Day 15 of Month 7 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Large Storage Cavern
A huge cavern that serves as a warehouse for the Weyr. There is a loading dock for wagons and supplies of all sorts are stacked neatly on huge shelves. Several smaller passages lead to various rooms used for storage. Sometimes one will see one of the smaller dragons helping lift things to and from the shelves with the rider directing the operation.

It took a few side trips but Suriya finally storms her way into the Storage Cavern with a scowl. Mabon flies from her shoulder, and begins waddling on the floor with bronze wings opened as he looks around for any critters driven out by the flames. "What kind of loser would burn the stores down? We have stuff in here! Why would there even be a fire here in the first place." Muttermutter. She stomps off and begins looking through the shelves, minding her feet while sifting through what's left.

Teinon follows behind Suriya with more of a disgruntled look. He ignores Suriya's question and hangs back near the entrance at first, surveying the scene as a whole before wading into the soot-covered mess. He pokes around the rubble, not quite as determinedly as Suriya, but certainly as irritated. If for entirely different reasons.

"Did they get moved?" Suriya kicks over a board, sending a little plume of ashes as she does and the young woman does start to cough a bit but it doesn't slow her down one bit. She grabs onto anything cool enough to touch and starts moving things aside. Tanit was right, it must all be gone. Suri turns around, glancing at Teinon's direction and she takes in a deep breath, huffing. See that, Tei? She's pouting and angry pout, arms crossed and was that a sniffle? "I worked so hard on those jars." Rather, what's kept within them. Mabon hisses, raising his wings up and puffs to make him look bigger as he stalks some prey. The bronze vanishes and with a squeak, returns with his kill! He got something from the stores at least. With a proud little strut, the bronze waddles his way all the way past the silent candidate and out the door. Because betweening totally makes sense, right?

Teinon eyes the lizard as it… walks out the door. His brow goes up, but he leaves the creature be, because there's a crime scene to investigate. Tei is slow to notice the pouting and sniffling, being that his dude-brain is all caught up in his annoyance at a certain goldrider. But when he does notice it, it causes a slightly uncomfortable sort of look, but he does kind of awkwardly pat her on the shoulder.

The pat does loosen the tension up a little bit and Suriya gives Teinon a little awkward smile before turning back to the mess. "Wait til I find out who did this, Tei. I wanna know how it happened and I can't wait to find out." Business face. Suri steps back and just follows the path of destruction with her eyes. "Do you see anything suspect?" TEINON, WHAT DO YOU SEE WITH YOUR ELF MUTE EYES?

Teinon smiles crookedly back at her, and goes back to the mess in the storage room. With a faint sigh, he wades in. He's definitely going to be soot-covered when all this is over, but it's not like he's a stranger to dirt. He starts lifting some of the heavier pieces that Suriya wouldn't be able to. Lookit him, He-Man Shelf-Lifter… That is, a shelf that collapsed when the fire burned the supports too badly for them to maintain structural integrity. Once some of the worst debris is out of the way, he makes a face. He reaches into the rubble and pulls out the burned-out corpse of a flamethrower. He whistles a sharp note to show he's found something, and holds it up for Suriya's inspection, his eyebrow raised pointedly.

The sharp note gets her attention and those curious eyes peer right at him and what he holds in his hands. She carefully steps over the debris, closing the gap between them and she leans in to peer at the flamethrower. "Hrm. This definitely could contribute to a fire, but I don't know if it started it. If there's more than one of those, that would explain why it got so bad so fast. Good eye, Teinon!" Suriya looks around closer to where he is, carefully reaching into the tiny nooks and crannies as she spots curious ones. "We're NOT getting blamed for this. We gotta find the answer."

Teinon lifts a shoulder slightly, and drops the wreckage back on the pile of debris. He fastidiously wipes his hands off on his tunic before producing a scrap of paper he can write on. After some few moments spent composing, he passes it over to her, then starts kicking at random debris. The note reads: "Shouldn't have been stored here to begin with. Probably accident. Not our fault—That won't stop them from blaming us if they want to."

Teinon has Suriya well trained at this point, whether he meant for it to happen or not. Whenever he pulls out writing implements, she's conditioned to wait for his response. It's a tedious tasks but serves a purpose. The young woman steps closer, tilting her head to read his words and she frowns, nodding her head in response. "Agreed. Should've been in a separate storage. Let's keep looking. From the sounds of things, there's other folks here. I thought I heard someone's voice. Can't have them messing up any evidence we find. Or have them stealing my jars if they're still around."

Teinon gives Suriya an odd look at the mention of voices, but at least Suriya's attentive respect of his means of communication somewhat soothes the annoyance that had been darkening his face. He doesn't call attention to the fact that he didn't hear any voices, but he does offer another note, this time with a question: "What's in the jars?"

What's in the jars? Oh, Suriya slowly tilts her gaze up to Teinon, and a wicked grin is resting on her face. "Oh, just pickling some things. Need it for a little project. Thankfully it was just at the marinading stage. If it was in the next one, I would bury it outside at that point and not keep it indoors. Otherwise it would've helped make the most heinous fire ever. Had an uncle do that, once. Didn't properly vent his sealed lid, over filled the pot. BOOOOM! Wherry feet projectiles~" Speaking of BOOM, she quickly glances up and begins to inspect the ceiling but it's just darkened. "There's nothing stuck or splattered up there, Tei. So whatever the cause is, has to be here on the ground."

