Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Zi'on is down in the baths! It's after dinner, late enough that the baths are mostly empty. It rained on and off during the day, so the baths were bustling with muddy weyrfolk. Right now though there's one solitary figure actually in them. And a bunch of weyrbrats circled around him, giggling. Upon closer inspection, it would appear that Zi'on is asleep at the side of a pool with his head back. And the weyrbrats? They're drawing on him. When they hear someone else enter the bathing cavern though, they scatter out the side entrance, giggling quietly.

The rain has not interrupted weyrling schedules more than minutely, and so it's not until now, late, that Rhysa can escape to come to the baths and soak away the aches and pains (and mud) of the day. Though lost in her own thoughts initially, the retreating giggles that greet her entrance do focus her attention: the weyrbrats escape without incident, but, as her gaze sweeps over the baths themselves, the sleeping Zi'on does not. It's only once she's edged her way around the pools on quiet feet and stepped towards him that she actually registers the, uh, difference. She can't help it: she stops where she is, and begins to giggle.

The rain rarely interrupts anything at the weyr these days. The show must go on and all. There was stuff to do! Zi'on doesn't have any aches and pains, but apparently he's not slept well, considering how good and passed out he is. Yes. Zi'on has been drawn on. Besides a curly mustache and eyebrows that make him look like a villian, the bronzer has a big penis on his forehead. He stirs a bit hearing the giggling. Then he blinks awake, rubbing his eyes. "Hrr… Hm? Rhysa? What time is it?"

Rhysanna covers her mouth with her hand, attempting to choke back that laughter, though it's still showing pretty clearly in her eyes and across her face. "Late-ish. Not that late, but… You must've been tired." She hesitates, teeth resting on her lower lip for a few moments before she says, "You, uh, may want to wash your face. Or don't. You could start a trend." The laughter threatens to return; she can't seem to help it.

Zi'on narrows his eyes at Rhysa. "Hm? Ah… I thought maybe I'd slept through the night in here or something." He holds up his hands. "Not too pruney yet. I was tired. And the baths are so relaxing… it's hard not to want to fall asleep. And there was no one to keep me company." He raises a brow at her. Which just makes him look that much stranger. "Why? What's wrong with it?" He tried to look at his reflection in the pool, but there's too much turbulence in the water.

"You have—" Rhysa gestures at her own face, ineffectively, as she tries to stop herself from giggling again. Also ineffectively. "I don't know if I can do it justice. You really need a mirror. Someone's been…" By that point, she just can't help herself, and blurts it out outright: "You have a penis on your forehead."

It's late at Western, and it's been raining on and off during the day. Most people have come and gone from the baths, but not Zi'on or Rhysa, apparently. Zi'on has had the unfortunate luck to have fallen asleep while some weyrbrats were in cleaning up. Such a folly has cost him his dignity. In the form of a drawn-on mustache, eyebrows and a big penis on his forehead. Rhysa is standing over him, giggling. "What!" The bronzer lifts himself out of the pool to look in a nearby puddle. "Argh!" Then he blinks. "Wait… ew. That's not even the worst part!" And he doesn't mean the rest of the drawing.

Rhysanna's laughter probably counts as more than giggles, by now, given the way she's holding one arm around her middle as if to keep her sides from collapsing. "I'm sorry," she says, between peals, "Honestly. But it…" More laughter. "What's the worst part?"

Nae has the worst timing. Or the best timing, possibly. Really, she's just here to get out of the rain and enjoy a nice relaxing bath. After ducking away somewhere to get out of soaked clothes (why does this keep happening to her?) she emerges wrapped in a white, fluffy towel, only to hear the laughter of Rhysanna. Her curiosity is immediately piqued. "What is going on…" Her gaze falls on Zi'on. "… Oh."

Zi'on frowns. Mostly at himself for letting something like this happen. At least the damage as far as who knows is minor. Until Nae comes in. Then it's starting to get larger. Zi'on is standing there in the middle of the baths, naked and with a penis drawn on his forehead. He frowns at Nae, then looks at Rhysanna. "The worst part is that it looks familiar." Meaning it looks like his own, which he makes obvious by looking down at himself. Then he moves to slide back into the pool.

