Hormones and Hatching Jitters

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Word in the tunnels is that, after all this waiting, today is the day. No one's quite sure when today, of course, which makes for even more anxious anticipation, but still. Soon. Sometime soon. Which… would be why Rhysanna, for one, is curled up into a little ball on her cot, one arm wrapped around her middle while she attempts, with the other, to try and scribble something down in the book that must be her diary.

Therynn sits on her cot, two baskets on each side, one a large pile of clothes, and the other a slowly growing transfer of mended materials from the former. There's a little bit of grumbling, and it's clear she's going through today's chore rather slowly. Sewing together pelts and making clothes is one thing, such materials hardly need patching if tanned right, but this whole mending snags and hole closing tears business is tricky! Despite word on the Weyr Streets, Therynn works away diligently at this task. The next pass however sends the needlethorn right in to her index finger. A bright red droplet forms and she exclaims "Shards n'shells.." before looking towards fetal position Rhysa and asking "Y'ok over there? I'm sending for some Infirmary supplies.. how 'bout an herbal tea or something."

Nervous? Her? What, no, it can't be true! Naris just doesn't /get/ nervous! However, the truth to that statement might appear to be rather questionable to anyone that may be watching the assistant headwoman turned candidate. Well, candidate for a little while anyway. She paces across the candidate barracks without a care in the world that she may be getting a bit close to some cots. And why should she care? She had more important things to worry about than personal space at the moment, shard it all! Other candidates are currently being ignored in favor of the anxiety she is definitely /not/ experiencing. That doesn't mean she is being silent though for every now and then one of the others might be able to notice Naris muttering something to herself.

"Cramps," answers Rhysanna, through gritted teeth (sorry, boys-who-share-the-barracks, but really: fact of life), glancing up from what she's been writing and snapping shut the book. "Worst timing. I'll be okay. Just—" For now, however, she's whey-faced beneath her tan, and shaking her head violently. "Maybe," she adds, with a hint of more usual humor, as her gaze slides off towards the pacing Naris, "you should worry about her, instead. None of us have voices in our heads yet, right?"

Therynn's eyes follow the pacing Naris for a few turns before the gangly looking tiny green of firelizard Tarth squawks at her pet. Therynn is not the nervous type, and why would she be? Watching Naris however instills some sort of palpatory effect on the huntress' heart. As she passes ever so closely to her cot, needle is held far away from any phalangeal or dermal covered area, giving some scritches to her friend and nodding towards Rhysa. "I know just the stuff.." she sends Tarth to fetch some lady-tea and a bandage. "Got one of them warm packs? They do wonders on stuff like that.." a fleeting glance towards Naris "Getcha anything while she's out?"

It's perfectly possibly to not be nervous but still play over the things that can go wrong in your head, right? And sweet Faranth, there are /so many/! Words that may be heard through her muttering include 'maul', 'between', and the oh-so-encouraging 'horrific accident'. It would appear that Naris is so deep in her not-worrying that she actually misses the snarky remark Rhysanna makes regarding her. If she's able to miss something like /that/ there has to be something chewing away at her mind. However, Theyrnn's glance at her and question manages to snap her back to reality. Naris is just passing Rhysanna's cot when she comes to a stop and, peering at Therynn briefly, asks, "wait, what? Did you say something?"

Rhysanna can't be feeling too awful if she's able to be snarky and still smile about it, rather than outright vicious, though she doesn't move— except, that is, to grasp for her pillow and pull it closer, pressing it into her belly and wrapping her arm around it in turn. "I'll try," she promises Therynn, gratitude audible in her tone, layered beneath a whole host of other emotions, some more pressing than others. As Naris stops, her tone turns rather more long-suffering, though: "She's being nice. Sit down and stop stressing before you make us all seasick."

