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Half Moon Bay Weyr - THE LUV NEST
Do you hear that sound? THE LAUGHTER AND JOY OF CHILDREN RUNNING fUll throttle with messy things in their hands, and then the SCREAMING? You have entered a den of eternal childhood, lights and nose and things to attract the attention of the ungodly number of children living in this weyr sit strewn everywhere along with a LIME green piano well loved and used from the look of the keys. The rough stone walls covered in crayon and paint where someone managed to sit quietly for a few minutes while the parents were distracted. THE LUV Nest has become a wild playground for the scores of little hands and feet constantly running amok. Welcome to Chuck- ok Pern does not have Chucky Cheese's believe it or not this is actually the weyr of the weyrleader, weyrwoman and their weyrmate. Someone should talk to them about the lime green paint.

It's a gorgeous spring evening here in Half Moon Bay. Truly. Lovely. Picturesque. Scintillating. Just kidding, it's raining. Again. Who even determines seasons in this dang weyr? Rain, hot, rain, slightly-less-hot; it's ridiculous. But I digress. It's raining, it's pouring, and many things are snoring, including three tiny little ducks tucked away in their beds, and one great big blackened bronze curled up in his corner of the dragon couch. Or. He's tried. Xermiltoth is like R'hyn in that he splays as he sleeps, one wing drooped to the floor and tail twitching a slow trek across the rest of the couch. R'hyn? In the kitchen, bustling about, with a swatch of what we hope is some kind of dark icing dashed across one cheek. The rest of it he seems to be applying to what might be a cake. Or a rock. It's… hard to tell and probably inadvisable to eat it. At least it looks like he's having fun, swaying slightly to a song he's humming under his breath as he 'works'.

Sure it is raining, pouring, wind blowing but there are still dragons and people about. Irkevalath appears at the edge of the ledge of a certain weyr and taons scrape across the rock face with a low croon escaping him as his eyes swirl a few colors. The rain falls across the blue's hide while he shiftsforward a bit and rests half crouched upon the ledge, enough for Sundari to hop down. She has her riding gear on so the water doesn't bother her as much and she pulls off a bag from the straps while Irk shifts and settles down right there upon the ledge. « Xermiltoth… Mine wishes to speak with yours… We are here. » So much for asking first. Sundari peeks at her dragon before glancing towards the weyr in question a moment, a faint breath escaping her before she turns to head on towrads it. If Irkevalath get's a answer of no she'll worry about it then.

DON'T TELL ANYBODY. Teimyrth has forfeited dignity to be on Xermiltoth's side of the couch - and he's curled up alongside (and probably slightly under) the other massive-and-more-black-than-bronze dragon. The elder bronze can't even be bothered to lift his maw from where it has found The Perfect Comfy, whirling eyes perpetually flecked with red simply opening to see blue and his rider before a snort of an exhale dismisses them. Ila'den? He's sitting at the table while R'hyn dances and bakes, grey eye more intent on his weyrmate than on the book in his hands because R'hyn and also what the hell is he destroying. STILL, Teimyrth does relay that there's an intruder even if Xermiltoth is the one who is being addressed, and so it's Ila'den who tasks himself with tearing his eyes from his weyrmate and letting Sunny in — though he goes with a press of his hands to R'hyn's lower back, a press of his body into his weyrmate's from behind, a DARING TASTE OF THAT BROWN WAR PAINT ON R'HYN'S FACE with the tip of a tongue, a thoughtful sound, and then a kiss pressed to it before he actually does it. AND THERE HE IS, a husky rumble of sound with WORDS: "Alright, Sunny?" though he's making room for the bluerider to come in. "Get out of the rain. Cita will have all of our heads if you get sick." ESPECIALLY ON HER FRONT… LEDGE. ETC.

