A Dinner Date and Nothing More

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Zi'on would like to claim he goes out on plenty of dates with all sorts of girls, but really he doesn't. Even with the girls he calls his "girls" (all two of them) he rarely goes out on special specific dates with. Though he does like to show up unannounced every once in a while to take them out. But not tonight! He's managed to corner Kali into a specific night (even if it wasn't within the next sevenday, who was counting?) And as promised he's cleared out the Tiki lounge for the night. It's not a terribly busy night anyways and it's a little rainy outside anyways. Inside there's a whole staff ready to wait on them and even a harper to provide a little music. Glow baskets have been set up to provide some softer lighting. And there's only one table set up or two. And that's where Zi'on is sitting, dressed up in some of his nice new clothes. At least a button up and a nice pair of slacks that actually fit him properly. He's also sporting a full beard now, neatly trimmed. Because it makes him look more distinguished. Or so he thinks. He sips at some wine while he waits.

The light rain lets up for a brief moment, allowing the lone figure to cross along the lagoon shore's relatively dry. Kaliena had likely been hoping the rain would continue, but alas luck is not in her favor. The young girl has dawdled in her time in appearing for the so-called date, apprehensive and perhaps even a little shy. True to what she had hastily promised, she had a nice outfit made and grudgingly she wears it tonight. As she steps up to the patio and through to the lounge, Kaliena lingers just past the door to take in the now cleared room in barely contained surprise. Blue eyes settle on the lone table then and Zi'on seated there and she straightens. Not much has changed with her, aside from the fact that she's clean and is dressed nicely. The short sleeved dress she wears is simple and full length, but suits the (lack of) shape of her body, slim fit and is dyed a rich black, save for the top half that boasts some purple detailing. Kaliena's also managed to tame her hair enough to make two braids along the side of her head, which then meet behind. The rest has been combed and brushed back. Slowly, she approaches the table and rather then sit, she simply stands and stares uncertainly at Zi'on. "Just us?" she asks, skipping the greetings again.

Not even the rain can save Kali from the dreaded date with Zi'on. Poor Kaliena. At least she's gotten a dress out of it? Should she choose to ever wear it again. Maybe Zi'on is a bit nervous, too, at least it seems so. As Kaliena enters he gets up to greet her, and in his haste thunks his knee on the table. He groans and the wine in his glass sloshes back and forth. He pulls out her chair for her, grinning a bit at her question. "Well, there's the staff, and the harper. Were you planning to get lost in the crowd, or did you think this was a trap and I was going to invite your brother?" Once she's seated he'll return to his own seat. "You want some wine? Or really… whatever. They can make you a fruity cocktail or something. You like fish, right?"

While she wouldn't openly admit it, Kaliena is likely going to keep the dress and perhaps wear it again if she ever brings herself to attend another event that would call for it. She's trying to hide her nervousness in her usual ways, so her expression remains fixed in a frown and she smirks, playing indifferent. There's a brief and vague wince when Zi'on hits his knee, but then it disappears when he pulls the chair out for her. Walking forwards a little stiffly, she awkwardly settles herself down but doesn't relax. "A little bit of both," Kaliena admits with a soft snort, her eyes never leaving the bronzerider as she awkwardly settles her hands into her lap, all tensed though she should know by know the Weyrleader means no harm. Right? "Wine?" she echoes, sounding surprised that he's offering, and then hastily agrees. "Sure. No… wine is fine. Nothing fruity." Or girly, it seems as she wrinkles her nose a bit at that suggestion. Or maybe it's at the mention of fish? "Zi'on… I come from a fishing cothold." She points out with her usual drawling sarcasm. "What do you think?"

Zi'on still planned on having a fancy party for celebration of his new position, and she could wear it there! Though likely she wouldn't go, because Th'ero would probably be there. Zi'on is tempted to give Kali's shoulders a squeeze to help her relax, but he decides she probably wouldn't like that too much and thinks better of it. Instead he settles for filling up her glass with wine, and his own, while he's at it. "There's beer, too. I dunno what you like to drink. I like fruity things sometimes." And by sometimes he means most of the time. Other than hurt pride, Zi'on can't really do Kali much harm, no. "Hey, I dunno. Maybe that's part of why you left? Anyways they're cooking special for us so we don't get to pick. It's spiderclaw bisque soup, followed by a grilled fish with roasted tubers and vegetables. And then something for dessert, I don't know what." One of the serving staff at least brings them over some bread to help sop up the wine in their stomachs. At least in Zi'on's stomach, he's going through wine like it's going out of style.