Not long after Tarth departs, Eliara a healer apprentice shuffles in with a tray of goodies; an assortment of teas, with both a calming one for Naris and a soothing one for Rhysa along with a warm compress, a few tasty treats, various sweets, fruits and meatrolls, as well as a bandage and a thimble for home-ec lacking huntress. As the pacing Assistant Headwoman/Candidate peers and questions with some bluntness, mahogany eyes of sincerity peer back at her. She blinks, gulps and is more than grateful Eliara shows up at the perfect moment, knowing their last interactions were less than friendly. "A spot of tea for ya lady? It'll be good, promise.." she manages, reaching for bandage and thimble before the healer delivers goodies all around.

Naris whips around at Rhysanna's words, eyes narrowing to give her a look that could only be described as judgemental. "I am not /stressing/," she proceeds to hiss in a voice that is undeniably stressed. "And if a little pacing is enough to make you seasick there could be something seriously wrong with your stomach. Furthermore-" she is cut off by the arrival of the apprentice healer. Saved by a stranger with de-stressing teas! A small sigh leaves Naris as she accepts her cup and murmurs, "thank you." With that she sits down on the foot of Rhysanna's cot, caring not that it's where the candidate she gets along with the least sleeps. At least she isn't pacing anymore? Naris shakes her head before muttering, "you know what? No, I can't be fighting today. Too much to think about." It is then that she takes a small sip of her tea.

"Shut up," says Rhysanna to Naris, without looking at her. It's not even unkindly said: she sounds tired. In any case, she, too, is distracted by the arrival of the healer with their tea. She's impressed, too, almost sitting up properly, though it's a very propped-up kind of sit, and that pillow is still firmly pressed to her middle. Her thanks are effusive, and quiet, and really, perhaps it's for the best that she doesn't talk too much. Though Naris' position at the foot of her cot is going to try that patience enormously.

Therynn lets out a sigh of relief when Naris' arrows for eyes turn towards tea-time instead of focusing on her needle-poking self. She finishes up another garment or two and sets the items aside, grabbing a mug of tea for hersel fwith many thanks when Eliara makes it back around. The interactions between Rhysa and Naris are purely observatory. Those two gotta work thangs out how they'll work them out. Rynn knows this is none of her business, even if she hasn't proven that much cognizance before. There's a bit of contained smiling that goes on behind sips from teacup, glad that the special prehatching goodies are taking the edge off for some, kinda sorta.. for now at least.

Ah, free days. Naeda loves them. Who knows what sort of mischief she's been up to with hers, but she's got a fairly chipper sort of look on her face as she makes her way back into the barracks. A quick scan of the room, then her gaze falls on three familiar candidates gathered with some tea. She smiles and approaches, waving a little. "Hey, you three. What's up?" Friendly as ever, though there's a little nervousness in her smile when she glances at Rhysanna.

It probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone that Naris does /not/ appreciate being told to do thinks like /shut up/. However, duue to the sheer amount of /things/ rampaging through her mind at the moment she doesn't launch into an all-out rant at Rhysanna. Instead she just glares at her for a moment before sending the other candidate a very rude gesture with her middle finger. Which… might actually come as a bit of a surprise. Who knew Naris actually knows about that little gesture!? It is the arrival of Naeda that pulls her attention away from the current bane of her existence. She shhrugs briefly before offering, "nothing much, I was just doing a little thinking. Yourself?"

Rhysanna, for one, is definitely surprised by Naris' gesture, and her reaction is a defiant one: she may be cramping like there's no tomorrow, but she can still look superior when she wants to. "Get off my cot," she tells the other candidate. "Or I'll move you myself." It's definitely a threat. It's possible she would say more, but Naeda's arrival distracts her, eyes going abruptly - and hesitantly - wide. "Nae," she says. "Hi." There's an edge to her voice, but… there's an impending hatching, and she's obviously not feeling well. So.

Therynn perks up with the bubbly light known as Naeda enters. Perfect timing for a lil flirty relief! "Hey Nae! Just a lil finishing up of some chores and…" she looks for the words "..relaxing.." which is about the opposite of what's going on in general. Jaw drops when Naris sends a lil birdie flying Rhysa's direction, and the Candidate returns just as direct orders, but this is quickly covered up with more tea sipping. "Would you like some tea Nae?" Eliara brings the tray of drinks and snacks over in offering.

