Ir'e is Made Wingsecond

Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This large office is arranged in an H-shape with the weyrleader's desk in the middle of the room sitting slightly towards the back. The desk is made of sturdy wood of good quality, stained and finished to a dark mahogany. It is forever covered in stacks of paperwork for the weyrleader to look over, binders, books and clipboards as well as writing utensils. To one side sits a refurbished computer. The far wall from the door is covered in a large bulletin board, covered in maps, notes and memorandums. Below are a series of wooden drawers, for storing additional maps, paperwork or other odds and ends. On the right wall there are mostly bookshelves, leading to the weyrsecond's L-shaped desk that juts into the front of the room. The left wall is occupied by further bookshelves and filing cabinets, except for a small desk against the front corner, meant for an assistant. There are stacks of crates to either side of the door, pushed out of the way.
There are comfortable chairs situated at each desk, as well as two in front of the weyrleader's desk and one in front of the weyrsecond's. The floor is covered in a light colored wooden flooring over the stone. Over that is a plush blue area rug to match the chairs with Western's symbol on it. The room is lit by overhead electric lighting with glow baskets on the desks for extra light.

It's late morning at Western and one of those sweltering humid summer days. However it is not so horrible within Western's cave system. The thick walls an lack of sun keep the insides of the weyr a cool and comfortable temperature. Zi'on has sent for Ir'e this morning, by way of rank and not by dragon contact. A sign that it is official business and that his superiors are to be informed that he is reporting to the weyrleader this morning. Right now though the young bronzer is filling out some paperwork and looking all weyrleader-y at his desk with his nice clothes and full beard and fancy knot.

And despite the fact that it's one of those sweltering, humid days, Ila'den arrives in his /riding/ jacket. As backwards as possible, he /does/ remove the jacket once he's inside the coolness of the caves, and the long-sleeved tunic underneath is rolled up to his elbows. He tosses his jacket over the back of his chair, and then moves to sit in front of Zi'on's desk. Yes, he plops into one of those comfy seats and brings his arms up behind his head, feet going up on his workspace as he watches the Weyrleader with a mischievous grin. "I need a pair of your underpants, Zi, and it's very important."

Ir'e isn't used to being called into the pricipal's.. er.. Weyrleader's office. In fact, this is probably the first time he's been officially summoned. To say that he's nervous, would definitely be the right description. He slips into Zi'on's office, clad in his riding leathers—which totally sucks considering the weather but one must be kept warm from the frigidness of *between*. Sweat is beaded across his brow and he's wiping the back of his hand across his brow as he peeks in. "Weyrleader?" The bluerider shifts from foot to foot and reaches down to tug at his jacket and pull out a particularly large crease that forms when he moves. Oh, and look, there's an Ila'den as well and of course Ir'e comes in right at the moment those words are coming out of Ila's mouth. "I can always give you a pair of mine if you need some." He browwaggles, because all those nerves that were bunched up in tight coils instantly get loosened by the Weyrsecond's demeanor.

Well, one had to wear a riding jacket if they were going between, or doing some sort of high altitude flying or something. Even if it's sweltering on the ground. Zi'on smacks Ila'den's feet. "At least take your boots off, you slob. I hope you mean for the whole Naris plot. And not for some other perverted purpose." The bronzer gets up out of his seat. "Ah, Ir'e. Come in and have a seat. You can strip out of your leathers, we're not sending you on assignment. Apparently Ila'den has urgent need of my underpants. Then we can our discussion." And then Zi'on, in true weyrbrat fashion, drops trou right in the middle of the office. Right down to his skin. He pulls his undershorts out of the pile at his feet and tosses them over at Ila'den's head. Then he pulls up his pants again and works to make himself presentable. That's right, Ir'e and Ila'den get an eyeful.

Ila'den laughs that low, husky laughter when the Weyrleader is smacking at his feet, and he's dropping them back to the floor in just enough time to tilt his head back and give Ir'e an upside-down smile. "Wouldn't have quite the same effect, I fear, but if I ever have a /need/ of yours, I will come calling - if your weyrmate lets me near, of course. I hear he has a nasty bite." And then Zi'on is on his feet, and those grey eyes are watching the man's every move right up until he bares it all for the world to see. There's a howl of laughter from the bronzerider, but he's catching Zi'on's pants as if this is an every day occurrence and, after dabbing at his eyes with them, tucking them away in a suddenly over-stuffed pocket. "Cheers," he says to the Weyrleader, "I'll enjoy these later. Wouldn't want to scare Ir'e out with the true intensity of our love." The Weyrsecond gets to his feet only then, and he pulls out the second chair in front of Zi'on's desk for Ir'e. "Sit. Please. We have a lot to talk about."