That just makes the laughter start up again (and, okay, the faintest hint of a flush), at least from Rhysanna, though it's affectionate laughter, surely enough. Her head turns so that she can grin at Nae, before she turns to go start removing her own clothing. "That's what happens when you fall asleep in the bath," she says, without turning back to glance at the bronzerider. "Let it be a lesson to you… or something."

Nae crosses her arms in front of her, looking back and forth between Zi'on and the, agem, puddle. She shakes her head and gives Zi'on a disapproving look. "Zi, Zi, Zi. Have you been drinking again?" This is, to her, the most logical explanation. She disapproves, but she can't help smirking at the drawings.

Sundari is wandering on into the hot springs with a towel already wrapped around her and some dry cloths tucked under her arm. So what if she was wandering around in a towel? She didn't hear anyone complaining at the time. She sets her clothing down and blinks while peering towards the otehrs curiously. "Hey…" The laughter was caught from Rhysanna and she ponders who was getting laughed at.

Zi'on pouts at Rhysa. "It's bigger though, obviously. Mine is." Just in case Rhysa couldn't tell. The bronzer unabashedly watches the goldrider undress once he's in the pool. He then scoops up some sweetsand to lather it up in his hands. "-No-." He says forcefully to Nae. "I have not. I fell asleep and some weyrbrats took advantage." The bronzer avoids greeting Sundari, instead he's concentrating on scrubbing his face off. Which makes it hard to talk. Also he doesn't want her seeing.

"Mmmhmmm," says Rhysa, still laughing (and still blushing, though the fact that she's turned away makes that more difficult to determine), though the laughter at least begins to die after that. Sundari's greeting does have her glancing over her shoulder, and the bluerider gets a cheerful smile, one that still contains remnants of earlier laughter. "He was fast asleep when I got here," she adds to Nae, as she steps into the water, sinking in to it up to her chin. "And there were weyrbrats on their way out, I think. I can believe it."

"… What had you exhausted enough to sleep through that much drawing?" Now Nae is definitely tilting further towards amused than worried. That probably means she buys Zi'on's denial. She spots the latest arrival. "Hey, Sunny! Come see this." So helpful.

Sundari is wandering on towards the pool, and sliding on into it with a slight yawn escaping her. "How goes it guys?" There is a pause and a curious look to Nae before she glances to Zi'on and Rhysa. "What am I to see then?"

Zi'on has to have some dignity! Though it's not much considering how much Rhysa is laughing at him still. Even if it's dying down. The bronzer works hard at scrubbing off his face, then rises it by ducking under the water and rubbing it. He lets Rhysa explain for him. He looks at Nae once his face is mostly clean. There's still a silhouette of penis on his forehead though. "Raev's flight. And it was too muggy to sleep comfortably." There's a frown at Nae as she invites more people over for a viewing. "Hi Sunny." Zi'on says flatly. "You want to see the drawing, or the real thing?"

It's the flatness of Zi'on's voice that has Rhysa glancing back at him, and she's really not laughing now. "I'm sure we don't need to stare," she suggests, quietly. "Poor Zi'on. I'm sorry— I mean, it was pretty funny, but maybe we can move on, now." She glances meaningfully at Nae, then turns her attention towards Sundari, "How are you, Sundari? I think we're all well… well, I know I am. Tired, but well. I wish it would stop raining, though; the mud is everywhere."

Sundari blinks a few times and smirks as she hears Zi'on. "I'm pretty sure I've seen the real thing with you running around flopping here and there." She points out while sinking down to rest within the water to around her neck. She loks over to Rysa and offer her a smile and nods. "Yep, I can recall how those days felt."

Nae lives to deprive Zi'on of his dignity. "Zi'on has dicks drawn on him." Straight to the point. Zi'on's offer to show off earns more wicked grinning. "Why not both! We can see which is bigger." But then she gets that look from Rhysanna, which makes her just a little sheepish. She doesn't exactly tone it down, but she can redirect her energy in a different, equally inappropriate direction. "Yeah, running in mud is no fun. We should be wrestling in it! That's good exercise, right?"

