The Missing Crate

Western Weyr - Kitchen

Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas.

Western's headwoman has been Western's headwoman for quite a while now. She's an older lass, graying and a little hunched, but still has feisty as ever. And her memory is as sharp as ever, not that she was like to forget Zi'on and the numerous capers he pulled growing up. No that he'd ever be done pulling them, really. And she did not take the news well that Zi'on had ended up as weyrleader. Nope. Though today she seems to be going on about something different all together, mainly that some of their supply of citrus has up and gone missing. Zi'on looks quite bored as she goes into the details about who was on staff last night, how they need the fruit, yadda yadda. "There are fruit trees all over," he argues. "We'll just go out to one of the islands and pick more. Satisfied?" She shakes a finger at Zi'on. "It won't be the same quality. And who is going to pick it? You're not taking any of my workers! And you trust a bunch of riders to pick a ripe fruit? The only reason you all don't starve is because we feed you," she continues on at length. Zi'on sighs. Halp.

Kimmila is help? Maybe or maybe not, but the former assistant headwoman just might have some pull with the lady. Ducking into the kitchens, the bluerider gives Zi'on a smack on the shoulder - a good ol' grasp and shake of greeting - and grins widely at the Headwoman. "Cosima," she says, slipping around them both to grab a meatroll off the tray and bounce the hot pastry in her hands. "What's up?"

She'd be of more help than Zi'on is helping himself, that was for sure. At some point the headwoman had picked up a wooden spoon and was brandishing it at Zi'on, then smacking him with it when he suggested something she didn't like. They finally agree to go to the cotholders around for more fruit. "Oof." Is Zi'on's response to Kimmila's greeting. "Hey. Ooh. I have to talk to you." He tells the bluerider, then he turns back to Cosima and pinches the bridge of his nose. "What's up? I'll tell you what's up. There's a major crisis. A whole container of fruit was stolen this week. We've got nothing for breakfast tomorrow, and juice? Forget it. And this one-" She whacks him with the spoon again. "-doesn't seem to take anything seriously. Though just as like it was him who took the fruit and hid it someplace and tomorrow it'll show up like nothing happened!" Zi'on puts his hands up defensively. "I didn't take anything! Also, we'll find out who swiped it, alright? I'll… post some extra guards here tonight or something."

Kimmila glances between the two as she contains a crooked grin the best she can. Which admittedly isn't all that well. "Yeah?" she replies, before her green eyes flick to the Headwoman again. "Why not just have rolls and bacon tomorrow for breakfast? I saw them slaughtering a few porcines a bit ago. I'm sure you'll have some great fresh porkbelly to make bacon out of. That'd be a nice breakfast. People who want fruit can pick it themselves. And I'm sure," her eyes dart to Zi'on and then back to Cosima, "our Weyrleade will find out who stole the fruit and they'll be dealt with accordingly."

Zi'on sighs again, which earns him another whap. "Ow!" He says, grunting. "We will -make due- tomorrow," the headwoman explains. "But the following day I expect more fruit! Rolls and bacon is only fine for one day. In fact, some of you could stand to be eating a little more bacon." She taps Zi'on's stomach in gesture, which elicits another grunt from the bronzer and some grumbling. Then she points the spoon at his face. "Don't you disappoint me, Zsriston! Or I'll send a message to your father!" She gives him a smack on the behind before shuffling off to yell at a weyrbrat for kneading some dough wrong. Zi'on looks to Kimmila then. "Whew. Enka thinks it's funny when she sends me to parlay with her. She -knows- I come back with bruises. Anyways, yeah. What do you know about Th'ero's younger sister?"

Kimmila snorts, grin crooked as she looks at the Weyrleader. "Then stop stealing fruit." Because she totally believes it's his fault. His question does take her by surprise though, as she finally takes a bite of the meatroll. "His sister? Not much, actually," she admits. "Why?"

