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Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern
This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. Western Weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.
Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.
Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

Zi'on finds himself a seat at Keely's table and invites himself to sit with her. He slides the clipboard across the table to her, still grinning. Zi'on still looks mostly like Zi'on. He’s still tall and skinny and dark and mysterious. Or something. "What do you mean, missed a night?" He wrinkles his brow and squints back at her. "Where have you been? Game? No game. At least not besides waking you up like that." The bronzer laughs a bit and leans back in his chair and sips at his drink.

"Time differences when betweening and all that," Keelyra says, waving a hand absently. As if it were old hat to her now… which, well, in the past Turn it may have become so. She was always good at keeping things organized in the Caverns and kitchens; likely the older generation that runs things has her doing the errands that would wear them out. It'd explain her tendencies to be absent so much… "The knot," the girl explains, gesturing absently. She's finally begun to properly grow into herself; long fingers are more elegant than awkward now. "Or have I been gone longer than I thought and the whole Weyr's gone insane?"

"Bleh." Is Zi'on's response to losing an entire night from betweening. "Maybe you should take a day or two off, in that case. Get yourself reoriented and sleep in an actual bed. What is this you've been doing, anyways?" He moves the clipboard back towards himself again and pages through it, in case it provides any clues at a quick glance. "I haven't seen you in forever. I assumed you got searched someplace else and then impressed, actually." He looks to his knot, then laughs. "Apparently you've been gone longer than you thought. Though it's sort of recent, I guess."

Kayse enters the rec cavern quietly, but Nala does not. Kayse's mysteriously acquired firelizard is perched on the girl's shoulder, which has only just been padded appropriately, and when she gets her first look at the cavern she lets out a bugle of sound ominously similar to a feline roar. Blushing brightly, Kayse immediately shushes her, holding the offending mouth firmly shut as she removes the gold from her shoulder and, while keeping Nala still and silent, heads toward the table where Keelyra and Zi'on are seated.

The clipboard is useful, mostly. It's costs of food and shipping comparisons from… well, quite a bit of Pern's holds and crafts. Grain from here, exotic fruits from there… Basically all the things they may want or need in the kitchens that can't be obtained locally. Keelyra rubs at her eyes a bit and shrugs, "Met a rider a few weeks back from Telgar who asked, but I turned them down. Too sharding cold up there. I've just been…" she shrugs a bit, "keeping to myself, I guess." Another look to the knot and she shakes her head, as if in disbelief. "I suppose congratulations are in order?" The 'lizard's bugling brings a brief flinch and Keely glances over briefly, but soon brings her attention back to Zi'on since the 'lizard is quieted… for the time being

Zi'on grunts a bit at the noisemaking 'lizard. That's part of why he doesn't carry his around. Though they tend to follow him anyways. At least Sylvanas does, Thrall usually just sat around, watching people. Zi'on pages through the clipboard. "Looks like lots of good information. Enka will want to know some of this." But Zi'on… he doesn't keep track of what gets bought when. That was Enka's job. "Ah. Well, you can always stand for Mir and Suldith's clutch if you want. It's warmer here." He grins to her and nods. "Thanks, I guess. There's been a few changes around here, actually. I made your friend Ila my weyrsecond."

Kayse is by and large uninterested in Keelyra, it would seem, for when she nears the table she orients on Zi'on. She comes to a stop beside the table, shifting uncertainly as she waits for a chance to speak without interrupting either Keely or Zi. When the moment seems right, she breaks in. "Excuse me, sir, but I know you've been looking in to the missing items. Have you found anything out about where the clothes went?" Cue Nala breaking free of her owner's hands, but, rather than resume her noisemaking from before, she simply climbs back up to her previous perch and settles in with a disgruntled expression. Perhaps this is not the first time she has been detained in that manner.

Of all places for a V'ric to show up, the rec cavern isn't exactly the most likely of the choices. But there he is all the same, striding in with an almost wary look given around the room. After all, one never knows if the need to abruptly /duck/ will occur in a room with a table tennis area set up. Once things have been deemed appropriately safe, however, the brownrider continues on, shrugging out of his flight jacket while approaching the bar. Without the rowdy groups of game players, it really is an acceptably quiet place to have a drink. As he pulls himself up to sit there, he does at least turn the chair around to observe the goings-on, a tilt of his head given as he zeroes in on the mention of missing clothes. Maybe some of his own things have disappeared lately.

"He's not my friend," Keelyra replies, almost too quickly. There's an underlying bitterness to her voice. A deep breath and a few seconds later though seems to have her recovered, as she reaches out to take the clipboard. "Once I have a full report together, I'll be giving it to the Headwoman. I'm sure Enka'll see it then." The offer brings a furrowed brow, "Stand again? I… I can't say I haven't considered it. I'm just not sure…" she lets the words drop as Kayse speaks to Zi'on. Pale eyes drift towards the Weyrleader, one eyebrow rising slowly.

Zi'on blinks a bit at Keely. "He's not? I thought he was. I thought he was like a brother to you or something?" He peers at her. Clearly something had happened. Probably that something's name was Iris. When Kayse speaks up he looks to her. "Eh? Were you one of the ones that got your underwear stolen, or something? No, we don't have any clue what happened to anything that's gone missing. If you've got any ideas though I'd be willing to listen to them. And no, it didn't have anything to do with me." Sometimes Zi'on thinks he ought to hold court or something. Or at least encourage people to bring him their complaints during certain business hours. Though they'd still bother him everywhere he went most likely. There's a wave to V'ric and then he nods to Keely about the reports. "Well, you don't have to stand this clutch. There'll be others, obviously. Once you get settled back in maybe."