Zi'on will laugh about it. Later. When he's done moping about being the butt of a weyrbrat joke. "Yeah yeah. It's hilarious." He waves Rhysa over to where he's sitting. "Come look to see if it's gone." Zi'on chuckles at Sundari. "Yeah? Not like this though, I bet." He points to his forehead. He grunts at Nae. You really wanna see which is bigger? The bronzer starts lifting himself out of the pool again. "The mud isn't the problem for me. It's just so damn muggy, it's hard to sleep."

Rhysanna floats, still mostly beneath the water, over towards the bronzerider, though she holds back when he starts lifting himself out of the water: there are limits to acceptable proximity, clearly, when one is a weyrling. Or she wants to be in a better position to see; either or. In any case: "You'd better give it another scrub," she reports. "Every weyrling's lament, I think," she continues, with a glance to Sunny, rueful but not unhappy. "I don't think I'd have the energy for mud wrestling. I think we could all use more sleep. And less mugginess." And appropriate conversational topics.

Sundari shakes her head and grins a moment as she hears Nae. "May not want to push the matter I be he would show you in a heartbeat." She glances to Rhysanna and nods with a soft smile seen. "Of course." This said with a soft tone at the idea.

Nae gives Sundari another grin. "You say that like it's a bad thing." She says with a little giggle. Finally, she decides to stop just standing and taunting and actually get in the bath like she planned. Off comes the towel, and into the water she goes. Rhysa gets another smile. "I dunno. Mud wrestling can be pretty energizing if you do it right."

It's not like Nae hasn't seen before. It might be a surprise for Sundari and Rhysa though. If he's going to be mimicing the picture. He drops back into the water though when Rhysa says he needs to scrub more. He picks up some more sweetsand and gets to it. He rinses. "I know what I could use. Some cooler weather and a hug." He waves off Nae. "You've seen it before. What do you want to see it again for? I dunno if we got a big enough pit for mud wrestling. We'd have to dig one out. The dragons could do it. Hopefully the storms are passing though." What good was mud wrestling if he can't partake in the after party properly?

Rhysanna … okay, she does look, but just for a moment or two. It's not like she's had all that many opportunities, given this whole candidacy-and-then-weyrlinghood gig, and a girl… well. She's allowed to be curious. "Save the mud-wrestling for the end of weyrlinghood," she suggests, with an amused glance in Nae's direction. "We'll be as fit as anything, by then, and better able to have fun." Zi'on gets a sidelong glance, one part no doubt to check on the progress of his scrubbing, and one, too, as a result of his earlier comment. "I'd offer the hug, but I'm not sure if that's not crossing a line or two at this present moment."

Nae will steal her own glance. Because hey, why not? Is anything else really expected of Nae? Into the water she goes, collecting soapsand for herself. "You've seen Rhysa naked before. Why would you ever want to see her naked again?" Is her way of answering Zi'on's question with a question. Her fellow weyrling receives another smirk. "Are you saying you'll join me in the mud wrestling if I wait until after weyrlinghood?" Danger!

Sundari grins as she hears Zi'on while going about getting her hair wet to get the bath bit of this dip over with. "Hey, hugs are fun… Just depends on who your hugging." She points out. There is a pause at the bit of mud wrestling and she ohs a touch before grinning once more. "There's and idea to consider."

There's not much to see right now. Just Zi'on, and some hair. But it might give Rhysa something to think about… later. "If you girls want I can set something up for the end of weyrlinghood. A little tournament or something. We'll dig a nice big pit. I'll even wrestle." Zi'on gives Rhysa tired smile. "Maybe once we're clothed? You look like you could use a back rub, too." Zi'on peers at Nae. "Fair enough. Thought you ought to know it's bigger." Otherwise it wouldn't be very fun. Nae is getting excited, that was always dangerous.

Later. Always later. Rhysanna laughs, telling Nae, "I'm not saying I won't… though Taveh will probably have ten thousand fits, if I do." By her expression, she's not presently inclined to care. "It sounds like fun. And… yes, hugs are fun, too," she agrees. The corners of her mouth turn up again as she glances back at Zi'on, "After we're clothed, then. I won't turn a back rub down, either." For now, the weyrling leans back against the edge of the pool, rolling her shoulders as she does so.

