Truth or Dare Tradition (rated for language and sexual content)

Western Weyr - Beach to the South
This white sandy beach is located halfway between the Weyr and Half Moon Bay Hold. It is wide enough for a large dragon to walk along without brushing wings in either the thick vegetation to the north or the surf to the south. Bits of shell and driftwood are occasionally cast ashore here. There is a bit of a freshwater stream that flows down from an inland waterfall. A path leads along the edges of the stream further into the jungle to it.

The morning after the dance party has Zi'on up and about and in need of blowing off some steam. So he's come out here to the secluded beach that's just south of the weyr. He's actually run here, in the sparring suit he's swiped from the guards. The heavy pads add extra weight, as does the training swords he's got with him. There's a stuffed man hanging from one of the trees, and that's what Zi'on is using as target practice. Right now just for his fists and his legs. The amount of sweat he's covered in indicates he's probably been at it for a while. It's nice out today at Western. The storms from the past few days seem to have moved on.

What a wonderful day for chores. Well, 'chores'. Naeda was supposed to have another day of weeding ahead of her, but she has successfully bamboozled poor Tim into trading duties with her. This leaves her with one of her favorite chores: lookout duty. After all, Naeda can't help it if the best location to keep an eye out for passing ships is right along this picturesque stretch of beach, perfect for tanning. Right? And if she wants to do her lookout duty while lounging in a pool chair, wearing just a tiny half of a bikini and slathered in tanning oil, well, that's her business, right? At least she has a spyglass with her. A spyglass through which she's watching Zi'on beat the stuffing out of the stuffed fellow. That's not creepy at all.

Zi'on wrote the book on creepy. Though he's never gone spying on girls through a spyglass. It's likely he's never come into contact with one, or when he has he's not thought about using it as a spy tool. After all, what was the fun if you could only look and not touch? Left hook, right hook. Left kick, right kick. Over and over again. Faster and faster, until he's hitting the stuffed man over and over with his fists as hard as he can, and the rope pulls lose, allowing the man to fall to the ground a few feet away. Zi'on, winded, leans back against the tree then trying to catch his breath.

At least Naeda has a non-creepy reason for the spyglass. Still, it's really hard to look classy while leering through a spyglass while barely dressed and slathered in oil. So, Naeda drops the spyglass into her lap and alerts Zi'on to her presence by calling out to him. "Heeeey!" She waves a hand in case that wasn't attention-grabbing enough.

Zi'on hears someone calling to him, which is surprising way out here. He looks around a bit before he spots Naeda, squinting his eyes and using a hand to shield them from the sun. He waves back at her. "Naeda?" He calls out, just to be sure. The bronzer then goes about stringing up the poor straw man again, then he moves out toward where Naeda is lounging. The sparring pads and whatnot come off once he's a little closer. "Rest day today?"
"Nope. I am hard at work." Naeda replies with a mischievious grin, lifting her spyglass and waving it around a bit. "Lookout duty." She explains in case that little display didn't make it immediately obvious. The spyglass is lifted to her eye again so that she can scan the horizon, at least making the appearance of work. "You doing some sort of combat training?"

"Ah." Zi'on responds. "I always thought that was a waste. We have sweep riders. I think they just make that up so that you don't sit in the caverns all day making trouble." The last of the gear is thrown off and tossed into a pile. Zi'on then sits downwind in his sweaty clothes. "Sort of. Mostly just trying to burn off some steam in a constructive manner. That doesn't involve me getting into a barfight or drinking a bunch."

"They could just give us extra rest days." Naeda suggests with a grin as she scans the horizon. But then, Zi'on's other words sink in. "Burn off some steam?" Naeda raises her eyebrows a little as she lowers her spyglass again, attention now fully on Zi'on. "I thought that was what the party was for. Unless…" She grins a little more. "Ooooh. /Now/ I get it." She winks.

Zi'on grins. "Extra rest days lead to trouble. Idle candidates lead to mischief." The bronzer loops his arms around his knees. "Mm. Blow off steam." He looks over at her. "For your guys, sure. Those sorts of things are business for me, you have to understand. Political stuff. I have to make conversation with the weyr's leaders and make sure the party goes smoothly. I didn't even get to do much dancing." He peers at her. "Get what?"

"Mischief? Us?" Naeda grins. Surely any report Zi'on has of a pair of female candidates sneaking out wearing all black and masks to make mischief are just rumors. Right? "Mmm. Political stuff." She sounds skeptical. "So this 'frustration' you're talking about has nothing to do with being romantically linked with a candidate? Especially not after a party with so many lovely women in attendance?"

Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Especially you." Zi'on doesn't trust any of them! But without proof he just has to let them go, right? There's not much else he can do about their mischief! Unless someone catches them. "Heh. Maybe it does. Though probably not for the reason you're thinking. It's not like anyone last night was fawning over me. I felt more like part of the scenery last night, actually." He sighs. "I suppose I ought to be grateful to be left alone."

"That's only because you weren't trying. You can be charming when you want to be. Just like me." Naeda says with a wicked little glimmer of a grin. "It's tough for both of us to be in a situation like that. So many temptations… but they must be left aside." She sighs overly dramatically. "… The eggs will hatch soon, yes? Perhaps another month?"

Zi'on runs his fingers through his hair. He wrinkles his nose. Long hair is long! And sweaty. "I suppose so. I would have at least liked to dance with Rhysa though. But she seemed otherwise occupied, and I didn't want to ruin her fun." He lays back in the sand. Which probably isn't a terrific idea. "Mm. About that, yeah." Though the thought makes him sigh. "Are you ready for it?"

"She'dve liked it if you'd danced with her." Naeda remarks, taking another look at the horizon. Got to at least pretend to be doing her job, right? "Mmmm. Is anyone ever really ready for it?" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm ready for my life to return to normal. I'll miss the others, but…" Another shrug follows. "Well. Whatever happens, I'm ready for the uncertainty to be at an end."

"Mm." Zi'on says, not sounding very convinced. The bronzer has his eyes shut, and it's not like he's going to report her if she's not doing her job anyway. "Hm. I'm not sure. I'd like to think I was, at least by the third time around. I don't much remember the first time, though." He opens up one eye to peer at her. "That sort of talk sounds like you're not expecting to impress. It can be tough though. Not knowing what's going to happen for such a life changing thing. And not even knowing an exact time it might happen."

Naeda glances to Zi'on, a little smile on her lips. It lacks the usual mischief of her grins, perhaps a little hint of sadness in her eyes beyond it. "Mmmm. This group… it's like something out of one of the old stories of dragonriders past. There's Rhysa, the glamorous new queen the weyr needs to lead a new age. Sorel, the angry fellow with women issues who will inevitably end up on bronze. Naris, who will finally open up and bloom with a lifemate to show her how to live. Therynn, the bold and fiery one with the makings of a hero. It's an old story, one with no place for someone like me. I'm the black ovine, yes?" She raises her spyglass again. "… Besides. I'd rather not expect it and be pleasantly surprised than expect it and be disappointed."

Zi'on sits up as Naeda describes her candidate storybook. He laughs. "No place for you? The sultry greenrider who makes trouble for the heroes and heroines alike? That just sounds like a terrible story. There's always got to be that girl in the story, who shows the hero what it's like to be a man. Don't you think?" He grins to her. "You don't look like a black ovine to me." He shrugs a bit. "I suppose that's one way to look at it. You won't be disappointed at all then? I think it's best to be honest. At least with yourself, if you can't with others."

"Sure I'll be disappointed. But I'll be disappointed less." Naeda replies, setting her spyglass down after another scan of the water. "… That's just how I do things. Hope for little. Expect less. Then when things do work out well, you can really appreciate them. And you can… well." She shrugs and looks at Zi'on again. "Take us, for example. If I'd expected things to eventually turn serious, or us to fall in love or something… well, I'dve been devastated by how things worked out. Those sorts of fantasies about the future, they just don't do any good. Better to wait and see before you become invested."

Zi'on nods. "That's a good philosophy, I think. I think I've spent twenty-seven turns flying by the seat of my pants. Most of the big events of my life I've seemed to have no control over. Impressing, kids, weyrleader, even weyrmates to some degree. I can't complain, but it does give me a sense I'm drifting about, waiting for the next piece of flotsam to strike me in the face." He blinks at her then, frowning a bit. "But that doesn't take into account what you would have liked. Would you have liked us to get more serious? Down the road maybe? I guess part of me always becomes invested so early. That's why I stood so many times, because I was so invested in becoming a rider. That's why I get weyrmated and get my heart broken so often. I'm bad at keeping arms length."

Naeda shrugs her shoulders a little at the question about getting more serious, her eyes on the water. "Sure. I mean, I had thoughts. Fleeting ones. I enjoyed being with you. But… when I'd have thoughts like that, I'd put them out of my mind. Not allow myself to dwell. And with good reason!" Attention returns to Zi'on. "I mean, if I /had/ gotten invested in a future with you… I'dve been heartbroken. Not to mention I wouldn't still be friends with you. To say nothing of Rhysa! She's my best friend in candidacy. If I had gotten more emotionally invovled, I'd probably be feuding with her just like Naris is." She smirks, though again lacking her usual mischief. "Look, sometimes people get the wrong idea about me because I can be a little… well. You know. But I keep my feelings out of things. It's the only way to be… safe, I suppose."

Zi'on actually looks a bit hurt. "That's not necessarily true… I mean. I didn't think you'd ever want that. At least with me. So I kept looking elsewhere. I suppose we can't dwell on what might've been, though. I'm also not so sure about Rhysa though. I will probably take her aside to talk to her. By now she should know if she's in this for me, or just the thought of me. If you get what I mean." There's a difference, when you're the weyrleader, and your girl has an overly ambitious mother pushing her to do this or that." He smiles to her. "You're so fluid when it comes to that. I think it might be better. I think I put too much stock into things like weyrmating. I build them up in my mind, when I have family type relationships with girls I'm not weyrmated to. I can't separate my feelings though, a lot of the time. If we had kept going, I would have become… less okay with our arrangement."

