Glitter Bombed

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It is a positively glorious, glittery morning at Half Moon, Rukbat is shining, the waves are perfect, and of course… there may just be paths of glitter like snail trails dusted all over the weyr in strange fantastical patterns EVERYWHERE. Tanit is not glittery, but perhaps this is because the dolphineer has just emerged from the glittering blue thing that fish pee and have sex in. One hand raises a line of wild spikes through wet short hair as she surveys the beach looking quite self-satisfied.

While Tanit may not be glittery, Zeltan somehow his, the Trader having -just- enough of the sparkling material on his cheekbones and in his hair to catch the light. However, compared to the thin trails weaving their way through the Weyr, his decorations are lackluster. Following one of those sparkling paths to the lagoon, he pauses as someone emerges from the Lagoon. Someone he *knows*. Or, ok, met.. But would like to know! A hand is raised and he smirks at her. "You look mighty pleased with yourself…"

Sundari is not glittery at all right now, though Irkevalath might be, the blue is settled in the lagoon shallows and looks like a glitter bomb fell all OVER HIM. Sundari on the other hand is just eyeing the blue quietly for a few moments while holding onto the hand of her daughter who is giggling and pointing at Irk. "Sunara… Let's not do that." Why? Because it fuels Irkevalath's bahavior honstly. Sundari sighs softly while using her free hand to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear, she has on a shirt that is a bit biger then her normal wears, and shorts, no shoes so she most likely has glitter on herself to then. Does she care? Nope, but she isn't certain how to get her dragon clean at the moment.
Irkevalath rumbles out while his tail slowly sways in the water causing it to swirl some water around and also sends some glitter into the waves from his hide.

Sea green eyes fix on the trader, one brow arching while the corners of her mouth struggle to remain neutral. One side wins, tilting a crooked half smile at the dusting of glitter over the young man’s cheeks, and she does stare at him for a few minutes, though probably only long enough to determine if the ‘decoration’ was accidental or intentional. Before she has a chance to reply to the Trader her eyes catch the sparkly blue in the bay and Tanit just looses it. Rich belly laughter erupting from the dolphineer. “Well,” Wheeze, “I mean have you seen this place lately?” Thumbing over at Sundari and the blue. “I’m pretty sure there is no shortage of things to find amusement with. I just… don’t understand where anyone would find that much glitter? I mean did someone raid the strippers’ dressing room at the docks?”

The giggling child draws Zeltan's attention and he is following her gaze to the giant, glittery sea monst-er, Irkevalath in the lagoon, the Trader losing his own battle and laughing shaking his head. "Shards, well. That's never coming off." He offers cheerfully, closing the distance, winking at Tanit as he spots that half smile. "There are a few people in this world who you should never upset… And if you do, well, anything is possible if someone is looking for payback." Cryptic statement is left without further explanation, and he brushes absently, and futilely, at the glitter on his cheek.

"It better come off.. I'm not having a glitter filled Weyr for the next twenty turns." Sundari offers with a faint grumpy like tone. Yep she heard that! Irkevalath stretches in the waves and rumbles while his swirlng gaze turns to settle upon the other's that are well around and eyes them both lightly. Sunara points to the water and then looks up to her mother. "Can I go swim with Irk? I want to be covered in glitter too." Sunny is not amused and takes in a soft breath. "Fine fine… Go for it." Is murmured softly which sends the girl running into the waves and calmbering right up onto the blue's front leg where glitter and water is getting splashed around and causing such a mess.

“I don’t think you have much choice at this point.” The dolphineer smirks, greeting Sundari with a casual shoulder roll. Zeltan’s addition earns a side glance from Tanit, “See now I am curious as to who you would have to piss off to have a half ton of glitter dropped on your dragon. Sundari what did you do?” Because clearly this is the rider’s fault, even as the diver grins at the child and dragon doing what animals and children do best, looking cute while making a huge mess. “I feel like I should consider this a safety hazard though, I don’t know what impact that stuff will have on the local fish and shellfish. Maybe I should talk to my Journeyman about putting a ban on ocean swimming until this stuff is disposed of.”

"Glitter -filled- may be an overstatement, but I have a feeling you will be find it in weird places for.. a while." As possibly will any greens Irkevalath happens to catch in the near future. And their riders. And, that is why glitter is craft herpes. As Tanit glances at him, Zeltan shrugs a little, trying to keep a straight face. "I mean, if you tell a Trader they can't bring something in…" A shrug, and he crouches to run his fingers through the thin line that crosses nearby, frowning as it sticks - perhaps his opinion of it isn't that different from the Weyrleader's in the end, though, regardless of his support of retribution. "Shardin' glitter."

