The Plans of Goldriders

Western Weyr - Weyrwoman's Office
Behind stout, ornately carved hardwood double doors decorated with fancy brass handles and a stout bolting lock, the Weyrwoman's office is a sanctum of paperwork, bureaucracy and lots of red tape. It is here that much of the running of the Weyr takes place — where the meetings of the domestic side of the Weyr are held and daily matters are handled between the Senior and her juniors as well as the Headwoman's staff. The walls, painted a cheerful soothing shade of sage green, are adorned with paintings and tapestries of life around the Weyr. To one side, a large desk of skybroom wood holds court, piled with paper, and file folders — the heavily padded chair behind it meant for the comfort of the working weyrwoman, along with chairs for visitors and guests set in front of it. Part of the desk is curving away, this holding a small computer that can be used for word processing and file entry. Along one wall, a row of short bookshelves hold scrolls, books and other means of record keeping; the oldest and most fragile of the relics being kept behind glass casings. Hand-woven carpets cover the floors, buffering the feel of hard stone and giving a softer feeling to the room. A sideboard on the wall opposite the entrance is kept stocked with drinks for refreshment, and a comfortable couch with a side table and an ornate reading lamp can be found in the middle of the room.

In the traditional role of a weyrwoman, Enka would be hard at work behind her desk, plugging away information into her computer or filing papers into the cabinets. Weyrwomanhood, where work never ends. Luckily then, that this is /not/ acting out the traditional job, because Enka's over by the sideboard, fingers flickering over the refreshments there, eyeing each of the bottles with careful scrutiny. And it would be then that Shadhavarth would feel the brush of dreamy sleep-filled thoughts, hypnotic and alluring, from her dam. « Mine seeks yours, » is Miraneith's message to the younger gold, a flash of the office shown, swirled by puffy pink clouds of dreamland fantasy.

Indeed, today is not a day that Iris has been particularly hard at weyrwomanly work. Much of the past day and a half she's worked from home- thanks to Ila'den being so out of sorts and needing extra… attention. But she's actually on her way in when Miraneith calls to Shadhavarth. The younger gold responds with wisps of warm, sun-soaked thoughts. « She's on her way. » is the short answer, before Shadha recedes back into her mental forest. Iris, laden with a briefcase full of papers she's been going through at home, was headed in to get some work done on the computer. She's soon at Enka's door, knocking and not really waiting for an answer before she enters. "You called?"

Apparently neither goldrider seems to be much inclined to work — perhaps it's the dragons, warming into season as they are — or perhaps it's just the lack of interest (at least on Enka's part) to while away her day with the tedium of the day job that keeps her fed and sheltered and all that rot. And with Liora not being allowed to do much, unless Rea was hard at work elsewhere, none of the Weyr's queenriders were really … working. With confirmation from Miraneith given, with a soft tender brush of thoughts against the sun-soaked wisps of the other queen before slumber claims the dragon once more, and she is silent, wrapped into the dozing of her diurnal dreams. At the sound of Iris's voice, Enka turns, smiling wryly. "I did. Help yourself to somethin' to drink. There's juice, there." the pitcher is pointed at. "Or somethin' stronger, if you want." For her part, Enka grabs a glass of juice, sloshing something just a wee bit stiffer into it for a bit of a kick, and then moves towards the couch. "We need to talk."

Iris peers at the table as Enka points, brows furrowing at the thought of something stiffer. It would do, about now, what with Ila'den all in a frenzy over the news of his sister. As Enka moves toward the couch, Iris twists so her gaze can follow the senior. "Talk? Like… a good talk, or an 'yeah, you better get something stiffer!' talk?" Either way, she follows suit, filling a glass with a combination of juice and spirits, taking a swig, making a face at the poorly measured mixture, shrugging, and eventually joining Enka at the couch. "So what, ah, needs talking about? Is Ila getting grounded again or something?"