"You sure that's a good idea?" Naeda says with a little note of concern. "I mean… I don't want to tell you how to run your relationships. Just… I mean, she's been a candidate pretty much the whole time you've been together. Under the circumstances, could you really say you've even been able to experience what a 'normal' relationship might be like?" She shrugs. "Like I said, just my thought. Feel free to ignore it." She smiles a little more. "… Anyways. I don't put a whole lot of investment into long term things. So I have to live for the moment. When I see something I want, I go for it. I guess that's why I have relationships the way I do. 'Fluid' is a pretty accurate way of putting it. Besides… I mean, I might like to find a person who I could count on as a 'partner' forever, you know? Weyrmate, or whatever you want to call it. But sexual monogamy? Probably not for me." Now wickedness returns to her grin. "I'm too impulsive for that to work. So, I'd need someone open minded. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't want a partner. You know?"

Zi'on ponders. "I suppose I could wait until after she impresses, or not. If she impresses, it will put pressure on her. Knowing that I am out here, waiting for her. And if she would rather be with someone else at the end of it all… I will waste a turn of my life hoping for something that won't be." He smiles. "I've been in a lot of relationships. I still don't know what a normal one is like. Do you? Maybe you could tell me, since I don't seem to have a clue." He nods to her. "It makes a lot of sense, what you're saying. Maybe I ought to stick to that notion, instead of trying to be monogamous. I am generally alright being monogamous, if the relationship is healthy. When things languish I find myself… wandering… more. I suppose." He nods to her. "I've had open relationships with Enka and Raev after Kiena and I split. It's not a foreign concept. I just didn't think Rhysanna would be okay with that. It didn't seem fair to ask her to see me, and tell her I would be having sex while she could not."

Naeda frowns a little bit, eyes on the water again. "… I guess you're right. I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong and talking about things I don't know anything about. Maybe there is no 'normal'. Do what you think is best." She stretches out a little bit, trying to find a comfortable way to lay. "I don't know what's right for you and Rhysanna. Only you two can figure it out. I just hope whatever you figure out, it's something that makes you both happy." She grins a little, wickedness sparking in her eyes again. "It's a shame she's so… narrow in her preferences. Or else there would be some very fun ways to resolve all this. But alas." She sighs in an exaggerated fashion. "I am left to my own devices." She frowns a little. "… My half-sister made candidacy sound like an endless source of romantic intrigue. I wouldn't break the sex rule, but I was still hoping for a little fling or two, within the rules. Maybe something to take my mind off… what happened before. But I haven't had a single shred of interest. It's been a little… lonely."

Zi'on shakes his head. "I want your opinion. If you and Rhysa are best friends, maybe you know her mind better than I do. Also I am a man. I am stupid when it comes to things like this. I will probably start talking to Rhysa next time and put my foot into my mouth." He chuckles. "Mm. It is a shame. Alas." He pouts at bit at her. "I'm sorry, Nae. You've really gotten the short end of the stick this cycle, haven't you? A lot of it is my fault. Maybe I should have encouraged Suldith to search more… open minded candidates. You prefer women, right? I thought you'd said that before. Though I'm not sure if it was just to get under my skin or not."

Naeda ponders for a moment. "For /me/, this wouldn't be a good time to figure out if I wanted a serious relationship or not. But sex is important to me. Without a way to find out if I was compatible with someone in that way or not, I'm just not sure I could decide if I could make any kind of commitment until that obstacle was out of the way. But, Rhysa's not me. She comes from a different background. I know she's had some experience, but I don't know if sex is as important for her. And she seems to have some priorities that don't matter to me at all. Like, well, status." She adds a bit quickly. "Not that I think that's what draws her to you. I mean, maybe it was part at the beginning. But I don't think she's the type to use people. If she likes you, it's for you." The apology earns a smile and a shake of her head. "No apologies necessary. I may joke, but I'm not really that selfish. The candidates searched should be the ones who the dragons like best, the ones who'd be the best riders. No other criteria matters. Not that it doesn't disappoint me a little." She sighs. "So many beautiful girls, none that like girls. And Sorel likes girls, but… well. Taken, and a /huge/ jerk. Not my type." She rolls her eyes. The last remark earns a little smirk. "I might've been wanting to get under your skin a little, but it is true. I do prefer women. Not that it's a really /strong/ preference. I mean, it's like men are delicious juicy herdbeast steak, and women are decadent sweet bubblies. I might prefer one to the other, but… well, variety is the spice of life, yes?"

Zi'on nods and sits there looking conflicted. "Maybe I am just letting my insecurities get the better of me. I don't really want to ask for a commitment. I just want her to be sure she wants me to wait. Force her to maybe think about it one more time. She's had a few more life experiences since becoming a candidate." He grins to Naeda then. "Have you ever met someone you weren't sexually compatible with, Nae? I'd like to hear a story about a time you had -bad- sex." He chuckles at the bit about beautiful girls. "Tell me about it. It's a small wonder I've slept with a lot of them, no? Ugh, Sorel. Oddly enough you might have a shot with his girl. She seems like maybe she'd swing both ways, but I'm not sure. I was a bit furious when Ila'den told me he was going to be a candidate. It seems irresponsible, with two young twins. But what do I know." He laughs and nods. "I see. Being as straight as I can manage it's hard for me to relate."

Naeda smirks devilishly. "Mrm. Well, you know. Some men can't quite… keep up with me." She says with a little wink and a laugh. "I mean, I understand to a certain extent. With a girl like me, it could be difficult to… hold back." She crosses her arms. "But if that happens, and you're not a considerate enough lover to find some other way to satisfy me, well… that's simply not going to cut it. I have high standards." The topic of Sorel causes her to scowl for a moment, but it's replaced with an intrigued look and a raising of her eyebrow when he brings up Kit. "… Really?" She pauses, then tilts her head. "… Is it wrong to want to seduce someone purely out of spite?" She tries to rein in a mischievious grin, and utterly fails.

Zi'on grins at her. "Well, I can -certainly- understand that. You do make it a challenge, though every second is worth it. I still am at a loss how you… do that thing with your mouth. Generally I am somewhat eager to get that bit over with. In favor of the real thing. But you… make it much more of a toss up." He chuckles. "I would never do that to a lady! At least, not on purpose. I would hope she would tell me, if I wasn't… performing." He ponders. "Maybe. Maybe not. It's hard to read her signals. She's sexually charged, that much is certain. But she's got some… abuse in her past. So it's hard to know if she's looking for affection and sex is the only way she knows to get it." He laughs. "Please don't. Kiltara has enough going on right now. I mean, please don't at least out of spite." The bronzer slides over to lay his head in Naeda's lap and look up at her. "There are a few things I am sad we never got to try, though."

Naeda grins a little more. "Mmm. If you can get Rhysanna to go along with it once these rules are done, I can teach her." She follows that up with a little wink. "Anyways, you always left me feeling satisfied. No complaints. If I had any, I certainly wouldn't hold them back to spare your feelings." She laughs a little, though her mirth fades a little as she goes on. "… We all have some trauma in our past, right? We're all shaped by our experiences. The important thing is that Rhysa does what makes her happy now." She pouts a little when told not to make a move on Kiltara, placing her hand on Zi'on's head. "I don't get to seduce anybody. You have all the fun…" She ponders for a moment. "… Speaking of, I'm curious. Did you break Sorel's arm?" She asks, eyebrow arched. That last remark earns another wicked grin. "Me too. But there's always more to try, mmm?"

Zi'on grins. "Teach her, eh? Using me as the test subject?" For some reason Zi'on is not thinking Rhysa will go for this. Even if he really, really wants her to. "Heh. I didn't think you would. Nor would I want you to. I'm always looking for ways to… improve. Obviously -I- was satisfied. I suppose that is easy to tell though." There's a 'mm' in agreement for Rhysa being happy. He chuckles. "Not out of malice. If you happen to run across her and you two happen to hit it off… well I won't -complain- about that." He blinks up at her. "Hm? No. I haven't crossed paths with Sorel since I tried to have him arrested. I don't generally resort to physical violence, in case you haven't noticed. I'm usually on the receiving end of it." He grins to her. "Of course. Ever done it with a pregnant lady?" Okay. Now he might just be being perverse.

"Unless you have some other gentleman you'd volunteer for demonstration purposes. But something tells me that might be an even more difficult sell." Naeda jokes with a little more of a grin. "Though you'd be brave to try to sell it at all. I'm not sure how you'd even /begin/ to try that one." She does her best Zi'on impression. "Hey, honey. The last girl I slept with was really good at giving head. Do you mind if I brought her over to show you how it's done?" She breaks the impression and giggles a bit. "Gotta say, I'm pretty open minded, but I think I'd be a little put off by that one." The answer about Sorel has her looking puzzled. "Huh. How /did/ he break his arm, then? And why didn't he end up arrested?" The mystery deepens. The last question earns a laugh. "No, that's one I haven't tried. Not that I'd be adverse to the idea, but the opportunity's never come up."

Zi'on laughs. "No. But something similarly shape might be able to be used?" He gets a sly grin on his face. "In my case… maybe a thick broom handle. Or a thin tall jar or something." He chuckles. "I'm sure I can think of some way to sell it. Might be easier if you both impress. The right color dragons can make all the difference in one's… tastes." The bronzer laughs a while at her impression of him. "I'd try to be a little more tactful. I'd be curious to know where my own areas of improvement might be. Pre-foreplay? Foreplay? During? Am I bad at… I dunno… a position or something." Zi'on ponders. "Hm. It's possible he did it himself. Kiltara punched a wall during their little talk. He may have done something similar." Zi'on frowns a bit. "Ila'den intervened. I left his punishment to him. Though I should have left him at the mercy of the guard." The bronzer grins to her and nods. "The pregnant ladies can be insatiable. They also tend to be a more… grateful? I don't know if that's the right word. But when they're feeling hormonal and insecure they seem to welcome the fact that you'd like to have sex with them."

