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Day 30 of Month 5 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office
Not far from the barracks proper is another wooden slat building serving as the main office of the Weyrlingmasters. The wrap around patio offers a place for Weyrlings to sit while instructors give lectures outdoors and for the Weyrlingstaff to conduct nocturnal watch while their charges are attempting to rest for the night. A small table is set up in one corner of the patio with a small clay oven, allowing kettles to be heated and small meals kept warm should the need arise. A brightly colored awning, stripped in shades of purple, white, black and light blue, affords shade to the patio. And while one side of the patio is all business and classes, the other has had low, comfortable couches, heavily laden with brightly colored pillows neatly arranged around a coffee table.
Inside the building wields another purpose… This office was made with business in mind, and not for comfort. The walls and floors have been stained a deep walnut hue, the color contrasted by neatly painted black trim. Upon entering, a large woven midnight blue rug runs the length of the room, ending right before the Weyrlingmaster's desk. The desk is massive in scope, made from hard wood and polished to a high shine. To either side of the desk tall ferns add a splash of life and color, a pair of sturdy chairs arranged in front of it. A pair of smaller desks for Assistants are lined up on the right, each of them accompanied by thier own vibrant foliage in the form of ferns and facing the wall of cabinets assembled on the left. Beneath them, a woven rug in purple and black has been arranged. Along the wall, opposite the cabinets, a low couch with purple pillows fringed in white and black and accompanied by a low oval coffee table has been arranged. A ceiling fan spins slowly overhead, spreading what cool air it can.

It's been perhaps 30 minutes after the last egg touching, enough to allow for a brief break. In that time both Zychaelth and Suyi have ditched their sunglasses and the blue has turned his attention elsewhere. As for the AWLM, she's settled in her office with a plot of what /might/ be blah, and also a plate of bubblies. Her wavy black locks have been tied up in a long runner's tail but she sports the same attire as before: shorts, a plain t-shirt, and a well fitting cloth vest. she's waiting for someone…likely Teinon given the earlier conversation! There's a seat for both him and the interpreter.

There's a polite little knock on the door before Teinon peeks his head in, expression questioning. Assuming he isn't met by a thrown boot or something, he comes inside, shortly followed by the interpreter. The interpreter goes straight to one of the chairs available, but Teinon stays standing to start with, giving a little wave as greeting.

There is indeed nothing thrown in the candidate's direction, but the harper does extend her leg under the desk and pushes back the chair to offer Teinon. There's a small wave as she ushers him inside before also offering a polite nod to the interpreter. "You don't seem to be as bad off as some of the candidates after the touching today….klah? Bubbly?"

Teinon smiles weakly at that comparison between himself and the other candidates, but he waves off the offer of klah or bubblies. He glances over to the interpreter to make sure he's paying attention, then focuses his attention on the harper. He starts signing with a solemn expression. The interpreter waits until Teinon has reached some sort of stopping point before beginning to speak. "He says thank you, and he's not hungry. He wants to ask you about how the eggs think."

"Well, aren't you just a bushel of anxiety," Suyi states while watching the signs, and that's before she hears anything from the interpreter. While the herder continues signing she reaches to pull a flask from a pocket in her vest and proceeds to pour a mug of blah for herself…and then spikes it. "/How/ the eggs think?" There's a mild eyebrow-raise from the AWLM as she sips from her mug and looks to Teinon, "Can you explain that question a bit more?"

Teinon's brow furrows at the anxiety comment, because of course, there's no better way to make someone anxious than to accuse them of being that. But he forges ahead, with only a moment to think about how he's going to explain. Another little glance to the interpreter, and he starts signing again. After a bit, the interpreter clears his throat a little and announces, matter-of-factly, "He thinks he's going to hurt them."

Tei gets a distinctly annoyed look and swats the interpreter on the arm, then repeats some of those signs, followed by two fingers pointed at his eyes, then a sharp finger jabbed in the interpreter's direction.

The interpreter gives a long-suffering smile, and looks back to Suyi. "Well, that's what it sounded like to me," he justifies. "He says he wants to know how the eggs are affected by the candidates touching them."

Suyi's mouth pulls into a slight frown at the initial interpretation but her expression eases quite readily when the interpreter explains a bit more. "And you're a bit shitty at your job, aren't you?" There's a hard look for the man for a moment before she sighs and turns her gaze towards Teinon. "I don't know that they're particularly affected by the candidates so much as…what they see in the you lot determines who they choose? That's the way I think of it at least."

