Screwed For Justice

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Naeda gets up earlier than most candidates. But this is early even by her standards. The sun isn't even up yet. Still, that doesn't stop her from slinking over to Rhysanna's cot. She nudges her fellow candidate, whispering to her. "Second in command! Are you awake?" That's a worrying way to start. More worrying is the state of Naeda once Rhysanna takes a look at her. She's dressed in some sort of near-skintight black outfit, complete with a domino mask over her face. Where does she get things like this? She also has two big lumpy burlap sacks with her. "We have an important mission to attend to!"

As previously established, Rhysanna is not good at mornings. Not, not, not good at mornings. That would be why it takes her several long seconds to even register Naeda's presence, let alone those more concerning signs. And they are concerning: as the dark-haired candidate comes awake, as she blinks past sleep, as proper thoughts begin to register, a worried-looking expression begins to appear. "Uh," she says. "What?"

"Get dressed!" Naeda hands off one of the sacks to Rhysanna. Inside is an outfit much like hers, complete with mask, boots, and gloves. "It is time that we take vengeance. I have identified the malefactors who pelted us with fruit. Today, we mete out justice!" She is worryingly manic again.

"… what?" Rhysanna is still catching up on this, and though she accepts the sack she's handed, it's more likely to be on auto-pilot rather than as the result of any particular thought process. "Maybe we should just forget about it. I mean, we're safely home, now. Does it matter?" And, "What is this stuff? Masks? This is crazy." Naeda is crazy.

"That bag has the masks. And the outfits. Aren't they awesome?" Naeda grins proudly, posing in her ridiculous ensemble. "It's stealth gear. A weaver friend of mine got it for us! Anyways, the /other/ bag has the important stuff." She opens the other bag. It looks like it's filled with… water balloons? But not full of water. Full of some worrying red gooey substance.

"Naeda…" Rhysa is sitting up properly, now, though she's yet to do anything more than hold the bag in front of her. "What are you intending to do? It's not… are you sure this is necessary?" Her dubiousness is coming through more strongly, now; she rubs at her eyes with her free hand, and peers at the other girl. "Can't we just forget it?"

"It's a very simple plan." Naeda explains, grinning worryingly. "They pelted us with horrible things. So we pelt them with horrible things." She lifts up one of the 'water' balloons, suppressing a cackle. "We strike from the shadows. In these outfits, they'll never see us coming. I've already scouted out some places to strike from. It's the perfect plan!"

Again, Rhysa has to rub at her eyes. "What if we hit the wrong person? Or if you're wrong, and you haven't identified them correctly in the first place?" she counters, quiet but earnest. "What if they do catch us, and we get in lots of trouble for not being properly… you know, respectful and everything." What if Rhysa is shit-scared over nothing? Though at least she's not manic and crazy.

"I've been doing some investigation. I'm at least… ninety percent sure I have the right riders." How reassuring. Naeda seems pretty confident, anyways. "Anyways, we won't get caught. That's what the stealth gear is for!" Of course.

Rhysanna's dubiousness strikes again. "Ninety percent," she repeats. At least she's keeping her voice low, and intentionally so: anything to keep their fellow candidates from overhearing this particular brand of madness. "You're going to do this whether or not I join you, aren't you," she says, sighing. It's not a question.

"Yep!" Naeda replies chipperly with an easy, nonchalant smile. "The sooner you get your stealth gear on, the sooner we can pelt some terrible riders with porcine blood balloons." She pauses. "I'm pretty sure they did it." Another pause. "… And if they didn't, they probably did something to deserve it."

The look Rhysanna aims at Naeda is wide-eyed and wary, even to the point of being outright shocked. But for her own reasons - whether they be a desire to do something 'wrong' for once, or perhaps just a determination to prevent Naeda from going too far - she gives in, pushing back the covers so that she can haul herself out of bed, and begin dressing. "If you're wrong," she says. "If this goes all terribly wrong? I'm blaming you."

Naeda grins and clasps her hands together, rubbing them in a sort of diabolical manner. "Good… good…" She suppresses more laughter, so as not to wake any other candidates. "We won't be identified. That's what the stealth gear is for! Don't forget the mask. Or the gloves!"

