Rub-a-dub-dub Suldith's in the Tub

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Sundari is making her way on down towards the lagoon humming softly to herself while she wanders along. She was supposed to meet Zi'on and his dear dragon down here at some point, perhaps she's late? Oh hopefully she isn't or this could be a rather different conversation then her coming to get a lesson in dragon washing. Her hair has been pulled back and she has on a tank top and shorts, and now shoes while she wanders onwards. Once down by the water she pauses peering one way and then another, a hand lifting and she scratches at her neck a moment. "So Wonder if this is the right lagoon." Knowing her luck there is about a dozen or so lagoon's around this weyr.

No, Sunny isn't late. And there aren't really any other lagoons that are easily accessible. There's the beach to the south, but it's too far a walk really for such an activity. If anyone is late, it's Zi'on. He's not one of those chronically late people, but his job keeps him preoccupied a lot, and so he's often rushing from one thing to the next. Suldith makes it to the beach first, as he can fly and Zi'on is walking on the ground. The bronze lands safely in an unoccupied area, then waddles over to Sundari, giving her a friendly warble in hello. He'll stick his nose in her face for a little while, hoping for a pat, then toddle down to the shallows. Zi'on heads down wearing just t-shirts, shorts and sandals and carrying a couple of towels around his neck and two closed buckets of oil and a paddle. Sure there are probably drums of oil out on the beach, but he's the weyrleader and gets special non-crusty and dirty oil. "Hey Sunny!" He calls to Sundari.

Sundari knows there are lagoons around, though she has no idea that one can't really reach them. She lets her hands rest upon her hips pondering and then blinks as she peers up at the sudden approaching dragon. It takes her a few moments for her to figure out just whom it is. "Hello there again Suldith." This said with a smile and she gives the bronze's nose a soft petting before the dragon is off going into the water. The voice catches her attention and she looks over to Zi'on with a smile and wave offered back to him. "Hello! Was starting to think you two got busy or something." She eyes the buckets he has, and a paddle? A brow lifts. "What's the paddle for?" She is ever so clueless.

Suldith makes a pleased warbly-purr noise at the pat. The bronze hasn't learned to bespeak other people, and Zi'on's never saw much need to teach him. So Sunny will have to suffice with his vocalizations for now. Zi'on grins. "This? It's to make sure you tow the line." He laughs. "Okay okay. It's got bristles on this side. It's sort of a scoopy-brush thingy for oiling. I dunno. It looks like a paddle so everyone calls it that. We'll have to do some scrubbing before we get to that anyways." Suldith right now is splayed out on his side with one leg in the air. "He apparently wants his belly done first." Zi'on lets everything down and goes to demonstrate. "Just kind of rub him over with the sand. You can see the dirty spots. He can rinse himself. I can cater to his itchy spots, but he should at least look clean afterwards."

Sundari doesn't mind the vocalizations it seems, if a dragon was to bespeak her, well she isn't that sure jut what she might do. She peers at the paddle, brush thingy and ponders as the explanation is given. "I see Alright." She'll just have to take his word for it; this is all Greek to her. A glance is sent over to Suldith and follows after Zi'on over to the water to watch. "Alright, so just using the sand to get the dirty bits off. Sort of like buffing out something so it shines." She goes about getting some of that wet sand in her hands and works n dropping it upon that bronze hide and then starts to rub it in. "How often do you need to do this? Seems like it would take a while to get done."

Dragons bespeaking other people was a bit weird. Zi'on hasn't even heard his parents' dragons. Or Miraneith. Or anyone but Suldith. "Pretty much. Feel free to scrub if you need to. He's not a weyrling anymore so his hide isn't likely to be cracked. But if you notice anything weird just let me know." There's a shrug at how often he does it. "To be honest I'll usually just pay some brats to do it for me, if there's no one already assigned to washing dragons. A thirty-second mark or some sweets from the market are enough to do it. They like to brag about scrubbing the weyrleader's dragon anyways. Candidates get it as a chore, since it's good practice. But I only bathe him when he's dirty or feeling dry generally. Maybe once every other sevenday unless it's rainy and muddy." Zi'on will at least pitch in a bit

"Okeys." Sundari offers as she works on scrubbing at Suldith's hide, her fingers wiggling over that hide as she works. "I guess bragging rights would be a good trade off for some kids to wash the leader's dragon. Sort of like getting the captain of the ship to pick you to do some special thing, or like doing something for the first time." Like say, washing a dragon who just happens to be the weyrleader's dragon. She pokes at a bit of stubborn dirt and is soon able to get is off with another hand full of wet sand. She peers over at Zi'on curious. "Candidates, like the ones the dragons pick to stand an such?"