It's an entire weyr full of best kept secrets up in here: Xermiltoth and Teimyrth sharing space and neither managing to maul the other, mentally or otherwise, being ALMOST as surprising as an Ila'den and R'hyn interaction that doesn't involve teasing insults thrown back and forth. R'hyn glances up when when his dragon stirs, a mental wave of gold stretching along with forepaws and wings as Xermiltoth replies with a sleepy, « Yours is always welcome. I doubt you need ask. » A pause. « Though R'hyn appreciates it lest you be blinded by… » Well. They can use their imaginations. Words end as much to conjure images as it is because the dragon is falling back asleep, sunbright thoughts fading like the last light of day as his body droops back into a snuggle against Teimyth. That thought in mind, Ryn smirks a little smirk, one that broadens when Ila finally gives up the reading charade to let Sunny in, expanding into a grin for the press of body, the lick of his cheek, nose wrinkling as he points a fond look back at Ila. "Have I achieved edibility?" LOADED QUESTION, R'HYN, but hopefully one that will get ignored in the favor of - "Sunny!" A flour-splotched hand raises in greeting. "She definitely will. We'll never heard the end of it. A person sick. In her weyr. And it's our faults? Doom," prophesy edged with a smile. "I hope you're well, at any rate?"

Irkevalath titls his head and just sends a glance back towards Teimyrth curius like. « Doom…. This can only lead to it. » He is rather certain of this for some reason. As for Xermiltoth a yawn soon escapes the blue and he looks back over the wrain and weyr while histail draps down over the edge of the ledge and his wings tuck close. « Still… She did not wish tojust wander in. » He will not bother the pair anymore as it seems sleep has taken them once more and his talons slowly scrape across the rocky ledge feeling a bit on edge for one reason or another. Sundari peeks over at the two bronze and looks amusd before hearing Ila'den and offers him a wave and soon a waggle of the bag she has, which looks waterprof at least. "I'm.. Good brought you all some muffins. No I didn't make 'em, I can't bake worth a darn." A curious look is sent to R'hyn and him being covered in flour and frsting. "Though seems you lot has baking things covered." As for being out in the rain, no she won't stay there, she doesn't want Cita or anyone else healer like chasing after her right now. "How are you all doing, important day?" She qestions with a slight point to the cake with a smile seen. Yes she saw it over there even.

Okay, so REWIND. Ila'den does pause before he goes to let Sundari in because HOW COULD HE NOT RESPOND? Worry not, it's just with a huskily pitched, "I'll have to test your edibility tonight, husband. With my tongue. On your -" AND THEN YEP. HE'S GREEING SUNDARI. Worst. Absolute worst. The waterproof bag of treats is grabbed, Teimyrth's rising snarl in answer to Irk's doom is THOROUGHLY IGNORED, and the bronzerider looks first SUSPICIOUS at the mention of muffins, and then just alright because WHO MADE THESE MUFFINS? He's stepping back and peeking into the bag when he responds with, "Well don't tell R'hyn," EVEN THOUGH R'HYN CAN HEAR THEM, "but whenever he bakes it's a gamble. Either it looks awful, but tastes amazing, or it looks amazing and Cita has to nurse us back to health for a sevenday. Sometimes we get deceived." Translation: THEY DON'T. THEY DON'T GOT THE BAKING THINGS COVERED BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. Still, in Ila'den comes behind Sundari, moving to the table where he leans by placing one hand flat on the surface after depositing muffin gifts. "Yes, husband. What is the occasion?"

Definitely the worst, because now R'hyn is blushing and off-kilter, muttering something barely-audible about testing and tongues and rudeness under his breath (without being able to shed a pleased little smile) even as Sunny enters the weyr proper. It might continue, too, if not for that pause - it draws his attention in a surefire way, blue-grey gaze going faintly intense as it sweeps over her, peers out towards Irkevalath, as though trying to determine if 'good' isn't so good after all without asking. Muffin-talk is an excellent distraction, his own suspicious disappearing with a chuffing noise and a raise of his spoon to flick a gob of frosting towards Ila'den - hopefully not hitting poor Sunny in the process. "At least I try," argued with a thunk of his spoon back into the bowl with a grin and a shake of his head. "But damn, can't a man bake because he wants to bake? Why did Sunny bring us muffins? Why are you the most incorrigible man I've ever met? Make something up." This as he picks up a handtowel and uses it to try to get the flour off him (it's in his hair, and on his shirt, bless), moving around the island countertop to join them. "I'm fine, though, persecution aside." Grin. "Are you not actually?" Oops. He remembered the pause. RIP.