Dutifully - and dubiously, oh yes - Rhysa puts the clothes on, and then ties her hair up close to her head to keep it from getting in the way. It's obvious from her expression that she thinks she looks ridiculous. No doubt because she thinks Naeda looks ridiculous. "Nae…" it's warily said. "Let's not get too carried away, right? It's okay, if we don't pull this off. We just… try. And then get out of there. Right?"

Naeda already has her hair back in a runnertail. It's probably still more of a giveaway than she thinks it is. She seems to think she'll be terribly inconspicuous in this getup. "Don't worry! This will go /flawlessly/." She seems very confident about this. She hoists up her bag of horrible blood balloons. "Let's go, before they wake up!"

'Inconspicuous' is probably not the right word to use. Or anywhere near. Still, despite her obvious objections, Rhysa finalizes her costume, then tilts her head towards the door: lead on, Macduff. She hides a yawn behind one hand as she follows the other girl, shoulders hunched forward in an uncomfortable, unhappy kind of way.

"Bwahahah." That's probably the quietest evil laugh one has ever managed. Naeda offers Rhysanna her hand before sneaking out, heading towards the weyrs of her unsuspecting targets.

Western Weyr - Eastern Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together. You can easily detect the weyr kitchen cavern entrance to the south, thanks to the aromas of fine western cooking.

Naeda thinks she's /incredibly/ stealthy in this outfit. She leaps from shadow to shadow in an attempt to go unseen. Thankfully she /does/ go unseen. But that's only because no sane people are awake at this horrible hour.

The pre-dawn dark is clearly something to be grateful for, despite general protestations at the inhumanity of the hour; Rhysa scuttles behind Naeda, doing rather less of the leaping, and rather more of the worried glancing about in this direction or that. Still, as far as she can see, they haven't been seen, so that's… good. In as much as anything is at this point. "Are you sure we need to do this?" she asks, in a hissed whisper.

"If we don't, we're allowing an injustice to go unavenged. I mean, what about that poor little kid who got hit in the head? Y'know, the one who liked your boobs?" Way to tug at the hearstrings, Naeda. "Besides, pranks are a time-honored candidate tradition." Though this may stretch the definition of a 'prank'. Naeda stops alongside on the the weyr entrances, sneaking back into the shadows nearby. "Shhh! This is the place!"

Rhysanna gives Naeda a look. Again. Should she feel sorry for the snotty little kid who oogled her boobs? Really? She exhales, and then follows the other girl's gaze. "Are you sure? I thought most riders had weyrs that are, you know—" Up, presumably, given the way she lifts her gaze towards the still-dark sky.

"I have carefully mapped out the usual routes they take to the living caverns for breakfast every morning." Just how much time and effort has Naeda put into this insane plan of hers to avenge boob-ogling boy? Too much, is the answer there. She opens the blood balloon bag again. "Here, arm yourself and get ready. I'll point them out when they appear."

Rhysanna squeezes her eyes shut, takes a deep breath, and then gives up on the arguing. Not that she seems all that enthused about picking out a balloon, mind: it gets a dubious glance before she's even picked it up, and once in her hand? She is very, very, very much not looking at it. Because… gross. "Okay, I guess," she murmurs.

"Now remember, once we pelt 'em good, we have to run back to the barracks and change as quick as we can. It's the perfect crime, we'll never be caught." Naeda cackles quietly again, brandishing her own balloon. "Aim for the eyes. Might blind 'em for a moment."

"Blind them?" Oh, Rhysanna does not sound especially comfortable with that. "Naeda…" If she had something else she intended to say, she cuts it off: there's the sound of footsteps.

"Not /permanently/." Naeda hisses. "I'm not a monster! It's just to secure our escapes!" But then, footsteps! Naeda enters an even more heightened state of alertness, blood balloon held at the ready. "Prepare to strike!"

Rhysanna looks like she'd really rather turn and flee, but instead? She swallows a long, deep breath, opens her eyes again, and watches. Waits. Someone comes around the corner. Given the dark, it may be difficult to see who it is… but it's definitely a person!

Naeda narrows her eyes, trying to make out the features of her possible target. "Wait until I give the signal." She hisses. What signal? When did she ever mention a signal?

That's enough to panic Rhysa: "What signal? You didn't tell me the signal!" And… look. There's a person getting closer and closer, and maybe she sees something out of the corner of her eye, maybe something that could be a signal if you squinted hard enough… and it's inevitable, really, isn't it? Her balloon goes flying.

