Baby Dragons At Play

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's summer! Summer at Western! And a beautiful morning, at that. The full heat of the day isn't on, but it's not so early that the beach is completely empty, either. Zi'on has already been out in the water, as has Suldith by the looks of them. Both are laying on the beach, sunbathing. Zi'on is stretched out on a towel on his stomach, and Suldith stretched out on his stomach next to him, wings partly unfolded. People mill about the beach and there are a few dragons about, but it's not very crowded yet.

'Morning' and 'Rhysanna' are not generally two concepts that play nicely together, but, ahaha, there's not much of a choice in that at the moment, is there? Tavehtiath is awake, and therefore her weyrling is awake, and now that the young dragon has been fed, it's time to go out. Rhysanna's got dark shadows under her eyes, and her clothes are (for her) unusually untidy, but she can't help but smile as Tavehtiath so carefully tests her feet upon the sand of the lagoon shore, and then moves forward. They're distracted, clearly; neither pays any attention to anyone else, as yet.

Weyrlinghood doesn't mean that you need to stay in one place completely and Nisa seems eager to take full advantage of that fact. Even if she can't go too far she does /not/ want to be trapped in the immediate area of the Weyrling barracks for the whole time. Despite it being summer she is not dressed in swimming gear. No water is in the plans for her today! Anshenuith walks at her side, occasionally stepping up her pace a bit when she falls behind. However, upon catching sight of the shore she rushes forward, eager to see what's going on. This is her first time at the lagoon and curiosity is getting the better of her! But as soon as one of her toes touches the surface of the water she jumps back, an alarmed hiss leaving her. Turning her head slightly the green notices her gold clutchsibling and calls to Tavehtiath, « there is an unpleasant tactile difference to the water. » Meanwhile Nisa frowns and shakes her head slightly. "I told you not to do that," the weyrling calls out to her dragon. The other beachgoers and ignored for the time being on her part.

Kaiath has heard a lot of things about this 'beach' place from her lifemate. Sun? Sand? Water? Warmth? Playing? These all sound like things she needs to be experiencing, right away! The energetic little green dashes out onto the shore with much more enthusiasm than grace, stumbling and trumpeting. Nae scrambles to keep up. She's somehow found the time to throw on her favorite blue bikini, which takes care of the disheveled clothes issue. Her hair is still a mess and she's visibly tired, but she's doing all she can to keep up. "Kaia! Wait for me!"

Zi'on isn't generally a morning person, either, but meetings have dragged his lazy behind from bed quite early. Time differences and all. So he's taking some R&R in the middle of the day. Dragons tend to learn to ignore the constant clamoring of weyrling mindvoices, even if their projection tends to be to -everyone- instead of -someone-. But a tiny trumpeting green is enough to alert any dragon in the nearby vicinity, and both Zi'on and Suldith raise their heads in unison, looking a bit alarmed. Suldith gets to his feet to plod over toward the approaching group of tiny dragons. Kaiath is moving too much for Suldith to get a good sniff at her, though he looks skeptically at the green. Then at Nae, then at the green. « This one is noisy and rambunctious. » He projects to… well, everyone.

« Is there, » answers Tavehtiath, indulgent rather than curious… which isn't to say that she's not enjoying the sensation of sand beneath her own feet (even if that's not strictly new). Suldith's interest has her drawing back on her haunches, neck extended as if to inspect the so-much-larger dragon. « Kaiath is friendly, » is her correction, all cool and white and placid, and just barely hinting at disapproval. Was that an insult, Suldith? So not cool. The movement of the dragons - and the noise, too, presumably - has dragged Rhysanna out of her reverie, now; she turns, glancing from dragon to dragon, weyrling to weyrling (Nae gets a smile; Naris just a bare glance), and then, finally, searches out Zi'on— clearly, she's recognized his dragon.

« There is, » Anshenuith confirms to Tavehtiath, not quite understanding her tone of voice. The sudden arrival of Kaiath makes her rear back momentarily before stumbling back a few steps. She blinks a few times while silently observing Suldith, Kaiath, and Tavehtiath. Finally she projects to the group, « can she not be noisy, rambunctious, /and/ friendly? » There is an undercurrent of confusion to her tone. Why must it be either or? They all seem to be traits that the green displays after all. Although all three of the dragons will hear her next words they are aimed to Kaiath for the more part as she asks, « were you surprised as well? » Meanwhile Nisa does not pay attention to Rhysanna or go looking for Zi'on just that. However, she does nod to Nae and murmur a quiet greeting.

