Expanding The Weyrling's Dictionary

There's Some Implied Graphic Language In This Log. It May Not Be Entirely PG-13!!! You've Been Warned.

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

Kimmila stands beside her growing blue, slathering his hide with oil with her bare hands. No paddles here - she does it by hand. Always. The two are silently communicating, Kimmila's eyes unfocused and Varmiroth's head swung around to watch his rider with open adoration. It would probably sicken anyone who doesn't have a dragon, to see the pair.

N'bis is already here, having been on duty of taking care of the new weyrlings while the weyrlingmaster and the rest of the assistances take out the eldest batch all over Pern. In fact, the lot of them, the three eldest blue riding pairs come bursting in, trying to console Alyalyssa, the brown rider whose been having trouble with passing her test. The three blue riders, Lindi, Mandala, and T'tan talk in excited but comforting voices, patting Alyalyssa on the back and trying to do what's needed to support a friend. The four pass by Kimmila with voices she can hear saying: "Don't worry. You'll pass the test." "He can't let you go on forever as a weyrling. He'll have to eventually let you try it." "I can't believe he's giving you a hard time about it." "But I failed /four/ times. If I actually try it, I'll die. He said so. I'm so terrified I'd lose Schieumoth that I can't /focus/…" The four continue to carry on, moving toward between chart where with sobs, Alyalyssa marks down a fourth 'X' with a trembling sob. N'kor isn't far behind, but far enough behind that their conversation isn't heard by him, though he looks displeased with the paperwork in his hand, scribbling down notes as N'bis hurriedly goes to his side, offering reports with a heaved sigh, "Thank Faranth you're back. I realllly have to go." Before the redhead can ask why, N'bis is dodging past and screaming out of the barracks… then N'kor rolls his eyes, "Proddy.. shards."

Kimmila blinks, frowning as she watches the sudden commotion swing by. And then back out again. Varmiroth croons with obvious concern at Alyalyssa, eyes spinning red in distress until Kimm's slimy touch soothes him. "Sir," she says respectfully, saluting the Weyrlingmaster.

The cluster of elder weyrlings are ignored only when Kimmila's voice distracts him from his purposeful stride, eyes side glancing at the young woman. This is when his lips crack into a smile, hiding his previous disappointment in all but a quick instant. "Kimmila," he nods to her, eyes lifting up toward Varmiroth, "Apparently your fears were put to ease after all, wouldn't you say Varmiroth?" He smirks, settling his gaze back on Kimmila, "How are you two doing?"

Varmiroth rumbles quietly, giving Kimmila's back a nudge. His muzzle remains pressed there - a damp oil spot will remain for the next few washes. Kimmila reaches back to brush her hand against his headknobs, smiling at N'kor, "Yes, sir. The instant he looked at me all my worries vanished." She gives that goofy Weyrling sigh. "How are you?" she asks, glancing at the chart with a frown.

N'kor seems satisfied with the answer from Kimmila, regarding the young blue with a curious twinkle in his eye as he resorts to checking up on the elder gang of weyrlings. They seemed to have cheered up the brownrider by surrounding her with things her heart desires and expressing to her about how they all will be moving into their own Weyrs soon. On the outside, N'kor jolts a bit, squinting his gaze, "N'bis…" the word whispered as he seems to be viewing the world from someone else's eyes, or perhaps his dragons. Straightening his shoulders, it takes him a moment to realize Kimmila asked him a question, regarding her with a vague look at first, eyes following her expression as it turns into a frown. Tracking her eyes he mumurs, "You don't have to worry about that yet." There's a beat, "And I'm doing well, now that N'bis so kindly removed Daeannth from this proximity. Proddy. Nasrinth didn't catch wind of her, thankfully." Sighing, he eventually answers her questions as he scribbles something down, making a note on his paperwork, "I'm…busy. There's a lot of you now." So indepth, he puts his paperwork at his side, resting it there, "So tell me about Varmiroth? What's he sound like?"

