Straps and Snaps

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Dylanth come galluphing out, shaking his head and wings and tail.
G'len looks up at the clouds drifting from the west through the blue, windy sky. It is just after lunch, his dagon has already been washed, fed, washed and oiled. He checks for the tide, too. The Dawn Star has already headed out with the tide. He looks with a sad sort of look in his eyes at the empty dock.

The dust swirling around in the wind is the first thing to catch Mishath's eye as she exits the barracks, the petite light green dragonet come out of the barracks looking silly. On her headknobs is a bright canary yellow hat, that was knit together and obviously made with love. Watching the dust swirl she makes a small circle, prancing after it like a feline with a string and pouncing. Hadi watches her in her game and follows, "It's wind, you can't always see it only when it moves things. WInd is fabulous and beautiful, see." Pointing to the trees that move slightly with the wind twirling in a small circle she does a skip and turns her face to the wind "I can feel it on my face, moving my hair." Mishath stares at Hadi, watching her hair move as the young woman closes her eyes and sighs, it's a happy sound of total peace her body relaxing as she folds down and sits on the ground. Mishath croons, giving a little circle she croons to Dylanth and makes what looks like play bow, opening her wings and flapping.

[Dragon/WEW: Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field] Mishath humid warmth comes with a breeze and a rustle through the forest. A light fog, content brush and a small mental bounce. «We should play, together we can catch this wind. Come, be my friend. One can never have to many friends. Don't you think?»

Dylanth starts to prance off with his little sister o play with her. He comes to a stop, looks back over his shoulder to his Laddie, then flaps his wings, too, as he follows Mishath in her circle. Slink…slink…slink. He wonders if he should catch her tail for her..then show her what he's found.

[Dragon/WEW: Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field] Dylanth has a mind all full of wind and waves. «Yes! We can all swim together in the morning at the lagoon! We have brothers and sisters to paly with. Does that make us friends, too? My Laddie is friends with his brothers.»

G'len just folds his arms over his chest. With feep planted apart he looks ot across the Weyr's Bowl.
The clear blue sky becomes blotted out with the sudden appearance of the Islet wing, or at least those of the weyrlings which can fly and have passed their between tests. All of them arrive in perfect formation, with only one or two dragons wobbling out by mistake though they quickly revert to their former positions, wings tight and the shape of the wing steady. The leader of the wing indicates a descent and a seperation, for moments later after the cool air from between descends upon those below, does the actual wing split up into small groups, who take turns landing in the field provided. Nasrinth hovers for a while up above, allowing his rider to do some performance checks while each of the weyrlings land. Finally, some while later, the weyrlingmaster's dragon does a circle over the bowl before coming in for an easy and steady landing.

Hadi frowns, and odd thing to see on her face as it is so out of place. Very rarely does she frown and she closes her eyes. Prancing over with little hops and exagerated motions, doing a little twirl even with the frown on her face. "G'len? Are you sad about something." Big eyes sparkling sadly and she leans forward, staring at his face as if it's the most interesting book. Distracted by the arrival of the older weyrlings she looks up and waves, "Hello! Welcome back! Glad you're not dead!" Mishath bugels a welcome and bounce upward, attempting to launch herself into the air and grabbing a leaf off of a high branch. Projecting with a whimsical happiness, «I got one! A new one.. they're all different just like everything else. We are friends, not because we are siblings but because we exist, everythings my friend and you are part of that everything.» The dust being thrown into the air by the other dragons is an endless source of curiousity for Mishath and she bounces after a dust mote, far from flying but she is flapping and jumping pushing that boundary.

G'len quickly blinks and wipes his eyes and sniffs. "No, not at all. I got to take Dylanth swimming in the lagoon this morning and my brothers were both in on the Dawn Star. They helped me give give him a bath in…" His head turns up as he noticed the older weyrling riders come in. He steps back to make sure that he's not in anybody's way. "Dylanth! Come her, please…make sure you give them plenty of room…Here! Now!"

Dylanth takes some quick leaps over to his Laddie. With his head over his shoulder he watches the older young dragons fly so neatly. He gives a little bugle as they land.

One by one, those approved for between dismount after their long flight. They wait for N'kor who after dismounting, seems to give them a quick debriefing. Afterward, with a last word, the pairs depart. Some work on removing the flight straps, others hurry off to the lagoon, while others return to the air and head toward their own private weyrs. N'kor has by this time, gone back to his own lifemate, wiping his brow as he starts to peel off the flight straps from Nasrinth.

While G'len shows good control over Dylanth Hadi is taking a more relaxed approach, Mishath wanders over towards the older weyrling dragons. Poking the older weyrlings with her nose an saying in a piping voice «Tag, your it!» Most just whuffle, though there is a little snapping. Hadi watches and giggles as Mishath comes to Nasrinth, saying in a sweet trill «hello! You're my sire right.. so you know about the flowers. And now you're my friend and….» Building up and moves to grab at his straps, if she succeeds she will take them from n'kor «I got yur flappies!!» Hadi says to G'len, not really watching Misha "That's nice of them."
G'len replies softly. "I really miss them."

