Of Books and Weyrmates

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's another scorching afternoon at Western, the type that drives everyone in the weyr to either deeper in the cool caves or out to some greater body of water. And it's also time for Yiskatiresiath's monthly bath. Okay, maybe it's more often than that but the blue definitely avoids his bathing time like a plague. At this particular moment in time Ir'e has both of his hands planted on his big blue's rump and he's pushing, as if he has any chance at all to move the great pain in his butt. "Come on Yiska, you can't get oiled until you get clean and you're starting to get a little flakey." The dragon snorts, he doesn't see any dry spots. Ir'e must just be blind. That itchy spot that's been bothering him at his shoulder blade is just something he's imagined you see. The wingsecond hasn't dragged one of his kidlets along with him this time, but who knows if his weyrmate did or not.

Indeed Rhab did not drag a kidlet down. You don't bring bumbling babies out into /this/ heat for very long, anyway, and Rhabel intends to enjoy watching the show of stubbornness between his weyrmate and his mate's 'mate. … Or a book. The teenager has since made himself a nice blanket-covered area to lay out on, book up over his head for not only protection from the sun, but easier reading. This is the life. He's well away from scary dragons or bulky blueriders that are /brave/ enough to push scary dragons. If the wingsecond goes out in a firey-blaze of lifemate refusing glory (which Rhabel has depicted as some secretly gory rite of passage in his mind) and drowns, then he kills (pun intended) two birds with one stone. "Maybe you can lure him out with dead animals or something," the teenager says in that dead-pan monotone. Ha. He's a comedian. BADUM TSH.

The life of a Westerner is sadly thus in the summer months, and Rhadan is no stranger to the situational hazards of being a resident on this fine, fine island. Mid-day solaces inside are just about a part of life. Today, though, the insides he has decided to pass for a little dip and dive. Less of the latter, but yeah. He does not come onto the shore empty handed, though, and there is a colored drink (red) held between the fingers of his right hand. Barefooted and wearing but a towel over his lighly tanned shoulder, he is already ready for his stint on the beach. That's right, Rhadan is here to SW—FALL. That is, his intention is to eventually swim. For now, though, that swimming will have to take a backseat to his tripping on nothing (nothing but sand and clumsyness there). Red, alcoholic beverage is flying and face is planting. Is there a posibility of that beverage splashing on someone else, perhaps someone reading a book? Maybe… but it wouldn't be much, likely. Rhadan didn't get /far/ onto the sand.

Such LOVE from his mate. Really, Ir'e feels it all the way to his mushy core. "I'd have a better chance of luring him out there if maybe you hoped out there and danced around a bit." Ir'e tosses a look over at the teen, sticking a tongue out to boot, "You know he prefers his food live." Yiska's head swings and those eerie silver bordered eyes fixate on Rhab as he lifts his lip and make a rough sort of growl. That earns him a slap on his rump. "Knock it off. I wasn't serious. Now get in the water and stop being a turd." The bluerider's attention is briefly snagged though with the sudden arrival of Rhadan right into Rhabel. Is it fall already? Har har. Sand is pretty good at tripping people up you know, all clingy and what not. "Look Rhab, you have people falling all over you." His deep voice rumbles with laughter before he goes back to the task of coercing Yiskatiresiath into the waves.

Actually Rhadan doesn't /have/ to be very far into the sand, because the moment that Yiska starts growling, Rhabel is doing a brilliant backward scramble. It doesn't /pay/ to be terrified of dragons when you live surrounded by them (and are weyrmated to somebody whose dragon loves to torment you), but that is /life/. Or at least, that is /Rhabel's/ life. Speaking of Rhabel's life, everybody is out to /ruin/ it, Rhabel thinks, just as that drink makes quick work of some of his book's pages. True, he's not /soaked/ in it, but the damage is done to more important things - his precious inanimate things that /don't talk back/. Still, for having probably some of the worst luck in Western (and getting laughed at by his idiotic 'mate), Rhabel doesn't seem at all interested in having a reaction to it. Instead those green eyes blink owlishly slow at his suddenly dripping, red pages, and then he's tilting his head back to look at Rhadan. Yes, the teenager /stares/ for just a moment, and then he's very lazily saying, "I found Yiska's bait, Ir'e. Doesn't seem like he has enough coordination to get far, though." And then he's looking at his book, as if contemplating just how to salvage the damned thing.