If word ever caught Kaliena's ear that her brother was in Western, it's very likely she'd flee to hide until he left. So sadly, she would not be at that party. Maybe others, in the future, even if all she does is lurk along the shadows and sidelines. Creepy, no? Lifting a hand, Kaliena makes a dismissive gesture. "No, wine is fine." And then promptly snickers softly. "Do you like fruity things now?" she muses with another smirk before reaching for the glass of wine Zi'on so helpfully filled. She gives it a curious look and maybe even a sniff as she brings it closer, then a slight sip that ends with another longer one. But unlike the Weyrleader, she's nursing her drink - for now. Forcing her hands back to her lap, Kaliena peers curiously over the table at the bronzerider as he lists off the night's menu. "Not why I left," she snorts, but then smiles vaguely. "It sounds good. Don't think I've ever had a multiple course meal before." Her head tilts down a bit as she glances away, silent and awkward then. Fingers begin to drum against her knees and then she's reaching for her glass and taking another sip. When the bread arrives, she snatches a piece and begins to nervously pluck it apart while nibbling a few pieces. "So," Kaliena finally says after a lengthy enough pause, no doubt eyeing the amount of wine Zi'on seems to be consuming. "Things have been… well?" What /do/ you ask a Weyrleader anyhow?

Like Zi'on would let her lurk in the sidelines. Especially if it was his party. He'd -force- her to have fun! You can do that, right? The bronzer nods about the wine. "Yeah. I like anything sweet really, I guess. I eat too many, da says my teeth are gonna fall out or something when I get older, but I can't help it. I'm kind of a picky eater." As in, he's really picky. Wine helps Zi'on relax! Also it keeps his mouth busy so he doesn't prattle on and on about how he likes sweets. The bronzer grins a bit. "Well, the main idea is… don't fill up on soup. Though you can always take the dessert home. Sometimes I get two desserts, so I can eat one and then take the other back." Zi'on grabs a piece of bread as well, picking at it a bit. "Yeah, things are good. The weyr isn't falling down, so that's good." He laughs. "I haven't heard of any more crates going missing, so I guess the new transport wingleader is doing well. He's kind of a strange guy though. Have you met him? S'rorn? Of course you're weird, too, so maybe you two will get along." He grins a bit to her, looking thankful as their soup arrives.

She may protest and loudly to boot, but Kaliena could be dragged kicking and probably end up enjoying herself. Just don't point it out. The young girl wrinkles her nose again, but this time it's in an amused sort of way. "Your 'da has a point, you know. Dunno how you can stand to eat so much sweet stuff and not be sick. Can't stand too much of it, personally." Yet that doesn't stop her from raiding the desert trays when she works in the kitchens. With bread and wine now to distract her, Kaliena can relax a little too, though she still keeps her keen eyes focused on Zi'on for the most part. Then she quirks a brow but only nods in response at his advice. "How much is this going to cost? This can't be cheap…" And she forgets, he's the Weyrleader. Who says he's paying for anything? His news on the crates has her interest piqued though and Kaliena tilts her head a little to the side. "But did you ever find the missing crate?" she asks, only to scowl at Zi'on's remark. "No, I've not met him. Another of Th'ero's friends too? And I am /not/ that strange. Not like you're exactly normal yourself." She grumbles as her focus then turns to the arrival of their soup. Setting aside her half shredded piece of bread, she reaches for her spoon. But Kaliena only pokes at the soup with it, likely waiting on Zi'on to go first.

Kaliena, enjoying herself with Zi'on around? Never! The bronzer laughs a bit. "I dunno. I like sweets. All this other normal food doesn't agree with me too much." Or at least with his taste buds. "They should make everything sweet. Even meat. Feed the herdbeasts sugar, I say!" Now that would probably make them sick. "Eh? I dunno. Probably more than the five marks or whatever it was I was supposed to pay you for the bet." The weyrleader was almost certainly receiving a special rate, though he can likely afford it now with a weyrleader's paycheck. "Nope," he says about the crate. When the soup arrives he stirs it up with his spoon to help it cool, then dips some bread into it and eats a little that way. "It's gone as far as I'm concerned. Best put the muscle into making sure it doesn't happen twice, than keep poking about over a lost crate I say." He shrugs a bit about Th'ero and S'rorn. "They impressed together, so I'm sure they know each other at least a little bit." He laughs when she call him weird, too. "True I guess. He's some sort of trader or something though. Not weyrbred."

Never say never? Kaliena isn't exactly being all too terrible right now, isn't she? Aside from her nervousness and slight lack of trust, she's almost being civil with Zi'on for once. Still bristly, but at least not cursing him. He does get a dumbfounded look for his suggestion, until the girl clues in that he's not at all serious. "And you call /me/ weird? And not everyone would appreciate so much sweet. Some of us like normal food, after all." So there, she's the spoil sport again! Kaliena tries not to wince when he mentions the price, only nodding her head and then mimicking what he does by dipping her bread into the soup. It must be delicious by her standards, because the girl is soon ravenously devouring it - politely of course. "Mhm," She begins, giving Zi'on a curious look now. "Makes sense. Not too much lost then?" Kaliena doesn't expect details, but it's idle talk. Safe idle talk, as far as she's concerned and another nod is given to the Weyrleader's description of S'rorn. "Ahh, well… still not likely I've met him. Dunno if I ever will. Weyrs are much much larger then any cothold or even a small hold. Dunno how anyone keeps track of another here." Realizing she's rambling and relaxing enough to do so, Kaliena promptly goes silent by draining the rest of her wine. At this rate, she'll be tipsy even before their next course.

