Western Hatching; Gold Bennueth and Bronze Nasrinth's

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

At the End of All Things Egg shifts just a fraction in the sands so that the canids in their pack are shown. Another shift, and the egg falls over, rolling slightly - revealing the man with the poison-filled cup. It grows still again, as if trying to make its decision of which it shall be.

Bennueth and Nasrinth have backed off a bit from their protective stances over the eggs, although both are still close enough if need be. Rea and N'kor are standing near by, watching as the eggs begin to rock and move on the sands.

Kimmila walks onto the Sands with a nervous, shuffling step before she gathers herself and bows to the clutchparents. She looks to the galleries and gives her family a wide smile. Even Elara is here, despite her dislike for leaving the weyr these days. Kimmila tears her eyes away from them and looks to the eggs, her heart pounding. She edges closer to Aengus, gulping, "Mind if I stand by you?" she whispers.

Field of Memories Egg shifts in the sands of its wallow, barely any movement at all in consideration of it all. Sand shifts, and the illusion of the glass upon the shell tipping in the breeze evident, as it slides from its safety net— though not quite yet. Only tilted. Did it really move at all? Surely it did, for it's axis is tilted just a little…

Gailen gulps and someone taller than he bumps into him. "Uh, sorry," he says and then gives a low bow to the Queen before hurrying on. Darn, the sands are hotter than they were last time.

S'uin is a bit nervous where he stands off to the side, rather obviously chewing on a nail. Well, it's not his time for action. Not yet, anyway..

A'ven arrives leading the Candidates. He pays his own respects to the dragon parents and then takes up station nearby, pausing only to turn a young Candidate who was frightened enough to begin walking the other way in the right direction.

Deluged Ruins Egg rumbles as sand slithers away from the base of it. A storm is coming soon, but this is only the beginning. A stronger rumble of thunder rocks the egg on its end. Sand rolling away from the base of it as the calm before the storm comes once again.

Nalissi walks quickly onto the sands, keeping a step back. Pausing, she politely bows to the queen before securing her own spot upon the sands.

At the End of All Things Egg rolls as if receiving a blow from within, and a crack appears on its side. Then another as it rolls again. And a third time. It falls silent once more, lying there on the sands as if waiting for just the right time to strike properly.

Aengus follos the line of candidates onto the sands near the back of the group, taking careful steps on the heated sands to test their temperature before venturing out further. A bit of a cursory glance is given to the rocking and shaking eggs before he sidles into a position near some of the people he knows: Kimmila, Hadria, Gailen and the like. Once settled into his proper place, he fidgets slightly from foot to foot before offering a low bow to both the gold and the bronze guarding the eggs on the sands. Atleast he attempts at making it look good.

Field of Memories Egg shudders again, tapping sounds coming from within and causing the egg to topple completely out of it's wallow and onto it's side. The tapping is just a faint thing, but the resultant crack is not, resounding from its little corner of the world as a clawed appendage breaks free of it's confinement… the claw scrabbles at the shell with futile effort, before it disappears back into the unbroken shell. Resting, maybe?

Xe'res is standing nearby S'uin, chomping on a redfruit as he watches the candidates parade on in. He doesn't exactly look too hot, distinctly hung-over and unhappy looking.. But he's here, at least! "Thirteen more of these kids. Think they'll be smarter than the last group?"

Mere Mortals Can't Resist Egg begins to rock haphazardly back and forth, nearly knocking itself into another egg trying to break it's captive prisoner free. Having no success, it returns to a stoic state, the darkness of the shell gleaming of things within to come.

Hadria arrives on the sands, giving a little bow to both Bennueth and Nasrinth before clumsily getting back into the line of candidates. She grabs the hand of the girl next to her, the young lady looking less than please and she says "You're my buddy! I should have told you but I picked you to hold my hand." Grinning her eyes wander over the eggs and she humms a little tune "This is so exciting, I hope they aren't ugly. What if they're deformed or something?"

Deluged Ruins Egg is struck once more, though more forcibly as small cracks form along the stone. Sand being pushed away harder as the bulge along the bottom balloons out more. The rift starts to show more dangerous patterns along the 'bottom' of it. The storm is close.

Kimmila shakes her head back and forth, her hands clutching the fabric of her robe and then releasing it. Then she lets it go, frowning at A'ven. "Like my mother indeed," she huffs. Then she blinks at Hadria, "Don't let the clutchparents hear you say that," she hisses. "It's rude."

At the End of All Things Egg swells once, as if breathing. Twice, the cracks fracture everything in its path. And with the third swell, a mighty blow from within shatters the shell through the head of one canid, revealing and equally fierce looking dragonet. One who promptly breaks free of its shell with a defiant hissing, thwapping it with its tail as if to make sure that it can no longer tame the beast it has released.

Heroes and Cowards, No More Bronze Hatchling
Ferocity incarnate. This bronze beauty is already huge, but from the outset there is simply something about him that sets him apart. His headknobs are slightly longer and slanted than usual, and his neckridges look to be more like armor than window-dressing. The lines of his face, of his body, are aesthetically appealing, even gorgeous, while the wide expanse of his wings is only eclipsed by the length of him. There is substance to his large form - not skin and bones, but pure muscle rolling under the smooth quality of his hide. Talons are long and black at the tips of his toes, and the sheen of his bronzed hide borders on metallic even without oils and liquids. It's a rich hue, a true bronze indeed with green undertones, that shades into a chocolate brown it's nearly black down each of his legs and at the tip of his long tail. A slightly lighter shade of bronze-brown pours up from his belly a short ways, lancing up and over from the back of his haunches towards his hip-bones, and even staining his tail midway down. Along his back and up into his wings, the same darkening happens, only this time it does indeed become black. Neckridges and headknobs are this ebony color, and a dark bronze almost the same hue comes down his face and muzzle.

The Glimpse of Peace Egg rolls off of its little mound and nestles next to one of the other eggs. It seems undamaged, but surely something will happen soon.