Embarrassment? Is that what is causing Rhadan's cheeks the darken with a red tinge? Or is it the sun and heat that cause it? Who would know? Heck, who would see it! Rhadan's face is currently covered in sand. There had been no sound other than a small, startled gasp coming from his mouth. Sadly, that led to the boy's mouth being open enough to be a perfect holder for a nice about of that sand. Rhadan's arms and hands /did/ react quick enough to save him from a nasty hit to the ground, but avoiding his head and mouth getting sand on and in them was impossible. So the young man is sputtering quietly as a hand comes up to wipe sand from his face, and his eyes begin the take in the damage his fall and the spill of that drink did. Blue dragon… rider… Rhabel… book… wait! Bait? Huh! "I… I'm /so/ sorry!" And cue young man scrambling into a standing position. The now mostly empty is a few feet away on the sand, just to note.

Yiskatiresiath looks far too smug about Rhabel's reaction to really hide it. If a dragon could be smirking, well, he totally has /that/ expression as much as well a dragon can have. Yiska 1, Rhab 0. With a draconic sigh of sorts the large blue trundles out into the water, lifting his tail up as if trying to prevent the water from touching it until the very last moment. He only makes it until the water is nearly touching his belly before he comes to a complete stop and Ir'e, who was trailing along behind, nearly runs into him. "Yiska.. for shards sake, it's just water. You aren't scared-" The bluerider's lips snap shut as the dragon whips around and snaps that powerful jaw in his direction. "Right, as I said, you aren't frightened of anything and yet you act like this." He's shaking his head but glances back to his weyrmate and the newly arrived teen. "Well maybe he's got a set of balls on him and he wouldn't mind helping, unlike someone else I know." Nyah! There's that tongue again tbbthing at the bookworm. "And don't apologize to him. It's always his fault. He doesn't deserve or give apologizes." That's to Rhadan of course.

Is somebody actually… /apologizing/ to Rhabel? A PERNWORLD FIRST. STOP. EVERYTHING. Rhabel might even look somewhere between surprised and disgusted if he knew how to show any emotion at all. Instead he stares blankly at Rhadan, as if studying the world's second most idiotic being (the first being Ir'e, of course) with scholarly disinterest. "You're noisy," finally comes unpleasantly from those lips, lacking any inflection whatsoever in its delivery. Those green eyes slowly drop back to his dripping book, he gives it an experimental shake, and then those eyes jump to Ir'e. Did he just…? Yes, he did, and Rhabel hesitates only a moment more before he's chucking the book right at his weyrmate's thick head. THWACK (hopefully). "You're an idiot," Rhabel 'lovingly' informs his weyrmate, "and annoying. Both of you shut up." Rhabel? He's crawling back to his blanket, of course, flopping back onto it so that he can bring his hands over his eyes and pretend that he's not surrounded by infectious levels of stupid. Maybe Yiska will do him a favor, for once, instead of being a jerk.

Sundari is making her way on down towards the lagoon shore, humming a soft tune to herself as she goes. With a day off she might as well get out to enjoy it right? She carries with her a towel and peers around the area while she wanders along. Voices are caught and she looks up curiously watching the ones here and the dragons that are lingering it seems. A soft oh escapes her and she wanders onward, curiously towards the little group. "Hello!" Is heard with a friendly tone and warm smile once she is a bit closer.

