Ladies' Night at the Perfect Alibi

Western Weyr - The Perfect Alibi
Though the outside of the building is made of stone, the inside has been covered in wood paneling to give it the feel of an old hunting lodge. The lodge itself is a long rectangular shape, with the door on the far left side of one of the longer edges. Across from the door against the opposite wall the bar extends until about halfway down the building, with the entrance to the latrine at the end of it. The bar itself looks much like the tables that spot the room, made of long slabs of polished stone with wooden legs. Behind it sit the shelves for liquor and the door leading into the kitchens. Two large kegs sit in the corner, one on top of the other. The tables are longer than usual, designed to sit six or eight. Only a handful can fit, leaving patrons to share the space. Booths with high backs adorn the free wall space for customers that needed slightly more privacy. The far right wall houses a large fireplace, and there's a fur rug laid out in front of it. Around the fireplace sit a semi-circle of throne-like chairs with high backs and lots of padding, also covered in fur. There are small tables around to hold drinks.
A dartboard hangs to the left of the fireplace on the wall, out of the way for patrons that would like to play. Decks of dragonpoker cards sit around as well as pairs of dice.

The current time for zone 22 is: 2696.5.13 08:39:31

Normally the lodge is closed to those patrons lacking in the correct hangy-bits. But today is open bar night! Or ladies' night, as some others like to call it. They've got more than just hard liquor and beer, they've actually got juice and things for froo-froo drinks. There are also free finger foods and such to munch on, also to attract the crowds in from the market. Why has Zi'on allowed his manly establishment to partake in this sort of ritual? Well, the bronzer himself is back on the prowl again, and being weyrmateless means he's free to do a bit of flirting. The waitresses here were too used to him, so it requires some new ladies! Right now though Zi'on is sitting at one of the big comfy chairs by the fire, sipping at a glass of whiskey with some ice in it.

Apparently it's rebellion against studying week for Kayse: she blew off her textbooks yesterday to visit the market, and today she's determined to check out the long-barred-to-her grounds of The Perfect Alibi. The lodge has been a mystery to her ever since she arrived at the Weyr, and finally she will see the inside! She's even dressed up for the occasion, wearing her favorite embroidered blouse (which is getting a bit snug for her maturing form) and skirt, with a splash of perfume to seal the deal. She's not out looking for anything in particular, but darn it, she wants to be seen as pretty for once, and not get overlooked amidst all the older, more interesting women out there. So she walks in to the lodge with a firm stride, trailing the soft scene of some northern flower, eager to see just what this place has to offer.

Rhadan is not a new lady, too bad for Zi'on. He also would likely be a little on the too-young side, perhaps. Despite his hangy-bits, Rhadan has /not/ entered the lodge before. Give the kid a break - he is still young, and an apprentice. Now, though, he is attracted into the establishment from the market, curious as to the nature and quality of the place. After a day of trying to sell skins and such in the market, it was too hard to resist peeking in. Not to mention, there are finger foods! The young man does not hesitate to grab a couple of those offered, free goodies. He does have an "out of place" look about him, though, perhaps. Most of the crowd is older. He is not deterred, though, and makes his way through people to the bar. He wants a drink, and is smiling to the tender as he orders something froo-froo. His hand reaches into a pocket, the other one holding a finger food, to pull out the required mark for the drink.

For someone who set up this whole mingling affair, Zi'on is looking awfully distracted and rather preoccupied. The waitresses at The Alibi all seem to be young and buxom. And overwhelmed right now with the amount of patrons in the place. They are used to dealing with a large crowd, but it's hard to move around in some areas, with people standing around and mingling. Which means Zi'on has to get up when he's finishes his drink, and he's not taken three steps before someone's taken his seat. There's a bit of a grunt as he moves to the bar, pushing past some people gently. Kayse is one of those people, and a hand moves to her back as Zi'on moves behind, to keep her from backing into him. "Excuse me." He says generally, not realizing who it is. When he gets to the bar, he's up right beside Rhad. Once he's shaken his glass at the bartender, he peers at Rhad. "A bit young to be hitting the bottle, aren't we?"