S'uin blinks, looking over at Xe'res for a moment. Oh sure, /that/ guy looks hung-over. He looks quite a bit overheated and nerve-wracked. What a lovely pair. "Hopefully.." Pop! "Oh….well there's a bronze first.. That should please N'kor."

Nalissi eyes the eggs with cautious care, keeping her safe distance from the chaos she's been warned of. Shifting slightly to her left foot, a smile welcoming the first arrival.

Suddenly, Field of Memories Egg breaks apart, the previously holed part of the shell seemingly kicked outwards and causing the rest of it to flake away As the shell crushes inward a young blue hatchling is left stranded, on its back, flopping around like a fish as it tries to right itself and failing horribly…

Timeless Waters Blue Hatchling
Icy granite spreads across the muzzle and jaw of this slender beast, rippling over eye ridges and head knobs before fissuring into cobalt. As throat and jaw connects, the ice breaks away into a waterfall of cobalt blue, islets of cornflower blue washing down a sinuous neck and coalescing against the ridges, forming ice burgs in the gentle waylay of sea. As the colors further down to muscular shoulders, rippling silver foams to the surface, twining thinly down lean legs and underbelly with a stream of motion. As the icy ridges fade between the shoulders and hips, splatters of cornflower spread over the thick azure membranes, thin wing fingers the only break of pure cobalt amongst an abstract sky. Cornflower ridges form again over narrow hips, melting down into the same cobalt of a long, whip-thin tail, ending the darkened waters to a teal at the tail's fork-end.

Kimmila takes a deep, steadying breath and lets it out slowly. Calm. Calm and collected. Her gaze zeroes in on the blue who can't seem to right himself, and her brows knit. She looks around and wants to go help, but knows better than that. She hopes he gets it figured out.

Timeless Waters Blue Hatchling takes his first few steps, swinging his head around and then looking back and forth as his egg is now no more. One foot, then another as he works to get this just right before he's heading in the direction of the candidates and he's got a sprightly movement to his step.

Heroes and Cowards, No More roars at the assembled Candidates beyond in their white clothing. He makes as if to move one way, then another, confused, before making a straight line for one boy in particular. No sense in wasting time! He stares nearly eye to eye with his chosen lifemate: a young, dark haired and skinned man from Nabol named Turin. A deep-chested snort erupts from him, and it's followed by a soft croon as he lays his head upon Turin's shoulder. Then in the space of only a few breaths, T'rin is leaning forward, wrapping his arms around the slickly wet bronze neck. "Yes, yes, Thalioth. I know you will always, always protect me." He pauses, barely taking in the crowd. "But first, may I help and get you something to eat?"

Xe'res snerks, his eyes glued to the candidates as he considers who's going to end up with what color. "I'm sure it will, the superstitious bugger. I'd take a speedy green poppin' first any day." As long as it Impressed to a female, naturally! "Just hope this doesn't take too long.. I needa /drink/." Or maybe a time machine to lessen the amount he had last night.

A'ven is pleased too. "Makes sense that a bronze would hatch first..", he comments cryptically, "Looks like the Candidates got themselves in in good order though, this should go well."

Mere Mortals Can't Resist Egg deftly begins to rock again, doing a light spin before the life within begins to do that funky hatching dance, forcing that poor, flimsy prison to shed a thin crack of light within… Not that it reveals much other than a long, sliver like slit from top to bottom.

Deluged Ruins Egg is lanced by lightning, sides of its ruins falling to the ground. The sand crumbles away as parts upon parts fall. A rumble of thunder rolling across the surface as the front of the egg falls onto the sand and then the egg falls apart. A wave crashes out of the egg, for the world to see the watcher of the seas. Now his search amongst the sea of sand for that watcher of his.

Aengus shifts absently from foot to foot, trying without much sucecss to keep the heat from seeping through to his sandals already. From the somewhat pained look on his face, the constant moving isn't doing much to keep him comfortable while his time is spent on the hot sands. A sudden blink of surprise seems to cross his face as not one, but two young dragons spill out of their eggs in short succession, "That was fast, eh?" This is remarked to whoever might be next to him, but with all the ruckus, it's even difficult for him to notice who might be standing next to him at the moment. "And a bronze first, too. I ought to have bet." His voice sounsd somewhat disappointed about that.

Confined Beauty Egg starts to faintly shake against the sands. Almost as if the humming surrounding the sands was causing the fabric to swirl, the egg gives a shake and causes the ovoid to swirl and roll onto its side. Another shake before all movement stops and it rests for the next chance to escape.

Watcher of the Ocean's Ruin Blue Hatchling
A crest of a wave washes up over this hatchling's forehead, letting water roll down its neck; pooling between it's wings as the depths of the ocean come up from it's legs to meet in the middle. His feet a dark navy blue, his talons a pitch black as it lightens softly up his legs to his chest. His wings are shrouded in almost white patches of clouds, the sky running its hands through the mist, causing it to swirl and blur into a lovely pattern. His tail caressed by another wave crashing all the way down to the tail tip; a splash of light blue ending the wave's path. The blue stands as tall as he can; trying to use what height he has to look over the heads of the white pillars. A silent growl shows in his eyes as he weaves his way through the crowd, almost how a river finds its way through the forest. Before the end appears, the candidate is in his sights. The messy hair. The vibrant eyes. Ruluend moves to the side, to get away of the way of the crashing blue before he brought up his arms to guard against what he thought for sure was going to slam into him. His arms settle down around the blue's neck, hugging it as he let out a laugh. "Aye, that's true Denadelth. We'll watch over each other. Together." Ru'ud looks up with a bright smile, and starts to lead Denadelth to the food.

The Glimpse of Peace makes itself known with a loud report as an unmistakable little talon rockets through the shell, creating a small hole. The dragonet within widens the hole with another determined punch outward. It won't be long now!

