Rhadan and the Moody Girls

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

The night has not yet fully set upon Western Weyr - outside the sky is colored with reds and purples of dusk, and slowly shadows are beginning lengthen. The summer not quite in full swing, but the drop in temperature is easy to feel. The Lounge may not yet be in "full swing" but it isn't quiet, either. People mill about - the bar is busy, and most tables are full. Rhadan, though, is quite lucky. The young man had turned from the bar, a colorful drink in his hand, when a whole table emptied. Right next to a window. And… sit. And… drink. "Ahhh…" He loves this fruity alcoholic drink. Really. He does.

Areia is, apparently, in a bad mood - as she is barking at the poor bartender something about her drink being horrible. "Take this, give me… ah hell, something straight up." She finally relents and turns to survey the crowd. Her right arm is wrapped up tight in a sling, which may be a hint. The crowd moves from their table, but then… ugh. There's someone there. Grabbing her new drink (without even a thank you!), she heads that way and stands at the table. "Comfortable?"

Anyone looking to the beach outside will see the massive brown Indianath landing, and Rou'x sliding down from his back. She leaps the last few feet to land awkwardly in the sand, then slaps her lifemate's leg before skulking across the patio and into the bar. Skulking seems to be her thing at present; she draws the brim of her hat low as she asks for a drink, sliding marks across the bar in exchange for a bottle and a tumbler. Rhadan's the lucky one with seats free at his table and, without so much as a second glance at the kid - probably because she sees Areia there, and her honeyed eyes are fixed on the blonde - the bulky brownrider tromps on over to drop her booze down in front of him, while she drops her amply-sized butt into a seat beside him with a grunt of greeting to them both. It's more interesting to pour than to say hello.

Rhadan's eyes watch people a little. To and fro they go, and then… "Oh, yes… I suppose." He knew people would sit down at the table. People always sit down at empty tables. Or one-person-sitting-at-them tables. Rhadan's answer to Areia is followed by a sip of his drink - light read with a slice of some kind of fruit in it. Rou'x gets a greeting as well, his in words, "Hullo." And after a second his eyes are back to Areia. "Wanna sit?" A pause, "What happened to your arm?"

And, oh look! Rou. Areia just stands, head tilting, as Rou shows up and plops down. Her eyes narrow, flick briefly over the brownrider, then zone in on the bottle. "Share." She orders, finally taking a seat. Rhadan's question has her scowling. "Dumb runner is what happened." She mutters. "He did it this time. Broke something. I'm out of the stables until I get the OK from the healers, which could be in weeks. WEEKS." She focuses in on her glass like she owes it some sort of revenge and drains it, scooting it towards Rou in a hint-hint kind of way. "Hey. You're that kid who was all felt up last night."

Rou'x touches the brim of her hat to greet Rhadan, raising her glass to a half-enthusiastic hello. She has to nudge the fedora back a bit so she can see Areia properly, eyes narrowed at the blonde while she curls the bottle protectively towards her. That would be a no, then. No sharing here. The brownrider huffs stubbornly when she's scooted towards, choosing in turn to scoot her own chair towards Rhadan's. "I can scoot quicker'n you wi' two arms." Not quite the warm whispering woman of the night before, Rou holds her glass to Areia in a cheers, before draping her arm over Rhadan's shoulders as if it's the most normal thing in the world and taking a drink. Well hey, you.

Rhadan looks at the bottle Rou'x has as well, and simply watches the pouring and the raising of the glass. He is watching even as he listens to Areia's words. There is a grimace at the statement of "two weeks", and his face might show sympathy. That is, until he dead pans. Yup, his face goes expressionless very quickly even as red starts to creep onto his cheeks. His answer to Areia is slow in coming, "Uh… Yeah, I guess." It was slow enough the just as he finishes it, Rou'x's arm is draped around his shoulders. His eyes give a side-long glace to Rou even as he leans down a little, picking up his glass a outright gulping a third of it. He coughs lightly as he speaks, "I'm Rhadan." Yeah. Rhadan, the noodled.

