Dangerous Pillowtalk

Western Weyr - Ground Level Guest Weyr
This spaceous ground level weyr was hand hewn from the volcanic rock of the island, leaving the black walls and floor somewhat rough and uneven. Softening the darkness of the weyr are many small glows placed in alcoves just above eye level which cast a warm, yellow light.
Defined by a large, plush rug from the weavercraft is the living area for the riders. Several chairs, a writing desk, a large bed and a wardrobe are scattered in a pleasing fashion upon the blue-green rug. On the walls are several tapistries showing scenes of dragon's cavorting in Western's lagoon, dolphins at play on the sea and a dragon's eye view of Western Weyr as seen from the lookout point at the top of the crater.

What is it about a flight that makes one utterly exhausted anyways? Taiyo's flight had been in the afternoon at Western, and now here it is in the middle of the night and Zi'on is still in the guest weyr. And he probably would have slept right through to morning, too, if not for the urgent call of nature. The bronzer groans a bit in his sleep and mutters before climbing out of the bed. His disoriented, sleep-addled brain takes him in the direction the washroom is in his own weyr, which is the complete wrong direction. Also it's dark, and he half trips over a piece of clothing, picking it up and peering at it before tossing it aside. When he realizes the washroom isn't where he expects it to be, he just stands there for a minute, stark naked in the dark, scratching his head quizzically.

Isn't it obvious what makes everyone so exhausted after a flight? Happy hormones! Luckily for Zi'on, Raev is still dozing, curled up on her side with her head pillowed on one arm, the other tucked up under her chin. And, as long as the green rider sleeps, there is no threat to the bronze rider who happened to be the "lucky" one - A bronze rider that it can be argued is at the bottom of Raev's list. A soft little sigh as Zi'on first moves, and then she's rolling, making a sound without opening her eyes. "Mmmm?" She asks unintelligibly.

Happy hormones! Until Zi'on has to go back to his weyrmate tomorrow and she glares at him for the next few days. Or until Raev wakes up and realizes Zi'on's bronze has caught her green. Again. What has he done to make Raev so angry at him anyways? Zi'on's brain is slowly turning on, and he realizes he's not in his own weyr. And not in his own bed. And not with his own weyrmate. He stumbles around the other side of the bed to look and feel for the opening of the washroom in the dark. "Got lost." He mumbles. Once he's found it, he doesn't bother even shutting the door while he takes care of his business. No time!

Who knows anymore, but at least at the moment Raev doesn't seem to have any complaints about Zi'on. Maybe its just that he's a Shipton, and she hasn't been given the love and affection she thinks she deserves. Either way, there's a mumbling, and the green rider is trying to place the voice, eyes opening as she stares at the ceiling, coming to a similar realization as Zi'on - She is not in her weyr… And lacking a weyrmate as she is, just who was it that has vanished into the washroom.

The flushing is accompanied by an 'Ahhhh' and at least Zi'on has the coherency to wash his hands. He does not though have the foresight to realize that now might be a good time to grab whatever clothes he can find and run back home under cover of darkness. Instead he wanders out of the washroom with a yawns and climbs back into the bed next to Raev. What sort of love and affection did Zi'on owe Raev? And besides, it's not like he could help what family he was born into. Though it's not like he hides the fact either.

Eyes are slowly adjusting, and as Zi'on reappears, Raev tracks his shadowy form across the room, turning her head to follow his progress. And then, as he climbs back into the lion's den, she's turning onto her side to face him, watching him with eyes that catch a hint of light now and then, revealing that she's awake. It is a long moment before she finally speaks, a little smirk appears on her face - at least she's still "happy". "-You-.."
The bronzer lays down on his back and then blinks a few times as he realizes Raev is watching him. He squints at her, but it's probably hard to see in the dark. Was that a happy smirk or a scary smirk? "Me? Er… hello. I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to sleep." Yes, back to sleep. Sleepy-Raev is much less frightening. This was somewhat less awkward than waking up next to S'ol, but at least the male greenrider was more cuddly and less I'm-gonna-bite-you-in-your-sleep.

