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SmithCraft Hall - Patio
A large open patio surrounds you, scattered throughout are the various buildings that comprise the main SmithCraft Hall. Unlike other halls, holds, or Weyrs, there seem to be no walls surrounding the site. The buildings themselves are set into the surrounding woods, the Telgar Mountains rising up around the courtyard on all sides, allowing only the narrow river valley for easy access.
One side of the patio is bordered by a main tributary of the Telgar River, the water flowing from Telgar's paternoster lakes through the meadow toward the sea, dropping in three Cascading waterfalls directly behind the Main Craft Hall.

The sounds of the smith hall ring through the heated summer air, masters shouting over the sound of bellows and the ring of hammer against anvil. Cue one dolphineer, sitting quietly on a bench watching as apprentices and journeymen go about their tasks, a dive tank set down on the ground to one side, and her hands absently fiddling with the tie to a leather pouch that hangs about her neck usually hidden under her clothes. Her expression is even.

A pair in animated conversation emerge from one of the nearby buildings, their hands doing as much talking as their mouths as they stroll slowly along, until there is a pause, and they turn towards each other, and a vigorous handshake takes place. "You have yourself a deal! Make sure you keep up your end!" The middle-aged man with a SmithCraft's knot exclaims, patting the other man on the shoulder before he is turning back the way he came. Who remains? Why, a very pleased looking Zeltan, who runs a hand through his hair as he turns, smirk on his face. A hand and a smirk which freeze as his seemed to recognize someone on a bench - someone who seems rather out of place. What to do …

The voices draw the attention of sea-green eyes, Tanit’s lips pressing against each other with a faint upward twist at the corner as she recognizes the self-satisfied trader with a laugh. Granted she hasn’t seen much of him since a particularly sparkly incident, but her expression isn’t an unpleasant one. As Zel freezes, she seems to resolve the issue of what to do. Either flee before her in glittery terror or – “I hadn’t expected to see you here.” The dolphineer greets slinging the tank apparatus over one shoulder, not willing to abandon it entirely. “What brings you here?”

It seems someone is always slightly unsure of the reaction to his presence, and as Tanit offers a greeting and actually closes the distance, Zeltan's hand drops and he relaxes, smirk turning to a grin. "Making deals, of course! Buying, selling, trading…" A wink, and he leans to peer at the apparatus over her shoulder, straightening to arch an eyebrow at her. "You though, you are an awfully long away from the water, you know." He nods his head in her direction. "Something break?"

“For a moment there, I thought you hadn’t quite forgiven me for a … putting a sparkle in your step.” Tanit’s teeth exposed in a wide and largely unrepentant grin. “It is long over do for maintenance, the last thing I need is for the thing to fail when I’m 100 meters down and with little hope of surfacing in time to breathe while still swimming slow enough not to wind up with the bends.” The kit adjusted on her shoulder, “Figured I would barter with some pearls but it seems that the apprentice that used to maintenance it for me has left the hall to pursue a love of farming or some such nonsense.” As for being away from the water, the smile falters and her expression becomes one of feigned pain, “And before long I will dry up like one of those poor little starfish that tourists buy when they visit the western isles. Take pity on a poor fish out of water?”

"Oh, there is forgiving to be done, but I don't think it something you need to do.." Perhaps, he is hoping that the leadership forgives him? As she explains the issue with the kit, he ahhs softly nodding his head. "Yeah, that would be rather.. ugly." A shudder, and he closes his eyes, though they snap back upon at her performance. "You are quite good at that, you know." Pause. "I'm sure we can find someone to help.." He turns to glance over, and see if his trading buddy is still in view.

“Which?” Rich laughter bubbles up through Tanit’s throat as she grins at the trader. “Putting a spark in your step or diving? One of them I’ve had considerably more practice at than the other.” She joins Zeltan in looking about, “Well perhaps with your talent for bargaining we might be able to manage it without cleaning out what little I have left after – well bedazzling the weyrleader’s weyrmate.” Grinning at the trader. “You weren’t caught red handed at least. So there’s always that.”

"Now now, I think we've both proven that glitter makes even the ~ugliest~ trader look amazing." Zeltan winks at her, nodding his head in the direction he came from during to head that way even as he continues the conversation. "The thought of running out of air though.." A quick shudder and he shakes his head. "Rather not even think about that, not even for my worst enemy." Glancing over his shoulder at Tanit, he chuckles. "Aye, luckily not. And the… encouragement to make myself scarce has paid off rather well, if I do say so myself."