Irkevalath isn't going to play the snarling game at the moment it seems. « Dooooom doooom doomdomdomddooooom. » Though he'll play another sort, something to help with the growing stress his getting from his rider, to the point that his tail is slowly swaying and sending some water flying in the process. Sundari thankfully didn't hear comments about tongues and the like, though she does look a touch amused as she titls her head to watch the pair as if almost pondering the thought hat brought her here. Not like she can go back on it at the moment. As for looking at her, other then wet gear good luck finding anything to offer answers to her 'good'. "Sounds about like when I attempt to bake anything, burn it or it doesn't cook enough so I leave it to others." A faint waggle of her hand to the bag. "I might have talked one of the cooks down in the kitchen to help with these. Does one need a reason to just bring muffins? If so I suppose I'll have to think of something quick like." There is a slight edge to her, not her normal relaxed and joking self, even though she is trying and there is a faint pause as now both of them are looking at her as if expecting SOMETHING. Excuse her, she hasn't had to do this before, and top it off with /these/ two it just makes her more awkward. "Ah… So remember the dirnking, and the unflighting moment and the table attacking?" Hey her shoulder still hurts thank you. "Um… So about all that, which was all sorts of fun." Another pause and her shoulders actually lower a touch, almost as if looking to be scolded perhaps. "Well I'm…Well one of you is gona be a father." There, because that makes things so much better. Also if icing hit her sh isn't paying a bit of attention to it right now.

SO MUCH DOOM. But Teimyrth merely rumbles his discontent, dismissing threats and a penchant for physical assault in the pursuit of slumber. Some things take priority over being unpleasant, and right now Teimyrth soaking up the heat of his ledgemate in a RARE show of solidarity is one of them. What's not so rare is Ila'den's husky, rumbling laughter — especially when you couple it with the fact that R'hyn is blushing and off-kilter and muttering something under his breath in a manner that serves only to make Ila'den look that much more smug. It's important, but irrelevant. Relevant is Sundari, whose edge is not lost to the former renegade, even if he doesn't question it. But R'hyn does. That grey eye raises to his weyrmate, brow rising in a silent question that goes unvoiced because his attention is back on Sundari for one… two… three. One of those too-big hands reaches out to tousle the hair on the top of Sundari's head, a precursor to the way that Ila'den leans down to press his lips against her temple before he moves to sit. SILENCE. UNDER THE GUISE OF PILFERING MUFFINS. AND THEN ACTUAL SITTING, which carries him out of the kitchen and over to his piano where he settles on the bench. It's only from here that he calls out, "It's about time!" before breaking off a piece of muffin to EAT. Because he's RUDE.

He's. So. Sleepy. But there's splashes, and mental songs being sung, and Xermiltoth wakes just enough to thread a deep thrummed 'boomie boomie boom-boom' base beneath Irk's words, tailtips twitching with tired amusement as he fights back the urge to drift back off to sleep in favor of considering joining the blue. Hmm. Five more minutes. R'hyn ignores draconic antics entirely, scrubbing at his cheek (to get rid of the rest of the frosting, and definitely not to shed the last vestiges of that blush), flicking Ila'den a look for that typical laughter, gaze trailing the length of the man's body in a manner that can only be defined as undressingly because two can play that game, Kilarden! "I should learn," R'hyn drawls as his gaze tears back to Sundari with a crooked grin, "learn from my mistakes that is. I shouldn't cook. I'm terrible at it. But there's something enjoyable about it. Maybe I'll get better." Or maybe he'll just feed people rock-cakes for the rest of his life. Either way, he settles into a patient, and, yes, expectant look, rolling one shoulder for Ila'den's inquisitorial glance. There has been too much Sunny sad face lately, alright? Something had to give, and finally he's worked up the nerve to ask. The answer? Not what he was expecting. "Sunny, I'm offended," the weyrleader drawls with a cross of his arms, hip going contrapposto, head tilting sideways, "as though any of us could forget." Look at that smug smirk on his face! Look close so that when Sunny says one of them is a gonna be a father, you see watch it disappear. ABRA-KA-FUCKING-DABRA. R'hyn's body takes on the sort of stillness typical of one holding themselves in check, allowing Ila the chance to tousle Sunny's hair, kiss her temple, watching with a gaze gone avid, marking nuances of their interaction with raptorial focus so when Ila'den departs to find seating at his piano, R'hyn can move to take his place. "Really, Sunny?" Scolding? Hardly. R'hyn is delighted, hands lifting to frame either side of Sunny's head, his own big body tucked low to bonk his forehead gently against hers. He lingers there for the span of a few seconds before Ila'den's peanut gallery comment earns him a sharp snort, head pulling back to fix the man with a look that speaks so many volumes that it almost isn't even funny. "I hope it's yours," he hexes without meaning it because it doesn't matter, because he's slinging one hand over Sundari's shoulder to pull her against his side and keep her there if she'll let him, chin resting atop her head mostly so she can't see the stupid, godawful, inhumanely pleased look that's spreading across his features in a slow, gleeful sprawl. WHAT. THIS IS NOT THE BABY-LOVING BRONZER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. MOVE ALONG.