Bright eyes widen, then narrow at Rou and stay there. Fine, two can play that game. Arei's good at being pissy. "Drunk higher-ups are fun, huh?" She asks in a carefully neutral voice, finally looking towards the guy. "Rhadan. 'kay. What're you here for?" There's a not-really-interested tone in her question, but it has been asked. She takes a moment to stand and go to the bar, reaching over and grabbing her own bottle. When the bartender complains, she just ignores him. The bottle is set on the table with a very loud thump, then she sits and draws it close. Mine.

"Rou'x," the rider replies, looking sideways at Rhadan with one half of her mouth pulled up into a forced halfsmile. "She's Areia." The blonde is pointed to. "Pretty, right? Even with one arm." Eyes narrow slightly, and she tilts her head to look at the woman. "You coming up tonight?" She jerks one thumb up, in the rough direction of the weyrs that dot the caldera. "Or do I have t' chase ya for it again?" Snorting, she raises her glass to her lips and takes a sip. Then, she looks at Rhadan and squeezes him. "She don't come easy, y'know."

"Yeah… sure." Drunk higher-ups can be a little fun, sure. Rhadan doesn't sound convinced. In fact, he even lets a little sarcasm enter his voice. His free hand, the other one busy spinning his drink in circles on the table, raises to sweep hair from his eyes. He swipes at it a few times, trying to get it to stay in place even as he tilts his head to look at Rou'x. That red that came to his face? It is there again, even as he is squeezed. "I… uh… no, no… I don't know." Rou'x is answered, and more of his colored drink is swallowed. It is almost gone now. Well, at least Rou'x isn't making sure he has a flat chest. "

Areia taps her fingers against the table, eyes darting between her table-mates. "Coming up? Five seconds ago you were scooting away with your two arms." Is reminded sourly. "And now you're hanging over this poor kid like he's your pet. What, is Indy proddy or something?" The only reply to being easy is Arei draining her glass and awkwardly filling it back up. Amazing how much things get harder one-armed. Rhadan gets a raised brow and a smirk. "You don't know what you're here for?" The bottle is pushed over away from Rou's reach - just in case. "That must be frustrating."

"Yeah. He gone went green on me in Southern, n' now he goes proddy n' lays ruby wherry eggs on a rest day," Rou'x snipes back at Areia. That bottle kept out of her reach? Doesn't bother her; she's got her own right where she needs it. And who needs glasses, when you've got a handy bottleneck? The brownrider swigs from the bottle, then reaches over to pour some of her booze into Rhadan's cocktail. "You're here for a /drink/, aintcha, kid?"

"No… no, I didn't…" Rhadan is soo out of his comfort zone here. It is likely very obvious, too, if not from his stiff shoulders to his hasty words, "I meant I don't… easy… whatever." Rhadan gives a light, frustrated sigh. And then there is more drink being poured in his glass, and this stuff is not, likely, anything Rhadan's had before. "Yeah… that's why I'm /here/." Like, why else would you come to the Tiki Lounge? The karaoke? His eyes go to his drink, picking it up and sloshing it around a little before bringing it up to his nose to sniff at, "What is it?" He is young, yet. He hasn't tried everything. He doesn't even wait for an answer, though, before he takes a drink. His almost immediate coughing fit after the swallow, though, causes him to lean forward. He was not expecting that! Are those tears in his eyes? COUGH COUGH!

Areia just regards Rou'x with a sort of pissy amusement. "That so?" The woman snorts softly, shaking her head. "Explains why you didn't tell -certain- people you were leaving. Must have been preoccupied with those pretty shiny eggs." Luckily, her attention is turned to Rhadan and his… experience. Can anyone really NOT be amused at first drinks like that? Her mouth quirks. "By the way, we drink strong." She says, so helpful.

Rou'x gives Rhadan an encouraging slap on the back following his spluttering - encouraging, but perhaps not quite conducive to easy drinking. "Good, ain't it?" That thick Reachian brogue is practically purred to the teen, as she leans towards him with her lips inches from his ear. "Whisky. Y'can have s'more, if you like." Oh, but then Areia goes and ruins whatever buzz she had going! Rou'x's fingers flex around her empty glass, before she shunts it across the table with every intent of it hitting against the blonde. "I ain't talking about that, n' neither're you." She stands up, grabbing her near-full bottle. "You want more, kid? You gotta take it now."