"I /could/ use a back rub." Zi'on almost certainly wasn't talking to Nae, but Nae will pretend he was, anyways. "Who wants to give me one?" Yeah, Nae is definitely in that mischievious mood of hers. She persists in her soaping, then gives Rhysanna another grin. "You know, that's all the more reason to do it. I mean… Taveh will always probably be more on the prim and proper side. But she's going to have to reign over this whole weyr, seedy side and all. You owe it to her to expose her to the wilder side from time to time. Just so she knows what's out there."

Zi'on has also written a note for Rhysa. That will arrive… later as well. "Tell her it's mandatory. For self defense." The bronzer suggests to Rhysa, to perhaps get her dragon off her back. "Most hugs are fun. Unless the person hugging you is smelly. Or gross or something." Zi'on nods and smiles to Rhysa. He chuckles at Nae. "I can give you a back rub, as well. It's not going to be a very sensual one anyways. Just enough to work out the kinks." All in service to the weyr, of course. "Well, sounds like we've got three volunteers for mud wrestling. Taveh will have to get used to the wilder side of things. Western can get wild from time to time."

Rhysanna's laughter is light and heartily amused. "'Yes, Tavehtiath, it's in case I end up being jumped by someone when it's really muddy out. You wouldn't want me to be unable to defend myself, would you?' Seriously, though, if I only ever did things she liked… I think life would be pretty boring. So you're probably right. She'll just have to learn to deal with things she's not happy with." That, certainly, is determined, if delivered from behind closed eyes; Rhysa seems to have given up on soaping so much as simply soaking. "Poor Zi'on, so tired and yet we're still going to put him to work with all these back rubs."

"We could just go ahead and make it mandatory. I could put it in my list of ideas for when I'm Weyrlingmaster." Nae has a pretty thick collection of notes on that topic by now. "We'll need to have some sort of prize for the winner, to make things interesting. Hrm…" It's never good when Nae plots like this. She gives Rhysanna another little grin. "There you go. I mean, that's important. You never know how often the weyrwoman might have to mud wrestle. It's all part of your duty!"

Zi'on grins. "Exactly. I mean. It could happen. Someone attacking you while it's muddy out. If I was going to attack someone I'd probably wait for a dark and stormy night to do it. So there would be mud." He chuckles. "Well, you handle it however you'd like." There's a grin for the goldrider then. "I wouldn't worry yourself on me being tired. It's cooled down a bit now that the rain has passed through. So hopefully some sleep is in order tonight." He raises a brow at Nae. Zi'on would be curious to read through her notes. Eventually he'll probably have to tell her that some of them weren't going to work out. "Some sort of prize? Like marks or a medal or something?"

"See, now you'll just make me paranoid to go out on dark and storming nights, though… I'm not sure why I would, anyway. I'd much rather be safely curled up out of the rain." Rhysa opens her eyes again as she says that, grinning cheerfully. "Well," she adds to Zi'on, "I hope so. No more falling asleep in the bath." She reaches, finally, for her soapsand, now, lathering it up and beginning to scrub. "I hate to think what you're going to say, Nae, but… what are you thinking? Go on."

Nae's notes are probably somewhat terrifying on the whole, with perhaps a few good ideas hidden among more questionable concepts like 'weyrling water balloon fight/wet tunic contest to promote teamwork and bonding'. She scrubs as she ponders the question of a prize, staring up at the ceiling of the cavern for a moment. "Hmmm… how about… the tournament winner gets candidates to clean their weyr during the next search?"

Zi'on laughs. "Take your big gold dragon with you, then. I'm sure she can scare off most things. Or your big bad boyfriend. But yes, I don't know why you'd be out walking about on a dark stormy night." Zi'on is right there, grinning back at Rhysa. "I'll try not to. My sleeping patterns have been erratic lately." Zi'on turns to Nae then. He for sure will want to burn the stack of notes and probably stick Nae in the transport wing for the rest of eternity. Far away from any potential weyrlings. Hopefully she vets her ideas before presenting them to him. "That might work, though Rhysa and I can have drudges clean our weyrs." Zi'on ponders. "How about new weyr furniture?"