"A blouse, actually, sir," is Kayse's reply, and Nala reinforces it with a soft cheep of agreement. "I was hoping something had come to light by now. I know someone has been sneaking around the dorms, since that's how this one," and she gestures to the firelizard, "ended up in my bed, but I have no idea who it was and why they left something instead of taking things again. I've been trying to find out, but nobody knows anything." Her expression is a mixture of frustration and depression; between losing one thing and having another smuggled to her in her sleep, it has been a rough couple of weeks. "Well, thank you, sir. Sorry to interrupt." A polite nod is directed to Keelyra before the girl turns away, glancing around the room again in an effort to determine what to do now.

V'ric shifts, rolling his shoulders a bit before he turns to grab his drink. He resumes his position, however, leaning back against the bar while sipping from the glass. Zi'on's wave is given a faint nod, glass raised ever so slightly. There's a faint snort into his drink however as the conversation continues, lowering the glass just enough to speak. "I'm surprised. If a thief is stealing things's a wonder they aren't leaving beetles in the bed instead." His gaze slides over to Keelyra then, watching her quietly before speaking again. "Does that apply to anyone who /is/ his friend? Or just Ila'den?"

"I'll consider it," Keelyra replies, leaving the part about Ila to rest. "Maybe if I get caught up on sleep…" Since, well, as anyone knows; candidates don't get much quality rest time. "Someone's been stealing clothes and it isn't Zi'on?" This is, perhaps, directed to Kayse and Zi'on both. V'ric's question earns a puzzled look. "Why would it include others? You had no part in what he did."

Zi'on nods with a sigh to Kayse. "Well, I'm sorry about your blouse. All I can suggest is going down into the stores and seeing if there's any clothing left you can salvage. We've been searching the caverns top to bottom, but nothing is turning up." He raises an eyebrow at the firelizard. "I don't have a clue why they'd leave something. Maybe you've got a secret admirer? Whoa whoa, you got a name? Who am I supposed to come look for if I find a blouse?" The weyrleader looks between V'ric and Keely. "So what did Ila do? Come on, I need some dirt to throw in his face." Apparently Zi'on is ignoring her question in favor of his own.

Kayse looks over to V'ric when he speaks, shaking her head slightly. "I don't know that the events are related, but if one person is sneaking around to leave things places, maybe they saw the one who is stealing stuff while they were out and about. I still want to know why they left an egg pot in my bed." The thought of someone rustling around in her bed while she was asleep clearly has unsettled the girl. Keelyra's comment has Kayse turning back to the table, asking, "I'll admit I'm pretty new to the Weyr so I don't understand this. Why do people keep thinking the Weyrleader is a part of the thefts?" And finally back to Zi'on she looks, nodding at his suggestion. "I'll do that, and thank you for the information. As for Nala, well, I'm not aware of an admirer, but I suppose that's sort of the point. Oh, right. I'm Kayse."

V'ric shrugs, although he keeps his gaze on Keelyra. "One never knows." Another sip from his drink is taken before setting the glass down, the free hand ruffling into his hair to give a quick scratch at the back of his head. As for what the bronzerider in question /did/…well. He'll leave that up to Keelyra to explain. He does tilt his head at Kayse though, shoulders lifting again. "Well if it isn't the same person, perhaps it's simply the same as an abandoning an infant to someone who might be capable." His eyes do roam, looking the apprentice over before offering a slight shake of his head. "Though I don't know if that's the case or not."

"Whoever this is," apparently Keelyra still thinks it's Zi'on, for the way she's casting sideways glances at him, "I wish they'd steal my clothes. I'm in sore need of some new ones." What were once old, ill-fitting clothes are… well, even older, more-ill fitting clothes. She may do a lot of work in the kitchens, but Keely is still a weyrbrat and weyrbrats get the dregs when it comes to clothing. Kayse's question earns a snort and a giggle. "Weyrleader. I still think you're trying to trick me with that… Look, ah… well, I don't know your name, but… ask the headwoman sometime about Zi'on and his… pranks."

Zi'on shrugs a bit to Kayse. "My bet is that someone knows something. Maybe I'll offer up a bigger reward or something for information. Lately though it's just been the kitchen staff and weyrbrats coming in to gossip whenever they hear something juicy. And then they get mad when I say I'm not giving them anything." If Pern had ninjas, that who Zi'on would be blaming for the thievery. Zi'on will let someone else tell Kayse the story(or -ies) about the bronzer's own thievery. He didn't need someone else blaming him as well. "What are you saying?" Zi'on asks V'ric. "That we're basically letting someone take things?" Zi'on grins to Keely. "Well, maybe if you're nice to a certain weyrleader he'll send a weaver down to visit you." Zi'on finishes up his drink and sets the glass down. "And she doesn't need to go asking the headwoman about anything. What she doesn't know can't hurt her."

"I suspect I'll never know," Kayse says to V'ric. She starts to shrug but is forced to abort the motion when Nala creels and grasps her ponytail for balance. "Sorry, I'm still not used to you being up there," she tells the firelizard, reaching up to pat her soothingly. Keelyra's lack of explanation has Kayse shaking her head, replying, "The Headwoman is one of the people fixated on him as the culprit. I'm not bringing it up to her." Since Zi'on doesn't tell her the story either she nods to him again politely and turns away once more, this time actually stepping away from the table and heading over the examine the gambling machines curiously.

V'ric lifts a brow, staring at Zi'on a moment. "What gave you that idea? I hardly think you're /letting/ anyone do anything." His glass is picked up again. Fickle about that, it seems. Though he doesn't drink from it, instead fingering the glass, turning it around in his hands calmly. "Though if things are going missing from places like the dorms, I can't help but suggest posting a watch of some kind. No one is going to see anything if everyone's asleep when it happens." He does drink from the glass then, letting his gaze slip from the Weyrleader to travel back and forth between Kayse and Keelyra, finally landing again on the one he's actually familiar with. "Ila'den never told me what happened, exactly." Oh yes, he'll round back onto that topic again!

