All I Want Is A Place To Sit

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The current time for zone 22 is: 2696.6.5 11:44:33

It's lunch time at Western Weyr! Sandwiches, cold mango soup, hot seafood bisque, and a nice selection of sides - bread, fruit, and bubbly pies; anything a hungry body could want to get them through the day. Kayse's hungry body is particularly in need today, as she has stacked a plate with a little bit of everything and is just barely managing to balance it as well as a glass of juice while she looks around for a place to sit. It's the middle of the lunch rush and spaces are at a premium, and Kayse is still just shy enough to really not like just plopping herself down in any open space, no, she's going to try to find someone she recognizes, at least in passing, to sit with. Now, where would that be?

Sundari can be found sitting at a table sipping at a mug of kahl and working on a plate of lunch from the looks of it. A soft humming tune escapes her while she picks up a piece of bread and works on chewing on a bite from it. The chairs around her for the moment are free of people, so others are more than welcome to join her it would seem.

Passingly familiar face found! Kayse catches sight of Sundari sitting with not just one seat but several available around her, perfect! The woodcrafter weaves through the lunch crowd toward her table, careful to not jostle anyone and risk losing some of her collection of food. "Mind if I join you?" she asks as she sets her plate down in front of one of those empty seats, smiling a greeting toward the younger woman. "Ah…" She should know her name, at least, Kayse thinks Sundari got around to introducing herself, but she can't remember it if she did. "Bother, I don't remember your name, sorry. What was it again?"

Sundari blinks at the voice and peers up curiously, a smile and nods seen while she looks to Kayse. "Hello, and sure sit down. Plenty of room for all." This said while she shifts and tilts her head, a soft ah escapes her. "Sundari, and your Kayse right?" Well might as well make sure she has the right name as well, it's been a bit since she ran into this one after all.

Kayse places her glass down beside the plate and actually sits, saying, "You've got just about the only free seats in the cavern," as she sorts through her food to find her buried fork. There it is! Utensil in hand, she pauses to repeat, "Sundari. Right. I'll try to remember it. Ah, yep, that's me. How are you?" There is safety in getting someone else to talk, as it gives a chance for her to take a couple of bites of food.

Someone who doesn't have to worry about remembering Sundari's name is Fjorwynn; he's known her long enough to warrant a beating if he forgets. He saunters in from the bowl alongside a Weyr-based trader, laughing about something before they part - the older man heading towards his group of friends, while Fjo manages to pick out not one, but /two/ familiar faces. The teen meanders his way through the crowd to plonk himself down beside his friend, giving Kayse a jaunty salute, too. "Ladies." What's on Sunny's plate? Anything worth pinching?

Sundari keeps her smile and nods to Kayse. "Glad I remembered it." She offers with a happy tone. "I've been well, not complaints." There is a pause. "I even got to wash Zi'on's dragon the other day. It was a blast." Sunny is a strange one it seems, she rather enjoyed the task actually! She munches on a bit of bread, upon her plate can be found some roar tubers, and looks like a sweet bun or two even. A glance is offered to Fjor and she grins. "Hey, where you been hiding?"

Kayse manages to eat several pieces of diced up fruit before Sundari's finished replying to her. "Did you? Glad you enjoyed yourself. I never did ask, what do you do?" Sundari might be wearing a knot, but craft affiliations aren't nearly enough of a description of daily work for Kayse. And then there's a new arrival at their table! As Sundari returns his greeting she nods, taking a drink of her juice, before offering a greeting of her own. "Hello, Fjo. I didn't realize you came up to the Weyr. How are you and your family doing?" She piggybacks her question behind Sundari's, figuring they go well together.

Lunchtime is busytime, and unlike that one night, Enka's in working mode at this moment, toting a couple of records along under her arm, as she saunters into the caverns only to find it's well … crowded. Like /really/ crowded. And just where is she supposed to sit? No point in trying to weave through the crowd to hopefully find an empty seat, she settles for thumping the heavy files down onto an unoccupied space near Sundari. "Don't touch my stuff!" comes her announcement — although really who /would/ want to snatch the Weyrwoman's paperwork anyway? — and then she's plunging into the crowd of lunchgoers near the buffet tables to assemble a meal of some kind.

