Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's another pleasantly mild day at Western, and with classes done for the day - and young dragons who no longer need quite so much sleep - there's time for some rest and relaxation (such as it is, when one is a weyrling) before the sun goes down. Rhysa's spread a towel out upon the shore, and is half-reclining there, watching as Tavehtiath paddles (she's too large, now, to need to swim for quite some distance) out into the waters of the lagoon. Pulling down the brim of her hat, Rhysa exhales into a sigh, though it's rather more contented than concerned.

Kaiath, much like her lifemate, is quickly becoming very fond of the beach and the water. She charges into the surf with far more enthusiasm than grace, splashing water everywhere. « Little sis! Wait for me! » She trumpets as she splashes about. Nae, for once, is the comparatively sedate one. She's got her towel and beach basket with her, and her own little beach hat. She spots Rhysanna and makes her way over, smiling a little. "Hey there."

« I am not moving quickly, » points out Tavehtiath, though it's also true that she deliberately slows her graceful, sedate pace so as to allow the much smaller dragon some chance to catch up. « Come. Perhaps we shall find fish. » Rhysa, having recognized Kaiath long before Nae joins her, turns her head towards the other weyrling, pushing her hat backwards all over again so that she can lift her dark-eyed gaze towards her. "Nae, hey," she says, gesturing towards the sand nearby: join her. Please. "I was going to swim, but my legs ache… I think they're sadists, making us mount and dismount that many times in a row."

« Wheeee! » Kaiath forgets her complaints quickly enough as she splashes about, now far out enough to swim. « Yes! Delicious fishies! We must find them. » Nae smiles at the invitation, laying her towel out beside Rhysanna. "I know /exactly/ what you mean. I was just complaining to Zi about it. Swimming should be a part of our drills, it'd be more fun." She settles down on the towel, setting her basket beside her. "You holding up okay?"

"Much more fun," confirms Rhysa with a low, wry laugh. "I'm not fond of all the running, either, though being able to ride Tavehtiath rather than walk all the way across the bowl? That's an improvement." She settles back, gaze sliding past Nae and out towards the dragons as she considers her answer to that question. "Mm," she says. "I think so. I feel like… things are settling? Or I'm getting used to them, I don't know. How about you?" « We need to be careful that we don't scare them away, » says Tavehtiath, with a quiet quiver of excitement. « How quietly can you move, Kaiath? »

"It does make me nice and toned. But I was already nice and toned." Nae manages to both brag and complain all at once. She settles out on her towel, stretching and lounging. "Much the same, I suppose. Feeling… maybe a little cooped up, maybe. But I know it won't be like this forever." « I can be SUPER QUIET! » Kaiath claims dubiously while flapping about and trumpeting loudly.

Rhysanna turns her head towards Nae, expression suggesting a laugh that doesn't actually escape into anything audible. "You were," is what she says, though, apparently in full agreement. "And I wasn't that bad, either. But we'll be extra hot by the time that matters, maybe." She's slower in answering the rest, and when she does, finally, say something, her tone is quieter and more serious. "I think I know what you mean. It's… until recently, I didn't have a lot of mental space for anything else. But I'm increasingly aware of just how apart we are, from everything. The world keeps going on around us and we're… outside of it. For now." Tavehtiath's amusement is obvious, both in the mental touch of her thoughts and in the way she pauses to turn her head and glance at the other dragon. Really. « Perhaps you should go on ahead, and scare them all towards me. »

Nae lazily rolls onto her side to face Rhysanna, giving her a mildly wearied sort of smile. "Yeah, that's… that's a good way to put it. Kaia and I want to explore. I mean, traveling is part of it. But also… I mean, it's hard to really live life like this, fully. Y'know?" She shrugs a little and glances out at the water. Kaiath is as enthusiastic about this new plan as she was about the previous one. « YEAH! I can be totally scary! Rawr! » She charges out into the water.

"Like everything else has been put on hold until… not until we graduate, I hope. But. Yeah." Rhysanna sighs, flopping back on her towel so that she's gazing upwards - or would be, if her hat weren't largely shading her eyes. "So we're living in stasis, like children again, until they stop being children. And it's not that it doesn't make sense, but… I kind of want my life back. Or… to be able to start this new life, properly. Something like that. Where do you want to explore?" Tavehtiath is careful with her thoughts, managing not to seem pleased, or even amused (now), by Kaiath's actions. She does, however, hunker down into the water, barely moving, and watching as the green charges on.