Eyes continue to linger on the bronze rider for a moment, Raev contemplating his profile, before she sighs softly and shifts… To try and pillow her head on Zi'on's shoulder instead, even as her eyes are closing. No screaming, no biting, no slapping - Some sort of Pernese hell must be freezing over. Or, perhaps the payback will come later. Either way, there Raev lingers, and allows Zi'on to as well. For now.
Zi'on slides his arm under Raev and lets her lay down against his shoulder. It could be a trap, but the bronzer was too tired to worry about such things. He gives the greenrider a bit of a squeeze. "You've never been weyrmated, right?" So much for sleep. Apparently the bronzer is looking for some sort of pillow talk. Or maybe he's trying to gauge how likely he is to take a beating later on. Though talking about weyrmates when you're lying naked with another woman might be a bit awkward.

A moment, and it seems Raev just gives in, shifting to settle against him, and let him move his arm as he wants. From the green rider's shallow breathing, Zi'on is likely safe enough for now. But then, he's asking a question, and there's a little whimper as she opens her eyes, blinking as she peeks up at him sleepily. A moment later, she's finally answering, a little shake of her head. "Never.." She offers, before tucking her head back on his shoulder.

Zi'on appears to be wide-awake now, staring up at the rocky ceiling of the weyr that isn't his. Too bad Raev, Zi'on is thinking now and that can be a dangerous thing. Especially since any thinking the bronzer does tends to be directly connected with his mouth. He looks down at Raev. "How do you tell when a girl is getting tired of you? Or like… if you were tired of someone, how would you start acting around them?" Probably like how she's about to start acting like in a few moments.

Certainly, the last person Zi'on should probably be asking for advice is Raev, but it seems that he's bound and determined to do just that As he continues the questions, she sighs a little, opening her eyes and propping herself up on an elbow to peer at him, despite it being mostly shadows. "I dunno.. Does she make excuses to be somewhere else? Or… Tell you she's too tired for…" And, being an evil person, Raev has to take advantage for a bit of revenge, one hand trailing down his side to his hip teasingly, letting her action finish her sentence.

Too bad! Apparently Zi'on is feeling vulnerable after flight romp and now is feeling secure with Raev. Such things would be easily remedied by a bite or a slap or something. "Not exactly. It's more that she always has something better to do and just isn't around in general, I guess." He jumps a bit as fingers travel close to his you-know-what. Then he chuckles. "Sometimes. Sometimes we just miss each other completely. Others she'll wake me up in the middle of the night for it." He takes a deep breath then and shuts his eyes.

"Excuuuses…" Raev offers in an almost mocking town of voice, perhaps taking a little bit of pleasure from Zi'on's insecurities if the tone of her voice is any indication. As he laughs, she shakes her head, settling back down, this time resting her hand benignly on his chest. "I'd be worried, if I were you." She offers, tone becoming serious, as she lays there. "Probably should talk to, you know, her."

Zi'on gives Raev a droll look, then furrows him brow at the ceiling. "Maybe." Most people seem to take pleasure from Zi'on's insecurities. Maybe he ought to visit his mother or something. At least she wouldn't be laughing at him inside! He sighs. "You think so?" He looks down at her, his voice now a more worried tone. "Eh… Kiena isn't the easiest person to talk to about her feelings. She's scarier than you are, and she tends to get mad when I ask her about things that she thinks ought to be obvious. None of my other friends have split with their weyrmate before." And if he's considering asking his father… well he's not going to mention that to Raev.

"She's a blue rider. You never know which way she'll go, I would think she would be scarier." Raev comments with a little laugh, fingers gently patting his chest, as if to hopefully take some of the sting out of her words. "If she wanted to be with you, she'd make time to be with you. I think." Raev chews on her lip as she ponders the validity of her own advice, before giving a little nod and peeking up to stare at the bottom of Zi'on's chin. "If its not obvious, though.." Sigh, girls.

Zi'on peers at Raev curiously. "What do you mean by never knowing which way she'll go?" Was she suggesting something about the unreliability of blueriders, or something about their sexual orientation? "I don't think she's cheating on me or anything like that. She's just been preoccupied with her craft lately." He sighs along with the greenrider. "I guess I'll have to talk to her." He tilts his head up too look back at her. "How come you've never taken up with someone? No need since you're a greenrider?"

