Party Hardy with a Wet Noodle

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

"You sure? Cause I can introduce you to the Devil, as I call him. Actually…" Arei pauses and thinks for a moment. "I don't remember what his real name is." She admits. "He's just… the devil. The mean, kicking, biting, shoving, pooping, peeing, throwing devil." She nods sagely. "Yup."

Sundari just peers at Areia. "His name is Devil?" She ponders this for a moment while finishing her apple and sets it upon a plate that was there for items and the like. "Do all runners act like that? If so I'm going to not want to deal with any of 'em." A slight shake of her head is seen at the idea while she wiggles a bit in her seat. It is about midafternoon, a few hours after the lunch rush and the kitchen staff is busy working on dinner. There are a few found within the cavern talking, munching on snacks and the like. Areia and Sundari are sitting at a table talking at the moment from the looks of things.

There are some perks to being weyrleader. Having a big weyr with full amenities is one. Being able to pay weyrbrats and drudges to come and clean up after you and take care of your laundry another. But the best perk is being able to leave work in the middle of the day and go to the Tiki Lounge for some drinks with your weyrsecond for no good reason other than not wanting to be in the office. And of course the bronzer is stumbling around drunk which doesn't do much for his reputation. But hey, he is keeping himself from being depressed! The bronzer has his nice shirt all unbuttoned with his undershirt untucked. "Where is all dem kitchenin' peoples. Ila'den needs some lashin's with wet noodle." The bronzer taps a bunch on a table with his finger, then goes to sit down next to Sundari. Out of all the empty tables and everything in the caverns. He sits. Right. Next. To. Her. He looks at the two girls. "You gals got 'ny noodles?"

Areia shrugs. "His name is something. I call him Devil." She explains. "No, they're not all like that. Some of them are actually pretty sweet. Just… not this one." She winces as she moves her arm again, then tucks it close to her chest. "I grew up with them, so… I'm used to it. But this one… Ugh! I could just toss him off a cliff." Then… oh dear. "Noodles? What?" Arei asks with a raised eyebrow. "What… noodles? What about them?"

You want to know what the best thing about being Weyrsecond is? Riding on the Weyrleader's coat tails. Ila'den isn't one for indulging in drink, but when men are bonding (and emotional bonding at that), the only way to keep up massive levels of masculinity and testosterone is drinking until you can't remember why you were even bonding in the first place. And so Ila'den stumbles in after Zi'on, and wouldn't Sundari just know it? He's plopping right down on the other side of her. "Ladies ain't got no noodles," Ila'den says, slamming his fist down on the table because it makes his argument seem all the more /convincing/. "An' you…" There's a finger that's pointed at the bronzer from the other side of the woman he's chosen to make a leadership sandwich out of. "are /drunk/. Noodles don' even make sense. Who whips with noodles?" Pause. Blink blink. YES HE DID JUST LEAN IN AND SNIFF YOU SUNDARI. "Smell nice…"

Summer is usually a very busy time for Kayse, with plenty of work to be done and lots of places to be doing it. But this entire Turn has been a little out of whack for the Woodcrafter; her mentor has been recalled to the Hall for a new posting, and no replacement sent out yet. So Kayse is stuck at the Weyr with little to do but study, and there is only so much studying a girl can take before she has to get away from it all. Today she has chosen the living caverns as her place of refuge, abandoning books for the constant bustle of the dining tables, seeking distraction therein. Her arrival comes moments after Zi'on and Ila'den enter, giving her the perfect opportunity to watch as the drunken pair traverse the cavern and eventually end up seated with Areia and Sundari. If there is anything that would make a solid distraction, it would be drunken bronzers, and so Kayse makes her way in that direction as well, curious as to what Zi is in search of. She says nothing as she comes over, standing a few paces away from the table at first and just listening in.

Sundari ponders this while she lets her hands rest around her mug. "Don't suppose you give riding lessons?" Well maybe the seacraft girl would like a change of pace? She takes a sip from her mug, blue gaze flicking towards the movement and she tilts her head to curiously watch Zi'on. "What you need noodles for?" She didn't pick up on the thought of hitting anyone with said noodles it seems. As for the rather drunk bronzer sitting next to her she doesn't seem to have a problem, though there is a fresh drunkard smell. A soft cough escapes her. "No, I don't have any. Want me to go see if someone in the." Before she can get all of what she says out there is another at her side and she blinks a few time before peering at the man next to her. Well isn't this nice? Two guys at either side, both are drunk and wait, did one just sniff her? A brow lifts and the teen just peers at the weyrsecond a few moments. "Ah.. Well… Thanks?…." What on earth is she suppose to say to that? "Wouldn't the noodles break if you whipped someone with them?" There she goes questioning the two, three-sheets to the wind riders.

"No, but I'll let you know the next time I find another one. That guy last week was a random, lucky catch." The 14 and almost-a-half turn old Rhadan is answering a question that cannot be heard from outside the kitchens as he exits into the living caverns. He holds a small plate of bread and cheeses in one hand and a mug in the other. Nope, no noodles. He stays in the doorway, looking back into the kitchen as he speaks, "Thank you for the food! Let me know if you need help again. Summer is slow." Well, no time is slower than any other time. He knows that. It's a figure of speech. Rhadan's smile at whoever he was speaking to remains on his face as he turns and begins to search for as seat.

Zi'on looks at Areia with one eye open and one eye only… half open. Why is he doing that? "Noodles! The pasg-sag-pasgh—pastaghetti kind! A real… big one." He sets his hands down on the table to show how big he means. Then, on realizing he can make them further apart, makes them even further apart. "For Ila. Girls can have noodles. Just not… hic… like our noodles." He peers at Ila. "Shut up, Ila. You're not drunk I'm drunk. Noodles make sense. I'm hungry." Zi'on puts an arm on Sundari's chair and leans over to sniff her. Then closer. Sniff. And closer. Sniffsniff. "I don't smell anything." Then he whispers, rather loud so that it's basically not a whisper. "I bet Ila'den farted." Poor Sundari. She'll never come back to land again after this.