Zi'on focuses in on the harder and more dangerous areas. Like around Suldith's face and between his toes and such. The bigger open areas are left to Sunny. "Heh, I suppose so. They have to be supervised though, a lot of them." He nods to Sundari. "Yep, those candidates. Suldith and Mir's clutch will be on the sand soon. So we'll be looking for candidates." Once his belly and his legs are done, the bronze suddenly scooches over and flops onto all fours. He moves out into the water and sloshes about a bit, making a lot of waves and getting everyone wet probably. Then he moves back into the shallows. Zi'on waves to Sunny to move out of the way, and once they're clean, Suldith opens up his wings. "Be careful with the wings. Don't step on them, obviously. And don't scrub too too hard. They're the most fragile bits." Zi'on will focus on one and let Sunny do the other.

Sundari splashes some water across that hide that she has been working on to get all nice and clean. "That must be something. Dragon eggs an all, never saw such a thing. Heard plenty of stories though, like when they hatch how some candidates are mauled and torn apart right there on the sands." She has gotten rather wet in her job already and then there is a wave the smacks right into her causing her to get even wetter. She glowers after Suldith and smirks while she moves out of the way while waiting for the large dragon to settle back down. "Okeys!" Is offered to the bit on the wings and she is busy working on one, being very careful while eyeing her work to make sure all she well.

Zi'on blinks at Sundari. "You've never seen any eggs? Really? Well, you'll see them this time around. Or you better. They'll be Suldith's! Actually Suldith is generally unpleasant around the sands. Just as a warning and all. You won't even recognize him." That's right, Suldith makes a big mess. There's a reason why Zi'on isn't wearing good clothes. "Heh. Well, maulings do happen. People don't generally die or anything though. It's always a good idea to pay attention and let the hatchlings by you if they want to get by you. Trust me. I stood twice and impressed the third round. So I been there and done that." The fun part of dragon scrubbing of course is getting to sit on the dragon while he gets washes! At least on his back, which wasn't reachable. Suldith's head sinks down into the water, and he blows bubbles for them.

Sundari glances over and shakes her head. "Nope, never have. Though this is the first time I've ever spent a long time around a Weyr to so I suppose that may have something to do with it." She peers at Suldith at the bit on him being unpleasant on the sands. "Well, I'll remember that. So little baby Suldith's? I bet there be cute too." She grins at this while settled there upon the dragon's back and works on getting at any dirty spots that she may find. "Three times before you found Suldith? Is that normal?" She questions while working and chuckles once catching sight of Suldith blowing bubbles.

The bronzer nods a bit. "Well, you seem to be fitting in well enough. Though by the end of this sevenday you might want to murder someone. Mainly me." Zi'on laughs a bit at his own joke. He does that a lot. Suldith looks back at Sundari with a whirling eye. Zi'on shrugs and laughs. "I dunno. It's hard to find a dragon as cute as Suldith. I might be biased though." Zi'on moves to scrub at Suldith's tail. Which is difficult when he starts to wag it, clearly amused at his own bubble-blowing antics. Zi'on grunts. "Well, I found Suldith on the third, but yeah. I dunno. I started standing when I was twelve. At the request of my father, who was afraid my ma was going to send me to harper hall. I was only actually searched by dragons once out of the three." He laughs.

Sundari ponders this and glances over to Zi'on. "Why would I want to do that?" She has been a rather good sport of it all, so far at least. A chuckle escapes her and she nods with a smile while looking back to Suldith. "Well I suppose you have a point there." At the talk of sending to Zi'on to Harper Hall she grins. "That would have been different. My father plays a fiddle, taught me how to as well." She is rather good at it actually, not that she comments on that." She grins while the bronze continues to blow bubbles. "How old do one have to be to stand?"