The crowd is about what Kayse expected, and exactly why she banished Nala from attending with her; too much bumping and jostling, as cannot be avoided in this place, would drive the protective firelizard nuts. As it is, Kayse goes with the flow, letting the currents of people moving carry her across the room as she takes in her surroundings. The little jostles are largely ignored, until she goes to step back out of the way of a waitress and finds her movement arrested by the firm press of a hand against her back paired with a brief apology. When the pressure eases she turns, catching sight of Zi moving past her toward the bar, and impulsively she follows after him. Arriving at the bar there really isn't much of a choice but to order something, so she asks for a glass of wine as she slips in at Zi's other side, and offers the Weyrleader a brief smile and soft greeting. "Nice of you to open your lodge up for visitors. Thank you for the chance. It's nice."

What was that song the funny looking man with an arm sling was singing in the market earlier today? It was something about salt and firelizards… Rhadan's eyes are distant as he bites down on that last bit of finger food he's got. He is so zoned while staring at that one spot on the wall, in fact, that when Zi'on gets beside him and speaks, the young man actually tries to eat a little more of that finger food as his focus returns. The finger food should not have, however, been his /own/ finger. That is what he bites down on, though, and it is hard enough to cause him to bolt up slightly, "Yow!" his hand his shaking that bitten finger, his eye looking at his own hand in confusion. It is a few seconds before he looks up to Zi'on, "Uh… what?" And look, there is a Hurricane sliding in front of the young man. A nice, red, froo-froo drink.

Even Zi'on is without his trusty green. With all these people about, it would just make the firelizards agitated. Plus they might start stealing food. The bronzer isn't much expecting to see anyone he knows. Which is why he looks confused when he hears someone talking to him. There's a blink as he recognizes the woodcrafter. "Kayse? Hello. I figure once in a while these sorts of open houses are nice. To shake the regulars up a bit. Not too often though, or it becomes routine. Thanks. And thanks for coming out." There's a blink as Zi'on watches Rhad bite into his own finger. His brow furrows as the teenager answers his question with another question. "I said you're too young to be drinking." Though he's not moving to tell the bartender not to serve him, or even removing his drink. "Also be careful. In the war between your teeth and your finger, your finger always loses."

Kayse's wine arrives in short order and she takes a sip as Zi'on replies to her, giving her the opportunity to have something else to comment on. That's what you're supposed to do with your host, right? Give them compliments on the party? "You've done this before, then? Or is this the trial run for any future decisions to be based upon?" she inquires, leaning against the bar since there really isn't anywhere else she has a reason to go. She really doesn't know anyone, other than Zi. "Looks like you have quite the selection of drinks in here," she observes, nodding toward the Hurricane. "And the foods look tasty, too. It's a very welcoming environment." Hopefully that's a suitable comment, because Kayse really isn't sure what else to say. She takes another drink, completely forgetting that she is supposed to snack on things before she starts drinking.

Rhadan's hand stops shaking and he brings it to his mouth. O.o! Visiting the scene of the crime! Of course, this is for reconciliation. His finger is sucked into his mouth for a moment as his eyes look up at Zi'on. Yes, the bite was hard. It hurt. Of course, Rhadan is too old to have someone else kiss it and make it better, so he has to do it himself. Of course, too old for that and too young for drinking. His eyes are narrowed a bit as he looks up at Zi'on, even as his free hand reaches to grab the hurricane. His finger leaves his mouth before he speaks, "I… I don't drink a /lot/." There is a pause, "Just cocktails, sometimes." He doesn't drink yet, but the offended bitten hand does start to stir his drink using that small straw that was included. His gaze goes past Zi'on for a moment, "The food is good. Especially the finger stuff. Just watch out for the bite it’s got." Kayse and Zi'on get some bad humor. Yep.

Zi'on doesn't really count himself as much of a host here. Tonight was also sure to bring in plenty of marks on top of things. A large portion of which would go back into the Weyr and the market, but at least some of which would go back into Zi'on's pocket. "I opened it up to the public on the first day it was open. Just so people could see the finished product. But after that it was closed to women." He looks over at the drink and wrinkles his nose. "We normally don't serve things like that. It's either straight liquor or tap beer. The food is to help people relax." He chuckles a bit. "I guess it gives them something to talk about. In the absence of other things. Anyways, thanks." The bartender finally gets around to filling Zi'on's glass. Same drink as before. Whiskey on the rocks. He might get adventurous and get a whiskey sour later on. Zi'on gives Rhadan his most disapproving look. The one he gives his own son, or Ila'den, a lot. "Well, don't overdo it. Eat up. No need to resort to self-cannibalism." Zi'on peers at Rhadan's knot for a second, trying to discern who the teen is.