"I could." Is Areia's response to riding lessons. "If you can ever catch me uninjured and not busy. Good luck with that." She leans back to consider the two bronzers with a bit of a smirk. "Actually, if they were already cooked, perhaps not." She offers, still looking at the men. "Hello Zi, hello Ila'den. My goodness! Had a few drinks, have we?" She asks dryly. Kayse's arrival just gets a bit of a grin from the woman. "Yes, she smells good, now stop sniffing. Not polite. You too, Zi! And yes, girls don't have noodles like boys have noodles. Well done."

WHAT. Who dares accuse Ila'den of doing something so uncouth? The Weyrsecond makes his /own/ spectacular show of crazy eyes seconds before he's shoving both of his fingers up Zi'on's nostrils. "I smelled 'er firs'." Cough. OH LOOK. A boy! Ila'den seems to perk up just a little, and there's a soft, "Ooooooh," as he pulls his fingers free of Zi's person, wipes his fingers on Zi's face, and then catches the Weyrleader by his collar from the opposite side of Sundari. Shakeshakeshake. "Zizizizizi, /look/." POINT. Rhadan has just become the object of all the drunken Weyrsecond's attention. The bronzerider stumbles to his feet, and he's damn near face-planting as he makes his way over to the teenager. He pauses at his side, turns to face the tables, and then drapes an arm across the poor lad's shoulders. Yes he /did/ just lean all of his weight into Rhadan. "Zi thinks girls have /noodly/ things. Show 'im your noodle. S'he knows. AND THEN AREIA." Yes ma'am, you are being pointed to. "Show 'im ya ain't got a noodle. And then Zi, get away from my smelly good." Because it's his. Yes.

Kayse stands witness to the insanity of a drunken Zi'on and Ila'den, shaking her head in bemusement at the statements each bronzer makes. "Some things never change," she muses to herself as she leans against a neighboring table. After a moment she leans toward the occupied table when the subject of riding lessons comes up, offering into a break in the conversation, "Qiana might be available to give riding lessons. She's a journeywoman beastcrafter. Taught me to ride a few Turns ago." She then promptly leans back again, staying well clear of Ila's thrusting fingers and whatever response Zi'on might make to his 'second's statements. This might actually be a fun evening.

"I still don't see how anyone could use noodles to hit someone." Sundari states while pointing towards the kitchen. "Though, if there be any noodles anywhere I imagine there over in the kitchen." An now Zi'on is leaning close and sniffing her? Almost as if she went and rolled around in 'weyrleaders' favorite smells or something. She smirks at the part that Ila'den farted, this isn't going to work guys, she has three older brothers so good luck at trying to make her flee if farting or who knows what else is involved. A glance is sent to one rider and then another as they get into a shake-and-bake moment of collar grabbing and so forth. She ducks down to avoid any flying hands and the like that could happen as well. As soon as that stops Ila'den is up and waddling, stumbling, falling off that'a way, she even half stands as if to try and lift a hand to keep the weyrsecond from kissing the ground as it looks as if he may fall, and then he goes and stops himself. Well that's good! She sits back down and blinks hearing that bit about her being a 'smelly good'. "Hey… I'm not some sort of smell toy here guys." SHE can so HEAR you! For some reason she is able to catch the comment on lessons and looks around catches sight of someone else and ohs.

You know one of the best things about being a young crafter/weyrbrat? All the interesting people you get to meet. And as Rhadan is looking around the living caverns, tying to catch sight of some of the interesting people he already knows he catches sight of a stumbling Weyrsecond make his way in his direction. Confusion paints Rhadan's face at the man's approach, but that confusion has caused him to be unable to move. The young man stiffens Ila'den's arm goes around his shoulder. He stumbles a little, and the kahl and plate in his hands wobbling slightly as he adjusts to the new-found weight, and there is a look of shock on his face then, too. "My… my noodle?" He currently has /no/ idea what is going on. He just wanted his bread and cheese!

Zi'on looks worried all the suddenly. "Ah can't smell 'er! Wha-what if 'm harda smellin'?" And then Ila'den is shoving his fat fingers up Zi'on nose. He jerks his head back and flails a bit. "ILA'DEN YOU ROTTEN SON'VA—" Coughcoughcoughshakeshake. "Ila yer gonna gimme brain damage… What d' ya wan'?" The weyrleader shields his eyes. "Faran' Ila. I dun wanna see no man bits. 'Specially not those'a some young feller. Let 'im go." He looks around and grins. "If'n you ladies are lookin' ta see a noodle, yer more 'n welcome ta take a look at mine." Worst pickup line ever. Zi'on seems to finally realize who he's sat down next to. "You! We're supposed ta race! Not righ' now though. Ila'den went an' got me drunk."

Areia gets in enough of a pause to nod agreement with Kayse. "Qiana is wonderful and will probably be able to teach you better than I." She admits with no sour tones." Then, she's pointed to, and grins brightly. "Yes? And then me?" She asks. "Ah, well, I don't have a noodle. And if I did, I wouldn't whip it out in public and neither should you! Or you!" The last part is pointed at Zi'on and in fact she does point to him. "That's considered rude, you see. And leave off that poor boy. You're scaring him! Come sit." She points to the chair vacated by Ila'den.

The weyr never rests, no matter what time it might be. And when the weyr fails to rest Naris fails to rest, resulting in one exhausted lower caverns worker running about on very little sleep. There are black circles under her eyes and she has been acting rather snippy recently, annoyance showing on her every feature. Oh how she wants to sleep! But she can't, there is work to do, so much work. Naris is clearly headed somewhere when she enters the living caverns, although she comes to a dead stop at the sight of the people currently enhabiting the place. She scans over the area with narrowed eyes, noticing the lack of sobriety. Her voice is deep and dangerous as she growls, "someone please explain what in Faranths name is going on here." Turns out not all teenagers love parties.

"Yes, your /noodle/, man. Ain't you go' one? Or are you a /lady/?" … Yes Ila'den did just place his hands right over Rhadan's chest. He holds them there a moment, looking as if he's thinking /really/ hard about how to process the flat chest beneath his fingers, and then lets go with a smile. "ZIZI," Ila'den breathes out suddenly, "why are you s'jealous that I am gettin' tha good smelly ones, and tha young ones? I will /share/." COMMUNITY PROPERTY. But he does, obediently, stumble away from the teenager when there is SO MUCH PROTEST. He eyeballs the seat that Areia indicates, and shakes his head a very adamant /no/. He's just about to tell her /why/ when Naris is on the scene, demanding explanations, and Ila'den blinks his eyes over to look at the growly, broken-knuckled, face-breaking girl. "Zi," he says, on a drunken whisper that's not a whisper at all. "I think she's imitatin' V'ric. She look like V'ric t'ya?"