Naeda blinks a little bit at the gesture Naris gives, and the response it earns from Rhysanna. Her smile falters, and a heavy sigh escapes her. "Shards. Is /everyone/ in this Weyr at the verge of ripping each other's throats out?" She plants her hands on her hips. "Normally I'd be encouraging you two to have a catfight, but honestly? This needs to stop. We don't know what's going to happen, and you two might end up stuck with each other for a /long/ time. Naris, apologize for being a childish brat and flipping Rhysanna off. Rhysa, you're my friend and I love you, but apologize for telling Naris to shut up and try to be a little nicer, okay? Please? I know you two haven't gotten off on the right foot, I get that. But… shells. If you two can get along with me, you can find a way to get along with each other." Her expression is exhausted and pleading. Her gaze shifts to Therynn, quietly relieved. "I would /love/ some tea. Thank you, Therynn." She sinks down to have a seat.

Naris returned Rhysanna's glare in full force, fury almost radiating off the girl. "So now you're threatening violence," she remarked in a cold voice, "Somehow I am /truly/ unsurprised." Rhysanna wants to blow it at what could very possibly be the last day of candidacy? Fine, go ahead. There are plenty of witnesses to see exactly who struck first and the look on Naris' face is one that could convey that message. If she were a canine of feline her teeth would probably be showing and hackles raised right about now. As it is she's managing to look at bit like a animal prepared to strike anyway. Therynn is ignored completely. However, what Naeda proceeds to say is something that the candidate absolutely cannot ignore. Naris does not take her eyes off of Rhysanna as she growls, "why should I? It's not like she's made it easier for me to get along with her or even ignore her. Besides, I think I'd be perfectly happy to /not/ fade into the background to avoid confrontation this time."

"You're sitting on my cot," points out Rhysanna, just short of losing her temper, though Naeda's words have certainly made her blush. She sets down her tea, now, and even releases the pillow she's been pressing to her abdomen. "My cot. I'm not the one that started this. I," she pauses, glancing back at Naeda, a deep breath sucked in. "I'm sorry for telling you to shut up, but please don't sit on my cot. My insides are threatening to twist themselves into knots and suffocate me, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig, and I don't want anyone near my things." Like her diary, which is still sitting on the cot, or the folded piece of paper that's sticking out of it.

Therynn changes that thought to a little regulating relief. Way to handle bizniss Naeda! Who knew she was such a good mediator. The huntress quietly admires her way of working with people and takes note while quietly sipping from her teacup. "Thank you Eliara.." she smiles as the healer serves up some steamy deliciousness for Naeda, leaves the tray and scurries off. Rynn idly rubs the bandage around index finger, giving Naeda an air toast and setting cup next to cot while grabbing Tarth for some serious cuddling. The repugnant looking green coos with a rattle as she's scooped up and cradled. The huntress knows all about feral felines and women, rather glad she's being ignored by the feuding duo even as Rhysa attempts to take the high road, grimacing with her descriptors.

Naeda sighs and rubs at her temples, looking back at the feuding pair, her eyes tired. "I do not need this." She grumbles quietly, her eyes narrowing as she raises her voice. "Rhysanna, thank you for apologizing. Naris, Rhysanna doesn't want to fight with you. You're better than this, right? More mature? There is absolutely no good reason for you two to be feuding." She frowns more. "Please. You're both better than this. There is a lot of terrible, stressful stuff happening. But this can be as pleasant or as unpleasant as we make it. Take a deep breath and calm down." She takes the tea with a quick grateful smile, then gives Rhysanna a tired look. "We've been living together for months, I'm sure we're all having that problem right now. Probably part of why we're all feeling so cranky. So let's try to calm down?"

