Nisa's Knickers

Western Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

How quickly time flies. It's already been nearly a month and a half since the hatching. Kaiath, like all the young dragons, is growing like a weed. She's more than twice the size she was when she hatched. And rapidly growing dragons require much oiling to keep their poor stretching hides healthy. Which is what Nae is doing right now, carefully applying buckets of the stuff to her restless lifemate, over by the couch they've claimed.

Tavehtiath, already half the size of a fully-grown green, leads Rhysanna in from the training grounds, her stride requiring the dark-haired weyrling to race to try and keep up. The passing of time has at least allowed Rhysa to more or less adjust her sleeping patterns; certainly, she looks less worn and weary than she did a few weeks ago. How quickly they adjust. Taveh, stepping daintily, hesitates as she approaches the couches. « Kaiath. You look well. » "Nae."

Kaiath croons happily at the dainty gold. « Thank you, little sis! You look awesome, too! » The increasing size disparity makes that choice of nickname increasingly odd. Nae gives Rhysanna a smile as she works the oil under Kaiath's wings. "Rhysa! Hi. How are you?" Her smile turns a little sheepish. "We never got to talk after… the other day."

"That seems to be the… way of things, thus far," admits Rhysa, rueful in reply. "I always mean for things to happen, and then…" She waves a hand towards the two dragons, by way of explanation. "There's always something. Did you and Cassandrel… have a good chat?" Her pause does not, for once, imply anything other than talking. Tavehtiath is pleased by Kaiath's reply, although, as always, that pleasure is muted beneath layers of white. « I will look better when I, too, have been oiled, » She decides, casting a glance over her shoulder at Rhysa.

Nisa hasn't always had great luck with timing and this poor luck doesn't seem to be failing her yet. The girl and her green come striding into the barracks, both looking rather tired, just as Rhysanna and Nae begin to talk. The rider freezes at the sight of the goldrider, body tensing immediately. Noticing this odd reaction from her rider Anshenuith looks up at her rider with her head tilted in confusion. She just doesn't understand this odd behavior her rider has been having around these two. Completely failing to notice any tension that may or may not form Anshenuith strides over to her clutchsiblings, coming to a stop beside Kaiath… leaving very little in the way of personal space between the two of them. In greeting she offers a simple and slightly monotone, « hello. » Meanwhile Nisa gawks at her dragon, a blush of mortification beginning to spread up her face.

Nae is silent for a moment as she continues oiling her lifemate, pondering her response to Rhysanna. "I… guess?" Is the answer she comes up with. "… I'm sorry, you know. That I didn't come talk to you about her earlier. The time just never seemed right." Kaiath croons happily at Tavehtiath. « Oil is GREAT. » She enthuses. Then there's another green beside her. Personal space isn't something she seems too worked up about. « Hi, Anshenuith! » Nae spots the other green's rider, and greets her with a slightly nervous smile. "Oh… hey, Nisa." There's a little pause. "… Got a sec?"

A rapid shake of the head answers Nae's apology; Rhysa's quick in proffering this, though words take longer. "The end of candidacy, and then the whole start of weyrlinghood and— it's fine, honestly." The way she opens her mouth again suggests she's about to add something else, perhaps even a lot of something else, but Nae has already spotted Nisa, and Rhysa closes her mouth again, turning to glance at the newest arrival. « Oil is wonderful, » confirms Tavehtiath, whose adjusts her wings in a deliberate way: Rhysa. Rhysa. Don't forget. « Hello, Ashenuith. »

Nisa looks like she'd give the world for a chance to flee right now. But before she can Nae has spotted her and… is calling out to her? The weyrling blinks in surprise for a moment, as if Nae will suddenly say that she's just pulling her leg. When no such thing happens she begins to slowly walk forward. "Sure," she murmurs, "why not." No, really, why not? Can someone please go find her a reason and get her out of this situation? Meanwhile Anshenuith is enjoying herself with her siblings. Well, enjoying herself in her own Anshenuith way. « Greetings, » she rumbles in a deep and almost musical tone. « Have yours been treating you well? »