Zi'on gives Kimmila a grunt as well for her comment. Then he peers at her. "I didn't take it. What am I going to do with all that fruit?" Of course Zi'on's mind wanders. Like to letting it all rot and then using it to pelt people as they come out of the baths or something. That would be hilarious. At least to the pelters. Not to the peltees, of course. Zi'on starts searching around for something sweet, finding a somewhat stale sweetroll from this morning's breakfast. "Because she's at Western. I keep bumping into her. She doesn't want him to know though. So… you didn't hear it from me, at least. If you have to tell him at all."

Kimmila blinks, "She's /here/. I can't /not/ tell him, Zi'on," she says with a sharp frown. But then she seems to realize what he said exactly, and she shrugs. "Sure, I could have not heard it from you. Did she say why she was here? She wasn't looking for Th'ero, was she?"

Zi'on laughs. "I didn't think so. But it can't get back to her that I told -you-. Got it? She's an angry little thing, and I'm all bruised from the flight and the headwoman, so I don't need any more punches right now." He pulls on his beard. "She said that her older brother is a jerk, more or less. So she left. She wasn't looking for Th'ero, no. She doesn't seem to want much to do with him, actually. She seems mad at him for some reason. Maybe for not helping her out or something. She gets mad a lot." He peers off to the side, then takes a bite of the sweetroll. There's a grunt as he works some glaze from his beard. "She seems to be doing fine though, here."

Kimmila shakes her head, looking a little baffled. "I'll have to see if I can't…bump into her," she says thoughtfully. She makes a soft sound of understanding, with a frown and a little nod. "Huh. Well," she shrugs, "I have no idea how to unravel family dynamics, so. But I'll tell him she's here. How are /you/ doing, Weyrleader?" she asks, her green eyes a bit amused.

Zi'on nods to Kimmila about bumping into Kaliena. "Her name is Kaliena. She's got long brown hair that's usually a mess. She looks a little like Th'ero, I guess. Same eyes." He shrugs a bit. "I'm not sure if I should head out to the cothold to start trouble. And I haven't had time to visit Fort to bump into Th'ero, all things considered." He laughs a bit. "I can't even figure out who my family is or isn't half the time. I can't unravel someone else's family. But she's safe at the weyr now." Zi'on grins then and shrugs a bit. "I'm alright I suppose. Enka and I are looking to reassign some of the older wingleaders. I was thinking maybe you might want to take over Search and Rescue. But I wasn't sure how you'd feel about extra responsibilities, or if maybe you were going to look to head to Fort soon or something."

Kimmila nods, "I'll find her," she promises. "You should come to Fort," she adds, studying the bronzerider. "For a bit. Just to say hi at least." Then at his next words she's nearly choking on her meatroll, and she has to cough for a moment to clear her throat enough to speak. "Me? Wingleader?"

Zi'on nods. "I will. I plan to handle most of the interweyr relations myself. I don't think that would be Ila'den's cup of tea. I'm a bit more familiar with the other weyrs. The wingleaders can report up through him, I think. I'll make sure to drop in on Th'ero. And I haven't seen my girl over at Fort in more than a month. She'll be mad at me if she even still remembers me." He blinks as she starts to cough. "You okay? Yeah. Wingleader. You probably know more about search and rescue than any of us. Certainly more than da ever knew. Though he'd claim otherwise. Enka said it was fine."

Kimmila shakes her head, clearing her throat and then taking a moment to laugh. "Zi'on," she says, grinning crookedly at him, "I might know the most about search and rescue, but I'd be the worst Wingleader /ever/. I'd ditch my own wing meetings, there'd be no consistency, and I'd give the wing the sevenday off to go hunting. Thank you for the offer - truly, I'm flattered - but I need to turn you down." Hopefully that was an offer and not an order to be Wingleader, right?

Zi'on peers at Kimmila as she laughs at him. "So? Find a windsecond who is responsible. Somehow I doubt you'd be that erratic, too. But… if you really don't want it, I'm not going to force it on you." It was an offer, after all. He wasn't about to force such a thing on anyone who didn't want it. He scratches at his beard a bit, then goes back to eating his sweetroll. "So, how've you been? Back and forth to Fort a lot, I'd imagine these days. I miss Th'ero. Especially now."

