Post-Flight at the Tiki Lounge

WARNING: Contains Adult Themes!

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

A quickly emptied Tiki Lounge of failed flight chasers — many snagging various bottles and concoctions of alcohol to drown out their sorrows is anything but silent — at least not with Weyrwoman and Weyrleader with SERIOUS business to contend with, or at the very least the mixing of business and pleasure. But now, with moonlight flooding into the building from the windows, Enka dozes in satiated satisfaction, the demands of the dragons passion appeased, leaving her elated and drowsy upon that nesting of pillows. The dragons have since returned, Miraneith curled in the sands of the lagoon beach just beyond.

Zi'on wishes he felt sorry for all those flight losers, but he does not. He works hard at his job! And he wouldn't be pleased at having to give it up. All that crazy passion goes on for while, and Zi'on is left dozing, feeling utterly exhausted and very pleased. The bronzer lays with Enka, still holding his weyrlady close with his naked self exposed to the moonlight. He stirs slightly, feeling the call of nature, and grunting a bit. "…gimme that bottle over there. C'mere, bottle…" Yes, he is reaching for a drained bottle of booze, to do you-know-what in it. Suldith is splayed out next to Miraneith, sleeping away as a happy dragon does.

Enka had promised to make it fun for Zi'on, hadn't she? After being rude to him and all. And then there also was the suggestion from the goldrider that he show her just how sorry she could be. So it's really no wonder that the interaction between them was so intensely drawn out for so long, leaving them wrung and spent. But oh so very very satisfied. Nestling against Zi'on's naked chest, Enka continues to relax, breathing finally returned to normal, and entirely at peace. But when the bronzer begins to stir, so does she, blinking out of blissful dreaminess in slow easy stages. "Mmm," she mumbles softly, moving her hand over the bronzer's body to try and help him snag the emptied bottle for his business. "Nice bottle," she giggles a little and then pulls away. Unlike him, she can't quite answer the call of nature in that fashion, but lucky for her, there's a bucket behind the bar. "Be right back." Swinging herself off the edge of the stage, Enka heads for the bar, quite unashamedly unclothed.

Enka always makes it fun for Zi'on. Whether or not she is rude to him during the flight. Zi'on was mostly just teasing her during the interim. Though it's very possible they do go a little beyond the line of duty, when it comes right down to it. Zi'on finally manages to snag the bottle with Enka's help, but then the goldrider is getting up, and he thinks better of filling an empty bottle. Instead he gets up himself and finds his way out to the patio, then back in afterwards. "Ahh…" He says on his return. "Much better. Is there anything to eat in here?" Mostly it looked like empty bottles. Hey, look! There was still a couple of shots left. He lifts one to Enka, then takes it.

It probably would have been easier for Enka to just meander outside and ah, desoil the patio or something, but while Zi'on probably could get away with that sort of thing easier, Enka's just going to resort to the old tried and true method of the chamber pot. Or cleaning bucket, in this case. When the bronzer returns, Enka's tackled the problem quite handily, and is still behind the bar when he asks that question. "Could try lookin' for somethin'," she suggests, bending a little to rummage around in the cupboards there. "Might not be somethin' hot, unless you want me to take the time to cook for you," She does find crispy bread triangles, and some kind of bean dip and displays them at the Weyrleader. "Need anythin' to drink?" Because she'll just snag a bottle or two of booze and plunk everything down on a tray before sauntering back to him in that smug little strut of the very satisfactorily swived. In the moonlight beyond, Miraneith cuddles closer to Suldith, crooning softly in her sleep, her muzzle resting against his foreleg.

Yes. And someone might spot Enka with her behind hanging off the porch railing or something. Which would be fine for Zi'on, but probably not for Enka. Whatever works! They could dump it before they leave. "Eh. I just want something to nibble on. Some tuber crisps or jerky something. Maybe they've got some pastry in the back… Don't go to any real trouble though. Is there a bottle of wine? I don't think I want anymore hard liquor." Zi'on tidies up a bit around the place. At least they can somewhat clean up after this private party. Suldith warble-purrs in his sleep, settling in against Mir. Their recumbent presence should at least alert anyone who hasn't heard that Zi'on is still weyrleader. Also a clutch is on the way! Woo!