Naris is silent for a moment, saying nothing as she takes in several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself. Rhysanna gets a long look at her apology and description of exactly what is happening to her. There is a quick glance at Naeda, although no expression shows on her face. Finally she looks back at Rhysanna and states, "you should try some mint. It helps with cramping and soothes the stomache and nerves in general." With that she rises to her feet and shuffles over to her own cot, where she sits down and lets out a long exhale. It's not an all-out apology, no, but it's… something. Knowing Naris it could take some time for her to work herself up to a real apology.

Rhysanna's mouth opens, after Naris' not-quite-apology, but she doesn't quite manage to say anything in response. She does, at least, look relieved— even if she's also picking up her little notebook, and clutching it towards her chest, even then. "I'm sorry, Nae," she adds, raising her gaze towards that particular candidate. There's something deeply earnest about it, something that suggests she's apologizing for more than simply this, whatever this is. Her voice is a little thick, and terribly muted, but she doesn't actually seem to be about to cry. Which is… good, really. "Thank you for organizing the tea, Therynn."

Therynn lies back in her cot, settling in to the background of pacing and cramps turned bickering mess. Naeda has more patience than she, who wants nothing to do with all this fighting and mediating. "The tea was /supposed/ to help.." she mumbles while holding Tarth to her face, smooching mangled maw and tossing the tiny up in to the air for a little somersault. A spiraling croon lets out with chitters of delight as she's caught and cradled closely once again. As her name is spoken from the repartee arena, a brow raises with her head as it cranes to meet the address. "You're quite welcome Rhysa." Is said with a smile.

Naeda gives Naris a less than totally satisfied look for that not-quite-apolgoy. Yet, it seems to have calmed things down somewhat, so no further efforts at diplomacy are made at the moment. She's done all the pushing necessary for the moment. She sighs and finally brings her tea to her lips for a sip, then gives Therynn a little smile. "My thanks as well." She says with sincerity. Then she looks back to Rhysanna, a flash of worry in her eye again. "… None of us have been at our best. Apology accepted. Let's… let's just try to make what remains of candidacy as pleasant as possible, okay?"

Naris says nothing more after her almost-apology. Instead the candidate takes another sip of her tea before setting it on her sidetable and flopping backword on her cot in an extremely graceless display. She is /tired/. Well, not physically tired, physically she's wide awake, but emotionally she's exhausted and ready for a change of pace. What /kind/ of a change of pace would be occurring remains a mystery for the moment but she is certain that one will be happening soon enither way. Catching some of Naeda's words she can't help but remark, "I don't think that'll be much, they're saying that the eggs will hatch today."

"Right," says Rhysanna, sounding uncertain. She smiles, aiming it at both Therynn and Naeda, one after the other, but it's a timid, insipid kind of thing. Reclaiming her tea, and adjusting her pillow, both puts her hands to good use and gives her something to concentrate on: something that isn't the hatching itself. Despite that, as she inhales the steam wafting over her mug, she can't help herself but say, "I can't wait for this to be over."

Therynn props her legs up and pats a spot on her cot with a foot if Nae so chooses to join, since theirs are super close and near enough to Rhys and Naris that they won't be yellow across the dorm. She sends a warm smile towards Rhysanna and a few more flizzen cuddles later she's dozing off ever so lightly, indeed dreaming of the day when she can return to the jungles.

Naeda rolls her eyes at Naris. Well, not so much at her directly, but at those whose hearsay she is passing along. "They've been saying that every day for the last sevenday. Someone has, at any rate. Let's not get too worked up. Could be today, could be later. Worrying about it won't make a difference." Likely, that's a comment Naeda is directing at herself as much as she is at the others. Naeda glances to Therynn and gives her a grateful smile, taking the invitation and having a seat beside her to enjoy the remainder of her tea.

Can you hear it? That sound? It means AHHHH, BABIES ARE COMING!!! Followed shortly by the rap-tap-tap of running booted feet on the ground as an assistant weyrlingmaster makes her appearance. "Right," Akyla's voice is nothing short of a sharp bark for attention. "You'll be wanting to put on your robes, and start lining up, because, darlings," and here she flashes a cheery smile, "it's time for the big day." Is anyone nervous?