Kayse missed the finger incident, what with Zi blocking her view, so the joke flies over her head. "Ooh, which ones are spicy? I like food with a bit of zip," she asks with unbridled enthusiasm, turning to look toward the nearest tray of snacks. "Did you have a lot of people come to see it?" This to Zi, as she leans away down the bar to grab some kind of cracker with what is probably spiderclaw meat fluffed atop it. That looks tasty! She misses his disapproving expression toward the Hurricane as a result. "Not one for a lot of mixed drinks, or are they just not as good a revenue source?" is her next question, once she's claimed her snack and is back to leaning more naturally against the bar. Just in time to hear Zi mention self-cannibalism to the boy, leading to her quirking her brows in confusion at what is, to her, a non sequitur. "What?"

The knot of an apprentice in the service of Western Weyr is what one would see, if looking at Rhadan's knot… which he /is/ wearing. If one knew the braids, they'd also be able to discern that he was specifically a hunter in service to Western. That's right - he catches stuff to eat. Well, most of the time. There aren't as many of them at Western - less land for wild game and all. He /is/ a hunter, though. See his knife? He has one, small though it is. Skinning and stuff has to be done quick. Rhadan's eye narrowing was short-lived. One might think the teen visibly shrunk a little at the look he receives from Zi'on, and his head turns away from that look, eyes going down to look at his drink. Stir. Stir. Peek. Yep, he is looking back up again in time to see Zi'on looking at his knot. It takes the teen a moment to speak, but he does, "I'm Rhadan. Hunter apprentice," well, who needed to know what the knot meant if Rhadan was going to tell? "We met before, sort of… you were talking about noodles." They didn't meet, really. Kind of. Kayse, sadly, did not get a reply. Rhadan had been looked at disapprovingly! It threw him off!

"Um…" Is all Zi'on can really respond to Kayse. Clearly she has missed something, so maybe Rhad wants to fill her in. He steps back a bit once he's gotten his drink, so that Kayse and Rhad can see each other to talk. "I suppose. Though there are far more people here tonight." He says about their opening party. He peers at the woodcrafter then. "This is a lodge, not a lounge. If they want a girly drink they can go to a girly bar. If not, we've got some of the best beers and rums and whiskies around." Beers and rums and whiskies, oh my! There are not too many hunters who made full time employment around the Weyr, though Zi'on does recognize the knot. Since he is the weyrleader it would be shameful not to. Yes Zi'on sees the knife. And he'll be making sure it stays there at his hip. Last time Zi'on was at a party, he was stabbed in the back. "Hello Rhadan. I'm Zi'on, Suldith's rider. This is Kayse, woodcrafter. Noodles? I don't recall, but then again I do like to talk."

Kayse's snack doesn't turn out to be a spicy one, alas, but it is good, and it occupies a couple moments of attention as she eats it, savoring the flavor of the finely diced spiderclaw and how well the wine complements it. She got lucky there. "I don't suppose a gathering could get much bigger than this. There's hardly room to walk around out there without jostling someone." This really isn't meant as a dig at Zi; she wasn't thinking of him bumping in to her, it's just something to talk about. At least to her. "Oh. Uhm, alright. So do you have any bourbon?" Does Kayse actually know a little bit about liquor? Then there are introductions being made and she forgets about her questions, regarding the young hunter guardedly. Her last meeting with a hunter was rather strange. "Hello," she says in a neutral tone to the youth before asking Zi, "Why do you introduce yourself as Suldith's rider instead of as Western's Weyrleader?" She just can't stop asking questions tonight, it would seem.