Enka probably would manage to laugh it off if someone saw her, but still! There was some kind of dignity to maintain for the Weyrwoman. And it was always easy to clean things up, probably nobody would be venturing into the Tiki Lounge until they left anyway, who would dare? "Well there's this." Enka will set the tray down, and then heads back to the bar to rummage and raid a little more. "And some jerky." she finds the entire jar of jerky slices in one of the cabinets. "Bet there's wine too." There's always wine, right? "Got a particular vintage you like?" She grabs two bottles and returns to the bronzer. "It's not a Hatchin' Feast, but it'll do." Miraneith croons again, shuffling her heavy tail against her side, and snuggling as close to her mate as possible. There was no doubt that they were definitely paired off, that was for sure. And after that long hard flight, a clutch was sure in the coming.

No one would dare that valued their life or their free time. Zi'on would see sure to that! Zi'on heads back to rearrange the pillow nest so they can lounge and snack a little more. He likes it! Maybe he'll build one in his weyr. Ditch the couch and chairs and just have a big pillow pit for people to lay or sit in. He takes the try form Enka and sets it down, then pours two glasses of what is hopefully a light white wine. Zi'on prefers red, but not in the middle of the night after a hard bit of 'work'. He tears off a piece of jerky and pops it into his mouth, then hands Enka his glass and lifts his own. "To the upcoming hatching! May a bronze impress first and may we have a big slew of new riders." He sips his wine. "Sometimes I think we ought to open up a new wing with all these new riders coming in. I wonder if there will be a gold this time around?"

Maybe *if* someone had a death wish to intrude upon the Weyrleaders, but since there's likely nobody who does, they've got the privacy of the entire lounge to themselves. Enka follows Zi'on back to the pile of pillows, and clambers onto it, nestling down into the comfortable plushness with a happy little sigh of contentment. A pillow pit would be a definite attractive draw for Zi'on's weyr, much more comfortable than couches and chairs. Accepting the glass from Zi'on, Enka grins broadly, tilting it up in a return salute. "Goin' to be a great one!" she decides, "that was a long hard flight, and those always lead to good clutches." She takes a sip, and reaches for some of those crispy bread triangles to dunk into the dip. "We might need another wing, at the rate we're goin'." she agrees, "somethin' to think about." As for a gold. "It's countin' eggs before they're laid, but one never knows." She lounges back against the pillows. So what if her clothes are … somewhere. Maybe in a pile off in the corner or behind the stage. Clothes or not, this is one pleased Weyrwoman. "I'm so glad Suldith proves his mettle again." It means she gets to keep her Weyrleader.

Does Zi'on need a pit to draw people into his den, though? Maybe now he does. He's not a teenage hearthrob anymore! The bronzer follow suit after Enka with the crispy bread. Mmm, dip. He chuckles. "Mir likes to work her suitors hard, that's for sure. I think she caters to Suldith though. The younger dragons work too hard in the beginning. And the older ones can't keep up." He shrugs a bit. "Maybe a crafter wing or something. Let them deal with their crafts more often. I don't think we need too many more transport of search riders." They could discuss the possibilities later though, once the eggs were laid and hatched. "Heh, me too. I wasn't fancying finding a new job. Someone's gotta keep Ila'den in line, too." The bronzer settles in next to Enka.

Well, hey now, he might not be a teen heartthrob anymore, but the Weyrleader's like a good vintage of wine — gets better with age. It'd just be a nice addition to his den. "Mir's always worked 'em hard," Enka agrees with a laugh. "Sometimes I wonder if she's tryin' to burn her suitors out or worry me to death with her flyin' antics. But she does seem to prefer Suldith, didn't fight him at all once he caught her." She giggles a little, taking another sip of wine. "We could consider that, we've always had crafters in the other wings, but some of them don't always fit into Archipelago or Seamount, and their crafts suffer for it. I think with the number of dragons we've been hatchin' out here at Western over the past few turns, there ought to be enough of them to go into the wings, and let the crafters move into a wing of their own, if they want." She bumps her shoulder against his when the bronzer settles next to her, and then leans in, resting her head on his shoulder. "And I'm glad you won, Zi. That you don't need to go about findin' a new job, you get to keep Ila'den in line, and that it was you naughtyin' me up just now and not some strange bronzer."