Nae gives Rhysanna a quick little grateful smile. "… Thanks. But, when we find the time… we should talk about stuff. Yeah?" As if time is terribly easy to find during weyrlinghood. Nae now turns her slightly nervous smile on Nisa. "Hey there, Nisa. You holding up okay? Everything good?" She continues distractedly oiling her crooning lifemate. Kaiath is chipper as ever. « OF COURSE! How about you? »

"There's lots of stuff," murmurs Rhysanna, which is only one part answer: it's also one part rueful musing, intended for her own ears as much as for Nae's. Tavehtiath's gentle reminders at least give her something to do while the other two weyrlings talk: she fetches another bucket of oil, and sets about applying it to her dragon's hide. Taveh settles down upon her haunches, shoulders drawn back and head held high; she radiates placid contentment. « If they did not, I do not think we would have chosen them, » is her thought, amused.

Does Nisa look uncomfortable? Because at the moment she can't help but worry that she looks a little uncomfortable. However, she tries to hide it as she shrugs before answering, "yeah, I'm doing fine. We're doing fine. Yourself?" It's just small talk, the kind that may be exchanged between complete strangers. Meanwhile Anshenuith finds herself letting out a thoughtful rumble at the words of her siblings. « I am well, » she responds, « although mine is feeling some sort of… confliction. » Oh, it's probably good that Nisa isn't listening in on her dragon's words right now. Filter lacks ahoy! It is without pause that the green adds, « that is logical, Tavehtiath. Apparently there have been some… I believe the term is 'horror stories', but I do not believe that any of ours are like the ones in those tales. » Like Liora. Anshenuith does not like Liora from what she had heard of her.

"There is." Nae agrees with Rhysanna quickly enough. The awkwardness from Nisa is mirrored by Nae, her smile having a little bit of a nervous edge. "Oh, I'm doing well." She answers as she finishes up with the oil application. "I, ah, found your… present?" She seems uncertain. « Not with OUR clutch. » Kaiath is quick to insist. « Because ours are AWESOME! »

« We have done well, » agrees Tavehtiath, indulgently confirming Kaiath's words albeit with a more neutral air. « All of us. Why does your rider feel conflicted, Ashenuith? » Her eyelids flutter closed, allowing her to concentrate more fully upon both the conversation at hand, and the feeling of oil upon hide. Rhysa, rather obviously staying out of the conversation, pauses, her hand stilling as Nae mentions the word 'present'. It's a good hint that, despite her 'so busy' demeanour, she's actually still listening.

The uncomfortable look on Nisa's face is washed away in a wave of confusion withing moments. "Nae," she slowly begins, "I… didn't give you a present. What are you talking about?" There is a very wary look to her right now. But then again given the odd things that have happened to her over the turns she might just have the right thing in mind to be cautious. Anshenuith isn't paying attention to the confusion going through her rider right now, instead focusing on her own little dragon-circle conversation. « Those presented to us were exceptional, » she confirms. There's a pause at Tavehtiath's questions then, the humming feel that her mind generally gives off falling to a slight buzz as she considers. Eventually she responds, « I am not entirely sure. There may be issues that trace back to before I found her… it's odd. Several of the feelings are tied to yours I think. Uncertainty and jealousy, but there are also loneliness and… infuriority. » She pauses after the slew of personal information she just shared, wrinkling her nose. « I do not understand it, » she admits. « These emotions are… strange. Humans are strange. » The way she says it doesn't seem to imply anything /bad/, just a good portion of confusion.

Nae gives a worried little look to Rhysanna, but takes advantage of the goldrider's apparent distraction to move a little closer to Nais, her volume dropping in order to not carry beyond the three of them. "The, ah… 'personal article' you left for me?" She clarifies, if still vaguely. "I know they're yours. They'd have to be." Probably better not to dwell on how she reached that conclusion. "… I think it's /great/ that impressing has helped you be more open with that part of yourself, Nais. But… maybe that kind of thing can wait?" Lots of assumptions happening here. Kaiath looks curious, but mostly just content in her poist-oiling haze. « Yeah, they're weird. The best thing to do is just be happy! » She makes it sound so simple.