Kimmila beams. This is a subject she can ramble on about for candlemarks. "He's amazing," she breathes. "Free and thoughtful and imaginative and so sweet. Vulnerable." The blue snorts a bit at that, climbing onto his couch and resting his muzzle on his forelegs. One talon reaches out to gently bump against the back of Kimm's leg. Always in contact. She grins at him. "He sounds like…like the night sky. A very calm, warm evening with a best friend."

There's a moment where he just seems to soak in everything that Kimmila says, causing his features to see wistful and happy - as if he himself were reliving impression. Irregardless, when the dragon snorts, the expression breaks with a crisp laugh. Amusement is written clean on his face after his laugh comes to a quiet rumbling end, "I'm glad that he found you. Finally give you a reason to let go of your clipboard, didn't it?" The group of blueriders have by now gathered the brownrider up, leaving the chart for some better fun, such as going out to get some food or play on the beach. Either way, they salute promptly to N'kor as he slides more toward Kimmila to let them through, nodding to each one of them. "Alyssa," he says as they pass, causing them all to pause and turn their heads to watch, while the brownrider turns completely, "I expect you back here, in my office, tonight. With all your materials. Understood?" Alyssa nods sheepishly before N'kor bobs his head and turns back to Kimmila, allowing the group to slink on out of there with more mummbled support for the girl. Now taking a seat on the empty couch beside Varimoth's, he regards Kimmila, "Sorry about that." He puts his paperwork aside now, stretching out a little, "How've you been adjusting?"

Kimmila chuckles, "Would it surprise you to know that I didn't even know where my clipboard was at this moment?" she asks with a grin. "And that I didn't care?" She rubs Varmiroth's muzzle adoringly. "I've been adjusting great. Been dreaming about this my whole life," she admits with a gentle flush to her cheeks.

N'kor simply waves his hand in a knowing gesture, "I know…" A moment later he adds, "I had a feeling you wouldn't care if it went missing or even if someone else took it over." He winks over at her, "Though, I was hoping to track it down so I could use it.. better than always crumpling up my paperwork." A comical flick is given to the work that marks the failure of the brownrider's test. "I'm glad your dream came true. It's about time someone's did!"

Kimmila grins, "There are more in the store caverns. I can get you one if you'd like. I still have all my Assistant Headwoman connections," she says with a glint in her eye. Then she looks at him with some concern, "What dream hasn't come true for you?"

G'len comes in as Kimmi is talking. He smiles, eyes sparkling, hair wet. "She can find /any/thing in those storerooms, sir!" He double checks to make sure the guy with the fancy knot is someone to be 'sirred'. You betcha!

N'kor, still sitting on someone else's couch that is currently vacated, quietly regards Kimmila with a smirk, "Yeah, well, you could do that if you wanted. But don't rely too heavily on your Headwoman connections, as you are a weyrling now. Less priviledges for the time being." He notes, scrubbing his whiskery chin as the last question is never answered, as G'len comes in at the perfect opportunity to allow N'kor a simple and easy way out. His head crans toward the other blue rider, "Oh, I've no doubt of that." As he collections his paperwork and stuffs it unceremonisouly into his jacket, an easy smirk crosses his face as he regards Kimmila, "Have you oiled underneath his tail yet? Or underneath his wings. Most unpleasant, but it has to be done."

Kimmila studies N'kor for a moment before nodding, "Yes, sir," she says. Then she smiles, "None of it is unpleasant." She smiles at G'len and chuckles, "That I can. And still can. And still will, when it's needed. But, no," she replies to the Weyrlingmaster, "This man is my life, now." She winces faintly, and then her expression is adoring.

Loud and fairly obvious as always, Ae'gus marches his way into the barracks from parts unknown. Or perhaps a bit more known to those who looka t him, judging by the suspicious crumbs he idly brushes away from his shirt front and moustache hair as he steps easily. Halinith hemself had been dozing lightly in his couch, curled into a statuesque little form - still and perfect. That is until his rider happens to appear in the room. The would be statue then shifts, the bronze's eyes opening slowly and revealing swirling sleepy blue-green eyes underneath. He offers a small warble in greeting, perhaps to everyone there or perhaps to his rider alone - it's hard to say. Ae'gus himself stops short as he notices the Weyrlingmaster himself in the room, "'lo there. I'm not missing anything important, am I?" Here he hesitates, brow furrowing slightly in concern for a moment.