Well, so much for secrecy. Rhysanna panicking means Naeda panics in short order. She hurls her balloon, then grabs another two balloons to hurl in rapid succession. "Run! Run!" She shrieks, abandoning the rest of her ammunition in a mad dash back to the dorms. Justice?

Rhysanna does not need another invitation: she flees. One of the balloons has half-exploded on her, and her hands are all bloody, but that won't be at all obvious, right? Right? She does not, notably, pause to see the target. The poor, quite possibly innocent, target.

Naeda doesn't bother to look. She'd rather remain convinced that she did the right thing here. Though a small glimpse might be inevitable. "Back to the dorms!" She shrieks and runs.

It's still pre-dawn, and there aren't many people out and about in the bowl. There are two people dressed-in-black, though, and they're fleeing, because they've just pelted a quite possibly innocent soul with blood-filled water balloons. Several of them. "We're so screwed," wails one of them - Rhysanna - as she tries to flee.

Dressed in black /and/ with stylish masks over their faces! Naeda seems to think she's terribly inconspicuous. "Screwed for /justice/!" She replies as she flees. That probably sounded better in her head.

Unfortunately for the fleeing candidates (or for the arriving greenrider), R'bel is just touching down in the Eastern bowl, and he's got quite the excitable green at his side. There's a clattering of claws as the effeminate little green practically vibrates with curiosity (is that a bed sheet making a bow around her neck?) and sends a prod in her rider's direction to INVESTIGATE. R'bel shoots the little lady a look, which inwaredly earns him, «PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE. How else are you gonna be pop-u-lar? Teehee!» Ugh. UGH. This is the only reason why R'bel is clearing his throat at all, taking in the state of the two girls (who he only knows are girls from VOICES), and then offers a very monotone, "Are you two okay?" This is where Espeth takes over, barging in on both candidate's minds with pinks, and blues, and the smell of pies and all things that speak of a /girl/. « And what are you doing? Ohohoh. May we joinicate you? Except those outfits are /dreadful/. » "Join, Espeth. May we /join/ you." « Whatever you say, my snarflecake! » Oi.

Out of the frying pan and into the… Rhysanna, for one, skids to an ungainly halt at the onslaught of femininity on her thoughts; her eyes go wide, and then wider, and if she had more breath she'd probably squeal. "Uh," she says, attempting to sneak a glance at Naeda, warily, even as she's attempting to look utterly innocent, otherwise. "Fine. Fine. We're fine. We just… need to…" Deep breath. "Hi."

"… Hi." Naeda exchanges a very worried glance with Rhysanna, wringing her gloved hands together. Now that they've been spotted, their outfits are decidedly less than inconspicuous. At least she has her mask, right! "Uuhm…. yes! Yes you can join us!" She says with another conspiratorial glance to her fellow candidate. "We just had a little… accident. Yes. That's all. Need to wash up."

Does R'bel look skeptical? He /feels/ skeptical. The problem here is that R'bel doesn't emote anything. At all. Ever. The greenrider actually looks incredibly bored with the entire situation, much in the same fashion that he looks incredibly bored with everything in his life. "You don't look fine," Rhab informs them, green eyes making a lazy pass from one mask straight to the other. "But if you want to lie, that's your business." He won't pry, because he doesn't care enough to dig. Espeth, on the other hand? She doesn't relinquish her hold on the ladies - and why should she? They are going to be GREAT FRIENDS! « An accident? Well that is postificately horrendificus! Was it a /fun/ accident? » she inquires, though she's moving towards her rider, nudging his side gently so that he's forced to turn towards her, undo that ridiculously colored sheet from around her neck, and figure out some way to fashion a hood out of it. Give him a moment, two, and then R'bel's looking to the girls for help. "She won't keep her mouth shut unless I make a… fashionable hood. I can keep my mouth shut about seeing two masked women running through the bowl after an accident, however." If you help.

Rhysanna's gaze slides towards the green, giving her a wary, uncomfortable glance. There is a dragon in her head. That's weird. And efforts not to think about throwing blood-filled balloons at innocent (okay, not so innocent bystanders)? That's pretty much a recipe for thinking about them. "Not a fun accident," she says, quickly, giving Naeda another quick glance. "Hello." This time, it's more specifically for Espeth - probably. "But… if you needed help with that," she's quick on the uptake, for now, "I'm sure we could spare a moment. Perhaps we should… move out of the way? I mean. Just in case." Beneath her mask - indeed, all around her mask - her face is beginning to burn bright red.