Zi'on could still surprise her at any point by having her brother show up! Zi'on's dragon knows Th'ero's dragon, after all! But no, the bronzer is distracted with other things really. He laughs a bit. "I know. I was kidding. You normal people are boring. Sweets taste so much better." Zi'on likes his soup enough to take more than a few bites. He actually gets through most of the bowl. Which by his standards means he loves it. The bronzer doesn't seem to care much about the cost. It was a special occasion to him. There's a shrug about the crate. "Not really I guess. It cost the weyr some money. The headwoman wanted me to pay for it out of pocket. She still thinks I had something to do with it." Zi'on nods about S'rorn. "If you met him you would know. He's blonde. And weird. I guess the weyr is big. But even then you get to know the people you see around a lot. It's riders for me, and he was in my wing for a long while." At least with the food Zi'on has backed off his wine consumption. Though it's like he's already tipsy, hence the table banging earlier. "So what have you been up to? Any more rock climbing?"

"That they do. But in little amounts." Kaliena continues to hold stubbornly to her opinion, but it becomes more playful as time goes on. Wine works wonders, it seems. And so does good food as the perfect distraction. Unaware that it might be a special occasion for Zi'on, Kaliena is at least behaving for now. When she's finished most of her soup, she then politely pushes the bowl aside and leans back in her seat. "And did you?" she asks bluntly, giving the bronzerider a level look. She knows he'd never tell her if he did, but it doesn't stop her from asking, lips drawn into a think line. "Lots of folk are blonde. Not much help." Not that she's seeking to meet S'rorn. "I suppose that it would help if you worked with 'em. Only how I can remember the names of some of the women and girls from the caverns." Kaliena doesn't seem to notice any tipsiness from Zi'on, btu where she should be holding back on the wine, she instead lifts her empty glass up in silent suggestion. Refill? "No rock climbing. Just… work. Random chores. Explore when I can." She admits with a shrug of her shoulders. Sounds… boring. But the girl seems happy enough - if a constant frown and a bare smile count.

Zi'on waves off Kaliena. Her and her opinions. It was a special occasion because Zi'on is out with Kaliena. Really, just being out on a date was a big thing. So it's doubly so for her. "Did I have a hand in it? No. But I did pay for some of it out of my own money. And I called in a bunch of favors and went to see the cotholders personally. So… more favors there." He shrugs about Rorn. "I was just curious if you met him, is all. If you want to meet more riders I can introduce you around. Or Enka can if you'd rather her do it." Zi'on at least is holding it together. There's a bit of a lull between the soup and the main course it would seem, for them to get hungry again. He fills up Kali's glass and puts a bit more wine in his. He picks at another piece of bread and what's left of his soup before they come to take their bowls. "Were you interested in standing for a clutch? Even if you don't impress it can be fun. You meet people, do different things. You get some dragon training between regular chores. I guess you could also try a craft, if there's something you wanted to do, too."

Kaliena would never admit that this is a big thing for her as well, mostly because she hasn't realized it yet. It'll likely hit her later and then she'll have some angry fit over it. "Ouch. So if things go missing, you have to pay for it? Seems like a harsh deal for a Weyrleader." She muses, before falling silent in order to listen to what Zi'on tells her. Again, she grimaces. "Favors. Can be just as useless as promises, at times. So they owe you now?" Bitter much? Kaliena tries a slight smile to take the edge off of it, but it's twisted at best. She dismisses his offer with a shake of her head and then turns to her now refilled glass of wine. Thankfully, she's finished swallowing most of her sip before Zi'on speaks again. Even so, she has to bring a hand up to her mouth as she coughs. "What?" Kaliena asks, clearing her throat and giving him a long and searching look. "I… no. Never considered that. Don't the dragons decide who goes and who doesn't?" At the mention of Crafts though, Kaliena relaxes a little and gives a soft snort. "I've given it some thought. None really appeal to me." But then she's never really tried.

Zi'on hopes he's not around for the angry fit. Even if he doesn't know about it. "Well, no. Not -normally-. But the headwoman was heeing and hawing, so it was easier just to do it that way this time. Next time I'll have her replaced if she tries to blame me for something like that again." There's a shrug about the favors. "I dunno. Sort of I guess. They're easy enough to appease though. Order from them a couple of times over the other holders and make a big deal about it and you're square." He blinks as she coughs. "No? You're at the weyr now. Still have plenty of time to impress. The dragons don't always have to give you the knot. The first time I got one my da gave it to me so I wouldn't go join the harpers. The second time I was searched by dragons. And uh…" He rubs his beard a bit, pausing while their meals are laid before them. Grilled fish with a buttery herb sauce on a small bed of pasta, complimented with roast tubers and vegetables. "The third time around Enka gave me my knot. To get rid of me after I tried to kiss her in her office." There's a nod about a craft. "I kept meaning to join the techcraft. Never got around to it though."