“I don’t know if that’s been proven, we haven’t tried it with an ugly trader.” She laughs, falling easily into step, sobering as talk of the water closing in surfaces. “I feel badly for those who die by drowning, fortunately they don’t have to call me in often for wrecks but – “ She shivers. “There is still something unsettling about death that far down. Almost enough to make a person believe in ghosts.” Better to focus on a warmer brighter topic, “Well, I admit I am glad that that was the only reason you kept away. Terrible flirt you may be but I do enjoy your company. “

Well, -that- certainly sets Zeltan preening, step taking on a bit of a strut as he goes, sticking his head in a building, frowning as it is seems the smith has meandered away from his work place. "Don't you mean, I am a wonderful flirt?" A grin and a wink, and he inclines his head. "Though, I can't say I disagree - even with all that glitter you seem to fancy." Eyes flick past her, to follow a bit of movement inside the next covered workspace and he is starting in that direction in turn.

“No, a terrible one.” Tanit replies firmly with a laugh, “You do it as easily as breathing, and wield it like someone who only has a hammer so they treat all their problems as nails.” She lifts a hand as they peer to the next room, “I’m sure in terms of actual skill you are talented. I suppose it is enduring after a fashion.” Excuse her if she giggles a little, imagining a peacock as it struts and preens.

Clearly, without meaning to, Tanit picked the perfect plushy at that gather, all that time ago. "Ah, but you can solve almost any problem with a hammer.. maybe its not the -best- way but.." And it seems Zel has found who he was looking for, because he is straightening up, grinning widely at the man from a short while ago. "Ryl! My friend!" A pause, and he glances at Tanit, motioning her and her apparatus closer. "My dearest friend here is looking for someone to service her… work gear." A pause, "I know it may not be your specialty, but I figured I could trust you to be sure it is done correctly, since it is a matter of life and death." Ryl, for his part, doesn't seem all that put off, instead arching an eyebrow and motioning Tanit to deposit it on a mostly clear work bench, before Zeltan is even finished speaking.

The heavy tanks are settled onto the work bench, Tanit flashing her best please help smile as Zel does the work of introductions and convincing the smith to do the work. “He really isn’t joking about the life or death part, I’m afraid it’s past due for maintenance.” She offers to Ryl, smiling to Zeltan for his help.

A nod, and the older gentleman glances it over, lifting and checking for a good moment before he leans against the edge of the work bench, folding his arms. "When do you need it back? I know just the one, but its his off day.." A pause, and he glances at it again. "I'd feel best if it was him, looking, especially with it being so important." Zeltan leaves sorting *that* out to Tanit, even as he is absently beginning to wander around the workshop - though not touching anything.

“A couple sevens at most, less if there’s another wreck that needs dived, but the weather has been calm for the most part.” The dolphineer states falling in to the quick matter of providing payment, a single small pearl pulled from the pouch hanging around her throat and tucked back under her clothes. Once all is resolved she grins, sneaking up to the Trader’s side as all is resolved. “Well, at least one of my errands is done for the day, what do you have planned?”

With business conducted, Zel is nodding again to Ryl, and reaching to snag Tanit's elbow and gently guide her back to the plaza. "Well, I have a pile of marks burning a hole in my pocket, the deal I needed made, and no ride just yet.. maybe a drink, or two.. Unless you have a better idea." Wide grin, and he tilts his head at her. "I promise, no glitter."

Tanit laughs, looping her arm through Zeltan’s as he decides to guide her, “Drinks sound like a plan, but the no glitter might be a deal breaker.” She smirks, “enough to make you envy dragonmen just a little bit. They have all of Pern at their disposal. Then again, I suppose in a way you had the same opportunity if in more of a limited capacity growing up as a trader. If my cousin has found someone to attract his attention, I suspect I will be equally without transport for quite a while.”

"I would have thought you'd had enough glitter to last you a lifetime.. I guess I'll have to see what I can do.. Can't leave a lady disappointed." Smirking, it is not far to the pub - I mean, it *is* the SmithCraft Hall, and conversation is easy. "Ah, well, the trader thing is a relatively new role. Turns out, I'm lacking it what it takes for a lot of other things." Zeltan is laughing it off though, with a shrug. "Everyone wants something, easier to get a ride some days, than others."

“One can never be too fabulous.” Or Mischievous, one or another of the words works. “So you weren’t born to the life of a silver tongued trader?” Tanit feigning mock shock as they enter the drinking establishment and claim a pair of seats. The comment earns an odd look, and Tanit finds herself studying his face more intently. “What all else have you tried?” Curiosity sparked as drinks are ordered.