Nae grins a little wickedly. "Where do I want to explore most? Probably between the thighs of a few girls around the weyr." She sighs a little bit, wistfully. "… Cassandrel left, I'm pretty sure. Guess that was inevitable." She shrugs her shoulders. "But I also just miss the places I used to visit. Eastern. Ista. Xanadu. Fun places, you know. What about you?" Kaiath snaps at a few fish she spots, but her graceless charging around makes it difficult to actually catch any. « RUN, FISHIES! »

Rhysanna doesn't, for once, actually flush; instead, she chortles, even if it falls short at mention of Cassandrel. "I'm sorry. That sucks. I… guess I walked into that one." She's backtracking, potentially confusingly. "I know what you mean, though. And Taveh— she doesn't broadcast, but she really does not approve of thoughts along those lines. I miss… being able to just take an afternoon off, completely. I didn't do a lot of travelling, before, but I'd like to. Cocktails. Dancing. So much." Nor are any of the fish heading in Tavehtiath's direction, though the young gold doesn't seem to much mind. « Flee, little ones, » she teases. « The mighty Kaiath will slaughter you all. »

Nae shrugs her shoulders. "It happens. I'm not in any kind of spot in my life where I could even really think about anyone seriously, anyways. Anyone except Kaiath, of course." She smiles a little. "Kaiath, she… well, she doesn't disapprove, exactly. She's just too young to really 'get it', you know?" She laughs softly. "Cocktails and dancing do sound very appealing. Or they would if I was less exhausted." Kaiath does not seem to be thinking tactically about her fishing efforts, but is enthusiastica all the same. « Yes! You shall be delicious, fishies! »

"I guess…" begins Rhysanna, though she trails off before getting to anything of substance. "Mm. Tavehtiath doesn't get it, either, but… anything that makes me feel too strongly bothers her. So. We'll see how that goes, in time. Anyway— too tired, right? Too tired for dancing and cocktails, and definitely too tired for sex. So… that all works out, I guess." She exhales, adjusting her hat with one hand, and adds, "I haven't even talked to Larya. My friend from when we were kids? It all seems too hard." Slowly, Tavehtiath begins to move again, gliding through the water towards Kaiath. « Perhaps we are monsters to them, » she says, thoughtfully.

Nae ponders for a moment. "Nothing that makes you feel too strongly, huh? Maybe you should just try to have really bad sex to ease her into it. You know, the kind that leaves you frustrated and unfulfilled." An amused smile lingers on her face. "Anyways, it's hard to really be /too/ tired. Just be selfish and let the other person do all the work." More Nae wisdom. Kaiath twirls about gracelessly in the surf. « As we should be! We are mighty awesome dragons! »

That makes Rhysa sit up with a start, and pull off her hat so that she can mock-glare at Nae. "Life is way too short for that," she says with a laugh, albeit one that turns into a frown and has her gaze sliding back out to her dragon - her dragon who is abruptly still again, all tensed muscles. "Well," she says, exhaling again. "Anyway. Talking about something else now." « Mighty and awesome, » agrees Tavehtiath, distractedly. Abruptly, « Have you caught anything yet? »

Nae laughs along with Rhysanna, flopping down and grinning. "I suppose I can't argue there. On that score, I'm very lucky to have a lifemate like Kaiath. Too much excitement is never a problem for her." She glances to the water with another loving look. "Yes, something else." She ponders for a moment, frowning. "I feel like… there was something I needed to talk to you about. Or we said we'd talk about later. But now I can't remember what it was. These months have flown by…"

"We see each other every day, for lots of the day, and yet…" Rhysanna makes a face, staring off into the distance as she considers. "You're right - there was something. But I don't remember what it was, either. I'm not sure if that means it just wasn't that important, in the end, or if… if we've just been too busy and it's gotten lost in that. It's hard to believe how many months it's been."