Kimmila shakes her head, "Thanks, Zi'on, but no thanks," she says, but she says it with a smile. Leaning against the counter, she continues to pick at her meatroll. "Yeah," she says with a small nod. "Especially with the Stonehaven thing, I've been doing lots of jumping back and forth, helping out where I can." She nods again with a smile that could almost be described as sympathetic. "I'll bet. Was it a surprise?"

Zi'on nods to the bluerider with a shrug. "Heh, you're welcome, or something. Not sure who else might fill the roll, but I guess the current wingleader is passable." He tilts his head at Kimmila in question. "Stonehaven thing? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up on the news at other weyrs, neither. I've been buried under a mountain of paperwork and I guess I'm a shut in now." He finishes off his sweetroll and licks his fingers. "Yeah. It was certainly a surprise. Suldith never caught a gold before. Maybe he was holding out for Miraneith or something, I don't know. I bet Mir did, though. That gold is a crafty one." He laughs.

Kimmila frowns a little, shaking her head. "Cothold in the mountains was…attacked or something. Everyone dead and piled in a corner of the courtyard, except one kid. He's at Fort now. We're trying to figure out what happened there. It's getting frustrating though," she admits. She nods a little bit, with a slight smile. "Who knows what dragons think."

Zi'on blinks a bit and frowns. "Attacked? By renegades or felines or what? Piled, so I guess by people then. Maybe they had a dispute with the next cothold over and they all went psycho to eliminate the competition or something. Family feud or something maybe. Though that's a little extreme. They didn't find any other evidence or nothing? Just that one kid?" Zi'on scratches his head and shrugs about the dragons. "They do what they do, I guess. For all I know in a turn there could be another weyrleader."

Kimmila shakes her head. "We don't know who. Not felines though. Felines don't get into Fort's mountains." At least not that she's ever seen. She exhales softly. "It's frustrating. No new clues yet, no. But that's what we're dealing with. What Th'ero's dealing with."

"Hmm." Zi'on pulls on his beard in thought. "I don't think felines usually pile up the bodies of people they murder, either. How were they killed? Bludgeoned? Sliced? Poisoned?" Surely they'd at least know that much, right? "So how old is the kid they found? Well, hopefully the murders stay at Fort. No offense to Th'ero or anything." He squints. "I don't need that on my plate right now. But if he needs some extra hands, I'm sure Western can spare some. If we're not picking fruit for the next sevenday."

Kimmila snorts, leaning against the counter and munching on a meatroll as the lunch rush swirls around them. "Just return the fruit, dumbass," she says, grin crooked for the Weyrleader. Then she sobers with a frown. "I didn't look," she admits honestly. "I think knife wounds and blunt trauma," she adds, resting her hand briefly on her silver and blue beltknife's hilt.

Zi'on grunts at Kimmila and narrows his eyes at her. "I'm gonna blame you next time something goes missing from the kitchens. Then the headwoman can go and beat -you- with a spoon." He grumbles a bit. "Ah. So definitely murdered then. By people. I wonder if Th'ero's expanded some of the searches out over the neighboring cotholds. Just in case the killers come back for more. Have you guys questioned anyone or anything like that?" A mystery! Zi'on is interested in this.

Kimmila's grin is slightly wicked. "Tell on me all you want. I was the best assistant she ever had." She has an /in/ with the Headwoman. Then it's back to the serious stuff. "Of course he has," she says, a touch defensively. "And we have been, yes. No clues yet though." She continues to pick at her meatroll, nibbling while the lunch rush continues.

Kaliena has been all over the Weyr is seems today, even though it's only the lunch hour. Having spent her morning up clearing the gardens, the young girl now sneaks into the kitchen for some bite to eat and likely early for her next chore. Thankfully, she's washed and she wears a loose fitting blue tunic and a pair of beige pants, obviously hand me downs. Her hair is left unbound and draped over her shoulders. She pays little attention to whoever else may be in the kitchen at the time as she begins to not-so subtly raid the counters or any trays of food. Eventually, she settles on some bread and cheese and is about to take a very generous bite when her blue eyes settle on Zi'on and Kimmila, her gaze darting between familiar and unfamiliar rider alike. Uh. "Oh," Food is lowered, as if guiltily. "Afternoon." She adds, a touch awkwardly as she freezes where she is. Or is she slowly inching backwards?