Zeltan settles down easily, ordering his drink before he is glancing back to Tanit with a smirk as he leans back in his chair, lifting a hand and tapping his fingers as he goes. "Harper - ain't got a musical bone in my body. Woodcraft, like Da - turns out I don't have the patience to make all those fancy little designs everyone wants. Healer.. lets say I am lacking the bedside manner." Pausing for a moment, he continues onto the next finger, "Weavers don't want you, when you think the best thing is to dye your fellow apprentices green." A hand is waved around him at the Smith's and he shrugs. "Too small, or something." And then the thumb is held out on his other hand. "Also, turns out I'm no sharding good at being a guard, either." A shrug, and his drink is taken with a nod as it arrives. "This seems to suit me, though."

“I didn’t know L’ton was woodcrafter, I could have sworn the baker craft or some such thing.” She giggles, “I guess that is one thing I can’t really relate to, I am told I can sing, but only after copious amounts of drinking.” She tilts her head slipping the small pouch off her neck and passing it over to the trader to peruse. “We start learning to swim young, my Dad’s the one who taught me to dive. It is an Islander thing really. It must have been fun to try so many different things. Did you really dye someone green?” Is that approval in her tone? Why yes. Yes it is. “It does at that.”

"He says that's the only reason he got out of the cot hold. I mean, its been so long he may be making it up, but.. He was suppose to trade some ovines to pay for a year of apprenticeship. And then, well Dhonzayth happened." Zeltan explains easily even as he catching the small pouch, tipping the contents into his palm and shifting them this way and that, looking rather impressed. Carefully tipping them back into the pouch, he offers it back with a grin. "Only one arm.. and only up to an elbow… but apparently that was enough."

Focusing on her drink instead as Zel speaks of his old man. “It’s just hard to imagine him as being younger or – well chasing women around, He’s always been the cool old guy that will tell you the secrets of weyr survival (meaning where the cookies are stashed) if you find him hiding out in the kitchens.” The dolphineer laughs, “You will have to tell me the recipe sometime. I can think of someone’s shower that could do with a nice splash of lime green.” “Think you could find buyers?” Tanit asks, not accepting the pouch back. “They aren’t the usual qualify, mostly test samples and experiments that didn’t work out.”

"You don't need to imagine - You're looking at his younger self!" Zeltan counters with a grin, the pouch carefully palmed again as he reaches for his drink, taking a slow sip. "There is a market for everything.. particularly if you frame it well, and get someone's attention with a good story." He idly weighs the pouch in his hand, fingers tapping against his mug as he thinks. "Maybe… They were from a forgotten bed, somewhere.. I don't know where.. that was just rediscovered. Who knows who started cultivating them there in the first place."

Tanit laughs, “Oh that’s an easy answer. They came from an island founded by ‘pirates’ and full of all kinds of secret treasures that the natives guard zealously.” She looks over at Zel with the comment with a laugh, “I would hope not, I’d much prefer to be looking at Zeltan the trader, rather than a younger version of the former Weyrleader.” She leaves the topic off, with a chuckle.

"There you go. You just guaranteed that some Lady Holder in Bitra will just ~have~ to have them, so that she can have pirate treasure to wear around." The pouch is slid in his pocket. "I'll make sure you get a good price on them, too, don't worry." Sipping at his drink, he is caught off guard by her comment, coughing and hurriedly turning the mug to the table, turning pink as he attempts to recover, waving his now empty hand around a bit. "Wrong pipe." Zeltan manages after a moment, eying his drink with mock-suspicion.

It isn’t a giggle, it is full throaty laughter that greets that flush of color, that small choking sound. “Well you are supposed to drink it and not inhale it.” The dolphineer notes with a soft chuckle. “I’m indebted to you then, there isn’t much I need spend on, but I also believe in having funds set aside if all hell breaks loose.” She shrugs, “Or glittery emergences.”

"Shush, dolphineer.. After all I've done for you today?" But his tone is silly, and the grin on his face betrays his lack of seriousness. Fully recovered, he carefully, slowly takes another sip of his drink before Zeltan nods. "Best plan, really. Besides, I've been told that felines can be expensive - constantly needing new toys they never touch."

“Lime isn’t that sort of a cat. She carries that plushy everywhere.” Tanit laughs, “And can usually be amused by a few spinners or a vytol.” She does her best to look contrite but comes up short. “Thank you, in all seriousness, for your help today. It really was a matter of life and death. I suppose I owe you something for the trouble?”