Rhadan is forgetting something. He knows he is… but, as he idly stirs his drink and tries his best to listen focus on the events in front of him, he simply cannot think of what he is forgetting. It is important! So important that he spaces out a little, even as Zi'on is speaking to Kayse. He knows it had something to do with the bar. Or maybe it had to do with Zi'on, the disapproving Weyrleader? No… it /was/ the bar. Oh! Drinks! Did Zi'on mention rum? Rhadan's drink! The teen had forgotten to drink! His eyes are back in focus again just after Zi'on speaks of alcohol. Rhadan brings his glass to his mouth even as Zi'on is introducing himself. Sip. Sip. At least Rhadan does drink out of that small straw. "This has rum in it." In fact, more than half of the red drink is rum. Then Kayse gets a smile and a finger wiggle. Isn't it easier to smile after a good drink sometimes? Rhadan looks at Zi'on after Kayse's question, but he adds his own statement, "Noodles. You and your Weyrsecond…" noodles? Whatever. Rhadan is sipping again while he begins to look around, "Little busy to find a table."

Zi'on himself seems to be forgoing any finger foods. Perhaps he's already eaten or isn't hungry. "Mm." The weyrleader agrees about the gathering. "It's making me a bit nervous, honestly. I'd be tending bar, but I don't know how to make all those specialty drinks." Perhaps Zi'on has become a bit paranoid? "Yeah, we have bourbon. Why do you ask? Or at least we carry it. I'm sure we'll be out of plenty of things before the night is over." Zi'on shrugs a bit to the woodcrafter. "It makes people feel less nervous. Or at least it does in my mind. People tend to get nervous and stiff when you say you're the weyrleader. Or they start to smooze because they want something. Besides, this isn't a formal business thing. It's a social event." Zi'on turns his attention back to the teen then. "Well, I can certainly hear -Ila'den- talking about that. He is not right in the head I think sometimes…"

Kayse leans over to filch another cracker-snack from the tray, popping it in her mouth as Zi'on answers her barrage of questions. Maybe that's her goal - keep everyone busy so she can eat in peace, without trying to gabble around a mouthful of food. Who knows? Regardless, she finishes her snack as Zi'on finishes answering and answers the question asked of her in return. "I've heard good things about bourbon, so far as liquors go. It seems to me if you have it tonight then tonight is a good time to try it. Ah, after I finish my wine, that is." Rhadan's words spark a memory, and she asks, "Are you talking about the other night in the living caverns, when he and Ila'den had been drinking? You were asking about wet noodles, Zi, saying something about whipping people with them." She was there, and she remembers! At least that part.

Or maybe Kayse wanted to keep asking Zi'on questions until he had to shut her up some other way? For those just joining, it is ladies' night at the lodge. Meaning the lodge is not closed down to only allow male patronage. The place is packed, probably mostly because of the free finger food that's being given away. Also because there are specials on specialty drinks that the lodge generally didn't offer. Zi'on, Kayse and Rhadan are lingering near the bar, drinking and chatting. "Bourbon is just whiskey… made from a different grain I think. I'd suggest a sour. Unless you want it straight?" Zi'on raises a brow to Kayse. "I was? Surely you jest! I would never say anything that silly." He grins to Kayse, apparently he is joking. "I don't remember much from that day. I think I slept on Enka's couch for a while and then she rolled me back to my weyr."

Kayse gets tired of having to lean so far to reach the snack plate and just drags the whole thing closer on the next grab, bringing it in to easy pilfering range. Anyone who starts to glare at her is likely to spot Zi beside her and swallow their complaints. "The spiderclaw crackers are good, you should try one," she tells Zi, finding another of those tasty tidbits and offering it to him. "Oh, really? I wonder why some people speak of it so highly, if it's just another kind of whiskey. What's a sour?" Ah, no, she really doesn't know anything about liquor. "I'm pretty sure you were talking about whipping Ila'den with them. I wasn't around for the whole discussion, but you were rather adamant about needing wet noodles," she assures him with a smile as she leans against the bar, turning enough to look out over the crowd a bit. "Rolled you back to your weyr?" Her tone is puzzled, as she doesn't understand what he means by the phrase.

Ladies' night, whoohoo! Although it might seem that Arei should be cut off the minute she walks through the door. She's staggering - slightly - and has a bottle in one hand. It's mostly empty. She pauses, looks around, and immediately heads toward the crowd at the bar. "Noodles!" She catches on to the conversation with a bright, drunk grin. "Zi! Noodles. In your pocket. Pants." There's a sage nod and she moves over to the weyrleader. "Whatcha got to drink, darling? I'm thirsty."

