The Race!

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

It's a beautiful morning at Western. Puffy clouds in the sky, not too warm. But all of that will change by midday probably, as the weyr heats up and gets humid and sticky. But for right now it's pleasant. Suldith is in the feeding pens, next to the fence. In front of him is a half-masticated herdbeast bull, and he's munching away on the bits of meat left over. Behind him is a giant trail of blood from where he's killed the carcass and then dragged it across to his current position. Zi'on is standing, leaning against the fence in just shorts and a t-shirt. No knot today. Perhaps he's trying to blend in with the non-existent crowd? Either way, this is where he's told Sundari to meet him after he's skipped out on their race the last few times. Work and all.

Sundari is on her way towards the corrals, and she is there after getting lost a few times. She isn't use to the weyr, and isn't one to ask for directions, she enjoys finding her own way it would seem. She is wandering on towards the corrals peering out at the animals that have run off it seems, there over in the distance it seems. Clothing wise she has a simple tunic, pants and sandals, a soft humming tune is escaping her as she is searching for that weyrleader, he is around here somewhere now isn't he? Soon enough she catches sight of Zi'on, a smile seen and she waves before trotting on over towards where he is. "Hey!" She offers once there, her blue gaze catching sight of the bloody ground and she ohs and pauses to lean against the fence and then peers up at the dragon that is there. "Woah" This said with a soft tone, she's seen plenty of dragons but well this is a first.

Zi'on has not flaked out again! No, the bronzer is here, standing with his dragon as the bronze eats. The bronzer is daydreaming a bit, and it's Suldith who notices Sunny first, pulling his food in closer to himself and eyeing the sea faring lass warily. "Hm? Oh! Hi Sunny!" Zi'on peers at Suldith then. "Knock that off, Suldith. She's the only reason why we're here. You didn't need another meal." He turns back to Sundari then, grinning. "Don't mind him. He's wary of people he hasn't met before." Suldith stretches his neck over the face to sniff at Sundari with a bloody muzzle, and Zi'on pushes his head. "Don't do that! Look at you, you're covered in gore. Finish eating, we can do introductions later." Zi'on stretches out a bit. "So you ready for the big race? Ready to lose?" He chuckles.

Sundari blinks as she watches Suldith pulling his meal back, she shifts back a few feet and stands there with her arms folding behind her, one hand grasping the other at the elbow. "Ah.. Well that's alright." She ponders as she still watches that bronze dragon a few moments. "His.. huge…" This should be a given that she's never been this close to a dragon before. As the large head stretches out and sniffs her eyes widen. It takes a moment for her to look up to Zi'on and she ohs before nodding, a smile seen. "Race, sure!.. An why do you think I'm still gona lose?" A soft huff escapes her at the thought.

"He's possessive about his food, too. Even though he knows people don't just chow down on raw herdbeast." Zi'on explains further. Suldith though, convinced Sunny isn't any threat, has gone back to munching on his meal. Every so often he growls or snaps at one of the firelizards who get too close to him, but he seems to be ignoring Sunny. Zi'on grins to Sundari. "Because I'm bigger and faster than you are. That's why. Just let me know when you're ready, and we can start. I already warmed up a little bit. We'll do a full lap around the corral." He looks around, then peels his shirt off and ties it to a fence post. "There. We'll start here and go all the way around.'

Sundari watches Suldith a few moments more before she turns her attention back to Zi'on and leaves it there for now. She chuckles. "So? Just because you're bigger doesn't mean anything. The bigger something is the harder they tend to fall." She points out with a grin. Her gaze drifts around the corral taking in the area and she ponders this. "Alright, sounds like a plan." This said while she pops her knuckles and gives her shoulders a roll in the process while she goes about jogging in step a moment. Not that she hasn't warmed up already to some degree just in case he happened to show up this time.

Zi'on laughs at Sundari. "True. But I don't plan to fall. My legs are a lot longer than yours, so I don't have to use as much energy to go the same distance that you do." The bronzer heads to the starting line, bending his knees a little to get in a good starting position. He'll wait until she gets into position, grinning away the whole time. "Alright… ready?" Once she's ready, he yells "SETGO" basically as one word and then takes off. Yes. He is already cheating and the race just started. Off he goes at full-speed around the corrals!

Sundari shakes her head slightly while she hears this, a slight glance is sent back towards the dragon, making sure it stays in that corral it seems? Possible. She hears Zi'on and squeals as she is a half second behind in starting and goes about running forward to try and catch up to him. "HEY!!" She yells out while doing her best to catch up, which at first it looks like she is doing rather well with that idea.