« This one is SUPER COOL. » Kaiath projects as she leaps awkwardly onto the sands, trumpeting and projecting her voice as loudly as she can. Fortunately for everyone, it's still not /that/ loud. But it's still definitely on the loud side. « Thank you, Tavvy! I am friendly. Let's all be friends!" She bounds about, kicking up sand wildly. Nae smiles tiredly at her lifemate's antics. "Careful, Kaia…" The little smile from Rhysanna is returned, as is the greeting from Nais. "Hey." And then, there's a familiar bronze sniffing at her lifemate. "… Hey there, Suldith. This is Kaia." « HI! »

Suldith turns his attention to the tiny gold, leaning close to sniff at her. His eyes narrow, and he looks at her warily. It wasn't an insult! He's just assessing the little ones. Since he doesn't know them. Something makes Zi'on laugh, and the bronzer gets himself up to head over to where the dragons are congregating. "No, these aren't yours, Suldith. Your eggs aren't even on the sands yet. These are Shadhavarth's." He laughs more. "No, she isn't yours either." Though it's hard to tell if he means one of the greens, or Shadhavarth herself. Either way, the answer is no. Suldith then stalks over to Anshenuith, sniffing at her warily as well. The bronze sits down on his haunches to watch the green bounce around. « Hello, Kaiath. » Suldith's tail wags in the sand a bit. He's tempted to join in the jumping, he really is. But he might squish someone. "Hello, ladies. Out for some sun? Or a bath?" Zi'on asks them, with a grin. Lots of ladies. Riders and dragons.

Tavehtiath does not return the sniff; she regards Suldith levelly, drawing back her shoulders, until the bronze moves on to Ashenuith. « She can be whatever she likes, » is her answer to that particular green as she turns her head to regard Kaiath, placid contentment visible in her slowly whirling gaze. In this, too, she is indulgent: she seems heartily amused by the smaller dragon's antics, noise and all. Now, finally, she takes a few steps forward, tipping her head forward to consider the lagoon itself for the first time. Rhysanna steps out of her shoes, letting the warm sand pool around her bare feet. She sounds tired when she finally opens her mouth, answering Zi'on's question simply: "Sun, mostly. She wanted to see." Also? Hi.

Anshenuith blinks at Kaiath for a moment, confusion beginning to come off of the little green in waves. « Friendship is an abstract concept, » she states, « it may be hard for us all to be friends when the definition can range greatly. » If the riders are listening in on the conversation through their dragons they may note the Nisa seems to be the more socially talented one in this pairing. Gasp! Suldith gets a glance before, « hello. » No question as to why she is being sniffed, no introductions or rambling, just a plain old hello. To Tavehtiath the green remarks, « it is physically impossible for her to be whatever she likes. What if Kaiath decides to be a wher? I do not think that can be done. » In that moment Nisa looks an awful lot like she wants to facepalm. Striding over to her dragon she corrects, "I don't think she means literally, Anshe. Just as far as her behavior goes."

Nae turns her tired smile to the Weyrleader. "First, the sun. Though if I know Kaiath, a bath will be necessary by the end of it." As if on cue, the little green stretches out her wings. « LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! » She folds up her wings and rolls to one side, awkwardly flopping onto her back. Nae looks a little alarmed. "Kaia, wait, remember what happened last time…" « No, hang on, this will be totally cool. » The green awkwardly rocks back and forth, flailing at the air like a turtle stuck on her back. She trumpets with alarm. « … I am stuck! This is the opposite of what I wanted to have happen! » Nae sighs a little bit, but her smile quickly returns. "Calm down Kaia, I'll help…" She moves to her lifemate's side to help get her upright again.