As the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked. Not that the Weyrwoman is wicked, mind you, but still for her there's no such thing as rest. At least, not right at this moment to say the least. Her entrance from the kitchens themselves is discreet enough, the woman slipping out the doorway into the relative chaos of the living caverns. And a party, oh delightful! And made moreso by the fact that the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond are both present, and likely sloshed out of their minds. Excellent! "If'n I was the kind of person who was interesed in blackmail," Enka chuckles, words tossed out to whatever warm body she happened to be close enough too, "I could really go to town makin' some sort of after scene with those bronzeriders." But really? It's so much more enjoyable to watch right now. Hooking her fingers into the pocket of her jacket, she pulls out a bottle of something vaugely pink and takes a swig. "You got room for sittin' down over there?" she hollers out.

While there's usually quite a bit of traffic in the living cavern during the day, /drunken/ bronzeriders just aren't the norm. Are they? V'ric's clomping boots bring him inside, a bow still slung over his shoulder. The brownrider has been /out/. And though he walks with a purpose, all the…activity in the caverns has the man coming up short. Brows slowly raise, some bit of surprise registering there before the man's face blanks again. Rather than take the entire scene in, however, it seems that the brownrider focuses right on his friend. His best friend, in fact. Ila'den, the man who's telling young teens to expose their noodles for the whole Weyr to see. He grunts an irritated noise then, tromping in that direction before an arm /slings/ around the Weyrsecond's neck. There may in fact be a bit of squeezing going on that's wholly unnecessary. "No, but I do." In fact, V'ric does look a whole lot like..V'ric. "Outside, Ila'den. Now."

Oh, is that… no… it can't be! Haha, it is! Naris, Arei's favorite arch-enemy. "Naris!" She greets. "You're the on who I fought with about the mare pregnancy test!" A glance goes to Sundari and she ohs. "Not you. Right. Sorry." Bit of a grin, there. Arei starts to pat around her pants pockets, reaching over with her uninjured hand, but can't quite reach… "Hey." She mutters. "Sundari. Reach in there for me, pull that flask out. If everyone else is drunk, you better believe I will be too." It's one of those no-nonsense tones. Sneaky drunk for the win! She glances up at Naris, pauses, then shrugs. "Ila, you're crazy." She states. Then, "Weyrwoman! Come plant yourself over here. Front row seats, eh? Ohhhh, ILA! Caught!"

Cheese…. bread… and klah. That is all Rhadan wanted from his trip into the living caverns this afternoon. Maybe some conversation with interesting people. He did not, how, expect this. He simply does not know quite well what is going on. Well, he does. Ila'den has a /hand/ on his chest. No, indeed, there are NO BOOBIES THERE. None at all. Rhadan looks down at that hand, and finally come out of whatever shock or confusion hit him just before Ila'den moves away from him. Rhadan steps in the oposite direction, standing still for a few seconds. "… what just happened?" He says out loud, though it is more to himself. There… an open chair. Rhadan's butt is plopped down into that chair. He needs to sit for a little.

"Please, keep the noodles put away," Kayse chimes in, eyes widening as Ila grabs on to Rhadan. She scoots back a few steps, edging around the table she was leaning on to put some space between herself and the overly energetic drunken people. This places her close enough to Enka to catch the Weyrwoman's words and she glances over her shoulder to regard the woman briefly. "Would it really faze them?" she asked curiously before looking back toward the chaos as yet more people arrived to join in. Oh, look, V'ric is here! Perhaps the chaos will scale downward a little? Or perhaps it will only get worse.

Zi'on has bad news for Naris, as soon as he's sober enough to tell her what it is she'll likely be pretty mad at him. But right now… she's free! Unless she presses her luck. "What-what the heck Ila. Jus' let 'im go already." Zi'on stands up then (sort of, he's mostly leaning on the table). He points at Ila'den. "Ila'den! I! You! I ain' sharin' wit you! I'll fight ya fer the smelly one!" He means Sundari. The one that smells nice. But it comes out wrong. Oh so, so wrong. He peers at Areia. "I'll take m' noodle out if'n I please!" He reaches into his pocket and then… takes out a half mark note that is so wet it's floppy like a noodle. "SEE!?" Zi'on peers as V'ric comes in, then he laughs at Ila'den. "Oooo yer in big trouble Ila!" Zi'on spots Enka come in as well. "Enka Enka!" He goes to move towards her but is stopped by the table that's directly in front of himself.

Even if Ila'den does not really answer her question his actions do. Yes, he is drunk, /very/ drunk. Her face is dark and stormy as she growls, "/no/, I am not imitating V'ric. Although I do hope that V'ric also sees sense and isn't going along with whatever you are getting into here." And suddenly the party gains one. Enka, the fecking /weyrwoman/, comes over, takes a swig of something, and asks if they have seats. A look of true despair crosses Naris' face at that moment. /No/, the Weyrwoman can't go and get drunk as well! That would be… no! At least Ila seems to be seeing sense, attempting to order his best friend outside. Before she can say anything Areia calls to her, exclaiming that she's the one with the mare pregnancy test. Cue a groan and all-out facepalm. Wait, noodles. Did Zi'on say something about noodles, and in a way that probably was NOT referring to food!? Naris' voice is loud and shrill as she exclaims, "everyones noodle will /stay where it is/!"

Sundari eyes Ila'den now. "HEY No one is sharing me with /anyone/." She just had to point that out to everyone here. A glower, yes a /glower/ is sent towards the weyrsecond, though it is quickly gone as she watches the man make a groping move on Rhadan. Oh dear. Hearing Arei she looks over at the talk of a flask and grins a bit. "Oh, you gona share?" Did she really just ask that? Possible, hey she spends plenty of time out at sea, they start drinking early or something right? She reaches over and goes about working on getting that flask out from Areia's pocket, it takes a moment but she has it. She waves a hand over to Rhadan. "Just come sit down." You know in that seat that Ila'den suddenly doesn't want to be in? It's a good seat, really. Hearing Zi'on she sends a glance towards him and just smirks. "I'm not smelly by the way." She my caught fish, and work with fish, but that does not mean she /smells/ thank you very much! As for Naris she peers at her and lifts a brow. "So.. you got into a fight with her?" This is pondered for a few moments for some reason.

