. She probably has at least a few more years before she's old enough to impress one. Sylvanas is probably due to go proddy soonish." He chuckles a bit. "I dunno. I don't much like the smell of those. Is it bad I'm starting to find the smell of soot and ash sexy?" That's right, Naris! All these men are jerks. Mostly Rhabel. Zi'on is just teasing, Rhabel is serious. "I dunno…. he looks like a Crawlie to me. Doesn't he looks like a Crawlie Idrea? Yes he does." In goes more stew! "Relax Naris. But seriously. Keep him off the table." Yes yes, Zi is a giant. "Rhabel has invested interest in Ir'e's package. Though he mostly has interest in the meat. The veg you can probably have."

Ir'e stares at Naris as if she's insane, because obviously she /is/ insane if she's threatening him with bodily harm. "There's only one way you're getting near my junk." Pause. "And you'll be too busy moaning to be worried about much else." Oh yah, he just had to go there. He shifts a bit when he doesn't get a return kiss and is called, of course, an idiot. "I think he totally looks like a Crawlie as well. Kinda skinny looking, nice and small, squishable like a bug." Totally buglike. He lean back though and keeps those brown eyes focused on the girl, shaking his head at the mental images fluttering about his brain. Oh, and then there's Rhab's comment and a wide grin slips over his lips. Oh dear. "I think he's mostly interested in bodily harm not coming to me Zi, I don't believe he likes getting molested by me constantly. He might enjoy the break."

She is silent as they speak, looking at them with a mostly blank look on her face. When Zi'on talks about how the blue looks like a Crawlie, said blue chirping every time he says the word, she narrows her eyes in annoyance. She manages not to comment when he talks about Rhabels interest in his package, she even manages to remain silent when Ir'e gives what she is pretty sure is a lewd comment. Once she is sure they have talked their fill Naris turns to Rhabel, looking him in the eye as she says in a calm and even voice, "I'll tell you how it's going to happen. I'm not stupid enough to take him on head-on, no, that would not end well for me. But everyone has to sleep sometime. And one day, maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow night, I will be there. Don't ask how I'll get to his weyr, I have my ways. I will give with heavy tranquilizer, the kind they use on large, rampaging herdbeasts. I will fill him with enough that he won't awaken for hours. From there it is rather simple. I take a string and tie it around his scrotum, cutting off the circulation. Then I take a nice and sharp knife and cut it off. Maybe if I'm feeling nice I'll stitch him up, not that I'm very good with stitches. Either way, when he wakes up his testicles will be gone." She then looks at Ir'e with a grin and adds, "if he hurts my /nameless/ firelizard, that is."

Rhabel doesn't join in on the conversation of what Naris' firelizard looks like, because for a moment he's more caught up in leaning over Zi, wiping at a bit of food on his daughter's face, and watching as the little lass cuddles herself in tight against 'Uncle Zi' with a yawn. "I don't have any invested interest in his package, Zi. He's an idiot, and idiots shouldn't breed." All said with calloused affection, of course. Rhab is /quite/ invested in that package, to the point of being interested enough to answer Ir'e's quip with, "Well, there's always Naris if I need a break. She's pretty." And then? And then… green eyes are focusing on the teenage girl, and there's not a flicker of emotion on the bookworm's face as he listens to every threatening syllable that comes tumbling from her lips. "I don't doubt that you would get in," he says only then, sounding just as bored as ever. "My question is how you'll get out, past the raging dragon, and possibly past me." And then, casual as ever, he's leaning forward to look at the Weyrleader, deathly serious as he says, "Did you realize that Western is housing a psychopath, Zi'on? Intent on letting more renegades slip right under your nose?" A DOUBLE SLAP IN THE FACE TO EVERYBODY. Rhab is such a jerk, and he's a jerk who takes to sipping on his soup as if the other three people in the room have ceased to exist.