Kaliena quirks a brow upwards in the only sign of surprise or response to Zi'on's threat on the headwoman but she must approve, as the girl's mouth curves upwards slightly in a light smile. She shrugs then to the mention of favors and promises, still stubborn in her view on them though not about to argue endlessly with him over it. "I suppose." She agrees, reaching for her wine again and pausing in her reply as she takes another drink and waits for the next course to be laid out. Once the staff have moved off, Kaliena fixes Zi'on with another one of her searching and uncertain looks. "Three times then?" she says, but not meaning to be rude about it. So her laughter probably won't go over well either. "You tried to do that? Why?" She shrugs her shoulders then, gaze dropping to her food and promptly poking at it again, this time with a fork. "What's my being in a Weyr have to do with Standing, though? I don't /have/ to, do I?" This she'll ask without even glancing upwards, her expression unreadable as she finally takes a few small bites of food. This course she seems a little pickier with. "Techcraft." Kaliena echoes and she smirks. "Definitely not for me. Don't know nothing about most tech things. Don't care to learn. And I am avoiding anything to do with the sea." Silence then, as she pauses to enjoy the meal and think before speaking up again. "Is huntin' a craft? Or what requires… exploring or, or… something that isn't usually a /girl/ thing."

Zi'on didn't intend on letting the headwoman roll over him forever. He was her boss now! At least… sort of. Zi'on always made good on his promises! When he could, of course. Once their food is down, he picks at his fish and some of the tubers. Eventually he'll get to the vegetables and the pasta. At least the fish must be good, because he's actually eating that. "Yeah. I impressed on the third go. It's not uncommon to have to stand a few times. But plenty of people impress their first time out, too. Just depends on if you're ready and compatible, I guess." He laughs at her question, looking a bit sheepish. "Why did I try to kiss her? I dunno. I was in love. Or I thought I was. I was Enka's assistant before I impressed, so I was around her all the time. I was younger than you at the time. And no, you don't have to stand if you don't want to." Zi'on sips at his wine a bit before he continues on with his meal. "One of the riders here a while back showed me some of the basic stuff when I was searching for a craft. From there I read and picked up some on my own, but it wasn't until a lot later. " Zi'on rubs his beard a bit then. "Hunting? I don't think that's technically a craft, though there are people that do it for a living. There's not a lot of women in woodcraft or smithcraft. What do you care if it's a girl thing or not? You just want to have all the men to yourself, hm?"

If Zi'on is good on his promises, then perhaps Kaliena will come to trust him and not be so defensive around him. Plus he'd have a better track record then Th'ero does with her! She smirks a little when he speaks of standing and the chances, her head shaking a little as she focuses on picking at more of her meal. "I guess so." She agrees again, but likely not entirely. When he admits to why he'd try to kiss Enka, she laughs again, short and sharp. But it's not to mock him and likely to blame on the wine. She's probably never had much in the way of alcohol before, so her tolerances to its effects are next to none. "Not only are you weird, but you're a little crazy, I think." All because he had a crush? Kaliena finishes with her main course then, leaving most of the fish intact as she pushes the plate to the side. Leaning forwards in her chair now, she rests both her hands at the base of her wine glass, which she periodically sips at. "So you kind of learned from another then to start, rather then go to an actual Hall?" Kaliena presses Zi'on again for more information. Her expression falls a little as hunting seems out of the question, but the next suggestions have her frowning thoughtfully. "Smithcraft might be fun." She muses and then promptly gapes at the bronzerider, mouth working silently before she clamps it shut. A flush creeps across her face then and her eyes take on an angry glint. "Do not." She grunts at him. "Besides, why do you care if I do?" When she finishes being sarcastic and a touch rude, Kaliena finishes off her second glass of wine.

Zi'on could certainly try! Though he's likely to screw it up along the way. Especially with all that wine in him. He grins a bit about his own escapades when he was younger. "I think I got the last laugh though." Just four turns or so later and Enka and Zi'on had a kid together! His jaw drops at her when she calls him crazy. "What! Why am I crazy? Because I tried to kiss the weyrwoman when I was younger?" He nods a bit to Kali about the craft that never was. "Yeah. Da didn't have much time to teach me woodcraft. Well, I guess maybe he might've, but my parents split up when I was like seven or something and then I was with ma all the time. By the time I came to Western I was twelve already and he was a wingleader. He didn't do much woodcraft then, other than making toys. It wouldn't have been for me though. No, I followed this rider around a lot while she did small repairs around the weyr and she taught me." He's still picking at his food, but he's not eating much, clearly still saving room for dessert. Zi'on laughs a bit at her then. "I dunno. I guess I don't, really. If you're looking to get laid though I could probably help you out." He offers to refill her glass, snickering a bit. By now they're probably into their second bottle.

"Yes! Exactly why or part of the reason and I'm sure there are more I'll find." Kaliena points out with a crooked grin. She's young, so the ideas of crush are still silly things for her. Silly or just some weird grey areas she's not put much thought in and thus cannot understand. "I'm sorry." She murmurs, sounding sincere when Zi'on mentions his parents and early life. "Maybe it wasn't meant to be then. Not like you /have/ to follow your parent's Craft, right?" Kaliena glances up then, blinking a little as the wine does a good job on muddling her senses. Pushing her glass out (which really is an unwise move) to be refilled and she just scowls at his snickering comment as the flush on her skin deepens a few shades. Then her smirk takes on a wicked twist and Kaliena drawls sarcastically and blunt, "Answer is no, if you're offering." Playful and cruel, this one is. "And I wasn't being serious. Never been with one man, let alone many. Don't see the need." That must be the wine talking, as Kaliena is never that straight forwards. Once her glass is filled, she snatches it and lifts it in a mocking toast before sipping at it.