Enka doesn't have to think twice about the invitation from Areia. Because hello, front row seats can't get much better than that. "'Scuse me, 'scuse me, Weyrwoman comin' through." Time to do the scoot-slide-scooch here. And maybe even crawl over a few legs and feet or whatever that might be in the way for her to reach the premium seats. "Shells, and here I was almost missin' the whole thing." The little bottle in the goldrider's hand makes another not-so-clandestine trip to her lips — rather, she takes a pointed swig — and wiggles her fingers at Zi'on rather cheerfully. "'Aint goin' to say anynobdy's in big trouble or not, least not yet." she declares, flopping down onto the nearest seat — regardless of whether or not it's occupied. "Maybe if it's amusin' enough, I'll issue pardons or somethin'." Naris gets a look, Enka wincing a bit at the shrillness of the girl's voice. "Oh let him wave it around or somethin'."

It's been a long time since Rou'x's been seen more than fleetingly in Western, and those rare occasions have been nowhere near the Weyr's lower caverns. So what brings her to the living caverns? Faranth knows, but she's here, slipping in from the bowl with a look that suggests she wasn't expecting to see so many faces. The brownrider hangs by the entrance, hands and back pressed to the wall, trying to make herself small as she observes from beneath the brim of her fedora, which casts a shadow over her eyes and the nut-brown shade her skin's been turned from months spent out in the sun. Her ubiquitous hat is as battered as the rest of her outfit, which is composed of a worn flying jacket, faded shirt and khaki trousers that have been well-washed and, in the case of the latter, well-worn, as the holes in the knees are testament to work, where they're bloused out over her sturdy, scuffed steel-toed boots. For the moment she's content to watch in hopeful anonymity as she sidles around the edge of the room to where there's food.

Areia fuddles with the flask, takes a swig, and offers it over. "O' course." Her eyes rake up and down the two drunk bronzers, then Enka. "See? Even she's drinking. I think you -have- to, when they're like this. Otherwise punches are thrown, or something crazy like that. ZI! Put your sopping noodle away, eh? Nobody wants to see that gunk! Hey Naris! Come have a drink!" She grins wickedly. "It'll do you good. Unwind. Screw chores. And lists too!" As Enka heads over, the woman grins. "You missed the beginning. Something about beating Ila'den with a noodle." She nods sagely. "Quite amusing." Her gaze sweeps around, sees Rou'x, and takes on a bit of panic. Her head jerks to the side in a get-out-now motion.

Ila'den enjoys being crazy! He gives Arei a cheeky grin, and then suddenly his best friend is there, and he's blinkblinkblinking up at him. "/You/ look a /loooot/ like V'ric." Did he just… did he just giggle? Yes. Yes he did. He is shaming his own sense of MANLINESS. He wiggles against the arm around his neck, and then brings both of his arms around his best friend's shoulders. Shamelessly he's leaning in much too close, swamping the brownrider with drunk-breath (so attractive) seconds before he /kisses/ him. Yep. Right smack-dab on the lips. And then he's leaning baaaack, and turning his head to look at Zi. "You can have /alll/ of the noo… noodley thingies. An' the smelly good. BYE SMELLY GOOD!" Wavewavewave. He will just lean on V'ric for support, yes, rolling his head on his shoulder with one of those /obnoxious/ smiles. "TakeMeI'mYours."

Zi'on peers at Naris. "Ya dun make the rules here, little drudge." He makes a shooing motion with his hand. "Go play with Crawlie." Any flask passing to Sundari will be intercepted by Zi'on. Even if he has to do a dive-bomb on the table for it. He looks down at Sunny. "Ila said ya smelled. But I ain' smelled nothin'." Zi'on grunts at Areia. "FINE!" He puts the wet mark back in his pocket, which is gross, but whatever. The bronzer shuffles over to where Enka is sitting. Which thankfully is at the same table. He sits down next to her, nearly missing the chair the first time. "Whoop. Howdy Enka. 'm hungry. What's in that thar bottle?" Probably not food. "You gotta noodle in thar?" If Enka lets him, he'll tilt the bottle so he can look into it with one eye. Then he looks up at Ila, with one eye still closed. "Where d'ya think yer goin'! I ain' got my noodle yet!"

Rhadan had to sit, just to get over that original… shock, thing. There is a moment where he watches the activity around him before is waved over by Sundari. He looks around, as if weighing the danger of the move. Because, you see, to get to that seat he'd have to get closer to the dangerous, noodle drunks. There is a moment of contemplation before a hand reaches up, swipping hair away from his eyes where it had fallen. He is then standing and moving - keeping his eyes, as much as he can, on Ila and Zi'on. He does make it to the seat, though, and he sits, his mug and plate going to the table, "Sundari, right? Hi…" At that moment, his eyes catch sight of Ila'den kissing V'ric. "Well, at least he didn't kiss me…" That's something to be thankful for, right?

Sundari glances to Enka and waves to her, a little finger wave once she has joined in the corner of the table near Areia and herself. "Hellos." As for the flask she is totally going to take hold of it, and then there is Zi'n making a dive for it, at least it was made to look like that. A slight huff escapes her as she makes a grab for the flask still and she attempts to still snag it even as the drunken bronzer has a hold of it. "I don't smell I dono what his talking about." There is a pause and she turns to sniff at her shoulder just to make sure it seems. Nope, no fishyfishy smell. "I dono what his going on about. I swear." As for the flask it is eyed before she looks over to Rhadan and nods. "Ya that's right. Nice to see you again Rhadan, take a seat before someone else dives into it." As for the kiss between Ila and V'ric she lifts a brow and seems amused. A wave is sent over to Ila'den. "Bye bye person." She doesn't know his name, but at least doesn't call him drunkard so that works, right?