G'len stides over to a corner where he's got his gear stowed and pulls out a towel for his shirt and hair and face. In that order. Dylanth follows obediently behind, tail held high and wagging. He's all nice and shiny.

"You sure none of it's unpleasant?" He tilts his head, regarding Varmiroth, "He's taken a dump lately, hasn't he?" He ensures the dragon is able to defecate, but unfortunately he's not really one to be phrasing it quite so politely. A suspicious concern is etched on his face as he regards the blue, turning his eyes only away from the pair as yet another of the younger weyrlings makes his entrance, trailed not so far behind by the eldest of the first batch of weyrlings, "Don't even try it S'cha—" N'kor warns, as he noticed the eldest about to bump into Ae'gus, only avoiding him the last second as N'kor's voice breaks into the room. This alone surprises the eldest bronze-weyrling, who sniffs at N'kor being there but murmurs, "Weyrlingmaster, I didn't even see you there. Good afternoon." Totally fake and contrived, the eldest bronze rider gives Ae'gus another backward glance before S'cha goes to collect his things, whistling a loud and annoying tune. N'kor rolls his eyes, turning his attention to Kimmila once more, "Well.. if it's not unpleasant, then I'll leave you too it." At that, the man slides off the borrowed couch and turns to the other new-riders, peering at them both. To Ae'gus he shakes his head, "Nope. Just wondering how you got so lucky having a dragon that so quickly lets you wander off by yourself."

Ae'gus levels a rather intense glare at the passing S'cha, despite the fact he's probably much shorter than the other weyrling, despite being younger as well. But perhaps it's merely a calculating look rather than a glare, but it's difficult to tell as it passes by so quickly, soon to be replaced by a rather sheepish grin at N'kor'ss udden appraisal of him. Running a hand over his hair in some sort of nervous habit, he starts to edge his way over towards his dragon for a bit of moral support, explaining as he goes, "Eh, I just went out for a bit of a snack, y'know? Can't oil him or bathe him or anything if I faint of hunger. I figured he wouldn't be upset as long as he was content enough. He was asleep, that's content enough for him." And that seems to be enough of an explaining job to the man, as he gives his own story a nod of approval for confirmation of it before flopping down unceremoniously on his cot next to Halinith, who noses him happily in the side with a deep rumble. "Oof. You're getting bigger every day, y'know," he jokes with a slight half-smirk at the bronze, giving him a fond scratch behind the eyeridges.

After wiping down hisself he takes the towel and wipes Dylanth's blue one. Dylanth backs up and almost knocks down a chair as he wags his head around, playing. He manages to grab the corner of the towel and yanks it away from the sailorlad-turned-weyrling and runs around the room with it. G'len calls out to him. "Hey! Not in doors! We have to go outside to play that game!"

N'kor lifts a hand at Ae'gus, "That's true. You can't be a help to him if you aren't fed. I was just commenting, because Nasrinth didn't let me go out of his sight for months and months afterward, until he realized it would be ok and I would come back. Luckily he's grown out of that and he's more confident these days." He chuckles quietly, trying to still Ae'gus from such a lengthy explanation, but, the weyrling gets it out anyways. Stepping in closer to Ae'gus while turning his back on S'cha, N'kor explains quietly, "Don't worry about him. He's asserted himself as bully. K'xas and Lindi usually keep him in line these days, when I'm not around. He also knows he's this close-" he closes his fingers so they almost touch, "-to getting tossed out of this Weyr. Ierne deals better with his sort." A beat, "If he gives you any trouble.. any at all, you come tell me right away." N'kor watches as J'on and A'mee return with their lifemates as well, the two chatting on about several different things as their dragons playfully bump and nudge one another. Abruptly, everyone is scrambling out of the way - thankfully the barracks are HUGE. Gillath and Lithiuth leap and bound, Gillath even joins in by trying to snatch the towel away from Dylanth .. and in a matter of seconds, the barracks goes nuts with complaints, yowls, those joining in, screeches and.. N'kor just slaps his hand to his face with a soft groan of: "Weyrlings…"

G'len starts laughing as DYlanth hops and leaps this way and that to play with Gillath and Lithiuth. Dylanth leaps over a bronze tail.