Woo.. hoo? Ir'e's averting his gaze the moment he sees Zi's hands come to his hips and start to tug those pants of his down. While it may be strange to be weyrmated to a man and react this way, nonetheless the bluerider's cheeks are warming with color at the ex-weyrbrat's actions. He quickly is shrugging out of his jacket and laying it neatly on the back of a chair before plopping down. "Kinda disappointed, was hoping you'd send me somewhere cold, maybe High Reaches or Fort." Those chocolate brown eyes then come to settle on Ila then and he shakes his head, "I'm sure Rhab would more than happily let you take my underwear, Faranth knows he pushes me off on any pretty lady that walks by. I'm sure he wouldn't have a qualm about something like my underpants." Maybe he might even fold them into a cute little square to give to Ila too! "So what can I do for you two if I'm not going somewhere cool?"

"Your weyrmate does have a nasty bite. I don't know why you put up with him, really. At least Kiena is pleasant while I'm not pushing her buttons." Though Zi'on might mean more than she's more pleasant to look at, being a woman and all. The bronzer wrinkles his nose as Ila'den wipes his eyes with Zi'on's shorts. Gross. "I better not find you wearing them later. I have them all monogramed by my weaver." Zi'on sinks back down into his seat once he's presentable again. Of course Ir'e and Ila'den now know that Zi'on is going commando. "Well, you can go someplace cold later on." Zi'on pauses for a bit to rearrange some paperwork on his desk. "Let's talk about Rou'x for a moment. Ila'den thinks we ought to keep her grounded for a while longer. I heard there was some sort of incident involving you two. Care to elaborate?"

Ila'den looks so thoroughly /amused/ by Zi'on's hate of Rhabel. The Weyrleader's evident distaste /clearly/ means that Rhab is a man worth meeting. Still, he turns that wicked smile onto Zi, and waggles his brows with suggestion. "I don't know, Zi. Maybe Iris is into that whole role-playing thing. What better way to get into a character than wearing their clothes?" Ila'den moves to settle back into his own seat, doing a lazy head roll so that he can look at Ir'e. "Must be a hard life, having a weyrmate who tries to push you away. Maybe you should try role playing with /him/. I remember you making quite the woman at our little masque." Yes he did just reach out to twirl some of Ir'e's hair - not that the man has much to work with, and then he's laughing, shifting /away/. He will quiet for story time, thank you.

"He's much better when he isn't around other people. There are priceless moments where you get to see the true side of him. He just likes to hide it beneath all those layers of being a pain in the ass." Ir'e flashes him a smile, "But I don't blame you for not being overly fond of him, he definitely takes some getting used to. He's a good guy though and great with my children." And then, oh look, Ila is twirling his hair and the bronzerider is getting a strange look at that action. "He doesn't always push me away." There's a faint curl of his lips at that comment before he goes silent as the thing with Rou gets brought up and he shifts slightly, folding one leg over the other at the knee. "Well, you know Rou disappeared after all that happened and she shipped our kids off with her family. Didn't really tell me where, just said it'd be better for them to stay with her family. So I've.. yet to really see my twins. And being that she's been pretty MIA lately so I've had no way to really get to them for the past turn or more. So when she came back and acted like everything was all fine and dandy I just.." there's silence again as he takes a slow, hopefully calming breath. "I just want my kids."