It's near evening, after drills. Nae and Rhysanna lay side by side on towels, chatting. Nae's brow is furrowed. "It seemed… important at the time. But I guess a lot of things that seemed important before the hatching don't seem as important anymore, do they?" Out in the water, Kaiath and Tavehtiath seem to be fishing. Well, trying to fish. More just playing in the water, really. « I caught THIS. » Kaiath lifts a claw and displays a clump of seaweed. « I am an AWESOME HUNTER. »

Helheakth 's landing is gracefull, especially when she notices the two smaller dragons cavorting around in the shadows. She glides in a little ways from them before digging a wing tip into the water and creating a break wave that launches itself towards the hatchlings AND the weyrlings.

"They really don't," agrees Rhysanna. "Like stuff that happened a lifetime ago, or to someone else, maybe. Some of it, anyway. Sort of… picking and choosing what's important, except that I don't think I actually did any picking, per—" She breaks off, abruptly sitting up as that wave starts heading towards them, though she makes no attempt to flee. « You are — » begins Tavehtiath, before she's largely submerged. Then: « That was rude. » But she's not drowned yet.

"We all make more choices than we think we do. I…" Nae has her own attention stolen by the wave. "Wha-" SPLOOSH! She is soaked. Kaiath is much less concerned about all this. « WHEEEEE! »

« Rude, little Goldling? » Comes a rather masculine sounding voice for such a green. She is rather solidly built as she floats in the water. « Best learn to have fun before too many rules weigh you down » "Hel, be nice." K'as says from atop dragon back. "Hello." She waves, letting her dragon carry her to shore where she hops off. "Congrats, you." She tells to Nae, formerly Naeda, and she nods to Rhysanna. "And to you, Jr. Weyrwoman. Congrats."

« Very rude, » insists Tavehtiath, frostily, as she shakes out her wings— never mind that they were, as sure as anything, already wet. It's the principle of the thing, really. « There is a time and place for fun, » and this, apparently, is not it. Despite Kaiath's obvious disagreement. Rhysa's squeal as the water hits is girlish in the extreme; it doesn't seem to matter that she saw it coming. Sodden, she's already a little off-foot before K'as' greeting; it makes her even more likely to flush… which she does. "Weyrling," she's quick to say. "Just weyrling. But thank you, uh— ma'am."

« The place is anyplace. » Kaiath follows up on Tavehtiath. « And the time is PARTYTIME! » Which Kaiath evidently means to be any time. Nae's squealing is less dramatic. She's a dolphincrafter, after all. She's used to getting soaked. "… Thank you." She answers, looking down at her clothes with a little bit of a frown.

"They'll dry." K'as looks towards the little green and grins. "Maybe she'll pull that stick out of the gold's butt." Her eyes flick to Rhy. "No offense. Everyone needs a time of play, especially golds. Lots of stress." She says before she holds her hands up. "No Ma'am here. Just K'as."

It's getting on towards evening, though the sun's yet to start setting, and a giant wave - courtesy of Helheakth - has just soaked Kaiath and Tavehtiath and their riders both, the latter of whom are sitting up on the shore on now-sodden towels. Rhysa's flush darkens upon K'as' comments regarding her dragon, and her chin lifts, edging towards defensive. "She's playing with Kaiath," she insists. "She's fine." And then, "Rhysanna. Hello." Tavehtiath's muscles tense, and she holds herself very still - and then, abruptly, she releases herself again. « Perhaps, » she agrees. « But it was still rude. »

Zi'on wanders down to the beach. The bronzer's already in just his swim trunks, clothes probably stuffed into the pack he's carrying with him. Suldith circles overhead a bit, before diving into deep water pretty far out. As Zi'on heads toward the group, Suldith swims back toward shore, eventually emerging from the water. He's got something in his mouth. Zi'on raises a hand to greet the gathering of ladies. "Hello, all." It's short and sweet, he doesn't want to interrupt. He goes into his bag for his own towel, laying it out so he can lay down on it.

« SULDITH! » Kaiath projects to the newest arrival as she rolls about in the surf. « We went fishing! It was AWESOME! » Nevermind that no fish were ever in any real danger of being caught. Nae smooths out her soaked clothes and gives K'as a little weary smile. "Nice to see you again, K'as. How're you?" And then there's the weyrleader. She raises a hand to wave.