Ae'gus leans around the Weyrlingmaster to peer over the man's shoulder ae back of S'cha, narrowing his eyes once more that just looks a bit more comical with his thick eyebrows nearly overshadowing his eyes completely for a moment. "Eh, I'm not going to let someone like him ruin my Weyrlinghood. There always seems to be one at every stage of your life, y'know? Doesn't mean I have to give him friendly looks if he isn't going to return the gestures." And then he breaks into one of his more friendly grins, nearly splitting his face in half with the expanse of it. "Nah, Hal is a bit protective as well. Usually when he's asleep, it's the best time to sneak away for a little bit. He's a bit more tolerant, y'know. Smart as he is, he knows I'll be back. But .. eh. He can get worried about the oddest things." And as he says that, his attention is drawn to the bronze at his side. Halinith has locked his gaze on that towel that all the other dragons are cavorting around with, a fairly concerned little warble escaping him as he follows its progress around the room. He does little else but flick his wings once or twice in response to the game, obviously not wanting to expose himself to whatever is goign on between the others. Beneath him, perhaps? Who knows. He does nose Ae'gus once more, whuffling softly at his head and ruffling his hair until it sticks up on end at the back.

Dylanth shakes the towel in his jaws then tosses it up over his back, flinging it back to Gillath with a bugle! Gillath misses and Luthiuth recovers the fumble and runs it to the next quartergreen down line.

G'len gives up chasing. Too many little sharp little claws for him to get into the tustles over his towel. "I'm gonna need a new towel," he observes. "Hey, hey…her!" he pleads as he tries to grab it as Luthiuth runs by with it. The other weyrlings all start laughing at the ruckus and G'len stomps his foot on the ground, rolls his eyes and fuff with his head wobbling around, thearically looking exapserated. "What's a mother to do?" he squeals in a stagey, feigned voice.

A couple other weyrlings start chanting "Amok! Amok! Amok! Amok!"

"STOP!" This from N'kor, who hasn't often had to raise his voice. His eyes are on three riders in particular, "Get them OUT if they are going to rough-house." He points to the door, "And if you should fail to have that much control over them, you all will get some extra hours spent with me." There's a quirk in his cheek as he notices how close one of the dragons got to toppling over an oil-barrel. It seems, whatever response he was to give to Ae'gus is postponed for a brief moment, as he hears J'on struggling with Gillath to get him to stop playing - a hard task to do for once they have gotten into it. "If he provokes you or tries to get you into a scuffle, make sure Hal alerts Nasrinth, you got me?" This said with a sharp crisp voice to Ae'gus before N'kor steps forward toward the chaos, making calming gestures to Lennilli whose all but crying a fit when she dodges off of her couch in attempts to avoid a tail but lands awkwardly on her ankle.

G'len immediately stops and his smile drops. Gillath, Dylanth and Luthiuth skid to stops at the sudden noise and bump into each other in the center of the room. Thump, thump, BUMP! Gillath shakes his head as the other playmates look around. What was that sound?

G'len says, "Sorry, sir," and hustles his dragon out the door.

Lennilli sobs loudly with a pouted out bottom lip to which as N'kor comes over to kneel down beside her she all but launches herself at him. The girl cries even louder and N'kor just freezes - arms held wide for a moment as he lets her get her cry out. But, he eventually pushes her back and murmurs, taking her ankle in his hand afterward. With a close inspection, he pats her on the cheek, "You'll be fine. You just rolled it. Come on, up you go." He stands and pulls her up with him, regarding the room that's just gotten a lot quieter as J'on finally gets Gillath to cooperate while A'mee's shooed her lifemate outside, following afterward as the green flips about the towel in a successful warble.