There is a short time period where Rhadan, after the initial swallow of the strong drink, is unable to do anything but cough and breathe. His eyes blink at the sudden tears that formed, and his composure (if he even had that before) takes a little while to come back. "No kidding, strong." Rhadan's words aren't said while looking at Areia, but at the table, and he eyes is glass now, even as Rou'x is speaking in his ear. Was that a shiver? Yep. And then Rou'x is standing and Rhadan's shoulder is free. He does look up, and then at his glass. "I… I don't know." He swallows briefly and then, on impulse, "Why not?" Yeah, why not drink more really strong alcohol?

Areia isn't quite quick enough - the glass slides over and smacks nicely into her injured arm. Inhaling with pain, she grits her teeth and glares fire at Rou'x. "Fuck, Rou!" She seethes out through the pain, face going pale. Her good hand grips the glass and shoves it away. "Go, run away again. At least this time I KNOW you're leaving." Rhadan is, well, ignored, at least at the moment. Which is unfortunate because Arei would probably be laughing if she could.

A look up for Rhadan gets him an eyeful of Rou'x ample assets - not that she's paying attention. She's too busy scowling over the tabletop at Areia, with a thunderous expression that grows closer to breaking with every second. Grabbing the bottle with her fingers around her neck, she shoves at Areia as she passes her by, lip curled in an angry snarl. From there it's out onto the beach; Areia touched a nerve, it would seem.

Kazuto steps into the lounge, and pauses for a moment by the entrance. Dark brown eyes graze across the room looking for people he might know, but failing that, he pauses a moment to steel himself to garner the courage to continue inwards. Uncertainty only lingers a moment over his features as he finally decides not to back out the way he came, and instead soldier on. He heads nearly directly for the bar with only a glance towards Areia and Rou'x, an arch of a brow lifted in regard to the brief exchange he was able to witness, and makes sure to take a sidestep out of the way of the departing Rou'x. Rhadan is given a bit of a smirk as he has issues with his drink, a quick comment of, "Don't hurt yourself.", is offered on his way past towards the bar.

Rhadan doesn't mind being ignored by Areia. He was, in a way, doing the same. He was sort of oblivious to the tension between the women. At least he was until now. While looking up at Rou'x's… ample assests, briefly, Areia's words startle the teen slightly. His eyes are brought to Areia, and he… shrinks a little from the anger come from the two women. Rou'x departure is followed by him straightening himself, though, even as he looks up at the passing Kazuto. His are on Areia as he asks, gingerly, "What just… happened?" It is then that his drink is eyed. There is some left, but there was no more added by Rou'x. Sad day. He does lift the glass to his lips again, though, and sips very little. The swallow might be exaggerated, but he isn't coughing more than once this time.

Areia holds it together until Rou leaves, but as soon as she's out of eyeshot, the woman slumps and groans. Leaning forward, she rests her forehead against the table. Chances are the glass wasn't exactly traveling fast across the table, but with a broken bone, any little bit huts. With a deep breath, she straightens enough to look at Rhadan and reach over for her own mostly full bottle of whatever strong stuff she's got. "Rou happened." She mutters sourly before tipping the bottle up. Alcohol helps pain, right? As far as she knows, Kazuto's comment was to her, and, smacking the bottle back on the table, she growls. "Too late, jerk. Thanks for noticing."

Kazuto just shakes his head at the pair of them, rolling his eyes and making his way to the bar to order himself a drink. He retorts to Areia afterwards, "Wasn't talking to you, but you're welcome." He quips, and reaches for the drink that's offered to him. Nothing too strong, unlike the others, but then he isn't trying to prove anything nor dull any pain. He tugs himself out a seat at the bar, sitting on it and crossing his legs to rest his glass on his knee. He then watches the pair as though it was some kind of entertainment even though his expression isn't cracking with a smile or anything.

