The End Of Loneliness (Vingette)

Weyrling Barracks

She had been exhausted after the events of the day, but fortunately for her it was a good kind of exhausted. Unfortunately is that the word ‘was’ firmly found itself rooted into that sentence. In the late hours of the night she finds herself being forced back into consciousness whether she likes it or not. Nisa lets out a groan and rolls over in an attempt to get back to sleep only for a humming voice to break through her thoughts. « I do not understand why you are so determined to go back to sleep, » Anshenuith admits. « Would it not be better to take advantage of it if you are awake? I imagine there are lots of things that could be seen. »

Surprise is the first thing Nisa feels upon hearing her dragon’s voice. Surprise and, upon sitting up and looking over the side over the cot to see Anshenuith staring up at her, a mixture of warmth and joy. The smile can not only be seen but heard in her voice as she explains, “we go by a schedule, Anshenuith. Humans and dragons are meant to be awake during the morning and sleep during the night. If that schedule was messed up it could be bad for our health.

« I see. » There’s a pause from the green then as she tilts her head to the side, staring at her rider and trying to figure something out. Finally it comes to her and the subject is completely changed without warning. « You were surprised when you woke up and saw me. Why is that? » For her part Nisa blinks in surprise upon hearing the question, at a loss for words for the moment. Luckily it doesn’t last very long.

“I was surprised,” she explains. “I’m not used to somewhere being there when I wake up, and I’m particularly not used to someone who cares being there.”

Anshenuith’s mindvoice moves through Nisa’s head with a light whistling sound. « You were lonely, » she confides, « but now you have me. You don’t have to be lonely anymore. » Nisa is thankful that it is so late at night and her fellow weyrlings are asleep for she fears she may be tearing up right now. Even if she isn’t she’s definitely grinning like a loon.

“No,” Nisa whispers, “not anymore.” It is then that she crawls out of bed and, despite the green’s questions, curls up beside her dragon.

Sleep comes easily.

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