"I've never been not-nice to you!" Keelyra counters to Zi'on, sniffling somewhat. It's true; she's teased and join in on pranks, but she's never been /mean/. "Either way, knowing you… that weaver would have me in some skimpy, revealing thing." Though, a careful observer might note that she doesn't sound /too/ appalled at the idea. Maybe someone's coming to appreciate her womanly form. V'ric's question gains a furrowed brow and a shake of the head. She doesn't even want to verbally deny explanation. Instead, after a moment, she says: "Couldja bring me a drink, perhaps?"

"That's right. You don't need to know about any of that. Or about what Cosima thinks or why. You should… come have a drink with us!" Zi'on says to Kayse. Maybe he can get one person on his side? But if Kayse wants to gamble he won't make her sit with them or anything. He turns to V'ric then. "I dunno! I guess I'm just defensive. Too many people blaming me for taking things. And also for not doing enough." He sighs. "That's just the thing. Things -aren't- going missing from the dorms. Everytime things go missing it's in a different spot. And this last time we don't even know where it was to post a watch." Zi'on pats Keely. "I know I know. Nah, the weaver will do whatever you want. Well, within reason of course. But if you want to wander around in a skimpy outfit, I'm not going to complain!" He grins to her.

"I don't think you're the one doing it." V'ric's statement is quite matter-of-fact on the issue. Though he does stand, picking up a second drink from the bar. Really, the bartender is just /that/ good. He heads over to the table though, sliding the new drink towards Keelyra and then simply remains standing, watching them from where he's situated himself, leaning somewhat against the table. "Quite frankly you'd have to be an idiot to be in your position, and to be the one doing it. You're Weyrleader. And then of course there is what Enka would do to you." It's only logical that Zi'on can't be the culprit! His own glass is brought up again, and he drains the remainder of the contents. "As for not doing enough..well. There's only so much that can be done, I suppose.. It isn't the fault of anyone, specifically."

The thought of new clothes /is/ appealing and it's clear Keelyra is considering it. "I'll try to be extra nice to you for a bit," she assures Zi'on. Nothing is said about skimpy outfits or his lack of complaints. There's a quiet note of appreciation for V'ric when he brings over the drink and she downs a fair bit of it at first go. "Plus, I think if it were Zi'on, he'd tell us… Or at least I assume he would." She glances to the… Weyrleader, still perhaps not quite parsing that change in role. "He always seemed to need to brag to /someone/."

Zi'on grins to V'ric. "Good man. At least -someone- does." Zi'on gets up to get himself another drink as well, not stopping in the conversation though. When he returns he pats V'ric on the back. "Eh. Enka would think it was funny if I let her in on it. But I don't have the time for something as elaborate as that. Nor do I want to make myself more work making up some fake thing that's happening and having to organize more watches and more guards and more sweeps." Zi'on grins to Keely. "Alright then. I'll see if she's available sometime in the next sevenday." He gapes at Keely then. "Psh. I do not! There are pranks no one but me knows about!" There's got to be some. He just can't think of any right now.

It takes Kayse a little while to finish her inspection of the gambling machines, but eventually she does, and once done she accepts Zi'on's invitation to come have a drink. Or at least she joins them and sits down, farther from Keely than from Zi'on; she seems a bit intimidated by the other girl's attitude. "So you were a prankster before you became Weyrleader?" she asks of Zi'on, since nobody else has really said what it was he's done in the past. Nala has settled down to observing quietly, head low and tail curled around the girl's neck as far as it can reach.

V'ric sets one hand on the table as he leans there, nodding faintly to Kayse when the girl sits down. Still, there's a quick look at Zi'on when he returns with a pat, lips quirking into a brief smirk. "Maybe. But you said. Creating more work for yourself would hardly be..beneficial." And just plain silly. He does at least finally find a seat to drop into, draping one arm across the back of it casually.

Perhaps because just a summary of Zi'on's exploits would take an entire Turn to explain. Or maybe that's just the common feeling. "If the Headwoman is complaining about someone streaking across the bowl… it's probably Zi." Keelyra settles back in her chair, taking a sip of the drink V'ric so kindly retrieved for her, before setting it down and picking up the clipboard instead. From somewhere on her person surfaces a writing instrument and she starts flipping through the pages.

Zi'on grins to Kayse when she asks him that question. "I'm still a prankster. I just don't have as much time for pulling pranks as I did. I could be pulling a prank on you, right now, and you wouldn't even know it!" Zi'on hasn't pulled -that- many pranks, has he? Well, maybe over the course of his twenty turns or so. What else did a weyrbrat have to do with his time? There's a nod to V'ric. "I'd rather spend my time elsewhere, really. As much as I love the weyr and want to do extra work for it." Zi'on grins to Keely. "Now now. I haven't done that in -turns-. Since before I started going with Enka. Probably before I impressed. Well, maybe not. Now I prefer to steal people's clothes from the baths and let them go streaking." He laughs. "Anyways Kayse. Obviously I'm Zi'on. This is Keely and V'ric."

Kayse returns V'ric's nod as he settles in, though at first she doesn't comment on anything. She raises a brow at Keely's statement, glancing from her to Zi'on curiously. When Zi'on confirms that is the kind of thing he has been involved in, she shakes her head with a disbelieving expression. "I grew up hearing that things are a little different in the Weyrs, but it's one thing to hear it and another to find out it's true," she says ruefully. "I'm sure I'll be surprised at least a few more times while I'm here." The names are accepted with a word of thanks and another nod to each of the table's occupants.