Tavehtiath, who is not precisely a connoisseur of emotion at the best of times, seems puzzled by Anshenuith's explanation, though it's difficult to tell whether it is because of the emotions themselves, or because they're being shared so openly. « How very interesting, » she says, in a way that suggests she doesn't actually find it even remotely so— but still, oh-so-polite. If her rider has feelings in return, well, they simply don't rate a mention. « Happy, yes. Exactly so, Kaiath. » Rhysanna either misses Nae's look entirely, or chooses not to acknowledge it: she's really terribly busy, see. So much dragon to oil, so little time. Of course, the way she starts, so physically, at what Nae has to say, makes it all terribly obvious. So does her smirk.

Nisa /definitely/ looks confused now. No, not just confused, absolutely bewildered. Her voice lowers and her brow furrows as she begins to speak. "Nae, I have absolutely /no idea/ what you're talking about. I did not leave anything anywhere near you or anything you own, let alone something that could be considered a 'personal article." There's a pause before, "also… what part would you be referring to?" Rhysanna's smirk? Yeah, that's totally ignored. Meanwhile Anshenuith lets out a little rumble and sits down right beside Kaiath, folding one paw over the other before resting her head on them. Her eyes flicker toward her rider and the other Weyrlings for a moment before she asks Kaiath, « do you think people would be happier is they just said what they were thinking about? » Just like Anshenuith.

Nae glances to Rhysanna, perhaps just to confirm that she still has her eyes shut or is otherwise distracted. When that's confirmed, she wipes the oil from her hands and moves to her cot, retrieving a pair of panties which she holds out in Nais' direction. "These?" She clarifies, a little sheepish. "I know they're yours." She reiterates. "It's okay, really. I get it. New feelings can be… confusing. It's not the approach I'dve taken, but…" Kaiath, fortunately, seems to be ignoring all this for the most part, instead happily rumbling at her siblings. « Definitely! » Is her answer to Anshenuith. « There's no reason not to. Right? »

Did the temperature just drop in here? The dragons might notice it; might notice the way Tavehtiath's thoughts tighten and freeze, just for a moment, before she blanks them out into nothing. Rhysanna's smirk fades as abruptly as it arrived, and her expression turns wooden. It does mean she's not paying attention when Nae goes to fetch those panties, at least. « No, » answers Tavehtiath, rather more sharply than is her usual nature. « No, I don't think so. »

The look on Nisa's face is absolutely /gobsmacked/. At least it probably won't be hard for Nae to figure out that she really didn't know about those panties? If that had been the case she probably wouldn't look so shocked when presented with them. Nisa's face turns bright scarlet in embarassment as Nae dangles them in front of her and begins to emit an odd choking sound. Finally she manages to find her voice to ask, "w-where did you get those? And how did you know they're /mine/?" Nisa wants a hole to form underneath her right now. Maybe if the magical hole of wonder forms she can dive into it and never be seen again. The change in temperature is definitely noticed by Anshenuith, although she doesn't necessarily understand it. The waves of agreement she had been sending to Kaiath moments before die off at Tavehtiath's voice. Bewilderment fills the green as she asks, « have I offended you somehow? »

Kaiath also seems confused by the gold's reaction, tilting her head to one side and peering. « Why not? Shouldn't we all be honest? » This is quite puzzling to her. Nae likewise is a little puzzled by the reaction from Nisa, continuing to hold out the panties. "… They were in my cot. Where you left them." She explains. "I… uh…" She's hesitant to explain just /how/ she identified them. "… Nevermind that. I mean, it's flattering, really. If this was two months ago… just, we need to wait on these things. Understand?"