Fjorwynn steals roast tubers. He likes them! And the way he chows down on it, while leaning against his friend, shows he's really got no qualms against pinching even more of them. "I been outta Western, over in Ista for a few days," he explains to Sunny. Kayse is given a playful wink, and he waves his second stolen roast tuber at her. "They're solid, doing good, no complaints. No complaints at all. You and yours?" The question's returned as he fills his mouth again, just in time for the Weyrwoman to sit down on the other side of Sundari. Speaking around his mouthful, he asks: "What stuff'd that be, then?"

Sundari smirks while peering at Fjor as her food is stolen. "Go get your own plate." She offers with an amused tone, and slight wave of her fork also seen towards her friend. Her gaze turns over to Kayse and she grins a bit. "I'm in Seacraft, work on my father's boat, take lessons and what have you for the craft." Or something like that! Her gaze flicks over to Enka as the piloe of items is settled down next to her while she chews on a bite of food. "I won't touch it!" Though she is ever so curious. Hearing Fjor a soft oh escapes her and she glances towards her friends. "How was Ista?"

Kayse blinks in surprise as Enka plops a stack of stuff on the table and warns everyone off it. Must be something important if she's that worried about it. "Yes, ma'am," she says toward the departing Weyrwoman, shaking her head as she turns her attention back to the table - in time to watch Fjo steal tubers off Sundari's plate. She pulls her own plate closer, away from Fjo, and drapes one arm across the table to block any approach. "I'm fine. Couldn't say about my family. Still haven't heard anything from them," she replies with a shrug before turning to Sundari. "What kind of boat does he have? And what are you thinking you'll specialize in?" She seems to be genuinely interested when she asks the questions.

Enka resurfaces from that knot of people around the buffet table — honestly, even wearing some big fancy cording on her shoulder didn't get her any preferential treatment when there's starving folk to be had — toting a tray of delicious goodies which she carries back to the table where she'd dropped off her stuff, and snags a chair with her foot, the tray settling atop the table itself with a thunk, paperwork shoved forwards by the tray itself to come to a rest in the middle of the table. "It's boring stuff, really." she remarks to her fellow diners. "But I just didn't want to have to chase it all over." Plopping onto the chair, Enka smiles wryly at Sundari, "thanks for saving a spot." A nod is given to Kayse and Fjorwynn, picking up a spoon and starting in on the cold mango soup first of all.

"Da's got a cousin there who he wanted me to go pick something up from. T'non gave me a ride, and we just got back now." Fjorwynn leans harder against Sundari, bumping her shoulder gently with his. "Didja /miss/ me, Sun-face?" Kayse and her communication-less family turns his big smile into a frown, and this time he doesn't wave a tuber at her but waggles a finger, instead. "Why don't you hire someone to make them talk to you? It can't be /that/ hard to find someone like that, somewhere." Does /Enka/ have anything interesting to steal from her tray of food? The tradery teen looks over its contents as if he might consider filching something.

"I do a bit of everything, though at the moment net mending and fishing as that is what my father dogs and so forth. I'm not all that sure about specializing in anything just yet, I'm an apprentice so I got the time to figure it out I suppose." Her gaze flicks over to Enka once she is back, and with a bunch of items upon the chair. A soft ah escaping her and she nods while smiling once more. "Welcome, glad I could help. I had to protect the chair from a whole bunch of people though. But I'd do it again if I needed to!" This said with a grin before she looks to Fjor and she pokes at him. "Course I did. I had to go about selling stuff at another stall because you all wasn't around don't you know?"

"Fishing? Good work, that," Kayse tells Sundari with a smile. She takes a couple more bites of food as Fjo and Sundari catch up, making inroads on the collection of food she assembled. Enka's nod is returned but the crafter sees no reason to say anything, letting the Weyrwoman eat in peace just as she is trying to. Trying being the operative word, for no sooner does she pause for a drink than Fjo's talking to her again. "I'm sure they're busy. Just because I'm at a loss for work doesn't mean everyone else is, after all. I'll send Nala with a note in a few days to see how they are doing and make sure nothing's gone wrong," she assures him as she toys with her fork, scooting pieces of fruit around in their sweet sauce.