"I thought the same when they brought me here." It's offered quietly, but V'ric does nod along with the comment. After all, he certainly hadn't been in a Weyr before he'd been searched. And really, the talk of streaking still makes the brownrider look a little less than enthused. Certainly not an activity for everyone. He looks at Zi'on then, possibly an afterthought, though his tone remains completely level as he speaks again. "Zi'on. If you ever try and take my clothes, I do promise to take a few of your teeth." He may even sound a bit..pleasant? V'ric's clothes are off limits!

To a weyrborn and bred soul like Keelyra, it's the holds that are backwards. Which may explain her rather cavalier attitude this evening. All she's been doing is visiting holds and halls for the past number of months! "I could have sworn you streaked at least once while V'ric and I were candidates… There was mud involved too, I think." Her brow furrows as she tries to recall. "Someone, at least, ran through naked and muddy with the Headwoman following, shouting your name." Eyes widen, "Maybe that's the culprit. Someone doing things in your… honor or something."

Zi'on laughs. "Not everyone goes around streaking. Most people here are somewhat normal. I have Enka at least to balance me out. She's pretty normal. If an enabler." Enka really was. She was always egging him on! "What would I do with your clothes, V'ric? They wouldn't fit me. Also you'd have to catch me first." He laughs a bit. "I dunno. I don't do that stuff too often anymore. Someone else will have to prank this round of candidates." Zi'on tugs at his beard in thought. "I don't think I did any streaking. But maybe. I should have done some streaking before Ezio was born. I stopped shaving and cutting my hair. I was a man-beast! It would have been hilarious."

Kayse gives V'ric a brief smile for his offering, asking, "So are you from Hold or Hall?" before his further words startle her into a smothered sound of… amusement? surprise? Whatever the noise, it's swallowed and she covers her face for a moment while restoring her expression. Keelyra's theory attracts her attention and she blinks at the older girl. "You think this is all some kind of prank? There is an awful lot of missing items for just a prank, and some of them are not inexpensive. I mean, even Enka has had something taken. That's a lot of ambition for a prankster, I would think." She completely glosses over the talk of streaking, not willing to consider it.

V'ric blinks, looking fairly startled at the question of his own origin before throwing Kayse a blank look. "Something…like that. I was born in a small cothold, although I..spent much of my life before here wandering." He shakes his head just a bit, turning to slide out of his chair to procure another drink. When he returns, however, there's a slightly distrustful look at Zi'on. "I don't want to know, then, what you're doing with any women's clothes you might have taken from the baths."

"You're still a man-beast," Keelyra says, squinting at Zi'on's beard, "What /is/ that thing on your face anyway?" Clean-shaven. Or maybe a little rugged. But full beards? This young woman clearly does not approve. She sets down the clipboard and retrieves her drink, downing the rest. "Maybe this round of candidates can be left to prank themselves. I mean, would it really hurt to not have some scary old rider messing with them?" Yes. She just implied that Zi'on is old.

Zi'on grunts at the mention of Enka's necklace. "Yeah. Some piece of jewelry her OLD weyrmate gave her that she still wears around all the time. I'm glad it got taken." He coughs. "I mean. Sorry. Poor Enka. Like she can't afford to get something new." Bitter much? For not being technically with the weyrwoman, Zi'on seems to have a bug up his butt when it comes to that necklace. He laughs at V'ric. "Someday you might find out. Someday." Some scary day. Really Zi'on is just teasing. "I always give back the things I steal on prank, too. That way it's technically borrowing, and I can't get into too much trouble. Unless it's food." Zi'on pouts at Keely and rubs his face. "You don't like it? But it's all neat, and it makes me look old and distinguished." Like a sir. "I'm not scary. Or old. There are candidates older than I am."

Kayse seems a little surprised by V'ric's startlement and his hesitation in response, looking at him curiously until Keelyra's comment draws her attention. "Candidates really do prank around like that all the time? I thought they had chores and stuff so they wouldn't have time to get into much trouble?" she asks. On the subject of Zi'on being a scary old man, she tries to help him out. "He's not that old. You're only what, twenty-five?" she asks him. It would seem the beard really does make him look more… mature. "You take candidates that old? Isn't it hard to change your life that much when you're that old and Impress? I mean, that's a really big thing and all." Stating the obvious repeatedly seems to be on Kayse's agenda for the day.

V'ric snorts softly. "I certainly don't recall any pranking." Granted, it probably would've taken a brave soul indeed to have tried to play pranks on the gruff, serious young man. Kayse's guess of Zi'on's age earns a bit of a twitch of his lips though before the brownrider shakes his head, quietly beginning to down his drink. "Like I said…I honestly don't want to know." Because if he finds out Zi'on goes running around his weyr with panties on his head..well. He might have to kill himself. "..The change is always difficult, I'd imagine. Young or older."

"It's anything /but/ neat," Keelyra retorts. Perhaps she thought he meant orderly. Which beards, by definition, are not. Attention drifts to Kayse and she looks the other teen over, thoughtful. "You're part of a craft, right? Were you were too busy to get into trouble?" She shrugs, "You have days off. You could rush through chores. People /always/ find the time." Tapping at the table's edge, Keely leans towards Zi'on. "How about a bet."