Tavehtiath's answer is calm, but firm. « No good can come of blurting things out without due consideration. » Conceal, don't feel. If she's sorry for the consternation she's causing in her two young sisters, there's no suggestion of it in thought, word, or physical appearance: she stands quite still. It goes without saying that Rhysanna is not saying anything. In fact, she's now ducked down behind her dragon (who is, after all, well and truly big enough to hide her, by now) to continue oiling. Not here. Don't mind her. Really.

Nisa begins to slowly shake her head as Nae continues on with the panties. "No," she slowly says, "last time I saw them they were inside my dresser." It's not long after she finishes that she finally realizes what Nae seems to think she was requesting with the panties. Her eyes go wide as saucers and she's rapidly shaking her head now. "Nae, no, I'm sorry but… no, that was /not/ me. And if I were looking for that I… er… like to think I'd have more tact than to just wordlessly leave panties on your bed." Not so fast, Rhysanna! Nisa knows you're here and right now she /needs you/, even if she doesn't like you. Looking at the other weyrling she asks in a slightly desperate voice, "is there any chance you know how they got there?" Meanwhile Anshenuith is completely agreeing with Kaiath. Tavehtiath's words make the green fall silent for a moment before, « but wouldn't holding things in make you feel worse? » Clearly they saw things differently in that aspect.

Kaiath does not seem sold on Tahvetiath's wisdom. Her head remains tilted. « But hiding what you feel can make people misunderstand. That can mean feelings get hurt. That's no good. » She says in solidarity with her green sister. Nae continues to hold the panties out, evidently hoping Nisa will take them. "So you… you're saying you have no idea how your panties ended up in my bed?" She's skeptical, to say the least.

Rhysanna's voice is muffled, but deadly serious - even affronted. "Do you really think I have the time to do something like that?" Wait. Scratch that. "Do you really think I care enough to?" That's dismissive, and rich with the kind of tone that tends to accompany eye-rolling, though she's too hidden for that to be visible. « No one needs to understand. That isn't important. Do you… oh, I know. Why don't you see how wide you can stretch your wings? I bet I can stretch mine wider! »

Nisa's fragile patience with these two has reached its end for the time being. The weyrling lets out a sigh before throwing her arms up in the air and muttering, "screw it. I'm going to go take a nap." With that she stalks over to her cot. Anshenuith reluctantly getting to her feet to follow her. As she leaves the green pauses to call, « take care not to pull anything. » Because wing stretches can be dangerous if not done correctly.

« I can do it THIS WIDE! » Kaiath is easily and enthusiastically distracted, stretching her wings out to their full width. Nae edges away a bit, blinking with confusion. She then eyes the panties in her hand. "… I'm to keep these then, am I?"

« Oh, well done! » enthuses Tavehtiath, with a scattering of snowflakes for emphasis; playful, in its own, quiet way. With Nisa now out of earshot, Rhysanna rises back to her feet, peering around her dragon's bulk to catch sight of Nae again. "It does seem that way, doesn't it? Make a memento of them, except… gross. Do you think she was just embarrassed at being caught out? Was it me?"

« YES. » Kaiath is extremely proud of her simple little display. Nae gives her lifemate an encouraging little smile before looking back to Rhysanna. "I have no idea. Do you really think she didn't know how they ended up in my cot?" She asks, baffled, choosing for now to stash the underwear underneath her bed.

"No, I think she's just embarrassed, because she's… I mean, I thought I got embarrassed easily." Rhysanna's gaze follows Nae as the other weyrling stashes the underwear; she smirks again, laughing as she says, "You should build up a collection, but let it be known that hers are your first, and your favorite, pair." Tavehtiath shifts her wings, extending them only part of the way, rather as though she's mindful of not taking up too much space. « One day we'll use them to do all kinds of fun flying, » she declares. « You and me. » BFFs!

Nae grins a bit. "That's a little mean, but… I like it anyways. I might just have to." She confesses with a little giggle. Kaiath rumbles and flaps her wings, nearly toppling a few things off Nae's nightstand. « That's right, little sis! We will be AWESOME flyers! » She enthuses.

« The best, » confirms Tavehtiath. « The absolute best. »

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