Sneezes And Sudden Stops

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's a decent afternoon at Western. Not terribly hot, a little humid and looking overcast. There might be a storm or two later, but right now the weather is okay. It's not unusual for Zi'on to keep tabs on the weyrlings as they progress through their lessons. He almost never interferes, and it gives him a better sense which wing to place them once their training is over. For Rhysanna of course, there wasn't much of a choice! She'd end up in the administration wing, unless something prevented her from performing her duties there. Zi'on and Suldith are lingering on after observing a lesson though. The bronzer is of course hoping to bump into someone. And Suldith? Well, he's looking fidgety, like he wants to be someplace else. The bronze needs a distraction!

Making today's lesson rather more complicated - at least for Rhysanna and Tavehtiath - has been the cold the young dragon has contracted; she's well enough to take part, of course, but her sneezes have not been making things simple. Rhysa looks more tired than usual, now, but there's something determined in the way she directs her dragon not back to the barracks for a nap, but over towards the bronze pair. "You can rest afterwards," she promises, muttered but still audible. "The fresh air will do you good. You can talk to Suldith. Just for a little while."

The young gold heading their way is enough of a distraction for Suldith. He remembers her from the beach. Of course, it was easy to remember the gold ones, since they were so few around. The bronze pads over to her, giving a low rumble in greeting and stretching his neck out to her. « Hello, Tavehtiath. How was your lesson? » He asks her in a soothing tenor. Zi'on smiles and waves to Rhysa. "Hey there." He blinks as she gets closer. "You look like you're getting even less sleep than before. Everything alright?"

Tavehtiath's answer is cooler and more restrained than is even her usual, muffled beneath layer upon layer of white and cold. « It was— » She sneezes, lowering her head so as to aim it downwards rather than outwards. « Undignified. I believe I am to congratulate you upon your clutch. » Rhysa, rueful but good-naturedly so, gestures towards her dragon. "She snores. It's apparently nothing to worried about, and it's clearing up, but… she's too big for it not to be loud, you know? Hey."

Suldith literally jumps at the sneeze. His back arches up like a cat's and his wings flare out. Yes, he is surprised. Mostly that such a loud sneeze is coming out of such a tiny dragon. Once he realizes she's not trying to bite him or something, he relaxes back down and leans over to give her a gentle neckrub. « Are you sick? Yes, the eggs are on the sands with Miraneith. I would like to get back to the sands soon. You will egg-sit someday. » Zi'on chuckles. He's not as surprised by the sneeze as his dragon is. "That's unfortunate. A cold or something then? I take it no one is getting a lot of sleep then in the barracks. Maybe we should have a sleepover party or something." He grins.

That reaction is rather more than Tavehtiath expects, and she takes half a step back, though not so far that she can't still permit Suldith's neckrub. « I'm sorry, » she says, audibly contrite. « I can't seem to help myself. I don't like it. » The prospect of her eventual egg-sitting doesn't seem to faze her. Instead, she agrees, « You should not be gone for too long. That is where you are supposed to be. » "A cold," agrees Rhysa, sighing. "The dirty looks are getting wearying. A sleepover party, huh?"

Suldith settles down next to the little gold, who is already as big as a full grown green. « Don't be sorry. It is just a sneeze. It caught me off guard. You can't hold them back, it only makes it worse. » Suldith seems to ponder things a while. « Miraneith has it handled. I will head back to her later, with dinner. » Zi'on nods. "Poor Taveh. I'd say it's not bad weather for sleeping outside… but it looks like tonight might not be such a good night for that." He looks up to ponder the weather. "How are your lessons going? No hang ups or anything?"

« I still don't like it, » says Tavehtiath, dropping her head towards her forelimbs in a way that implies a certain amount of sulking. « Dinner. A whole beast, then. I should much prefer that to little bits and pieces. » Rhysa's gaze follows Zi'on's, and she sighs, nodding. "I wouldn't want to make it worse, if it storms. If she's still like this tomorrow, though… for everyone's sake." Her arms move to wrap around herself, one hand pressed into each shoulder. "I think we're doing okay. I don't really like the jogging, but we're managing. We're studying formations, but that's…"

« No one likes a cold. » Suldith flops over and rolls onto his back, then looks at her upside down. « Mir only eats wherry. I like herdbeast though. It's good when it's alive and warm and juicy. » The first bit is accompanied by an image of a wherry, in case she's not aware of what they are. The second, by his latest meal, dead and half-eaten. "Everyone keeps the barracks up at some time or another. If they're tired enough they'll get some sleep." Zi'on gives Rhysa a sympathetic look as her arms go around herself. He sticks his hands into his pockets. "Heh. Not much of a physical activity girl? I wasn't either, to be honest. But I got used to it. It's good to keep active." He raises a brow at her, then chuckles. "But that's not of much use to you?"