Zi'on would be happy to hear someone tell him he's getting better with age. Even if he doesn't believe it necessarily. He chuckles at Enka. "Yeah? I suppose it's best that way. The cream really rises to the top if you work 'em hard and all. I always found greenflights more harrowing, honestly. Less suitors, more crazy stunts… and they greens peter out so quickly. Without a suitor they'd just drop to their deaths." He grins. "She's used to him by now I think. He knows her quirks. How to keep her happy and all." There's a nod to Enka. "We can reassess maybe after the hatching. I think anyone at this point who wanted a transfer took one. We'll be back to overflowing soon." Zi'on smiles to Enka and wraps an arm around her. "I'm glad, too." He kisses Enka's forehead. "I like naughtying you. Flight might be my only source for a while."

Enka could probably tell that to Zi'on. After all, she's known him a long time. "Right, only the best gets the best, if you know what I mean." she gives the bronzer a salacious little grin — oh so naughty. "They always said the longer and harder the flight, the better the clutch. Guess it gets the blood flowin' or somethin' and that makes a bronze extra virile." She chuckles a little. "Course, I can't say nothin' about greenflights, bein' as I got the wrong color dragon to even think about 'em, so I'll just have to take your word for it. And Mir likes Suldith, a lot." She's also his /mom/, but do dragons really care? "Mmm, yeah." she agrees, setting her glass off to the side so it doesn't topple over and spill before she snuggles right up to Zi'on. "You naughtyin' me up is fun. When you say flights, does that mean your bluerider's givin' you as much trouble as my bluerider?"

Zi'on laughs a bit. "Maybe. Lots of competition and long waiting time maybe. You're more likely to get wet if it's a deluge than just a sprinkle, if you catch my drift." Maybe the same applies for Zi'on? "Heh. Consider yourself lucky, maybe. Greenflights are short and sweet generally. Them two always did get on well." But who could resist Suldith's cuteness? "Suldith likes being a clutchfather, even if he gets grumpy and possessive on the sands." Heritage didn't matter to dragons! They were all inbred! Zi'on finishes off his wine and sets his own glass down. He settles back and pulls Enka in close. "Maybe. We figured it was better just to go our separate ways for now, honestly. She's preoccupied with her craft, and I was just making it worse for her. She needs to advance. Then afterwards maybe we can talk about things." He sighs. "What's the matter with yours? I thought you two were looking to have kids and all?"

Enka giggles softly at his words. Oh, she certainly does get his drift all right. "That's probably it," she agrees, "might work the same for golds too, get's 'em all het up and rarin' to go. And all that attention from the chasers, whew." She hmmms softly. "Not sure if I could take short and sweet, seems like some green flights are over before you can even blink. I like gold flights. Shells, it might get me on edge, but it's worth it at the end." She pauses, tilting her chin up to peek at him out of the corner of her eyes. "Oh, I see. Guess sometimes they say absence makes the heart grow fonder or somethin' like that. Maybe it's just what you need, bein' apart from her and all." There's an equally gusty sigh from her. "He aint around much. Mir kicked Inizituth off the ledge sevendays and sevendays ago. I think he's got himself a bit of tail and a bun in the oven up there at High Reaches, cause he was always comin' in cold for a while." She shrugs, her skin brushing against Zi'on's. "Tonight's the first real romp I've had in a while. I mean I could … y'know," she gives him a look. "But it aint the same, really."

Zi'on chuckles and shrugs. "Dunno. I'm not a gold dragon. Or a dragon at all. And sure as shards Suldith doesn't seem to have any answers on flights. He just does whatever his instincts tell him to do." He grins. "If I was old and crotchety you might not be saying that." Zi'on pokes Enka in the nose. "Maybe. Though I don't intend to stop living and wait for her. But I don't think I want any sort of serious girl for a while now. Maybe in a turn or so I'll see how I feel." It wasn't like Zi'on was lacking the family department! He blinks. "I see. That doesn't sound pleasant. Speaking of… Raev is pregnant." He coughs. "It's mine, though I can't understand why she's keeping it. Other than she wants a sibling for her daughter." He raises a brow to Enka. "That's shame. And no, it's not the same at all."