Jolie is standing off, near the weyrleader, shaking her head somewhat and nipping a drink from the flask she carried on to the sands. But she's just clinging to A'ven's arm and smiling as the first of the hatchlings appear on the sands.

Hadria looks around, gripping the hand of her new 'buddy' tightly and giving small bounces as each egg cracks. "That ones pretty, like all light blue and such." She says, pointing to the blue hatchling and then saying "They're so pretty.. all the little hatchlings." Watching the eggs she shifts her weight from foot to foot, the heat of the sands finally penetrating through her sandals and he excitement.

S'uin just shakes his head after a moment, keeping his eyes on the hatchlings that happen to be roaming about. And then he moves, hurriedly ushering the newly impressed T'rin and Ru'ud off to the side. "There's plenty of food just over here.."

Rea and N'kor both look pleased at the sight of the bronze, quietly speaking to one another off to one side as they watch.

Xe'res faintly hears his name being called off-sands. "Say what?" he mutters as he looks up, watching S'uin move away before turning his gaze to the Stands. Oh. Ixie. /Figures/ she'd come to rub in his misery. "I'll just… um… wait til you're tired!" he calls after S'uin… Wow, what a helpful fellow awlm!

Timeless Waters Blue Hatchling is still wandering, although he's narrowed his choices down and is searching along a short length of the candidate line, pausing to consider each one now and again. While he's a bit slow, he does continue going along, determined if nothing else.

Gailen opens his mouth with a bit of a gasp. "Wow….they're noisy!" he comments. "Look at the claws on 'em!" He shifts his feet about because, dang, the sand it hot! Hotter than the deck of his father's ship. WIth that thought he casts a quick look back over his shoulder to scan the gallery. Oh, no…people up there! Now he feels self-concious about it.

Nalissi takes a step to the right, avoiding another candidate caught up in the craziness of the sands. Adjusting her tunic, she continues to watch quietly, detached from the chatter of other excited candidates.

Confined Beauty Egg gives another wobble, rolling back to where it was originally resting a bit. Small rips start for form in the crimson cloth, the ribbons flaring at the edges. A bulge forms in the side of the egg as it them rolls over onto its side, covering that ungainly sight.

Here is its chance! The remainder of the shell that used to surround The Glimpse of Peace egg falls away as its occupant makes an unsteady entrance into the world.

Forever Dreaming Bronze Hatchling
A refined shade of antique bronze graces this dragon. His head and neck offer a brighter burnished polish that fades into the richer copper browns over his wings and chest and finally terminates in the matte dusty tarnish of weathered metal that cover the latter half of his tail and his feet and legs. At the very tips of his wings and tail is a slate gray sheen that could be mistaken for shadow, rather than color. His lines are supple and rounded. His head is lacking some of the sharper angles of his kin, but it doesn't look awkward, instead it only lends itself to a seamless transition into the rest of his body. He looks as if his flying might be more a matter of slipping effortlessly into the dominant currents, rather than cutting through in opposition to them. The entire effect combines to give him a handsome softness and solid bearing that finds no need to boast. His undeniable elegance is not a veneer that he puts on to impress. It is a simple fact of his meticulous geometry.

Mere Mortals Can't Resist Egg wastes no more time. The funk of forty thousand years cannot wait any longer, for it must search in the land of the living for its mate, its partner, its own captive. One final quiver lurches the hatchling's serpentine head through the crack, quickly followed by wing and foreleg, haunches and tail as the hole becomes larger and larger. A haunting creel meets the air, the brown stumbles, and he presents himself to the world around.

Killer, Thriller, Ow! Brown Hatchling
The foulest stench hatchling goo could take is in the air around this grizzly ghoul, a terrible sight of a dragon that any mortal would look upon in either fear or disgust. An overlong jaw hails large, curled teeth that curve up nearly to his nose, where two giant nostrils situate on a two-short face on a too-short neck on a too-short body. The claws of a night creature glisten from his knobby-fingered paws and haunches, all hued a pastey dark khaki that barely even seems to host any color for this dragon to discern one color from the next, by size seems to tell all. Though, while his skin almost seems to be dark, odd patches of mottled looking skin, strangely pasty and pale, plop themselves from face to short, bony tail in an erratic visage of an attempt to be something he is not. But, surely, there is no doubt about this: no mere mortal can resist the evil of… the Thriller. Escaping from his tombly shell, it takes this creature a moment to right himself, finding a place for one paw after another. But, this isn't working right. With a large whif of air, he begins to sense the world around him, turning his head in search of bloo— no, just that One. The hour is close at hand, for in a moments flick of his balancing tail, he turns about and begins doing some sort of… dance? What? Like the walk of a monster, he begins to "get down", first bobbing his head, before prancing with claws extended one way, and then the other, strutting forth, back, before he closes in to seal one boys doom.. Jalraxon, a short, burly boy from Eastern, blinks his eyes as his doom is sealed. "My..Mykaelth?" Gulp. "Yes.. I can be your Ja'xon."

S'uin lets out a quick breath as he manages to get the new weyrlings off to the food, and eyes Xe'res a bit. "..Oh. /Thank/ you." And he hasn't stopped for all but a moment when…yep. More impressions. Gah. Back he goes. "Ja'xon, this way.." Shoo shoo.

Timeless Waters Blue Hatchling is finally there, he's found his one at last and nudges a boy with dark brown hair and eyes, pushing his head into the lad's knees and crooning up at him. You, up there, look at me. I want your attention down here.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Timeless Waters Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rain On My Windows Egg twitches ever so slightly. It would be hard to see if someone wasn't looking for the movement from it. Though it did move. Or did it?

Kimmila is lost. It's far faster and more chaotic than she ever expected. She edges closer to Aengus and shakes her head, "This is crazy!" she whispers at him.

A'ven chuckles a little at the latest Hatchling. "Oh my…", he says in a rare moment of surprise, under his breath.