Class has just finished for the afternoon, and Rhysa and Tavehtiath are still outside, conversing with Zi'on and Suldith. The young queen's snoring has been keeping Rhysa (and others) up late at night, these most recent days; both look exhausted. Upside-down Suldith receives a long, considering glance from Tavehtiath. Unlike her rider, she's unbothered by dead animals, and, indeed, seems interested. « Warm and juicy, » she repeats, with satisfaction (and a sneeze). « Yes. That sounds delicious. » There's no complaint, no 'I'm-as-big-as-a-green-why-shouldn't-I-get-to-eat-real-meat', but the young queen nonetheless seems eager. "Not much use to me," confirms Rhysa, with a sigh. "I mean, I'm sure it's good to know, and I'm glad not to be singled out. It's… not that I'm opposed to physical activity, either. I just don't like running. Now I'm just complaining, aren't I? Rhysa's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Sevenday. Whatever." Which, if nothing else, has her grinning.

Neither Kaiath nor Nae are the subtle types. So it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that they make a dramatic entrance into the training field. Not content with the day's trainings, Kaiath has insisted that Naeda ride her around for another couple laps around the barracks. Nae is holding on for dear life as the energetic little green bounds recklessly through the field, flapping her wings about. "Kaia! Slow down!" « WHEEEEEEE! »

Suldith is indeed on his back, looking at Taveh upside down. Being silly. It would be very unfortunate for a dragon to not like the idea of raw meats or dead and bleeding animals. They might starve to death. « It is. Miraneith still likes the wherry though. So that is what I will bring her. » Probably still flapping, trapped between his jaws. "Mm. It's good to know the formations. Just in case. We do sometimes employ the golds on rescue missions and the like. Though they basically only ride point, so… still not much need to know there." He grins to her. "I bet it's just making you more tired. You'll be in tip-top shape though by the end of it all." Which… the bronzer looks pleased about. Though he's soon distracted by a zooming Kaiath and Nae. "Incoming!" Zi'on warns… everyone around. Suldith doesn't move. The green will have to go around him.

As interested as Tavehtiath is in this talk of food (real food!), and as tired and miserable as she is, there's still little that can keep her from being interested in Kaiath. Suldith is - at least temporarily - abandoned as she draws her head back up from her forelimbs to watch the little green. « Don't trip, » she warns her, though she's not moving, either. "By rights," says Rhysa, wryly, "I should be sleeping like a baby. Like a… baby that actually sleeps." There's something just short of a smirk in her expression, probably in answer to Zi'on's pleased look, but she, too, is distracted by the incoming pair. "Shells," she says, backing up a little, as though this might keep her out of harm's way.

Kaiath stumbles and backwings. That might be more effective if she were actually flying. But when the little green is just madly dashing around, it is less effective. She comes to a halt only after nearly colliding with the bronze, and almost throwing off her rider in the process. Nae clings, white-knuckled, slightly terrified.

Suldith rolls over when he's being ignored. Back to his feet he goes. « Hello Kaiath. » It's hard to forget a green that's got that much energy. Where does it all come from? "You really should be." Zi'on agrees with Rhysa's assessment of her sleep situation. "Most weyrlings do. I know I did." Unfortunately all the smirking and conversation comes to a halt as Nae is nearly thrown from her dragon when she skids to a stop. Even Suldith is backwinging a bit, to give them some room to get steady. Then he reaches out to touch his nose to Kaiath's neck. « Careful. You will crush yours if you fall on her. » Even at this young age, if she falls on Nae's leg it would certainly end up bruised, if not broken.

« Or you could pull a muscle or hurt your wings and then you wouldn't be allowed to do things, » adds Tavehtiath, chiming in just after Suldith. « Speed is less important than grace. » Grace… which is something she has not been displaying much of, today (thanks, sneezes). « You're not hurt? » She's staying back, although her whole body seems to have been drawn into high alert, muscles tensed and ready. "Nae, are you—?" Rhysa's arms drop from her shoulders, aiming, instead, to reach impotently towards the green and her rider.

