Green Around the Gills

Western Weyr - Open Market
The sweeping canopy of the lush, green tropics gives way in this place to a massive clearing, spanning what must be a great many acres in a bustling, hubbub of noise, color, and activity. Rich golden-red terra cotta bricks line the marketplace grounds, providing a clean, bright place to walk and a level ground to set up shop on. The central part of the marketplace is an open bazaar, where people come to set up temporary shops in tents, out of carts and wagons, and some right on the ground with their wares laid out for anyone to see. The centralmost point of the open market is a massive, marble fountain rising up into a spire from who's top runs a cascade of water down the sides, gurgling over the intricate, mounted sculptures of all manners of Pernese creatures from dragons to whers to runners and all large and small, down into a large pool where silvery-white dolphins of stone leap and play.The smells of rich foods and sweet pastries and exotic tropical fruits competes with the less tantilizing scents of fresh caught fish and livestock for sale and those waiting patiently beside their owners carts or pastured in the temporary pens while their owners do some shopping. The colors of goods and the vivid swaths of tents and canvas wagons makes the place alive with brilliance, and at most all hours of the day there is a flurry of activity to behold.

Afternoons are always bustling down at the Market just outside of Western. Since the islands are a popular stop for ships, people and goods of all kind end up on sale here. Zi'on has come to see his weaver, who has a small shop here. Since the bronzer's been in basic training more or less he's found that his stick-self isn't as stick-like and now his shirts are tight across the chest and in the shoulders. Having taken care of that business, the weyrleader decides that he'll spend a bit of time browsing some of the shops which is what he is up to now. Since there doesn't seem to be any immediate need to run back to the weyr. Miraneith is still sleeping during the day and all. What's he looking at? Flight goggles, apparently.

The last few seven days have seen Raev red-eyed and sniffing, the green rider's duties apparently shuffled to keep her at Western, rather than here, there, and everywhere, the young woman apparently dealing with some sort of.. allergy? Certainly, it would probably make it uncomfortable to between, at least. This afternoon, though, she is out and about and for the most part looking a little better - less like she's spent the whole day crying - as she's meandering through the market, pausing at a booth to gently run her fingers over a set of heavy sheets longingly.

"Fish!!… Fish for sale!" Comes the voice of Sundari as she is perched upon a crate next to a stall that is surprisingly full of fish for sale, dry, fresh, and jarred seems to be the items that are seen upon the tables under that stall tarp. A soft hum escapes the girl as she lifts her head to peer out at some passing people and waves her hands to try and grasp their attention before pointing to the fresh fish. "Just caught today! Near Moon bay! Best fish found in Western!" A few people pause to look at the fish and strike up a conversation with the stall owner which makes Sunny grin slightly. Part of her job is done.

Zi'on doesn't have to deal with the day-to-day affairs of the riders. He's got a chain of command that shields him from that. So as long as Raev wasn't seriously ill or dying or milking it, it's likely he hasn't heard about her time off. Space is at a premium at the market, and all the booths and stalls and tents are crammed in one right after the other. So it's no surprise that Zi'on spots Raev at the stall next to the one he's browsing at. "Raev?" He calls to her, looking at her through a pair of flight goggles that make his eyes look gigantic. He peels them off and heads in her direction. "What are you doing here?" The bronzer's attention is momentarily diverted by a yelling Sunny. "Best fish at Western! Take it from the weyrleader!" Zi'on calls out, laughing a bit. He knows that advertising voice!

Thankfully, Raev is quite alive, as evidenced by her shopping abilities. Reluctantly, she pulls herself away from the fabric, glancing around to spot the source of her name, a hesitant smile finally creeping on her face as she spots Zi'on. Stepping towards him, she starts to answer, before lifting a hand to cover her ear, wincing away when he calls out to support Sundari. "Warning next time, will you?" She murmurs, before glancing around to see who exactly the Weyrleader is endorsing.

Sundari points to a few of the fish that a person is looking at, there rather large white fish. "I helped catch those, on a hook and line so they didn't get caught in a net, no messed up scales, all ready to be cooked however you wish mister!" Her voice is bright and bubbly, she can sell it, she knows she can! Though there is a new voice and Sunny peers around before catches sight of Zi'on, a grin seen and she waves over at the Weyrleader, not seeming to mind the helpful 'voice' in the selling bit. "See! The Weyrleader agrees! Best fish around, don't miss out!"