Suldith looks amused by Tavehtiath's rebuttal. His eyes whirl as they focus in on the gold. « Can she be a fish? I like those. » Suldith turns to Kaiath, warble-purring at her in a much friendlier manner than a few moments ago. Zi'on smiles at Rhysa and nods. "Lots to see here. The little ones handle it well." Hi. Suldith gives Anshen a nose bump. To her rear. Because that's what was closest to him. And he likes her, they think alike! Sort of. Suldith then watches Kaiath flop over. He snorts, then back up a bit. Then he, too, flops over onto his back. His tongue lolls out to one side. Then he starts wriggling in the sand. « If you do this you can itch your back, without help! Here, do what I do. » He suggests to her. Then he sways his legs from side to side, until he flops over onto one side. And then he can roll over completely to get back to his feet. Zi'on just laughs. "Eh, at least she's small enough where a bath isn't too arduous."

Tavehtiath could roll her eyes at Ashenuith's comment, and then Suldith's in turn, but that would be impolite. Instead: « That's ridiculous. » Nonetheless, she's patient, albeit more for Anshenuith than Suldith, who really should know better. Kaiath's dramatic display draws her attention away from the water's edge, the chilly expanse of her thoughts turning icier and more concerned as the green gets stuck. « Kaiath! Kaiath, are you well? » Her hasty movement towards the green could not really be described as a run, but it's certainly fleet; she drops her nose towards her sister, eyes whirling rapidly. Rhysanna opens her mouth to answer Zi'on, but seems not to find any words. Instead, she gives a quick little nod, and then, hastily turning back towards Nae: "She's all right?"

Nae seems relucant to not immediately assist her lifemate, but Kaiath is watching Suldith closely from her unusual vantage. « I can totally do this. » Nae backs away a little as Kaiath begins rocking from side to side, slowly building up enough momentum to get back on her feet. « I DID IT! I AM THE GREATEST! » She flaps her wings about and sprays sand everywhere, including on poor Nae, while trumpeting her victory over her own antics. "She's fine." Nae is answering Rhysanna. "She's just… bwagh!" That's the sound Nae makes when hit with a sand spray.

Suldith gives a happy trumpet to the self-righted greenie. See? She was capable! She can do -anything-! Though neither bronze nor bornzer looked worried that Kaiath would be stuck like that forever. Suldith certainly could have given her a nudge to right-side-up-town. Suldith uses a wing to shield himself from incoming sand, and Zi'on turns his back, as well. "Bleh. Sand in my mouth." He laughs a bit. Once the sandstorm is over, Suldith creeps over toward Taveh. He lowers his head near her and makes a deep rumbling noise. It's supposed to be pleasing, or comforting, or something. He stretches his muzzle out to her, looking cute. Can dragons see cute? "No pulled muscles or anything, right?" Zi'on asks Nae about her dragon. "She rivals Suldith for cuteness."

Rhysanna is a couple of seconds too late with the turning away thing, probably because she's so very interested in watching Kaiath's efforts— and yes, there's sand in her mouth, too, and probably her eyes, too. "Ugh," she says, attempting to brush herself off, though she's laughing, too. "She really is adorable, though." « You're pretty great, » agrees Tavehtiath, with a gentle flurry of white, as she shakes sand off of her own self. « That was well done, indeed. What… » This, now, for Suldith, for whom she has a lengthy glance. « Are you doing? Is it fun? Is it something I should be doing? »

Kaiath is quickly back to bounding around and wiggling to try to dislodge the remaining sand on her back. Her 'ordeal' doesn't seem to have sapped her energy in the slightest. "… She's fine." Nae concludes with a little rueful smile as she tries to brush the sand out of her own hair. Her smile turns sheepish and apologetic as she looks to Rhysanna and Zi'on. "… Sorry about that." She glances back to the little grin. "Kaia, you have to watch out when you do things like that…" Kaiath may or may not pay any attention to that advice. She's immediately trying to get Taveh in on the act. « It's super fun and good for back itches, like the big guy said! » Suldith is apparently 'the big guy' now. « You gotta try it, sis! C'mon! »

Zi'on brushes himself off a bit, though he's only wearing shorts so there's not many places for the sand to disappear in. He helps Rhysa brush off then as well, chuckling a bit. "don't worry about it, Nae." Suldith continues to rumble at the little queen, then stretchs out to rub against her neck a little. It's a friendly greeting, though he isn't sure how she'll react. Also it looks funny, since he's so big and she's so tiny yet. « You can if you want to. » Suldith will linger for a moment, before plodding out to the shallows since the water is cool. He is big compared to them! And will always be big to Kaia. He's a small bronze though, and Teveh will be quite a bit larger than he is at her full size. While the dragons are distracted a bit, Zi'on tries to create a little bit of small talk with their riders. "So how are things going?"