"A jar?" Naeda looks amused. "Someone thinks rather high;y of themselves." A wink following that takes any bite out of the teasing. She smiles in that mischievious way of hers as she looks down at the fellow in her lap. "As reluctant as I am to stroke your ego further after a remark like that, I have to say I can't think of any specific areas for improvement. You might be the best male lover I ever had… then /again/, things ended before we could get too adventurous. It's entirely possible you have some glaring inadequacy I simply never encountered. I make no gaurantees." Grinning persists, her fingers running through Zi'on's hair a moment. "You left him to be disciplined by his loving brother, and you're surprised he got off easy?" She can't help but laugh a little. Deviousness returns to her at Zi'on's description of pregnant women. "I shall have to take it as a recommendation. Only, y'know, there's a little added difficulty from my perspective. Being pregnant is usually… not always, but /usually/ a pretty good indication that they prefer men. For obvious reasons. But I never shy from a challenge."

Zi'on grins. "You know it. Large and in charge. That's me." The bronzer takes the teasing in stride. He might be more upset if she'd started comparing him to the mini-sausages at the party last night. "I'm sure I have some. Though most of my issues I think are more on the emotional side of things. Or that I'm a hairy man or a bad cuddler." ZI'on shuts his eyes as Naeda runs her fingers through his hair. "Mmhmm. I don't think they're very loving, honestly. The whole situation is quite odd, really." And Zi'on has trouble making heads or tails of it. He grins about the pregnant ladies. "True. But that doesn't mean exclusive. Greenriders get pregnant a lot. And most of them swing both ways. Next time I get Raev pregnant maybe she'll be willing."

Naeda continues with the finger-running, a little smile playing on her lips. "Trust me, I'd tell you if there were issues. But as far as the emotional side of things, I'm almost definitely not the right person to go to for advice for that. I'm aware enough that my perspective isn't exactly typical." She snickers a little bit. "Well, tell me the next time Raev is in a family way. I wouldn't mind a little fun."

Zi'on and Naeda are out at the slightly more secluded beach to the south of Western. Naeda is lounging in a beach chair, with Zi'on's head in her lap. There's a pile of sparring equipment off to the side. Zi'on has cooled off, though he's still looking a little sweaty. "It's typical. Just more typical for a man, maybe." He laughs a bit. "Or a bronzer, might be more suitable." He chuckles. "Will do. Suldith doesn't often chase greens anymore. He has his favorites, and Raev's green happens to be one. So it's only a matter of time."

As if this didn't look incriminating enough already, Naeda's in a tiny blue half of a swimsuit and slathered in tanning oil. She's stroking Zi'on's hair. The fact that she has a spyglass in her spare hand is either a hint of a much more innocent purpose here than would appear obvious at first glance, or perhaps a dark hint at some far greater perversion at play. With Naeda these things can go either way. "I thought most bronzes just chased after any green or gold they might possibly catch." She teases a little, smirking. "Anyways. I've always thought men and women are more alike than most people think. Not that there aren't important differences…"

That Rhysanna is heading out this way is, for the record, completely random: she's much more likely to end up at the beaches closer to home than out here, and yet, here she is. She's got her broad-brimmed hat slung low over her eyes, and wears a bikini and beach-wrap; her sandals are held in one hand, while over her shoulder, she's carrying a loose-woven bag. No doubt she spots the pair long before she's actually close enough to identify them, but evidently that alone is not enough to deter her forward locomotion. It's some steps later before she actually registers one identity, and then the other. It makes her stride oh-so-casual - if they're listening, perhaps they'll hear the sound of her footfalls in the sand.

When isn't Naeda wearing or doing something sensual or sexy, though? It's like… in her nature. Or something. As for the spyglass… It's not sex if it's an inanimate object? JUST KIDDING. "He did at first. There are a lot of greens around to fly after though. It would get tiring. Some do go after anything they can hope to catch. But Suldith will go after certain greens, even if he's exhausted and has no chance. He'll chase any gold he comes across though. Which can be dangerous at other weyrs." He grins back at Nae. The thing about sand is that it's hard to hear someone walking in it. And Zi'on's got his eyes closed, so seeing Rhysa isn't exactly going to work, either.

Naeda's probably sexualized objects that were less phallic than spyglasses in the past. But she's not doing anything overtly lewd with it, at least. Aside from being barely-clothed, oily, and having a man's head in her lap, she's not doing anything sexy at the moment. By Naeda standards, she may as well throw on a habit and join a convent. "Mmm. Perhaps he's just getting picky as he matures? I can only hope the same won't happen to me. Life's so much more fun if one has a variety of interests…" Naeda is, sadly, facing the water. She had to pretend to be on lookout duty, remember? So she's a prime target for Rhysanna to sneak up on.

Probably, Rhysa should just… start humming, or something. Something so that she's not going to get closer and closer and still not be seen. They may not be able to see it, but the expression on her face is getting more and more awkward by the moment. It's not - thankfully? - suggestive of temper or major upset, but her hesitance is plain to see. Or would be. Her blush, too. It's when she's perhaps five feet away that she finally makes a decision. She's probably aiming for casual, but her voice is a little too breathy, and her words too quick, for that to entirely succeed: "You two look… cozy." It's as though she's not sure if she should be awkward or not. What is the appropriate form for this kind of situation? Help!

Toys might be an area of improvement for Zi'on. The bronzer looks more like he's about to take a nap than that he's about to get jiggy with it. "Mm. Perhaps." He chuckles. "For some reason I don't think you'll have to worry, Nae. For me, I'm sure I'll be less desired before I desire less." Of course, Zi'on isn't deaf, so when Rhysa speaks he blinks his eyes open. "Rhysa!" It's surprised, but not shocked" Though the words make the bronzer blush a little. Who would have thought that possible. "Ah… I guess. Nae's lap makes a comfortable pillow." He beckons her over to sit with him. "We were just talking about you." He's trying to diffuse the awkward, but it's there. Staring the three of them in the face. It's like someone's pants being undone and them not knowing Mr Winky was poking out.

Naeda is much more mildly surprised than Zi'on by the arrival of her fellow candidate, and not the slightest bit embarassed. For Naeda, this all falls firmly under the umbrella of normal, casual behavior. She leans back a little to peer up at Rhysanna, smile beaming on her face. "Hey, Rhysa. Zi'on was just keeping me company during the end of my lookout duty." She waves that spyglass around a bit. "Wanna join us? I brought oil. And there's a waterskin with juice in it around here somewhere…"

Rhysanna's uncertainty is obvious, though it seems to be focused more on the question of 'am I making this needlessly awkward?' than anything more sinister. "Well," she says, after a deep breath. "If I'm not interrupting anything." She doesn't wait for an answer to that - it's not really a question, after all - and instead moves to set down her bag, abandon her sandals, and sit, legs stretched out, upon the sand. "Why were you talking about me?" Her hands play, idly, upon her lap.

Zi'on chuckles. "Actually I was back in the jungle a bit. Practicing. Blowing off some steam and all. Getting sweaty and smelly, since I figured you were going to come down here at some point." He winks at Rhysa, teasing a bit. He shakes his head at the question of interruption. "Nope. Just chatting." Zi'on immediately starts to over analyze Rhysa's choice of sand seat. Is it close to him, far? Close enough to reach him, on the other side of Naeda? Is she angry at him now? "I was just saying how I regretted not getting a dance with you last night."

"You are /always/ welcome, Rhysa." Naeda says with a little fond smile, looking at her fellow candidate as she settles into the sand. "… Y'know, I could scoot over if you want to share my little lounge here. If you don't mind being cozy." There's the flirtatious Naeda we all know and love. Well, know and tolerate, at least. "Mmm. I didn't get a dance with you either." She points out after Zi'on, smile still on her face. "Not that I didn't get to dance with some interesting people, but save some for your fellow Westerners next time, mmm?" She winks.

Rhysanna is close enough that Zi'on could reach her, though not so close that she's all over him - certainly closer to him than to Naeda's chair. Which probably bodes relatively well, right? Her prompt eye-rolling and laughter are good indications of her feelings, too, as is the easy way in which she digs her toes into the sands. "I think you've plenty of cozy already, but thanks all the same. It's not my fault," and with this, she turns her gaze more directly towards the bronzerider, "that you bailed so quickly. I had to let one of my dance partners escort me home. But next time." For that, she'll even include Naeda. "It was a good night, wasn't it?"

Zi'on, Naeda and Rhysa are all down at the southern beach of Western. This one is more secluded. Naeda is in a beach chair with a spyglass in her lap, Zi'on and Rhysa are sitting in the sand. The girls look beach prepped. Zi'on just looks sweaty in his t-shirt and shorts. It's late morning now and a nice clear sunny day. Zi'on raises his eyebrows "Oh sure. Offer -her- a seat and make poor old Zi'on sit in the hot sand this whole time. Psh." He fakes annoyance at Naeda. The bronzer looks suitably scolded by Rhysa. "Sorry. I was feeling in the way. You were busy mingling when I left, I didn't think you'd mind." That's all Zi'on has to say about that. There's no acknowledgement of how the night went.

"You seemed comfortable enough." Naeda dismisses Zi'on's complaints with a grin and a little wave of her hand. "Besides, you're bigger than she is. I'm not sure the chair would fit us both." Sure, that's the problem with that idea. Her smile turns back to Rhysanna quickly enough. "Mmmm. Good night? Sure." She doesn't seem /that/ enthusiastic. "I mean, it was okay. But all these rules, and the party was kind of… mild. I had to be all proper." That apparently was Naeda trying to be 'proper'. Horror. "Not my style."

"I'm prettier," points out Rhysanna, all sunny smiles… though they fade back to awkwardness a few moments later: she sucks in a breath, clearly feeling… something, though it's hard to tell exactly what that 'something' is. Though it involves a fairly typical blush. "Well," she says, rather more quietly, "I still would have liked that dance. So… I'll hold you to it, next time. Earlier in the evening." She looks away, scanning the horizon, out over the water. Maybe that's less awkward.