That dragon has wings, Sunny. So when he decides to leave… he will just leave! But dragons don't eat humans, and if they did well… Suldith was already pretty full. Zi'on meanwhile, is laughing maniacally has he runs, which is slowing him down a bit. Also he's trying to at least make sure Sunny thinks she has a chance. But every time she seems to gain on him, he picks up the pace. And at the end of the race, he beats her by only a few short strides. Though he's laughing at the end. "I win! What was the bet again. Oh yes. You are now my slave, missy!" Zi'on struts around like the big he is, and Suldith, caught up in the moment, lets out a thunderous trumpet. Zi'on then leans over on the fence to catch his breath, still chuckling.

Sundari is losing!… She can see Zi'on getting further and further away every time she is close to getting past him. There is a few moments where she is there just about to pass him and then well Zi'on is gone. So close, yet so far! Sunny skids to a stop a few feet from him, working at catching her breath and coughing a moment. She can hear him though, laughing and the lot and a groan escapes her as she knows her fate is well, sealed so to speak. "Shards!"

Sundari will learn quickly that Zi'on will always cheat to tip the scales in his favor. Even if they're already in his favor. Also that he's a sore loser and an even worse winner. Really no one ought to even want to play against him. He pats her back, a bit patronizingly. "Aw. You did good, kiddo." He grins. "Don't feel bad. I cheated. But I still won, so you have to be my slave. As a consolation prize though, Suldith and I will still take you wherever you want to go. After your slave period has ended, of course." He laughs. "Also you'll be stuck on land. I'll pay your parents for the inconvenience."

Sundari huffs softly and eyes Zion a moment before smackbats his hand away after the patting. "Ya sure.. Still lost." She grumbles, something she is actually use to with the older siblings she has. There is a pause as the bit of her going to be stuck on land. "We never brought that up before. I've been had to stay land locked that long." Yes locked, to her it is like getting stuck somewhere, though she has been on a boat for pretty much all her life. "Knowing my parents there be amused enough they wn't care about anything like that." A glance is sent towards Suldith at the talk of a consolation prize. "Really?"

Zi'on laughs as she smacks his hand away from her. That's something he's used to, given his ex-weyrmate. He hasn't spent any sort of significant time around his siblings in some many turns. Though it hasn't lessened his ability to be annoying it would seem. Suldith for his part has finished up his meal and has left the bits of leftover carcass to the firelizards. He lounges in the pens, watching the exchange between his weyrmate and the younger girl. "Sorry. You can go back to sleep on the boat if you want. But you're stuck at Western, Sunny." He grins. "Well that's good of them. Maybe I'll buy some extra fish for the weyr this week then." Zi'on shrugs. "Sure, why not? It'll be fun for us. Most of my travel these days in on business. So doing some sigh seeing will be a nice change of pace."

Sundari sighs a moment, pondering it seems before shrugging and peers off. "Suppose I'll deal with it." She signed up for it after all, with the bet and all. A glance is sent to Zi'on. "It's alright. I'll just sleep somewhere in the Weyr I suppose.. I mean I guess that's alright?" She smirks. "My father would rather you buy the fish then pay for me so to speak." Ya that came out wrong, but oh well! "Great! I'll make sure to pick someplace fun, don't you worry!" She is grinning, so much for losing a bet, she seems rather excited over this for some reason.

"There are free cots down in the residents' cavern. You can claim one of those. Unless you want to crash on my couch, which I doubt." She might end up accidentally seeing Zi'on naked, and then be scarred for life. Zi'on blinks at her wording, then realizes that's more or less what he would be doing. "Er. Yeah good thought. I'll just buy the fish then. Maybe if you do a good job I'll give you some spending marks at the end." Which won't really make her a slave, but an employee. But who is keeping tabs? Suldith figures now is a good time to re-examine this person his lifemate is so interested, so he gets up to put his muzzle into Sundari's face and sniff at her. "Any idea where you want to go? Suldith is curious. Don't mind him, he's harmless."