Rhadan cannot seem to get all of the sand off of himself! The whole front and one side of him seem to be covered. He /was/ shirtless when he fell, at least. So atleast he doesn't have to feel sand on the inside of his shirt. That feeling is… weird! His initial apology to Rhabel is followed by an idle wiping of that sand from his front. He doesn't /like/ sand on himself. His eyes stay on Rhabel, though, and his mouth opens again, "Sooo sor—" his second apology is cut off by that 'noisy' comment. Rhadan's brow lowers and his lips pull together. His eyes do travel to the bluerider (or who he'd /assume/ to be one), though, as he is addressed and… a book is FLYING! "UH… I…" Rhadan is confused. He is sandy. He stares at Rhabel as the alcohol assaulted (get it) flops back down. It is a moment before Rhadan speaks, not listening to that 'shut up' command, "I can replace the book. Just tell me how much. I /totally/ didn't mean to!" And a hand is raised to Sundri. Boy, did she miss a scene.

Obviously Rhab doesn't love his books that much or he wouldn't be throwing them at Ir'e's head. And for once Rhabel has pretty good aim and the book hits, spine first, to bounce off the top of the bluerider's head and land in the water. Well, if it wasn't ruined before, it most definitely is now. "Ouch." Although it didn't particularly hurt he reaches up a hand and rubs at the offending spot for a moment. "Didn't anyone ever teach you it's not nice to throw things at people you love? I mean sure, you can throw them at people you hate all you want, but come on Rhab, show some love." HA! Show. Yah. That'll be the day. He reaches to his belt where an oversized scrubbing brush was fastened before he starts scrubbing at Yiska's side, scooping water to aid in the task. "Don't you dare! Look what he just did, do you think he deserves another book?" Queue a moment for Ir'e to stoop down, pick up the sopping mess of a thing and toss it towards the shoreline. "How about you leave the sourpuss alone and come help me?" Because dragonwashing is so much better than talking to asshole-ish little bookworms anyway don'tcha think? As for Sundari, well she gets a wave at the very least before he's back to the monumental task. He's too busy bitching out his weyrmate to offer much more than that.

Do you see this? The stupid - it just keeps on increasing. Now there is humming, and helloing, and poor Sundari is utterly ignored in favor of Rhabel pulling his hands away from his face to fix Rhadan with another one of those blank stares. Yes, he carries on this behavior for a space of time somewhere between 'uncomfortable' and 'this isn't happening' before gracing the younger boy with words of, "Were you dropped on your head? The price of my book is silence." Get to it. And then Ir'e is on about not throwing things at the people you love, and blah, blah, blah (honestly, Rhabel stopped listening about two words in). He rolls his head to more comfortably take in his weyrmate, and delivers with full-forced deadpan-ness, "I was throwing it at somebody I hate." Does he need to throw Rhadan /at/ Ir'e while he's at it? Does throwing people you think you hate at people you know you hate equate to supreme displays of hate-fection? The bookworm is considering it's effectiveness, when he decides to grate on his 'mate's more delicate sensibilities instead. Rhadan is probably too stupid to hit his intended target. "You could always pull off some more clothes instead of waving, and she might look past your stupidity long enough to sleep with you, Ir'e." Pawning his weyrmate off on the ladies? Absolutely. IT'S HIS CALLING.

Sundari catches sight of a book flying one way, and then another way. She blinks a few times and tilts her head as she pauses there, hands tucked behind her back as she rocks back and forth on her heels while curiously peering at the lot of them. "So. Sounds like you all are having fun. Tossing books, talking about running around in the nude. Sounds like my brothers all over again." She could be joking, or well perhaps not. Boys are boys after all, though not the part where she would sleep with them of course. A hand lifts and she points at Ir'e. "I prefer the waving instead of the clothing getting pulled off for the record." She doesn't need to see anyone's noodle that you very much. A glance is sent over to Rhadan, and she offers him a wave. "What part do you have in this crazyness?"