Zi'on laughs at her. "So you say!" She could probably find lots of reasons to call Zi'on crazy, it's true. There's a shrug about his parents. "My parents were weyrmated for like… eight turns or something. That's better than most. No, I didn't have to follow my da's craft. Ma wanted me to be a harper, and I didn't follow that either." He does refill her glass, and his own once they've cleared the plates in preparation for dessert. Zi'on pouts at her. "No? Aw. Are you sure? You don't know what you're missing…" She's missing Zi'on in the sack, so it's likely she knows what she's missing. "Well, maybe you like girls instead of guys." He raises his glass to her, grinning evilly. "It doesn't have to be -me-. There ain't anyone else you like around the weyr?"

"Better then most? Weyrmates don't generally last?" Kaliena asks without hesitation, her curiosity having her pressing Zi'on for more despite whatever awkwardness may lie there. "Suppose it makes sense. Not like other pairings stay true either." Despite what some might claim and she mulls over that little bit of thought for a few seconds. The girl snorts softly, "Couldn't see you as a Harper, truthfully. But then, can't see myself being the same." Not the clearest of statements, but she seems distracted now and her thoughts are likely fuzzy. So rather then cool it on the alcohol, she only sips at her drink again as the dishes are cleared and some time lulls between that and desert. Kaliena only rolls her eyes when Zi'on pouts and she leans back in her chair, crossing one of her legs over the other and resting her wine glass on her knee as she fixes the bronzerider with as level a look as she can. "Uh huh. Isn't that what all say, to try and lure in the girl?" she teases with another smirk. At his suggestion, her expression falls and then she looks a touch insulted. "You'd like that, I bet." She snipes at him, sniffing slightly. She pretends to ignore the evil grin as well. "Nope. Not a single one. I ain't interested." Kaliena juts her chin upwards then, trying to seem confident when really she only seems uncertain. "Too complicated and I can't be bothered."

Zi'on shakes his head. "No. Well, some do, but most don't really. It ain't like handfasting or whatever. The only mates riders take for life are their dragons." There's no real awkwardness there. It's all part of Zi'on history really. He laughs a bit. "Why? I can sing. That's about it. Dance a little, so I don't step on my partner's feet." He watches as she crosses her legs. Was that a sign? No entry? Zi'on chuckles. "Maybe. It's up to the girl to find out if it's true or not. And up to the man I guess to sell it to her. Younger girls are harder to convince." He grins to her. "Ah well. Maybe someday. When you're not so busy. You know, with… work." Dessert is here! And Zi'on's eyes just light up. It's a sort of redfruit pie, with a cream layer on top instead of normal crust. That he finishes every last bite of, of course.

"Hmm, good point." Kaliena lets that subject rest then, curiosity appeased for now and likely her thoughts too clouded for her to really absorb much else. "I think there's more to being a Harper then singing and dancing." She drawls, but sounds amused more then she does snarky or sarcastic. And it's no sign; it's simply the girl making herself comfortable. Her sign would be her getting up to leave. But she doesn't, when normally she'd be in some angry fit by now. "Is that so? I'd think a young girl would be easy. We're foolish usually." Now who is she mocking? Herself? Kaliena snorts then and laughs sharply again. "Work?" she says, shaking her head. "Yeah. Guess so, then. Maybe." When dessert arrives, she uncrosses her legs and sets her wine glass aside. The sweet pie is given a curious look and then she's digging into it with little hesitation. For all she had against sweets earlier, she doesn't seem to complain now. By the end, she gives the now empty plate a shove and groans slightly. "Shards, that was way too much food." Kaliena murmurs with a half-grin, half grimace. "Good, though."

Zi'on laughs. "Harpers do other things. Teach. Write. Depends on your focus. You can't see me as a singing dancing Harper though? You've just never heard my-" and he lowers the pitch of his voice- "Sweet seductive voice. It's like butter on smooth smooth glass." He grins. "All the ladies want me for my voice, didn't you know?" Okay, now he's just being silly. Kali will know when he's drunk though, when he slips into drawl and she can't understand him anymore. Though he's certainly getting close. Here and there letters are falling out of his words. "I guess maybe they might could be easy. I guess I always just feel bad though, trying to lure a young gal into bed. Shards, my girl at Fort, we been together like half a turn now and still ain't there. Maybe I jus' don't know how, either." He pats his belly once he's all done, taking a nice long sip of wine. "Mm, I agree. I got that sleepy feeling you get after too much food." Also, too much wine.