Rhysanna pauses in her scrubbing to laugh. "Big gold dragon, big bad boyfriend; sounds like I'm set. If I should ever want to go out in the rain for reasons entirely unknown." If her expression turns more watchful, more serious, as Zi'on mentions his sleeping patterns, she nonetheless doesn't comment on it. Instead, "Can we? This future weyr thing is sounding better and better. How about free drinks somewhere for a specified amount of time?" Though, honestly, she seems surprised by the… simplicity of Nae's suggestion.

Nae eyes Zi'on for a moment, frowning a little as she ponders the suggestion. "I was trying to think of something that wouldn't cost the weyr any money. But…" Her frown disappears, a wide smile replacing it. "If we have a budget, well, that opens up a whole realm of possibilities." Uh-oh. Now there is a truly worrying spark of glee in her eye. "How much?"

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, yes. Hopefully you don't." He peers at Nae. "You either. Go walking about on dark stormy nights. Especially down at the docks." The bronzer doesn't seem overly concerned by his lack of sleep. Parts of it were due to the eggs being on the sands. Now his weyr was empty empty at night. Other than his firelizards, which sometimes left as well. It makes him uneasy. And sleeping in the galleries was next to impossible. "We can, yes. It's hard for the drudges to get up into the bowl weyrs though. Also we have to pay them. We could do free drinks as well." Zi'on ponders. "Well, I'd have to donate. I dunno. Say enough for a bed and a living room set?"

"Free drinks as well as the furniture? Now you'll have people lining up to get involved," puts in Rhysanna. "I would've thought Nae would be happy to participate for the joy alone, but… I suppose incentives never hurt." Her grin is cheerful, though gets wiped away as she dunks herself beneath the water to begin rinsing. "And even more people to see me lose."

"Oh, I'd be perfectly happy to participate for the joy alone." Nae assures Rhysanna. "But it'll be far more fun to participate if there are more competitors. That's what the incentive is for. I think we have a winner with this liquor and furniture idea. Yes, that'll do nicely." She rubs her hands together in a disconcerting way.

Zi'on blinks. "Wait wait wait. I'm not paying for free drinks -and- free furniture. One or the other. Or get the Tiki Lounge to donate the drinks." Despite having more marks than he knows what to do with, Zi'on can smell a bad deal. "I'll talk to my da and see if he knows any furniture makers looking for work…" Maybe someone that would be willing to make a trade for some booze or a favor or something. Zi'on peers at the greenrider as she rubs her hands together. Then he stretched out a bit and winces. "Ow." He rubs his ribs, then pokes at them with his fingers.

Rhysanna's sidelong glance at Zi'on has her laughing. "Oh, all right. One or the other. Either way, there'll be takers." Her gaze slides back towards Nae, and though the rubbing together of those hands has her raising her eyebrows, she's too amused to be concerned by it. "Just what Nae needed: a new pr— are you all right, Zi'on?" Because she's caught that wince out of the corner of her eye. "What have you been doing?"

Nae eyes Zi'on. "You own that place with the strippers. You can afford liquor and furniture." Like this is some charity cause she's trying to raise funds for. She glances to Rhysanna, then back to the Weyrleader, mildly concerned. "… You didn't get in another fight with E'ros again, did you?" Is her first guess.

"Maybe Enka will offer up the other thing." Yes, Zi'on intends to tell the weyrwoman about this plan. If not force her to partake in the contest. Why not? "I'm sure there will. We could always charge a spectator fee. Quarter mark or something to watch. To recoup the cost." Zi'on eyes Nae. "It's a lodge. And we don't have strippers all the time. Just one night a week." He looks to Rhysa. "While I'm not there." Zi'on blinks. "What? No, no fighting. Raev pinched me rather hard earlier." He peers. "I think she bruised me." Though it could also be from the previous night.

Rhysanna gives the kind of shrug and headshake combo that suggests she probably doesn't want to know, or think about, any possible stripper-related events, though neither suggests she's taking offense at the very possibility. "Spectator fee, and maybe if you have people wagering on the outcome, you could use some of those proceeds, too," she suggests, easily. And, "Why'd she pinch you? That wasn't very nice."