Stupid is a relative term. Rhadan is sure to be 'stupid' in some categories. Clumsy in others. The looks of confusion that Ir'e gets are questioning. Why tell Rhadan not to buy something! He was being nice! No book was thrown at /him/! Not yet, anyway. Another day? Regardless, his hands are /still/ brushing sand off of his pants and arms. The 'dropped on your head' comment draws a bit more of a frown from the brown haired hunter boy (Rhadan… duh.). His gaze is broken though as he bends down to pick up his towel, which had fallen when he took the spill that colored Rhabel's book. That towel is shaken - can't have it too sandy! - when he looks to Sundari, "I started it, I think…" A pause… And he is looking at Rhabel again a second later, a bright smile on his face, "I'm going to replace your book! Believe it! I'm Rhadan, by the way." And he walks away, then, attempting to not give the other time to respond. Water is his destination. Yep. Dragon? Never washed one of them before! "You need help?" Ir'e is addressed with a smile as Rhadan's towel falls to the ground in his wake.

Well that's one way to make Ir'e stop what he's doing. It takes all of a second after those particularly unkind words have left Rhabel's lips before he's stalking out of the water and up the beach until he's standing, dripping, as he glowers above the teen. Chocolate hued gaze narrows before he's reaching down and throwing Rhab over his shoulder. "Hate, huh? Imagine that." Oh, Rhab can squirm and do whatever else. While he isn't a small man by any description of the words, he's also no match for the muscle clad bluerider either. "Hate is totally what you feel when you choose to share my bed and help raise my children." Grumble grumble. And he's making his way back out into the water before dumping Rhab in, right next to Yiska's wild tail. Oh! A playtoy! That whipcord length wraps around Rhabel's middle lightning fast. "You really shouldn't bother Rhadan." Because now the other boy is closer and he's tossing an extra brush at him. "It was just a bit of juice, he could have just dried it off." Right? Right! As for the whole getting pawned off on Sundari, well, Ir'e doesn't have much to say about that. She's a tad too young for him to seriously make a pass at her, "Rest assured, my trunks are staying on." He is however naked from the beltline up, though that can't really be helped while dragon washing afterall. "You're welcome to help too if you have an interest." Yiska, while not the friendliest of dragons seems quite preoccupied with his rider's mate. See those rows of teeth when he pulls back his upper lips? That's a smile! Even if it's a very frightening one accompanied by a loud rumble.

/Actually/, Rhabel doesn't struggle at all when he's being hauled up and onto his weyrmate's shoulder. It probably has something to do with being shocked into silence at Rhadan's stupidity. Or perhaps at being categorized /into/ Ir'e's and Rhadan's stupidity by Sundari, who Rhabel has now decided is stupid. Congratulations. The teenager realizes only too late what's being done when he hits the water, and then Yiska's tail is coming up and there is legitimate /fear/ in Rhabel's eyes when that tail comes around his middle. Fingers instantly dig into the dragon's hide, trying to break free as he chokes on his own words and instantly starts to hyperventilate. Well, it can't be said that Rhab shows no emotion now, because there's nothing but absolute /terror/ in the expression he wears (and all thanks to the idiot he allowed to weyrmate him). There's tears already starting in his eyes, he's white as a sheet, and it sounds like there's pieces of his weyrmate's name that manage to escape in all of his hysteria. He's actually /fighting/ to get free, actually thrashing and making sounds that are /quite/ pathetic to hear from a man - especially one who is usually so empty and hard to read.

Sundari ohs at the talk of helping wash the dragon. "Really?" She questions while she drops her towel and takes off her sandals shirt following, she has a bikini top on guys, and shorts so it's all good. She never said they was /stupid/ just how it came out to some degree which she'll think on later for sure. Her gaze following after Rhabel as Ir'e picks him up, and she blinks while a faint ah escapes her. "Hey.. I.. Think he wants to be let go." To the point that she walks over, into the water and offers her hands to Rhabel. "Hey, wait, it's alright. Really, I'll help you up how's that?" Yes she really seems bad over this at the moment.