Although she may have been practicing when it cames to dancing Naris is still far from incredibly graceful overall. Perhaps this is why she is walking down the beach with her shoes, soaking wet, in her hands. It would seem that the littlest former assistant headwoman stumbled a bit and ended up getting her feet wet against her will. At least she doesn't seem to be angry? As a matter of fact she looks like she might actually be a /good/ mood today! Which might mean that the lower caverns workers she finds herself poking at in her free time should she notice them slacking might get some freedom today. Just like the Weyrleader! Speaking of Zi'on… as the group of three comes into sight Naris pauses before nodding in greeting. But instead of spending time with formalities she finds herself asking, "I don't suppose you've seen Crawlie? I mean, I don't expect you have but if you did… well he's taken to nabbing bits of clothes and I don't want to end up in awkward returning situations." She wrinkles her nose at this. Returning unknown underwear is not her idea of fun!

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Naeda. "Maybe. I do like my hair pet. I kept my hair so short for so long, I'm not used to it. Though it's getting a little too long now. And curly." He pouts and pulls at it a bit. "Mm. Can't really let loose at those things. At least I can't. There'd be some mountain of political backlash or something. I dunno." He grins at Rhysa. "I know I know… it's the beard, right?" He says about her being prettier. "Or the rack?" He puffs out his chest. Really, it's Zi'on making things awkward now. Clearly he, too, is feeling something, by the sullen look he's wearing and the fact he's not looking at her. Though he finally does look over when Rhysa reiterates her desire for a dance. He reaches over to pick up one of her hands, and gives it a gentle squeeze. He even smiles at her. "Next time. I promise." Zi'on turns to peer at Naris on her approach. "Your firelizard? Not that I know of. Is he holed up with a green or a gold someplace? Or digging through Naeda's trunk?" He laughs.

"She has a point." Naeda says to Zi'on after Rhysanna's little comment about being prettier, grinning in such a way as to add a little zing to that remark. A giggle follows. "Don't try to compete, Zi'on. Rhysa is just on a whole other level." She's probably planning to tease more, but then Naris is here. That just makes her grin even more. "Naris, hey!" The question earns a little shake of her head. "Mmm, nope. Haven't seen him. But he'll turn up, I'm sure… why don't you come relax with us? If there's just one group on the beach, he's bound to wander over eventually. Plus, we can do something fun while we wait." More mischief.

The awkward is just… unbearable. But at least, when Zi'on reaches for her hand, Rhysa has the grace to turn back and look at him. Her cheeks are still pink, and she's obviously a little uncomfortable - or confused? - but she gives him a tentative smile. "Good." It does mean she doesn't answer further comments about her prettiness compared to the bronzerider's; it's probably for the best, really, given the volume of blushing that would likely ensue. Taking a deep breath, she also turns her head to regard the approaching Naris, but unlike her companions, she's got nothing in particular to say - just a shake of her head. No, she's not seen the firelizard. Cautiously; "Something… fun?"

If Naris notices the awkward she doesn't comment on it. But then again with Naris being who she is the chance that she didn't notice the awkward is actually quite large. Zi'on's question regarding him being holed up somewhere make her raise an eyebrow. "I don't /think/ so," she slowly answers, "but I certainly hope not. I don't need a random green to be hanging around… and I don't even want to imagine if he managed to hatch a gold." No words concerning Naeda's trunk at first. However, a frown does start too make its way across her lips. "At least if he's in her trunk her stuff didn't go far," she mutters. Then there's Naeda's offer causing her to send the girl a wary look. "I'm up for relaxing," she eventually responds, "but… what sort of fun?" She knows what sort of fun Naeda tends to like and it doesn't seem like something that would end well to her. Rhysanna gets no words at all.

Zi'on pouts. "Bah… Saying I'm not pretty. Even Soriana told me I couldn't be a flower last night." Sad days for Zi'on. "I know, though. Rhysa is like that one beautiful flower that catches your eye amongst the other flowers." Rhysa may not want to talk about it, but that's not going to stop Zi'on from going into full-on flattery mode. There's a brow raised as well at something fun. "Like… a game?" Zi'on seems to relax as Rhysa doesn't rebuke his affections. As small as holding hands might be. In case she's failed to notice, he's feeling pretty insecure right now. He raises a brow at Naris. "Why would a green be hanging around you? Either way, he'll turn up eventually. Maybe he went for something to eat."

Naeda gets an increasingly devious little glint in her eye as her suggestion of 'fun' isn't dismissed outright. It's all she can do to resist rubbing her hands together in sinister fashion. "A game, you say? Well, that gives me an idea… how about we play a little game of truth or dare?" More deviousness. "We seem to have the beach to ourselves. And it /is/ a candidate tradition. We don't want to break tradition, do we?" She grins deviously as she looks from Naris to Rhysanna to Zi'on. Apparently the weyrleader is invited to this particular candidate tradition. "You're all in, right?" Oh dear.

Rhysanna blushes. This is not surprising, given she blushes roughly a hundred times a day, but… now is one of those times. The look she gives Zi'on is probably gag-worthy for Naris and Naeda to have to witness (sorry!), but terribly sweet, otherwise. Maybe that will help with the insecurity? That, and the fact that she's not pulling her hand away, but instead letting her fingertips brush idly over it. Naeda's suggestion interrupts that particular moment, at least. Rhysa hesitates, eyes a little wide. "Uh," she says.

Gag worthy? No, Naris isn't going to gag at the one beautiful flower among other flowers remark of the sickeningly sweet look. As a matter of fact she doesn't seem to be paying attention to it at all. Well, not paying attention to it in the way that someone is trying their hardest not to notice something and others might be able to tell. Naris is trying to hide it though so there is the ever present chance of it going unnoticed. Not that she thinks that they'd be looking at her. Honestly Naris might be able to bring home the gold if insecurity were a sport. Not that she's anywhere close to being able to /admit/ it. Or let others come to know it really. Instead she just shrugs considering the green bit. "You never know," she blandly comments. "I hear that the things can get attached sometimes, he could start forming his own little fair. Or joining one. I don't think him going missing is a threat though, as I said, I'm more worried about the theivery aspect of things." Then there's Naeda's words making her give her a /look/. She is silent for quite a while and she looks for all the world like she'll say no. It might be a bit of surprise when she narrows her eyes and said, "I'm in." Why not take a risk? Aside from the obvious threat of it backfireing.

Zi'on chuckles and nods. "I did say a game. We could play truth or dare. I'll even be your first victim if you want, Nae." He looks around. "It is pretty secluded out here." Though it was a little scary with three women and himself. "It's a candidate tradition?" Oh crap… did he do that? There's an adoring look for Rhysanna from Zi'on as well. Basically gag-worthy, yes. For the on-lookers. Zi'on is relaxing by the minute though. As evidence by him sliding over to sit next to Rhysa. He wraps an arm around her, then picks up the same hand in his. "Rhysa is in." He says, for her. Rude. He peers at Naris. "Oh, you meant the underwear thieving. Not that someone's stolen -him." He does look surprised when she joins in voluntarily. He gives Rhysa a look as if to say 'this should be interesting'.

Naeda pouts a little at Rhysanna's lack of immediate enthusiasm for her suggestion, but Naris' agreement brings the grin back to full force on her face. "Naris! That's what I like to see. Getting a little bit adventurous. Very cool!" She laughs and claps her hands together. Then, her devious gaze turns on Zi'on. "Well, if you're volunteering, then you get to be the first one. Truth or dare?" So much deviousness.

So rude. But aside from a glance at Zi'on, complete with raised eyebrows, Rhysa does not actively object— and she leans into the bronzerider, half resting against him. Her gaze is just sliding back towards Naeda, evidently anticipating the other girl to begin the game, when she does just that. Which means she, too, needs to try and turn her gaze to look at him, letting it deliberately skip past Naris in the process. "I don't know that either is a challenge, really, is it?"

Naris doesn't say anything to Zi'on at this point. For one thing she really need to say anything regarding /him/ not having been stolen. Plus… well she isn't very eager to risk starting a conversation with Rhysanna at this point in time. Rhysanna, who she doesn't talk to either. Instead she focuses on Naeda for the moment, pondering her question. Truth or dare… both could be risky. But what is /less/ risky at the moment? Finally Naris reaches her conclusion and answers, "dare." This might be seen as daring. However, there's also the chance of the group knowing Naris well enough to know that this might mean that she doesn't really want to be talking at the moment. Curious and curiouser.

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Naeda's enthusiasm. "Alright. Just to start things out… let's go truth. Don't want to get too crazy at first, right?" Though that might be the boring answer. Zi'on just gives Rhysa a grin as she glances at him. This sort of thing could go either way. Though Zi'on has a sneaking suspicion what Naeda might ask about. Zi'on is going to lock Naris and Rhysa in a room and tell them they have to have a whole civil conversation before he'll let them out. "It's not your turn yet, Naris. Hold your runners."

"It is when I'm playing." Is Naeda's answer to Rhysanna, a little giggle following. Naris' enthusiasm receives a very approving sort of grin. "Alright, Naris! I like that attitude. Very daring. Coming out of your shell a little bit." She glances to the Weyrleader. "Well, Zi has a point. He is up first. But you can go next." Shouldn't Zi'on be picking the next target? And shouldn't he be the one coming up with dares? Naeda seems to be taking a rather liberal view towards truth or dare rules. "Okay, Zi'on first. Mmm. Lesse… just how many people /have/ you slept with?" That's her idea of starting things light, is it? "Then you can pick a dare for Naris." She leans in and murmurs something quieter, and no doubt devious.
Naeda whispers "Dare her to kiss me. It's probably the only shot I'll get this candidacy."

Rhysanna is determined, don't think for a moment she isn't. She can totally sit in a room for nearly forever without having a conversation, so there. "I'm not sure that that question was much of a challenge," declares Rhysa, answering Naeda, though she's giggling, too. "Except for the need to actually remember the answer." She's casting another glance up at the bronzerider, eyebrows raised in anticipation of his answer.

Naris' brow furrows in confusion for a moment before the look of someone with the intense desire to facepalm crosses her face. "Sorry," she says, "I misheard and… yeah…" she trails off, awkwardness oozing off of her in waves. Zi'on plans to lock herself and Rhysanna in a room together? Yes, they could probably ignore eachother for /quite/ a while. But when that is done there will no doubt be a battle to the death and the Weyrleader will be stuck with two corpses. If she's nervous at the idea of Zi'on being the one to give her dare she hides it. Instead she raises her eyebrows at the question while delicately sitting down. Oh yes, do tell.