"I've had worse," promises Rhysanna, a little ruefully, in answer to Nae's apology. Zi'on's assistance has her turning her head to look at him, her smile grateful and also something else, something less quantifiable. « I don't know if I should, » hedges Tavehtiath, cautiously, but not without affection. « I don't know if you should, either. » She seems bemused, but not ill-pleased with Suldith's rubbing, despite their size difference, and huffs a breath at him. That's affectionate, isn't it? Something like that. "I'm exhausted," Rhysa says, in answer to Zi'on's question. "And… it's all a little overwhelming, isn't it? But she's…" Her gaze has slid back to Tavehtiath, and that, at least, is expressive: utterly besotted.

"I'm getting even less sleep now than I was during candidacy." Nae answers Zi'on. "And now I have sand in my swimsuit. But all the same…" Nae's expression is much the same as Rhysanna's as she peeks at her own lifemate. "… Couldn't be happier. It's all worth it." Kaiath warbles a little when Tavehtiath fails to immediately follow her questionable example. « C'mon, little sis! If I can do it, you can do it! » The 'little' sister in question being about twice her size.

Zi'on will take whatever else that is in Rhysa's smile. Right now that is huge for him, and for them! And all they can offer each other for a long while. The bronzer looks happy. Suldith gives the gold an amused warble. Zi'on laughs at Rhysa and Nae. "Well, get used to it. It'll be a while before you can sleep normally and eat normally and not have to oil and feed and cut meat constantly. Or shovel." Zi'on can't say he misses all of that. "Definitely overwhelming." « You should try the water. » Suldith suggests. Probably at his rider's behest, to try and get Kaiath distracted away from flipping onto her back. He splashes a little with his paw.

Conducting a relationship via smiles is clearly an awkward way about it, but… without any other options, it'll do. "Feeding still makes me feel queasy," Rhysanna admits, with a sigh. "All that blood, even though I know no one is actually bleeding or anything. And the shovelling." Enough said on that front. "But… what Nae said. It's worth it. And they're only going to be this little once. It'll all only be this new once." « But I… » begins Tavehtiath, clearly torn between pleasing her sister and whatever other concerns she has. Suldith's idea is clearly a better one. « I'll race you into the water! » She won't even cheat.

Nae gives Rhysanna an encouraging smile of her own. Does that mean they're in a relationship now? Or do encouraging smiles only count as third base in the smile-based relationship? "You'll get used to it. When I was just a junior apprentice, I was sometimes… disturbed… by some of the things the dolphins would do to fish." Her smile falters briefly. "But you get used to gruesome stuff over time. I certainly did. It'll be okay." Kaiath, luckily, is easily distracted. « YOU'RE ON. » She announces before gracelessly bounding and stumbling towards the water.

And later when Zi'on gets home… Dear Diary, She SMILED at me today! <3 <3 -Total- swoon! Oh Faranth I can't wait until weyrlinghood is over! Just kidding! Maybe. Zi'on chuckles. "Poor Rhysa, too dainty for the meat cutting. Wait until you experience your first -blooding-." Though she likely won't be able to separate herself from her lifemate for that. The shoveling though… Zi'on leaves alone. No one likes that. "Mm. It's hard for me to think of Suldith being that small." He laughs. "Or being an egg, even." The bronzer wouldn't know Suldith's egg if it hit him in the face. Oo, now Naw and Rhysa are smiling at each other. Scandalous! "You would be disturbed to see the things Suldith does to the fish." Zi'on chuckles a bit. Suldith, for his part, seems content to watch the little ones from where he is in the shallows.

Look. It's been difficult. Can Rhysanna help that she just keeps spreading those smiles around? Appreciative ones, indescribable ones… they just keep coming. Rhysa blanches at mention of blooding, and otherwise seems a little embarrassed, but says, only, "Yes, yes. Next I'll be complaining about the state of my hands, and are you sure someone can't do all of that for me? Ha. Ha. I don't want to think about what anyone does to fish, thank you all the same." Tavehtiath may actually be letting Kaiath win in this race for the shallows, given she waits until the green is in motion before even taking so much as a step, and from there, still doesn't move that quickly. None of which means she can't throw herself bodily at the water when she gets there, finally showing some suggestion of her youth. Water flies; her reaction is gleeful.