If anything, it's that /drunk/ breath that might have V'ric keeling over soon. But the fact that Ila'den kisses him? The brownrider is a /rock/. He eyes his friend though, still keeping his hold on the bronzerider. Why bother letting go? "Your breath reeks." It's important that the Weyrsecond be made aware of these things. Though he does look over Ila'den's shoulder at Zi'on, a faint growling tone given. "Play with your own damn noodle." But then his hand is in Ila'den's hair, gripping it so that he can kiss the bronzerider again quite determinedly. There's certainly nothing gentle about it. Then however he starts to drag the errant bronzerider right out of the caverns, grumbling to himself. "Idiot…"

"EXCUSE ME." Areia interrupts Zi'on. "That is MY drink, thank you very much. Give it back, yo!" She stands and waves a hand towards the bronzerider's direction. "Besides, you've had enough." There's a pause because, well, hello! Man-kissing. "Whooooo ILA!" She chortles, fingers to her mouth and letting out a high wolf-whistle. Then, more! "Yeeeeeah!" Voyeur much? "Aww, come back!" Arei finally sits back down, hopefully having regained her flask.

And the room seems to explode with sound. Naris addresses Sundari first, saying, "just a bit, nothing big." The Weyrwoman makes her way down to a chair, saying something about her possibly getting a pardon for something, who knows what, if she's amusing. Okay, now she needs to be cautious. And oh look there's Rou'x, entering and leaning against the wall. She sends her a small glance but doesn't say anthing, not wanting to start anything. Areia's words catch her off guard, telling her to get a drink and /screw chores and lists/. Shock crosses her face as she sputters, "e-excuse me? This weyr functions because people put hard work into it, and chores and lists help that happen! Drinks… all drinks do is mess people up!" All of a sudden Ila has all her attention as he pulls V'ric into an all-out kiss. A knowing smile crosses her lips as she gazes at them, yes, definitely weyrmates. Amusement is in her voice as she says, "I'll leave you two lovebirds alone for a moment." With that she leaves for a couple minutes, only to return with a warm cup of klah in her hand.

Extra extra, read all about it! Drunk Weyrleader almost falls out of chair. There's a moment when Enka gives Zi'on a look that just might mean dire forbodings, but it passes quickly enough. "You'd better keep your butt parked in that chair," she informs him, "I'm countin' on you and Suldith you know, Mir's been waitin' long enough, and you never knows when she might go take it into her head to start flyin' around darin' the boys to catch her." Obviously not /right/ this minute because the goldrider is not that giggly, nor is she collecting a cadre of girly greenriders to prance around with. "You want me to feed you, Zi, cause I don't think I wanna go wigglin' my way over those chairs and people again, but I could probably send someone to the kitchen for some grub." She'll even tip the bottle towards him, to show there's deflinly not food inside. Nor are there any noodles. Just sloshy pink liquid. "Bit of this, bit of that. Ain't goin' to make me stinkin' drunk, but it gives ya a pleasant feelin'." And a way to unwind. Sundari gets a wiggle of fingers in return, before Enka catches sight of the man-on-man actiion going on between bronzerider and brownrider. "You ain't goin' nowhere!" she calls out. "It aint amusin' if you leave."

Rou'x catches that look from Areia, and looks back at her with eyes narrowed - possibly thoughtful, possibly confused; it's hard to tell with the downwards-curved brim of her hat hiding her expression as well as it does. The shadow cast by the fedora doesn't quite hide the line of her lips, which is softened by the slight poutiness in her bottom lip. Along the back she goes, keeping Areia in sight, touching the brim of her hat in a salute of sorts to the woman as she gets closer to the food. The only time she looks away is to watch the action between the boys, but that's only brief. Pinching a redfruit from the dessert section, she bites into it and meanders her way over to the blonde she's been watching so carefully, coming up from behind to lean down, drape arms over her shoulders, and whisper in her ear.

Zi'on's face can only be described one way when he spots V'ric and Ila'den mackin' it. And that is horrified. Mostly because now he's thinking that all those passes that Ila'den's been making at him, the licking and smooching and stroking. All of that. Is possibly real. And not just Ila'den being a jerk and trying to make Zi'on aggravated. Zoink! Zi'on has gained +1 flask of booze! "'s been confiscerated by me. The weyrleader. So… nyah." This is accompanied by a tongue sticking out in Areia's direction. The flask is peered into, then offered to Enka. "What's in this?" He takes a swig of it, whatever it is, not giving Enka enough time to look. Then.. GASP. He points at the weyrwoman. "YER PREGNANT! I mean… yer proddy!" Subtle difference there. "With da clothes and the flirtin's and the… dragony dragon dragons. Where's Mir? She out on th' beach then? When's she flyin'? We can't be 'round all these people fer that!" Food. It is forgotten. So is Areia's drink if she wants to steal it back.

That's an order, right? From Enka? Whole weyrwoman thing? Cause, well, heck yeah. "Naaaarrrriiiisssss," Areia taunts, although she keeps glancing towards that there far wall. "No lists, no chores… LOOK! Even the high-ups are letting loose. Come join. Or, you know, go give a mare a pregnancy test." The drink IS, in fact, stolen back, and Areia peers into it. Luckily, there's some left. "Stick that tongue out again and I steal it." She warns. "Drinkin' my booze." She mutters. "Enka, make him give me my booze back. Wait, wait, rephrase that, make him get me MORE NEW booze. He DRANK IT ALL!" She brandishes the flask - okay, so there's a little bit left, but not much! "Now, now, Zi-" She starts, then is suddenly captured. A moment, then a small squeak, although she tries hard not to move, but is suddenly grinning brightly.

"AM NOT!" It's a knee jerk reaction really, on Enka's part, "I'd know if I was, and I wouldn't be drinkin' this if I was!" She waves the bottle around, clearly latching on to the 'pregnant' part of the equation first. And then the rest of Zi'on comment seems to kick in, and the Weyrwoman relaxes into something less agitated. "Proddy, shells, no, aint proddy…" the /yet/ part seems to go unspoken though. "Cause you know, I aint even rounded up the girls or anythin' because it's got to be at least another sevenday or somethin'. Been a /long/ time y'know, but Mir 'aint quite ready. She's prowlin' around the bowl right now, careful leavin' or you might get squished." Death by dragon foot, oops! Areia gets a long look before Enka snaps her fingers. "Zi'on, give her the /flask/ back," which given the way it's worded, can easily be taken to mean 'when you're done drinking out of it'. "Wouldn't dare ask him to stand up though," she quips at Areia, "he might fall on his nose or somethin'."