"Of course they do." Kaliena remarks with a slight wave of her hand as if to dismiss the topic or notion before she smirks. Giving Zi'on another long, searching look, her blue eyes trail down and back up again. "Afraid I can't, really." And when he lowers the pitch of his voice, the young girl has to bite her lower lip to keep from bursting out laughing. Instead, she makes a strangled noise that she tries to pass off as a cough. "Uh huh. Afraid I didn't know that either." Yes, Zi'on is being silly. But this time Kaliena isn't getting all huffy and confused. Could she be… relaxing finally? And how much of it is the wine? "What's wrong with their being time before… well that." She asks concerning Zi'on's Fortian girl and gives him a confused look to follow. Not about to let her wine sit untouched either, she picks up the glass and leans back into her chair. "Hmm, yes that too." Kaliena agrees on the mention of too much food, lifting her glass for another sip of wine.

Zi'on grins to her. "Hey now! I got a nice voice. My ma says so." His ma. Mothers tended to say things like that, though. How true they were was always a different story. At least she wasn't scowling at him, or trying to punch him. Or running away? There's probably plenty that is being caused by the wine, of course. "There's nothing -wrong- with it. There should be time. But it's harder when you want to move to the next level. Though I guess maybe it's going so slowly because we don't see each other that much. I see you more than I see her." Zi'on sips at his wine a bit, then sets it down to lean back in his chair. Not the best of ideas, since a couple of times he nearly falls backwards in it. "So, you ever seen snow before?"

Now Kaliena does laugh, but it's more genuine then it is snarky or mean spirited. "Your /ma/ said so?" she drawls teasingly. The young girl looks comfortable from where she leans back in her chair, with her wine glass held in her lap and her head tilted to the side a little as she listens. "Could be the distance." Or it could be more, but Kaliena has never held a relationship before and so she can only shrug her shoulders helplessly. She'd probably be the worst to ask for advice, really. Zi'on's question catches her off guard and her look turns slightly curious but also suspicious. "I did see a little when I went to Benden. It was fall though and I was told it was only…" And she frowns, trying to remember the term. "… 'a light dusting' they called it. Know it can get worse though." She smirks then, "Why do you ask?"

Zi'on nods. "My ma knows 'bout those kinda things. Her da was a harper." That makes his mother knowledgeable about harper things, right? There's a shrug about his girl at Fort. There was probably a lot of things going on there, so even if Kali was well versed she probably wouldn't be able to give good advice without hearing the whole story. "I dunno. I was just curious, since you lived your whole life around here, right? I didn't know you'd been to Benden. What were you doing up there?" He finishes off his glass of wine and sets it down. "Ever been ice skating?" Then he suddenly turns his gaze to the harper, who has been occupying himself playing slow sweet music on his fiddle. Then he looks back to Kali. "I'll give you a mark if you ask the harper to dance."

Kaliena has no arugment to follow up concerning Zi'on's mother, so she lets that slide, along with the mention of relationships. Glancing down at her wine glass, she twirls it slightly through her fingers. "I did live most my life, but on the northern end of the Isles." Her gaze darts up then and narrows and for a moment it seems like she's ready to fire some snarky retort to the Weyrleader when he begins to pry. But the wine has muffled her thoughts and she can only sigh, smirking again. "Tricking my brothers." Kaliena states and offers no further explanation for now. She keeps her glass in her lap and her eyes turn down to it again. "I haven't. I'll take it you have then?" If she's noticed the music, she hasn't commented on it yet. Zi'on has her attention again though when he offers another bet. "Uh, no." Kaliena balks, shaking her head as she darts a quick side glance to the Harper. "I don't dance." There's a pause and she gives a vague, twisted smile. "You do it."

Zi'on nods to Kali. "I don't much like the cold. I like a nice warm beach all year. At least relatively." Zi'on is just curious! Really he's learning all the secrets that make up Kali. "Tricking them? By being someplace else?" The bronzer nods about ice skating. "Yep, lots of times. But not recently. I need someone to go with. I was thinking you might want to go. You seem like the adventurous type and all. We'll have to wait until it gets cold again though. Obviously." He snickers when she declines his dare. "Me? You have to offer me something first. I'm just not gonna do it 'cause you said so." And not marks, either. Apparently Zi'on has more than he knows what to do with these days. "Anyways, I guess maybe I ought to head back now that dinner is all done."

"I don't think I've ever experienced much cold, so I can't really say if like one or another," Kaliena frowns a little as if to recall a memory that may not exist. And Zi'on will soon learn that the young girl has many a secret and plenty she's unwilling to share quite yet. "Something like that, yes." She says while giving the Weyrleader a look. He'll get no more answers out of her! Not yet, anyways. Kaliena blinks a little as she tries to clear her mind when Zi'on offers the ice-skating. Sensing a trap, she hastily asks, "Where would it be? Does Western get cold enough?" Sipping at the wine now, she narrows her eyes slightly at Zi'on, snorting as she sets her glass down. "Well, shards. So much for that, as I've nothing to bet… aside from this." And she gestures to her dress, but so vaguely it could be misunderstood. She's not really paying attention. When he mentions about heading out, Kaliena looks slightly surprised but quickly hides it. Clearly she was expecting some trick or trap. So that leaves her to just awkwardly push at her wine glass. "I suppose so."