Naris lets out a sigh before admitting to Naeda, "you're probably right." It's only moments after she says those words that the tell-tale humming starts and she jumps to her feet with a yelp of alarm. Naeda gets a look that says nevermind, she was /not/ right, before the candidate is nodding to Akyla and pulling on her robes. Nervous!? Pah! There's absolutely no way that /she's/ nervous!

That sound very nearly has Rhysanna spilling her tea all over herself: she jumps bodily, letting out a squeaking squealing sound that is hardly dignified. Akyla's arrival so soon after has her throwing that pillow down and jumping for her press; she can't suddenly, magically, be feeling better, but perhaps it matters less. Even so, the whiteness of the robe gets a lengthy glance, but then she's hurriedly changing, throwing her clothes (and her diary) into her press in a hasty, over-excited movement. Her face is white, her eyes wide, but she lifts her chin.

Therynn nearly falls out of her cot with a start, jumping as the sound of Akyla's entrance pulls her back to Pern-ality and out of her jungle dreams. Little green Tarth is set on the cot and she rubs her eyes, blinking afew times as they focus on the sharp directives from the AWLM. "Right now?.." Wow she gulps and pushes to a stand, taking one more sip of that tasty tea before springing in to action to peel off layers and put on the flashy white robe, which is muss less baggy than her usual attire.

Is anyone /not/ nervous might be the better question. Naeda's eyes go quite wide at that telltale sound. She swallows audibly. "Ooooh, shells. Literally." The tea is quickly set down before she bounds over to her cot, haphazardly shedding clothes along the way so that she can snatch her robe out of her trunk and throw it on, hastily tying the thing closed with fumbling hands. "This is it, people!" As if that needed to be said.

Sorel is zipping in from the living cavers, a meatroll shoved into his mouth and the tail end poking out between his lips. He's trying to get the remainder of his lunch down, but trying to achieve this as well as strip on the way to his cot, is proving rather difficult. He nearly trips, slamming into one of the other male candidates before he's stumbling over to his cot and digging around for his robe. It's not long before he's being tugged over his head and he's quickly falling into line with others who're not so patiently waiting.

"Right now," Akyla answers Therynn as she moves over to the wall to flip back one of the tapestries to reveal … a secret entrance. Dun dun dun. "Which means any thoughts anyone might have had about a meal, if you haven't already eaten," — or been eating, worse luck — "are going to have to wait. Everyone have their robes on?" The greenrider scans the cavern, looking about to make sure at least /most/ of the candidates were wearing white garments. "If you aren't, hurry and get dressed. If you are, head down that tunnel to the sands. Don't delay." The greenrider will just remain here to herd everyone else to the sands.

Rhysanna may be adding a little bit of green to the white (and brown) of her complexion, but at least she's holding her chin high. She grabs for Naeda's hand, somewhat blindly, and then marches on down that tunnel. Into the valley of death rode the—

Naris gives another quick nod as Akyla speaks, there's no time to waste! As soon as her robes are on the candidate falls in line, taking deep and steady breaths as she moves. This is it, this is really happening. She straightens up, holds her head high, and tries to look like she feels absolutely no fear as she enters the tunnel.

Therynn swallows down that questioning immediately as Akyla addresses her with a nod of obedience and a "Yes ma'am.." She's pretty much ready, taking half a second to at least run fingers through her mop of hair. Shecould very well be nervous, but it doesn't show and is probably for the exact opposite reason everyone else is. The morning was spent rather perfectly, mending clothes, sipping tea and watching a good ol family feud Candidate style. Glances are sent all around as she works to pull on thick soled sandals over each foot, affixing them tightly as she attempt to figure out where to place herself in the line up. "Best wishes everyone and good luck out there. Remember that you're all absolutely amazing!" She ends up somewhere near Naeda and Rhysanna, filing towards teh secret entrance.

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