Sundari isn't too sure what has brought her into this place tonight, but here she is. A faint glance is sent within the place before she presses onwards humming to herself and acting like she belongs here, and why not? She moves onwards towards the bar, catching sight of a few she just happens to know. "Hello guys." Is offered with a bright and friendly tone while she hops up onto a stool. There is a pause while she looks over to Arei and she grins while waving to her. "Hey!" There is talk of noodles and her gaze flicks around a few times as if she isn't too sure what to expect after the other night.

Having only met the pair once, and then in very much passing, Kayse normally wouldn't have recognized either Areia or Sundari. But the night they made a passing acquaintance was rather vivid in her memory, especially seeing as she was just talking to Zi about it, so when the other ladies arrive, one after another, she actually does recognize them. "Ah, bartender?" she calls the man over when Areia calls for a drink, directing him toward the blonde with a wave of her hand. He'll rattle off the drinks, froofroo and regular, available this night. Sundari's much more sedate arrival earns a warm smile from the woodcrafter, who offers, "I never did properly meet you the other night. I'm Kayse, woodcraft senior apprentice. Did you line up those riding lessons you were looking for?"

"Strong!" Is all Arei has to offer. "Sunny!" She greets as the girl comes in, moving to sling an arm around her shoulders. "Hi there. How ya doing? And you-" Kayse is pointed at. "I know you. I think." The woman takes a moment to consider this before repeating herself. "I think. Who're you? Sunny!" She wibble wobbles on her feet, one hand still clutching the nearly empty bottle. "OH! I have this. I can share!"

Sundari blinks at Areia and smirks a moment. "How are you Areia?" She eyes the bottle the woman has and grins a bit. "What you drinking?" This is questioned while she is curious but she makes no move to ask for a drink. Instead, a mug of cider is asked for. She looks to Kayse, a smile seen and she nods. "Nice to meet you I'm Sundari, seacraft apprentice." At the bit on riding lessons she shakes her head. "No I never did go looking for anyone to ask on such things."

If anyone glares and Zi'on catches them, he will be confiscating the snack tray. "Heh. A lot of people around are just getting over being sick of spiderclaw I think. So I thought it was time to bring it back." Zi'on opens his mouth for Kayse. Yes, he wants her to feed him! "Whiskey with sour mix in it. If you like things that are sour, it is excellent." He chuckles. "Ila'den needs a good whipping to remind him who is dominant from time to time. I mean Enka probably pushed me out and I stumbled back home. It's not a far walk between us." There's a blink as Areia and Sunny make their appearances. "Arei. I've only got one noodle. And it's not wet. Or floppy." Wink wink. He won't make a rude gesture. At least not yet. "Sunny! You're too young to be drinking, too. Aren't you?" He's never sure with girls.

"That sounds interesting. I'll make sure to order one," Kayse replies to Zion. She's just told Areia who she is and doesn't feel inclined to repeat herself, so she lets the question from the inebriated stablehand slide. The bartender comes up with a glass of something thick and dark that he politely asks Kayse to pass on the Areia and the young woman obliges, taking it and holding it out toward Areia. "Here's your drink," she offers before noticing Areia only has one good arm. "Oh. Uhm, I'll just hold it for you until you're done with that bottle, okay?" Or until someone relieves her of it. As Zi points out that yet another party guest is a bit young she glances at Sundari again. "You do look a bit young for drinking anything more than beer and wine. Whatever happened to no serious boozing while an apprentice?" Nevermind that she's about to order a whiskey sour for herself, she's a senior apprentice, 20 Turns old, and has no master on-site to worry about those little things.

"Peachy." Arei replies. "Broken arm, out of work, ticked at my best friend… totally peachy!" She grins drunkenly at Sunny. The bottle is given a glance, and a frown. "Um. I don't know but it tastes like runner piss. Not that - eh, nevermind. And Zi, your noodle was totally floppy, dude. Totally. I saw it, eh? Wet too." Kayse is gifted with a bright smile. "Ah, you're a good friend. Dun worry, this'll be gone soon." She holds up the bottle. "Can't let good alcohol go to waste, no matter the taste, right?" All these darn youngin's.