Nasrinth watches Mishath with a keen eye as the small green comes near. He lifts one leg for N'kor to unhook the belts, but at the same time he tries to lean away from the nose-bumping greenie. Curiously though, his neck arches over her, his muzzle turned down with eyes staring as N'kor now moves underneath - just about the same time that Mishath goes to grab the straps… Unfortunately, with half of it being still fastened and the half she grabbed being loose, the leather does some stretching and buckels pop and stitching busts. N'kor growls frantically as Nasrinth tries to nudge Mishath away, « Don't do that! » But it's too late, the damage is done even as Nasrinth tries to tug them back from Mishath and N'kor flails his arms yelling at the green, "Get away from those! HADI!" His face goes a bit red as he hears the buckles give and clink as the pieces fall to the grass.

Oh dear. Yelling. S'uin heads across the field with a slightly baffled look, even as he nods to a few of the older and departing weyrlings. Xiliath moves with him, her tail lightly swaying a bit as she goes along. "..Oh dear." Clinking, falling buckles. The greenrider just shakes his head though, sighing softly as he wanders up alongside N'kor. "..Do remember to breathe, N'kor. …Or count to ten, at the very least."

Dylanth makes a kind of whiny sound from deep in his throught. G'len takes a hand and rubs it soothingingly from Dylanth's nose back to his headnobs. "Easy, lad. Hold still for me. See how still I can stand? Use eyes to watch. See how they land? Watch what they do with their feet and their wings."

Hadi turns in time to see Mishath with Nasrinths straps, "Misha!" She says in a happy sing song, Running over to her she says "Those aren't toys, you can't take them." The little green looks up at Nasrinth, turning on spot and curling her tail up, "I'm sorry weyrlingmaster.. I, I did not think that she would take them!" Moving to give Nasrinth a little pat, she looks up all big eyed, "You ok?" Asking him with a tilt of her head, being bold enough to ask herself instead of through N'kor.

Lucky S'uin is there. N'kor was on the verge of ripping into Hadi, the days adventures with the elder weyrlings having been enough to drive his blood pressure up the wall. Though as he's about to tear a strip off the young rider, S'uin's voice buzzes in his ear and he regards the remains of the set of straps so recently finished with that encouraged and needed breath taken. A tick at the side of one of his eyes shows his restraint, though the way he rips off the rest of the gear startles even Nasrinth. It's an act of violent and unrestrained frustration, taken out on the flight straps which are now all but useless due to where the straps actually came apart. There was once a time where N'kor wasn't so easily angered, that he could keep his cool - but since a certain goldrider came into the mix of Western, he's been acting a little too hasty with his anger. Nasrinth picks up the pile of straps with his foretalon, nudging N'kor before he dumps them back on the ground. The weyrlingmaster keeps his head down, with his hands on his hips. Gritted out between his teeth he murmurs, "It's fine. Let it happen again and you'll be making straps every day until you graduate." There's a sharp ring to his tone, his eyes flickering back to S'uin to see if the greenrider would challenge him there. Nasrinth lowers his head then to Hadi, nostrils filling before a whuff of warm air greets her face.

S'uin sighs somewhat, but shakes his head, simply reaching to give a light touch to N'kor's arm. And he gives him a little pat, too. But he smiles lightly. Hey, it was better than what it /could've/ been, right? "Just try to be careful in the future, Hadi." He offers to the weyrling, nodding gently..and then he just keeps moving, heading right around to peer at G'len and Dylanth, brows somewhat lifted. "And how are the two of you?" Well hey, he might as well make sure no other fiascos are going on. Xiliath simply trills lightly, settling down on her haunches as she peers at the much younger dragons. Aren't they cute? Yes they aaare.

G'len stands up straighter as he's approached by the officer. It is beginning to grate how his every move is scrutinized. "FIne today, sir. Thank you," he replies in a pleasant enough voice. He's not casual. Dylanth thumps his tail on the ground in voiceless agreement. At least the blue is clean and oiled. Except for all that dust and dirt that he just churned up with his feet, oh darn.