All the noise in the world couldn't wake Hadi and Mishath, the two slept quietly and peacefully. The pair have developed a weird sleep schedule, and are up half the night staring at the sky and skipping around. Sitting up Had pats Misha, who stretches out and croons. Mishath takes a moment, and then in less than half a second she jumps up, pulling the yellow comforter right off her bed. Tiny green dragon takes off with it, dragging it along the floor and projecting loudly and happily her eyes whirling fast blue green. Hadi moves to chase after her, then looks up. "Oh, hello Mr.Weyrlingmaster! How're you today? You look nice today. The day is so nice isn't it, all warm and bright? Doesn't the air smell beautiful?" Her voice is high pitched and perky, every word punctuated with a little bounce, before she's off to chased after the smallest dragon in the clutch, trying to get her blanket back "I'm going to get you! Come back here!" All said in a sing song voice

Ae'gus, for once, remains safely out of the line of fire, what with his behind being firmly rooted on his cot and his dragon still curled rather sedately in his couch depression. But judging by the general chaos being exhibited in the barracks, it's likely just a simple good sense to stay in one spot while young dragons are flying all over the place in a flurry of playfulness. "No, I'm sure the towel is fine. It looked fairly clean to me. No one's going to get a mouth infection from it," he tries to whisper an answer to an unspoken question from his bronze, who still is watching the proceedings with a look somewhere between concern and edging on worry. At a word from his rider, though, Halinith seems to relax and readjusts himself in his comfortable little position on his couch and returns to watching the show with a little less worry in his eyes. Now all this is just a fun little show to watch, rather than something to be worried about. "Not sure if Halinith is very fond of S'cha's dragon. Might be the issue, y'know, not that I think of it. Or he could just be acting like a wherry's behind for no particular reason." He seems to consider this for a moment with a furrowed brow, "Perhaps herdbeast rear end might be more appropriate." Rear end comparison aside, he does add with a little bit of a smirk, "Certainly won't be getting any fights from me. I usually just ignore him." As the chaos finally ends, he does look a little disheartened, "That was a bit entertaining to watch, atleast, until someone got hurt. Y'know, they do always say it's all fun n' games until someone breaks something."

Between Lennilli crying, the young dragonets getting shooed outside to rough-house and play, and S'cha's angry looks sent to all the new weyrlings — N'kor looks simply beside himself. There's a constant shake of his head as he watches one weyrling and then the next, quite surprised by Hadi's cheery high-pitched voice in comparison to Lennilli's soft whisper. Yet, amusement seeps back into his eyes as he notices Hadi's lifemate picking up and moving her blanket, not quite certain what's going on but warning anyway, "If she wants to play tug-of-war with that, make sure you take her outside. Out there is the playground. In here, it's supposed to be not.. so … insane…" he notes, idly looking toward the door and hoping one of the assistants would back him up soon enough, but knowing a few of them were still out with the elder weyrlings on their between flights across Pern. Taking a deep breath, he sort of hears Ae'gus in the chaos and noise of the barracks, but really, with so much going on, it's hard to reply or respond. S'cha on the other hand has heard something of Ae'gus' response, cracking his knuckles as he grumbles out of ear shot of N'kor — "Better watch it shorty, for an insult of my dragon will insult me and like men, we'd have to duel it out…"

G'len and his dragon come in. He's panting hard. The towel, now looking like a dirty but tasty rag, is Dylanth's new toy.
Hadi chases her and says "Mishath, can I have it back? I know you like it and everything but, it's mine and I need it." Very gently she takes her blanket back, instead of putting it on the bed though she spreads it out right in the middle of the aisle that leads to the meat and oil. Laying on her stomach she closes her eyes, moving her head back and forth in a ticking fashion like a metronome, then says "Oh, no Weyrlingmaster sir, we won't play tug in here. Least not right now." Misha stretches her wings and postions herself so she can blow Hadi's hair up. Wiggling her fingers at Ae'gus she gives a big smile, "Halinith thinks it's not sanitary? But not everything is clean.. the world without walls is only dirt, water and trees." Humming a little tune, she even bounces while laying on her stomach "So what is everyone upto today? "