Sundari is making her way out into the bowl from someplace or another, the blue rider has had a long few days and looks a bit tired, alright perhaps more than a bit tired. If she has the chance to fall over and take a nap she most likely would in all honesty. Irkevalath is still grounded, the blue is still being dealt with the dragonhealers, and Sunny was pushed out to get some fresh air so to speak. The voices are caught but the rider doesn't give it that much attention just yet while she heads on glowers towards the others. A curious look is sent towards them, a brow lifting but that is about it. She's not her happy bubbly self that is for certain.

"… It was a justice accident." The masked Naeda explains. Or attempts to explain. As if that actually clears anything up. Of course, the rider's request is just as baffling in return. "A… fashionable hood? Sure. I'm very fashionable." Rhysanna's suggestion gets a nod. "We should change out of our stealth gear. Besides, I…" Then a familiar bluerider approaches. Her eyes go wide.

« Justice? I love justice! » There's a curious tilt of Espeth's head as Rhysanna greets her, and then a soft, friendly, « Hello, » in return. Her tone is much more calm for the last, much more nurturing, and then she's moving around R'bel just as Sundari approaches. The movement is sudden, as if she is being just as mischievous and shielding the girls from the approaching bluerider. Perhaps she /does/ know all about their… err'… dilemma? Rhab is left holding a sheet quite ridiculously towards Rhysanna after her offer, and turning green eyes onto Sundari. There's a pause, and then a nod of greeting from the greenrider. His expression never once seems to change. « Sunny! Hellohello, my fluffynutter! You are looking gorgeously gorgeeeeous today. Don't mind us! We are just having accidents full of /justice/. » Yep, definitely hiding the girls. "Or we're just looking suspicious in the bowl." He notes the bluerider's demeanor, but doesn't mention it once. Jerk.

By her expression, Rhysa is less certain about the whole 'justice' element of this particular engagement, but she aims to smile winningly nonetheless. Besides, Espeth is being helpful - even if Rhysa isn't concerned about Sundari, at least - and there's that sheet being held out her way. "So, N— uh. So. How are we going to do this, hmm?" She at least takes the sheet. It's a start. What she also does is remove her mask, so that it can be shoved into the waistband of her pants. The all-black ensemble is not inconspicuous even now, of course, but it's probably more comfortable.

Sundari curiously watches the three, no wait four Yes four! A faint smile is seen and she nods before she is peering at the green. "Hello Espeth, how have you been?" Even in her downed state she still would greet the dragon, or person who would speak with her. A curious glance is sent to R'bel. Well there is someone she hasn't seen in a while. "Hey R'bel." Is offered softly and she is soon looking towards the pair. "Accidents and justice? Not too sure how they mix. So what's going on?" The manner of dress the two have is not lost on her either.

Naeda looks quite alarmed by Rhysa's decision to remove her mask. "Your anonymity!" She calls out, alarmed, shocked. Her own mask is staying put, thank you! Even if it's not nearly as concealing as she thinks it is. "Just… y'know. Justice." She explains unhelpfully to Sundari. Time for a quick change of topic. "Uhm, maybe we should change and clean up the blo… er, justice juice. Then, we can see about this fashionable hood."

The little green lowers her head for Rhysa and makes quite the dainty noise in her throat as she presses her maw into the woman's side. « Make it Pretterific. » "That's not a word, Espeth," R'bel says, but where normal people would probably be exasperated, R'bel is monotone. "Hello, Sundari." No change, no emotion, no nothing. Deadpanned greeting, deadpan stare. There's a giggle shared in each mind at Naeda's outburst, and then a wiggle of her rump as Espeth bounds off, hood forgotten in a rush of excitement. « Last one there is a rotten egg! » So clever, that one. R'bel watches her go, and then turns his attention back onto the three at hand. "You can chase her or leave her if you want. I have business." He will hold out his arms to take the sheet back, however, and then make his way away! Vamoosh! Not even so much as a goodbye. How /rude/.