It's a bustling afternoon at Western's Market. A nice summer day makes sure of that. Zi'on and Raev are here to do a bit of shopping, and Sundari is apparently working on her oratory skills. Zi'on chuckles as Raev covers her ear at his yelling. "Oh give me a break. You must be used to my loud mouth by now." The bronzer leans an arm rather comfortably on Raev's shoulder and returns Sundari's wave. Then he motions in the little seawench's direction before heading that way. "Hey there Sunny. Do you guys sell any cooked fish? I'm hungry right now. And if I bring fish home my weyrmate will give me the look when she smells it."

It is probably an important detail that Zi'on and Raev are not there to shop *together*, despite what it may look like to those around them, as the young bronze rider leans an arm on Raev's shoulder. A shift, and Raev is ducking from beneath it, laughing softly before she tags after Zi'on, weaving through the crowd. Giving the fish a long look, she stays a few steps back, though she nods to Sundari as she does so.

Sundari hops down from her seat as she catches sight of Zi'on and another moving on towards the stall. She rubs at her hands a bit before tucking a bit of brownish blonde hair behind a ear. "Hello!" Is offered to both with a friendly tone and smile. At the bit on if there is any cooked fish she peers at the stall owner that is busy with another person which is working on haggling a price. "Have some smoked fish. From my father's own batch actually. Rather good. Would you both like some?" This questioned while she is busy looking for the smoked fish before either gives her a answer.

They do certainly look *together*. At least for a short bit there. Zi'on must be comfortable enough around the greenrider to be acting this friendly toward her. Which might earn him some payback later on. He grins to her as she ducks under his arm. "What's the matter, Raev? Don't you like fish?" The bronzer questions Raev as she takes a step back. Zi'on grins to Sundari. "Hey, Sunny. This is Raev, she's a greenrider at Western. Raev this is Sundari. She's… a sea brat, I guess. Maybe fish peddler is a better term?" He chuckles. "That sounds good. But only if you let me pay for it." He didn't want to barge in and demand free stuff. Though his presence might be attracting attention to the stall for them.

The look on Raev's face seems to reflect her current opinion on fish, the green rider beginning to look a bit.. well… green as the scent of the fresh fish begins to make its way to her. A little shake of her head, a forced swallow, and she's waving her hand at Sundari's offer. "I.. None for me.." She manages quickly, shaking her head again, lifting her fingers briefly to her mouth before she's turning away. At the introduction, she's quickly glancing back over her shoulder, trying to smile. "Pleasure, Sundari…"

While others might appear to be impressed, or at least distracted at the Weyrleader's presence, Kazuto doesn't appear at all interested in the growing attention in that particular direction. He looks for a place where he can buy a couple tools for work, his expression remains neutral as he deals with the shopkeeper and attempts to get the price lower than they are marked. It isn't until someone mentions that the Weyrleader is at one of the fish stalls that he averts some of his attention that way, glancing to see if he can be picked out, and failing that, shrugs and returns his attention to the task at hand. Fetching a decent price, his purchases are tucked into a satchel he brought with him.

Sundari smirks as she hears Zi'on call her a fish peddler after the sea brat bit, she takes in a slight breath and ohs while peering up at Raev. "Nice to meet you as well Raev, and I'm sorry that you don't like fish." She grew up around the water and well fish after all! She comes up with a bag that has smoked fish and offers it to Zi'on. At the talk of him having to pay she shakes her head. "Nope, my father would tan my hide at the thought. Anyway, it's a sample, bring you back for more. Which then we can charge you for how's that?" She grins a bit.

Not even Zi'on is oblivious to Raev's discomfort at the mention of fish. He looks down at her and blinks. "Maybe you ought to have some tea or something, to help your stomach. I'm sure one of these stalls has a tea for that. Just a small piece, Sundari. I'm going to get some fried dough before I leave, too." And he wouldn't want to spoil that with fish. At least once he gets his fish it'll be cooked and won't smell as bad. Also they could move away from the stall. Once Sundari bring his fish he does just that, to clear space for others as well. "Well, all right. I'll consider it a free sample. This time." He peers at her. "So when is the big day for our race?" The bronzer goes about munching his snack. He does have at least one advantage when it comes to picking him out of a crowd, and that's that Zi'on is quite tall. Not a giant, but still pretty tall. A big shiny knot also helps.

Raev manages to get herself under control after a moment, but she's still looking slightly green as she shakes her head at Sundari, waving off the mention of not liking fish. "Normally it doesn't bother me but.." She shakes her head again, giving Zi'on a glare. "Shush, you.." But, it seems the tea doesn't seem like such a bad idea, for as Zi'on and Sundari talk about the race, she's sneaking down a booth or two, where after a bit of quiet conversation, and an exchange of some sort of mark piece, she is offered a steaming drink, which she lingers over, away from the fish, giving the scaly critters a disgusted look.