The interpreter snorts faintly, and jerks a thumb toward the door. "I could go, if you rather?" Teinon rolls his eyes, but puts a hand on the fellow's arm to keep him in the seat, which seems to mostly work, at least for the moment. Suyi recaptures his attention by answering the question, which he processes with a faint frown. He starts to sign again, which the interpreter translates… though a bit more grudgingly this time, after Suyi's comment. "He's never heard of any creatures that can't be affected during… Wait, go back, I don't know that one…"

Once again, there's that annoyed look from Teinon, but he clarifies with a quick series of signs.

"Oh, while the baby's developing."

"This is your /job/ not charity…." Suyi again looks at the interpreter with a glare that certainly isn't any kinder than before. She'll quiet to sip her klah though before considering Teinon for a moment longer. "So you've heard of telepathic reptiles that /have/ been mentally affected by humans while still in the egg?" There's a hint of amusement in her eyes, but she's phrasing it in that particular way for a reason. "Babies /can/ be affected while developing when still not born but….as far as I know the effects are mostly physical."

The interpreter's eyes narrow, but Teinon is on top of it before he can snap back. A tug on the sleeve and a few quick signs seems to mollify the man, letting Tei get back to the business at hand. The candidate must have decided to change tacks, because his next question gets translated, "He wants to know what the eggs are looking for. Um… if he should hide things or let them see everything."

"Can you hide things?" Suyi tilts her head and considers Teinon for a second, "Every egg is different and I honestly don't know anything about what's inside the ones on the sand, but sometimes they aren't so kind as to let you choose what to show them. If they do though, I don't think they need protecting per say….I think, as much as they're capable of it, they should somehow be making as much of an informed decision as they can." Which is about the time when a burst of imagery is being projected to everyone around, the image of one Zychaelth dressed in large stuffy looking robes and lecturing to a hall. In his hand, a large magnifying glass that is unfortunately focused on a mini-doll that looks like Teinon…it might be burning a little.

Teinon shrugs and gives a rueful little smile that suggests he hasn't been terribly good at /hiding/ things. He starts to lift his hands to answer, only for that random dragon-blast to startle him into a momentarily frozen position. When he manages to sign something, the interpreter is busy holding back laughter and doesn't see it, requiring Teinon to get his attention with a few finger snaps, then repeat it. The interpreter manages to get control of himself with a clearing of his throat, and translates, "He wants to know if your dragon doesn't like him."

It's apparently Suyi's turn to laugh now and she does so after taking a long sip of her alcohol-spiked blah. "Of course not, why? Because of that little bit of singe?" She makes a dismissive hand motion with her hand, "He just doesn't quite think in the same way other dragons do." No, his mind goes a million miles a minute and the bits and pieces that are produced often need to be interpreted by the harper-AWLM.

Teinon tilts his head, a quizzical look that is almost canine. It has certainly been successful in distracting him from the problem he's been worrying over for… who knows how long, now. He checks that the interpreter is watching (it always pays to check with this one), and then signs a question. "He wants to know what it meant."

Suyi grins quietly for a moment before she leans to rest both elbows on her desk, "Well, first he was comparing me to some sort of stuffy lecturer. After which he was talking about how I have to remind him of a lot of things so when the babies are examining you guys, cue the magnifying glass, how could they really remember all of that? And won't they be examining you closely anyways? Even if it might hurt you, or it, cue the burning, if you impress won't it find out anyways? There was a lot more in-between all of that but…." She shrugs, general gist of it.

That seems to give Tei something to think about. In fact, Zychaelth may be the first that he hasn't had a good argument for. He fidgets with his sleeve, staring thoughtfully at the table for several long moments, and then he nods slowly. He makes a simple gesture, with a little crooked smile. "That's 'thank you,'" the interpreter supplies, quasi-helpfully.

Suyi grins for a moment as she considers the candidate, "You're welcome, though I'm not sure if I really did anything much." Which is about when Zeek cuts in, « HAHAHAHA, I am a genius. » Which isn't wrong entirely, he /is/ very smart but….he doesn't quite articulate with the speed his brain worse. "Still, you're welcome….anything else we can try and help with?"

The dragon's laughter can't help but inspire a slightly broader grin from Teinon. He shakes his head, then on second thought, glances to the interpreter… but no, he shakes his head again, and offers his hand for a handshake.

"Well….if you're sure," Suyi didn't miss that slight moment of hesitation but she doesn't call the candidate out on it. "If you do have any other questions it isn't hard to find me. You could probably just shout for Zych and well…." He clearly doesn't discriminate when it comes to talking to people!

Teinon raises an eyebrow at Suyi, with an amused, crooked grin. Yep, he's obviously going to be doing tons of shouting. He doesn't bother enlisting the interpreter for the final farewells, though. Lucky thing, too, because the interpreter is already out the door before Teinon is even on his feet. Tei's salute is a pretty self-explanatory acknowledgement and farewell all wrapped up in one, before he follows the interpreter out at a more sedate pace.

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