Zi'on laughs at I're. "Nice. Your weyrmate is good for that? It's kind of a shame that I don't like men." He nods. "Crawlie for sure. Aren't you little guy? Little Crawlie. Here have some stew meat." He tosses some stew meat to the little blue firelizard. Zi'on blinks at Naris and shifts uncomfortably. "…Right then. I think I'm going to wear a steel cup from now on." Zi'on chuckles at Rhabel. "I dunno. He did a good job with this little one. It is his, right?" Zi'on shifts Idrea so she can comfortably snooze. Zi'on just grins to Rhabel. "Threatening Ir'e? Makes sense to me. Are there enough renegades at the weyr to make you leave?" It's tempting to shove Rhabel's face in his soup. Hopefully it's HOT.

"My weyrmate does have a point. Yiskatiresiath is not really inclined to let people creep up into our weyr while we're sleeping and he's very much a creature of the night. I wouldn't suggest you attempt anything though because he probably wouldn't have any qualms nudging you off our ledge." Although Ir'e's still got a slight cringe to his face at so much talk about his manbits getting cut off. He's quite fond of the little guys and isn't really looking to lose them. Thankfully lady luck is on his side tonight and a small blue firelizard pops in from between, chirping at his human before winking back away. "Well, as much as I enjoy talking about my boys, Keely wants me to go pickup Lyrabel for the night." He stands, stoops over to plant a kiss on his scary weyrmate's head and jerks his head in his other daughter's direction. "Lemme know when you two are ready to come back and I'll send Yiska down to collect." And with that he's gone! Out into the night! And his manbits are safe and unscathed. The following words are yelled out from the bowl, "Try not to murder my weyrmate, Zi'on. I am rather fond of him."

Rhabel asks how she would get past the dragon, and in response she simply raises an eyebrow and asks, "did I mention the tranquilizer? I'll be bringing a lot of it. As for you… Well, Ila'dens face might have broken my hand, I think you are probably much softer though." There's a pause before she adds, "thanks for calling me pretty though." With that she turns away from the man, instead looking to Zi'on. She opens her mouth to protest frantically when he calls her firelizard Crawlie, only for the newly named firelizard to let out an excited little chirp at his name and pounce on the meat. Annoyance is clear on her face as Naris looks at him and comments, "I'll get you for that. I assume you have children, I think you made a comment about having to go to your weyrmate and your kids once, but even if you don't I can wait. And then, when you have children, I will find your youngest one and convince them that their name is Naris the second and everyone else is playing a cruel joke in telling them otherwise." She doesn't say anything at Ir'e leaving, instead ignoring him completely.

Zi'on looks at Ir'e, then at Rhabel. "Him?" He asks about Ir'e being fond of Rhabel. Zi'on has moved on from his stew to eat all his pastry. Yummy yummy pastry! Zi'on laughs at Naris. "I have kids, yep. Two boys and three girls. And they're all fostered and most of them already know their names. So good luck with that. You'd be better off waiting until the next one. Anyways, that all seems a little extreme for calling your firelizard Crawlie. Just call him something else and he'll forget all about it." Zi'on transfers the sleepy toddler back to Rhabel. Zi'on will feed and play with the little ones, but he doesn't want to get stuck with any dirty diapers. "Also you don't want to go messing with my weyrmate. She's meaner than him." He thumbs to Rhabel.

"Shocking, isn't it?" Rhabel says, in response to Zi'on's disbelief at Ir'e's… affection. He takes the child when she's transferred back, tucking her head on one shoulder and rubbing her back for a moment before he takes to eating again. Naris mentions tranquilizers, and Weyrseconds, and there's another long pause before… "Broke your hand? Did you punch the Weyrsecond?" Yes, silence, silence, and then Rhab's eyes are settling on Zi. "Is she allowed to do that?" It doesn't seem fair. What unjustice is this, that he's been subjected to many, many /annoying presences/, and has refrained from punching /anything/ because he knows he wouldn't get away with it. As for there being enough renegades in the weyr, Rhabel says, "You're an idiot." That's right, Zi. Rhab thinks you stupid. He will go back to his soup, thank you very much.