Sundari ehs softly while lifting a hand to scratch at her neck a few moments and lets her arms soon fold before her and rest slightly upon her belly which only now shows that the bluerider is pregnant perhaps. "I've had plenty of things in my weyr… I'd rather leave glitter out, but it won't happen. Not with Sunara in the mix now." She has a hard time saying no to her daughter. "I have no idea where he found it all Tanit but he did all on his own. He won't tell me, and honestly I don't care right now. Mostly want it off of him." She hums a touch. "We… Had a issue with squids turns ago, but this is a bit different. Might not be a bad idea to warn people at least." Irkevalath lowers his head to bump his muzzle into Sunara and sends her floating in the water while she is giggling.

The trader gets another serious look over, one intense enough that it might be misinterpreted as ‘leering suggestively’ Instead the dolphineer just nods, well played sir. WELL PLAYED. 100 Points to Zeltan. It’s only the movement of Sundari’s hands that draw Tani’s attention back to the conversation at hand. “I mean kids and sparkles are kind of a match made in heaven…. You don’t mean Jim do you?” The dolphineer frowns, “There must be something in the water, are you pregnant Sundari? Or is that just all the really great food from the Tiki Lounge.”

All that pregnancy stuff? Well, Zeltan knows better to comment on it, even if someone outright says they are expecting. Just safer, you know? As Tanit mentions it, the Trader's gaze wanders to where the child and the blue are playing in the glittery water. "Sorry, ma'am, Traders can't identify their buyers. Very important, you know, to protect privacy and all." Is that a smirk? His glittery fingers are brushed against his pants - though all it does is transfer the shimmer there instead, before finally blinking, Tanit's earlier words catching up. "Jim?" Pause. "Squid?" And he looks to Sundari with that question.

"I'm not sure if I should take offense to you thinking I'm fat or ot Tanit." Sundari offers with an amused tone and a soft ah escapes her. "But not it is not the food. I am in fact pregnant and it's nothing in the water I assure you." She only wishes she could blame it on such things. "Nope, was long before Jim, when R'hyn was a Canadiate and then a Weyrling actually." Oh dear now age is getting pulled into this, her's at least. A glance is ent over to Zeltan. "Never seen a squid before?" She questions with a curious tone.

“I didn’t say fat, just rounder than I remember you being. You still look great regardless.” The dolphineer hedges, either blithely unaware of the dangerous waters she’s swimming in, or else pushing on past it. That Zeltan is not directly responsible for the glitter? Seems to remove some of those bonus points in Tanit’s estimation, but the amusement level is the same. “You mean R’hyn did not step into this world as Mr. Abs? He grew into it like normal people?” Tanit teases, amused at the idea of young R’hyn and Sunny. “We had a – well a sea monster wash up a couple years ago. We called him Jim. He was evil.” And that is all the more she has to say on the topic.

"No, just.. never a squid named Jim. But I guess it wasn't anyway." Zeltan shakes his head a little, and then as Tanit explains, he stares at her, seemingly unable to decide on what to say. "I wonder why da never mentioned -that-." Probably because he'd have gotten the same look of confusion as Tanit is getting right now. Glancing back at Sundari, he tilts his head then. "But, if Jim was a sea monster.. what were the squids?" Clearly, her explanation did not satisfy his curiosity, though the dolphineer's Mr Abs also seems to not be enough to draw it away from the subject, eitehr.

Sundari looks a touch amused and doesn't seem to think anything badly from it. "True… But you was thinking it wasn't ou?" She glances to herself slightly and sighs a bit. Kids… She chuckles and glances back to Tanit. "Oh no he still had the abs then as well, his just more abstifitic at the moment?" Is that a word? It sure as heck should be! "Also I was his Weyrlingmaster at that point." Talk about awkwardness for her anymore given what is going on in there lives at the moment. "Jim was… something, not to sure I'd call him a squid. I don't recall ever seeing anything that big as much time I spent on the water as a kid." Yes she was a kid at one point. "As for the squids, one turn a bunch of 'em got caught in the shalows, very glitter. We even had a few in the Tiki Lounge in a tank. The water would be full of glitter and I'm not gona lie we would dump it on people and the like." A slight wave of her hand is sent to her blue and daughter that are playing in the waves. "Sort of how the water looks now with this glitter honestly."