Kazuto arches a brow at the sound of the word sample, which means free, which means he's interested. When Zi'on and Raev move away from the fish stall, he makes his way over and asks Sundari, "Can I also have a sample?" You know, of whatever it was that was being sampled - since he wasn't paying that close attention. Maybe it's daftness, but he doesn't seem to have much qualm about asking for handouts if there's a chance of it. He glances back towards Zi'on and Raev, giving them a quick look over before returning his gaze to Sundari. "I'd also like whatever the fresh catch of the day is too.. nothing too big, though."

Sundari wipes her hands off across her pants and peers to Raev before pointing towards a stall down the way. "They have a lovely mint tea that helps with such things." Leave it to the teen to pick up on certain bits of the conversation. At the race comment from Zi'on the girl grins while shifting, a finger pointing towards the weyrleader. "I thought you was going to pick a time and date. You're the one with the busy schedule after all." She is a seabrat right, plenty of free time, or jobs she can skitter away from when she is on land. There is another voice and she tilts her head while looking to Kazuto curiously and smiles. "Course!" Best way to get someone back, right? She is back behind the stall crinkling of a bag heard and she comes back with a few small pieces of smoked fish to him. "Take a look, there are a few to pick from today. White fish from Moon Bay was caught this morning actually."

Zi'on blinks at Raev, giving her a shocked look. What did he do!? He's left scratching his head as Raev moves off to do exactly as he suggested. At least it will give him time to partake of his sample of smoked fish. Zi'on can't fault Kazuto for wanting a sample of his own. Though giving away all their fish might be bad for Sundari's family's business. At least he's buying fish. The bronzer isn't about to buy anything he has to cook himself. "Alright." He tells Sundari. "Come by my office tomorrow morning before it gets to hot or Miraneith decides to rise. We can settle it then." Zi'on tosses his empty bag into a nearby waste basket. "The fish was good. Normally it's not that fresh by the time we eat it at the weyr."

Kazuto is certainly giving the fish he's directed to a look over, at least, before reaching to take the bag of sample smoked fish. "I'll take that one." He says, pointing to one of the smaller white fish which looks about the right size for a single person. The conversation between Sundari and the others isn't paid particular attention to, at least he doesn't look to be trying to eavesdrop. Instead, he fishes out one of the pieces to try it before adding, "And some more of this too, it's delicious." He says, and then peers at the bag and adds, "Half full." He shakes the bag at Sundari before finally pausing and realizing he might be disrupting a conversation, and apologizes for it. "Sorry for butting in…"

Sundari is allowed to give out some samples, how one keeps the busy as they try a sample and then buy some if they like it enough. Like Kazuto is doing at this very moment! "Of course. Told you it was good, now didn't I?" She questions with a grin while she goes about getting a half bag full of the smoked fish, and then picks up the fish that was pointed and goes about wrapping it up as a price is stated for it and the half bag full of jerky. The price is a good one, at least Sunny thinks so. She hears Kazuto and peers up. "Oh, no no your fine, really." She doesn't seem too bothered over the fact that he wandered into the conversation. Her gaze turns over to Zi'on and she grins before nodding. "Alright, I'll do that. Thanks, I'll let my dad know you liked it."

It's not like they were discussing secret weyr business or anything, nor is Zi'on trying to keep their conversation hushed. So anyone around can probably hear. The weyrleader chuckles at Sundari. "You did. I give it my stamp of approval. The weyr might have to start getting more of its fish from you guys." There's a chuckle for Kazuto then as well. "If it's food in the bag, it's always half-empty to me. Ah… don't mind us. We're just shooting the breeze." The bronzer extends a hand to Kazu then. "Zi'on, Suldith's rider." Being a political figure meant Zi'on's first instincts were always to introduce himself. Even if he might never see said person again. There's a nod to Sundari, confirming that the race is on!

Her tea finished, Raev seems to be willing to brave the scents that accompany the fish stand once more, slowly picking her way back towards where the Weyrleader is talking, green rider slipping to Zi'on's side, one hand briefly resting on his back - letting him know where she is, for whatever reason - before she's nodding a greeting to Kazuto, and mumbling an apology again to Sundari.. "I'm really not sure what it was.." But at least she's back to a semi-normal people color now.