Enka does indeed have deliciously interesting viands on that laden tray of hers. There's a yummy roast herdbeast sandwich on a warm fresh-from-the-oven roll, and the goldrider snagged herself some fruit skewers, and more than a handful of bubbly pies. But she's also armed with a spoon courtesy of that cold mango soup she's got in front of her, and a pretty damned good set of reflexes. "Well good for you!" Enka remarks cheerily to Sundari. "All you'd need is a pair of forks and an attitude and they wouldn't be tryin' to fight with you for a chair." Ninja Sunny, am I right? There's really not much the woman can say at the moment, the commencement of food to spoon to spoon to lips is pretty much occupying her time, but she is at least following the thread of the conversation with some curiosity.

"My dad was there. You could've gone to him, no?" Fjorwynn seems offended that business might have been missed because he was elsewhere, and he wrinkles his nose in disappointment. There's no more food-stealing from him as he shoulder-nudges Sundari once more, before dropping one elbow to the table and huffing a sort breath at Kayse. "Family oughtn't be too busy to talk to one another. If they're all back at the Hold, you should go visit. /Make/ them talk to you." He shrugs a shoulder, looking at the Weyrwoman's plates of food. It would seem she's inspired him to go get his own, as the lithe teen slips out of his seat to go raid the buffet line.

Sundari waves a hand slightly as she hears Fjor. "My father still went there to sell things. You know how I sell stuff at other stalls and so forth." There is a pause while she glances to Kayse, a slight tilt of her head is seen while she glances back to Fjor. As for Enka's plate she makes no move for any of it, she wouldn't dream of swiping and item from the Weyrwoman's plate it would seem! A nod is seen to Kayse. "Yup, fishing! My father knows all the great spots to get the biggest and bestest fish ever."

"You don't know my family. Believe me, too busy is absolutely a possible thing," Kayse responds to Fjo, smiling faintly. "Especially this time of year. There's a ton of work for Seacrafters and if my father is at sea then it would be extra chaotic at home," she explains. Ah, so that's why she's interested in Sundari's work. Speaking of…. "Does he work solo or lead a crew? And what's the name of his boat?" she inquires, matching the other apprentice's headtilt.

Enka is an inspiration! Her life's work is complete. The spoon goes clattering into the bowl, the last of the mango soup licked from her lips before the woman's reaching for the sandwich to tuck into that with a great deal of gusto. Swiping food from the Weyrwoman's plate probably would have brought a quick rap across the knuckles with that spoon, so it's just as well that it's left in relative peace. "Well," she remarks, halfway through the sandwich, and having followed the topic of the conversation, "bein' as I don't know anyone's family, I'd be curious to know too." A swig or two of bark tea is taken, the roast herdbeast washed down before the sandwich is bitten into once more, the goldrider chewing thoughtfully, and listening along.

"My father owns a few fishing boats actually. He and a few friends of his sort of run the show. They pick where about to go and then when they make a good catch cut it into thirds so each group gets a share and so forth. Works out rather nicely I have to say." Sundari munches on a bit of food and grins. "The main boat is called 'The Falling Stars'. Has a cluster of stars across the front actually."

When he returns, Fjorwynn's got a plate that's heavy with roasted tubers, roasted herdbeast, lashings of gravy… and not much else. He sets it down beside Sundari before reclaiming his seat, tucking into the mini-feast by starting with a roasted tuber. "She's got lots of boats," he confirms to Kayse, nodding his head. "And she sells some of the catch to me and my family." There's not much more he can add, as he adds more food to his mouth and chews.

"What?" Kayse asks of Enka, having been so focused on asking Sundari questions that she's lost track of what the Weyrwoman could be responding to. Ah, Sundari has a name for her! "'The Falling Stars'. I'll have to remember that and ask Mother if it is one of hers," she muses, toying with a piece of bread as she makes that cryptic statement. She's managed to eat most of her lunch, with only some bread and less appealing bits of fruit left on her plate. Fjo's return jars her out of her thoughts and she nods, though whether it is a response to him or to herself is unclear. Looking at the bread she has all but shredded her lips twitch in wry acknowledgement; she's done eating! "I should free up some space for another diner. Well, it was nice getting to know you a bit more, Sundari. Good to see you again Fjo, Weyrwoman. Enjoy your lunches." With that she finishes off her juice and rises, gathering her dishes and heading off.