Zi'on doesn't mind if Naeda is going to make it easy for him. By steering the whole game. The bronzer furrows his brow at the question. "Flights, too?" He assumes yes. His first girlfriend, forgetting her name. Enka, Raev, Rea, Kiena, Kadesh, Lissi, Anoryn, S'ol, Ta'sin, R'lyeh, Eirwyn, Jessi, K'yr, Angharad, Idrissa, Naeda, Naris, Kiltara. He's got to count on his fingers. "I think eighteen. But I may have lost a couple of flights in there." See, it's not hundreds! But that question was a challenge. At least for Zi'on's brain. Zi'on chuckles at Rhysa. "What? That was a hard question. You start losing track over the years. I feel like I ought to keep a logbook or something. For flights, I mean. The rest are easier." He looks to Naris, then. "Alright Naris, since you want dare. I DARE you to kiss Naeda. A proper kiss, with tongue, has to last at least thirty seconds."

Naeda shoots Rhysanna a quick little smirk for her comment. "You have to start these things off easy. Don't worry. I have some good ones for later." There's a wink before she looks back to Zi'on in anticipation of his answer, grinning wickedly. She blinks at the answer. "… Only eighteen?" One shudders to imagine the answer Naeda might give if posed the same question. "… Huh." Any further reaction is postponed by the dare posed to Naris. A quick devious grin appears on her face, though she tries to rein it it. Instead she sits up a little, leaning in Naris' direction and fluttering her eyelashes, trying to look inviting. She extends a hand and crooks a finger in the universal 'come hither' gesture, laying it on thick.

"With /flights/, I would've thought it would be more," teases Rhysanna. "Maybe you should just put actual notches in your bed." The dark-haired candidate grins at Naeda for her comment, though it's the dare itself that has her eyes dancing (as much as eyes actually do that, of course) with obvious mirth. She'll actually look at Naris for this one, more or less acknowledging the older girl's presence, but she's biting back laughter. "Oh," she says. "This should be good. Come on, then."

Naris watches with a raised eyebrow at Zi'on has to count on his fingers. However, the answer he gives make her shrug, an action that is coupled with a look she says she isn't surprised. Either way roughly eighteen is definitely a lot, not to mention that chances are it was probably more than once with several with them. She's not surprised. Not very impressed but also not surprised. However, his dare to her has her gaping her a moment. But then she narrows her eyes and the whisper to the Weyrleader suddenly makes sense. Straightening herself up Naris approaches Naeda with purpose. Naeda wanted this? Okay then, but she might just regret it. After all, sometimes it can be painful to have a taste of something you can't really have, or so the stories all say. Not that Naeda seems to be the kind of girl to be effected by that. Naris actually straddles the other candidate, sitting on her lap as she leans forward and kisses her. A real, impressive, noteable kiss that may actually last fourty seconds. See, she can do daring! With that little show done she pulls back with a look of accomplishment on her face. It is then that she looks to Rhysanna and asks, "truth or dare?"

Zi'on chuckles. "That's all I can remember. Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but despite the reputation I seem to have my numbers are not in the thousands." Someone MIGHT pose the question to her later. Zi'on actually looks in dread at Naeda's response. He's slept with thousands of people by proxy! "I need a serious bath I think…" He says quietly, mostly to Rhysa. He chuckles at her. "The flights generally aren't in MY bed." He grins to Rhysa. "Do you want to watch, or should we show them how it's done?" Zi'on's going to get at least one kiss out of Rhysa, but he'll wait for her to start it, either during theirs or after. Well, he was weyrmated to a couple of those women. And Raev has stayed with him on and off over the turns, so he's definitely slept with some of them lots of times. Either way, Zi'on is surprised that Naris goes through with the kiss, and doesn't seem too sour for it afterward.

This will be a day that is etched into Naeda's memory for a long, long time. Whether it ends up taunting Naeda in the future or not, she certainly seems to be enjoying herself while the kiss happens. She grins even brighter as she's straddled, looping her arms around her fellow candidate to pull her nice and close, wriggling underneath her for the duration of that tongue-filled kiss. Yeah, she'll just go ahead and get as much out of it as she can. When it finally ends, she seems almost relucant to let go, a breathy little sigh escaping her. "Lovely…" Her eyes slowly flutter back open to look at Rhysanna when it comes to her turn, a dreamy smile lingering on her lips. Happy Naeda.

Rhysanna's mouth twitches with obvious mirth for Zi'on's comment regarding the bath, the glance she gives him almost gleefully amused. "I hate to think," she tells him. "We are definitely watching this." Especially, it seems, when Naris climbs onto Naeda like that— no, that's not something she expected. By the time Naris draws back and announces her own target, Rhysa is leaning on to initiate a kiss with Zi'on, so it won't be until after they've drawn apart again that she'll give her answer. That, too, is deliberate. "Dare," she announces, easily, turning back around to smile at the other two candidates.

The grin that crosses Naris' face at Naeda's response is absolutely wicked. Before saying anything she looks at Zi'on with this shit-eating grin, a devious twinkle in her eye. You mess with Naris and make her have a makeout session with Naeda? Well then she won't be the only one. No Rhysa kisses for him! "I dare you," she begins only to pause for dramatic effect before she continues, "to kiss Naeda for at least fifty seconds." She says it smoothly and easily. See, Naris can be /wild/ when she wants to!

Zi'on is rather grateful that Rhysa wants to watch. Though he's trying not to, he ends up staring. Like slack-jawed. When Rhysa presses in for a kiss… well, let's just say it's a little more passionate than is appropriate for a public place. Even Zi'on seems to be a bit out of breath from… all this excitement. Zi'on gives Naris a raised eyebrow for that strange grin. He laughs at Naris' dare. "Well shards and shells." He lets go of Rhysa so she can go about her daring. "We should have just played spin the bottle…"

Naeda has barely recovered from her dreamy reverie when the dare Naris gives to Rhysanna reaches her ears. She just /beams/. She's in heaven. She manages to regain her senses enough to sit up once again, giving Rhysanna that same eager smile and little enticing gesture, her eyes shining with wicked anticipation. "What do you think, can you top her?" She figures that appealing to Rhysanna's competitive streak can only work to her advantage here.

Rhysanna is already blushing and breathing heavily by the time her kiss with Zi'on is finished, and Naris' dare… she rolls her eyes, head shaking. "Well, that was predictable, wasn't it? Boring." She's trying to make her voice sound dismissive, even bored, though the deepening of her blush suggests she's anything but. Zi'on gets a glance, and her expression is unreadable during it, and then she crawls forward, across the sand, to approach Naeda. "Really, we should have gotten this over and done with when we were bathing by the waterfall that day," she tells the other girl. You know, the time they were naked. For now— she reaches to pick up one of Naeda's legs, and promptly begins kissing her way towards the knee. Tongue was not mentioned this time! Though fifty seconds is a long time, and a lot of small kisses.Eventually, Rhysa will lift her head and ask Naeda: "Truth or dare?"

Naris glances at Zi'on at his remark, having not been paying attention to the kiss, and shakes her head. "No thank you," she says in a dry tone. "One kiss that I hadn't planned on giving is more than enough for me for the day." And of course Naeda is beaming. Well, any insult that she might have gotten from that question is hopefully beaten by her dare. Her dare… which Rhysanna totally cheats on. Naris crosses her arms over her chest and looks at the other candidate through narrowed eyes. /Cheater/. The accusing eyes of Naris do accuse thee.

Zi'on laughs a bit at Naeda's reaction. Of course she is beaming. It's -Naeda-. Not to mention she's been dying to hook up since she became a candidate. At least according to how Zi'on interpreted her earlier comment. Zi'on looks at Rhysa to try and gauge her reaction. About what he expecting, Rhysa is not giving Naris an inch. "What? Bathing by the waterfall?" Where was he!? The bronzer laughs thoroughly at Rhysa's interpretation of the dare. "Well, you didn't say -where-. Why do you think my instructions were so specific?" Zi'on has played this game before! He knows what people try to get away with.
Well, this one is a little bit different. The mention of the bath by the waterfall earns another little grin from Naeda. "Oh, yes." She murmurs in agreement, eyes flashing with that continual delight. The kisses may not be the kind she was expecting, but she seems to enjoy them all the same, shivering just a little at each contact between Rhysanna's lips and her flesh. Her toes curl. "Mmmm… you're going to give me goosebumps, Rhysa." She giggles, still a little breathy from all this. Evidently, she manages to enjoy even the 'cheating' approach. Her eyes flutter again as she ponders her options. "… Dare." Of course. She glances to Zi'on, as if considering filling him in on the waterfall story, but evidently she decides that Rhysanna can take care of that. She has a dare to receive!

Rhysanna pays no attention to Naris' accusatory eyes: none whatsoever. Nor does she answer the question about the waterfall. No: once she finally draws back, kneeling in front of Naeda, she can only grin. "That's kind of the point, isn't it?" Her breath on the other girl's legs… Of course, she's blushing, and there's a long pause before she has any kind of answer for the required dare. "See, I'm not sure the usual kind of dares will be of any use in this situation," she muses, regarding Naeda evenly. "You're too shameless. I… dare you to go a whole day without talking about, or referring to, any kind of sexual activity. Or engaging in any, even the…" Blush, blush blush, "kind that is allowed in candidacy."

Naris shoots Zi'on a little glare at his remark before muttering, "oh, shush." Her arms remain crossed and she has to force herself to keep her toes from tapping against the sand as she awaits Naeda's dare. And when Rhysanna gives it? Naris looks shocked for a moment before letting out a bark of laugher. "Oh my," she cries, "this will be fantastic!" With Naeda out of it the candidate barracks will be more innocent than the creche!

Zi'on shifts a little uncomfortably as Naeda shivers and Rhysa finishes up with her kisses. This is torture for him! The bronzer is left in the dark about the waterfall incident. They're actually probably doing him a service. Zi'on laughs a bit at Rhysa's dare for Nae. "How's she going to do that all right now? It'll have to start tomorrow. Or it might conflict with other dares. Also someone will have to keep an eye on her." For the candidacy-allowed type of thing. He does raise a bit of an eyebrow at Rhysa though. Yes, the wheels are turning. Yes, it will be interesting in the barracks. Who knows what Naeda is like if she has NO release?