Kazuto hands over the amount of money that's required, though it requires a little digging in his satchel to get it all. "It was good, though I'm going to have to try not to eat it all at once. It's a treat." He says to Sundari, gathering his purchases to put them in the satchel as well. Doesn't seem like he's concerned that the fishy smell might pervade through everything. "I prefer to think of things half full." He says with a smirk to Zi'on, and reaches out to shake the hand that's offered to him with a decently firm shake. "Kazuto." He offers, as he has no dragon or such to introduce and doesn't feel his trade is worth mention, and then nods in return to Raev.

Sundari grins a moment and nods to Zi'on. "Thank you." She offers with a happy tone at the stamp of approval. "My father would love such a thing. He likes sending up some of the catch to the Weyr, makes him feel like his help and so forth." She shrugs a momet at the thought. Her gaze turns to Raev and a smile is seen. "It is alright, truly no problem in the least. Think nothing of it, alright?" Kazuto is offered the item he was buy before Sunny takes the payment for them. "Thank you! I do hope you will come back. I think you will, it is great fish after all." She tilts her head as she catches Kazuto's name, a slight wiggle of a hand wave is seen. "Nice to meet you, I'm Sundari."

When Zi'on feels a hand on his back he turns to see whose it is. He gives the greenrider an easy smile when he realizes that it's hers. Zi'on pats her shoulder a bit. "Better now?" At a place like Western there was probably a prevalent fishy/oceany smell all over everything. Though maybe not as pungent as the one Kazuto is stuffing into his sack. Zi'on seems pleased to get a handshake from someone. It was always so hit or miss. "Well met." Zi'on looks for a knot or something to infer any information about the man. "We appreciate whatever gets sent. Trust me, nothing goes to waste! Even if it's just left for the firelizards." Zi'on looks around and rubs his hands together. "So! Who is up for some fried dough? Maybe some games? Ladies, some jewelry shopping? I saw you looking at those linens, Raev. Something for you, or for your other bronzer?"

"I think so.." Raev nods to Zi'on, leaning closer, the next words hopefully for him alone, as to not inadvertently upset Sundari. "I wouldn't mind moving, though.." And she coughs a little as she straightens, before she's glancing once more at the fresh fish, and eagerly taking Zi'on's suggestion to move. "He's *definitely* not mine. Shards, if he was, you would be too." Raev protests, even as her eyes do drift back to the linens she was admiring earlier.

Kazuto has a simple resident knot of Western, so that much can be told by looking at him. Other than that, he might carry himself well, but he does have moments where he looks like he might be completely lost. He quirks a smile at Sundari and gives her a wave in return once he catches it, giving her a quiet reply of, "The pleasure is all mine…". Then he shakes his head at the suggestion by Zi'on. "I really shouldn't." He says, though it's not easy to tell if it could be because of the fish he just bought, or because he doesn't really know anyone well. "But, thanks anyways." He says and then peers at Raev at her last comment.

Sundari glances over to the stall, she isn't needed really, the owner is there she was just an extra voice to try and get some things sold for the day. "What sort of games?" This is questioned while she peers up at Zi'on, curious tone heard. A glance is sent over to Kazuto and her smile is seen once more. "Come on, if he wants to play games I'm sure there fun." Leave it to Sunny to try and drag someone else within the mix. If she hears Raev she doesn't seem to mind in the least, fish isn't for everyone.

With Raev egging him on, Zi'on moves back in the direction they'd come from so she could go back to the linens. Women and their sheets. The bronzer pouts to the greenrider. "What? You mean I'm -not- your bronzer?" If Kazuto thinks he can slip away well… technically he can. But that isn't going to stop Zi'on from trying to talk to him. "So Kazuto, what do you do at the weyr then?" The weyrleader is in a good mood! Of course, if the flight doesn't go his way he'll be in a spectacularly bad mood soon enough. But right now everything was good. "I dunno! They've got ring toss over there. You can win a plushie. And there's a ball toss over that way someplace. I think you can win plushies or candy there."

"You most definitely are -not-. And Faranth help you if it makes it back to your weyrmate." Raev give Zi'on a long look, having not totally forgotten Zi'on's middle of the night conversation. Letting herself be guided back towards the linens, she is more than happy to let the others do the talking - Or really, let Zi do the talking, pausing to look at this and that. And then, someone is walking by with a large fish from the stall dangling over his shoulder, the young man bumping into Raev as he goes. While there is an apology offered, the green rider is suddenly that lovely shade of green again, and with a wave of a hand, she's disappearing without another word - Hopefully she makes it out of the market before anything makes it out of her.