Zi'on peers at Ila'den. "Why would Iris want you pretending to be me when she could have the real thing?" He motions to himself. "Besides, Iris has already settled for cube steak. She's stuck with you now." Zi'on gives Ir'e a sympathetic look. "I've got my own weyrmate problems. And this is number two for me." Ir'e has much more hair than Zi'on does for twirling. Ila'den would be better off twirling Zi'on's chest hair if he wanted to do something like that to the bronzer. "Whatever floats your boat Ir'e. I'm not here to pass judgment on your weyrmate. I hope he's contributing to the weyr though." Zi'on listens to Ir'e's story with a contemplative look on his face. "Well, she ought to tell you at least where they are, but you're more or less stuck with her decision unless they're being mistreated. I can hold her knot hostage until she tells us where they are, but I can't let you just rush in and uproot without a reason. I'm eager to move past this incident with Rou'x. Not forget about, but move past it. If I can't reintegrate her into the ranks then I'll have to force her to transfer out. And if I do that there's not much chance of her telling you anything." Zi'on looks between the two riders. "Thoughts? I need some advice here since I'm not fully in the loop."

Ila'den, for once, is quiet. He merely listens to the exchange between riders, and rolls his shoulders when Zi'on asks for his input on the situation. "I understand that you think she's only going to find it harder to get back into the swing of things, but she messed up because she wasn't stable /then/, and she isn't stable /now/. I can agree with putting her back in exercises, but I don't want her back out on the field until she's proven she isn't going to be a nuisance to the rest of the wing." And those brows raise, as he looks towards Ir'e. "Though you know her better than either of us, so your opinion probably carries considerable more weight than my own."

Ir'e doesn't seem completely excited about Zi's words, his head is nodding, as if he understands but then at the same time there's a hardness to his face that has presented itself. "She told me where they are. Just trying to arrange things in our weyr for their arrival before I get them. There isn't no way I'm leaving them in Reaches when there's one parent who wants 'em. Don't see why it's fair she gets to make the decisions for 'em when she never wanted them to begin with. I should have just as much right to 'em as she does. And if she doesn't want them, then I see no reason why her family should be the ones raising /my/ children. I'm a good father, I deserve to have them here." Grumble grumble. He definitely has a lot to say on the matter though before there's silence to allow Ila to speak. "I don't know if she's ready to come back to being a real rider or not. I thought I knew her but that was before all this happened and she took my kids away. I never thought someone I thought was my best friend would do that. And now I can't be bothered to get to know her. I personally want nothing to do with her. I think keeping her busy and out of the way so she doesn't go back to drinking would be a good start though." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug before going back to the subject of his emotionless little weyrmate, "And you'll have to talk to Rhab about being a productive member of the weyr. He used to go do harpery type things in the Tiki lounge but we need to replace his violin. I'd like to see him back in the craft but not having a lot of luck with that." Since Naris helped contribute to its destruction.

Zi'on looks to Ir'e with a frown. "I don't want to have a political situation on my hands between us and High Reaches. I don't know what happened with Rou'x, but she needs to at least start to pull her own weight again." He looks to Ila'den then. "Make it happen." Then back to Ir'e. "I'd prefer it if you could get Rou's blessing to bring the kids back, but you'd better at least get the family's blessing. I don't want to hear that you've broken into someone's house and kidnapped your own kids. If you can't get the cooperation you're looking for you need to let me know, and we'll use political pressure to make it happen. Past that, like you said it's probably best that you keep away from her. If neither of you have anything to add I'd like to get down to the reason we've brought you here, Ir'e." Zi'on leans back in his chair.

"I'm not gunna go in and kidnap my own children, Zi'on. But I'm not going to just leave 'em there and not try to get them back either. Although maybe I'll have Rhab talk to her because I'm not sure how civil I can be with her at the moment." And at least Rhab doesn't wrap his hands around her neck and squeeze the life out of her. "I'll let you know if I run into any issues." The bluerider states, reaching up to push some of his stringy hair out of his face and behind his ear. "That isn't the reason you wanted me here?"

"Sorry, but I can't be too careful. I wouldn't have expected Rou'x to go all haywire on me either. Or to have been stabbed in the middle of a party. Or to have Iris kidnapped. But we're stuck with the hand we're dealt. If you want to Ila'den or I can try to reason with her." Zi'on shakes his head, confirming that the Rou'x situation wasn't really the reason why Ir'e had been summoned. "It's not generally my business to interfere in the personal issues of my riders. It is however, my business to interfere in the personal affairs of my staff. If I think it's affecting their ability to do their jobs. On that note, S'rorn agrees that this belongs to you." Zi'on opens a drawer on his desk, and then pulls from it a wingsecond knot, laying it on the desk. "Conditional on you not going off the deep end of course. You'll be second-in-command of Seamount. S'rorn can use a strong hand to help him run the wing. I won't get into a big long speech about your duties and all of that. You've been part of the wing long enough to know."