Zi'on laughs. "Well, some do. The interesting and fun candidate classes do. Mine didn't really. We were kind of boring. I didn't get in much trouble that time around." Zi'on has looked older than he is since puberty hit him like a ton of bricks and he became the hairy wolfman. "Twenty actually. Just turned. Men 'til twenty-two. Ladies until thirty, actually. I guess it's a big change, but I grew up at the weyr, so maybe not such a big change for me. Plus my parents are both riders, so there's always been a dragon around for me." If Zi'on knew running around his weyr with panties on his head would freak V'ric up, he'd run through V'ric's weyr doing that. So he should probably keep it to himself. Zi'on gasps at Keely. "What! It's all trimmed and nice!" He peers at Keely then. "Maybe. What are the terms?"

"Yes, I am a crafter, and yes, I actually /am/ too busy to get in trouble," Kayse replies to Keelyra. "Do you have any idea how much work they find to load me with?" She sighs wistfully. "I keep being told I need to have hobbies and have fun, but I have so very, very little time for doing anything other than lessons and studying." Zi'on's clarification of his age brings pink to Kayse's cheeks and she nods. "Sorry about that. But there you have it. Can you imagine being a thirty year old woman, who probably has teenage children and who is used to Hold life, Impressing? That's overwhelming," she says with a shake of her head.

Thankfully, V'ric will never have to deal with panty-headed Zi'on. Hopefully. There's a faintly..unamused look given around the table though, before shrugging. "I prefer to be kept busy." Did he enjoy chores? It's…very possible. Considering how much the man kept himself busy during candidacy. Still, the brownrider falls silent again, simply drinking from his glass as the others at the table talk.

Keelyra takes a deep breath, in that 'I can't believe I'm about to do this' kind of way. "If you shave that matted beast off your face… you can tell the weaver /one/ outfit to design for me." A pause and her nose squinches up a bit. "Provided it covers all the right bits." Either Keely has gone crazy, or she's trying to flirt. Maybe both or maybe she dislikes the facial hair on the Weyrleader just that much. She never was entirely right in the head. The teen sits with Zi'on, Kayse, and V'ric at a table. There's drinks around and Keely has a fit-to-burst with papers clipboard in front of her.

Zi'on blinks a bit at Kayse. "Well, I would hope a thirty year old woman with responsibilities wouldn't take a knot. The dragons know who to ask and who not to ask. But if you're too busy or it's not something you want… you can always decline. Riding isn't for everyone, and we certainly don't force it on people. So did you get assigned to Western or something, then?" He grins. "Maybe Kayse can keep you busy V'ric. And you can help show her how to have a good time." Oh yes. Matchmaker Zi'on. Or likely something more horrible. Zi'on peers at Keely. "What? I'm not shaving it ALL off just for that. There's nothing even in there about you wearing the outfit. I tell you what. You streak across the weyr and then I'll shave it off. I'll even shave my head, too. And I need to see you streaking. Otherwise, no way." If that was Keely's idea of flirting… well, it goes right over Zi'on's head. Speaking of drinks, Zi'on is due for another. He's switched over to ale, apparently.

Kayse raises a brow at Keelyra when she specifies what her wager is. "Do you dislike his beard that much?" she asks curiously. "Or is it just fun to make him think about giving it up?" And then Zi'on counter offers and she turns bright pink again. "What is with you people and streaking?" she inquires, baffled. "Why is that such an interesting thing to do?" She lets the discussion of candidates drift off, far too concerned with the wager to resume the earlier line of inquiry.

KWATASH! That would be the door, and that is definitely a /foot/. That is a foot that stubbornly forces doors open whilst two bodies come squishing through the entrance. Yep, Ila'den has his very-very-very pregnant weyrmate in his arms, and the man is clearly, for once, straining just slightly under the slight of a thing's weight. "Don't hit your feet, don't hit your feet," he murmurs, doing tricky maneuvers to get them both in. He sets Iris down only then, and then turns his attention onto the four other occupants as he brings his arms around the goldrider's shoulders. He leans into his 'mate, chin on the top of her head, as one hand gives a lazy wave from its spot 'round Iris' shoulders. "Why hello." Pause. Blink, blink. "Keelyra?" He will murmur something to Iris, and then give her a little push away from himself. "Welcome home." And now he's shuffling over to V'ric, to lean /close/… stare… smile. "You are /socializing/?" LE GASP.

V'ric draws back slightly, looking a little taken aback by Zi'on's..insinuation. "Show her..what?" The brownrider doesn't know /how/ to have a good time! that vocabulary doesn't exist. Nose wrinkled, he goes back to nursing his drink, although the slamming open of the door has him turning to /look/. There's certainly surprise there to see Ila'den /carrying/ Iris, brows arching upward ever so slightly. There's a mild snort given, however, when the bronzerider actually approaches him, leaning back away from the suddenly close proximity. "It's not that strange." ..Yes it is.

Iris is laughing as she's carried in, her face flushed with some embarrassment. She's pregnant, not disabled after all! Silly weyrmate /has/ to coddle her, though. but she loves him anyway, and she's happy to come out and socialize. Her feet don't hit the door, and she's reaching a hand up to squeeze his arms as they come around her shoulders, and his whisper is responded to with a shrug as she waves her other hand, smiling affably at those gathered and snickering at the most noticeable conversational topic. "Guess you weren't lucky enough to be around when all the girl's underwear was lifted in the candidate dorms, eh Zi'on?" Let's not even talk about how ALL of Iris's undergarments went missing the other day, and eventually she's /going/ to find some way to let Zi'on know that she's pretty sure he's responsible, much as the Headwoman believes.

The reply offer earns a look of consideration. "I think you should shave /everything/." Like that forest of back hair he probably has. "We can get someone like V'ric to confirm if you don't want me to." Keelyra has never streaked, but she's used to the co-ed baths enough that, at least at the moment — in a sleep-deprived, alcohol ridden state — it seems like it can't be /too/ terrible of a plan. There's a glance to Kayse and she shrugs, "I think he looks ridiculous." But apparently, she wants him to look even more ridiculous. Then there's an entrance. An over the top entrance. Likely future-Keely will be glad she's facing away from the door. Present-Keely, however, just clenches her jaw a bit. "Ila'den."