"Weyrleader." K'as offers as she turns to see the bronzer approach and she gives him a warm salute. "Helheakth's mischevious, you know." She admits, looking towards her dragon. "These young ones seem to chatter a lot." She laughs. "I don't think my whole Weyrling class had a dragon that bespoke more than ten words the entire time." She shrugs, "Maybe we're getting old, huh?" She says to Helheakth who slides over to curl up on a nice patch of sand. She pulls her leathers and things off, moving to strip down to her own bikini. The curvy rider sticking out worse because she's so short. "How is everyone? Aside from wet."

Tavehtiath lacks Kaiath's enthusiasm for their fishing attempts, though there's something affectionate in the way she turns her attention on her sister, and from there, towards Suldith - though her wordless greeting towards him is simply polite. Zi'on's arrival gives Rhysa a different direction to glance in; she smiles, her flush fading, finally, as she does so. "Hello, Zi'on," she says, as she begins to try and finger-comb out her now-damp hair. She's nonetheless still a little stiff when she adds, to K'as, "I can see that. We're well, thank you."

Suldith is indeed there! The bronze greets the cold gold with a slight neck rub. « Kaiath. Hello. I also went fishing. » In his mouth? He opens it just a bit. There's a fish caught between his teeth. Still alive and wiggling. It's a decent size, and would be a nice snack for the two little dragons. Zi'on lays down on his back. "Hey, Nae. How come every time I see you you're mostly naked?" There's a nod to K'as. "Hey there. I dunno. Depends on the dragon how much they talk. Just that when they're older they keep it mostly private." There's a smile from Zi'on to Rhysa and he watches her comb out her hair. "Hey there, rose-petal."

"Tired and sore." Is Nae's answer to K'as, though the smile on her face remains relatively jovial. "You're good, then? How's… what was her name? Alyane?" Her gaze lazily turns towards Zi'on, and she pouts. "I am not mostly naked! I am just soaked. And not intentionally! I can't help it if I just look good all the time." For once, her immodesty really doesn't seem to have been her own doing.

"Rose petal?" K'as looks from the Weyrleader over to the Weyrling and her eyebrows raise. She doesn't say anything but she does gather her things up. "I've not seen her lately, Nae. Unfortunately. If I do, I'll let her know you're asking about her." She moves over towards her dragon.

'Rose-petal' does not, for once, set Rhysa's cheeks to pink again… not, that is, until she catches those raised eyebrows from K'as, at which point she turns scarlet again. Oh well. Her smile, which had been quite contentedly set in place, falters only slightly as she turns her attention back to her hair in a more focused kind of way. « You'll have to try harder, next time, » Tavehtiath tells Kaiath. « To beat Suldith's efforts. What a lovely fish. »

Zi'on chuckles at Nae and laces his finger behind his head. "Naked. Wet. Not intentionally? You're at the beach." No comment on the part about her looking good all the time. There's a nod in affirmation to K'as about Rhysa's nickname. It was harmless enough. "Who is Alyane?" It's a general sort of question. One that could easily be ignored. There's a blink at Rhysa's reaction to his greeting, but the bronzer doesn't press the issue. « I've practiced for a long time. » He bows his head down to Kaiath. If she's interested in the fish. Otherwise he might just gobble it down himself.

Nae pouts at Zi'on. "Her dragon." She points to the departing K'as. "Kicked up a big wave. We were above the tide line." She glances to Rhysanna. "… How come I'm the one getting questioned here? She's just as soaked." More pouting. She finally thinks to answer Zi'on's question. "K'as'… girlfriend? Maybe? I don't really know." She shrugs. Kaiath trumpets at her golden sibling. « I was trying REALLY HARD. » Just not very thoughtfully. « That is an AWESOME FISH though. »

Rhysanna's blush does, at least, fade as K'as departs; she glances after the greenrider, expression briefly edging towards a frown, albeit one that fades back into a smile eventually, and brings with it a return to more relaxed composure. It's enough that she's able to laugh as Nae pouts and say, "I probably just look like I just got out of the water." Though she glances at Zi'on as if to confirm, eyebrows raising and smile definitely back in place: right? Wrong? « You were, » agrees Tavehtiath. « You did such a good job. Take the fish, Kaiath. »