Rhadan /was/ on his way in the direction of the water. He /had/ planned on stepping in and helping wash a blue dragon! He didn't, however, expect Ir'e to be walking in the other direction. The rider's stalking by in the direction of Rhabel causes the boy to stop, however, and turn his head in that direction curiously. Watch - Rhadan's eyes are widening! Did Ir'e just pick that quiet, rude bookworm off the towel? He did! Rhadan doesn't move except to shuffle his feet and turn to follow the interesting pair. The brush that is thrown to him is caught, though barely - there is a fumbling there as it bounces off of the side of one of his hands. He /does/ get it, though after a few bounces between his two hands. He is in the water then, and replying to Ir'e, "I still feel responsi… HEY!" Rhabel's reaction to the grip of that tail has Rhadan's attention now. "Hey, is he okay! Let him go!" Rhabel might seem rude, a little, but no one, in the young Rhadan's eyes, should be /that/ afraid. "Come on!" Rhadan isn't so much yelling at Ir'e and and dragon as he is at the situation. He, much like Sundari, has moved closer. But not /too/ close! Those arms are fighting!

Ir'e is going to rot in hell (if pern had a hell) for this, that's for sure. It wasn't as if he was oblivious to his weyrmate's fear of dragons. Just getting the teen up to their weyr (waaay up in the sky) is a challenge after all. But he probably shouldn't have taken it quite that far. "Okay, enough Yiska." And just like that Rhabel is released and is free to scamper out of the water like the drowned rat he is. Nothing is said to Rhabel however because really, what is there to say? He was fully aware of how Rhab would react to that action and yet he still did it. Perhaps it was that 'h' word that threw him over the edge today. As to Sundari, well, sadly mister all-cheers-and-chuckles is in a bit of a bad mood, maybe he's got mPMS or something, who knows. His lip goes into a thin line at her words and he just kinda shrugs. Ir'e, being a douchebag is pretty new though. "He'll be fine." The bluerider assures Rhadan then though, just to put everyone at rest. "I'm sure I won't be getting laid anytime soon though." Boy is that an understatement.

There are hands being offered, and weyrfolk coming to his defense, and Rhabel doesn't notice a single one. As soon as Yiska relinquishes his hold, Rhabel is scrambling past all of them, stopping only when he's at the water to turn on his weyrmate. "/Fuck/ you," he grits out, and there's… fury in his very expression. "You're no better than /her/." Her? Who is her? Possibly his mother…? "/I/ will be fine," he snaps to all parties involved, and then those green eyes are narrowing on his 'mate once again. "/I/ hope /you/ will be fine when you come home to an empty fucking weyr without your kids." Uh… yeah… Rhabel just went there, and he's rubbing at his eyes as he tactically begins the storming away off of the shoreline. /Two/ can play this game, Ir'e. /Not/ getting laid is /far/ from your biggest worry.

Sundari doesn't pay attention to mist crabby pants Ir'e at the moment, she is good at ignoring people and thus she is using that ability at the moment. "Rhadan don't be so loud, nice and calm words." Right? Right! A glance is sent towards Ir'e at the comments of him not getting laid anytime soon and she smirks. "Well, why you have to go and be so mean to him? If you wasn't I bet you would." Leave it to the seacrafter teen to be able to talk about such things with a straight face. She just looks wide eyed at Rhabel, her arms lowering as she slowly steps out from the water, going quickly quiet as her gaze flicks back and forth between the two.

Rhadan glances at Sundari, giving her a slightly wide-eyed look. He /would/ have been quiet if the situation had called for it! But did you /see/ what was happening!? Rhabel looked like he was /dying/! Or at least being tortured! How can someone be calm about that? The hunter apprentice's attention is on the released Rhabel, his head turning even as his offer for help is ignored. And… blanch! Rhabel's words have Rhadan blinking, and there are a few moments where the brown-haired teen is pondering before he turns back to the rider, a frown on his face, "I… it is not my place, but I don't think /anyone/ deserves that." He /is/ quiet when he says this, though. Actually, deflated would be a better word. "I said I'd help wash. Do you still need it?" Well, he might be unhappy, but the brush is still in his hand. He did say he'd help.