Naeda's little reverie is shaken off by the dare she receives from Rhysanna. Her jaw drops. "Rhysanna! That's just mean!" She crosses her arms over her chest. "I mean, for starters, it's considered bad form to do dares that last beyond the length of the game…" She sighs heavily. "… But, fine. We didn't agree on that in advance, so, fine. No sex or talking about sex for a day." Pout. Pout pout pout. But at least Zi'on helps her out a bit, and a little grin returns. "… Starting after the game. Yes. That's the only way to be fair." Sneak! Now, her turn to pick a victim, even if much of her arsenal has been taken from her. She ponders. Zi'on's gone the longest without being picked, but she picked him last time. So, she has no choice but to mix it up. Plus, someone has just made herself a target by laughing and gloating about her predicament. "Naris. Truth, or dare?"

"It can start after the game is finished," agrees Rhysanna, magnanimously, as she gives Naeda a cheerfully insouciant glance. "Like I said, it's not fun if it's easy for you. I'm sure we can keep an eye on the situation." She's obviously referring to Naris, but she's still not looking at the other candidate, not even now that it's the other girl's turn. She is crawling back to her position by Zi'on, her grin answering his raised eyebrow, and suggesting she's really rather enjoying herself.

Naris suddenly has the incredible urge to slam her head against something hard. She made herself a target, /of course/ doing that would make herself a target. It takes longer for her to make up her mind this time than it had moment before. After all, this time she doesn't want to end up with a dare that could end in more kissing or stuff along that line. But truth could be risky if the asker was devious enough, which Naeda certainly was. That was the point of this game though, wasn't it? To be daring? It is with this in mind that she takes in a breath before answering, "truth."

Zi'on chuckles at Naeda's complaints about her dare. "We'll get to decide the punishment if you can't manage." He gives Naeda an evil grin. When Rhysa returns Zi'on rests a hand comfortably on her leg. "You two might have to sleep in the same cot, to be sure she doesn't try to sneak one over on you. Or we can tie her hands up. What do you think?" The bronzer doesn't look too butt-hurt about being left behind this time. Let the girls cannibalize themselves. Zi'on's attention turns to Naris then as it's her turn to be the victim. Then back to Nae to dish out the question of truth.

Naeda pouts more. Though Zi'on's suggested measures of ensuring her cooperation do seem to have her just a little bit intrigued. But Naris' choice of truth restores the pout. "… And I had such a good dare ready." She sighs a bit and leans back in her seat, tapping a finger against her chin as she ponders her options. Then, something occurs to her, and a devious grin crosses her face. "… Tell us all about the last sexy dream you had about Zi'on. Every detail." She raises a finger. "And don't try telling me you haven't had one. I know how minds like yours work." Whatever that means.

Rhysanna, resting her hand atop Zi'on's, stifles a laugh. "You think having another girl sleep in her cot with her will help the situation?" she says, sounding heartily amused. "Come to think of it, I'm not sure about the tying up, either." It may have been her intention to study Naeda thoughtfully, after that, but the delivery of that truth has her eyes widening— and yes, she laughs, more or less uncontrollably. It's probably a little cruel, the way she turns her gaze on to Naris, even if she is blushing.

There had previously been the flickers of a look of amusement on Naris' face even through the frowning. However, at Naeda's question it fades completely and she lets out a sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose as she tries to get her thoughts together. Her jaw clenches at Rhysanna's laughter and for a moment it looks like she wants to scream and her and rant and rage. But she doesn't. Instead she closes her eyes before finally saying, "I don't know what you think I am, Naeda, or how you think my mind works but it isn't like that. I just… I don't /dream/ very often, period. When I do I generally don't remember it come morning and if I do remember it it was… unpleasant." The slow way the words leave her mouth make it clear that it is hard for her to speak and that a line may very well have been crossed. There is a moment of silence during which she takes several deep breaths before continuing, "the only dream that could possibly be described as sexy at all was from when I was sixteen. It was before I met Zi'on with a boy whose name I do not remember. It didn't get much farther than kissing, there was no emotion or affection, and it did not end pleasantly." That is when she opens her eyes. She does not speak for a few more moments as she continues to breathe. Finally, while looking at her feet and without any emotion in her voice, she asks, "Zi'on, truth or dare?"

Zi'on chuckles at Rhysa. "What, you think Naeda can… with her hands tied?" She's a witch! "But I can see your point about having a bed partner. For her touching you might be enough." When Zi'on hears Naeda's question, his jaw drops, almost into the sand. And he starts coughing, a lot. And maybe turning red, though that might be from the coughing. "I'm not sure I want to hear this!" At least he's not laughing? At this rate Rhysa is going to invite Naris' wrath upon herself. The bronzer leans over to bury his face in Rhysa's neck in preparation for sexy dream details… that never come. Even Zi'on looks disappointed by Naris' story. "Er… well alright. Dare, then."

Naeda looks over to Rhysanna, trying to suppress a smile. "Oh, no, I might be too tempted by… impure thoughts if I wasn't being supervised. You'll have to watch me close. And tie me up. Tie me up nice and tight…" Yeah, that is definitely /not/ going to work. At least, not if the goal is to stop Naeda from having sexy thoughts. But! Now it is time for Naris to speak. She listens intently, clearly expecting something good. She's initially optimistic, but her smile falls down into a frown by the end. "… I don't believe it." She says skeptically. "You're one of the most repressed people I know. Repressed people always have the filthiest subconcious… then again, maybe you're not as repressed as I though." She's back to reminscing about the kissing earlier.

"I have a great deal of faith in Naeda's ability to—" Rhysa doesn't finish the sentence. Probably, she doesn't need to. In any case, her expression is twitching into mirth all over again for Naeda's suggestion, though that cools into something less overt over time: for one, Zi'on's bury his face in her neck, which makes her squeeze his hand affectionately, and for the other, she's started frowning as a result of Naris' answer. Sometimes, a person would be forgiven for thinking she's deliberately trying to provoke the older candidate; right now, though, she's more thoughtful and reflective. "Boring," she decides, eventually - so maybe that thoughtful-and-reflective phase didn't last long.

Naris doesn't say anything at first. She just sits there, tense and staring at Naeda. For all her issues Naris has never been the kind of person to be angry. Well, openly angry at least, for she has something bubbling below the surface all too often. This is one of the situations where you can almost see it rolling around beneath the surface in wild, angry waves. Anger at Rhysanna for laughing at her before finally giving her declaration of boring. Anger at Naeda for bringing along this situation in the first place and her furthered comments. Anger at Zi'on for being there in the first place. Before she gives the dare she looks at Naeda silently before asking in a cold voice, "and what do you consider repressed, Naeda? Do you ever think that maybe, just /maybe/, sometimes people can have other things on their mind? That it /isn't/ all people that act wild and reckless and those that try to be all well behaved and perfect?" She isn't screaming, instead her voice is actually a bit quiet. Nor is she shaking no matter how much she seems like she is about to. After a few more moments of silence during which she says several steadying breaths she tells Zi'on, "I dare you to… say something. Anything. Whatever you're thinking right now."

Zi'on grins at Naeda. "Yes? Real tight? Really tight and hard, hm? That's how you like it?" He says in a deep, sultry voice. "With Rhysa laying next to you… in nothing but some under clothes. Her bare skin all a-quiver…" Now he's joined in on the meanness! Nothing short of a lobotomy would keep Naeda from having sexy thoughts. She just wasn't allowed to express them. Zi'on kisses Rhysa's temple as a thank you for letting him snuggle when he needs to. "Yeah. I agree. Boring, Naris. Start having better sexy dreams about me. You need me to take off my pants to jog it along?" He looks to Rhysa then with a grin. "How about you? Need me to take of my pants to jog yours along?" Zi'on eyes Naris. "I'm thinking that that is a terrible dare. Also that I've got quite the stack going in my pants and I'm hoping Rhysa doesn't notice. Though now that I've said it…" She'll probably move away from him. "Alright Rhysa… as much as I hate to do this. Truth or dare?"

"Actually, you can just wrap your thighs around a pillow to-" Thankfully, whatever Naeda was about to say next is cut off by the cold reproach she receives from Naris. She's startled, taken aback. For a moment, she actually looks genuinely ashamed, a look that rarely appears on her face. "I… I'm sorry, Naris." She says, frowning. "I didn't mean… I mean, I didn't mean to insult you. I was just saying… I like it when you're having fun. That's all." She averts her gaze, frowning for a moment. But Zi'on's remarks get a smile back on her face. "… Under clothes? I never wear any of those to bed." Yeah, that's back to regular Naeda. Her gaze returns to Rhysanna as she waits for the game to take a slightly jollier turn.

Rhysanna, too, seems slightly uncomfortable with Naris' reaction to all of that, though she turns her gaze away rather than express any of it to the candidate. Besides, she has other things to worry about: like turning scarlet for Zi'on's suggestion, and then his answer to the dare. Not to mention Naeda's continued innuendo. She gives the bronzerider a long look, embarrassed but not to the point of running away or anything. "Truth," she says, with a sigh. "Truth."

For a while it looks like Naris isn't really listening to anything anyone says, or if she is it doesn't sink in. Eventually her hands start to shake a bit and her breathing starts to become a bit more rapid and shallow, which she notices only to tense up again and force herself to stop. It is that that she stands up and says, "I… I have to go. Things to do." With that she walks off and is soon gone, failing to retrieve her shoes in her rush to leave. Chances are she'll get them tomorrow or find another pair.

It's learning time! Learning from Naeda time about how to make the best of a bad situation. "Better take her pillows from her." Zi'on blinks as Naeda apologizes to Naris. "Relax, Naris. It's just a game. No one is really judging you. My answer was just as boring." He chuckles at Nae. "Lies. I've seen you at least attempt bed with underthings on. Just.. certain types of underthings. Not the type you just… wear around." The nice part about letting everyone know about what's going on in your pants means that Zi'on is now free to adjust without trying to be discrete. "Have you ever… done the candidate-allowed-sexual-activity while fantasizing about me?" If Rhysa is scarlet now, she might actually pass out at that. He sighs a bit as Naris heads off, leaving her shoes. The bronzer will probably pick them up for her.