Irkevalath finally goes quiet once his rider gets to the talktalk part of why they are here, still the blue is not relaxing he can't at the moment it seems while his gaze turns a bit stormy and lids half close while the rain falls still, running like a river down his rump that is slightly hanging from the ledge. Sundari sends a curious glance to Ila'den as he trcks closer to her, the touch causing her to tense slightly though she soon relaxes, a faint smile seen after both the hand to her hair and the kiss. Her gaze drifts up to R'hyn slightly, unsure like perhaps for a moment with a faint breath escaping her. At the offended bit she tilts her head slightly, af aint ah soon heard and for a split moment she actually blushes there. "Glad you didn't forget about it…" She murmurs with a slight amused tone. There is a moment where her eyes cross with R'hyn being so close and a faint breath escapes her before yeah she'll take that hug. As for dear Ila'den comments she chuckles a bit. "I've had twins before.. So don't tease to much." Comes the mild threat to the piano escaping bronzer. As for R'hyn yeah she'll miss that look he has, not that it would actually bother her, she does love kids she's always been one of those rather happy pregnant ladies too so that is always a plus. Though given her past few ventures and the drama her family has caused she is worried, which is part of the reason why it's taken this long for her to actually seek them out with the news.

Faranth, but revenge for undressing looks will have to wait for a time when they are not joined by polite company with DELICATE LADY SENSIBILITIES (did you manage to get through that without SNORTING OUT IN DISBELIEF? NEITHER DID I); for now, Ila'den forces that desire-sharpened attention onto Sundari where it lingers, and then away because babies. Also: muffins. Alsoalso: muffins at pianos… which somehow makes the entire overall experience inexplicably better and so can only be interrupted for the most outlandish of expressions. Exhibit A: "Who could, little bird?" Ila'den chimes in from around proffered deliciousness (leaving the words slightly muffled because he's KIND OF RUDE). "You have magic hips." And he is clearly addressing the point of conversation that he failed to touch on before: THE FORGETTING. Still, there's something almost painfully not Ila'den in the way the bronzerider observes Sundari and R'hyn; in the way that R'hyn's eyes find his way a vast array of emotion that Ila'den fails to see because, for once, he is dropping his attention down under the guise of resurfacing (or suddenly remembered) interest in his muffin. "I've never had twins before," the bronzerider drawls, without looking back to either of them, "but if I had to pick somebody to have my twins - or any of my children, really - it would be you. Or Cita." A beat, perhaps Ila'den finishing off his muffin because he IS A MAN and men have this WAY of INHALING things, but he's back on his feet again and moving to both Sundari and R'hyn. One hand comes down on the back of R'hyn's head, the other on Sundari's, and he's pressing another kiss to the blue rider's temple - and a harder one to R'hyn's lips. Hands drop, fingers press and splay without invitation against Sundari's stomach, and it's a quiet smile that takes him when he rumbles out a raspy, "Congratulations, little bird. I think. If they are my child, they're going to be dreadful ugly." A quirk of lips that might have been the beginnings of laughter, but falls short of becoming it. "Enjoy my weyrmate, will you?" And he's stepping back, a pat to R'hyn's back before he grabs his jacket and… steps out. Yep. JUST LIKE THAT. He's rousing Teimyrth, and gone.