"Because after this I'm going to make you rub my feet." Zi'on says, laughing afterwards. Is he serious? Is he not? Only time can tell! The bronzer gives Suldith a fond pat. "Heh, what does that mean it would have been different. Don't you think I have musical talent? I can sing! I'm just shy." Riight. Zi'on, shy? "Yeah? Fiddle, eh? Maybe we'll have you play for us at the next party." If she wasn't that good, why would she be mentioning it? "Twelve for boys, fourteen for girls." He says about standing. Suldith is apparently tired of being bathed, at least for now. He gets up and pads out into the water to rinse. Then he shakes out a bit like a dog, and lays back down in the same spot for oilings. Zi'on picks up a bucket and the paddle brush and demonstrates for Sundari. "Just sort of smooth it over it like this. Don't be afraid to put a lot on, you can always move it around." Then he hands it over to her.

Sundari pauses and blinks peering up at Zi'on a few moments at the bit on rubbing his feet. She makes a face, her nose wrinkles at the thought. "Why would you want me to do that? It's not like I do it for a job or anything." She wiggles her fingers. "I have sharp nails!" Which Suldith could tell his dear rider that she most likely does not. "Nothing wrong with being different, unless it's one of my brothers then well.." No more of a comment is given it seems. She grins and nods to the talk of her playing a fiddle. "I bet you sing just fine, and sure. Just let me know when I brought it with me with my stuff off the boat an all." She doesn't tend to go that far without it actually. Her gaze turns back to Suldith as she moves back, though there isn't any place to really to and escape the water so now she is dripping wet, she smirks and lifts a hand to push a few strands of hair from her face. "Just like my brothers." Her gaze turns back to the oil bucket and she ohs before nodding and takes hold of the paddle brush poking at it before she goes about pressing it against Suldith's hide and starts to spread it out.

Zi'on chuckles. "Because, it's better if someone else does it, and me and my weyrmate split up. I don't think it's very hard, sheesh. Also you don't massage with your fingernails." He wiggles his fingers back at her. "You can play the fiddle and I can sing. We'll make up some songs together and be a two-man-band." Zi'on, too, is dipping wet. He seems fine with letting Sundari deal with the oil. Instead he goes to lay out one of his towels and sit down on it, not too far away. He peels out of his wet shirt and tosses it aside. "How many siblings do you have, anyways? I've seen your sisters. You mention brothers. I think you told me when we first met, but I can't remember now."

"Well I wouldn't know, not like I go around massaging anyone's feet, or well anywhere else for that matter." Sundari offers while working to get that oil spread across that dragon's hide, she'll do the bestest job ever don't you know? "Sure sure. Just let me know when. I'll have everyone weeping from how good I can play." Well maybe not really but still, it should be amusing to see. "I have three older brothers, and my two older sisters. I'm the youngest." She isn't too sure who has more oil on them, Suldih or herself but she peers at the dragon after a short while looking for any spots she could have missed. "How's that?" This questioned while she peers up at the bronze curious like.

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, now it'll be a good time to practice. You'll need that skill, right? When you become some sailor's bonnie lass? Or Shipwife or whatever sailors have." He raises a brow at her then. "Weeping? You better not. We're not going to be playing any sad songs. We'll be playing nice upbeat songs for people to dance to." Zi'on ponders for a moment. "How old are your sisters?" Also why does Zi'on want to know? He gets up to inspect Suldith. "Looks fine. I can finish up. You better go get washed up, or you'll get oil all over everything in the caverns and the headwoman will throw a fit. Come by the office after dinner and we'll discuss your tasks for tomorrow." He instructs.

Sundari grins a bit. "Naw, not at all. They can rub their own feet as far as I care." She looks around and then wipes her hands off across her shorts while waiting for Zi'on to wander over and expect her handy work it seems. "They won't weep from it being a sad song, they will weep from it being played so well. " That grin of hers is still seen before there is talk of her sisters. "Well, there three turns older than me so eighteen." She ponders and glances to him. "Why?" Her gaze turns back to Suldith and she nods with a smile. "Good! Alright. I'll be there after dinner then."

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