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Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Everyone at the weyr needs to get a physical periodically. Doubly so for Zi'on, since his unexpected demise would cause a lot of headache around the weyr. And due to the fact that he works long hours under stressful conditions, has a poor diet, and drinks too much. So when he skipped out on his last physical a few months ago, he was rescheduled. And when he missed that one, again rescheduled. This time they've actually forced him to come, stripped him down and now he is waiting on one of the examining tables waiting to be seen. In nothing but his skivvies and a pair of socks. Unfortunately that also means someone is stuck on weyrleader watch duty, to make sure he doesn't just get up and walk out, like he's done before.

Naris has always been one of those people that goes to their physicals right on schedule. No need for anyone to have needed to hunt her down while she was an assistant headwoman! Well, most of the time anyway. So when she is told to come to the infirmary? Yeah, she's surprised. But somehow the surprise manages to completely evaporate as exactly what she's going to be doing is explained to her. As the candidate enters the Weyrleader's examination area she gives him a /look/, a look that is mimicked by the recently hatched brown firelizard on her shoulder. Crawlie on the other hand just lets out a happy chirp of greeting at Zi'on. For her part Naris ignored the reactions of her firelizards, instead letting out a sigh before pointing out, "you know they normally only need little kids to be guarded, right? I'm supposed to be on creche duty right now." Apparently Weyrleader babysitting duty has been combined with it now. Huzzah!

Zi'on grins when he spots Naris. "Hello, Crawlie!" He says cheerfully to the little blue, trying to coax him over to sit with him. "Who is the new guy?" He asks Naris about tiny brown. "Well it's not -my- fault I have stuff to do. I can't sit here all day. If they're busy I'll just come back some other time." He swings his feet. "Why'd they send you? Or did you offer to come because you knew I'd be mostly nekid?" He chuckles. The bronzer is looking hairier than he has lately. He's stopped shaving his chest, for one. And he's in need of a haircut, as it's becoming a curly mop. "How about you check me for cancer? I'll even turn my head and cough…"

It would seem that her blue cannot resist temptation, causing Naris to watch with narrowed eyes as Crawlie launches himselt off her shoulder and lands beside Zi'on. She shakes her head and mutters something that sounds an awful lot like 'traitor' when her firelizard lets out another trill up at the Weyrleader. Give him skritches? Concerning the brown she runs her hand over his back before answering, "this is Ramble, a found his egg in one of my shoes." A frown crosses her face at this before she adds, "I'm pretty sure there's a green somewhere that someone needs to keep a better eye on." Meanwhile Ramble continues to eye Zi'on as if trying to figure out if he's a threat. As her pet gives the Weyrleader the evil eye Naris sighs before remarking, "well you won't be able to get any of that stuff done if you catch some horrible disease. And believe it or not I'm not qualified to check someone for cancer." She learned a lesson about not doing things she's not qualified to do in a little event involving a mare oh so long ago. There is barely any pause before she goes to wave her hand in a dismissive gesture and add, "I think sending me was random chance." You know, that or they thought she would be able to scare him into submission and make him stay. The excess of hair gets a brief worried look from the candidate. Maybe it's a sign of some horrible emotional sickness? Or, you know, a sign that he was recently bitten by a werewolf.

Zi'on gives scritches to the little blue's head and chin. "Aw. You're so cute little guy. Only Kerrigan of my brood likes scritches from me." Zi'on blinks at Naris then. "IN your shoe? Ew. I hope no one stepped on other other eggs. I suppose it's a good spot to hide them though, if you want them impressed off." Sneaky greens. He pouts then at Naris. "I guess. I just hate coming here. I always get lambasted for my diet and drinking habits." He leans back on his hands. "Also it's cold in here. I could cut glass with my nipples about now. How about you come over and sit in my lap and keep me warm, if you're not going to check me for cancer?" He grins to her. Then blinks at the worried look, reaching up to cover his nipples. "What's the matter? Is it cancer?"

Naris rolls her eyes at Crawlie absolutely bathing in the attention from the bronzer. "He's a bit of an attention hog," she says regarding the blue. As she speaks he lets out happy little cooing sounds and moves his head to lick Zi'on's fingers. Crawlie approves of the skritches! There's a pause before she wrinkles her nose and murmurs, "sweet Faranth I hope not. Stepping on a firelizard egg… doesn't sound pleasant no matter how you put it." Just… no. Crushed firelizard clinging to her foot might just be one of the worst sensations she can imagine. Naris is fully unimpressed by the pouting. "I wonder why," she dryly remakrs toward his diet and drinking habits. "It's kinda their job to lecture you on your health, you know. I'm pretty sure everyone has gotten lectured by the healers, some more than others." Cold? Shards, if Zi'on wants to see cold he should visit Fort and their polar vortex. Not that Naris has been visiting the northern Weyr recently. She shrugs and shakes her head regarding sitting on his lap, although a frown crosses her head at the question. "No," she responds, "and I'd have no way of knowing if you had cancer. I'm just wondering if you're taking care of yourself."