MUCH DELICATE. SUCH LADY. R'hyn laughs for Sundari's blushing, brief but aloud nevertheless, shaking her gently, cajolingly, with the arm around her shoulder. "Don't be shy about it now, Sunny. You know Ila's just going to…" YEP. MAKE IT WEIRD. Blue-grey eyes lift, amusement running rampant when the bronzerider chimes in with a typically terrible comment, too many teeth flashing in a wide grin. It dims, fades, replaced by that ridiculous expression of simple pleasure, keeping Sunny against him for a long moment before his arm loosens, allowing her to move away if she would like to. If not, he's content to linger, to let her remain even as his gaze twitches away to watch Ila'den speak without looking their way, commit muffin murder, and finally, join them. Lips quirk up at the corners for the kiss pressed to Sunny's forehead, quirk harder for hard pressure of lips against his, ease only when the younger bronzerider's weight shifts to lean into the gesture, return it as best he can before Ila pulls away. "I suppose we should learn from that as well, before your bloodline runs rampant. Pern will be overrun with ugly genes if we don't intervene with a swiftness," R'hyn murmurs, but Ila's laughter doesn't quite hit its mark, and its absence is notable. A small notch ticks the space between the weyrleader's eyebrows, lips still twitched upwards but gaze going inquisitive, asking without asking even as Ila'den makes to leave. Lips part, but whatever he might have said dies in the back of his throat, turning into a clipped inhale that reverses into an uneasy sigh. It takes R'hyn a long moment filled with staring, blue-grey eyes dark and muted with worry, expression parked somewhere confused and concerned, fixated on the last point at which he could see Ila'den's departure before coming back to himself with a quiet noise and a squeeze of Sundari's shoulder as he takes a small step backwards. "I… I'll… Cake? Tea? Are you allowed caffeine? Can you believe, three babies and I still don't know the rules. I might have something that doesn't contain caffeine," he says, hands brushing thighs, looking for an excuse to focus on something other than his weyrmate's abrupt departure. "Do you need anything, by the way? For them, for you?"

"I rather not talk about my hips right now." Sundari offers with an amused tone back to Ila'den. Sh eisn't sure what she wants tot alk about, maybe nothing her mind going a mile a minute at the moment as worries creep p and she lingers slightly closer to R'hyn for a moment before taking a breath and offers him a smile after the hug, she won't make him move away the closeness helping for some reason at the moment. "Also I was joking… I wouldn't count on it happening." Though let's face it ANYTHING could happen at this rate. She lifts her gaze to Ila once his back over, a soft smile at the kiss. "I don't think they would be ugly… Could get there looks from me after all." Though Ila'den is leaving and she is quiet for a long moment before glancing slightly to R'hyn and turns lsightly as if to say something but Ila'den and Teimryth are well both gone. Ther is a moment of everything being quiet and she takes in a soft breath before she looks back to R'hyn, her smile seen gan. "No I'm alright on the cake, maybe some tea? I… I'm sorry if I caused him to elave." She feels like she did honestly. "No, I'll be fine." She thinks anyway.

"Probably for the best. I can only imagine what twin children with your cuteness and his impishness would unleash upon the world. Pern is not ready," R'hyn jests, hand sliding up and down Sundari's shoulder in a kind, soothing gesture. It lasts as long as Ila'den lingers, and like his buoyancy, leaves upon his departure. Hands card back through overlong fringe instead, setting it all askance in a thoughtless nervous gesture before smoothing it back into place as he reenters the kitchen, heading for a particular cupboard. "Sissy. I don't think I even used any ingredients that could poison you this time," he teases, though his voice is strained, the joke not quite hitting the right pitch to be anything other than a disguise of his concern. "Though I suppose, given everything, we shouldn't risk it, hmm?," he says with a glance towards her stomach and a quick wink. Look at him trying to be silly for her, just look! "You… didn't," R'hyn determines after a short, awkward pause, halting mid-tea-leaf-scoop, gaze fixed on the spoon without really seeing it. A beat, and then he finishes the move, tying up the small satchel before fetching up a mug to set it in. "I… don't know what that was, but it wasn't you, or he wouldn't have been all, 'ach Sunneh ahm glad yer havin' ma bebbehs, et's aboot tiem,'" R'hyn says, parodying Ila'den's accent in a gruff growl, chin tucked up in his chest to waggle his head back and forth, hand coming up to cover one eye. "I'll go after him here in a bit and make sure he's okay. Don't worry or next it'll be, 'Needty mind yerselfs or ah'll start thinkin' yeh ackshully care aboot meh'. You know I'm right." The hand drops on a grin that comes more easily this time as he sets a pot of hot water to boil before moving back to where Sundari is. "If you're sure. I'll probably ask a thousand more times, though. Have you… you know… known for long?" It has been a while since that fateful flight, after all!