Enka has a bun in the oven. Several buns, actually. Well, not /that/ kind of bun and not /that/ kind of oven, so don't anybody get worried and start thinking about bolting for the back of beyond in High Reaches or something. The scraps of dough and cooking materials that litter one of the tables near one of the smaller ovens evidence that someone has been given to creative bursts of spontaneity. It was only a trip to the necessary that took the weyrwoman out of the kitchens during the midday rush, but here she is, back again and heading right for the oven to peek inside and check on those culinary concoctions of hers, the oven cracked open enough to waft a delicious scent of cinnamon and sugar and warm baking bread right out through the kitchen. "Goin' to be good," Enka declares to the nearest warm body — probably one of the cooks she doesn't fight with a lot over use of said ovens — "have to make up the frostin' for the treats." Desserts, is there anything this woman can't do?

Zi'on laughs. "If you say so." He tells the bluerider. Zi'on had it 'out' with her. On several occasions. "Hey, I'm just asking. Maybe he don't have the manpower for something like that. Weyr safety first and all." Zi'on picks off one of the freshly baked goodies as it's on its way out to the caverns. He spots Kaliena reaching for the tray next to the one he's picking off of. "Eh? You again? Are you following me?" It's not like Zi'on can fault her for picking from the trays, since he's doing it himself. "You owe me a rock climb, miss." He gives Kimmila a look then. "Kimmila, this is Kaliena. Kaliena, Kimmila." Then he grins evilly. And puts himself between Kali and the exit. He almost bumps into Enka as she comes back in, blinking a bit. "Enka? What are you doing down here? I see how it is, you send me to deal with the headwoman while you go off to bake!" Then he raises an eyebrow. "What are you baking, anyways?" He's curious. Also hungry.

The arrival of both Enka and the unknown girl have Kimmila eying them both keenly for a moment, before she nods to the goldrider and then focuses on Kaliena. The girl's name supplied, one of Kimm's brows arches upwards in mild surprise. "Well met," she says, offering the girl her hand.

Enka almost bumps into Zi'on. Or was it the other way around. Who cares. She gives him a wry grin, somewhat cheeky in reply, when he asks several questions of her. "Guilty as charged," well, she's not denying that anyway. "I was hopin' I could come deal with the headwoman with you, but shells, a gal's gotta bake when she gets the urge to. Or else it would have been wasted." Yeah, no delicious sweet sticky buns for anyone. "Came down here because the oven's a bit bigger than the one I've got up in my weyr, easier to make more sticky buns at once." Which then explains what she is baking. "With sweet frostin'." Kimmila gets a return nod, the movement of the bluerider's head catching Enka's eyes for a moment before she quirks a brow at the exchange between the other two women.

Kaliena narrows her eyes as she glares up at Zi'on, Weyrleader or not. "Why would I follow you?" the girl grumbles before taking a bite of her pilfered food, now that she figures it's safe. There's only a soft snort to show that she's aware of what she "owes" the bronzerider, her mouth too full of food and she having enough manners or sense today not to go about talking right then. Swallowing, she goes to say something snarky, only to have the words stick when Zi'on introduces her and earns a seething glare from the girl. Well, maybe not seething, but it's certainly angry! And then she's trapped, in more sense then one and her expression switches to something of wariness and curiosity as her blue eyes take a long and searching look of Kimmila, then stares at her hand. Kaliena hesitantly returns the gesture, ducking her head a little. "Well met." She mumbles and then is no doubt trying to find some way around Zi'on to flee in an attempt to avoid any further questions. Enka has her attention distracted though - or it's the smell of what the Weyrwoman is baking. Much more alluring then cheese and bread, after all! So it's to her that Kaliena turns to look, head cocked a little to the side and escape momentarily forgotten.