And all of Pern is right there between Rou'x and Areia, at least as far as the former is concerned as she leans over the latter. Whatever the brownrider's saying to the blonde is half-hidden by her hat; even when she curls her arm around Areia's neck to take a bit from her redfruit, it's not entirely visible to anyone who may be watching. Hooray for fedoras and their privacy-enforcing abilities. The kiss to her cheek that Areia receives as Rou'x starts to straighten up though isn't hidden from view, nor is the way the rider's fingers trail along the woman's shoulders as she starts to saunter away, looking back over her shoulder as she nears the exit to the bowl to wink back at the blonde.

Sundari grumbles as Zi'on finally gets the flask. "Yeah, you got it." She says with an amused tone and shake of her head before sending a glance to Areia. "Good luck getting that back now." There is a pause and she smirks while tapping a finger on the table. "You might want to think about that, cause there is no telling just what he might give you back Areia.." This said with an amused tone as she hopes Zi'on won't be trying to put something back in it. A glance is sent over to Enka and then back to Zi'on at the talk of the dragon stuffs, which she doesn't know much about. There is a pause as she peers to Rou'x and Areia. There must be something in the air around this Weyr, or maybe this is normal? Heck if she knows.

'Yer pregnant!' The cry makes Naris quite literally jump as she whirls around with a small squeak to gaze at the leadership with wide eyes. The weyrleader soon corrects himself as she eavesdrops, saying that she is proddy. The color begins to drain from her face at this. Proddy? The senior queen is proddy and she is near both the weyrwoman and two bronzeriders /and/ two brownriders? That is very not good, bad even. Nervousness is in her every feature as she takes a step back, the klah in her hand beginning to shake. Dragons themselves are fine but /flights/? No, she doesn't want to be anywhere near those. Areia's words pull her out of this though, seeming to taunt her to get her to drink. Naris narrows her eyes as she says, "the higers ups might be drinking but that doesn't mean I have to. No one is /ordering/ me to drink, I just so happen to be responsible. And I /am/ relaxed, Faranth damn it all!"

"I dare you to try!" Zi'on was sobering up, but in a few minutes when the contents of Areia's flask hit his system he'll be back to slobbering and talking like he's got mud in his mouth. Talking like his father. Zi'on laughs at Areia and then sticks his tongue out at her again. Then he belches. It is disgusting. Zi'on looks at Enka then. "Oh. Not proddy then. Almost proddy though. It'll be funer this time because 'm lonely." Zi'on lays his head down on the table, cheek pressed to one side. His arms dangle limply. He can see Sundari like this, she's only a few chairs away. "Hi smelly Sunny." He wrinkles his brow then. "Someone.. hic… tell Naris ta quiet down. 'm tryin' ta take a nap…"

Areia blushes, eyes darting around, then hugs the arm around her until it disappears, eyes following her until she's out of view. A shake of the head, and Arei's back into the fray. She gives Naris a quick headshake and then replies to Enka, now grinning. "He can fall on whatever the heck he wants to fall on, as long as he brings me back something." The bronzerider of conversation gets a sigh and she reaches to poke his forehead rudely. A pause, she slings back the flask and drains whatever was in it, then regards the flask and rider. "Or not." She states in agreement with Enka, then asks a bit quieter, "Really proddy?" As if, you know, it's her business at all, being a lowly non-rider-stablehand.

ILA'DEN FEELS LIKE HE WAS JUST CLAIMED IN A VERY MANLY WAY (you're totally welcome for the waylaid pose), and his drunken fuzzy mind doesn't seem to comprehend that. He's saying something incoherent about Zi'on, and noodles, and comparing sizes, and then he's being whisked away into the night, probably returned to his weyrmate, possibly dumped into a trough. Either way, V'ric has saved the day from /one/ drunken bronzerider, and Rhadan can rest easy knowing his noodles and manchest are safe. For now. Vamoosh!

Zi'on's manners clearly vanish when he gets drunk. Naris narrows her eyes and gives him a disapproving glance when he belches, although when he tells someone to tell her to quiet down she gives a sigh but does seem to make herself calm down a bit. Without a word to Areia or Enka she walks over to the table and crouches down, attempting to look Zi'on in the face. Her voice is soft as she says, "Weyrleader, if you're tired you should go to your weyr. Go to sleep, sober up, feel better in the morning." Of course she doubts that he will actually feel better, in fact he will probably have a horrid hangover. But that's not something you tell to a drunk you're attempting to get to go to bed.

Enka clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth in a tsk-tsk-tsk-ing sound. "Ya don't really have to drink," Enka put in to Naris, "could have citron juice if you want. Or redfruit juice. So there y'go, just don't make it miserable for the rest of those who do want to drink." Areia gets another narrowed look. "Well, /I'd/ rather not have him fallin' on anythin' he wants to fall on, you know. Need to make sure there's goin' to be someone at the other side of the helm tomorrow if you know what I mean." In other words, Enka would like to not have a Weyrleader with a broken leg or neck or any other body part. "Almost proddy," she agrees with Zi'on, reaching forward to press a cool hand against his cheek. "Poor man, feelin' lonely are you?" The entertainment of V'ric and Ila'den is rather abruptly cut short, and Enka pouts a little in a mock teasing way. "Give it a sevenday or so," she answers for any quesries regarding proddiness. "Cause then it'll happen for sure. Mir's just warmin' up and all."

Rhadan can rest easy. His manchest and noodle are safe, though they may never be the same again. Rhadan is quiet at the table, eyes traveling to and from people, quiestly observing. His klah is drank down quickly, but the cheese and bread? Untouched. They remain that way, even when the young man stands and states, simplly, "'scuse me." He is up and leaving at that point. And yes, he forgot to take his plate. He didn't even eat the fresh bread or the cheese.

Sundari peers at Zi'on, a brow lifting as she can't that 'lonely' bit. "You lonely?" There is a pause and she lets her arms fold upon the table. "Sorry." Adults are strange, she is /very/ sure of this now. "I'm not smelly." This said with a soft sigh escaping her. Thanks Ila'den, now everyone things she is SMELLY. A glance is sent to Naris and she tilts her head as she looks back to Zi'on. "Maybe he feels more unlonely around us?" Well it's just an idea. Hearing Rhadan she waves after him. "See you later Rhadan."

