Back on the 'Job' (Vignette)

** IC DATE if applicable
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks**

Over a slowly growing span of days, it didn't take long for Leeta's 'guardly' interest to grow and focus on the going's-on within her fellow Candidate Garland's blanket and pillow fort. The guy looked so smug, and the growing richness of his clothing was even more obvious to her trained eye. Her mere presence and the younger candidates' whispers of her (supposed) dark past and person make the non-violent shaking down of them for pertinent information (applied only to those close to Garland and thus more likely 'in the know') rather easy. Pretty much all Leeta had to do was cast her dour and merciless gaze at her target 'just so,' or follow them like a shadow ghost, and soon enough they were writhing like naughty kids, confessing bits and bobs of things to her.

It was still too early to make a clear call on what was taking place, but — now that she had the scent — the ex-Guard was on the trail like a bloodhound, unwilling (an perhaps unable) to deviate from her investigation's course: the discovery of the trail of all the marks that seemed to be flowing into Garland's mitts, as well as they hows and whys.

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