Hadria points at the smelly brown, wrinkling her nose. "See, I knew one would be deformed." Backing up a step she shakes her head, "Congratulations." She yells to the impressee, whispering, "His face does have character though, maybe he'll grow into better looks. We can only hope."

Confined Beauty Egg splits along the edges, the cloth shredding and ripping as the edges fall away from the dragonet. The tail languidly whips out to knock a shell part away. A shroud that has been lingering too long has been lifted, letting a beautiful gem shine onto the sands to find one so worthy of being called hers.

There is a slight wobble to the Silvery Mist Egg as it moves in its own little hollow, the beginning of the dance toward life and birth. Still it is a long process and even with it started the egg is barely moving, just twitching really as lies there on the sands.

Gem of the World Green Hatchling
Defined lines encircle the eyes of this green dragonet, outlining the snout to near perfection. A body just barely short of perfection comes with this beauty, her wings long and stunning, with emerald sails that swirl into a forest green torso as they near the chest. A mottled pile of leaves litter her stomach and neck; something that she tries to hide by keeping her head low. Her tail is stunning with a grassy hill all the way down to the tip, coiling around it to cover it completely. Her talons, as near black as her feet, seemingly sprout ivy up her legs onto her long sensuous body. She moves about, languidly taking her time in looking for someone for her. She has to look presentable. A pick of a shell on her paw and she gives it a little flick to be tossed aside like trash. Then she notices the unworthy looking at her, though her eyes are set upon only one. Hiding in the back. Away from her. How dare she! Albeit rather forcibly, she moves towards the girl with almond eyes. Silky black hair, tied back away from her face. Ayrmee takes a step back from the green charging for her, but she stops just as soon as it did. Her eyes shine slightly as a smile appears on her face. "Yes, Lithiuth. You're perfect for me. Just as I am for you." Lithiuth lets out a soft growl, biting at A'mee's robe for a moment to start moving the two towards the food.

Nalissi stands on tip-toe briefly, catching glimpses of the new pairs and the dragonets newly emerging. Still stuck in her solitude, she refuses the hand of another candidate. This is a moment she doesn't wish to share.

Jolie tilts her head to look at A'ven for a long moment, before her eyes go somewhat misty as she watches the new young dragons. "So small, and yet so perfect."

Gailen backs up as something is suddenly there in front of him, bashing his knees…no, drfooling all over them. He looks down, eyes wide. "Dylanth…Dylanth! Of course, I know you! I…know you!" He drops to his knees to carress his lovely little blue. "You're sure hungry….so'm I! Lets go get something to eat and I'll tell you all about the water! Yes the great water! We'll have such fun!"

Aengus can't help but take an involuntary step backwards from the hatching of the rather strange brown, though looks a little relieved when the hatchling soon Impresses to someone else down the line. His thick bushy eyebrows pull together in thought for a moment as he considers his movements before stepping forward into the forefront again. Seems the coast is clear and several new hatchlings are there to be watched. The newly Impressed blue, the bronze and the remaining shaking eggs are eyed carefully as he hops from foot to foot, "Ah. That brown was a bit … odd. Though I wouldn't expect anything else from that egg. I seem t'remember that one." He says this in a faint undertone to his neighbor before his attention returns to the hatching at hand.

Forever Dreaming Bronze Hatchling takes stock for a moment, looking around him at the remains of his egg. He spies a group of Candidates and cocks his head. That's a good place to start. He makes his way on unsteady limbs, stopping now and then to watch, as others hatch.

Kimmila beams, "Congratulations, Gailen!" she calls. Then she nods at Aengus, shivering despite the heat, "Yes, the egg was a very strange one, if I remember right…was that the violet one?"

S'uin waves Gailen over quickly, smiling a little at him and the little blue. "Congratulations, to the both of you.. Food is right here."

Rain On My Window Egg seems to be weeping, for the shards and flakes of eggshell that descend from it litter the sands around its immediate placement. There is further movement from within, now visible to the eye. In fact, if one watched it close enough, its occupant is clearly pushing up against the pinnacle.

The Scorched and Scarred Egg's shell begins to vibrate at a frequency near the hum that pervades the Hatching Cavern. That hum becomes a rattle as the hatchling inside tips the egg back and forth.

The faintest of cracks have begun to appear on the Silvery Mist Egg, spiraling slowly across the shell. They begin to deepen, spreading wider and wider, although the egg remains in one piece for the moment.

Nalissi rests back on her ankles, grimacing at the heat. A brief smile breaks through as the next impression is made. She looks over at the remaining eggs, the serious contemplation returning as she waits.

Gailen takes his little bit of a buddy over to get food. Also to cool their feet. As fast as he can he grabs something that feels no more wet and gooey than a freshly caught fish and enthusiastically gives it to Dylanth. "Chew, Dylanth! Remember to chew."

Rain On My Windows Egg starts to lose its shell in a downpour of shards. The shell itself simply begins to fall away in flakes and then larger pieces, until the top is popped off and a snout so brilliantly blue shoots through it. This effectively causes the rest of the eggshell to cave in on the occupant. For a moment, the colour of the dragon is hidden until with a rush of enthusiasm and joy mixed with a pain of hunger does the blue present himself once more to those on the sands in a leaping hop. A hearty shake of his neck is given to flick off the eggshells as his eyes round on those before him. Who would fly with him?