Halinith lets out a chuff that sounds remarkingly like a laugh, nosing his rider lightly in the ribs before staring directly at S'cha. There's something in the bronze's eyes that is bordering on a whirling blue-green rendition of amusement. This is confirmed by Ae'gus' answering wide grin that slowly overcomes his face as he, too, looks towards the other Weyrling. Leaning in close to his dragon, he lowers his voice to a rather harsh whisper, still audible across the distance, "Eh, you're right, Hal. He keeps on doing that knuckle cracking thing, his hands'll soon be as curled and arthritic as S'chez's. Doubt anyone'll take him seriously then, yeah?" A significant glance is given to S'cha, along with another narrowing of his eyes - perhaps that whole comment about his height stung a little, for he seems to have forgotten his promise to not try to antagonize the other bronze weyrling all that much. Atleast he didn't physically threaten him, but he seems to turn his attention elsewhere after the momentary comment, his eyes alighting on Hadi instead. "Nah. He's perfectly smart enough to know that dirt is alright, it's just the fact that the towel could've been used to wipe up manure and he couldn't have known. It's the whole … y'know. unknown stuff on the towel." He creases his brow, his thick eyebrows in danger of colliding together in the middle of his forehead as he tries to explain his dragon's strange behavior, "Not that I know why G'len would be wiping his face off with a towel that was used to wipe up manure, but, eh. Sometimes Hal thinks too uch."

G'len steadies his breathing as he and Dylanth troop over to their couch. G'len lets Dylanth curl up with the towel to chew on while he changes shirts. He is about to toss the shirt into the nearby corner then thinks better of it. He folds it up and puts it in a canvas bag to take to laundry.The towel was clean when it started out. Now it it torn and dirty and he doesn't want the same fate to befall the shirt. He has few enough of them as it is.

S'cha straightens a little, curling his lip back, ready to do or say something until N'kor is there, narrowing his eyes on the elder bronze-rider, lifting a finger in warning as he says only loud enough for S'cha and Ae'gus to hear: "Once more and you're gone to Ierne. You can between now, so I don't care when you go, but you up once more and you're gone." This is all S'cha needs to hear before he defeatedly mumbles an apology and scurries on out of there like he had a tail between his legs. N'kor puts a hand on his hip, following the elder bronze-rider's movements in time to see G'len giving him a look, to which N'kor doesn't reply. Instead, he ensures Hadi's little green has settled, albeit, in the middle of the floor, but settled nevertheless. Returning his look back to Ae'gus he mutters, "Like I said, if you're caught up in a scuffle with him…" he trails off, looking like he needed a stiff drink right about then, turning a glance toward the weyrling office before he murmurs, "And how are you adjusting to this new life, Ae.. Ae'gus now isn't it?" Another look given to Hadi and G'len, "Up to? Looking after you lot and making sure no one breaks anything. Already had a close call." Lennilli ducks her head and hides behind her lifemate.

G'len stands up in respect to the WeyrlingMaster. "Sorry, sir!" he calls out. "We'll try to be more careful, sir."

Hadi stands up, not content to sit still. Instead she picks up her blanket, watching S'cha and Ae'gus almost fight. Her bright eyes flicker back and forth, quietly observing. Mishath butt her and she says, "Shh. Listen." When N'kor curses she blushes brightly, young dragon ears are to sensitive for their own good. "No, no.. it means.. it means." Raising her hand she says, "Weyrlingmaster N'kor, I am sorry to interrupt.. Umm, Mishath would like to know what means." Big eyes and a sweet innocent smile, she tilts her head. Turning on the spot in a small circle, like that would help her figure it out, "It means to procreate in a violent and inapropriate fashion." She explains, keeping it hushed so her dragon and those near can only hear. A little blush and she nods to Ae'gus, "Thinking to much is a problem, maybe he should try puzzles. Puzzles are always fun." Giggling a little she shakes her head, "No, no you won't do that.. we won't ever use that word again. It's a bad word,and.. and we are ladies and only bad people do that.. or.. bored people."