"I can almost gaurantee that whatever Suldith does to fish, it's not as bad as what the dolphins do." Nae looks vaguely disturbed as she recalls some particularly unpleasant memory, but shakes that off quickly enough. "Mmm. She is growing like a weed, though. It hasn't even been two sevendays, and she's already bigger than any of the eggs were. No wonder she needs so much oiling." Kaiath splashes wildly into the water, flailing her wings about and spraying droplets everywhere. « Wheeee! » If she realizes she won the race, or even remembers that there was a race, she doesn't comment.

Zi'on chuckles to Rhysa. "In a couple of turns, they'll do whatever you want them to. But for now… you have to do like the rest of us poor riders. Anyways, the dragon oil helps with the hands. Keeps them nice and soft. Why do you think mine are like they are? Because of my cushy desk job?" He laughs. There's a blink and a brow raised to Nae. Zi'on's mind goes in a few unpleasant directions. "Mm." He chuckles. "They do grow quick. Before you know it she'll be full grown. And Tavehtiath will be bigger than Suldith." Suldith shields himself from the splashing. Then he lowers his snout into the water, and blows bubbles at the green and the gold. « Water is good to exercise in. Just don't go in too deep. Or get too tired. »

The prospect of people doing whatever she wants makes Rhysa flush and turn her gaze away. Dragon splashing is fascinating! "The oil helps," she agrees, tone vague enough that she's probably not really thinking about what she's saying. A little more solidly spoken is her added, "I can't imagine her being bigger than that. I know she's grown so much already, but… How does a person possibly keep that much dragon clean?" « We'll be good, » Tavehtiath promises Suldith, faithfully. « Won't we, Kaiath? We won't fall asleep anywhere silly, either. » The bubble-making seems to intrigue her, and she dips her head lower to attempt to mimic, even if she only succeeds in drinking the water instead. « Ugh. »

"I wonder how big she'll get." Nae muses as she looks out at her lifemate playing in the water. "She was the tiniest one of the clutch… well, as tiny as hatchlings get, anyways. Does that mean she'll be on the small side when she's full grown?" That'd be convenient. She shoots Rhysanna another smile. "You've never oiled a full grown dragon? It can be kind of fun. Well, especially if the rider's cute. It's a good excuse to soak in the sun while covered in oil." Another disturbing insight into Nae's mind. « I am ALWAYS good. » Kaiath insists, promptly flapping her wing to fling a little spray of droplets at the bronze. Which doesn't really help her point. « Wheee! Water is FUN! »

It hasn't occurred to Zi'on that the extra responsibilities and privileges that come with impressing a gold Rhysa probably hasn't even considered yet. She's been too busy taking care of her lifemate. He lets the subject drop. Rhysa can ponder that on her own time, and come back with questions later, if there are things she wants to know. The bronze keeps an eye on the little ones regardless of their assurances. It would be easier for him to scoop a little dragon out of the water than for their lifemate to have to try and save them. Suldith warbles a bit as Taveh sucks in some water. « Only push air out. Keep your mouth closed. » He repeats for her. Zi'on ponders. "It's possible." He says about Kaiath's size. Then he peers at Nae. "Whose dragon have you been oiling? Once they're full grown they don't need near as much oiling. Temperature changes are hard on the hide though. A lot of weyrbrats find it fun to oil." Suldith can't get out of the way of the water droplets, so he just wrinkles his face at them. Which is funny looking and similar to a grimace. « When you are older, I will show you how to hunt fish. »

Rhysanna is probably significantly happier not thinking about extra responsibilities or privileges, right now. "'Small' is still kind of… well. No dragons are really small, are they? I guess I did help oil when I was a kid, but… Not any dragons anywhere close to how big Tavehtiath will be." She seems relieved by Zi'on's reassurances on the oiling front, though, and finally turns her gaze back towards the other two; she's smiling again. Tavehtiath seems a little embarrassed by her failure, and only considers Suldith's advice; she seems to have decided not to try it out for herself. « Why fish? Do they taste as good as what we eat now? »

Nae continues to watch the dragons playing out in the surf as she speaks. A little smirk appears on her face as she answers Zi'on. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She teases. "Though… nobody recently." Can't carry that teasing too far, alas. Kaiath seems curious to try this bubble-blowing thing, but the mention of hunting fish has her even more intrigued. « When we're older? Why? I wanna try it now! » Uh-oh.