Everlasting Views of Harmony Blue Hatchling
The evening hue of a darkening sky has been rent from above and plastered like a masterpiece over this dragon. It works well for him, since the play of the colour is natural against his lanky limbs. Where his sharp pointed face gives the essence of the last rays of bright sky blue, his tail is of the deepest shade of blue, hinting toward night where faint silver speckles give an impression of tiny stars. A presence of the moons has both hindquarters marked with silver brandings of crescents, visible but not solid as if transparent against the under tones of blues. This gradient of colour does not cease upon his body alone, for the same measures apply to his wings with the outward spars being dipped in sky blue and the inner sails and spars in the inky promises of night. The blue staggers only slightly as he now moves across the hot sands to find the one who wanted to soar with him. Searching down the line, he reaches a cluster of boys now, or perhaps men. There is one amongst them that is the eldest. It's this eldest that craves to fly, to be free and to seek out the wonder of the world. The blue lets out a tremendous sound for such a slight beast, making it known to the world that his has been found. A young man with a shaved head is his match. Malokoby doesn't appear surprised by the choice, instead, he whoops with the same joy his new lifemate had just shown, "Ricmehath! I'm Malok… no, I'm M'oby. Let's get started and not waste the day!" The pair are quickly led off the sands to fill the dragon's belly.

For Love of a Broken Artist Egg recoils in a soft wiggle, slowly wobbling its way into a self-dug hole in the sands. It shudders, not violently, but a soft shiver like an animal against the cold. It slows, making the fluid colors on its shell more obvious and pronounced as movement ceases to be, until finally, rising the large tree at the base to the gallery's full view, the egg settles warmly within the sand once again.

Forever Dreaming Bronze Hatchling finds his bearings quickly enough. He knows, instinctively that he's got to find a male. Fortunately, they're kind of clustered over there. He heads that way, walking with purpose.

Kimmila's eyes widen, "That's a beautiful blue," she whispers. She looks at the bronze and takes a small step back.

Last of the Wilds Egg wriggles once, displacing the sand around its large form. It makes the forest upon its shell seem to have fallen slightly over, the birds having moved, as if the viewer were inebriated and staggering through the woods. All in good time.

Hadria turns her head, eyes moving from one dragon to the next. "They're nice.. but it's hot." Shifting from foot to foot she starts to humm again, "this is nice, when you can see them. Hope they don't bite, it would hurt to be bitten." Watching the bronze wearily she whispers to her new found buddy. "That one is nice.. could we still be friends if I used you as a shield?"

Last of the Wilds Egg jerks and cracks, spider webbing down one side. The trees are sundered! The birds flee for safety! The insects bury themselves into the sand! And yet, oblivion does not yet strike, for the early morning light on the shell remains where it sits, but for a talon or two peeking out. A tongue follows suit. Hmmm. It's oddly tasty out there…

Aengus shifts back and forth again, seemingly becoming annoyed by the heat more and more as the time goes on. After all that ruckus of the continuous hatchings, it seems he only realized Gailen had left their midst until the noises of congratulations eaches his ears. A bit late, he calls over the crowd a quick, "Congrats, Gailen!" Who knows if he's able to be heard overa ll the noise everyone else is making, both eggs and candidates alike. Now that that is overwith, his attention turns to the wandering bronze on the sands, whom he gives a cruious look. "Odd, he seems to be still looking for someone, hmm. The others seemed to find theirs relatively fast, y'know?"

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Forever Dreaming Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Deeply Confused Purple Egg seems to vibrate against the sands, as if the humming surrounding it were causing whatever was inside to come awake, to realize that it was time. No longer will it be confused, for there is a mighty wobble which causes the egg to slump onto it's oblong side.

The shell of the Scorched and Scarred Egg splits unceremoniously down the middle with a loud pop!

Last of the Wilds Egg finally summons enough strength to end its long wait. With a mighty heave, the shell swells with audible crackling sounds, and the talons shove outwards! Bursting from its constraints amidst the sand and the egg-goo is a tiny little frame that blinks around with wide, incredulous eyes - apparently it looks as good as it tasted!

Lady of the Arid Forest Green Hatchling
Petite yet sturdy, this little green girl is more length than width. She seems to have the average of everything but size, which she also seems to make up for purely with her personality. It's as bright as the hide she sports, her green not dark enough by far to be sinister. In fact, the majority of her body is a yellow-green color not unlike that found in some desert flora. Her neckridges and wingsails shade into a sunny pear-yellow at their lightest, while a little strip of darker olive-green bathes her headknobs and spills around her large, intelligent eyes towards her delicate muzzle. This same green can also be found along her belly and the insides of her legs, but as it approaches her toes and feet, it takes on more of a brown tinge. The tip of her tail and toes borders on bronze, the darkest colors on her strong little form.

Finally, the Silvery Mist Egg gives up the ghost on its existence and falls into shards. They litter the sands around a very pale blue hatchling that seems stunned for a moment or two as he just sits there, before picking himself up and looking for his lifemate.

Running Into the Mist Blue Hatchling
Palest blue is this dragon, from the very tip of his pointed muzzle and his sweptback headknobs to the last finishing flourish on his tail finial. He is somewhat stocky in build, with a thick neck and a thicker, barrel-chested body, with terribly heavy stolid haunches. His wings are sturdily built as well, the wingsails thick enough to be opaque towards the light and his spars made out of heavy bone. It didn't take him all that long, for the very pale blue to move across the sands and find the one candidate he was searching for as he stops in front of a young lad from Crom Hold. Zamathe was one of the shyer candidates, always willing to stay toward the back. That ends though, as he's head-butted at the knees by the pale blue dragon and Z'ath softly cries out: "Oh. Burloruth. I'm right here. I'll always be right here, for you. Come, let me get you something to eat now."

Nalissi moves a few steps over towards a small group of candidates, despite her earlier demeanor. Again on her tip toes to view the scene, the hatchlings each get a review and a nod. Even a smile may be breaking through.

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg sways back and forth like it was listening to the quiet peaceful beat of some unheard music. It's actually quite mesmerizing to watch. As time goes on, it just continues with its pendulum sway.

For Love of a Broken Artist Egg slowly begins to rock again, a jarring, swaying movement like a ship at sea, trying to slowly force the existence within to surface. Heave, ho! Heave, ho! Excitement and curiosity riddles the presence within, giving passion a final push of force, revealing a long, staggered crack from tree to sun along the face of the shell. Finally, that much closer to the biggest adventure of all time.