Sundari perhaps meant to say it that way then, who knows but yes one could possible get ideas after all. "Fish works. I think I'll find a cot somewhere. Until I make someone crazy enough to kick me out then I'll ask about the couch." She ponders this while peering at Zi'on at the bit on he spending marks and tilts her head. "Really?" This is questioned with a curious tone, pondering it seems. Her gaze flicks to Suldith and she blinks while peering at him now that she is being sniffed at. "Uh.. Well hi there." This said with a soft tone, seeming a bit unsure it seems with the large dragon being so close to her. "Well, not, not at the moment. I'll come up with something worth wild though. Your see."

Zi'on laughs. "It's the resident's caverns. If they didn't kick me out they sure as shards aren't going to kick you out, Sunny. But I don't really care where you sleep as long as you show up to work on time." The bronzer shrugs. "Sure, why not. I ain't got much to spend them on now anyways. And we'll be stuck egg-sitting soon. So I ought to find an assistant." Suldith noses at Sundari and gives a friendly warble to her. "If you give him a pat, he might go away. If he bothers you, I can make him go away." Zi'on pats the bronze's muzzle. "I bet you've been to a lot of places already though, hm? Maybe not some of the land locked weyrs. Like Telgar up north. Not that there's much to see there really."

Sundari just grins a moment. "Sounds like a task I could try." She is mostly joking at the idea. "Assistant? I bet loads of people would want to be your assistant though. Why would you want some kid? Anyway this is only for a seven-day as I recall." Though who knows, maybe she'll want to stay around afterwards. "What time do I so up to work anywho? What are you going to have me to do to start with?" There is a pause as she glances to Suldith, she seems a bit more relaxed and even offers a smile. "No it's alright, I don't mind him." This said while she gives that large bronze head a soft patting and even a little scritch if allowed. "North Like with snow?" Her blue gaze flicks back to Zi'on. "I've never seen snow before. Heard about it loads of times though."

Zi'on laughs. "Everyone says that. Until they actually have to do the work, and they realize they'd rather just have a chore or two to do during the day than to be stuck in the office with me and Ila'den. Mostly Ila'den. But yes, it's only for a sevenday. Once that's done, you're free to do as you like. Also you're not that young, are you?" He peers at her. "I was only twelve or so when I was Enka's assistant. Funny, isn't it? She was a young weyrwoman though, and it kept me out of trouble. Mostly because I had a crush on her." He ponders. "Well, first I'm going to let you go get settled into the caverns. Then this afternoon you can give Suldith a bath, and I'll show you how to oil him and you can do that, too. Past that, you'll get to run my errands. Picking up my laundry, food, tidying the office, delivering messages." Suldith does not in fact leave Sunny alone after a pat and a scritch. No, he nuzzles his head against her like a giant cat. "Well, it's summer up north, so we might have to head south for snow."

Sundari giggles a moment, yes she giggled as Suldith nuzzles into her like that. "An't you cute." She did just call him cute too. Her blue gaze turns back to Zi'on. "I'm fifteen. Old enough I reckon to do some assistant work, especially if you were doing it at twelve." There is a pause. "I get to bath him?" Him being Suldith and she peers at the bronze pondering this. "That's going to take a lot of water and soap And oil. How do you keep so much oil around for them?" Oh dear there goes the questions. "How often do they need to be oiled too?" A glance is sent back to Suldith and she smiles at the idea of snow for a moment. "Well, maybe we could find some snow?" It's an idea and she sort of likes that idea now.

Suldith -is- cute! As long as he feels okay with you and he is not eating or on the sands or in a flight. He's very loving. The bronze finally moves back and then bounds over the fence and proceeds to run about for a little bit, which spooks all the herdbeasts. "Yes, you are certainly old enough. And yes, you get to bathe him. It will be down at the beach, we'll use the sand there. The oil comes in big drums and there's a special tool to spread it." Zi'on shrugs. "Depends. When they're young they grow fast and they need to be oiled like everyday. Now I generally just oil him after I bathe him. And that depends on how often he needs a bath or if he's complaining about itchy skin." Zi'on nods to her and grins. "We could. Anyways, I'll let you go grab your stuff. Meet me down at the lagoon after lunch. We'll be waiting for you there."

Sundari is a curious thing now isn't she? She smiles after Suldith and brushes her hands off before looking back to Zi'on and nods. "I suppose that makes sense." At the bit on meeting them at the lagoon she grins a moment. "Alright, sure I'll be there." For being a 'slave' she is still taking this all in good strides, maybe a bit excited over such things. Perhaps it is a teenage thing? "So I can tell my father you're be interested in getting fish from him then?" Well if she is off to get her things she'll have to tell her parents something, right?

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