Rhadan isn't sure who Kazuto is speaking to. Did he say something about being careful? Rhadan doesn't know now, and the confused look is only on his face briefly. Rhadan is playing with his glass again, though. It is almost empty and while he watches Areia he is also shifting his glass on one edge… then the other… and again. The small amount of liquid in the glass shifts as it is tilted, and Rhadan's eyes travel from Areia to the as he speaks, "I'm sorry… what…" Rhadan looks up at the blonde for a moment before his drink is lifted to his lips and the final bit is drank, the cough now only light. The glass is set down on the table softly, "You know her well?" Well, he doesn't really know if it is the best topic to hit on right now… but he does.

Areia works for a moment to try to figure out something to retort to Kazuto… and finally ends up just sort of sullenly glaring at him. She also finally seems to notice Rhadan, eyes flicking over as he talks - oh hi, you're still here? She shakes her head. "Long story and not mine to tell." Then, a sort of deadpan 'duh' look. "No, dolt, I just met her an hour ago." She heaves a sigh. "Sorry. Not you I'm ticked at. Yeah, I know her." Kazu gets the attention then as she turns to look him up and down. "But I -don't- know you. Who're you?"

Kazuto seems pleased with the reaction he got from Areia as well as the lack of retort, a slight narrowing of his eyes is all that shows it though. He lifts his glass to take a drink, before resettling it on his knee as he idly listens to the chatter around the room. Certainly, those two aren't the only interesting people to watch, right? Rhadan is given a sympathetic look as he's called a dolt, and his gaze then flickers towards Areia once more as he's looked up and down. He shrugs his shoulder and asks, "Are you supposed to know everyone? Certainly didn't work out well with that other person you just met, hmm?" You know, the one who left in a hurry.

Rhadan is still here. Or is he? Don't let him know which it is, becuase he is just fine with not being sure. His face is a frown at the insult, and his focus is on the glass once more. Sad day, huh? He is currently leaning on with his elbows on the table, face over the glass. The glass is empty! He states as much. "My glass is empty." Well, it is. His head comes up and he has to brush hair from his eyes again. Annoying hair. His eyes now go to Kazuto, and then to Areia. "I'm going to get more." And he is standing a second later, though not totally sure of feet. The bar will be his destination.

"Yes. I am." Is Areia's completely serious answer. "Everyone." Her good hand rubs at her forehead and she leans back, just looking tired. "Rou and I… well, it's complicated. But you. Are you new? Or am I wrong? Oh, don't let him get anything strong!" She motions to Rhadan (as well as she can at least) as he heads up to the bar. The movement makes her wince and she sits back again, cradling her bad arm against her. "You're closer than I am and I'd hate be responsible if he started… puking or something. Rhadan, don't puke." Oh look, she remembers his name.

"I am new." Kazuto says, unfolding himself from his stool and taking a step or two towards Rhadan and reaches to take the glass away from the young man. Well, as if he has any place to do so, considering he himself is likely in the same age range. "I'll get you something to drink." He offers Rhadan, so that his taking the glass isn't with the premise that he's just taking it away. If successful, he wanders over to the bar to get something watered down, far from the strong drink that Rhadan had before - but not completely bland. "What's your name? I got Rhadan, but yourself?" He asks, even though he hasn't even answered the question asked of him yet.

Rhadan just wants more in his cup, that's all. The bar is coming closer, and the chance of having more in his cup is near. Strong or whatever doesn't matter, just more. And as Kazuto takes the glass from his hand, he is unsure. His holds it tighter at first, but does release the glass. "I won't puke. I don't puke." He stands a few feet from the bar now, and turns to look at Areia, "I'm not new. Been here for turns. Was gone for one, though. Shot a feline." And there you have it, Rhadan's life story. Do people get tipsy this quick? Rhadan has. "Drink?" Where is that glass?

Areia casts Kazuto a grateful glance - she's not all evil, promise. Just in pain. And probably emotionally sore. And, well, getting slightly drunk. "Arei." She introduces shortly. Luckily, there's a distraction: Rhadan is watched carefully and Arei can't help but roll her eyes at him, even cracking a tiny bit of a smile. "Yes, Rhadan, you're not new." She agrees. "I was talking to… him." She nods towards Kazuto. "Whoever he is."