"You know. Maybe she's more interested in your sister, than you." Raev offers, ducking her head to hide her rather wicked smile. "Or, one of them, at least." And as Zi'on makes excuses for Kiena, Raev coughs a little, shaking her head. "That's what she says at least. Have you checked on her?" A pause. "Or, maybe she's worried she'll never be anything but the weyrmate of the Weyrleader… And well, if you're with Enka, maybe she wants to know what is going on *there*." And there is the evil side of Raev that everyone.. loves. Or something. As he questions her own life, she shrugs a little, shifting to roll away and lay on her back. "No one I really.. want to, I guess."

"Which sister? Ziria? I don't even think they know each other. If anything Kiena gets jealous when I talk about Ziri. Which is strange… but whatever. I don't know of any other sisters I have here at the weyr." Though they could be hiding from Zi'on. "Most of my sisters are kids anyways." He blinks. "Checked on her? I don't have to. She comes home smelling like soot and looking like she rolled around wet on Ista's beach everyday. I'm not /with/ Enka. We just work together." And sleep together once a year or so. As she rolls away Zi'on blinks over at her. "Sorry. I didn't mean to pry."

"Maybe she's jealous that you talk to Ziri and she does… but that she really *wants* to get to know her." Raev pushes the subject a little more, before she arches an eyebrow and glances back at him. "Maybe it's because she *is* rolling around wet on Ista's beach everyday. With.. Who knows who." Raev shrugs as he apologies for prying, before wrinkling her nose, and gazing back at the ceiling. "What's the point, anyway? I'll find myself waking up next to.. well, someone like you every couple of months, and… if they have a dragon, they will too. Possibly more often."

"I… what? She can talk to Ziri as much as she wants. Anyone can. It's not like I'm stopping her. Besides. I don't think Ziri swings for both sides anyways. She only likes men." But that could be Zi'on's bronzer tunnelvision talking. Surely no ladies like other ladies! Blasphemy! "That was a metaphor. She's not cheating on me." At least the bronzer is sure of that much. "So what about the rest of the time? We're riders, of course that'll happen. But I like waking up to someone I actually love on the rest of the days. No offense. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the variety. But I also like the security of a weyrmate. For as long as it lasts, at least."

"If you say so.." Raev at least gives up on trying to force the idea of Kiena having fallen for someone else, instead, she sighs a little, still looking up at the ceiling rather than at the bronze rider beside her. "I don't know. I just.." A shrug, and she flips over onto her side, turning her back towards Zi'on. "I guess its easier to not worry about it, when there's no one to worry over."

Zi'on really wasn't worried about Kiena falling for someone else. That was unlikely, as it had taken her so long to warm up enough to Zi'on before they'd even been considered friends. He was just worried that he'd fallen so low on Kiena's list of interests that he wasn't on her radar anymore, just more background noise. A warm body that slept next to her and could be used when she was feeling the "happy hormones". He frowns as Raev turns her back to him. He leans over to rest his chin on her upper arm. "I suppose so. Easy to get lonely though."

Turning her head a little, she glances over at him as he rests his chin on her arm, wrinkling up her nose a little. "Easy to find company too, though. And then you don't have to worry if you're still… good enough. Or whatever. Interesting, I guess." She shrugs, and sighs, turning her head back, biting her lip. "Not like you'd have any chance to get lonely anyway."

"Easy if you're a woman maybe. I never had much success at attracting the ladies just for… company." Though Zi'on's not had much chance to try, since he's been in and out of long term relationships since he was about sixteen. He gives her a strange look. "That's what you think. Though it is easier once you have kids to not feel lonely. I can always take the little ones down to the beach or something for a day of fun. It's easy to get lifted out of a funk." He flops down behind her and goes to wrap her up in a spoon.

Stiff for a moment as Zi'on settles down, Raev relaxes after a moment, actually snuggling a little closer, and resting her arm over his. In the dark - no one can call her on her (temporary) change of heart about the bronze rider - though it probably helps his case that he is being vulnerable. "Oh, I love Lyna.. she keeps me busy, but.. its not the same kind of lonely, then." A moment of quiet, and then she adds, "I mean, I appreciate it when J'yn comes to visit, but he has a weyrmate of his own, too."