Apparently when one walks in on "..procreate in a violent and inappropriate fashion.." one pauses. That is just what Lissi does, her eyes blinking at Hadi. She continues to listen, however, keeping quiet, blinking yet more at her explanations. A glance to her green and then she groans, "No.." she says to her, quietly.

Ae'gus lets his shoulders slump a little in relaxation as his antagonist frinally deigns to leave the barracks once and for all. Not that that stops him from sending a bushy-eyebrowed glare at his departing back in silent relatiation to the last comments. That glare is just as good as any cracking knuckles to him, apparently. He's pulled back from his momentary concentration at the sudden break out of swear words around him, eyebrows immediately shooting upwards in some surprise, "Ah. The language. The language. My poor virgin ears can't handle it." He puckers his face up in an appropriate wince, even though he's obviously feigning the gesture just for the show of it. Perhaps at the prompting of a slight rumble from Halinith, he does pipe up with an appropriate addition to the explaination of the word, "Y'know, it can also be used as an adjective, an adverb, a noun and in any other context you might want to imagine. It's fairly versitile as far as bad words go." He does clear his throat after that, and adds in a more serious tone as soon as Lissi walks in, "Not at all the right word to say, of course. Not that I can think of anything less colorful to use that means the same thing." He does offer the newest arrival a slight grin and adds for her benefit, "Nice time to arrive, Lissi."

N'kor is strangely aware that maybe he shouldn't have cursed when he did, having let the stress of the moment and his length of time dealing with S'cha get the best of him. His 'road' travelling potty mouth had viciously stung a word at the nearly graduated bronze-weyrling just in time for new ears to catch onto it. Awkwardly turning around to face Hadi, he listens to her repeat the word for everyone to hear. "It is inapporpriate and only road-jockies like myself have picked up the forked tongue, as it were…" He narrows his eyes on the oh-so-innocent girl, especially since other weyrlings have to explain it to their dragons too what the word means .. and it travels quickly in the barracks. One slip of the tongue and it's done. Everyone knows he said it. "Well.. that's good…" he murmurs to himself, "The first thing I teach the new class is a swear word learned on the road. Great." He grumbles and starts to move toward the weyrling office, missing the fact that yet another recently impressed weyrling wanders in, "If anyone wants me, I'll be in the office."

G'len looks at his dragon, who looks up at him. They are both still for a moment. The G'len nods his head, the dragon nods back. Dylanth goes back to gnawing on the towel which will end up being shredded to smithereens within three days, and G'len picks up his clipboard and a pencil and starts either drawing or writing something. Ah, such sudden tranquility. Be it ever so numbing, there's no place like home.

Damasth flutters a wing and her eyes whirl and Lissi scowls, "We'll figure it out later.." she says to the green then glances at Ae'gus, "Right well.. right.." she manages, blinking at N'kor seems to get in a huff and leave, her gaze following his path outward. She remains quiet, however, not a good time to chirp a hello.

Mishath stretches herself out again, Hadi shaking her head. Then in a very suprising move she asks Ae'gus. "What's a virgin?" Her face is stone, perfectly serious. A little smile, "I have heard it before, but.. well she wants to know what it is." Mishath goes to her couch, curling herself up and tucking her head under her wing. With N'kors leaving she frowns, "Weyrlingmaster doesn't seem to happy, I wonder if.. if it's that problem that goldrider said he had.. She said he couldn't bathe, maybe he has a condition."

N'kor pauses at hearing what Hadi says… until with a shake of his head he opens the office door and lets it close a little hard on his way in .. making it rattle on it's hinges.