Tanit smirks, “If I was thinking it, I’d have said it. There just – must be something in the water lately.” More reasons to avoid it. “Do you ever miss it? Working with the Weyrlings I mean?” Tanit? CLUELESS. As for why Jim isn’t mentioned at the family dinner parties? “It was unspeakable and horrific.” She tilts her head as Sunny explains the glitter squid. “I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of that species before,” The dolphineer admits as her brows knit together. “I suppose If this stuff isn’t something the Plastic Craft cooked up it should be fine, but still, I’d hate to see anything happen odd with the fish populations.”

Sundari chuckles softly and just grins at Tanit. "Sure…" Is offered softly and even shakes her head a moment. "Jim… is or was just Jim, you hsould check out the records sometimes I'm rather certain there was some colorful words tossed around with dear Jim during those days." She shrugs a bit. "They have very large eyes, somewhere deep for certain. But we had a lot of them, and the water was rather pretty for a short time at least." She blinks as she watches thet wo and son sighs. "Excuse me, need to go deal with them before Irk gves her some crazy idea like he normally does." She is soon off to deal with her 'children', Irkevalath is rather child like most of the time so it just works. "See you two around." Then she's off.

Gaze goes from Sundari to Tanit to Sundari to Tanit, and Zeltan just shakes his head. "Remind me to stay out of the water." He mutters under his breath - and then Sundari is excusing herself, and he is lifting a hand in farewell. "G'luck ma'am.." And then his attention is slipping back to Tanit and tilting his head. "So, are you sure you weren't the secret, dark cloaked figure that was waiting for a secret delivery last night?"

Tanit watches Sundari depart, thoughtfully. When Zeltan addresses her again, Sea green eyes gleam with mirth. “Do you think I’d be dumb enough to fess up to it if I were? In this case I am just tipping my hat off to whatever mastermind concocted the plan. And of course, avoiding contracting sparkles anywhere unseemly.” She smirks, “So was it glitter that brought you to Half Moon? I don’t think I’ve seen you since that Gather at Xanadu, my cat loves the plushie by the way. Carries him around by the neck everywhere. It’s rather adorable.”

"As I said, Traders don't trade and tell." A shrug. "I was going to give you a job well done, but I suppose I'll have to reserve that for someone else." Still grinning, the hand that still bears some glitter reaches to try and brush across her shoulder as she mentions avoiding glitter. "Now, what fun is that?" His grin turns to all out laughter as the plushie is mentioned, "Well, at least -someone- is cuddling it." Does a cat count as someone? "A trader doesn't make money, if he doesn't meet special requests…" Is that a yes or no on being there for the glitter?

“Suppose so.” She laughs, grinning as she tries to duck the glittery hand. Lime? She totally counts as a someone, a Very Important furry fuzzy someone. “Does that mean you’ll be in Half Moon a while or are you heading off to the next – whatever it is you traders do?”

"Maybe a seven-day, maybe a little more, depends. I mean, if someone wants me to hang around longer, I am sure I can find a way to entertain myself and drum up some business." Someone - L'ton? Tanit? Who knows. "Have a bit of catching up to do with da, maybe, since maybe he has a bit more time now." As she ducks, he makes a face at her, shaking his head. "You really don't want to shimmer until the end of forever?"

“I haven’t seen him around lately,” Tanit notes as she thinks of the former Weyrleader. “But if you are looking for him I usually can find him in the kitchens, and usually he will tell you where they stash the good stuff in there if you bring him something good. I think I owe you oysters anyway.” She laughs, “Do I look like a glitter girl to you? Glittering forever cannot be good for your health. Besides, I already removed the evidence earlier, your just going to incriminate me further.” Tanit teases. “Though I did mean to ask if you think you might find a decent buyer for pearls.”

"Probably making more people have a reason to worry when I show up." Was that a slight frown on Zeltan's face? As she mentions the kitchens, and trading the good stuff, he brightens a little though. "I think I will take you up on that, and be sure I can find something nice and glittery for you in thanks." Watchout Tanit - who knows, it may be Lime that is the glitter carrier next. As she turns to 'business', he pauses for a moment before nodding. "I'm sure, there are a few Lady Holders in particular I can think of who would probably jump on the opportunity."