Zi'on continues to give Crawlie the scritches between trying to cover himself. "It's okay, Crawlie. Big Uncle Zi will give you lots of attentions." Zi'on also wrinkles his nose. Finding crushed baby firelizard on your foot… even Zi'on would probably cry at that. They were like little dragons! "What have they lectured you about, then?" He asks, curious. Zi'on is taking care of himself. Well, as much as normal at any rate. But since he's not actually sleeping with anyone, his manscaping has dropped off to nil. "I'm taking care of myself!" He protests. "I mean, as much as usual. Sort of. So what if I've been drinking a little more. Or are you worried about my chest hair?" He laughs. "Some ladies like it. Others don't. What do you think? You'll have to come and feel it to get an accurate opinion."

As she watches her blue absorb the affection Naris comes to the conclusion that he is /definitely/ a traitor. Just look at that happy cooing and tail twitching, Crawlie likes the Weyrleader more than he likes her. She lets out a sniff of mock hurt before placing her hand over her chest and saying, "fine then, run away to him why don't you." On her shoulder Ramble seems to perk up at this. The annoying blue one might leave? Oh happy day! A look of remembered annoyance crosses her face as she answered, "exhaustion, apparently they think that I'm prone to overworking myself." Exhaustion, insomnia, stress, and all those related little goodies. The corners of Naris' lips quirk up in the faintest hint of a smile at Zi'on's explaination. "Alright, alright," she says while putting one of her hands up in a conciding gesture. "I was worried that the lack of hair-trimming was because you were too worried about one thing or another to think about your own health. It could be related to your failure to show up for checkups!" Oh no, Naris looks like she might be about to fall into a psychology-related lecture.

Zi'on scoops up the little blue and encourages him back to Naris' bare shoulder. "There you go, Crawlie. Back to mom. She's getting mad that you're spending more time with me." He looks at Ramble. "How about you little brown? You want to come for the scritches, too?" Zi'on chuckles at Naris' information about why she gets lectured by the healers. "I can see that. I've gotten a similar lecture, so don't feel too bad, Naris." He pats the cot next to him, gesturing for Naris to come sit. "I don't have much to be worried about these days. Nor am I worried about my check-ups." He peers at her. "Just seems pointless to keep it shaved down if no one else is getting enjoy it. I do need a hair cut though. Probably just shave it down like I used to."

Crawlie lets out one last croon at Zi'on before flying over to Naris' shoulder, a smile tugging at her lips as he settles back down. Ramble, on the other had, is less than eager to get snuggles from the bronzerider. He hisses at the man at his offer and flails his wings out slightly. Naris groans at this and moves to try and put her hand on him to soothe him only to get an attempted nip for her efforts. She winces and pulls her hand away before commenting, "he… isn't exactly the cuddly sort." 'Isn't exactly' meaning 'not at all'. The smile manages to widen regarding the lecture and she comes to sit beside him without a word, delicately pulling herself up on the cot. She shrugs at the topic of shaving. "That's up to you, I just want to know that you plan on running around looking like a ruffian by choice, not a lack of caring."

Zi'on laughs as the little brown goes to bite Naris. "Well, maybe he'll be the useful type, at least. Make him work for his food. Not all of them are cuddly. Or trainable, even. No matter how much you want them to be." Zi'on wraps an arm around Naris' shoulders as she sits next to him. "I like to look like a ruffian sometimes. It makes me look dangerous. Ladies like that. Right?" Maybe not Naris, it might go against her mighty principles. "So are you a cheat hair kind of girl, or not? Do you like a dangerous kind of guy, Naris?" He leans over her, in an attempt to look large and threatening.

"Useful would be good," Naris muses. "I hope he'll be useful anyway, an unfriendly firelizard that can't learn anything could turn out to be quite a bit of trouble." Because if a firelizard isn't nice and also isn't useful that chances of it being troublesome seem rather good. She doesn't protest Zi'on wrapping his arm around her but doesn't move closer either. Instead she seems to be thinkking about something, probably related to training her new firelizard or whatever may be pushing on her mind at the moment. However, she snaps out of it at his question, a snort of amusment leaving her. "I'm not sure I'm the best one to ask," she admits, "I don't exactly go out of my way to keep up with the latest trends. However, as much as I hate to break it to you I don't think looking ungroomed /alone/ will make you look dangerous." Amusement flashes across her face at this before she adds, "besides, there are different kinds of dangerous, it's not exactly something that can be summed up in one word." The attempt to look large and threatening doesn't work. At all. Instead she raises an eyebrow and remarks, "chest hair is generally a non-issue for me. As for the danger thing… well I like to think that's my business."