Zi'on narrows his eyes at Enka. "You will rue this day, weyrlady!" He teases her. "I know you just want a good laugh after she's beaten me. And conveniently absent when she leads me into the kitchens. By the way, a crate of fruit is missing. And no, I didn't take it. I'll make sure to find out who did though." Best to do things discretely, than to send out a swarm of people to search the weyr, right? "Are they done?" He asks about the sticky buns. There's a grin given to Kaliena then. "Because you think I'm sexy." He says in a deep 'seductive' voice. He looks between the two K's as they shake hands. Oh yes, there's that angry-face. There's a bit of a shrug to Kimmila though as Kali turns her attention to baked goods. If there was to be further questioning, it wouldn't come from Zi'on. Oh yes, he's told Kaliena about Th'ero's thing with the bluerider. What a jerkface he is.

Kimmila won't ask a question, though! "You're Th'ero's sister," she says, a little smile on her face as she watches the younger girl and leans back against the counter again, unconcerned. "It's nice to finally meet you." Since she did go look for the girl a few times, on the down-low. Then she's bursting out laughing at Zi'on's sexy remark, pressing a hand to her chest as she laughs. "Zi'on, you wouldn't be sexy if we put you in a thong and pasties." It's a good natured dig, though.

"Oh Faranth, I will, won't I?" Enka gives Zi'on another cheeky little grin. She's amused by this, but also feeling pretty silly about his teasing. "And who said anythin' about her beatin' you. I'm just surprised she hasn't had a heart attack yet. But if she had dragged you into the kitchens, I would still have been here." Because the sticky buns weren't done then. "A missing crate of fruit. Shells, what? Who?" If anyone knew, nobody was talking, right? There's a slight nod from the goldrider. "I trust you'll find it, Zi'on." The oven door tilts open as the weyrwoman pulls it down, tugging a glove onto her hand to pull the tray of buns out of the oven, and plunk them onto the table to ladle frosting glaze over them. "Well, they might need to cool a bit, but you want to give 'em a taste, and tell me what you think?" The offer's extended to both Kimmila and the younger Kaliena.

Kaliena only rolls her eyes at Zi'on's "seductive" voice and remark, looking completely unimpressed. "Uh huh." She drawls and then stares at Kimmila, shocked perhaps for both her remarks. That and the mental image could also go right over the girl's head. Thongs? What now? "You told her?" That is directed to the bronzerider and Kaliena is back to looking angry and perhaps a little… hurt? Not that it isn't the first time he ratted her out. Darting her attention and gaze back to Kimmila, she doesn't smile back but she's at least tolerably polite. "I am. And you're my brother's…" Kaliena falters then, frowning, "…partner, then?" Then it's back to giving the bluerider a long and searching look before Enka's offer has her turning her head to glance towards the ovens and there's little hesitation from the girl. "Can't say no to that." She offers as an agreement to taste test. Can't hurt, right?

Zi'on gives Kaliena an innocent shrug as Kimmila says she's Th'ero's sister. Though it's all a lie, if anything can be told by the way he's grinning afterwards. Zi'on laughs at Kimmila. "Thongs and pasties ain't really my thing. I look better in a pirate outfit, right Enka?" Who knew if the weyrwoman was going to help him out here or not. There's another shrug about the fruit. "I dunno. The way the headwoman talked about it you'd think it was a big crate, so more than one person to lift it maybe. Like as not it's a werybrat prank. They'll wait until it's soft and rotted, then pelt people with it." Zi'on gets no offer for sweets. Sad day. He sticks with his other pastry, some sort of turnover or something. "I didn't say nothin'." He lies, picking at his pastry. "Like as not Th'ero told her your name. Plus you look like him. Sorry." He doesn't sound very sorry, though.