Zi'on nods to Nae. "Sorry. You want me to have someone bring you two a change of clothes?" Zi'on shrugs. "I dunno. Rhysa seemed like she was mad at me or something. So you got the questions instead." The bronzer is surprised Nae is still in her soaked clothes, and not sitting naked while they dried off. "Hm." Is his response about Alyane. Zi'on smiles back to Rhysa. "You do." Zi'on pulls his pack over and pulls his shirt out of it. He holds it out. "I'll shut my eyes." First come first serve! Or something. For a dry shirt. Suldith moves the fish closer to Kaiath. « You said you wanted a fish. Take this one. »

Nae probably would be naked already under normal circumstances. But now Zi'on has claimed she gets naked too often. So she'll stay dressed in soaked clothes out of pure spite. She's in that sort of mood. She glances sideways to Rhysanna, perhaps waiting to see if she makes the first move for the shirt. Kaiath, meanwhile, enthusiastically leaps upon the fish and gobbles it down. « It's SUPER YUMMY! » Om nom nom.

"Not you," Rhysa is quick to put in. No, not mad at Zi'on. Which is something. "I just don't like people who judge Tavehtiath." And who then say or do anything that could, if one squints, be seen as a judgment on Rhysa herself. Nae's glance earns a shrug from the dark-haired weyrling, who says, "The sun's warm. I'll dry. Keep the shirt." Tavehtiath drops lower into the water as Kaiath enjoys the fish, watching with a kind of distantly fond amusement. « Now you really will have to learn how… or bother Suldith all the time. »

Not that Nae gets naked. That she's mostly naked a lot of the time. Zi'on hasn't seen her naked naked since… they were in the baths. Apparently being wet soured the weyrlings! But they were probably both already tired and sore. And there's not much Zi'on can do for either of them right now. Since he's in the no-touchy zone. Zi'on looks over at Taveh, then back to Rhysa. "What's to judge? She looks about normal to me." There's a shrug when Rhysa turns down the shirt, and he looks to Nae, in case she wants it. Suldith looks amused as Kaiath chows down. He settles into the water then next to Tavehtiath. « Or you could learn. And then she can bother you. » He suggests to the gold.

After all that protesting, Nae eyes the shirt forlornly. Her attempt to defend her clothing preferences now seems less important than warmth and comfort. So, she starts getting naked. That didn't last long. "… I still don't do this that often." She protests feebly. « I will learn myself! » Kaiath insists, trumpeting. « And then I will catch the biggest fishes and I will be the hero! »

The twist of Rhysa's mouth that suggests amusement, as Nae backs down and accepts the shirt, is present only for a moment or two— then she's lazing back again, abandoning her finger-combing and instead eyeing her now rather less useful hat. Oh well. "You don't," she agrees. "It's fine. It—" She pauses, then changes course, explaining to Zi'on, "I'm the only one who is allowed to say that Tavehtiath has a stick up her butt. It's just rude, otherwise. She's fine." There's a plaintive note to her voice, though it's accompanied by a certain amount of self-awareness in her expression: okay, she's probably hating on K'as out of spite, now. « Kaiath is never a bother, » says Tavehtiath, placidly, turning her head so that she can look at Suldith. « But it's far better if she learns for herself. You will make a wonderful hero, Kaiath. »

It's warm and dry. Zi'on was wearing it earlier, before he came down to the beach. Once she takes the shirt, Zi'on lays back down and covers his eyes. He chuckles a bit at Nae's protest. "I bet you wish you did it more? Anyways, I said you were mostly naked. Not all the way." Zi'on grins a bit, his eyes still covered. "A stick up her butt? You should pull it out. It sounds painful." He teases. "Taveh is who she is. Just like Kaiath is who she is and Suldith is who he is. It is a little rude though, I agree. Not all riders know their manners." Suldith looks back at Taveh. « It is best if you learn. That way you can get a fish whenever you feel like it. » Within reason, of course.

Nae pauses in getting changed to stick her tongue out at Zi'on in childish fashion. "Well, now I'm all the way naked, so you're still wrong." An important moral victory. Or just taunting the poor Weyrleader. In any case, on goes the shirt. "You can look now." She then looks back to Rhysanna. "Yeah. Taveh is fine the way she is. K'as is… well… she doesn't exactly seem all that tactful. « I will eat ALL THE FISHES. » 'Within reason' is not a concept Kaiath grasps strongly yet.