"Ice skating is the only thing I miss about Telgar, really. Other than like… my family. I wish I could get my ma to transfer." Zi'on sighs a bit. Eventually he'd crack open the vault of Kali! Though it may take him a while. "High Reaches maybe. Or I guess Telgar. Though I heard the lake is nicer at High Reaches. I've never skated there." Zi'on blinks as she waves to… herself as for an offering. If he'd been drinking it would have been spit up all over the place. No tricks! Zi'on is just tired, and on the drunk side of tipsy. He leans back in his chair again. Further and further… then goes to grab for the table and misjudges, sending him toppling onto his back with a *thud*. Followed by a groan. "Ow…. I think I got whiplash…"

"You've been to Telgar too?" Kaliena asks curiously enough and why she seems so surprised by that, only she really knows. Maybe she has a hard time envisioning living in so many places when she barely has explored past the Isles herself. "Neither have I, so I would have no idea what the difference would be. I don't even know if I can skate." Or if she'll like it and that seems to cross her mind as she broods over it. Kaliena can only watch as Zi'on leans back and then obviously begins to tilt back. Eyes widening, she's only managed to open her mouth to voice the warning but by then it's too late. Wincing, she gets up from her chair and uses the table for support as well. Thankfully, she doesn't go sprawling, but it's clear she's now feeling the full effects of so much wine and rich food. Sleepy and tipsy make for an interesting mix. "Shards," Kaliena exclaims, barely able to hold back the laughter that follows. "You alright?" she asks while she leans back against the table's edge, now by Zi'on's side more or less and staring down at him, both concerned and obviously amused. Hey look, she does having feelings aside from angry!

Zi'on blinks at Kali. "Yeah. I live there for like five turns before I came to Western. My ma lives there still." Zi'on's only lived in three weyrs. Of course, he's not that old. Though he was like to stay in Western for a while, if he stays weyrleader for a while. Otherwise he may have transferred to Fort or something. "Well, I can show you how. It takes a little bit to get used to, but after a time or two it'll be fun." Zi'on is clearly feeling the affects of the wine as well. He'll probably wake up with a big bump on his head or something. He flails a bit, then finally manages to roll off his chair and sit up on the floor. Then he starts laughing, too. "Whew! Too much wine or something." He starts to get up, then flops back down, laughing more.

Kaliena only blinks for Zi'on's mention of living in Telgar before Western. It will likely be something she'll pester him about later if she remembers. The same goes for the skating bit too, just to see if he was being serious. The girl seems a little uncertain on that offer yet. Surely she'll begin to trust him after the dinner went without any tricks or traps? "You're crazy," Kaliena tosses at him as he flails and laughs, trying hard to scowl at him but instead finds herself chuckling along. "Or crazier. You sure you didn't crack your head or something? What's so funny?" she asks, never stepping forwards to actually help, as would be polite.

Zi'on was pesterable later. He could have swore he mentioned living at Telgar before, but Zi'on likes to talk and he can't remember who he's told what. Maybe she'll be able to trust him! Or maybe he's got a trick or two hidden away for the final moments. Who could tell? Likely not even Zi'on at this stage. He's giggling away now, though he's not sure what's funny. "Oh man…" The bronzer gasps for breath. "I'm fine I think. I dunno what's funny, I just started laughing and couldn't stop." He rubs his head a bit. "I'm gonna have a bump I think." So much for relying on Kali to give him a hand up. He sets the chair right, then uses it as a brace to get himself up to his feet, wobbily.

It likely he could have mentioned it and Kaliena has forgotten. There's been a lot more information from his end that the girl could mix up her details. And she can't tell when Zi'on is up to trouble, which is why her trust wavers so much with the Weyrleader. "You could be drunk?" Kaliena drawls with short chuckle that ends almost with a snort. Either she can't stand to see him struggle so much or she's worried he'll face plant next, the girl shuffles forwards on her unsteady feet to extend a hand. "Maybe or maybe not. You didn't fall that far."

Zi'on is a wealth of information! Also he likes to talk about himself. He's always up to something, too. Which makes him dangerous maybe. "Oh… I think I might be a little drunk. I had a lot of wine. I was drinking before you even got here. I thought you might bail on me and then I'd look like an idiot setting this all up." Kaliena has made a critical error, extending that hand to Zi'on. He's suddenly steady enough on his feet to use that hand to pull Kali towards him. And then he's leaning in to give her a kiss… right on the lips! Or maybe all it'll earn him is a punch to the eye. Or a shove back down onto the floor.

Not necessarily dangerous, but it definitely makes him hard to read or to really trust from Kaliena's point of view. But then she'll eventually learn most of his pranks are harmless… for the most part. "Well that would explain it." She points out while rolling her eyes, smirking. "And I wouldn't bail. A bet is a bet and you won." Even though he cheated slightly with the head start of a run. "Truthfully, it did cross my mind. But unlike my /brother/, I keep promises." So there! Kaliena realizes her mistake too late, having thought nothing wrong with finally extending something so simple as a helping hand. Slowed by the wine, Zi'on will get his kiss though she doesn't quite return it and stiffens against him. So it's just not the kiss he gets, but a good shove straight to the chest if she can manage it and then likely a slap upside the head if she's doubly lucky enough to reach. She isn't that strong, despite all her tough act and the wine has likely made her all the more awkward and uncoordinated, so he can evade easily enough. Just as quick as she shuffled forwards, she's backing towards the table and puts it back between them, but is certain not to turn her back on him. "Why'd you do that?" Kaliena all but growls at Zi'on, and scowls angrily, glaring daggers at the Weyrleader.