"Aint like you're in trouble or anythin'," Enka's quick to reassure her junior, the smile she gifts fellow baker and goldrider with is nothing but sincere and friendly. "Talk talk, but a splash of somethin' stiffer wouldn't hurt either, settles the nerves or somethin', shoulda seen how settled Zi'on and your weyrmate were the a few days ago, all that talk about noodles and such, were their nerves ever settled." Enka chuckles mirthfully, sinking onto the couch and tucking her feet up under her in a sort of lazy drape. "Ila aint in trouble." she comments on that particular concern. "Unless he's in trouble with you after that drinkin' he was doin', did V'ric get him home all right?" She pauses, sips at her drink and plunges right into conversation. "It's Shadhavarth. She's goin' into heat, aint she?"

Iris lets out the subconsciously held tension with a sigh and light chuckle. "That's good then. I kind of wish I had seen that, truly. Faranth knows he was a wreck when he /did/ make it home. But that's not why I worry about him. Anyway, it's family business for him." She shrugs off the topic- if Enka doesn't know, Iris won't be the one to air the family secrets. Instead she pulls her legs up onto the couch, crossing them and resting her drink on a knee after taking another swallow, held loosely with one hand. With the change of topic, she nods. "Yep… I expect it'll happen here in the next couple fortnights. I suppose it's good, that I'm finally getting to recognize when she's getting close, yeah? But it's not like she's risen steadily every turn like some golds. Seven turns old and this will be our third." She pauses to drink again. "Speaking of cycles, how far off do you suppose the rest of the us are?"

Enka laughs, a good hearty chuckle that shows she's about as relaxed as she could be. "You /should/ have been there, Iris. There was Zi'on wavin' around a wet droopy mark and talkin' about noodles, and callin' a girl smelly … in a nice way though. And Ila … " Enka can't go on, the memory of bronzerider snogging brownrider has her collapsing into a fit of giggles for a moment or two before she manages to collect her wits, dabbing at her eyes with the corner of her shirt. "I'd rather not pry into family business anyway, got enough on my plate as it is." Which brings her back to the topic at hand. "It's very good that you're able to predict her cycles," Enka remarks, "it took me a while to get Mir figured out, near as I can tell, she's risen seven times in the twelve turns since she was old enough to mate which is more or less once every turn and a half or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less." She sips at her drink, letting out her breath in a rush. "I've no idea about Bennueth, she's comin' on nigh twenty turns now, and hasn't been showin' any signs, what little I've seen of her. Orraeloth isn't even tryin'. Just the once in the nearly four turns since she clutched, and that was a paltry little clutch. Liora's fault." Cause everyone blames Liora. "Mir, I reckon Shadhavarth'll rise before her, but not by much. A sevenday if that."

Iris giggles at Enka's vivid description of events. "I can only imagine. Zi'on and Ila'den together seem to create…. chaos where ever they go, it seems. In a good way. Usually. I can only imagine if they had grown up together, what kind of trouble they would have made for each other and their weyr." The junior weyrwoman continues to laugh, though she quiets long enough to take another swallow from the spiked juice in her glass. "That close, you think?" she asks, of the risings. "Guess that'll mean a good crowd in the candidates dorm, then… wonder how close together they'll clutch and hatch, then."

What a cheery little girlpair these two are. "Shells, I'd have paid /good/ money to see Ila'den and Zi'on growin' up as kids together, they'd have run the place ragged and into chaos and it would have been amusin' to watch the entire time. I could have seen the Headwoman cry." Does Enka like not like old Cosima or something? Cause of the broom-wielding. "As it was, it sure was amusin' watchin' Zi'on grow up." Ah, the difference of seven turns, and now look at them — Weyrleaders together, and parents twice over to boot. "I'm sure of it," Enka's words are spoken with conviction, bolstered by another quaff of alcoholic-laden juice. "We'll have lots of candidates to gather up. Reckon they'll be sharin' the sands, dependin' on the timin'." Enka leans back against the couch cushion. "I'm sendin' Liora and a few riders to Ierne. Goin' to tell her to have the dragonhealers look Orraleoth over, which gets her out of our hair till both Shadhavarth and Mir have risen. 'Specially since they're takin' the scenic route. Which brings me to my other thought. What do you say to a vacation?"