Gailen looks over to Aengus, all grins. Then he sees his father and brothers cheering for him over above in the Gallery and he waves back to them, pointing to his dragon.

The Scorched and Scarred Egg's shell splits into three large fragments that fall away. A newly born dragonette staggers free of its former home!

Kimmila takes another step back and beams, "Aengus! Congratulations!" she says, grinning widely. "I'm so happy for you." She steps further away from the new pair, her eyes sweeping the Sands. She looks a little more nervous, now.

Jolie continues to talk quietly to A'ven, and is even whispering upon occasion to Rea and N'kor, mostly her congratulations on the fine showing of the hatching dragons.

Generous to a Fault Green Hatchling
This striking emerald beauty shows very little variation in her color. A vibrant and shimmering green, the only demarcations on her are her wings, which are of a darker forest hue underneath her main sails. The rest of her is almost too bright to look at in direct light, but the deep color is not unpleasant, just intense. Her lines are deeply set and angled, like the facets of a cut gem. Sharply defined, her face is somewhat imposing to the unwary, looking rather severe as though she might be perpetually proddy or upset. Only the easy playfulness of her movements offset this, eager as she is to find her lifemate, bounding happily towards the first group of Candidates, ready to share adventures untold. Her eagerness pays off as her lifemate is quickly found, a timid girl who would have been missed, except that the Candidate she was hiding behind was startled by the green's exuberant approach and so stepped aside. For a long moment, the shy Holdbred girl braves the dazzling emerald glint and Impression occurs! The girl announces her new lifemate's name in a shaky voice, trying it on an bewildered tongue for the first time, "Ysanith!" … and the pair follow automatically the guiding hand of the Weyrlingmaster, still gazing in to each others eyes, dazed.

Aengus rocks back on his heels, his attention completely falling away from the hatching at large as he finds himself staring rather enraptured at the bronze hatchling in front of him. Blinking once, then twice, then three times he seems to be trying to clear his vision or his mind in order to be able to speak. "Halinith?" he queries, almost confused at the sudden entrance of someone else in his mind. "Yes … yes. I'm Aengus. I mean .. I mean Ae'gus." He crinkles his brow together in confusion for a moment, before it smooths and a bright smile appears on his face. "We need to get you something to eat."

Deeply Confused Purple Egg has some decided issues, for now that it has fallen on it's oblong side, it has begun to roll from side to side, back and forth, until some momentum has been gained. That said, the momentum puts a split down the egg, with shards flaking off like snow. The battle is nearly over.

Lady of the Arid Forest Green Hatchling might seem to 'oof' a little as she comes forth from her confines. A bit of shell remains kilted atop her head, much to her dismay, and she spends a little time trying to get the bit off - even turning in a few circles and falling over as her hind leg is utilized at last. But it gets the shell off, and she rolls up again, blinking, to look around at the Candidates. Ohyeah….

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg has never stopped swaying back and forth since it started. The rhythmic pulse has begun to wear thin cracks in the shell, straining the structure as the sand continues to grind against the bottom. The obvious pressure from the hatchling within is causing a steady amount of spider-web cracks to show, almost as if the artist who painted on this canvas was starting to get fed up, threatening to destroy the entire project in lue of a better one.

A'ven smiles broadly, "That's a fine pair… and there…", he says pointing out the new bronze pair and a nearby blue pair. "I had a feeling…" The rest is said to Jolie in a muted whisper, responding in kind to something she said.

S'uin is a bit out of breath! If only they could have one egg hatching…per /day/. Which would be nice. He is quick to usher the newly impressed off to the side though, with murmured congratulations.

For Love of a Broken Artist Egg resonates. Creative energy surges, and out of need of love, of life, of the need to find true purpose in existence, the egg gives one final moment to being Just an Egg before consuming the last of its pre-born breath and slashes one wing through the side of the egg. Again, shards of painted fury fling from the side, as the powerful strength from the blue within forces the now fragile shell to disband in all directions, and leave his sturdy form the only thing left in it's spot. With one strong creel, his wing swipes a final shred of starlight off of the prow of his nose, leaving only the dragon to be revealed to all.

Freedom of Expression Blue Hatchling
No doubt could linger of this dragon's purpose with one gaze at his luminous hide, a raging tsunami of the teeming life force within: uncontained, unrestrained, always eluding the power of understanding. For while his structure speaks of a masculine grace, with a boxy head and brawny limbs emitted from a lavishly athletic frame, softer is the hide that serves as their canvas: such is dappled like cornflower blue paint, heavier along his sinuous back and peaceful face, and lighter on the glow of his outstretched wings, with frail sails a soft periwinkle fading to flurries of snow within. But along the membranes lie trails of shadowed teal, growing like fragile plants from an overgrown plain beyond the edges of his wings, fading slowly until not-quite reaching the blue of the spars. Icy and cool, the powdery white frolics again amongst the curve his shoulders and haunches, enwrapping blue with spotted alabaster, and dancing down the strength of his legs to completely encase the pads of his stubby, feline-toed feet, along with the ivory of overly curved talons. But, in further contrast to the artwork of his physique, the shadowed hills of neckridges climb along his frame in china blue, dying at last amongst the pure white end of his long, powerful tail. And only to look upon him is to truly see: his eyes speak of curiosity, his demeanor of creativity, of adventure for he is a free spirit, and no spirit can ever be made not to fly.

Hadria watches the last of the wilds hatch and says, "She's pretty isn't she.. like, all yellowy green." Tilting her head to one side, she has her eyes still on the bronze until it impresses and the blonde candidate takes a step back "Congratulations Aengus!" Yelling out to him and looking down at the sand, she pushes it around a little and says "Sand is pretty if you ever really looked, like all the shapes in it." Letting go of her friends hand she steps back, looking up at the hatchlings and staring out into her own little day dream.