Ir'e's lips form into a line, "I understand. Living always has unexpected things happening. Twists and turns. Not a bad thing to be ready for 'em. But don't worry, not going to do anything crazy or unreasonable." Unless Rou pushes him beyond his boundaries, but hopefully that won't be happening anytime soon! Gaze travels down to the knot that's placed on the desk and surprise flickers across knitted brows. "Oh." He blinks a few times and reaches out to take it. "Well thank you for thinking I can handle this. I'll be sure to give S'rorn whatever he needs to make the wing run as smoothly as possible."

Zi'on gives Ir'e an easy smile. At least Ila'den is being quiet. "Well, good. I like to think of you as a well adjusted individual. And you certainly seem to care about your family. I'm hoping the rest of us at the weyr fall into some form of that." Zi'on laughs a bit at Ir'e's reaction. Or seemingly lack thereof. "Well, I hope you think you can handle it, too. You look more like you've seen a ghost." Zi'on gets up and comes around the other side of the desk, offering a hand to Ir'e. "Learn the ropes from S'rorn. Western can't survive without its transport system, we we'll be counting on you two."

What was Ila'den doing in his chair? Creepy things, no doubt. It's never a /good/ sign when the Weyrsecond is silent, and certainly an even worse omen when he's quiet for /so long/. Suddenly he's perking right up in his seat, leaning forward against Zi'on's desk, and turning his head so that he can fix a rather smug smile onto Ir'e. "Congratulations on the promotion, Ir'e, and becoming S'rorn's personal slave." Yep, he's reaching out to pat, pat, pat the bluerider on his shoulder, and then saying, "Ah! But there is a condition. Just one. I need your weyrmate to come and sing for our Weyrleader here - he does sing, doesn't he? - in a very belated congratulations to the birth of his girls. I wasn't altogether when he had them, you see, and I never got him a /present/, so this will have to do. Make him come every day at noon, or until he can corner Zi'on in a very public place."

Ir'e cocks a smile, his eyes softening as the conversation continues to drift away from that particularly hated brownrider. "Well, I do try to be. And I definitely care about the Weyr as a whole, even if I'm not overly fond of some people. I hope you don't expect me to treat Naris like family because I'm afraid I won't be able to do that either." But at least he looks happy and a bit more relaxed now. "I'm sure I can handle it, sorry, I just wasn't expecting it is all. Kinda took me off-guard. But I'm happy and looking forward to proving myself." He glances towards the once silent Weyrsecond and then just bursts out laughing. "Oh, shards Ila, I don't think I could get Rhab to sing. Maybe if he had his violin he could play and all but that little twit Naris played a big role in it getting ruined. I was gunna swing by the harper craft and try to see if I could get another one commissioned or something. Maybe as an anniversary present. I'm sure one is coming up."

More than likely Ila'den was pondering some what to drive Zi'on crazy at a break in the serious conversation. There's a nose wrinkle as Ila'den is patting Ir'e on the shoulder so so much. "No one is coming to sing for me, Ila'den. So just keep quiet over there. Unless you know of some cute harper girl who wants to follow me around. Then I wouldn't mind." Zi'on raises a brow at the bluerider then. "Hm? What did Naris do this time? She's already in my line of fire… for some reason. What was the reason Ila'den? I can't remember being disrespectful or something. How'd she ruin his violin?" Zi'on is left hanging with his handshake, so instead he goes back to his chair to sit down.

But what is life if Ila'den isn't living it to drive the Weyrleader /mad/? IT'S NO LIFE AT ALL. Ila'den turns a slow, slow smile onto Zi'on, and then says, "I thought you were going to promote him to Weyrsecond. I'm just trying to make sure that you two understand each other before that happens." And then they are on the topic of Naris, and Ila'den is laughing easy, easy, as he shakes his head. "I do believe it was something about a lack of respect. She does have a mouth on her, though she's not going to get very far if she doesn't at least learn how to throw a punch to back it up." Grey eyes jump to Ir'e, and he's giving him /quite/ the deviant smile. "Well he's always pushing women onto you. Maybe you can give Zi'on an extra special thank you, and convince him to say it with his body." EH EH. NUDGENUDGE WINKWINK. Because that isn't a disaster waiting to happen.