Sundari chuckles softly, a smile seen. “Well.. I think they would be rather cute. Either way they will be as far as I see it.” There is a pause at the talk of the cake made and she grins a bit. “Alright, I’ll try some. If I get sick I’ll just blame it on something else.” A faint glance is sent back towards the entrance of the weyr in though before she looks back to R’hyn. “I… I hope not at least.” Another soft chuckle is heard as he goes about using the Ila accent. “Good accent there.” She’ll undo her jacket and finds a spot to sit while scratching a bit at her neck and leans against the chair a bit. “For a bit now… I wasn’t certain what to do for a few days.” Which she knows sounds strange but she’s never had to deal with this before. She’ll pull her jacket off. “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner I just had to deal with things.” What things? Who knows, maybe playing through everything in her head and overthinking it honestly.

"Mmm," R'hyn assents for that chuckled observation, "cute. Terrors, but cute. The worst combination." His mouth opens as though to add more, perhaps expounding on the topic of 'either way', but something gives him pause, halts him mid-word, jaw working for a moment before laughter takes over and he's utterly distracted. "Thank you, Sunny, for being so willing to spare my ego." Thhbt! Yep. That's the sound of him blowing a raspberry in her direction. "I suppose you could blame it on morning sickness, but alas, I'd know better." Rampant amusement dims when Sundari glances back the way Ila left, but at least for now, concern for the bronzerider is set aside to flick a warm glance Sunny's way, one part chiding, one part consoling as he says, "I'm positive. Or at least, as positive as I can be until I can talk to him," added because there's no point in being dishonest. She's known him significantly longer than R'hyn, and surely knows kind lies have little place in interactions with the former renegade. "Thank you," gets rumbled good-naturedly for compliments for his imitation of his weyrmate, but the bronzerider leaves it at that, allows the bluerider to situate herself before settling in nearby. "It's alright," because it is, "it's… I…" Whatever composure he'd managed to gather fractures, expression revealing mixed happiness, concern, worry, amusement. He sighs. "It's… a lot. I am glad you told us, though," he says, reaching for her hand to squeeze it gently in his, just in case she wasn't sure. The rest he lets hang in silence for a long moment, expression sobering somewhat, observing her with cool blue-grey eyes before the faint whistling of the teapot draws him from his consideration. Silently he rises, moving about the kitchen to pour water for the tea, fetch sweetener, and a muffin because say no to food poisoning, placing each on the nearest bit of table close to her before settling back into his seat. A beat. Two. Then: "Do you want to talk about it?"

“If it makes you feel any better I don’t tend to have morning sickness for long… Though still sort of in that time frame.” Sundari offers with a helpful tone, well as helpful as it can be. A faint nod is seen her mind still pondering Ila’den’s quick stage left and she lets her gaze drift back to R’hyn watching him quietly for a few moments. She’ll give his hand a squeeze back. “I wasn’t going to not tell you… Wouldn’t be right.” As for the rest she isn’t sure where to start and soon just lets her arms fold neatly upon the table. “ I’m not to sure where to start R’hyn… D’nyl’s gone, I have two kids that ate me, another three that think I’m great and family out there hat ‘m raher sure is still alive that would like nothing more to cause the people I love harm in some way or form to get back at me.” Everyone knows D’nyl is gone, if not they have been living under a rock. “When I was pregnant with Sunara… Well you was there.” Ila’den was kidnapped, people died, she lost her mind a bit, or perhaps it is still lost honestly.