Kazuto looks pretty torn, between wanting to leave and being pressured to stay. It seems that the pressure to lurk around a little longer is stronger than his desire to leave, though he is thoughtful enough to ask, "Can I leave the fish here and pick it up later? I don't want it to spoil carrying it around…" He fishes it out of his bag and holds it out towards Sundari, since it'd be with her shop that he'd be leaving it at. "Handywork, fixing stuff that breaks. Got good at it on the road." He answers Zi'on, as for what he does, and then scrunches his nose at the idea of plushies and candies as prizes. He's not sure he likes the implication of kids toys, given the fact he's in the upper teens. "We can check them out." He concedes, and waves at the greenrider as she takes her leave.

Sundari isn't really following the conversation between the two riders, she is hearing it but just not understanding it. A curious glance flicks between Zi'on and Raev while she lifts her head slightly. As for the talk of games she ohs softly before peering over to the fleeing green rider. "Is She going to be alright?" This questioned with an unsure tone while she peers back to the Weyrleader, well he would know this answer, right? Her bright blue gaze turns to Kazuto and she offers him a smile. "We can check them out, doesn't mean we have to play them?" She gets that he is 'older' but she does have older brothers so gets the idea perhaps on what he is thinking about the idea of winning some toy.

Zi'on just grins at Raev. "Psh. I'll be fine." Maybe. Really he's mostly hoping it doesn't get back go Kiena. Zi'on wrinkles his brow as someone goes knocking into the greenrider with a giant fish. "Hey, watch it…" There's a glare shot the young man's way as Raev goes running off. "..I don't think Raev is feeling too well." There's a nod to Kazuto once Zi'on's attention drifts back to the conversation at hand. "We can always use one of them around. I used to do some electrical repairs and things. Don't really have the time now though." He chuckles. "What? All the ladies like plushies I thought. Even my weyrmate has one. But I have five kids, so I have an endless need for plushies and toys. At least until they get older." Ring toss is the first stop. There's nothing really complicated about the rings. Just throw them and if you hook a bottle you get a prize. Of course it's always harder than it looks though.

"I'm not the greatest at electrical repairs, but most others." Kazuto admits, watching as Raev slips off and hopefully keeps her stomach contents inside. Leaving the fish at the stall, he appears prepared to head wherever he's directed to find the games. He gives Sundari a smile in return, meeting her blue eyes with his brown before he flickers his attention to Zi'on. "I don't have any kids, and I'm not a girl." He comments lightly, lest that be something that was missed. "I suppose candy isn't so bad though…" He muses, shifting on his feet to look and see where the games are.

Sundari grins a bit and shrugs a moment at the talk of plushies and toys. "Nothing is wrong with them. I had one until my brother's canine pulled it apart a while back. Pulled it all to pieces." A glance is sent over to Kazuto at the kids and girl bit and she smirks a moment. "So?" This is questioned with an amused tone. She wanders along towards where the games are and peers at them curiously and ponders for a few moments.

"I'm good with electrical, but not a lot of others. My father never really had time to share his craft knowledge with me. At least not until like… now. And now I don't have the time to learn." Zi'on admits. He grins to Kazuto. "Well, you could always -give- the plushie to a girl, you know." Wink wink. There's a girl right here! Zi'on partakes in the ring toss for a couple of games, but doesn't have any luck. "Let's see… there's a hammer game over there. To test your strength. Wiggly rope ladder game… Oo, there's the ball toss game. If you make it in the center you get a plushie, otherwise you get some candy. Everyone wins!"

"I have plenty of time to learn more now, at least." Kazuto admits, though can't help buy snicker at Zi'on's lack of luck at the ring toss game. However, it doesn't mean he's going to try it himself. "So, what could I do with a.." He pauses as things finally click in his head and he looks away from the two of them. Yep, he's embarrassed a little, and finally regains some composure after a few moments. "We could try the ball toss." He suggests, heading that way even if the other two aren't wanting to try it.