Sundari peers at Zi'on and smirks a bit at the 'floppy' comment before she points. "I asked for cider, no drinks for me." She is following the rules. Her gaze flicks between the three a moment. "I won't drink anything else." Maybe there let her hang around? Well it's possible. A glance is sent to Areia at the talk of more floppy Zi'on bits, which she rolls her eyes to. "What you mad at your best friend for?" There she goes being nosey.

There's a look given to that drink by Zi'on. What is that? He's not even sure he wants to know, so the question goes unasked. She might ask him to try it next. "Who is an apprentice? I don't care if you guys drink, but you better not be getting into trouble. Because they'll find out I was here and let you all do it. And I don't want any of those lectures." He taps the side of his nose. "What happened to your arm, Arei? Also, who is your best friend and why are you ticked at them?" Zi'on peers at Areia. "Maybe that day it was. But it's not right now. It's hard not to be floppy while you're plastered." Zi'on puts an arm casually around Sunny's shoulders. "You can drink, just don't get into trouble."

"Because she's a jerk!" Arei responds with vigor. "Duh. And I broke it, dude. That devil stallion, at it again. Hey! Have ole bronzie dragon eat him, will you?" It's not clear if she's serious or not as she drains the bottle, smacks it on the bar, and reaches for her ordered drink. "An' I wouldn't know about the whole noodle thing." Drink in hand, she gestures towards her chest, managing to slosh a bit on the floor. "Girl, and all, you know. No noodles here, no-sir. Which is a shame, really. I could use a nice not-soft noodle at the moment." There's a bit of an eyebrow waggle. "If you know what I mean."

Sundari grins a bit as she hears Zi'on and nods a few times. "I won't get in trouble, promise!" Everyone should believe her, she is smiling ever so sweetly after all. Though she doesn't plan on drinking, not that she doesn't know how to. Her blue gaze flicks to Arei. "What did she do?" There is a pause as Zi'on arm winds up at her shoulders and she tilts her head to send a slight glance back to the Weyrleader. A soft laugh escapes her as she hears Areia go on about wanting a noodle.

Zi'on peers at Areia. "That's not an explanation. More like an excuse." He laughs a bit. "No kidding you broke it. I don't think you woke up this morning with it just suddenly broken. Suldith doesn't generally like runner meat. If you want him as food, I'm sure someone would be happy to carve him up into horse burgers." The bronzer lifts his brows as Areia gestures to herself. "No? It would be your first time then, if I had to educate you?" He grins to her. "You seem to know a lot, for not knowing about them." Zi'on smiles to Sundari. Well, she's got him convinced, at least. "So what shall we do for entertainment, ladies? Shall I start up a song? Or should we do body shots? Strip poker?"

Areia tries to focus on Zi'on, although it turns into more of an oogle. "Excuse, yeah, well." She waves the questions off. "She's just being a jerk, is all. Y'know, like girls do sometimes." Zi'on is peered at - again - and she grins. "Educate away, man! I've found bronzers to be especially good… teachers." A smirk is hidden in her glass as she drinks. "I was just saying, you know, that -I- don't have a noodle. My own or otherwise." She clears up. "At the moment. Now. I am, however, accepting applications."

Sundari sips at her drink while peering at Areia and Zi'on curiously at the conversation. "Wait Educate what?" This questioned with an unsure and rather curious tone. Maybe she should have kept herself quiet on that regard? She peers at Areia a moment. "Your accepting applications for noodles?" She's about to comment but stops and instead takes another drink from her mug, its better that way. As for the talk of possible entertainment she sputters softly. "Wait, body shots? What?" That seems to be a new one on her.

Kayse has been getting called 'friend' by a couple of people lately, and that's a good feeling, right? Even if they are people she hasn't really known before. "Any time," is her response to Areia's statement, and when the other woman reaches for the drink she relinquishes it without hesitation. She starts to say something to Sundari but is distracted when she realizes her wine is all gone - when did that happen? And since the bartender has come and gone, now well down the bar, she can't even get her whiskey sour promptly. While considering what to do about this she realizes she could use a trip to the ladies room. "Ah, excuse me for a bit," she murmurs to Zi, nodding to the ladies as she slips away from the bar and heads to the latrines.