Ir'e was not really expecting the teen to go /there/. Of all the places where Ir'e is particularly sensitive, his kids are by far the biggest button people should not push under any circumstance. But he is the one at fault here, tormenting someone who's scared shitless of dragons, with his own demonic blue nonetheless. "Sometimes he needs to be reminded that I'm not the big teddy bear I always appear to be." He says to Sundari but a sigh is falling away from his lips as he watches Rhabel flee. He really shouldn't have done it. But he has such an issue thinking clearly when he's angry. Rhadan's words thrust like a dagger through his heart, making him feel even more like the jackass he deserves to feel like and then he's clearing his throat, reaching down to snag the brush back from the boy, "No, it's fine. If you'll excuse me. I have to go apologize." Or shove his foot in his mouth. One way or another it'll end up in talking though. Ir'e quickly makes his way after the bookworm, rudely abandoning his 'company'. Yiskatiresiath however looks unconcerned by the whole show and takes the opportunity to waddle his way out of the water and start shaking himself off. Score! No bath for another day! Yiska wins.

Sundari isn't sure what to do or say now. A soft ah escapes her and she glances around before looking back to Rhadan. "So…" This is said with a soft tone and she ponders for a few moments. "That…. Was interesting." Her tone stays low and she isn't sure what to really do now actually. "Well… How have you been Rhadan?" Subject change anyone?

Rhadan is brush-less, dragon-to-clean-less and generally… less right now. He had been planning to simply enjoy a swim in the lagoon, drink his red alcoholic beverage and generally enjoy an afternoon tanning. Oh, how it can all go so wrong so quick. Yes, a change of subject is needed. He is looking after the rider, dragon and weyrmate for a few moments, his eyes lost, until Sundari speaks. Rhadan's eyes are cast down at the sand, then the water, and then he is looking at Sundari briefly. His head shakes lightly, "Well, just fine, I'd say." he looks down at the water for another moment before a small smile dances on his face, "You know, we always seem to meet in weird situations. Last week I was groped. Now this." He gives a slight chuckle at his own observation.

Sundari smirks a bit and nods whiel she glances to Rhadan. "Ya it seems to be a nice little bit of crazyness around here. Though it is rather amusing at times." There is a pause. "Well not at the moment but you know what I mean." This said with a shake of her head. "I'm thinking getting groped was a bit better then what all happend here though." Nothing like seeing two weyrmates get into a fight.

"You say that now, but you weren't the one getting your chest felt up by the… Gropesecond." Yes… Rhadan just /tried/ to make a play one words with "Weyrsecond." He, obviously, believes it to be a clever play on words, if one were to judge by the smug look on his face and the slight snicker behind his grinning mouth. That doesn't last long, though, as he face goes completely expressionless, "Of… of course, it is different… you and I. I don't have the same…" Parts? Is Rhadan blushing? A little, yes. Or is that the sun? Who knows. "I… I'm going to go. Sorry. Um. I'll see you around?" Well, it is a weyr, so that is likely. Rhadan is already moving to the shore, and his wet feet attract sand to their bottoms. Towel? Where is his towel! He left it here somewhere!

Sundari blinks once and then agian while just eyeing him a moment. "You and I what?" She questions wanting him to finsh that statement it seems. Soon enough she is grinning, a soft chuckle escapes her and she nods. "Right right.. I'll see you around. Take care alright?" This said while she grins and waves after him.

There it /is/! Why did that towel try to hide, blending in with the sand like it did! Bad, bad, bad towel! Rhadan does give a wave to Sundari as that towel is picked up. Oh! Is that the ruined book? That is grabbed, too, even dripping and falling apart as it is. Oh! Is that the glass Rhadan used to spill drink on Rhabel? Yes, it is! That, too, is gathered. Nothing else? Nope - Rhadan is gone, even as he attempts another wave to Sundari despite his object cradling arms.

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