"I'll dance there one week if you front the prize money." Nae evidently thinks that the sight of her without clothing is worth new home furnishings and unlimited booze. Despite the fact that anyone who pays even cursory attention to the weyrling will see her clothesless fairly quickly. "… I do like this spectator fee idea though. We'll be swimming in marks. And good old fashioned gambling. Yes. This will work very nicely."

Zi'on owns the place. Though he doesn't frequent the stripping event. It seemed a little… improper. Since the girls were basically his employees. Though one could argue that everyone except the goldriders at the weyr were also his employees. He ponders over the mud wrestling. "You girls will have to put on a show though, if we're going to charge people." He blinks at Nae. "I don't know if I like the idea of you stripping there." The bronzer sounds a little protective, actually. Even if Nae wasn't technically under his jurisdiction of protecting as a woman anymore." He chuckles. "I can't remember why exactly she pinched me. It might have been when I asked if she was too hung up on me to find love elsewhere."

"Nae." Rhysanna sounds a little horrified, actually, though surely she shouldn't be. "You shouldn't… ugh. Though I'm not sure about putting on a show mud-wrestling, either." It's certainly added some hesitation to her expression. "I mean, deliberately. I don't know. We'll see." Zi'on gets a glance, her mouth twisting. "If you said that, then I have no sympathy for you. That's kind of a…" Her mouth twitches, this time. "dick-head move."

"Then I will strip there /unless/ you front the prize money." Nae has no shortage of schemes. Her grin persists. She displays absolutely no sympathy when Zi'on reveals the reason he got pinched. Rhysanna gets grinned at as well. "Isn't mud wrestling itself enough of a show?" The joke brings her into full out laughter.

Zi'on blinks at Rhysa. "I'm not saying get naked in the mud or anything like that. Just… I dunno. Giggle a lot and wear bikinis." That was what they were all going to see, right? "Don't actually hurt each other, either." He tilts his head at Rhysa. "I was teasing her. Raev barely even tolerates me." Zi'on sighs, defeated, at Nae. "Fine. I will put the money up. Just no stripping. At least for furniture. And maybe booze as like a first prize second prize sort of thing or something." Zi'on shrugs. "I've never seen mud wrestling before. I wouldn't know if it is or not."

"And I'm just teasing you, I promise," says Rhysa. She doesn't make a further comment on the mud-wrestling, pro or against, though nothing in her demeanor suggests she's bothered. Instead, "Nae, that's awful and manipulative." But not surprising. "Anyway, not that it matters for… quite a while yet, right? So. Anyway. I'm turning into a prune."

Nae blinks and peers at Zi'on. "Wait… do we have to wear the bikinis?" Evidently, that hadn't figured into Nae's plans at all. "… Oh well. It still sounds fun!" She looks back to Rhysa and smiles lopsidedly. "Rhysa… you do know I was kidding, right? C'mon, you've got my sense of humor figured out by now, don't you?" She laughs softly. "Mmm. We have been bathing a while. But between this and the rain…"

Zi'on studies Rhysa's face for a bit, trying to pick up on if she's serious on being against the mud wrestling now or not. "No. There's a lot of time to mull it over. And work up the marks to apparently pay for all of it." He narrows his eyes at Nae. "You're not going naked, if that's what you mean." Zi'on lifts himself out of the pool. "I'm especially pruned now." He goes over to grab a towel for himself, drying off a bit, then wrapping it around his waist. Then he grabs towels for the ladies as well. "We still doing backrubs? The side tunnel goes out past my weyr. Probably the best place for them. Suldith can run you two back then real quick."

Rhysanna does not seem to be serious, especially since she's now grinning at Nae and saying, "Of course I know, but you're still getting what you want, aren't you? So it works. Kidding or not." Of course, she can be difficult to read sometimes, and so quick to slide from one feeling to another. Just to make life interesting. She climbs out of the pool, accepting a towel, and adds, "Of course. I owe you that hug, anyway."

"I always get what I want." Nae says to Rhysanna with a little wicked wink. "And when I don't, it's because I decided I didn't want it anymore." She makes her own way out of the water, giving Zi'on another little wicked grin. "I'm always up for backrubs."

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