"Neither am I," Enka replies drolly in turn. "Mir just knows she's got to fly, and fly and fly. And that soon or later, a bronze'll catch her and proceed to do naughty things to her. But it's the only way to get a clutch, after all." Enka squirms a little when she gets poked in the nose, and laughs. "Lucky for me you aint old and crotchety or I probably would've given you a heart attack." She tilts her head further, looking at him fully now. "Well, I suppose you could sample your way through the lower cavern's like a typical bronzer." she remarks. "Or take things up casually with a gal or two just for a night," that whole friends-with-benefits thing. "I'll live. Aint like I need a man to take care of me you know, like a holder gal who's got no other options." For which Enka'll thank her lucky stars. "You better be careful, or Western'll be chock full of your kids," she teases him. "Since the last three were girls, maybe it's time for a boy again then." She regards him levelly for a moment, and grins a little. "Definitely aint the same."

The bronzer lets the topic of dragonflights drop for now. The flight was over! There was a clutch on the way, and everything was good for at least another turn or so. Zi'on grins to the goldrider. "Probably. But I am not, so I guess that's that. I'll be the one giving -you- heartattacks later on." He laughs. "I might do a little bit of sampling. There are plenty of younger ones who are old enough now. And they've been off the menu for so long I won't be able to help myself with some of them. Maybe at some of the other weyrs, too. We'll see how things go. Seems like I'm not good at keeping single any more than I am at keeping tied down." The bronzer yawns and stretches out a bit. "It's not my fault! You ladies keep having kids. It is time for a boy, though. I'm sure Raev is wanting one to balance her brood." Zi'on eyes Enka as well. "You're intent on making me utterly exhausted, aren't you?"

Enka will also let the subject of flights lapse, it was over and done, and the dragons were sleeping the sleep of the just. "Mmmhmm," Enka does wrinkle her nose a little in a smirk at the bronzer. "We'll have to see who gives who a heart attack first." Which isn't likely to be too soon. "I'm sure that's got you just salivatin' at the thought of being able to work your way around," she teases, "just remember to keep your hands to yourself when it comes to candidates, but lookin' is certainly allowable." Her hand does move, just so, all in teasing. "I know you probably aint likely to be good at stayin' single, and Faranth knows I aint lookin' for a someone to stay around me all the time, but if you ever have an itch you need scratchin' sometime, my ledge is always open." She chuckles. "Well, us ladies can't have 'em alone, I'll cross my fingers for a boy for you." She yawns a little, wiggles against him, and pretends innocence. "Just takin' advantage of havin' you all to myself, that's all."

Riders were known for having long life-spans. So it was unlikely they'd be giving each other heart attacks. Unless Zi'on lets himself go and puts on a hundred pounds of pastry weight. He chuckles. "Maybe. Some of those girls, like that Areia. They're just begging for it. It takes some of the fun out if they're just ready and willing. At least for me it does. I like the girls who you have to chase and then even after they don't want you telling anyone." He laughs. "Oh don't worry. I'm sure I'll show up on your ledge from time to time, Enka. Now that I know your bluerider is on the outs and all. Feel free to just send me home though." Zi'on gets a smug look and his face, and pats Enka's bare behind. "Is that so?"

At some point though, Miraneith would stop rising, even if that was still decades away. So the likelyhood of giving each other heart attacks might not be as high as one might be led to believe. "Well aren't you just bein' naughty," Enka giggles a little at his words, "you'll have a good challenge then, plenty of girls like that to go around." Not Enka though, the time for not telling anyone that she's canoodling with the bronzer is long past — afterall, he's the Weyrleader now, it was expected when the dragons rose. Anything outside of that… well, she's extended that open invitation after all. "Seems like that's a good way of dealin' with our situation." she comments, his hand on her bare backside making her breath hitch a little in a breathy squeal. "uh huh." she squeaks out, "why should we go runnin' home in the dark to cold empty beds when we could stay here and test the … limits of your exhaustion?"

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