"There is no justice. Or… accidents. Or juice. Or, um, any of this," insists Rhysa, abruptly, gaze shifting from one rider to the other, then to Naeda, then to Espeth. She unbinds her hair, too, in a deliberate gesture - a gesture that's probably intended for Naeda, though it's hard to tell, since she's still focusing her attention on the green. "Come on," she insists. "This—" But the green is bounding off, and the greenrider is taking back the sheet, and abruptly, they're out in the open again. Her eyes follow the green. "Uh," she says, glancing back at the others. "So."

"Justice." Sundari smirks slightly. "Oh of course that makes total sense to anyone that hears that." A glance is sent after R'bel and Espeth while she just watches the pair. What is there for her to say? Oh she would have tried to get R'bel to answer a few questions, but it seems he has other plans. What else is new? The few riders she would like to talk to are busy, everyone is just busy. Expect her with a grounded dragon. Her shoulders lower a moment, her mind wanders and she is soon looking to the pair. "Just don't burn the weyr down." She won't go asking what they are doing at the moment.

Naeda is rather confused by the abrupt departure of the green and rider. Still, don't look a gift runner in the mouth. The fewer people who know her secret masked identity, the better. "Fire and justice don't mix." She agrees with a nod, ponytail bobbing.

Now, finally, Rhysanna turns her attention more focusedly upon Sundari. It doesn't seem as though she and Naeda are being chased by an irate someone, and so perhaps she considers herself 'safe'. "No fire," she promises, firmly. And, "Are you… okay? Naeda and I…" Clearly, she's no longer going to bother making any attempt to conceal the other girl, "weren't really doing anything awful, I promise."

Sundari nods slightly as she hears Naeda. "Right" She doesn't question the matter and looks to be moving off until the question from Rhys and she blinks a moment. "I'll be alright." This said with a soft tone. A faint smile is seen. "I didn't think either of you would do anything too awful Rhysanna." She knows the other girl's voice well enough to know who that is. "Just don't break any rules, alright?"

Naeda gives Rhysanna a dirty look. Her identity as the masked candidate avenger! Ruined! She sighs and finally removes her mask, though she doesn't look all /too/ upset. Then she looks back to Sundari. "We'll be good." Within certain definitions.

Rhysanna is oblivious to Naeda's dirty looks. Or simply very good at ignoring them; it's hard to tell, really. "We've finished all acts of pseudo-vengeance," she promises, faithfully. "And no one's bleeding, burnt, or otherwise maimed. You're… sure you're all right?" But even as she's saying that, her expression is tentative and awkward: she's not going to push, if the bluerider really is intent on moving away. "But we should get cleaned up, I guess, sooner rather than later."

"Yes! We should soak and rub scented oils into each other." Naeda's idea of 'cleaning up' is a little different from most people's. Rhysanna's concern does make her a little concerned a bit as well, eyeing Sundari. "Yeah… everything okay?"

Sundari isn't sure if she's alright or not, she feels strange and mostly because of everything that is going on with Irke at the moment. "I just have some questions, and no one to give me answers so my head is a mess I suppose." She offers with a soft tone at the idea of being alright. A faint frown is seen but that is it at the moment while she sends a faint glance back the way she came.

Rhysanna is plainly amused by Naeda's thought processes, if not showing any signs of immediately running off to perform this particular exercise. And it's not just because she's caught by Sundari's words, though that certainly does seem to have given her pause. The bluerider is given a hesitant glance, mouth open just barely, just enough for her to exhale through without sending breath whistling through her teeth. "I'm sorry," she says, genuinely. "I don't imagine we're any help for that, either."

Naeda's thoughts processes generally veer between amusing and highly disturbing. She edges a little closer to the bluerider, frowning worriedly. "… If there's anything we can do, or if you just wanna talk… we're friends, right?" She smiles. "If you want company… I'll be in the pool. Having a post-justice soak. Candidate avenger, away!" And she's off.

Sundari nods as she hears them, a faint smile seen. "Not Really at the moment, but that's alright." This said with a soft tone. "I I'll find someone to talk too at some point." She hopes at least. A slight wave is seen before she is moving off once more, heading somewhere that'a way.

Rhysanna hesitates. Naeda's off, and Sundari's leaving, but she doesn't - not quite yet, anyway. "Good luck," she says, tentative but also firm; it comes with a faltering smile. "Just… good luck." She doesn't seem to expect an answer, and a few moments later, she turns to head after her fellow candidate.

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