Kimmila pops the rest of the meatroll into her mouth before she reaches for one of Enka's sweetrolls, balancing it on her palm and not caring if her hands get all sticky. Green eyes shift back to Kaliena, and her brow arches before her expression eases into a little smile. She clears her throat, glancing down and briefly awkward. "Uh. Yeah. I guess I am." Labels are lame. She stares at the girl for a long moment, and then presses her lips together briefly. "So yeah. Welcome to Western." She glances at Zi'on and snorts. "You're a big help." Hello, awkwardness.

Enka snorts with laughter. Oh, she just can't help it, giving Zi'on a long and measuring look. "Jays, you're downright amazin' and sexy in a pirate outfit." And wouldn't she know, oh how she knows! Yes, the weyrwoman is mostly certainly going to help the bronzerider out. "You gals don't know what you'd be missin' to see him all dressed up like that." Except, maybe they wouldn't want to. "Weyrbrats haven't got the muscles for it." Enka nods a little, listening to ZI'on explain everything about the missing crate of fruit. "At least not the weyrbrats who are of the age who'd probably pelt people with rotten fruit." Hey wait, Zi'on should be able to get a sweet sticky bun here. Enka's nudging the tray over at him with the glove, so if he just wanted to take one, he could. "How are they?" comes the goldrider's query.

"I do /not/ look like my brother!" Kaliena exclaims, though she sounds more like she's whining over Zi'on's comparison. Grimacing, the girl points first to her hair and then to her eyes. "We don't even match." She says with a smirk, before glancing back to Kimmila and taking on just as an awkward look in turn as she stares back. "Thanks." Kaliena says slowly, almost questioning. Enka's comment on seeing Zi'on dressed as a pirate only confuses the girl and she can only glance blankly towards the Weyrwoman. "Why… would I want to?" she asks, frowning. Yep, she's one who wouldn't want to or just doesn't understand. Then the sticky buns are being pushed closer and Kaliena steps forwards to snare her share, promptly darting back to a spot where she can keep an eye on all three of them as she bites into the freshly baked treat. And they must be excellent, because the girl doesn't even stop, only nods her head enthusiastically to Enka's question.

Oh the awkward. One could cut it with a knife. Zi'on doesn't seem to mind though, he's having a grand old time! Labels were -necessary-. "Well, now you girls can both dish about Th'ero. Or something. One big happy family!" Maybe not so much the happy part right now. At least not with Zi'on spilling the beans all over the place. The bronzer grins proudly as Enka strokes his ego. There's a shrug about the fruit crate then. "I guess you're right. Might be harder to track down than I thought, if that's the case. Maybe someone stole it to take down to the market. Guess I can ask around to see if someone noticed anything suspicious." Zi'on instead moves over behind Enka to rub her shoulders idly once his pastry is eaten. He blinks, then laughs at Kali's rejection that she looks like her brother. "Ya do, actually. Same facial expressions. When you're not angry-faced, at least. Which isn't often I'll admit. Plus I thought both of you had those color eyes. Maybe not though. Can't remember Th'ero's that well."

Kimmila shakes her head firmly at Enka, her face twisting into a bit of distaste as she glances at Zi'on. "No thanks, I like my men rugged with curly ha-" but she stops there, clearing her throat and glancing at her man's /sister/. Um. AWKWARD. She smiles a little bit at the girl while she takes a bite of the sweetroll. "Exactly," she agrees, her grin growing. "We both would never want to see Zi'on in a pirate outfit. Consider that a lifelong request," she says, teasing her former Wingmate. "Oh, Enka," she says then, straightening a bit from her slouch against the counter, "Thanks on the offer of Wingleader, but no thanks. But these are delicious. And Th'ero's eyes are brown," she adds absently, picking at her sweetroll.