Areia glances at Sunny sharply and her eyes narrow mischievously. "Body shots! You don't know body shots? Oh, Zi, come on, lets show her!" She'd bounce, but that would hurt, so she twitches. In a sober, very serious voice: "I offer my body, in complete sadness, as the sacrifice." Then there's a goofy giggle and she sets her glass down.

Zi'on isn't sure if Areia is oogling him, or if she needs to use the rest room, really. He's never been oogled by anyone but Enka this close up, and he's not quite sure what to make of it. "Well, okay then." Is all the response Zi'on can come up with about her 'friend'. He grins to her then. "We are, trust me. At least I am. You may not have a noodle now, but I'm sure you've had one before." He laughs. "Is that so?" He asks about accepting applications. Zi'on looks sown at Sunny then. "Educate her. About sex." He says rather bluntly, squeezing Sunny's shoulders to give her a feeling of protection. "Body shots." There's a wave to Kayse as she exits stage left. Zi'on lifts up his shirt. "Do you have an innie, or an outie? Alright then Arei. Clear the bar!" Zi'on helps clear a space so Areia can get up and lay down on it. "Or I can take it out of your knockers, if you prefer."

Sundari shakes her head as she peers at Areia and then to Zi'on once more, so she is confused, such is the life of a teen, right? "Wait, what sacrifice?" A brow lifts as she hears Zi'on and she peers back at him at the whole 'sex' bit, a soft ah escapes her. "I see… Well… How nice…." She'll so stay outta that conversation! Drinking though is a bit more her style and she leans back a bit as there is call to clear the bar. "Why would you want to do that?" Is questioned to Zi'on.

Areia rolls her eyes. "Oh, I've had noodles." She agrees with a wink. "Got an application to submit? There seems to be a lack of them at the moment, which I have attributed to a paperwork error." Her glance to Zi'on is an excited 'really!?' sort of one and she somehow drunkenly gets up on the bar. "Oh shards yes. Innie, baby." Is the reply as she lifts her shirt, shifting around on the bar to get it high enough. "You can't pour alcohol on someone standing, silly. It just runs off." She explains, kind of, to Sunny. "Shoot away, pretty bronzie." Poor Sundari, about to be scared for life.

Scarred? Or scared? Or both? Yes, Zi'on has said the dreaded S-word. And it is not Sundari. Zi'on just grins to the teen. "Why would I want to put my mouth on the tummy or breasts of a cute girl? Because I am a straight male." He laughs at Areia. "Well, maybe for temporary noodling. I don't think I want to get into anything long term for a while." Nor did he feel like getting into the details about his recent break up, so he doesn't mention anything else. Zi'on waves to the bartender, who gives the bronzer a wedge of citrus and then pours a shot of whiskey into Areia's naval. There's a chorus of 'Drink! Drink! Drink!' going on around him as he bends around to slurp the shot off of Areia and then bites into the wedge. He's scruffy! So it probably tickles a little.

Sundari most likely won't be scared, or scarred, at least not past a few moments. "Well yes I know you can't pour it onto someone standing up, that would be silly. Like it would be someone just tossing a drink at someone, so pointless." There is a pause, her bright blue gaze flicks to Zi'on at the talk of him putting his mouth /where/? A brow lifts while she leans back upon the stool she has taken over and merely watches. A slow sip is taken from her drink and she smirks. "You grownups do funny things.." Yes she went there, called them all /grownups/.

It does, indeed, tickle, setting Areia off into a squirm and giggle. She props herself up on her elbows and regards Zi'on. "I don't do long-term anyway." She replies with a wicked grin. Sundari just makes the woman crack up. "Grown-ups? Right. I'm not that old, thank you! And it's fun. Come on, guys lips slurping up alcohol on stomach? Fun stuff. You should try."

Zi'on chuckles at Sundari. "Basically. So that's why we have someone lay on the bar. It's easier than the ground, since it's up higher." That's right, Zi'on is talking about putting his mouth in spots that would make Sunny blush probably. "Don't give us that look, Sunny. You're next! But you have to take one off of me." He laughs. Punishment? Perhaps. Zi'on taps Areia to get her off the bar so he can lie down. First though, his shirt is stripped off. Woo woo! He tosses it over at Sunny. "I'm starting to think it might be easier not to go long-term anyways." He says to Areia.