"I don't want to pull anything out of her butt. I've seen what comes out of there," mutters Rhysanna, though she seems mollified by the fact that she's not the only one who thinks it was rude. She's also not really paying attention to the nakedness, though that's not exactly surprising. "Exactly. She can't help being… who she is, any more than Kaiath can help being adorable." « Mmmm, » says Tavehtiath « Fishes. Fish. Thank you for giving Kaiath your fish, Suldith. »

Zi'on can't see the tongue sticking out at him. So he remains blissfully ignorant, and does not have much of a reaction. "All the way naked is good though. I'm not complaining." He removes his hand when Nae gives him the go ahead. He looks over at her then. Girls in his clothing always seemed cute to Zi'on. He chuckles a bit to Rhysa. "Anyways, I wouldn't worry too much about it. There's no rule that everyone's gotta love everyone else's dragon. But they will respect her. She'll make sure of that herself. Lessons going okay?" « Just be careful of the bones. I can get you a fish as well, Tavehtiath. Would you like one? »

Nae probably just looks cute because she's damp and not wearing pants. Thank goodness Zi'on is at least a bit taller than her. "Lessons are going fine. Well, mostly fine." She answers. "I am making a list of things I can improve upon when I am Weyrlingmaster." Nae is bad at modesty. In pretty much all respects. « I WANT MORE FISH. » Kaiath is bad at sharing. The two have very complimentary flaws.

Nae always looks cute. Rhysa, however, doesn't seem remotely uncomfortable in her still-wet clothes - though it helps that she wasn't wearing all that much to begin with, this being the beach. "I have no doubt that she will," she says, ruefully, but not without a smile. "Lessons—" Nae's answer makes her smile. "I could do with less mounting and dismounting; it's killing my legs." « No, but thank you, » says Tavehtiath. « Kaiath, why don't you try and catch your own, this time? »

Nae generally looks cute. It was a deception. She lures you in with cuteness, then springs the sex trap on you. For Rhysa… it was more the opposite. Rhysa is sexy, and then gets cute when you get up close. Zi'on seems to enjoy it both ways. "Mm. Sounds good then. Writing it all down, I hope?" Zi'on seems rather amused by Nae's assurance that she'll be able to improve weyrlinghood. Maybe she could, and that was fine by him. If Rhysa's dragon was asleep, Zi'on might be tempted to get close enough to warm her up himself. But with Taveh up, that would not turn out well. He chuckles. "It's rough with a big dragon. Bet you'll be good at riding things when you're done, though." Wink wink. Suldith doesn't move from his spot. « If you try at it a while I will get another for you. If you don't get one yourself. »

Nae can be both cute and sexy. She is a universe unto herself, she contains multitudes. At the 'mounting and dismounting' like she gets a smile like she has a dirty joke in mind, but she stops herself from making it. "Of course, I've been making notes during each lesson." It'd probably be better if she took notes on the lessons themselves, but nevermind that. Kaiath responds to this new challenge with great enthusiasm. « I will catch ALL THE FISHES! » She dives into the water recklessly, moving with great speed and zero plan.

The dirty jokes kind of write themselves, here and now, and Rhysa smirks, apparently well aware of them. There are no doubt more she could add, but… No. "My legs are to die for," she says, breezily, instead, which is not quite an answer to anything— but has her looking amused all the same. "Weyrlingmaster Nae has a certain ring to it. As long as you can keep yourself from seducing your students, anyway. I'm sure you'd be a terrible distraction to half of them, even without trying to be." « Kaiath. There's no need to rush. Don't scare the fish away, mm? » For this dragon, at least, Tavehtiath has great patience.

Several dirty jokes pop into Zi'on's mind. He leaves it at the riding joke though. "Mm. Well I'm more worried about you getting through your lessons, first. You'll need them later." At least some of them. Plus many of them were lessons for dragon development. Zi'on chuckles at Rhysa. "You make it sound like your legs are on the menu for dinner or something. Either that or you could kill a man with them. Crush nuts between your thighs or something… I dunno." He laughs then. "She's got a point, Nae. No seducing your students. It's bad enough when I do it." Zi'on gets up then, as does Suldith. "We should head back. Ladies, always a pleasure. Rhysa, I'll probably drop you a note later." Nae can keep the shirt, apparently. Or give it to Rhysa when she was done. The goldrider already has a couple of his shirts. By now they've probably lost his smell though.

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