Hadi purses her lips, watching N'kor. Slowly her light green eyes, almost a matching color to her dragons hide, grow in size. Her hands start to shake and she stutters, "I really am sorry." All the sing song has drained from her voice, it shakes slightly and she looks close to tears. "Really, really am.. I.. DOn't take Mishath from me, please." Grabbing onto Mishaths head, the dragon still wearing her yellow head knob scarf. Glancing at S'uin her eyes fall to the ground, possibly the fact that Hadi was hold bred, or that impressing was never truely explained to her by any one individual. It seems her education in many areas is 'need to know'. Whatever the case maybe, she looks genuinely scared. Mishath creels pitifully and says to Nasrinth «Hadi is mine forever, they can't take her! I won't let them!» Opening her wings the green projects with a light trill «I will share but you can not keep her.» Offering up her compromise

N'kor was sulking or whatever over the ruin of Nasrinth's specifically sized and crafted leathers (included where the bronze's gems were inlaid, that N'kor had to travel all over the globe for), when he noticed his dragon wasn't hoarding those gems. In fact, his bronze was very much concerned for the young green, trying to reach out and nudge her comfortingly. This is when N'kor lifts his gaze from the pile of ruined leather, toward Hadi to see her hands shake and her eyes threaten tears. Half way showing his exasperation with teenagers by rolling his eyes part-way, he steps over to Hadi, "No one can ever take Mishath from you." Blunt, to the point, coming with a pat on the shoulder, "But you'll have to keep control of her and give her boundaries. Making straps takes a long time.. a couple days to a few sevendays.. she cannot go around grabbing things that just aren't hers. You'll have to make some ground rules with her, those being one of them." A beat passes by and he tries to regain some of his own composure, "Look. Hadi, Mishath has impressed to you and you to her. No one can ever … I mean /ever/ get in the way of that. It's for life. You may get in trouble time to time from her doing something she isn't supposed to, but I'd never threaten such a thing. The Weyrleaders would have my head if I did." The twitch still shows in his eyes as he momentarily snatches a glance of S'uin and G'len, returning his look back to Hadi, "I'm sorry I yelled. Tell Mishath that everything is ok now. Calm yourself too."

S'uin tilts his head just a little for a moment, but seems satisfied enough with the answer given. "Alright then.. Please do make sure to report any problems that you may have." After all, it's a rather important part of things! Arms fold a bit around his middle though, the greenrider making his way back around with a short nod. "He's very right, Hadi… Certainly she can't be /taken/ from you. But she could in fact hurt herself if allowed to do whatever she pleases like that." Xiliath comes up along behind him then, her head dropping enough to drape lighly near his shoulder, crooning softly. "..Do you need any help with any of that, N'kor?"

G'len's big interest at this moment is to get something to eat, if he can, and keep out of the way of the more advanced Weyrlings and especially of N'kor. He's known officers like that on ships. Keep busy and keep quiet is the best way to deal with them. Of course, on a ship he's be more at ease with what he was doing. He runs his chores through his mind…he could work on his riding straps for Dylanth…except he already did that early this morning. He needs more supplies for them, though. Maybe he cal slink off and get some more of the heavy thread? A needle?

Hadi is staring at a spot of soil, when N'kor starts to speak she flinches and then looks to him. "Never?" Stroking her dragon gently, and shushing her. "Always mine." She whispers to herself, exhaling with a relaxed sigh she closes her eyes. Mishath is comforted by Nasrinth, but her eyes continue to whirl with yellow and red, until Hadi relaxes. The green tucks her wings up against her body but stays wrapped around her rider, she is hers. No negotiating. "I.. I have never sewn straps, but.. I could try. Or, well I really don't know what it would entail. I know she didn't mean to, she.. she had not really seen straps before and I was not paying attention. Sorry sir." Shifting from foot to foot, she pushes her unevenly cut hair out of her face. "Really am sorry." she whimpers, removing the odd head scarf to scratch Mishath's head knobs, rubbing her eyes ridges to relax the petite dragonet.

N'kor just regards Hadi for the longest while before he shakes his head and turns from her, Nasrinth already leaning down at some unheard command. "S'uin…" N'kor requests with a tired voice, no doubt exhausted since he's been going steady since the hatching, "I'm going to head up to my weyr for the rest of the day I think… If you need me, that's where I'll be." He glances back toward the weyrlings, the eldest ones still lingering and the younger ones. A pause as he regards S'uin, "Do you want this knot any time soon?" He plucks at his weyrlingmaster's knot without a smirk showing, just the casual sneer that always seems to show on his expression. A wave of the hand is given to S'uin afterward, "No. That's fine. Nasrinth is just going to carry them for now. Might as well try to salvage what I can of them…" He starts to climb up onto his dragon, without straps there to grab ahold of, so Nasrinth actually helps by nudging him up and rolling a shoulder so it's lower and then as N'kor steps up helps to sort of toss him up. Back to Hadi once he gets up on Nasrinth, "Don't worry about strap making just yet. Focus on learning about Mishath and learning how to take care of her. One of us will be showing you how to make straps when you're ready. It's a bit different than sewing clothes… but still, you seem to have no issues with that. Interesting thing you've made for Mishath." Nasrinth snorts as he extends to his full height once N'kor gets inbetween the neck knobs, leaving the man to merely salute to S'uin before the dragon starts to go. Turning, Nasrinth starts to lumber away until he's a good distance from everyone.. and in three short strokes, he's up.. catching height and then disappearing into a ledge that actually looks down on this very field…

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