Areia leans forward as Naris joins them and rolls her eyes. "Like he's going to listen to you?" She asks the girl with a snort. Then the sourness is gone and she's grinning again, mostly at Enka. "Good luck." She sends over with a sort of amused tone. "I might have to take a vacation. Frustrated enough without ya'll heading to the skies." The weyrleader gets another poke in the forehead, assuming he's still on the table and doesn't stop her. And another. "She's not smelly, so lay off. Actually she's kind of nice and I think you're scaring her off with your… antics."

Zi'on squints at Naris. "Didn't I tell you to shoo earlier? I'll go home after I pass out and throw up all over the caverns." Is he joking? Perhaps! The same look is turned on Areia then. "What was that? With you, and that rider that went crazy? Don't do that. Go after a different girl. Uh… try Smelly. I mean, Sunny. Yeah." There's a grunt at the poke. "She ain't scared. Just go with Iris or Rea. When they leave on vacation." Because of Mir being proddy. Zi'on has to smash his face into the table to turn so he can see Enka. "Ya. Pretty lonely. Also 'm hungry."

Ewwww! Weyrleader vomit in the caverns. Lucky for Enka, she won't be the one cleaning up the mess. Areia's grin gets something of a smirk from the Weyrwoman, Enka looking much like the feline who got the cream. "Can always use the luck," she remarks, "and you can certainly take a vacation if you like. Although I don't advise goin' with Liora. Much safer to stick with either Iris or Rea, or ask some greenrider to take you off." Rhadan's leave taking gets a slight nods from the goldrider, a little jerk of the chin in ackowledgement before she's fixing Zi'on with a studied glance. "Lonley and hungry, whatever am I going to do with you, Weyrleader darlin'. I suppose I /could/ take you home and feed you."

Areia wrinkles her nose at the idea of Zi-puke. "Ew. Ugh, please don't vomit." She pleads. "Unless it's on Naris." The girl is given a evil glance. "And I will go after whoever I wish, thank you." Case closed, at least on her side, though she glances at Sundari with a small grin. Which then turns to a big grin towards Enka. "Or." She considers. "You could just send some of the losers - if there are any - down to me. Maybe put up a sign! Yeah, there we go."

A sigh leaves Naris at Enka's words. As much as she wants to say something snippy in responce this is the Weyrwoman, she has to be at least a little polite. Besides, Enka isn't that bad either, she deserves her respect at the very least. So with a sigh she murmurs, "fine, I'm sorry. I just don't like dealing with the aftermath of large drunken groups, there's almost always a mess in the lower caverns." To Sundari she shrugs and comments, "if he's lonely he can come out and be social more often. There is almost always someone willing to talk, it is a large weyr after all." Areia she completely ignores, not doing so much as looking at her, although she does tense up quite a bit. When Zi'on asks if he told her to shoo she sighs and opens her muth to speak only for Enka to talk, followed be Areia, saying that he can vomit on Naris. With a snarl she turns to Areia and snaps, "what is your problem!? Can you be serious just for a moment!?" She then looks back to Zi'on and says, "see, the Weyrwoman is willing to take you home. Don't you want to sleep in your own weyr?"

Sundari isn't scared, does she look scared? Nope, not in the least! "I'm not scared. He acts like my older brother when his had a few too many drinks." She looks over to Areia and offers a smile at the nice bit. "Thanks." A glance is sent to Naris and she blinks at the tone. "Hey. Don't yell at her like that." She offers with a firm tone, little seacraft teen has a backbone. "Who put you in charge to do that? If he wants to stay he can stay and there isn't anything you can do about it. If they want to drink they can drink. Don't have to ask you for permission. How's them apples chicka?"

"How is Liora even going to get out of the weyr? She'll have to swim with her dragon to one of the islands." Can her dragon even fly? Surely she could at least fly, right? Even if they weren't able to between. Zi'on turns his head over again so he can see the other ladies. "Are you sure you want -all- the losers there with you? That could get ugly. Reeal ugly." Zi'on peers at Naris. "Why are you still here? Also, I don't want to go home. Maybe I'll come to your cot instead. We can snuggle. And I'll be happy and you can seethe." He chuckles. Then he reaches over to poke Sundari in the ribs. Yeah! She's sticking up for him. Also he's starting to drool on the table. "I c'n eat here." He tells Enka.

"Can YOU be NOT serious for just one moment?" Arei retorts back in a very similar snarl-tone. "Just because you're all proper and list-y and perfect doesn't mean everyone is, and maybe you should just let them be!" Her little tirade over, she glares at Naris before poking Zi'on. Again. "Maybe I could send out invitations!" She brightens with the idea. "They'll say, 'If you lose, come here. If not, go scre-'erm." She coughs with a glance at Enka. "Nevermind." Then, "YES! Take Naris. Go snuggle!"

Temper tempers! Now /this/ is what Enka calls entertainment, and she slouches back into her chair as comfortably as one could manage with something that's not exactly a plush recliner after all, lips twitching with amusement at the argue— AHEM — conversation between the younger girls. "I'll make a note of that beforehand," Enka remarks to Areia, "maybe you can set up velvet ropes around your door and make a queue and all, I'm /sure/ there'll be plenty of losers… not that any of them are actually loser-losers … but you know what I mean. I'm sure you can get plenty of people who want to screerm." She smirks cheekily, and then fastens a look in Zi'on's direction. "Well you'd better sit up then, cause I aint feedin' you if you're lyin' down on the table like that. As for Liora, she aint my problem at that point. I'm goin' to be too busy with my shardin' dragon to pay any attention to whether that dimglow gets out of here or not. Besides, I think there's somethin' wrong with Orraeloth anyway, she's only gotten proddy that once and it didn't go well after all." Fine thing to say, about her dragon's offpsring, but them's the breaks.