Naris shrugs and comments, "I'm an extreme woman. If I had a child and you decided to name it Crawlie I would try to talk your dragon into not letting it fly you anywhere. That and shave your head in your sleep." Then Rhabel catches on, asking if she punched the weyrsecond, asking if she was allowed to punch the weyrsecond, and calling the weyrleader an idiot. She nods before saying, "yes to all of the adove. I punched the weyrsecond in the face but he /deserved it/. He snuck up behind me, covered my eyes with his hand, whispered 'surprise', and tried to steal the pie I was making. Faranth, I thought I was being attacked! So I gave him a bloody nose and got a broken knuckle in return. So in the end I say that yes, I am allowed to do that."

Zi'on grumbles. "I'm sure Ila'den deserved it. Besides, he can take care of himself." Yes Zi'on is still grumbling about his weyrsecond. Even though he loves Ila'den deep down. Someplace. Rhabel is lucky he's got his daughter. Zi'on just gets up and musses up his hair. "Not as much as you are lover boy." Zi'on raises a brow at Naris. "You have a lot to learn about how dragons function. At any rate, I'm going back out into the rain and then home to my weyrmate."

"Whether or not he deserved it isn't the point," Rhabel says, too exasperated to be… exasperated. "He's the /Weyrsecond/." Zi'on is getting up, and Rhab's on the receiving end of a hair mussing, and the teenager doesn't even bother to fix his mop when Zi's through. In fact, he doesn't seem to care at all about the fact that he's just been treated like a /five-turn-old/. He simply watches the Weyrleader go, and then turns his attention back onto Naris. "I can't tell if you're incredibly stupid, or incredibly ignorant, but you're /really/ annoying." The bookworm is gaining his feet then, shifting Idrea who protests as being moved, fussing enough that Rhab pauses, and shushes her, rocking until she quiets again. He's a completely different person when his focus is on that little girl, but cold as eyes when his attention is back on Naris again. "You aren't going to last long," he says cryptically, and then just like that, he's disappearing, off to find a rider who can communicate to his weyrmate that he's ready to go /home/.

Yes, this man is an ass. Naris was actually thinking about changing this opinion of him. After all, he hadn't been /too/ awful today. But then Zi'on leaves and Rhabel speaks again, saying that he can't tell if she is stupid, ignorant, or annoying. He then says that she won't last long, not giving any explanation as to what this means. She refuses to let it get to her though, or at least refuses to let it show. Naris just flashes him a smile and exclaims, "have a nice day!" When he walks away her smile frowns and a deep, weary groan leaves her.

Cue Ila'den! The Weyrsecond sweeps in in just enough time to dodge past Rhabel and his slumbering bundle. He comes in from the wet, soaked through, but /this/ man at least has the sense to wear his rider's jacket. It gives him some protection from the furious storm outside, and after a quick trip to the tables for a bowl of stew and a steaming mug of klah, those grey eyes focus in on little Naris. Yes, he doesn't even hesitate a moment as he occupies one of the recently vacated seats beside her, and turns one of his brilliant smiles over in her direction. "How's your hand?" he inquires, choosing just that to start in on his soup.

And there's Ila'den, the person who the idea of her hitting seemed to upset the man so much, swooping in and asking how her hand is. Naris lets out a sigh before honestly saying, "the hand is fine, healing. It's the person telling me that 'I'm not going to last long' that is giving me a problem." She pauses before gesturing to Crawlie with her good hand and saying, "look, firelizard. Zi'on named him without my permission."

"Healing, hmm? Good to hear." There's another of those smiles, and Ila'den, in typical Ila'den fashion, gives Naris his complete attention as the resident speaks her mind. "Somebody told you that you aren't going to make it?" he asks softly, and then reaches out to touch lightly at the top of the new firelizard's head. "Congratulations," he says first, and then drops his hand away so that he can start on his soup again. He waits for a moment, maybe a moment too long, and then he says, "Don't let it bother you. Naris, it was, right? Whoever is telling you that you aren't going to make it has probably been through a lot. People like that don't have faith in others because they don't have any faith in themselves, and /those/ people are the ones who never last long. If they aren't a good friend, or somebody who knows you well enough to be able to form an opinion, then let it go. Dragons are never concerned with the opinions of herdbeasts."

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