Zi'on laughs at Kayse. "I dunno. There's nothing special about it really. Other than that it's kinda funny. I don't think I've ever seen a girl streak, though." He grins to her and wriggles his eyebrows. "But if you're looking for a way to fit in…" He peers as the door makes a funny noise and Ila'den comes in carrying his pregnant weyrmate. "What did you do Ila, break her legs so she couldn't escape?" Ooh, Keely and Ila in the same room together. Is there DRAMA eminent? Does Keely even know that his weyrmate is pregnant? Zi'on laughs to V'ric. "A good time. You know. All those things you learned last time your dragon caught…" The bronzer peers to Iris then. "What about that underwear?" Zi'on denies it all! In fact they were talking about that earlier. Zi'on has no forest! Other than the ones in plain sight. "I'm not shaving my legs, arms or my underarms. I don't want to be walking around all itchy from shaving. Plus it takes too long. And there are other parts I can't get to easily. My whole head though, if you streak. Plus the bits I already shave. That's a good portion."

With gambling a favored past time in the recreation caverns, it makes sense to think that maybe — juuuuust maybe — someone happened to 'find' a turquoise necklace on a silver chain and is using it as their stake in a game, and should that be the case, the Weyrwoman is sure to investigate. At least, that's the excuse that gets Enka out of the hatching galleries and someplace where there's a cooling drink and a cushioned chair to sit on. Somewhere where there's people. And a moment to be away from a selfish queen dragon. "Shells," Enka's breezing through the door not a moment or two after Ila'den and Iris make their entrance. "I wish I knew where my necklace was." Since the conversation seems to be revolving around stolen items. "It 'aint here." A drink is collected in short order, the goldrider tossing a nod in the direction of various folks. "Heya."

"I think the innuendo is getting a little too thick for me, especially since I am not drinking," Kayse remarks as she rises. Then the door is kicked open, startling Nala into another reverberating bugle in protest of the sudden noise. Wincing, Kayse clamps the gold hatchling's mouth shut. "Good evening to you all, and… good luck with whatever you decide to do with your beard, Weyrleader." She nods to each of the other people in the room and heads out as quickly as she can, hoping to keep her firelizard from making a mess of things.

IT WILL BE A STARING CONTEST. V'ric implicates that this is not such a rare occurance, and the weyrsecond's response is to lock eyes and give him that /look/. That's the look that says, 'I have no words to explain to you, my friend, just how strange this really is.' Of course, this might also be some silent form of man-communication in response to the tone and clenched jaw cold-shoulderedness Keelyra is delivering in droves. Worry not! Ila'den straightens up after a moment, hands on the back of V'ric's chair, as those grey eyes settle on Keely. "Kiltara has missed you, you know." Did the weyrsecond say that just to strike a cord? Perhaps, but his demeanor will give no indication as to whether or not it was a vindictive jab. In fact, the bronzerider seems oddly distant and cooly passive considering he used to pick the girl up in squeezing hugs and swing her around. It shows when he gives Zi'on a /wicked/ grin, and then says, "I have been tempted, Zi. Very tempted. There's little need, though. I can hardly get the woman away." Which leaves Kayse, whom is a stranger that Ila offers friendly smiles as she zooms, and Enka, who gets arched brows. "Drop something?"

"That incident doesn't need repeating." V'ric's attention abruptly snaps towards Zi'on. No, no. The results of flights won will /not/ be mentioned in his presence. No! There is, eventually, attention given to Ila'den again, in the form of a hand plastering to the bronzerider's face in an attempt to shove him away. And even if that wasn't the reason for the actual move, he seems grateful enough that Ila'den /does/ in fact withdraw. "Iris." It's a soft offering, but acknowledgement of the goldrider all the same, along with a quieter nod when Enka too enters into the room. Party, indeed. Though, when Ila'den mentions Kiltara, he shifts in his seat, quite promptly reaching to discreetly punch his friend in the arm.

"I'll consider it," Keelyra says to Zi'on, but the thrill of the bet seems to have leeched out of her. Ila'den's words to her do strike a chord. Shoulders square and she gets to her feet stiffly. "Well. There are new candidates. I'm sure one of them has some good friends and would love to have one or two of them appropriated for your purposes." She snatches up her clipboards and turns, gaze taking in Enka. "Weyrwoman, I'll have the reports of my work to the Headwoman in the next day or two for you both to review." Y'know, the pricing of exotic goods for the kitchens she's been off and around Pern handling. The thing that's kept her from awkward situations just like this one.

Iris acknowledges Enka with a big grin, "Congrats on the clutching… wish I could help you with the necklace… maybe everything lost's in one big cache and we'll find it altogether." So she hopes, anyway. V'ric is greeted with a generous nod, smile flickering. "V'ric. How've you been?" The come and go of people gets Iris a little turned around- she's just kind of along for the ride today, though the coolness of Keelyra doesn't go unnoticed… it just goes unresponded to because well, it's awkward and Iris hasn't figured out how to bridge that gap just yet.