« Or we could have AWESOME FUN!!! » Kaiath does not seem to fully appreciate the risks involved in her daredevil actions. A harbinger of things to come. Nae takes a few deep breaths and pats her lifemate's hide. "I'm okay, I'm okay." She assures, unbuckling herself from her straps. "… That's enough practice for today, right Kaia?" The green warbles in protest, but doesn't seem to argue too much.

Suldith can't really comment on grace. He has it. But it's sort of… a feminine quality. And the bronze is already sort of on the smallish side for a bronze. So yeah. Of course he's not a floppy weyrling either. Often times as they're growing their legs are too long for their bodies, or their wings are too small, or their feet oddly shaped. Until they grow to full size and everything evens out. "Let me give you a hand, Nae." Zi'on is a little bit taller, so he moves over to the green and her rider to possibly assist Nae in getting down. If he can. Or at least stand nearby to catch her should something happen. "I wonder if she'll calm down a little when she's full grown…" Zi'on says, mostly to himself. He's going to have trouble finding a place in a wing for someone with that high of an energy output. He'll have to assign Kaiath to two jobs. Or make her roll a boulder up a hill in her free time or something.

« Or, » and this time, Tavehtiath's voice holds something harder, not quite verging on being commanding, « We could not, Kaiath. » She's still at attention, watching with rapidly whirling eyes and what seems like physical discomfort. Rhysanna looks positively green, really, and though her arms return to her sides, there's something in the way they sit that suggests she'd rather be hugging herself. "Well… at least you know that your straps hold. Good work."

"Y… yeah." Nae agrees with the assessment of her straps, still a little rattled by her wild ride. Once she's unbuckled she gives her lifemate another little pat before she slides off her side, accepting Zi'on's hand down. "… That's what they said about me. I'd calm down when I was full grown. How'd that work?" She asks with a little lopsided grin. Kaiath still seems very pleased with herself, showing off to her golden sister. « Did you see how FAST I was going? »

Taveh has that golden advantage of the powers of persuasion over the other dragons. Though it may take her a bit to develop it. « Perhaps we should take a break. » Suldith agrees with the gold. Zi'on helps Nae down from the green, patting her on the shoulder once she's back on land. "Heh. Well, you tell me. It'll be your job to reign her in. Unless you want me to get Mir involved." Yes, that was something of a reprimand from Zi'on. As much as he thinks he can give. Suldith doesn't engage the green. He doesn't want to egg her on. He looks between Nae and Rhysa. "You girls alright?"

"It seems like you've actually met your match," offers Rhysa, smiling in a wry kind of way. "For now. For all we know, you'll turn speed-demon on us, too, once you're used to it. Not me, though, I think. Though," she indicates her dragon with a tip of her head, "I can't see her getting into it, regardless. "I'm fine," she adds, hastily, with a nod of her head towards Zi'on. Tavehtiath lets out another sneeze, shuddering as she does so. « You were very fast, » she agrees, wearily. « And I am very tired. » Sighing, Rhysa gives her dragon another glance. "We'd better go in."

"Of course she's my match." Nae says to Rhysa with a distinct note of pride in her voice. "If she wasn't my match, we wouldn'tve impressed." Kaiath croons again, giving her wings a little flap. « Sleep well, little sis! » She says before looking back to the bronze. « Yay, break. Breaks are AWESOME. Hey! Weren't you going to teach us how to fish? I wanna eat delicious fish! » Truly, hers is a dizzying intellect.

Zi'on chuckles. "Golds are the speedsters. Greens are the agile loop-de-loopers." Zi'on would know, he's been there, basically. Though Taveh didn't seem like the type to show off, all things could change during a flight. He nods to Rhysa. "Alright. Try to get some rest, you two." There's a wave to the departing goldrider. No hugs today, much to Zi'on's sadness. There's a laugh from Nae, though. "Well, true enough." Suldith watches the green. « Not today. I have eggs on the sand that need my supervision. I will bring you a fish next time I am here. » Raw. And wiggling.

"Point," agrees Rhysa, with a dim smile for Nae, though that seems more to do with tiredness than the other weyrling herself. She makes a face at Zi'on for this prospect of speed, but that, too, is short-lived: it's followed by a smile, and a nod of her head, before she's turning to escort her dragon home. No hugs; sad day, indeed.

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