Deeply Confused Purple Egg has an abrupt hole blown out of the side from a thrashing kick delivered by a brown leg. A second crater is accomplished by a snapping jaw. The third assault from yet another limb causes the structure to fail completely. The battle has been won. Purple shards scatter on the sand as one burly looking soldier arises from the ashes, ready to revel in his fate and begin his conquest.

Nalissi runs one foot along the sand, continueing to watch and nearly stumbles as another candidate brushes against her. Affording the girl a slight glare, she steps away from the small crowd again, returning to her solitude to continue watching.

Soldier of Fortune Brown Hatchling
Redwood splinters over the edgy ridges and knobbly head of this young dragonet. Outlining his eyes, one drawn for each side, happens to be an 'x' marking, to which the center of each rests his large faceted gaze. His entire hide is coated in comparison with a ghostly aged wood that makes dark lines appear like cracks forming in the surface of his hide, perhaps, even as if he had ancient scars there upon. The markings tend to contrast greatly with the shapes of his body and the contours of his structure, making him appear bigger and heavier than he may be. It isn't hard to see however, the fact that this dragon is built tough, for hind quarters are massive with large floppy feet promising of a stable gait and a powerful ascent. There are other unwanted beasts charging for this brown's conquest, he has little time to decide. It would be his victory today, not there's. It is his fate and this brown knows exactly how to make it a fate that he will enjoy the most. Today, he will not be fortunes fool - Jonlor will be. The brown promptly, with strong uncanny hatchling strides, marches forward. The scruffy black haired boy is his. Ensuring that, the brown roars a challenge to those who get close. By this time, Jonlor is quite aware of what's happened. The lad sways on his feet, "Gillath?! I'm with you! We'll walk together, always. You and I. Gillath and J'on. I like that." Gillath nudges his boy and encourages J'on to show him to the food.

Jolie is still clinging somewhat overmuch to A'ven, her smile perhaps a little too bright even for this occasion as she watches the sands and she nods as a few more pairs become set, a pleased catlike grin on her face at a few of them.

Kimmila wows, "That blue is beautiful," she whispers, glancing at her fellow Candidates. Trying to drink it all in, she's beginning to do the sands dance, shifting her weight back and forth.

Rea overhears A'ven's comment to Jolie and a small frown crinkles her brow. It clears quickly though as the brown appears. Her smile returns, "It's a happy occasion…", she says to herself wistfully. "Other things can wait." She applauds the latest paring just as loudly as before, but her eyes stray to Jolie now and then.

Rainbow Spangled Delight Egg continues to sway in a steady beat, until the colours on the shell are in fact flaking off, leaving the thin layers remaining to become a pale echo of what the shell once looked like. Perhaps the artist has finally decided to do away with this project, for a tail of the creature within stabs through the top like a knife, causing the shell to form giant cracks which loosen major sections of the egg and ensure the entire structure is rickety. Not a moment later, caused by the motions of the one within, the form completely breaks, leaving a green dragon face first in the sand with her rump and tail up in the air.

Watered Silk and Steel Green Hatchling
Brilliantly green, the hide of this dragon is captured in swirling patterns that seem to dance across her body, fading from view as the light changes. Ribbons of bright green slide across her muzzle only to slowly slip away into nothingness as the vivid hue approaches her swanlike neck and settles into her narrow shoulders. A watermarked delight are her wings, with their dizzying array of damasked designs across her thin translucent wingsails and separated into sections by the darker ribbons of her wingspars. The rest of her body is lithe and very slender, from her barely rounded chest and then back to her slim flanks, each watermarked with the palest of greened rainbows across the smooth hide. Her forearms and haunches are extremely slender, marked with wiry muscle and strong bone hidden beneath the delicate structure and seeming fragileness of her feet and arching half moon talons. Her last finishing touch is the graceful seeming length of her tail, enhanced by the damascene pattern across her ridges and then appearing folded back and forth in a ripplish veneer across her tail finial.

Freedom of Expression Blue Hatchling finds himself amongst such a strange, strange place! Slowly, but effeciently, he pushes himself to the strength of his legs, stretching wing and wing, tail, and finally his neck, allowing the supple hide of his body to be dried against the heat of the Sands. Beautiful! Eyes slowly churning from a pleasant green of intrigue and curiousity, that massive belly beneath him rumbles… quite audibly actually. Hm. It would appear he needs some food! With fervor to right this, he begins to stroll forward, the power of his form rippling each speckling of his hide in a beautiful array against the light caressing his form.

Lady of the Arid Forest Green Hatchling cocks her head with a little warble as she hesitantly heads towards one side of the group. And pauses. A chirping sound occurs, and then she turns to come trotting down the line. And halts. She looks up, then around, small head peeeeeking down one way and then looking over her shoulder again. At last, she seems to spot who it is she's looking for, and with a happy creel that turns into a trumpet, she proceeds to wildly bound towards her chosen lifemate with energetic abandon. THERE you are!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lady of the Arid Forest Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kimmila tears her eyes away from the blue to watch the rest of the hatching. And finds herself having to step back again as a green steps too close. "Congratulations!" she says with a wide smile. But it quickly fades. This is too fast. Way too fast. Searching, her eyes scan the sands and then look at A'ven, her expression unreadable.

N'kor watches the blue make his way across the sands. "Blues… always surprise you don't they?" "A fine fellow!" "He's a handsome one."

Watered Silk and Steel Green Hatchling shakes her head slightly, looking slightly dizzy as she first cracks shell. She stumbles lightly upon getting to her feet, not quite balanced yet but she's courageous at least, or not letting anything bother her as she moves in a direct line toward the waiting candidates.

Xe'res finishes his redfruit, ignoring any chance of Ixie trying to remain in contact as his eyes search across the Sands for S'uin. "Want some help?" It doesn't sound like the most sincere of offers, though; he stretches in a large yawn. Ah, hatchings. Reminiscent, and yet, so much egg goo! Yucky!

A'ven catches Kimmila's eye, returning her unreadable expression so precisely that their faces match for a moment, then he turns his attention back to the blue, because of N'kor's comment. He's just glad everybody has gotten out of the way so far. Things happen quickly!

