Weyrmate Troubles?

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Note - there is some bad language in this log

It's definitely nighttime, not super late, but not very early either. The Tiki lounge is bouncing as it normally is about this time and one particular bluerider's booming laugh can be heard pretty much no matter where you happen to be sitting. He's got two lovely ladies pretty much sitting on each of his sturdy legs and an arm draped about their waist. Several empty glasses are sprawled across their table, the workstaff a bit too overrun at the moment to come clear them. Ir'e's cheeks are a nice shade of red and he looks like he's having a blast. "And then I was crawling on my belly like a tunnelsnake, inch by inch getting close to the monster feline and his den. And right when I made it close enough and pulled my bow out, a little trio of cubs ran out. I guess I was a bit wrong on its gender. Just couldn't put 'er down after seeing that. I'm no heartless fellow ya know?" And the girls 'Awwwed' and cuddled closer to the bluerider which makes his smile all the wider.

Now, Rhadan was recently talked to… okay, more like it was mentioned to him by a certain Weyrleader that he should be careful of his drinking, young as he is. Rhadan, however, has already formed a routine of going to one of the taverns or bars in the Weyr's area every couple of nights. No one is going to stop him from buying drinks at his age. He isn't /that/ young. Still, he has been drinking… less. And when he enters the Tiki Lounge tonight, he has every intention of just getting and enjoying /one/ drink. It is this drink he is picking up from the bar when he turns to actually survey the room. He doesn't socialize much, but he knows a few… faces. His eyes stop at the table with Ir'e and those ladies. Red hurricane in hand (yes, he drinks froo-froo), his eyes narrow even as he begins to make his way to that table. And then he is standing there. /Staring/. And now, speaking, "Actually." His voice is young, but he does pull off a little heat in his voice, "… the females are the most dangerous. They are the hunters. Especially when nursing." Is that a glare he is giving Ir'e? And the girls?
Why yes, it is.

"Don't I know it. But I'm just a sucker for the cubs. Imagining them starving to death.. they're just so innocent and cute at that age. I couldn't do it." Ir'e's eyeing Rhadan with a nary a glare in sight, it's more of a curious look with a twinkle in his eyes. Is that a broad smile plastered across his lips. The only non-empty glass of frothy beer type liquid is snagged and he chugs some down before placing it back on the table. The girls in Ir'e's company however don't look nearly as amused as he does at the boy's arrival. They level their girly 'Get away, he's ours' look on him and snub him as they turn their prissy little smiles back on Ir'e. "So do you have any.. scars? You have to have sexy scars don't you?" He reaches out to heft one of them up, set them in the chair before he's hiking up his shirt and showing a trio of marks along his side. "All warriors have their battle scars."

That glare contains the smallest hint of disgust. No… no, it isn't disgust. Disappointment? Confusion? Well, it has a hint of all three in there, in stages. The disgust was first. Then confusion. The disappointment came after a small shake of his head. The reaction from the girls and that smile cause the teen to stare for a few more seconds. Slowly he begins to turn away from the table, shaking his head. The turning stops, though. Yes, it stops before he is fully turned. No. Rhadan, stop. /Don't/ over react. Sadly, Rhadan's inner voice (one of them) does not have control over his body. In a quick motion he is turned around and that drink - the red one - it is on the table. Well, it might be on more than the table. It is slammed down rather hard. The glass doesn't break, but the liquid /is/ likely to splash up. Rhadan even has some on his face now. And shirt. He ignores it as he glares at Ir'e again, "What the FUCK do you think you are doing!?" Yes, angry 14 turn old boy is /cursing/ at Ir'e.

Ir'e slowly tugs his shirt back down in place, hiding all those beautiful chiseled abs. Both the girls sigh in disappoint and turn poignant glares on the boy once again. Does he wanna get scratched? They can arrange it you know. The bluerider blinks owlishly at him, reaching up to run thick fingers through that long stringy hair of his. "Whatcha mean? Can't a man enjoy a drink and the company of some lovely ladies?" A solitary brow arches up as he waits for a reply but that doesn't stop his hand from wandering and finding a round rump of the companion still on his lap where he gives a quick squeeze. The girl giggles and blushes, swatting at him half-heartedly.

Rhadan is calm. Rhadan is centered. His soul is calm. There is no such thing as anger. There is no glaring or twitching. Okay. All of those things are false. Rhadan /does/ appear angry right now - his furrowed brow, his narrowed eyes and that /frown/! His soul is /not/ calm. He barely knows Ir'e, and his mind is trying to convince him that the anger he is feeling is irrational for someone he hardly knows. No, Rhadan… don't punch him. Why should he care? Problem is, he does. Rhadan is, in many good and bad ways, an emotionally controlled person. "What the fuck do I mean!?" And you might watch as those eye narrow, then look down and focus on his glass. The half-full glass of red alcohol and juice. And then you might watch as he picks that glass up and the liquid is /launched/ forward, right at Ir'e. "You have a /fucking/ Weyrmate, you bastard!" … well, he didn't punch Ir'e.

But he did, in a manner, "punch" him.

Ir'e shifts in such a manner that the girl on his knee is instantly sliding off and stepping away. She does know Ir'e relatively well and knows his temper and she also could tell mentioning said bluerider's weyrmate was a very bad idea to do today. So she gets out of the way and is right quick about it. The bluerider, now coated in fruity smelling girly-drink, reaches out to grab Rhadan by his arm and jerk him all up close and personal—which happens to be between the bluerider's spread legs. He then tugs that arm down pulling Rhadan's face down. "Do I now? Funny that." And then Ir'e's planting a kiss upon the boy's lips. It's not nice and it's not soft. It's mean, and awful, and cruel. "He left. So I think I have a right to do whatever I fucking want to do right now. But thanks for your concern in my personal life. If you want me to yourself, just lemme know, and I could arrange it." With that he's shoving the boy away from him and reaching out to grab his beer as if nothing just happened.

Rhadan is young still. Light and small in comparison to the bluerider, Rhadan doesn't move away as he is reached for (did he even have time to? He'd like yo think he was being brave and not backing down). He does stiffen, though, and try with what might he has to pull away from that grip and pull. He fails, of course. He is fourteen, duh! His glare remains on his face the whole time, though. He even 'snarls' little, letting out a bit of a growl as his arm is tugged down. He glares into the rider's eyes as those words are spoken and then… SHOCK! Rhadan's struggling in the man's grip lessens. His eyes widen. Rhad's first kiss. His first, violent, scary kiss. WHAT THE FUCK! It takes the boy time to overcome the shock. The confusion. Did… was… fuck. The words that Ir'e speaks about his relationship don't even /register/ at first, so great is the boy's shock. he controls his feet, at least, as he is shoved. He did end up a few feet away though, and he eye look up - he had been turned around by the shove - and meet with some of the other patrons to the lounge tonight. A few are looking at him, and had seen the scene. A few. Enough to cause the boy's cheeks to turn a shade of red. Embarrassment… anger… embarrassment…. growl! Turn! Glare! "Good! You don't fucking deserve him! You don't deserve anyone!" And flee! Yes, Rhadan is now walking away, his head tilted down away from eyes, hiding that tear that is starting to form. Why does it feel like /everyone/ is looking!

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