Halinith hums contentedly in his position on the couch, fairly quiet and calm compared to the rambunctious moves of his clutchsiblings. With an affectionage gesture, he pokes his muzzle at his rider once more, prompting Ae'gus to drape his hand over the bronze's head and scritch his eyeridges for a moment. The dragons gives a huff of happiness, his eyes whirling a steady blue-green as he relaxes where he is. Now that N'kor is gone, Ae'gus himself seems to relax even further, perhaps feeling better out of the scrutiny of the authority, as it were. He does follow the progress of the Weyrlingmaster on his way to his office, before his eyes suddenly snap directly back to Hadi at her question. It almost looks like his eyes are going to bulge out of his sockets for a moment there, his bushy eyebrows sky high against his forehead as he stares with incredulous surprise at the other weyrling. Thankfully he manages to compose himself quickly and clears his throat, shifting slightly in his seat on his cot as he tries to think of some proper wording to explain it in. "Ah. Well. Someone woh hasn't … y'know. Done that vigorous whatchacallit. Whatever you said before. They've never done the whole …" He soon gives up on trying to remember the actual wording of the description Hadi used for the previous word and merely leans forward, adding in an undertone, "Y'know … . That, y'know. They've never done that." He straightens up a little, eyeing the door to the office, as though it might have been heard through the doorway somehow.

G'len cringes and physically pulls himself back at the door slamming. "Was it that bad?" he asks as he looks around at the other werylings. hen he looks at Dylanth. "We'll have to be quieter when we're in the room here, Dylanth," he says sympathetically to his handsome Blue. "Outside by the lagoon is all right for play, all right Dylanth?"

Hadi takes a small hop back, frowning and looking at the ground.. "So, when.. you procreate for the first time you.. you are devirgined?" Pursing her lips, she clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth. Eyes glazing her mouth falls slightly ajar, "Something like that,well I'm never going to so I will be a vargin forever." Not pronouncing virgin correctly she seems proud of herself, "I have been offered.. to go for a spin but never did they tell me they'd be doing that. Violent procreation is wrong." Sitting on her cot she pulls out a pattern and starts to sew on a whatchamacallit. It looks like it's a sweater that would also serve as underwear at this point.

G'len looks over and watches Hadi. What the heck is she working on?

Ae'gus widens his eyes even more, if that's even possible. For a good while he remains rather motionless and silent, just pursing his lips together in an effort to stay quiet for a moment. It looks almost like his moustache is making his lips disappear, oddly enough. Finally his expression relaxes a little, but he sort of brushes a hand over his hair in a subconscious nervous gesture, "Well .. ah. Perhaps not procreate. That's what happens after .. y'know. The thing sort of … happens." He lifts his hands slightly and tries to mime something as he adds, "Y'see, this happens … the man … and then the woman. And .." He makess ome sort of complicated motion with his hands that's hard to follow. It could be the flapping of a bird or some rendition of a person walking, but it's difficult to tell because it moves by so fast. Eventually he gives up and furrows his brows together in frustration, "Well. Y'know. Being devirgined is called deflowering, if that helps. And yeah .. to *** …" And that last word is said in a hoarse whisper before his voice raises again, "Is really to have /intercourse/ violently. But you go tthe violently right." There, he finally said it. Halinith lets out a curious rumble and cocks his head to one side, obviously questioning. But before anything can go further, he just adds, "It's just another meaning for the bad word. Pay it no mind, Halinith. You'll know eventually."

G'len straightens up where he sits, his pencil silled for the mement. "Is the word 'sex' suddenly nonfunctional?" he asks the room in general.

Mishath sends a little mist, a cold confused swirl of curiousity «A flower, mine will have her flower taken! I want to take it, or maybe share her flower. So we can all have her.. mine has a flower.. but where?» Confusion. After all the motions she says, "Oh.. you mean, to do the dishes. In the hold, whenever my parents went to 'do the dishes' they never went into the kitchen, and they never did dishes. They did do a lot of rolling, and if we'd open the door. Oh.. you mean I will have to, but.. but what if I don't want to? What if I don't want anyone to see my naked.. could I keep my clothes on." She doesn't wait for answers though, Mishath is off to find a flower for Hadi, and she is off to be confused.

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