"How very convenient for me," R'hyn drawls with a twitch-up grin, "still in the safe zone of 'is she just pregnant or is R'hyn just terrible at cooking?' Too bad I have a reputation or that might've worked." He squints into the distance as though playfully pondering whether he could still get away with it, but it doesn't last. "That's good, though. I know Syn struggled with it for what felt like ages when she was pregnant with Ibsyglei." A shrug to dismiss the topic, even though his smile doesn't fade, not yet. It lingers, plays around the corners of his mouth as long fingers give hers another squeeze before withdrawing. "I suppose. Still, there's 'what's right' and then there's 'what's best for you.' I'm just glad those things coincided." Or at least, he assumes they did, or she wouldn't have told them. Still, it doesn't seem the time to point that out. Instead he sobers, expression going faintly pained the longer she speaks, lips twitching off to one side in sympathy and shared sadness. "I'm sorry, Sunny," he murmurs in the wake of her speech, voice gone soft, soft as the hand that lifts to brush over her hair before settling on her shoulder if she'll have it. "I don't know what I can say that won't sound contrite, but… You are a good person, Sunny. A good person to whom bad things have happened, but good nevertheless. It doesn't make up for the terrible things - Faranth knows we'll all carry the weight of what happened to them on our backs until the day we die - but that doesn't change the fact that you are kind, and generous, and a good parent no matter how your kids might feel at the moment." His hand drops again so that he can lean sideways against the table, still facing her, gaze keen on her face. "Is there anything I can do for you? We can have the kids over for a playdate now that the girls are older, give you some time to rest. I can assign you a rider to watch over you," secret service style, presented with a small smile to show he's teasing, "and if you're real unlucky, I'll make it Ila. I can go kick some bronzerider ass?" He might actually be legit about that last one, but he grows serious again quickly. "We've made… plans. For if it happens again. Contingencies. Points of contact. Methods of communication. It's by no means perfect but… it helps. I don't know if… maybe Ila's already told you but… if not when he comes back - if he comes back tonight, we can…" A sigh. A ruffle of long fingers back through his hair, frustrated at his lack of words. "I just don't want you to feel like you're alone, I guess is what I'm getting at. It's not much, I know, but you have friends in us and if you ever need anything - even just to talk, or distract you, or take the kids for a while so you can breathe, we're here, alright?" For whatever that is worth.

Sundari doesn’t talk more about possible or not possible morning sickness, her mind has wandered other places and she is quiet for a long few moments to the point her gaze seems to have drifted slightly. She blinks athe touch of his hand but doesn’t shrug it away. “It wasn’t the first time it happened R’hyn. Bad things keep happening and I’m the one that is to blame, no one else. If it wasn’t for me none of it would have happened, no one would have to make plans to work through it it happened again.” She blames herself for everything that has happened, and there isn’t really anything that could be said that would change her mind on the matter. A faint breath escapes her and there is a slight wave of her hand at the talk of someone following her, joke or not. “I don’t think Ila’den would enjoy that… I’m not sure if I’d want you to actually find D’nyl to ring his neck or not. I can’t find any sign of him. If he doesn’t want to be found then he won’t.” She murmurs softly, tone rather sad at that thought. “Sarinais with her father over at Western Weyr, I rather her be upset with me then possibly in harm's way. Darryl blames me for D’nyl leaving, I don’t think anything save him returning will come to fix that. The twins stays at Harper Hall anymore busy with lessons, so it’s really just Sunara and me.” A soft breath escapes her while letting her arms slowly slide down to let her hands rest upon her lap. “I appreciate it, I know you all are here but I’m not sure what to do somedays, how to fix things or what will help. Even before…this so to speak.” She tends to put up a good front, and this should just make things more awkward at the moment.