“Why would anyone worry because you showed up?” Tanit wonders genuinely baffled by the statement. “I mean, you are an awful flirt, but for the most part you seem harmless, unless you have nefarious plans I’m entirely unaware of.” She grins, “I think they finished filling my dive tanks so it shouldn’t take too long to find some good ones, I just hope the glitter doesn’t make them inedible.” A wary eye flicking out to the water. “I’ve pulled a few recently that are rather stunning examples for the species, part of my project to become a senior apprentice. If your around later I can show them to you.”

"For some reason, I think they are worried I will run away with their daughters, despite the fact that I am noticeably missing any giant flying creature to do so, or at least not easily." Zeltan just shrugs somewhat helplessly at that, before she is glancing at the water and he is following her gaze. "I'll be here, especially if you have actual work for me. Besides, I feel like now I need to meet my feline admirer." Did he just invite himself over? Yep, apparently so.

Tanit laughs. "Well are you planning on taking off with someone's daughter?" Green eyes glittering with mischeif as she starts walking up the path toward the Tiki bar, leaving him to decide whether or not to tag along. "You haven't read enough bad harper tales, didn't you know the daughter is going to run off with someone every time, dragon or no? The dragonriding just sounds more grandiose."

"Well, I mean, -everyone- is someone's daughter, so I don't know if that is really a fair question." Zeltan counters, and then as she is turning towards the bar he is hurrying to jog and catch up, hesitating a moment before offering her an arm - like a ~gentleman~. "Well, dragonriding also makes it much easier.. how do you follow a dragon? A Traders wagon just leaves -way- too many tracks."

Tanit grins, “I think that is kind of my point.” The gesture is studied a moment, but Tanit eventually links her arm in his leaning over to speak in almost conspiratorial tones. “So, it kind of sounds like you aren’t upset that they think the worst of you, but rather that you can’t get away with it? Does that sound about right?” As for how to follow a dragon Tanit laughs, “easy you go to their weyr. I mean there are only 10 or twelve of them but a dragon can’t really live anywhere else can they? They are kind of huge and really conspicuous.”

As she takes his arm, he gives her a little bob of the head, and remains a nice, good, perfect gentleman, for now. "I don't know.. Do you know how hard it is to even have a chance when they watch you like a hawk from the beginning, because you look a bit too much like your da?" A crooked grin, and he chuckles softly. "I mean, I don't even get a chance to flirt!" Such horror! As she mentions going to the Weyrs, Zeltan actually pauses to look at her and laugh. "I mean, sure, its easier than it probably was before, but.. not that easy."

“No I have no idea but then again, I don’t usually go looking to whisk people’s daughters off into the sunset. By the time they find there way to me, they’ve already run off on their own.” She smirks, “Well the nose is maybe a bit unfortunate though not too bad when taken in with the rest.” Tanit waves a hand, the point is still valid. “So you are seriously going to say that your dad is the reason you don’t stand a chance with the empty headed little holder girls?” Cue eyelash flutter.

"Really? I would have thought you'd be great at whisking daughters - and sons - off into the sunset.. I mean, I would run away with someone if they offered me a ride on a dolphin." Low bar? Maybe.. but its a -dolphin-. What Zeltan *hopes* is a charming grin is flashed at her, and he tilts his head. "I mean, how do you shoot fish in a bucket if you don't have a bucket?" Terrible metaphor? Yep. Eyelash flutter though causes him to laugh again, and there is another attempt to transfer glitter, because eyelash fluttery type girls love sparkles.

Tanit laughs, “They are kind of cool, The dolphins I mean. Obnoxious and childish, but pretty cool. If you want to go swimming with them sometime I’d be happy to take you, no sunset whisking required.” She squeals and squirms to escape it, but in truth there is only so far you can get when linked arm and arm. And so Zeltan gives Tanit Craft Herpes and there are awkward conversations to be had all around. “I just washed it all off.” She fumes, though the words lack any genuine anger. Accepting her fate with a heavy sigh. “I will repay you for this Trader. Mark my words.”

"I am going to owe you a stupid amount of things, aren't I?" He mutters softly, and then as she fails to get away and the glitter transfer is successful, he happily turns to head back towards the tavern. "You should be careful, I mean.. You shouldn't make promises you can't keep." Threat? Maybe. Zeltan softly hums under his breath - poorly, mind you - as he tries to guide her onwards. "Besides, its just a little bit. It could be ever so much worse."