Zi'on gives a wave to Kayse as she heads out. They're going to scare the poor girl away most likely. Zi'on peers between Ila and Keely. If Zi'on figures out what's going on he might reprimand Ila. But he doesn't know what is, so he remains in the dark. The bronzer looks pretty grumpy at Enka's entrance. Not because he doesn't want to see her, but more over what she's talking about when she comes in. "I'll get you a new necklace. A better one." Is Zi'on jealous over a necklace? Maybe, since it was from Enka's previous weyrmate, who he has no love for. "I doubt she can run too fast with that belly anyways, Ila," Zi'on says about the other bronzer's weyrmate. There's a pout to Keely as she gets up. He'll have to snag her more privately at some point to get the dirt between her and Ila'den. "Oh I see how it is." Zi'on says to Iris. "Enka gets a congrats but I don't get diddly, hm?"

"V'ric," Enka's return response to the brownrider is just a nod, a simple little tilt of the chin that nonetheless acknowledges that he is there — and that like any good weyrwoman, she is watching. Not necessarily because she suspects him or anyone, really. "I didn't -drop- nothin', " Enka remarks to Ila'den at his inquiry, pausing for a moment to toss back her drink like … well, a woman who's been sitting parched and thirsty on some hard stone bench for a while. "I took my necklace to get the clasp fixed after it broke, and it's missin'. Don't suppose you've seen it?" She walks forward then, seeking a good place to park her backside, only pausing to wiggle her fingers at Zi'on. "Weyrleader," she greets him with a grin. "How you doin'.?" His offer of replacing the necklace does get a smile from her. "Well, if you'd like to surprise me…." she does trail off a little there, suggestive, perhaps. Although she is pretty attached to that necklace of hers. "Thank you Iris, I'll pass along the word to Mir about it. She's bein' a positive grouch, maybe some sweet talkin' will do her good." Being that it's unusual for the queen to be that cross. "Ah. Reports." Doesn't Enka sound thrilled at Keelyra's words? "I'll be at your disposal." Since after all, she's avoiding the sands as much as she can. The heat and all. And the boredom.

There's easy laughter for Enka as Ila'den shakes his head and watches the woman find seating. "I haven't seen it, but I'll be sure to let you know if I do." He is PUNCHED in valiant defense of Keelyra's dignity, and then the all-growed-up Keely is on her feet with words that draw Ila'den's attention instantly back to her. Oh, that /is/ a smile on his lips, and there is absolutely nothing pleasant about it. Does he speak? Surely he doesn't have to. That icy amusement should speak louder levels than words alone can, and the laughter that slips out… It's almost mocking, but only /almost/. And then? And then he is smacking V'ric lightly on the back of the head, in retalation, and tsking at him. "Did I say something wrong?" Feel free to punch him again, V'ric. Now he's flickering those eyes back to Zi'on, and waggling those brows. "You'd be surprised how fast she can move… And her ability to block doorways." Yes, that's affection tossed in the direction of his weyrmate, who should really probably be punching her weyrmate for ALL parties involved.

A little surprised by the questioning? Yes, V'ric looks it, staring at Iris for a moment or two before finally replying. "..Fine." If he'd been talkative at all earlier..the brownrider seems to have lost that ability entirely for the time being. There's a sigh at the rising tension in the room, however, before the brownrider himself finally gets to his feet. The rest of his drink is downed then, before offering a hissed phrase to Ila'den. "You idiot." Best friend or not, Ila'den can very well be…an ass. "I'm turning in. Weyrleader, Weyrwoman.." There's a curt nod given as he promptly tromps out. After Keelyra? No, he's more likely going right to his weyr. He's not sticking his hands in /that/ sticky mess of angry girl.

Iris's gaze flitters down at V'ric's surprise, maybe feeling bad that there is cause for surprise. But her attention is pulled to Zi'on. "No, you don't get diddly, Zi'on. Guilty until proven innocent!" There's a lightness to her tone, though, and a moment later she laughs, "But congratulations to you, too. A gold egg on your first round as Weyrleader! I'm looking forward to having a new goldrider in the mix." Enka's words to Zi'on get her snickering. Not all that subtle a suggestion there for Zi'on, is it? Iris isn't generally as subtle when it comes to Ila'den, though she tunes in just at the right time to hear the little affecionte jab. And, of course, she welcomes the chance to give him a friendly punch on the shoulder, hoping to displace the tension in the air. "Enough of that there. C'mere and get what's coming to you." The hand that punches him grips his arm, then, giving him a tug towards her even as she's nodding back to V'ric on his exit.

Zi'on frowns at Enka and her finger wiggling. Actually it's more like a pout. A big pout from a big baby. "Hi." Is his only response to all that. "Well… maybe I will surprise you." Though from the look on his face maybe he'll just go home and feel sorry for himself for a while, too. "Maybe Suldith is making her mad or something." The bronze has been hovery, and is likely to be just as protective of the eggs as Miraneith. That's just how he is. He does crack a smile at Enka's reaction to the reports. Justice? Zi'on looks to Iris and then raises a brow to Ila. "Maybe I'd be surprised at how -slow- you can move." There's a nod then to V'ric as he heads out as well. "See ya, V'ric." Zi'on jaw then drops in disbelief at Iris. "What! Guilty of what? I didn't take -anything-. It doesn't even make sense for me to take it. These pranks are costing me hours of extra work. Organizing watches, guard, sweeps. It's ridiculous." He sighs. "Anyways, just because the egg is gold doesn't mean there's a gold dragon in it. I'm just happy that Suldith caught a gold. I was starting to think maybe he was a brown in disguise."

Enka nods again, a little jerk of her chin for Ila'den words. "Would you? I was thinkin' maybe someone found it and didn't know it was mine," — although /obviously!/ — "which is why I came here." there's a bit of a helpless shrug from the goldrider. "Guess I was wrong." Moving over a little, she leans against a chair, fingers wrapped around the curve of her drinking glass. "Hi." she replies back to Zi'on. "I like surprises." On the subject of Suldith making Miraneith mad … she shakes her head. "Mir's just convinced someone's goin' to make off with an egg. Or it'll go missin' or somethin'." she answers. "If Suldith is out there, she probably feels better. Two clutch parents are better than one."