Zi'on's breathing slows a bit as they make themselves comfortable. "Lyna… is your daughter?" He didn't know Raev had any kids! Then again it's been a while since they've talked. "I suppose it's not really the same. But how would that make me any different. Sure I'm busy, but that just means I'm more tired at the end of the day." There's a long pause as Zi'on digests the new information. "J'yn? What if J'yn didn't have a weyrmate of his own?" Perhaps Raev was incapable of wooing said man of choice.

"She's four.." Raev offers the detail, answering his question affirmatively. "J'yn's her father.. He.. was like you." Flight winner. As he asks more questions, she stays quiet for a moment, before there's a little snort, and a shake of her head. "J'yn.. J'yn makes the rumors about your dad seem tame." Bronzeriders. Can't live with 'em, and probably no fun to live without them. "Too much… trouble."

"About the same age as Ezio then." Zi'on says, a bit surprised. He didn't realize Raev had had a kid that early. "I see. Though I doubt that. My father left his loin-y legacy all over Pern." At least Zi'on has kept his to Western as far as he is aware. The bronzer chuckles at Raev a bit. "You can't stay away though, can you?" Zi'on plants a string of kisses along Raev's shoulder, then picks up one of her hands to give it a squeeze.

"Just because he hasn't left as much actual evidence, doesn't mean he hasn't -tried-.." Raev laughs softly, and shakes her head, with a little sigh. "Can now, he's all… serious about her, at least for now." A shrug, and then, she's giggling at the kisses, squirming a little - and yet, she folds her fingers through his easily enough. "Are you sure you aren't taking after your father?" She teases, gently.

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Raev. "That's just a rider in general. Some of us just have better luck than others. And ever those who don't -want- to sleep around sometimes end up doing just that. Just look at Th'ero, his bronze chased all those greens over the turns…" He chuckles at her giggling. He's scruffy, so there's extra tickling. "If you mean I appreciate being in bed with a cute girl, even if it is after a flight, then yes. If you mean I intend to sire an empire across Pern, then no." He nuzzles his head in against her neck. "You know we could be better friends, even if we aren't sleeping together all the time."

"Oh, some of them though, have nothing to do with their dragon - they handle it *all* on their own… And don't even try and blame their life mate after a while." Raev has learned that much at least, over the turns of being a green rider. As the scruff rubs against her neck, she squirms a bit more, leaning away a little bit. "Maybe." A pause, and she's turning to turn enough to look at him. "Although I'm wondering if your 'not all the time' still means 'some of the time'." And she watches him, trying to hide her smirk.

"Do they now? Well, I don't. Well, most of the time. I mean, it's one thing if I'm not attached to anyone at the time…." Sometimes it was the ladies who did the hitting on, too! Like… Enka. When she turns to look at him he gives her a grin. "Maybe… First off, I am not responsible for the catchings of my dragon. And second of all I am not responsible if my weyrmate dumps me because I am boring to her." Everything else though… was totally on Zi'on.

"So, if I *do* decide we can be friends, when Kiena dumps you for being boring, I won't be able to get rid of you?" She teases him a little, arching an eyebrow, before she's shifting back to tuck herself against him, smirking to herself. "I don't want to cause any… weyrmate-ial strife, now.." She quickly adds.

Zi'on laughs. "Well now. Don't we think highly of ourselves. Who says I won't have some other girl to chase if Kiena dumps me? I am weyrleader you know. I have fans." More than just his mother, even! "But maybe." The bronzer yawns. "Oh… don't worry. For all I know Kiena's got some big important test coming up or something and just hasn't told me about it. Maybe I'll corner her tomorrow…" The bronzer's speech becomes a bit slurred at the end, as he starts to fall back asleep.

"You said it, not me.." Raev counters, still smirking a little. But then, it seems the bronze rider has finally talked himself out, and Raev is relaxing, yawning a little herself, before snuggling back down, and soon drifting off to sleep. Hopefully Zi'on will be as lucky the next time they wake up.

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