"Well for one thing," Enka starts, "he's very good at bein' a pirate." And for another … wait, wait, the goldrider isn't going to go there. She's definitely stroke Zi'on's ego as much as he needs, but there are some things a woman's got to keep for herself and her own personal enjoyment. "And if there was more than one person involved, they could have crated everythin' in the crate off and then ditched the crate." Enka bites thoughtfully at her lower lip, worrying at it for a moment. "We probably should go down to the market and ask around." She's inviting herself along, apparently. And oh yes, she does like the massage the weyrleader is giving her, makes her feel pretty relaxed and comfortable. Certainly /not/ stressing out that oh-my-faranth there's a crate missing! "Well," comes her wry reply, "if you don't want to see Zi'on in a pirate outfit, I'll be more than happy to do all the viewin' for you. And not tell you a thing." There's a slight nod at Kimmila's words. "Glad you like the sticky buns, and I quite understand." About the wingleader position, that is.

Kaliena just glares again at Zi'on for his quip on happy family and shakes her head, mouth still too full of sticky bun for her to fire off some comment or another. Eventually, the last of it is gobbled down and she not so politely licks her fingers clean. She at least bobs her head a bit towards Enka and says a quick (and almost happy sounding), "Thanks for letting me try one." And because her attention is turned to the Weyrwoman, she misses most of Kimmila's awkward statement. Her awkwardness comes from Zi'on's remark on the similar expressions. That just has her scowling and staring at the floor as she considers it, only to glance up to the bluerider sharply. "So you're /that/ close, are you?" Kaliena asks rather bluntly as she just flat out stares at poor Kimmila. That is, at least, until she's giving a small, crooked smile towards Enka. "I still don't. Ever. So the viewin' is all yours." She confirms, blue eyes darting quickly to Zi'on as she does. Were she younger, she may have stuck her tongue out at him or something. Instead, she only snickers softly and looks away, no doubt back towards Kimmila.

Zi'on peers at Kimmila. "Rugged?" He laughs. Zi'on wouldn't use that word to describe Th'ero. "And my hair is curly. Really curly." Hence why he keeps it short. No 'fros for Zi'on. Probably not the type of curly that Kimmila likes though. "That's a shame. You don't know what you're missing. Maybe instead I'll just run around naked through the weyr one day." Zi'on nods about the missing fruit, and about tracking it down. "True I guess. Alright. I guess we can take a walk down there later, see if anyone knows anything. We should go closer to dinner though. I want a double-fried meatroll." And he's full up on pastry right at the moment. Zi'on uses his elbow to knead at Enka's back a bit. He grins at Kaliena, and blinks as she accuses Kimmila of being -that- close to her brother. "So when we going rock climbing then? Or are you still nursing your hurt leg?"

Kimmila grins crookedly at the weyrwoman. "You do that," she says with a wry little smirk, eyes darting briefly to Zi'on. Then she looks over at Kaliena, clearing her throat again. "Well, you don't have to be /that/ close to notice someone's eye color. I'm not as oblivious as Zi'on," she comments. "But…yes. We're /that/ close," she says, drawing herself up a little bit at the girl's tone. She stares right back, unflinching. "He's a good man," she adds. She ignores Zi'on. IGNORES him. And instead asks Kaliena, "You hurt your leg?"

Enka gives Kimmila a wry little smirk, utterly shameless. "I'll be sure to do just that." And more. "And since you aint' goin' to be takin' a peek or two," she adds for Kaliena's benefit, "I'll just take advantage of …" a pause, "I'll do the enjoyin' all the same." That said, the woman focuses instead on the mention of the missing crate and the market place excursion. "I'm rather curious on that double-fried meatroll," she remarks to Zi'on. "You've mentioned them before, but I don't think I've ever tried one. Dinnertime is fine by me." Besides, the later in the day, the tireder people were and maybe they'd get some answers. "Mmm." Enka does make a properly appreciative sound at the bronzer's elbow working at the kinks and knots in her muscles. "Feels good, that does."