Teinon wrinkles his nose and probably decides he doesn't really want to know. Whatever it is, he's just as happy to leave it to Suriya to find it. He does, however, scribble another note. "We should ask Leeta to help. She was a guard, before. She'll know what to look for."

Don't worry, Tei-tei. Suriya will most definitely share her current projects in graphic detail, in the most inappropriate of moments should she find her- "I THINK I SEE THEM." She's on the HUNT, stepping over things, sitting on others and turning to climb over obstacles. Her clothes are covered in soot, but there's things such as laundry rooms and hot baths available to correct that. She hums, blinking, then stops. Suriya leans down, and against the wall behind her precious unscathed large lidded jar is a foreign object. It's picked up, and she blows off the ashes a bit before fiddling with fingers. "Oh. Just a book. We'll check this thing out later. Should've burned." Into her bag it goes and she squats down. "Teinon, I don't see anything cooked to the floor so I think they're intact!" Her jars, that is. While she's down on the ground, she does spot something. "Look! There! Where those crates are. See that stuff on the floor?" Something cooked to the floor, with the scorch marks pocked with bubbles and a striking outline. The dried fluid leading straight to the damage. "Crates should've been damaged. I like burning things, this wasn't burned right. Hrm. Oh. For fucks sake. Look." Apparently, a melted mass is on the floor, waxy by consistency and a small candleholder lay singled next to it. "Wouldn't that be something? Someone knocks this thing down and then WOOSH. I dunno."

Teinon watches Suriya go wading into the sooty mess with a look of consternation. With a sigh, he starts the very careful process of erasing the paper so he can use it again later, then tucks it away so he can come over and inspect what Suriya found. He takes it all in, frowning faintly, but then shakes his head. Scribble scribble, then another note is handed Suriya's way. "Seems probable. Doesn't prove _we_ didn't do it."

"True. There's still no way to prove that we did, either. We could just totally blame that thing over there." What thing? Suriya moves over and grabs at some glittery thing peeking out from behind a board. She shakes the garment and holds it up against herself. A rose gold glittery catsuit looking thing… with a tail? "Gather costume?" Browquirk?

Teinon shakes his head at that, with a sour expression. He sticks his tongue out at the odd costume, but gets to scribbling again, since apparently he has a thing to say. He passes the note over, then goes back to poking at burned debris. "Word of a weyrwoman > Word of a field drudge-candidate." He moves over toward the wall to start clearing things, searching for any retrofitted electrical outlets or lights.

Suriya rolls her eyes but doesn't argue at Teinon's words. He's technically right afterall, who would believe a bunch of candidates? With a sigh, Suri looks in her bag and pulls out a bundle of rope. She begins to wrap it around the neck of the jar, looking and weaving it around in a intricate pattern, back and forth. Gotta make a handle somehow! "I'm bringing my jar back, can't have this thing being tampered with. It should be ready for straining. Then I just gotta go pick up my flowers and then assembly time~" All singsongy, despite their situation. "Hopefully she lets us have a bath before we're locked up, but don't worry. If we're locked up, I know how to pick us out. We just have to use the bones of the last Candidate that screwed up."

Teinon shoots Suriya a dry look, but doesn't favor that with a response. Time to save paper, apparently! He tucks paper and pencil away into an inner pocket of his tunic, then he gestures to the jar and raises an eyebrow questioningly. He apparently realizes pretty quickly that this isn't good enough, because he makes to lift the jar, testing to see how heavy it is. Apparently his mother taught him to be a gentleman or something?

Suriya generally isn't one that accepts chivalry and other kind gestures from the menfolk, often resulting in a tongue lashing, but the young woman does have a softspot for this fellow candidate. She just steps back, scratching at the corner of her mouth in thought. Soot isn't worth worrying about right now. "Um, I think it's more cumbersome than anything. I just used a cart to bring it in here but looks like the cart didn't make it."

Teinon smiles a little, once he's sure of the weight, and hefts it up. He's careful not to tip it or slosh the contents, just in case they're somehow delicate, then looks at Suriya with a raised brow, waiting for her to lead the way.

Suriya peers at Teinon, wide eyed, but she nods obediently and quickly glances to make sure nothings leaking. "We'll just, uh, take it easy. The contents can be rather noxious. It's bad enough we're dirty. We don't want to be stinky, too." With an appreciative smile, Suri ground guides Teinon through the path of least resistance back to the barracks. She stops at the doorway of the stores, she turns to glance back at her fellow Candidate. "Thank you for helping, Teinon. I really do appreciate it."

Teinon looks pretty unconcerned about being stinky. One thing about working with animals is that you get pretty used to the stank. The last does get her an odd look, as though he'd like to say something but since his hands are pretty full, he just settles for an awkward smile and an almost-shrug. He shifts his grip on the jar to make sure it doesn't slip, and nods her through the doorway ahead of him.

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