For the most part. As long as they don't involve Kali, right? "That's good to know." Zi'on says about her not bailing out. Though after the next few minutes she'll likely never talk to him ever again. Zi'on gets his kiss! And a shove. And a slap. Though it's not a hard one really by his standards. Also he has face protection in the form of a beard. He stumbles backwards and rubs his cheek, grinning at her. "Aw, come on. Now it's an official date!" Sort of. Maybe Zi'on gets slapped after all his first dates." He stretches out a bit, then laces his fingers behind his head. "Well, guess the date's over now, though. Given how you've put your angry-face back on."

Kaliena or anyone else? Maybe some day she'll understand the pranks or perhaps side with Zi'on. Unlike her brother, she actually /does/ have a mischievous side - when she isn't being all scowls and glares. Which is exactly what she's doing now. "And we agreed on it being dinner and /nothing/ more!" she points out gruffly, almost sounding hurt… or maybe that's disappointment that she fell for the trick. "What did you expect?" Kaliena snorts next and then folds her arms across her chest, glancing away towards the door. She seems pretty steady on her feet now. Surprise and shock can do that. "And here I figured we'd walk back. I was going to be /nice/. Yes, I suppose it is over." She says it all clipped, while her eyes drift back to Zi'on and while she doesn't scowl so much anymore, she's hardly pleased.

Zi'on eventually would get Kali to be his little sidekick. Maybe at some point. "What, that little kiss wasn't even anything! You didn't even kiss back! I could kiss a wall and get more out of it!" He pouts at her. "We can still walk back. I won't try to kiss you anymore, I promise." He gives Kali the puppy dog eyes. "You can still be nice now. And then be mad tomorrow. Or something." Or she can be mad now and later. Actually he's surprised she hasn't stormed out on him. Or isn't screaming at him or calling for help. It's likely the waiting staff are all watching them from the kitchen anyways. And the harper seems to have disappeared right about the time Zi'on fell out of his chair.

"I didn't kiss back cause I didn't want no kiss to start with! And maybe you should kiss the wall." Kaliena fires back angrily. She figures pushing and smacking him in the end was enough, hence the lack of screaming or running off. The puppy eyed look is met with a cold look. Won't work on her! But wine, food and tiredness will. "Fine. And I'm mad /now/. But I guess we can walk back. I'm too tired to figure out some long way around avoiding you anyways." How nice. Kaliena hardly cares if the kitchen staff are watching. She probably works with some of them at times and she can just threaten them to say nothing of what they saw. Not that it'd work, but she'll do it anyways. Uncrossing her arms and keeping them stiffly at her side, she gestures towards the door with a jut of her head. "Holding you to your promise. No kissin', no touching. And if you fall, I'm leaving you to sort yourself out. Fair warning." Kaliena states bluntly, before smirking. "Shall we then?" Not that she looks to thrilled, but she must have /some/ shred of trust or liking towards Zi'on to give him a second chance so soon.

Zi'on pouts at her. "Because you don't like me. I got it." He holds up his hands defensively. "Well… I won't make you walk back if you don't want to. I can fly back and you can do whatever. Or you can fly and I'll walk back." He looks to the door and nods, then heads over to open it. "No touching. Got it." Or if Kali wants, he'll head out the door, first. Either way Suldith will be there to greet them. It's raining, so the dragon can provide them some cover under a wing. There's not much talking from the weyrleader though. In fact, there isn't any talking really. Just some wobbily walking.

Kaliena gives an exasperated sigh, "I don't /hate/ you. I just don't know you." Which is code for 'I don't fully trust you'. But she's getting there! Then she gives him an puzzled look, "How could I fly? My legs work fine." Just slightly wobbly, thank you and as Zi'on moves to open the door, Kaliena turns to follow behind him. Her nose wrinkles a little at the rain and then her blue eyes shift to Suldith. She looks thankful at least if the bronze does lend a wing for some cover against the weather. As they walk, Kaliena is content to remain silent until they are closer to the bowls and one of the entrances that will take her where she needs to go. "Zi'on?" she says to catch his attention as she begins to step away, half turned to leave and glancing over her shoulder. "Thanks for the food… and the wine." Code for: you're alright. There's a vague little smile and then she's hurrying away. Maybe she's forgiven him already for the kiss?

Zi'on is still pouting. How long did it take her to get to know him? "Alright… You could ride Suldith back. But then you'd get wet. So I guess walking is fine." Suldith at least seems to be in a good mood. Even if it is raining, he doesn't seem to mind, chirruping and bobbing his head as they walk along. Just happy to be along on the date. The bronzer looks at her when she asks for his attention, smiling a bit. "You're welcome." Then his eyes fall back to the ground. "Sorry. About the kiss." Though she's hurrying away, she may have missed his apology. Zi'on doesn't feel much like heading home, so instead he heads back to his office. Likely to pull an all-nighter or something close to it to keep his mind off of things.

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