Judging by R'hyn's expression, this is an argument he has often. Sunny begins placing solely blame on herself, and his expression goes somewhere quiet, sad, concerned, but as understanding as he can manage without knowing the whole story because he will not ask for it. He quells internal arguments and justifications, merely sighing a soft, resigned sigh before speaking equally soft, equally resigned words. "As a very wise woman once told me, sometimes you just have to believe it will be alright." His gaze shows gravitas as it flicks up to meet hers, expressing that he knows this is no small task, that this is not easy, but, "Most days that's all we have." That small smile tries to make its way on his face again, miniscule, a mere fraction of its usual self that fades quickly even as he says, "Also I don't care if Ila would enjoy it. Maybe I would enjoy his suffering," but he doesn't mean that and, "it wouldn't be a chore besides, but I was just teasing. As for the rest… I don't know, Sunny. I don't - didn't - have a family until I came here. Everything I ever had before was broken, and bad, so I don't know how to relate except on a personal level, and that person is sorry to see you hurting." Translation: he's emotionally out of his league and he knows it, and all he can do is be there, to move his hand from one shoulder to the other to hug her sideways against him when her hands fall to her lap. "The only thing I do know is some things can't be fixed. You either live with them, or you don't, but I can tell you which of those alternatives I prefer," he says, chin tilting to press a kiss to the top of her head. It's an oversimplification of very complicated matters and he knows it, but it's a place to start. "And in that case we'll just come to you. Can always send us packing if you don't want to see our hideous faces but I can bring the girls to run around with Sunara, and Cita's littles to squirm around and be cute with the one on the way and… and we'll just keep going, yeah?"

Sundari could explain, but honestly it would only make things more depressing and she doesn’t want to wander down that road at the moment. She deals with it enough in her mind and as best she can, somedays are better than others. She lets her gaze linger on his slightly. "I suppose so." Is murmured softly and she looks a bit amused. "I would annoy him a lot, you would hear about it all the time." There is a pause, a long moment seems to pass. "I was oblivious as a child, thought everything was fine. I…I think that is why my father wanted me to stay at the Weyr, attempting to keep me from getting into the mess my mother was causing. I wasn't supposed to stay. When I impressed I had a reason to stay and then something else had to happen to try and get me back so to speak." Her mother is well evil in a sense, there is plenty of other things she could call her but after everything that happened evil is the best word. Her eyes close and she leans back into that hug, slipping quiet and trying to control that thoughts that go wandering for a moment. The kiss helps, a faint smile seen for a moment. "Your all welcome over. Sunara would enjoy the playmates I'm sure. Though Irk and her seem to be rather connected at the hip as of late so your have to deal with him joining in and I can't be held responsible for what he may or may not tell them." Being that it is Irkevltah there is NO telling. "But keep going works… Thank you." The last bit said softly.

R'hyn doesn't move to let her go, keeps his arm slung over her shoulder, not pushing for discussion or offering platitudes, merely content to exist right along with her. The corners of his own mouth press back into a small smile, one that warms his concerned gaze by minor fractions. "Good. It's about time someone gave him a taste of his own medicine," he drawls with a wink before humor quiets into something solid, patient, shifting only enough so that he might watch her face when she finally speaks again, head tilted at an odd angle. "I'm sorry, Sunny. It's a terrible thing, to seek to take someone's happiness away." Only then does his arm shift, hand lifting to smooth over shoulders in a comforting gesture as his own gaze goes distant, thoughtful. Wherever his thoughts take him, it is a short pause - he hugs her again, tighter this time but briefer as well, more reassuring than embracing. "Have you even met Xermiltoth? If they haven't heard it before because he slips up, I will be surprised. Let's do it, then. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, whichever works for you. But for now," he says with warm decisiveness, standing with a hand offered to pull her up with him, "let's get dinner. We can spend a quiet half-hour just talking and being adults and definitely not flicking spoonfuls of bubbly at snogging teenagers and we'll just…" Keep going. He shrugs as though to imply just that, head shaking as he leans it in to bonk very gently against hers. "No, thank you, Sunny. It takes more courage than people will ever give you credit for to talk about the difficult things. I appreciate it, and anytime you need it, I'm willing to do it again." But for now he's fetching his jacket to fend off the rain because of course it hasn't stopped, rousing Xermiltoth from his nap with a stretch and a wash of golden heat into their minds, the big bronze stopping to whuffle at Sundari's cheek before moving out into the rain to guide them to ground and the safety of the caverns without.

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