The 'You idiot' phrase? Yep, it has Ila'den laughing. V'ric knows him too well, and there is genuine affection (and remorse?) when Ila'den's expression sobers up. "I know, Vel," he says just as quietly. Fingers brush against the top of his best friend's head as the man passes, and Ila's calling after him, "But you're still the bigger idiot!" BECAUSE HE CAN LET NO INSULT GO UNRETALIATED. He's just too much of a five-turn-old at heart to not be allowed the last word. And then there is an Iris. Where V'ric seems to have the talent of keeping Ila'den in line, Iris has the talent of turning the man into butter. The tension is instantly gone from his shoulders at her touch, and while he feigns protest at being dragged towards her and the conversation of the two leaders, he comes willingly. Now Zi'on is on the recieving end of one of those /looks/. "I can out-drink you, out-race you, and out-fly you," all of which are /LIES/. "Bring it on any time, youngin'." Because there should be SEXY SHIRTLESS MANLY CONTESTS between every Weyrleader and his weyrsecond. AMIRITE? Ila will just cling to his pillar of Iris for now, in the form of clasping his hand over the one she has on his arm, thank you very much. "And it would be my pleasure, Enka. I'll have Teimyrth keep both eyes open as well."

Zi'on is still pouting. Enka wasn't helping really. Zi'on tugs at her arm to get her to take a seat. He means in his lap, but really she can sit wherever now. The table's previous occupants are all gone. "Well he's been there since I left the office. So maybe later she'll be in a better mood." Zi'on gives Ila the same look right back. Then he starts laughing at his boast. "You are ridiculous, Ila. You can't do any of those things better than me. I'm faster than you, I drink more than you, and if you could out-fly me you would be weyrleader instead of me." THERE SHOULD BE. For all the ladies' entertainment. There's some mumbling from Zi'on about how he hopes the necklace stays lost.

Well thank you, Zi'on. Don't mind if I do — that's the look in Enka's eyes as Zi'on tugs at her arm. She'll take a seat all right. And even if most of the table's previous occupants are gone, well, his lap's still as good a place as any. She plunks herself down, quite comfortable now. See, the weyrleaders are together, all is well. "I think she will feel better later." the goldrider agrees. "She's just sulkin' right now. As long as the weyrbrats don't bother her too much peekin' at the eggs, I think she'll be all right." Iladen gets a nod. "Thank you, Ila'den," she says, "and my thanks to Teimyrth as well." A soft chuckle then, the goldrider glancing briefly between Zi'on and his Weyrsecond, and luckily she does miss that mumbling comment from the Weyrleader.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Ila'den's grin only gets all the more devious as he says, "I let you win. Never forget it." He's obviously teasing, and there's easy laughter that makes it obvious. Eyes focus on his weyrmate, and then brows knit as he tilts her chin up towards him. "You're tired." It is not a question, it is a statement, and while Enka draws his attention long enough for him to smile at her, and give a slight nod of his head, he's tugging his weyrmate back, back, back towards the door. "This one needs sleep. Sleep well, Enka, Zi'on, and don't do anything I wouldn't do." VAMOOSH! He is gone, because disappearing is what Ilas do.

Zi'on wraps his arms around Enka and rests his chin on her shoulder after she turns his lap into a chair. They are together! Even if Zi'on is pouty right now. "Mm. Well, it's a new thing for her. I'm sure she's used to a different bronze tending her." Zi'on rolls his eyes a bit at his weyrsecond. "We shall see about that, Ila!" Then he waves to the exiting couple. "Night." Zi'on turns his attention back to Enka then. "Keely thinks I should shave off my beard. What do you think?" The bronzer stifles a yawn. "I think I drank a little too much. I should probably head off, myself." And Enka just sat down! How rude.

Definitely together! And maybe if Enka snuggles up against Zi'on, he wouldn't be as pouty anymore. "Mmmhmm. Well, I think she'd be more happy to have a bronze tendin' her at all." the goldrider admits. "Glyith really wasn't much for egg sittin' with her." she chuckles a little at the interplay between the two bronzers, grinning a bit at the depature of Iladen and Iris, a wiggle of fingers for them before she turns her head a bit. "Well, " she surveys him a bit. "I happen to like you no matter how you look, beard or no. But…" her voice trails off for a thoughtful moment, "sometimes, it's a bit scratchy." Delicate ladyskin, you know. "Mmm.. and here I was gettin' comfortable."

Zi'on nods a bit to Enka. "Well, Suldith seems to like it. Hopefully he sticks with it." The bronze is probably standing watch on the rim of the sands when he isn't down cuddling with the queen or inspecting the eggs." Zi'on seems to be less pouty now, that was for sure. "Iris is looking pretty pregnant. Can't be far off." he says idly about the junior weyrwoman. Then laughs at Enka's response. "That's no sort of opinion. Well, not really. It sounds like you think I ought to shave it, too, though. Are you heading back to the sands? If not… maybe we can move the party." He wraggles his eyebrows at her.

Enka laughs a bit. "Maybe Mir'll keep remindin' him about it." Miraneith is likely curled up around her clutch, slobbering over the eggs, not wanting to let them out of her sight in case they ended up like Enka's necklace and Iris's underwear — gone! "She is, I'll have to see if I can do somethin' about her workload. Maybe more sittin', less movin' around. But with breaks so she can stretch and relax too." She chuckles a little. "Mmm, maybe you ought to." A pause. "No, not headin' back to the sands. Movin' the party… sounds fun." And boy it will it ever be.

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