"Answers my question," Enka puts in, shooting Kayse a curious glance at that remark of hers, but choosing not say nothing of it. Instead, that sandwich is polished off — seriously, where is the Weyrwoman putting all this food, and why? — before she spears a piece of fruit with her fork and pops it into her mouth. "It'd been a good lunch so far," she remarks to Kayse at her departure. "Intendin' to enjoy the rest of it too. With bubbly pies." Always a treat, really.

Sundari ponders for a moment and lifts her head while peering at Kayse, pondering a few moments. Maybe it'll dawn on her later that the other is a woodcrafter. Her gaze flicks back to the ones that have stayed after a wave after the leaving Kayse. "Which question?" Is questioned back to Enka pondering whom she may be speaking with it seems, and if it was towards her then she flat out missed it.

Fjorwynn is a teenaged boy, and can therefore demolish a plate of food in a ridiculously short amount of time. All those tubers and the pile of roast herdbeast is now in his belly after he practically inhaled his plateful of lunch, and he pushes the empty plate to the side now so he's got a little more room to pull his juice glass closer - not that that lasts long before it's drained. Since Sundari is caught up in conversation with Enka and Kayse has gone off to do her own thing, he gets up to go put his empties with the others that are waiting to be collected by the kitchen staff.

"About families," Enka replies to Sundari, forking up her last mouthful of fruit before she starts in on the bubbly pies. "And boats and what not. I was listenin' even if I wasn't talkin' much." The first of the bubblie pies meets a very timely demise, Enka nibbling at the edges for a second or two before she takes a big bite. Mmm. She will sip at her tea between bites though, and at least has the table manners to wipe her mouth after each bite, bubbly pie is oozy and gooey. But oh so so good.

Sundari ponders this and nods while she sends a glance after Fjor once he finshes food that quickly. Well she is use to such things as her brother's eat that fast after all. "Well, what about familes and boats?" This questioned with a curious tone.

After dropping off his plate and glass, Fjo only makes a sweeping pass by the table where his friend is talking to the Weyrwoman. He ruffles her hair as a farewell, nods his head politely to Enka, and then cuts his way through the crowded room in the direction of the exit out into the bowl - most likely so he can head home.

Enka nibbles on another bubbly pie. "Just learnin' about boats and families," Enka answers Sundari. "Since that's what was bein' talked about. Now, my family … not a single boat. Or sea legs among the lot," she grins wryly, and bites down into the pie. "I was just listenin' that's all, couldn't help overhearin'."

Sundari ohs and nods with a smile to Enka. "Sorry, wasn't sure if you asked a question and I just missed it or what not." She ponders this for a spell it seems. "I find that strange. I grew up on a boat, heck I was born out at sea even." This said while she smiles a bit at the idea.

A gulp of tea chases the last bubbly pie into unknown regions — the insides of the goldrider that is — and she settles back into the chair with the air of a well fed gourmand. "You'd think with my da's family hailin' from around Red Sands Hold, they'd be right at home on the water, but nobody was. And the other side of the family," she flaps a hand lazily. "Inland, Fortian folk. Nowhere near a big enough body of water." The weyrwoman sports a grin. "You were born on a boat, hmm? Fascinatin'. I was born in a weyr."

Sundari pokes at a bit of what is left on her plate, which isn't much at this point. "Yup that's right. On a boat, middle of the ocean actually." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "A lot of people seem to be born at a Weyr, or well at least on firm ground that is." She ponders and glances around before looking back to Enka. "Was you born here at this Weyr then?"

"Well I imagine it's a different way to come into the world," Enka muses thoughtfully, reaching forward to retrieve her cup of tea and sip at it occasionally as she regards Sundari. "Well, considerin' everythin' that goes on in a Weyr," she points out, "there's always bound to be someone born in one." There's a long pause. "Nuh uh," she answers at last. "Ista. But I grew up at Telgar."

Sundari grins a moment and nods before pausing and peers at Enka as if having to think about that. A soft oh escapes her once it dawns on her it seems. "I've seen Ista, enver actually got to visit the place save for a speed walk through." There is a pause, did osmeone just call her name? A glance is sent around, there it is again. "What…" She then spots her older twin sisters are. "Well, seems I need to skitter off for a bit. Nice to speak with you." This said with a wave as she is up and heading off to put her dirty dieshes away and is then off to the bin and is soon off to catch up with her family.

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