Naris scowls at Sundari, anger showing clear on her face as she snaps, "seriously!? Do you know what I have had to deal with from this girl? Do you have any idea what kinds of problems she has caused, how little she cares about hard work? She actually blows off her chores! She's a waste of space, nothing more than an oxygen theif! She /deserves/ to be yelled at." She pauses for a moment to take a breath before continuing, "and if he stays here and drinks more there is every chance that he will either hurt himself or make a mess, probably both. The weyr needs its Weyrleader in tact and a clean lower caverns. Since neither you or Areia seem interested in making sure we have those things I guess it's my job." Then Zi'on's talking about snuggling in her cot and Areia goes on a rant before telling him to take her. Naris groans before murmuring to Zi'on, "I'm still here to make sure you don't hurt youself. And you don't want my cot, you want yours. If you eat first would you be willing to go back to your weyr?" Now she's turning around and rounding on Areia, fury showing on her face. It is clear she wants to explode at her like she did at Sundari but after a glance at the Weyrleader she takes control of herself, instead growling in a low voice, "well then maybe /certain people/ should try to be more like me."

Sundari just eyes Naris, a half squeak escapes her and she smacks out at Zi'on hand at that poking while she stands up, hands resting on the table while she watches the older girl. "Looky here No one deserves to be yelled at you little sea barnacle. She's not a waste of anything, in fact I've known her for just the last little while and I'd rather been seen talking to her then the likes of well.. /you/." This said with a slight wave of her hand towards Naris form and a soft huff escapes her. "You may have a job, but you're not using your head for any of it girlie." She smirks a moment and glances to Zi'on before then looks back to Naris. "Ya, he is a real danger just sitting there drooling. Maybe he'll drown everyone with drool?" Totally could happen dan't ya know. "Don't ever say someone deserves to be yelled at. Because no one does, including you." Which is so why she is not yelling at naris, her tone is only firm. A glance is sent to Enka and she soon sits back down upon her seat, arms folding in front of her while she tries to behave now.

There's a loud groan from Zi'on, who seems to be doing his best to fall asleep at the table. But Naris is keeping THAT from happening, so finally he lifts his head up to glare at her. Then he bangs his fist down on the table. "Naris! Can you be quiet for five minutes! Just sit down. And relax. No one is dying. I'm not sick or hurt or any of that. So please. Find something else to freak out about. Now go to the food tables and get me some bread and butter and some stew gravy. And after I eat, I will go home." Zi'on sits there then an pouts. "I need a hug. Where is Ila'den when you need him? Off making out with V'ric no doubt."

Areia quits her poking of Zi long enough to regard Naris. "So you DO have some emotion." She remarks after the teen's tirade against Sunny. "You know, if you had to shovel runner poop and get injured on an almost daily basis, you'd blow off a few chores too." She says in a quiet but hear-able tone. Sundari gets a look of both gratitude and concern, but then there's Zi. "How about a poke in the forehead? Will that do?" Poke, poke, although at least they're gentle. Enka's idea is given thought. "Velvet ropes, hrm. A bouncer at the door? That idea has merit, it does." A glance around, then, "Who wants to be my bouncer?"

Enka chuckles softly. Oh /this/ is fine fine comical amusement, really. All that anger and bristly looks and the noise, oh the /NOISE/. Which mainly seems to be coming from Naris anyways, although Areia and Sundari aren't exactly quiet little church mice either. And therefore, Enka's chuckle dies suddenly, the goldrider creasing her lips into a faint frown before the sound of Zi'on's fist thumping against the table makes her jump a little. "Enough," the goldrider rmearks curtly. "I don't know why you're all gettin' riled up, but it's late and everyone needs to simmer down." Because entertainment just isn't entertainment anymore. Kneading two fingers across her forehead, Enka fixes Naris with a look. "Get him the food please, I'll make sure he eats and gets home." Because the weyrs are close enough and all, right? Areia's comment makes Enka quirk a brow upwards at her. "Can't, sorry. Will be terribly busy." The goldrider turns towards Zi'on a little. "Do you wanta hug now, or later? Ila'den's probably up to somethin' or else he got dumped at home. Shells, wonder what Iris will make of him showin' up like that."

Naris' hands clench into fists, little half-moon marks being made on her palms where her nails sink into flesh. She bares her teeth for a moment and she nose wrinkles as she seems to snarl, her mouth soon opening to let out some more scathing remarks. By now she is actually beginning to shake. Most of the time Naris is pretty good at controling her emotions, in fact at times she can seem flat-out emotionless. But it seems that Areia has found a way to crawl under her skin, quite possibly Sundari as well. Before she can say anything though Enka speaks, telling them all to simmer down. The lower cavers worker gives the Weyrwoman a wairy look, a look that turns to a look of relief when she says that she'll make sure Zi'on eats and gets home. With a small nod and a murmur of, "thank you," she heads off to get the food. After a moment she returned with a plate of buttered bread, meat rolls, and klah, which she set in front of Zi'on.

Sundari is totally a church mouse, squeasqueak. Though she is rather quiet now, her fingers slide across her arm a few times and she clears her throat. "I'm sorry…" Is offered to Enka and Zi'on it seems, Naris though is not getting it. As for the hug, she gives the dear drunk weyrleader a faint pat to his arm while she stands up. "I have to get back to the boat. Hope ye all have a good night." The snarling look is caught from Naris and she has the urge to say something before she leaves but stops. No instead she is slipping off fo the night.

Zi'on gives Areia a droll look. "Stop that. Or I'll start calling you Ila'den the second." He swats her hand away. Naps do wonders for sobering you up! "I'll be busy, too." He says about the bouncer job offer. Once Naris comes back with the food, Zi'on shoves it all into his mouth and consumes it. Then he gets up. Wobbily, but he's up. "Alright I'm going home now. C'mon Enka. We can hug later." A wave is given to Sundari. "We're still racing later!" He yells to her. Then he offers Enka his arm so they can leave together. He'll take his klah to go, if he can manage it.

"You're welcome," Enka replies to Naris, "and thank you for gettin' the food." Hopefully things should die down now rather than flare more. "Accepted," she remarks to Sundari, watching as Zi'on eats like well … like he's racing to cram all that food into his mouth or something. That'd be an awful thing, to have him choke, but thankfully, he doesn't, so everything's good. "Home," Enka quite agrees with that, rising to her feet, and accepting the Weyrleader's offered arm, although she does angle herself to be more or less an extra crutch just in case. "Hugging later sounds fine." Very fine indeed.

Finally Zi'on has eaten and agreed to go to bed. This is when Naris not only notices how tired she is, the result of being awake for over twenty four hours, but decides to act on it. With a respectful nod to Enka and Zi'on she remarks, "good night, and good luck with your flight." She then gets up and exits the room, not so much as glancing at Sundari and Areia.

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