Jolie momentarily frowns back at the junior weyrwoman before she simply shrugs. "Today is a day to be happy Rea. These new pairs are meant to be celebrated, and frowns won't help us do that." She pauses. "And I would think that you and Bennueth would be the happiest among us."

Freedom of Expression Blue Hatchling begins to realize the belly rumble below him isn't the only thing that seems to be yearning within him. With his curiousity comes a will not to dwell alone in his life, but to share it. The boxy shape of his head turns to, then fro, sweeping a look from candidate to candidate with scrutiny. No. Nope. Nah. Maybe he should just handle this world alone, and take on all the wonderful possibilities himself! … But that belly rumbles, his wings begin to wobble, and the yearnings override any independence within him. He needs a wingman! The search is not yet over! Thus, he begins yet again, sniffing the edges of white-robed candidates as he trundles along somewhat clumsily from person to person.

S'uin frowns at Xe'res, and promptly gives the man a /push/. Yes. Time for /pushing/. "Whatever gave you that idea? Get some of them before they start eating other candidates." …Not likely, but hey.

Rea answers, "Oh I am very happy for them, for us, for Western! This is a great day… a fine day!" "But… are you all right?"

Hadria is not paying enough attention, as usual. So at first she misses the charging hatchling, but then she can't miss the being bumped saying "Hey what're you.." Her eyes glaze over and she smiles brightly. Lost in the impression she leans down and runs her hand over the head of the little yellow-green dragon. "I wasn't hiding Mishath.. hungry? Well, what do you want.. oh dear. Maybe, oh! Come this way." Looking around she keeps her hand on the little greens head as she goes towards the food, almost tripping over her own feet on the way.

Watered Silk and Steel Green Hatchling might be taking her time, but she is moving with somewhat of a purpose now, her little head peering up into each face as she moves from candidate to candidate, seemingly checking each one off on some internal listing. As she continues on, not even the length of time can make her steps droop, it only makes her more determined.

A'ven looks over at Rea, pleased to hear that question asked of Jolie. Pleased that he didn't have to ask it himself.

Xe'res scowls, dropping his redfruit core as he's given a push by S'uin. "Alright alright, stop your rushin', the weyrlings aren't gonna be goin' anywhere!" He pulls up the front of his shirt to right himself a little more, before strutting off to find the newest Impress-ee.

Nalissi takes a couple of steps forward, cautiously, to peer around a candidate blocking her view.

Kimmila kicks at the sand, just a little bit. Her face continues to be unreadable as she looks across the sands again. She edges towards Nalissi, "How are you holding up?" she asks quietly.

Nalissi startles at being addressed. "Oh, um, hot? Will it be over soon?" There's a mild tone of regret to the question as she glances at those remaining.

Jolie sniffs lightly. "I'm doing wonderfully, we have eleven new pairs out here on the sands and the promise of more it seems. Why shouldn't I be doing well?"

Freedom of Expression Blue Hatchling becomes frustrated, offering creels and croons to those around as an attempt for someone to respond. Why does this have to be so darn hard? But then… There it is. Maybe this /isn't/ so hard. The blue creels with happiness, his wings waggling at his sides with such enthusiasm it nearly knocks him off-balance as he sees… a sand kicker! Someone to razzle up a bit! Powerful legs tug him forward as he approaches his one, his only, the perfect wing-man — or, woman! — for the perfect pair-of-wings. Ready to trample the world in search of adventure?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Freedom of Expression Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rea arches a brow and replies politely, "I was just wondering. You looked… a little strange, for a moment. Unwell, perhaps." She offers a smile afterwards.

A'ven steals another glance at Jolie, but, takes her advice and shrugs instead of frowning. Mothing but nothing could lower his mood at this point. He bounces a little on his heals.

Kimmila nods, "Yeah," she murmurs. And then her life changes. In an instant, everything has changed. Become better, as she looks into the eyes of the blue hatchling that has claimed her as his own. She falls to her knees. Cliche, but appropriate. "Oh, Varmiroth," she whispers, clinging to him, "I've been dreaming about you for so long. Yes. Yes. Let's get crazy." She scrambles to her feet and looks around, overwhelmed.

Jolie sniffs again and shakes her head. "I'm perfectly fine and why are we talking of me, when there are hatchlings on the sands?"

Watered Silk and Steel Green Hatchling tilts her head up to look into crystal green eyes and she stops, mesmorized. There, there you are and she takes a few steps closer to the girl with the bright eyes. Before she is right there, creeling up at the lass and looking impatient for an answer now as she waits.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Watered Silk and Steel Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

N'kor catches A'ven's mood and returns a smile. He's a proud papa. "What a great group!" "These Candidates are going to stick together, you mark my words…every one of em."

Nalissi sways as she becomes aware of nothing but the presense of the the small green before her. She reaches out a hand, carressing the small head. "My Damasth, my lovely Damasth." After a moment, the rest of the world seems to interrupt her moment of impression, and Lissi guides the little green towards a source of food. "Please, please, food!"

Xe'res freezes for a moment. "Oh, dear Faranth. Just what I needed." With a slightly heavy sigh, the brownrider begins to trudge forth, approaching Kimmila with a huge, entirely faked smile. "Well, little bluerider missy. Looks like you've caught yourself a ticket to a few months of imprisonment," he says jokingly. "Off this way. Let's get that.. Var..mirth? Some food." Without waiting for her response, he turns about and leads onward.

Rea steps forward as the last of the Hatchlings finds their pairing. "Thank you all for coming, please, friends family and guests join us for the feast!" "If you didn't find your dragon on the sands today please know you're welcome here at Western if you'd like to stay. Also know that 'not now' does not mean 'not ever'. To the Candidates she adds, "You have been an extraordinarily fine group… you can hold your heads up high has you have written yourselves into Western's history with honor."

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