Sundari glances over to Zi'on at the talk of him being a good at the electrical bit. "Never had much to do with it expect when on land an all." One doesn't get to use such things when on a boat after all. She seems to not pick up on the winkwinking and talk of giving a girl a plushie as she is eyeing the plushie's that are for winning. "They have a little firelizard one. It's cute." She gives her hands a slight rub as she moves over to try her hand at the ring toss, which she doesn't do well at all with. In face something get knocked over and she blinks a few times, a soft ah and faint sheepish tone escapes her. "Sorry…"

Zi'on tilts his head at Kazuto. "Why do you have extra time now?" The weyrleader isn't really suggesting Kazuto win something for anyone present. Though he could! Sunny was cute and bubbly. And too young for Zi'on. At least for another few turns. There's a nod to Sunny's electrical inexperience. "True I suppose. It's been at Western forever though. A journeywoman that impressed about ten turns ago taught me some of the basics." Once Sundari is done wrecking havoc on the ring toss, Zi'on heads over to the ball toss instead. "We'll all have a go." He tells the game operator. "This one has the little firelizards too." Though all Zi'on seems to be winning is consolation candy.

"I used to have with the selling of the jewelry my family makes, and travelling. Now I'm just here, and working isn't as bad when I don't have to travel all the time. Guess they'd be a lot different if you get strapped with a dragon and all. Do you have much free time?" Kazuto asks of Zi'on, appearing pretty curious about it. He purses his lips as he watches Sundari knock stuff over, and Zi'on not having much luck. He gives Sundari a quick smile as though to try and cheer her up, and then grabs the ball for the ball toss. Shifting it from hand to hand a couple times as though to test the weight, and watching a couple others make their shots, he tosses it - and it goes in the centre where he wanted it to. If it's luck or skill is something he doesn't divulge, but he does have the gall to look quite smug when it goes in and the vendor looks less than impressed. He points at a blue firelizard plushie, and holds it out to Sunny and offers it to her with a smile. "This one you wanted, Sundari? It's all yours if you want it." Even if it might not be the color she wants, he wasn't paying much attention it would seem.

Sundari hehs softly as she follows after the pair before the game operator makes her stay to pick things up, or work for free knowing her luck. She pauses in front of the ball toss and is about to try before the operator yanks the balls away. "If'nn ye break anything ye pay for it." Sunny eyes the man and huffs softly while letting her arms fold in front of her. "Don't want to play your silly game anyway. I bet its rigged any who." This gets her another glare but then Kazuto is able to sink a ball into the center hole and she blinks before grinning. "Hey! Good job. I knew you could do it." At the plushie firelizard is offered to her she blinks while looking at the plushie and then back to Kazuto. "Really?" For some reason she seems a bit surprised before she lifts her hand to take hold of it and smiles. "Well thanks Thanks along Kazuto."

Zi'on nods to Kazu. "Ah. Another family business. Well, I impressed pretty young. So I didn't have much of a job before that. While I was just a rider I had plenty of free time. Once I became weyrleader though… and then with the weyrmate and the kids and all. It all soaks it up. But I can still find excuses to escape for an hour or two here or there. Even if it's just going to see my weaver for some new shirts." Zi'on laughs and claps for Kazuto as he lands a firelizard. He pats Sundari's shoulder as she is refused from playing the game. As retribution, when the stall operator isn't looking he tosses a ball at his behind. "Whoops! Sorry!" Zi'on says with a chuckle. There's a grins as Kazuto presents said prize to Sundari. "Well, I'm going to go back to the ring toss. See if I can't win a little green firelizard for Raev. You two have fun!" This means Zi'on is releasing them from his chatter grip and disappearing back into the crowd.

Kazuto scrunches his nose at the thought of all that work, definitely not his forte. "Sounds like too much work." He says, and then nods at Sundari. "Of course, for you. I hope you like the blue one though, it's my favourite colour." He admits, since he wasn't really paying attention to which one she was preferring. He whistles and puts his hands behind his back once the firelizard is handed off, lest the stall owner think it was him that tossed the ball at his rear - but it certainly wasn't. "Good luck!" He offers to Zi'on as he departs for the ring toss, and ponders what they should do next. "Any other games you want to try?"

Sundari glances to Zi'on at the pat to her shoulder, a grin is seen and she chuckles a moment as the ball hits the vender in the rear. The man a the game stall gives her a look and she errs softly. "I didn't do it! Honest!" Seems the seabrat has caused trouble in the past here. She is so innocent looking though who would believe such a thing? A wave is sent after Zi'on and she smiles. "Good luck!" Hearing Kazuto she nods with a smile. "No I like blue, great color, like the ocean an all." She would like the blue color for that reason now wouldn't she? As for that firelizard plushie it is hugged to her a bit and she ponders before pointing to another stall. It has plates and one has to toss different colored coins upon it. "That was has candy prizes. Possible to win yourself something there? Or maybe I could try as I haven't played that one in a while." One could wonder why.

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