Just wait Rhysa, until you start getting extra lessons on how to use computers and how Enka does math. And then more lessons on the proper way to do math from Zi'on, and how to organize things so that Enka doesn't have a heart attack. And how to deal with the aging headwoman. And the holder meetings. And all that fun stuff! While Nae and everyone else will be learning what a drill is or how to fly in formation. Zi'on chuckles. "Not really. But the difference between your gold and her green will be significant at the end." Zi'on peers at Nae. "I would." He figured no one recently. Other than her own. « Yes, they taste good. Better than what you eat now. They are living when you eat them. Not now. I am tired from hunting already. » The bronze yawns and rests his head on his forelegs.

'Fun'. "Significant," repeats Rhysa, and this time she can't help but exhale on a sigh— a sigh that's obvious enough that even Tavehtiath turns her head to look meaningfully at her rider. Rhysa's return glance is affectionate, but the young queen has paused her watery antics, and now sits quite still. « I will like that, » she decides, tone muted. "Poor Nae," says Rhysanna, idly. "Not that we'd have time or energy for anything… anyway."

« Noooooo! » The needy, energetic little green complains, waddling over and nudging the bronze with her snout. « Show us how to fish! I wanna eat delicious yummy fishes! » More nudging follows. Nae smiles and calls out to her lifemate. "Kaia, leave Suldith alone if he's feeling tired. You wouldn't like being poked when you're tired, would you?" She shakes her head and looks back to Rhysanna. "Mmm. Yeah. Plus, I can't really have any priorities other than Kaia right now. In a way, I suppose I'm lucky that… distractions have departed."

Zi'on chuckles. "Don't look so glum, Rhysa. That just means they get to help you out when they're done." He winks at her. Or they could milk oiling their own, just to do less work. « Practice holding your breath, and blowing bubbles. When you are good at it, I will teach you. » Hopefully that would set the frantic green to doing something productive. Zi'on laughs a bit at the green. "Ah, he's used to my kids poking at him. You should encourage Kaiath to swim. Or at least wade through the water and flap her wings in it. The resistance helps build muscle without straining them." Zi'on peers. "Still worried about distractions?" The bronze gets up suddenly, and hops skyward, sending a gentle rain to fall on the two smaller dragons. He dives into the water further out and disappears for a while.

"No, I…" Rhysanna stops talking, and stares at her feet for a few seconds. "She's getting tired again. We'd better go in." It's hard to tell whether this is true or not: Tavehtiath has already rumbled a quiet farewell to Kaiath, and turned to wade back towards the shore, her thoughts - shared easily enough - pristinely white. No emotion here, oh no.

"Nope." Nae answers Zi'on quickly. Suspiciously quickly, some might say. "Don't have time for anything like that. It all worked out for the best. You know that as well as anybody." She looks out at her frolicking lifemate, a little bit of concern in her eye. "… Actually, I can feel her getting a little tired too. I'd better get her out of there." She raises her voice. "C'mon, Kaiath!" The little green warbles, ceasing her splashing about and bounding onto the shore. « NAP TIME! » She goes from manic, giddy energy to slumped over dozing on the sand in the span of just a couple seconds. Nae sighs heavily.

Zi'on blinks at Rhysa. Was it something he said? Did? Suddenly the bronzer looks self conscious. He crosses his arms over his (very hairy) chest. Nuuu don't look at him or his nipples. Both of the candidates seem to shut right down at the mention of distractions. Which tells Zi'on that he's overstayed his welcome. "I should get back to the office. Mir is due to clutch any day now, and if I'm not ahead on paperwork I'll be behind when she does. If you girls need anything you know where I am. They know who Suldith is, now." He smiles to them and waves as he heads off the beach. Suldith emerges a few moments later to fly overhead. « Goodnight, young ones. »

Rhysanna opens her mouth to say something, but evidently can't actually think of anything to say, because she closes it again soon after. Instead, she gives a minute little nod, glancing for a moment at the now-sleeping Kaiath, and then turning to depart, Tavehtiath falling in alongside her. Call it a sleep-deprived mood? Or not. Who can tell, really. « Goodnight, » the young dragon answers. « Though it is day, really. I'm sure we will see you again. »

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