It would be sort of useless. Though Zi'on's own Thrall, king of firelizards, was pretty useless in that way. Not trainable, not cuddly. He was just a big lump who bothered Zi'on if he wanted something, and impregnates his green and gold and whatever other firelizard is within range. His two ladies were by far more reliable. Zi'on laughs. "No? What else should I do? Get a bunch of scars? Poke one of my eyes out? Carry weapons? Walk around stabbing people I don't like?" Zi'on grins. "What do you mean different kinds? I just want to look dangerous-dangerous. You know. Thrilling." He pouts at her. "Don't tell me you're still mad at me because of the whole Rhysanna thing, Naris. All of you ladies will impress green at the hatching, and then you all can fight over me during flights."

Naris' own Crawlie isn't the most trainable of firelizards either. Sure, he can deliver notes, but that's about it. However, he is also one of the nicer firelizards and a good pet so worth it as far as she is concerned. The topic of dangerousness makes Naris shake her head. "I don't really think being dangerous is a look. It's more in… the way you act. There are people who are dangerous because they could would would hurt people, criminals, people that are dangerous when someone threatens something they care about, protective people, and all sorts of places in between. But as far as the dangerous 'look' goes… as I said, I'm not the best person to ask." Another frown at this. Really, fads just aren't something she wraps her head around! Maybe if she did she wouldn't have as many pants suits as she ddoes. The topic of Rhysanna makes her sigh before throwing her arms up in frustration. Exasperation runs wild in her voice as she exclaims, "why do people keep bringing that up? I despise Rhysanna as a person, Zi'on, not because you're dating her, and my issues with her started before I even knew the two of you were a thing. Furthermore I don't talk about everything in my life and there are some things I just don't like to share, like that question about dreams during truth or dare. I just… I'm not a friendly, kind, sweet, forgiving, or pleasant person in general. It isn't tied to any one event or any single person. More like a lifetime of little things that grew into one big thing that people seem to have been trying to connect to that one thing lately." She finishes that spectacular rant with a sigh. Her hands go back down to her sides only to meet up in her lap where she fidgets awkwardly.

Zi'on chuckles. "Well I just want to -look- dangerous. I don't actually want to kill anyone. Or hurt anyone. Or any of that. Unless I have to. Then I will, but I would prefer not to." He scratches his head. "Maybe I'll ask Naeda, then." She seemed like the type to be in the know about such things. Zi'on raises a brow at her as she gives a long rant about Rhysanna and… other stuff he didn't know he was implying about. "I still don't know why you two dislike each other. It seems rather silly to me. The whole point of truth or dare is to take you out of that comfort zone… Why did you even agree to play?" He gives her an incredulous look. "But you -can- be friendly and kind and maybe even sweet on the right day. You just have these walls built up around you for some reason that I've yet to figure out. Obviously all these little things you mentioned. Your secrets can be kept to yourself, that's fine. But it might help to discuss some of them. With anyone."

Naris can't help but smirk slightly at that. "That isn't dangerous then. Well, maybe dangerous sometimes but it sounds more like pretending to be dangerous than anything else to me. Which isn't dangerous at /all/… just kinda sad really." There's a bit more smirking at this. Maybe not the reaction Zi'on was going for? There's a sigh regarding her feud with Rhysanna seeming silly to him but she doesn't say anything more directly regarding the girl at the moment. "It might have been a little stupid," she admits. "I just… didn't want to seem like some stuck-up prude of a girl that doesn't know how to have fun, or is /constantly/ a spoil sport, or who only knows how to work or be bossy." A slightly bitter smile tugs at her lips as she adds, "I actually do listen to the gossip mill at times. Although it seems that little attempt kinda backfired." There's a pause as Naris looks down at her feet, not entirely sure how to react to the Weyrleader's words. Finally the corner of her mouth twitches up and she says, "you sounded a bit like the healers just then. Maybe I should start badgering you about your drinking habits to make the circle complete."

Zi'on chuckles. "Maybe it's sad. But that's how I want to look. I'm kind of a sad guy, Naris. In case you haven't noticed." He peers at her. "You shouldn't go against who you are though, just to prove something to other people. I will admit that you could stand to loosen up a little. But forcing you to play games you aren't comfortable with… I don't think that's the way to go about it. You seemed more at home at the dance at Xanadu. Not that we'll be doing -that- again anytime in the near future." He smiles and shrugs to her. It's about this time that the healer comes in, an older gentleman with a neatly trimmed beard. "Ah, weyrleader. Seems our trap has finally sprung for you, eh?" Zi'on' shoulders slump. "Yeah yeah…" The healer turns to Naris then. "Thank you, candidate. You are free to go now." The healer then moves in go about Zi'on's physical.

Naris shrugs and opens her mouth to say something only to be cut off by the arrival of the healer. She rises without a word, gives a respectful nod to the two of them, and proceeds to head off to do who knows what who knows where. Probably something related to chores unless Naeda finds her and pulls her into something related to gossip. Or hair.

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