Kazuto places the refilled glass in Rhadan's hand, just about the time that he starts asking for it. He carries his own drink along with him, and gives Areia a look over himself. "Kazuto." He offers, finally, and then glances at Rhadan, "Shot a feline for what purpose?" He asks him, and shakes his head, not expecting a grand story out of someone who's already tipsy. Finishing off his drink, he sets the empty glass on a nearby table, and doesn't appear interested in having another. "Everyone pukes, if they drink too much." He assures, waiting to see if Rhadan is going to accept the watered down drink he brought back for him.

Rhadan doesn't quite care if he drink is watered down or not. He is grateful for it. He just wanted a drink. Any drink. Even so, the first sip he takes as he makes his way back to the table cause him to grimace a little, perhaps taken aback by the watered downness. His head shakes a little and his lips smack. His eyes go to Kazuto, though, as he nears the table. Suddenly, his face is grim and serious, even if his voice doesn't reflect that, "Well, it was trying to kill me, o'course." And is that his foot on the table? Yep. "Loook! Even got the scar." And yes, there is a scar, traveling from the back of his calf and down past his boot. Obviously, if this was a feline it wasn't the homely type. "Ever have a feline try to kill /you/?" This is asked as if he truly, truly is curious. Others must have had run ins with felines, right?

"Yes. Everyone pukes." Arei assures Rhadan with a tone of familiarity. As he launches into his tale, she glances at Kazuto with a sort of half-grin mixed with a questioning expression. And then, whoa! a foot! The woman huddles around her slinged arm, lest it be attacked again. "No, never had a feline try to kill me. Runners? Yes. One now, in fact, and he almost got me. But… felines? Aren't they little pets for holders?"

Kazuto can't help but snicker a little as Rhadan goes and puts his foot on the table. Uncouth, at the best, he glances at the scar that he's shown and then grins a little himself. "Got a bigger ones than that from some of the stuff on the roads." He comments, though doesn't go about stripping to show scars himself - if they even exist. "But, yeah. Makes sense if it was out for you and all." He agrees, nodding a couple times and then shakes his head, "No felines came after me, nope. Looks painful enough though." He says before shrugging and reaching for his glass to get another drink, more of the same.

Rhadan's hand reaches down to trace over his own scar briefly, his head turning to the side slightly as he studied the old injury, "No… this wasn't one of /those/ felines. He was a bigun… wild." he pauses a moment, his eyes moving from his scar to Areia, "In the south. Wild ones as big as me. Fast. And he could /climb/." There are, indeed, some dangerous things out there. His leg is finally removed from the table as his eyes travel to Kazuto. "It… hurt. But I couldn't feel it for long. Lost blood. Lots." And his attention is changed to Areia again, "Why'd he try to kill you?" Even as this is said, though, one of Rhadan's hands go to his stomach. Was that a grumble coming from his tummy? "Err…" He doesn't feel good. So he drinks a little. That glass of watered down drink is raised to his lips. That'll make the feeling better, right?

Areia actually glances with some interest at the scar for a brief moment. "None bigger than that." She remarks. "But then, runners only have hooves, not, you know, huge, scratching claws or fangs." Makes sense, right? She shifts around uncomfortably. "He's a devil, thats why." She explains. "Just a complete devil. Did this." Her good hand points to her bad one. "At least I get to be away from him for a few- Wait, 'errr', what?" She peers at the teen suspiciously.

Kazuto seems content to listen to the pair, drinking from the glass that he brought with him from the bar as they converse about why animals are inherently trying to kill them. He invites himself to sit with Areia without asking for permission, simply setting his glass on the table and then sinking down into the chair with a soft sigh. "Animals are animals, they can't help what they are." He comments, lifting a hand to rub at his forehead, as though a headache was starting to come on. Could be the alcohol, though.

"Errr…" There is more of that sound coming from Rhadan. His face isn't doing well now, his brow furrowing a bit and his lips tucked in. "I.. .I think…" His head is shaking now. "I don't feel good…" He is moving now, scooting a bit away from the table, "I'm… I'm gonna go." And he does. Slowly, carefully. He'll puke soon, but he does at least get out the door first.

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