"I don't know all the details since I wasn't there til after it was already broken. But she was blaming Rhab and screeching up a storm when I got there. I guess they bumped into each other and Rhab got glass in his hands and broke his instrument and she was throwing a fit over having to clean up the mess after she wasn't watching where she was going or something. I could always send Rhabel in if you'd like to get the whole story." Then the bluerider is looking a bit sheepish suddenly and adds, "Then she said something that hit a nerve and that's about when I thought it a good idea to leave before I wrung her annoying little neck. That girl has no sense of self preservation. Gunna get herself hurt one of these days." Not necessarily by him either. And then there's that stuff coming out of Ila'den's mouth again and he's shaking his head. "I'm not into guys, Rhab is just a fluke, and I don't think Rhab is much into guys or girls so that wouldn't work. But if the Weyrleader is looking for some fun in the sack, I'm sure I could find some pretty ones." Welcome to Ir'e's pimp service?

"Trust me, I'm still thinking about it, Ila'den. So don't press your luck with me." Zi'on warns the weyrsecond. "Oh, a mouth on her, you say? Sounds familiar. Anyways I thought we were going to be teaching her a lesson." Zi'on peers at Ila'den. "I don't even know what that means." The weyrleader shakes his head. "No, I don't want Rhabel's side of the story. If he can't hold onto his things after bumping into a little teenage girl, then I don't know how to help him. I can have her assigned to extra chores to help pay off the new violin. How does a month's worth sound? It won't be many marks, but she might learn to keep quiet around those further up the pole than she is." Zi'on pulls at his beard in thought. "To be honest I've been trolling for any sort of sack time. I'd like it to be with Kiena, but she's been so preoccupied with her craft lately I've barely seen her. I don't think she's much into 'us' anymore if you catch my meaning." He sighs. "But such is the way of things. I had a feeling it would happen eventually."

Easy, low, husky laughter is all that Zi'on gets for his threat. ONE DAY THE THREAT WILL PROBABLY BE REAL, but Ila'den is the type of guy who likes to take as much in stride as he possibly can. "Do you want a personal lesson on what it means, Weyrleader? It is, after all, my job to… keep you informed." IF YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Still, Ila'den, despite being decked by the lass, doesn't really seem to have much against Naris, and so he listens on in quite until they're on the topic of Kiena and her… changing. Ila'den is somber then, because even /he/ knows when it's completely inappropriate to crack a tasteless joke. "Want to go down to the bar and kick back a couple?" Ila'den asks, because this is his way of offering Zi COMFORT. MANLINESS AND BOOZE. "I have time, unless you had some other relentless task for us here."

Ir'e gets this evil little smile on his face at that. "Well, honestly the thing is irreplaceable. It was his deceased brother's or something of the sort. And I'm not sure how much it'll cost me to get him a new one, but I'd be more than happy if she got a month's worth of extra chores out of it to help out. And I hardly doubt that'll teach her to shut that trap of hers. I'm willing to try it out however." If there's any way that he can torture the girl, he's all for it after all. "Didn't realize things had been getting like that between you and Kiena. Sorry to hear that. But there are always other fish in the sea, right? Just don't let Keely know, that girl's had a thing for you since forever." This is old news isn't it? Either way he stands and dips his head. "Either way I think I will leave you two alone. Seems like Ila has a hankering on showing you how boys make love or something. I'd offer to show you, but.. ew.. gross. No thanks. Have a good day. Don't do anything I would." Bwhaha.

SOON. SOON IT WILL BE REAL. And then Ila'den will be sad because he'll just be a boring old normal rider. And Zi'on will be spending time with the weyrwomen all by himself. Basking in it. BASKING. "I can tell by the tone of your voice that I should say no to that. So… no." There's a nod to Ir'e about Naris. In other words, Zi'on will see that it is done. There's a shrug about his weyrmate. "I seem to be a failure with the whole weyrmating thing. Heh. I don't think Keely likes me like that anymore anyways. Anyways, I think I've slept with more men than Ila'den has. So maybe he wants -me- to teach -him." Zi'on lifts himself out of his chair then. "FINE. Let's go get something to drink. I've had enough of feeling things today anyways."

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