Naeda pouts as she watches Naris depart, guilt lingering on her face. "I thought for sure that if that dare didn't scare her off, that one would be fine… aww." Her gaze lingers. "… I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go." Keepin' it classy. Nae has to get all this out of her system before the game ends, after all. Zi'on's choice of 'truths' does elicit a little bit of a grin from her, at least. "… You two know you can just say 'masturbate', you know." The wickedness is then back in full force as she looks to Zi'on. "Well, that was a… special occasion. Naked is a lot more comfortable than those things. Plus they're fragile!" TMI is not a concept that exists for Naeda.

Surprisingly, Rhysanna does not pass out for that. Nor does she make any uncomfortable noises in the back of her throat, or try and make a run for it, or anything. Instead, she simply peers at Zi'on, pressing one cheek to her hand against the blush (as though that will cool it down) and exhaling. "Well, obviously," she says, after a moment. "Better you than someone else, right?" In the midst of that, she's only vaguely aware of Naris' departure, though after, as she turns her gaze away from the bronzerider (still blushing, still not actually expiring), she does follow the departing candidate with her gaze. "I guess it's… Naeda. You've got me again. Truth or dare."

Zi'on just shakes his head at Naeda's reaction to Naris leaving. And chuckles a bit. "I know that. I thought if I used her words though it might be slightly less embarrassing for her. Rather than just being all crude and like 'So Rhysa, do you think about me while you masturbate?'" Zi'on grins. "I try to at least wear underwear. Never know who might pop in unexpectedly." The bronzer actually looks a little embarrassed as well. "I suppose that's true…" The bronzer squeezes her leg gently, his eyes fixed on Rhysa even as she looks away from him. Then as she's back to the game, he looks to Nae for her response.
Naeda gives Zi'on a little smirk. "Luckily we don't have that problem in the candidate barracks. Fairly limited pool of people who might pop in unexpectedly. And anyone who came knocking at my own room… well, they know what they're risking when they befriend me." More grinning. Then Rhysanna picks her, and it's time for the fateful choice. "Mmmm. Well. Your dare last time was so cruel… and in the interest of variety, I think I have to say truth."

"I've always liked the word 'wank,'" announces Rhysa, abruptly. She's still blushing, but it's beginning to fade a little. "I don't know if I've ever used it before, mind, but… There we go. Some extra truth for you." Looking at Naeda is surprisingly safer than looking at Zi'on, though she squeezes his hand once, nonetheless. "Truth," she says, sounding relieved. "Good. I don't think I can come up with another dare. Uh… now that you've kissed or been kissed by all of us, including Naris… who was the best? And if there's someone who was better who isn't here, you can have bonus points for telling us them, too."

Zi'on chuckles. "I suppose that's true. Though with little twelve turn old boys around…" He still wouldn't sleep naked if he were her. "I'm sure before if they came into your room it was for a booty call, no?" The bronzer turns to Rhysa then, laughing at her admission. "Doesn't work so well for a girl, though. You're free to give me a wank whenever you please, though." Wink wink. He waits until Rhysa's finished her question, then waits in earnest for Naeda's response. "If you say it was me you might earn yourself another." Or maybe she needs a reminder?

"'Wank' only works for boys." Naeda opines. "I mean, 'cause it sounds like 'yank'. And they make kind of a yanking gesture when they… well, you get it." Then the question comes to her, and she has to ponder it for a moment. "Hrm…." She taps a finger to her lips. "Well, they were all exciting. However, I'm afraid I have to dock you points for not actually kissing my lips, Rhys. No way you're getting the top prize without that. Now Naris, /that/ was exciting. And such convincing enthusiasm! But… I have to say, I can tell when it's fake. She did great, but it just can't measure up to real passion." She grins at the Weyrleader. "So, Zi'on has to win the prize. Best of the three." She glances back to Rhysanna. "Though if you want to try the lips and go for the top prize sometime, I'm game." Lashes flutter and she giggles. "Now, let's see… I hate to make you go back to back, Rhysanna. But you're the only one left I haven't picked yet. So. Truth, or dare?"

Rhysanna lets out a little scoffing sound. "Well, there has to be a better word for girls, then." She's eyeing Naeda: surely she knows of one, if anyone does. But, moving on: "I can't deny Zi'on is a good kisser." She's still not looking at him, nope, though she's leaning back into him, still, which is something. "And I'm not sure if I can compare to that, I'm afraid." Not with Naeda, anyway. She frowns, hesitating over her answer, one eyebrow raised: does she trust the other girl? Still, finally, "Truth, I guess."

Zi'on nods in agreement to Naeda's explanation for the kisses. "True. True. All logical. Doesn't really flatter my ego, though. I thought it was going to be hands down me because I am -such- a great kisser." He grins. It's Rhysa's turn again. Just when all the extra blood had drained from her face! Zi'on wraps both arms around Rhysa and rests his chin on her shoulder. It's a very relaxed, affectionate posture. Hopefully to help Rhysa relax a bit. he looks to Naeda then, dreading the horribleness that might emerge from her mouth.

Naeda looks a little disappointed again. "… Nobody picks dare when it's my turn. Am I really that terrifying?" Probably. She ponders for a moment, drumming her fingers on the armrest of her chair. She glances to Zi'on and grins a bit. "Well, obviously you were good enough for me to keep coming back. But if I said /that/, I'd be implying the girls just weren't any good. And I simply can't lie." Now, back to pondering. She looks to Rhysanna again. "… Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about one of your fellow candidates, either while dreaming or touching yourself? And if so, who?"

Rhysanna is pretty comfortable in her position, nestled in Zi'on's arms, and leans back even further. She's… safe. Such as it is. From whatever Naeda can come up with. "Yes," she says in answer to the first— that is, is she really that terrifying. Yes, yes she is. And for the actual question? That's easy to answer. "No. Not any of you, sorry. Don't you think if I were going to admit to having thoughts about you, Naeda, I would've said so already?" Probably at the waterfall.

Zi'on chuckles. "If you pick me next, I'll do a dare from you, Nae." He's not scared! Even if he ought to be. He's more terrified for what she might do to Rhysa. And that he is SURE about. He grins to her. "For some reason I don't think you were coming back just for the kisses. I never said the girls were bad. They are both good." Zi'on raises a brow and pulls back so he can look at Rhysa. NO PRESSURE HERE. He tries not to look relieved when she says no. That's right, Zi'on is the only sexual fantasy Rhysa needs. Woot woot! And anyone else she thinks about who is not a candidate. "Alright… well you did truth last time and I'm saving my dare for Naeda. So truth, I suppose."

"I didn't say it had to be me." Naeda replies to Rhysanna, pouting. So many disappointments. The game started out extremely promising, but now it's just sadness. She sighs and looks to Zi'on, waiting, curious to see what turn the game takes next. "… It might not've been just the kisses." She confirms. If it had, the lacy undergarments probably would've been overkill. "And I have to pick you next, don't I? It'd just be mean to pick Rhysa twice in a row."

"If I were going to fantasize about anyone else," Rhysa promises, which is probably also good for Zi'on's ego, "it would be you, Nae. But…" She doesn't butt into the conversation between the other two, regarding their past relationship. In fact, she seems to be studiously ignoring it. Instead, she turns her head, drawing partly away from the bronzerider so that she can consider him directly. "Truth," she says, considering it. She's beginning to blush again. "When did you first decide you liked me?" Awww. But also: kind of lame.

Poor Naeda. Disappointed all over the place because of this truth or dare game that's been almost entirely about sex. Sad times. He nods to her. "You probably should. To give poor Rhysa a break." He grins a bit. Yes, such things are fluffing his ego. "You can fantasize about other people, Rhysa. I promise I won't get mad. It's putting a lot of pressure on me, when we do finally… By then I might be a super sex god in your head. And a mere mortal here on Pern." He smiles to her. "Well, obviously I thought you were beautiful the moment we met. Which I'm having a little trouble remembering now. So I was attracted to you right off. But the first time I decided I liked you… was when I bumped into you in the infirmary. When your friend cut her hand. We sat close. You looked scared and you let me help you. I remember my heart fluttering. Even if you were spattered a little with blood." He gives her a squeeze, then turns to Naeda. "Okay Nae, truth or dare?"

Sad times indeed! Naeda continues to pout. "Boring." She'd feel rude making that declaration, but since Rhysanna said much the same earlier in the game, she doesn't feel bad. When did this game turn from sexy debauchery into sentimental mushiness? No, this won't do at all. When Zi'on voices his anxiety, she adds a bit of mischief. "Don't worry, Rhys. When the time comes, I can give you pointers to get the most out of it." Like Zi'on is a faulty car that can only work if one knows the secret. And now, time to add more spice to this game. "Dare." She'd feel like a hypocrite otherwise, after complaining about all the truths.
Look. Rhysa's kind of a romantic, and yes, she's kind of melting at that answer, though really, it's the kind of thing she should have asked, you know, more privately. She leans in to press a kiss to Zi'on's face, then settles back, apparently content. Blushing, but content. "Sorry, Naeda," she says. She's not going to answer the rest; that way leads to more blushing. "Make it a good dare," she instructs Zi'on. "I'm sure you can think of something more interesting than I could."

It did because Rhysa wanted to know something about Zi'on! About his feelings for her, of course. Rhysa could have asked him outside of the game. Really, it's the sort of talk that is generally saved for pillow talk, but the two of them haven't had any. So while they are on a beach playing truth or dare is fine. He laughs at Naeda's response. He shuts his eyes to accept Rhysa's kiss, then grins at her encouragement. "Sorry, Rhysa." What's he apologizing for? "I want you and Rhysa to trade clothes. All of them. Down to the skin. If they don't fit… you'll have to get creative." Was that good enough? But that's why he was apologizing to Rhysanna. Naeda is free to go head with his dare when the two are finished.