Kaliena only wrinkles her nose a little to Zi'on's threat of running naked and is most likely questioning whether he or anyone for that matter would really do that, to judge by the frown that follows. Awkward and confusing! "Advantage of what?" Kaliena asks to Enka, curiosity piqued as the girl picks up something hidden there. To Kimmila, she nods briskly and smirks. "I guess." She mumbles in reply, before making a soft amused sound and the smirk switches back to a vague smile. It falters though when the bluerider draws herself up and Kaliena mirrors the movement, jutting her chin up a little in a stubborn way. "Good?" she scoffs then, looking unconvinced. "I suppose he could be. I wouldn't know." And then she makes a dismissive gesture with the shrug of her shoulders, glancing back to Zi'on with another one of her narrowed looks. "It's fine. Healed up quick." Kaliena only points to her leg, which she then lifts slightly to bend at the knee to prove her point not only to him, but likely everyone. "Anytime." Is her answer to the rest of Zi'on's question and then it's back to Kimmila. "I'm fine." She insists with another stubborn look. "I slipped on the rocks along the beach just outside the Weyr. Tryin' to best the other weyrbrats I was with."

"A lot easier to notice when you are that close though. And gazing into each other's eyes and all." Zi'on snickers a bit. "But I tend to be pretty oblivious about that sort of thing, yep. At least on men." He does agree with the good man part though. He chuckles a bit at Enka. "Used and abused, I am." Though he doesn't sound too put out about it. He grins about the double-fried meatroll. "They're great. Greasy and meaty and fantastic. The last one I had was a meatroll, fried, then wrapped in bacon and fried -again-!" Horrible. And Zi'on would totally run through the weyr naked. He's done it before, he'll do it again most likely. But he'll need a bit of a push in the right direction. A dare, or a few drinks, or something. There's a nod about Kali's leg. "Good. Tomorrow then. Come meet me in my office whenever you want." He pats Enka's behind then. "Anyways, I should get back to the office then I suppose. Need to finish organizing so we can move the new furniture and all in." Zi'on gives one of Enka's hands a squeeze. "I'll see you guys later." The bronzer gives a wave as he slips out the exit.

Kimmila frowns, looking at Kaliena and for a moment the bluerider looks like she's going to say something sharp to the girl. But then she eases back and smiles a little bit, nodding. "Glad you're okay," she says. "Weyrleader. Weyrwoman," she says, oddly formal before she makes a rather abrupt exit, striding out with her sweetroll and not looking back. And she might punch Zi'on on her way out. Maybe.

"Of him," Enka tips a thumb over her shoulder at the bronzer working well, magic, on her back muscles. "Or what he's got to offer in that pirate costume." Although the last time the pirate costume was involved, it wasn't Enka who was taking advantage of Zi'on. There's that shameless little smirk again, this time directed in Kaliena's direction before the goldrider chuckles softly, peeking over her shoulder at Zi'on. "I wouldn't call it abuse though." Not that she's denying the using part, mind. "Well then," she remarks to Zi'on, "I'll have to try it, although I might draw the line at a fried meatroll wrapped in bacon and fried again. They have somethin' other than bacon right?" She nods a bit. "Mmm, got to get you settled in the office, that's for sure. Have you ordered the furniture yet?" Well, he had said there was new stuff that needed to be moved in, right? She'll swish her backside at Zi'on a bit when he gets rather friendly back there, before nodding at his departure. Kimmila will get a nod too. "Wingrider," there's equal formality there. "I'd better distribute these sticky buns while they're still hot." Which will be her cue to exit. But out into the living caverns themselves, rather than the Weyr Bowl.

"Ahh," Is all Kaliena can really reply with, when Enka fills her in, blinking a bit and then ducking her head away awkwardly. Well, she asked, didn't she? When it seems as all are making their exits, Kaliena is among the next to flee, but not without nodding first to Zi'on. "Tomorrow." Is all she says, but her grimace speaks volumes. Second doubts about the bet? It could be or perhaps the girl is just a little overwhelmed by all the conversations and the awkwardness. Kimmila is given another long look, but a nod and smirk as well for her concern, but no actual verbal farewell. Shuffling away now that everyone is dispersing, Kaliena gives another bob of her head to Enka as she passes by and another hastily said, "Thanks for the snack!" before she's off and disappearing among the back of the kitchens, no doubt to whatever afternoon chores are slotted for her there. And maybe, just maybe, she'll be sneaking out for another one of those buns, if she isn't distracted by something else.

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