"Too true. I wouldn't've minded staying here my whole time growing up. But I don't mind the travels I did either. Least I can understand Ila when he gets restless…. sometimes." Iris grins wryly, nodding. "It is quite strange, how these things have worked out. Certainly growing up as a weyrbrat I might've hoped to ride someday, but I got distracted along the way, forgot about it until it actually happened, y'know?" Then she shrugs and tips back her glass for another sip. "That'll be a good idea… maybe they can convince her to do something different, get a bit more actively involved, for Orraleoth's sake. If not her own." Actively involved in life in general, that is. At to vacation, Iris brow-furrows. "Vacation? Like… how do you mean? I know Ila's been wanting to arrange something."

"I for one am exceedin' glad that I grew up at Telgar Weyr. Makes me appreciate the warmth of the Western islands all the more for livin' through some bitter winters, but bein' Weyrbred's the best kind of life to live. More freedoms." she laughs. "You certainly had more ideas than I had, all I wanted to do was get out from under the thumb of that angry woman," — her mother — "and then get away from that old wherry" — her grandmother — "Impressin' Mir along the way was a real treat." The goldrider finishes off her drink with a flourish, running her finger over the rim. "Sendin' her with some riders who want to strike it out on their own, payin' 'em for it, but it'll be worth it. Then she's gone and we don't have to worry about gettin' her away in time. I've got more confidence Rea can handle the situation on her own, but Liora … the last thing we need is queens fightin'." There's a wry grin from Enka as she regards Iris. "Vacation. A few days before Shadhavarth rises, you take your man, and you go to the island campsite. Or find somewhere else on Pern that hasn't got a gold dragon risin' and you throw the flight." There's a knowing look from the older goldrider. "I'd go, but I'm not sure if I could drag Zi'on away from that weyrmate of his, and it probably aint a good idea for me to leave at the moment."

"Well, I had some help in getting that direction, anyway. A good grandmother will go a long way on an impressionable young girl." Even if that grandmother lived in a rather sketchy hold aka Nabol. Either way, Iris mirrors Enka's movement, finishing off her drink though without quite the flourishment. She holds the glass loosely in her hands as she listens, nodding sagely about Liora before meeting her senior's knowing gaze with a smile. "Well. That is one way of ensuring Ila'den's continued happiness. Not that he doesn't understand flights but he is the possessive type, if you know what I mean." She chuckles, tips the glass up to get that last drop of juice, sets it down on her knee again. "I think Ila'den would definitely go for that idea. In fact… it would perhaps lift his spirits considerably. Do you mind, if I go then?" She starts to rise, heading for the table to drop the used glass off in the tray.

"I'd envy ya," Enka remarks, "havin' a helpful grandmother like that. Mine was just cranky, and old, and complained all the time about how the Weyr stole her son away, and hoe I looked too much like him and then Red Sands had that earthquake, and she was even worse since we ended up at Ista Weyr. Makes me wish things had been different, but maybe if they were, I wouldn't have Impressed Mir." The Weyrwoman does laugh then, rather amused. "I get your meanin' loud and clear," she winks teasingly. "And him gettin' to ensure that it's his dragon that catches yours," there's a teasing waggle of eyebrows from the woman. "It'll raise his spirits in the best possible way." Along with raising other things. Ahem! "Would you please?" Enka's expression turns almost pleading now as she leans a little to slide her glass onto the side table. "it'd ease my heart, knowin' that two golds could rise away from each other without a fuss."

Iris nods slowly, wistful expression on her face for just a moment. "Everything leads us to where we're meant to be, I think. If life's a hardship, it's still leading us in the right direction. Usually. I know some who don't always believe that though- Ila included- and it sure is hard to believe right now but either way…" she trails off, shrugging. "Anyway. I'll just drop my work off and pick up some new papers for the day. Shadha and I will make sure we're all away in plenty of time and /for/ plenty of time for the both of us to rise, if it is going to be that close." Then the junior weyrwoman is slipping away, a quickly waved salute and grin her goodbye before she's gone.

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