“Would it be so bad being in my debt?” She replies softly, her smile all kinds of wicked. No Zeltan, probably not the kind of wicked you would enjoy. Probably. “And how do you know what kinds of promises I can and can’t keep trader?” As they get closer to the Weyr and by proxy the Tiki bar, more barrels with the sparkly stuff sit out, likely for lack of anywhere else to put them at the moment. It was A LOT of glitter ok? Is she letting herself be steered to the bar or just closer to those barrels?

"I would much rather have you in my my debt.." Zeltan admits shamelessly, sparing a glance at her, catching that grin. Though, somehow, he doesn't flinch - perhaps he just doesn't know better - or he just has a death wish. "Is that a challenge, then?" He counters, eyes darting towards the barrels and laughing softly, before glancing back to her. "Don't forget, I have more siblings than some holds have residents.. I've figured out how to hold my own." Does it matter, though, bar or glitter? Both have their own benefits.

DANGER YOUNG ZELTAN DANGER. Tanit stops just long enough to loosen the link through the trader’s arm and fix him with sea-green eyes, close enough to see the mixture is really closer to blue with gold streaking through. Never mind that she’s placing both hands squarely against his chest and closing that personal space gap quite rapidly. Of course, the incredibly astute or non-distracted would notice the crate poised at just the right height that the young woman is backing the trader toward. “Never, underestimate what I’m capable of.” Tanit notes in a soft tone, moving to rise on tip toe, lips just inches away from his… and then shove. Aiming to send him crashing into the glitter barrels cackling with glee as she makes to stay just out of reach.

All signs of danger are totally missed by Zeltan, particularly as she is shifting and closing the distance, the Trader moving to lift his hands to her elbows as the space is closed, leaning down towards her. "Well, I sure hope I fi-" And then she is giving him a shove and he is yelping as he loses his balance and tipping backwards, arms flailing and attempting to grab her arm, her side, anything to slow his fall - and if he can't slow his fall, make sure that he takes her with him.

POOF! Yeah that clean getaway you planed Tanit? NOPE. Cackle – cough, no do not inhale the glitter cloud even if you still can’t stop laughing having landed uncomfortably on top of another human being. Well at least it’s more comfortable than landing on the barrels and boxes, at least if the laughter can stop, except its some odd mixture of coughing and laughing because glitter is not meant to be inhaled.

Certainly, there are more comfortable things than landing on a crate and then having someone else land on top of you. In fact, there are a lot more comfortable things. A cloud of glitter, and Zeltan is struggling between turning his head to not cough in Tanit's face, and not inhale anymore glitter than necessary. Catching his breath, he finally manages, "You ok?" Hands move to her arms to give her a gentle shake, even as he is chuckling softly. "Not often I get confetti to celebrate, when a women jumps me." Ok, maybe Jumps isn't totally accurate, but.

Wheeze, “Is that” Cough, “what that is called?” at least she’s not hacking in his face though she is trying to remove herself as painlessly as possible. “Yep. Just slightly bruised dignity from an escape plan well foiled.” The last statement however has her in a fit of downright giggles, “You really have no shame at all, do you?” her expression one of amusement rather than malice. She’ll even offer him a hand up, as she finally gets herself upright. “I am pretty sure I finally understand why they may have suggested the embargo.” Wheeze. “Still worth it.”

Zeltan helps her get up - so much that he can - though it is mostly an attempt to avoid catching a foot, knee, elbow, or anything else somewhere unpleasant. As she helps him up in turn, he sighs, glancing down at his glittering overcoat. "Why should I have any shame?" He asks with a grin at her, hands brushing hopelessly at his clothes. "Least I have the marks in my pocket.." And black market goods always bring a good price.

Finally, able to breathe, though the occasional giggle still works its way through, Tanit glances down at the wetsuit with a sigh, and Zeltan’s sparkles with another burst of soft laughter. “I don’t think our clothes will ever be the same, even my lungs are bedazzled.” A glance tossed in the direction of the bar before she shakes herself a little like a canine to remove the worst of the glitter powder coat from herself. “Come on, I know a place where we can get cleaned up, and get drinks.” Extending her arm again.

Hopefully, he won't get tricked again, because Zeltan doesn't even hesitate before he is taking the arm of his shimmering partner in crime, letting her lead him towards drinks - and some de-glittering.

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