Sundari grins at Areia and shrugs a moment. "If you say so." She offers with an amused tone. A glance is sent to Zi'on and she tilts her head. "Right I don't think so." She says with a slight shake of her head. Then there is a shirt getting tossed at her, a faint meep escapes her and her drink is spilled across her shirt while Zi'on shirt hangs across her face. "Naw I'll pass." This said while she pulls off that shirt of a certain weyrleader's and sets it upon a stool next to her. "Looks like you two are having fun anyway." A hand lifts and she scratches at her neck. "Long-term for what?"

"Starting to? Duh." Is Arei's oh-so-eloquent reply as she scrambles down and somehow makes it to standing unharmed. Her shirt is bunched up and she makes a half-hearted attempt to tug it down before being confronted with Zi - shirtless. "Not bad." She mutters, eyes darting up and down. "Well, if you're not going to do it, I am." Sunny gets a wink as Arei flags down the bartender again, who repeats the process. But no stubble here, oh no! Just a tongue and a slurp and then she's gnawing on whatever fruit was given, looking like a cat with cream.

Zi'on pouts at Sunny. "What? Don't you like me? Wanna take the shot off of Areia instead? Or I can take the shot off of you?" But Zi'on is stuck there with booze on him and thankfully Areia is coming to his rescue. "I like having a weyrmate to come home to though. Long term relationship. That's what I mean. I've been in and out of long terms since I was… I dunno. Sixteen?" Zi'on hops off the bar once he's all done. "Whoops. Sorry Sunny. Did I do that? You can take my shirt." Zi'on stumbles around a bit. "Whew. I'm starting to get drunk. I guess I ought to head home. I don't need to be totally plastered tonight."

Sundari blinks at Zi'on. "No no.. I like you. I mean your nice an all." She ponders a moment, how did that come out, heck if she knows. "Off me?.. Ah.. No maybe next time." A slight nod is seen. A glance is sent to Areia and she then hears Zi'on. "Oh I'm fine, just cider nothing serious." Wait he just gave her, his shirt? "Don't you sorta need it?" Her gaze follows after his stumbling form, a soft ah escapes her and she points at the drunk(?) Weyrleader. "You going to be able to get home? The way you’re talking it's like you’re not in a long term thing anymore."

Areia shrugs as she steps back. "Wouldn't know. I haven't had any sort of long-term mate in years." She quiets as he gets up and stumbles, but grins. "Go sleep it off." She advises. "I'm going to do the same thing in my poor lonely bed, all alone." Sundari is looked at and grinned at as well. "Next time. I'm going to hold you to that."

Zi'on grins at Sunny. "You like me, eh?" Yes, Zi'on is not going to let her live that one down! Maybe when Sunny is older they can tempt her back into mischief, but for now she seems like she's off the hook. "No I don't need the shirt. But… I could use someone to walk me home, if you want, Sunny." Zi'on makes puppy-dog eyes at the teen. "Long term mates are good. They are home with you and you can settle in with them. But the break ups are a lot harder." Zi'on motions to the bartender that whatever the girls were drinking is on his 'tab'. Meaning, free. Then he starts to stumble towards the exit.

Sundari is perhaps too young to get the whole 'long term stuff' teen's don't think that far ahead, do they? Well this one doesn't at least. She nods and slight smile is seen while she peers at Zi'on and then casts a glance towards Areia. "I figure you won't." Yet, Sunny seems fine with this idea. At the bit where Zi'on gives her the puppy-dog eyes a soft ah escapes her and she smirks. "Really, you need someone like to me walk you home?" She seems amused over this for some reason. Imagine that, the Weyrleader needs some seabrat to drag him back to his home. She hops up, the dear Weyrleader's shirt in hand and follows along after the drunkard. "I'll just push you in the right direction. Would hate for you to stumble and fall face first into something after all." A wave is sent back to Areia. "I can push you towards your place too if you want?" It's the new service for the weyr, teens take the drunkards home, or at least halfway home.

Areia shakes her head with an amused grin. "I can find it, thanks. You take care of him." She chuckles and heads towards the door, only stumbling a little.

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