Naeda grins. Now, that's a little more like a proper truth or dare game. "… You did ask him for a good one, Rhysa." The only problem here is that it finally requires her to exit her comfy chair. Worth it! She grins as she gets to her feet and unties the strings keeping her fairly tiny swimsuit on. She's shameless as ever as she removes the garment and holds it out, fully expecting Rhysanna to go through with her half of the dare. "… Y'know, I'm not sure this'll fit her." She says to Zi'on. "Will she have to stay naked if she can't get it on?" That'd be just /terrible/, wouldn't it? Her devious grin turns on the Weyrleader as she stands there, bereft of clothing. "Well then, since I said I'd pick you next, and you said you'd pick dare… let's make this /more/ fun. Take Rhysa's clothes off for her."

'Sorry Rhysa' may not fully cut it here. Rhysa turns her head to stare at Zi'on, eyes wide, and, "Uh…" That'll be further emphasized when Naeda offers her own dare. "Oh, that is not fair," she declares, though she is standing up. "Not when he can't—" She hasn't started undressing. Nor has she accepted Naeda's swimsuit, for all that it's being offered to her.

Zi'on shakes his head. "She won't, no. Since it was your dare and not hers, I'll give her my shirt." He lifts it up to sniff it. "It doesn't smell -too- bad." Might be a little stinky with boy-sweat though. That would be terrible, but Zi'on also didn't want Rhysa to get a sunburn in a bad spot. He blinks at Naeda when she makes his dare part of her dare. "What! I… alright I guess. Er…" He gets up to his feet as well. "If you want me to, I'll shut my eyes. No guarantees though that I'll be able to get you naked without bumping something." At least he's gentlemanly enough to move around behind her. "Ready?" He didn't want to just start ripping off her clothes.

Naeda seems rather pleased by the results of her dare, and the protests it draws from Rhysanna. "This isn't always a fair game, Rhys." She says with a wink. Zi'on is given a grin as well. "Go nice and slow, mmm?" Since it seems like this'll take a while, she tosses her teeny swimsuit to Rhysanna's feet and settles back onto her chair for the moment, happily lounging nude and enjoying the show. "And don't forget to pick the next player when you're done, Zi."

Rhysanna's blush has spread past her face, now, and is probably hovering somewhere in the vicinity of her cleavage. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and sighs. "You don't have to close your eyes," she tells Zi'on. "Go on. It's not like" She doesn't finish that thought. Naeda, however, gets a glance that is closer to a scowl than a smile. It's not completely serious, but it's obvious that this is at least a little uncomfortable for Rhysanna despite the fact that she regularly strips naked in front of other people for the baths. It's a little different. She holds her arms out of the way, making it pretty easy for the bronzerider to remove her wrap skirt and bikini.

Zi'on just shakes his head at Nae. The pinkness running through his cheeks is mostly for Rhysa's sake. This isn't how he imagined his first time undressing her. He does go rather slow, first undoing her top in the back, then gently moving the straps down her arms as the top falls away in the front. Once it's off he tosses it at Naeda. As Rudely as possible. With a capital R. Then he unwraps her skirt, once he figures out how it works, his hands sliding around her waist. Assuming she's wearing bottoms under it, he'll crouch to slide them all the way to her ankles so she can step out of them. He'll gently touch her upper arm when he's done, rubbing his thumb back and forth. "Rhysa, I'll let you get me back for this one." He says, chuckling. "But first, truth or dare?"

Naeda thoroughly enjoys the 'show', scowl or no. She clearly views this as some sort of payback, beyond the obvious little thrill she gets out of all this. "Lovely as always." She purrs, giggling. "… Sorry, Rhysa." It's not /entirely/ genuine, but at least she offers an apology. When the top is chucked at her she sits up to make an effort at putting it on, trying to see if the differing size will allow it to fit.

It's clearly not how Rhysa imagined being undressed by Zi'on for the first time, either. But she manages to keep her chin up through the whole procedure, and steps out of her bottoms without, you know, tripping and falling. Which is all to the better, really. "You're not sorry at all," she accuses Naeda, as she leans down to pick up the other girl's bathing suit and try and put it on. It's clearly not covering enough, and if anything, she seems more uncomfortable having put it on than being naked. "And you…" she begins, turning her head towards Zi'on for the first time, so that she can look at him. She sighs. "Truth. I don't trust your dares, either."

Zi'on has to agree, that is the sorriest sorry out of all the sorries. Especially preceded by that 'lovely as always' comment. It looks like Naeda will be swimming in her bikini, making it pointless and Rhysa will be bound up in hers, making it equally pointless. Zi'on just snickers like the perv he is. He does though take off his shirt and offer it up to Rhysa. "Alright then, Rhysa. What would it take, outside of a flight, for you to agree to Naeda join in as a threesome with us? Even if it's just once."

"Well, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry." Naeda offers to Rhysanna, grinning a bit. The size disaprity is one issue with the swimsuits. Another issue is, of course, the fact that Naeda prefers her own swimwear as tiny as possible. She's struggling to put on the top provided by Rhysanna, as it keeps falling loose. She pouts at this, perhaps having been made mildly insecure by the experience. "… No wonder I'm single." She sighs, trying to tie it tighter to compensate. Then, that next truth comes. Her eyes go wide and eyebrows shoot up as she scoots to slip on the bottoms provided by Rhysanna. She's plainly very curious to hear the answer to this one.

It's the second time Rhysa has taken, and worn, Zi'on's shirt— and look, she seems relieved to have it. It's better than being mostly-naked (and incredibly uncomfortable, given how tight it is on her) in the other girl's bathing suit. At least this way, she doesn't need to try and keep it done up, though that has discomforts of its own. "Be grateful," she suggests to Naeda. "I'm going to… jiggle all the way back. I—" She doesn't have an immediate answer for that question Zi'on asks her, and her grimace says a lot… though not about Naeda specifically. "I'm not sure I can answer that," she says, after a moment, "not without having a standard twosome, first." And, sighing, "I don't know that I have any more truths or dares for either of you."

Zi'on can't help but chuckle as Naeda tries to get the bathing suit to fit. "What happened to your rider at Ista? I didn't think you were single, even now." Was Rhysa keeping the shirts? Zi'on doesn't recall receiving the last one back. "Bah." Zi'on says, disappointed at her answer. Though he doesn't look that surprised really. "Oh, to have a standard twosome…" He sighs wistfully. Then he grins. "Nothing to get me back? I mean, it doesn't HAVE to be about sex. You could make me eat dirt or something. Or battle a spirderclaw… with my penis." He pauses. "Don't do either of those."

Disappointment upon disappointment. Naeda pouts deeply as she ties her purloined skirt around her waist. "… So many dreams crushed." Another glance down at the ill-fitting swimsuit flapping at her chest. "… This may be the most disappointing game of truth or dare I've participated in…" She ponders for another moment. "… Though there were a few highlights. And the jiggling to come is some consolation. Even though I won't be able to… really enjoy it." For obvious reasons. She gets to her feet and starts to fold up her chair. "Well, I suppose that means the game is over, then." She doesn't seem to share Zi'on's optimism about persisting. She glances up to him to answer the question. "… Haven't heard from her since I got searched. I don't have a firelizard to contact her, and last I heard, her lifemate was proddy. She probably found someone new and forgot all about me." Another heavy sigh. "Well, back to the dorms, for me to ponder my loneliness without the aid of masturbation to distract me." Okay, she's definitely laying on the begging for sympathy rather thick. She does not wear the 'woe is me' routine any better than she wears this ill-fitting bikini.

Rhysanna may, in fact, be sleeping with that shirt. But she'll never tell. Never. "If you're lucky, or I'm unlucky, or… I don't even know anymore, maybe it won't be too long," she points out, turning so that she can glance up at Zi'on, sympathetic in a way that suggests she doesn't feel all that different. "I don't think either of those sounds at all appealing. And I can't think of anything better, so…" She turns her head, glancing back at Naeda. "Cheer up," she suggests. "Maybe, in twenty-four hours or so, I'll take a bath with you. In the meantime… I'm going to get you back for all of this, so don't think you're getting off easy." She's smiling, at least.

Zi'on chuckles at Nae. "Sorry, Nae. I tried. I think I spoiled the game trying. This has been a strange game for me. Normally I end up running through the weyr naked with someone else's underwear on my head screaming about something ridiculous. So it's been tame in that regard." He laughs a bit, then he sighs. "I guess it is over." There's a sympathetic frown offered to Naeda. "I'm sorry, Nae." The guilt, it is so thick. Though as soon as the word masturbation comes out… it feels a lot thinner. If Zi'on finds out she's sleeping with his shirt, he might ask her for something to sleep with that smells like her. But the thought hasn't crossed his mind. He chuckles at the threat from Rhysa. "I'll be counting on it." The bronzer slides over to wrap his arms around Rhysa, then he gives her a gentle goodbye kiss. "I'm going to head home I think. I have… something that needs taking care of." Which seems to happen a lot when either of these two ladies are around. He then goes to gather up his gear. "I'll leave you ladies to it. Don't get into trouble."

Naeda is a remarkably simple creature in some ways. Rhysanna's offer of a bath upon the expiration of her twenty four hours of celibacy perks her right back up. "I will hold you to that." Even if it was prefaced with a 'maybe'. "Getting off easy?" She tilts her head. "I thought the whole point was I wasn't getting off at all." Wakka wakka. "… Though I suppose you'll have to stick very, very close to me if you're going to make sure I don't cheat…" It really just isn't in Naeda's nature to stay glum for long. At least, not outwardly. She manages a smile for Zi'on. "Who, me?" She winks and waves. "Pleasant dreams, Zi."

Rhysanna tilts her head up to receive that kiss, and, okay, she presses her (mostly naked) body up against Zi'on pretty deliberately. "Have fun with that," she tells him, as she steps back again. "I'll see you soon. There will be no trouble, I promise. Not now that the game is over and Naeda is…" She casts a glance back at the other girl, and abruptly grins. "Come on. I'm going to have to keep you under very close watch, I can see." And Rhysanna? She's not going to make it easy, oh no.

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