"I don't know, I'm not sure I've ever met a cat that wasn't that sort of cat - given the opportunity. Clearly, you aren't buying her enough toys to ignore." Drink finished and he is lifting a hand to order a replacement, even as he is waving his hand off at her. "It'll all work out. I'm not worried. You get ahead here, you catch back up there." Of course, that may be even worse to worry about.

“Well she was sort of a gift, a thank you for a gift.” Tanit hedges clearly being of the opinion that tormenting fire lizards was entertainment enough for the puffy white feline. “Maybe it’s the catching back up that concerns me.” She hedges, ordering a replacement for her own drink. “I don’t know you well enough yet to know what sort of thanks you find appropriate.” Mostly teasing though there’s a fleck of truth with the words. “I mean, you seem fairly sweet and mostly harmless, but a body never knows.”

A sidelong glance at her hinted concern and he waves a hand, trying to ease her worries. "There are -things- that are never bartered.. Especially because then you have to question whether it is real or not." Sipping his drink, Zeltan settles back, pondering. "But perhaps.. Interesting shells - I know someone who seems to like them, or at worse, a partner for Half Moon's Hatching feast, to avoid probing, awkward questions from a certain dear bronzerider - no strings, of course."

The reasoning more than the assurance earns a full smile, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend, you’ve never given any hint that you are the that sort of a person. But I would not mind being a date for feasts and gathers, provided one very serious concession, which is that you actually dance.” The dolphineer grins, “There is nothing worse than a feast with dancing and no one actually dances, or worse you get asked by awkward strangers.”

"Do I have to dance -well-?" Zeltan counters, arching an eyebrow curiously at her, trying to hide a smirk. "I mean, I'm not as bad as two left feet, but.. I'm not some.." Handwave and he pauses, thinking for a word. "I'm not some performer." He picks up his mug, taking a slow sip, watching her over the top to determine if that is a dealbreaker or not.

“I would prefer to have someone who doesn’t step on my feet and can keep me entertained.” Tanit laughs, “If you are not at least a passible dancer I suppose that gives us plenty of reason to find excuses to practice?” hiding her amusement behind the large multicolored glass they bring at last that likely has layers of tequila and other really bad ideas in large quantities. “But just think of all the ladies you will impress when you can twirl them about?”

"I can promise not to step on feet, just if you want to be the best on the floor… Eehhhhh." He waves his hand, even as his eyes follow that glass that appears. "Shards, what the…" He eyes it almost curiously, as he glances down at his rather benign ale. "Ahh, the trick is to make them all jealous that it is -you- I'm twirling around." After all, women want what they can't have, right?

“Death by Lime, a former vintner friend of mine invented it.” She smirks, twisting the straw and taking a sip before offering some of the concoction over to the trader. At mention of making other women jealous, her expression flickers for an instant. “No, the point Is to actually enjoy dancing. Anyone who purposely strives to be the center of all envy is just begging for trouble to flop on their doorstep.”

Pausing before taking a sip of the offered beverage, Zeltan blinks at her, replaying her comment and his comment and her comment, and slowly a look of understanding appears on his face. "You said impress and I - " And then he is taking a sip, attempting to buy time for an explanation he clearly doesn't have. However, the sip results in a coughing fit, and he is hurriedly handing the drink back to her. "Shards, Tanit…" He mutters, distracted from the comment for a moment, blinking wide eyes. "I didn't mean I wouldn't enjoy it. I just… misunderstood." Or assumed a false equivalence. "Sorry."

The coughing fit earns laughter, and Tanit shakes her head, “I meant that dancing is a skill that a trader would find useful in wooing potential clients.” She explains, consuming a shocking portion of the drink without so much as batting an eye. “I’m not mad Zel, Just the point would be having fun, the same 5 steps get boring after a while.” She laughs.

After a long sip of his much tamer drink, Zeltan waves a hand a bit. "Well, after one or two of those, I could probably fly, so no reason to stick to the same 5 steps." He counters, even as he eyes her and her drink. "Shards, I don't know if it would even take a whole one." A shake of his head, and he shifts in his chair. "Remind me never to challenge you to shots."

Tanit laughs, “It isn’t that bad, and truth be known I’m not very good at shots. I can hold my breath for an obscene amount of time but about four good shots of tequila in an hour’s span and you will have me singing and dancing on the tables, and Faranth only knows what else. One of these is over the course of an hour or two is about my limit. Too much more than that and I may wind up singing and dancing on the tables.” But she seems to think she’s got plenty of time.

"Only four, she says, and she'll be singing and dancing on the tables." Zeltan actually rolls his eyes at that, leaning to rest his elbows on the table, cradling his drink and peering at her. "Now I am curious, are you a good dancer? Or have I signed myself up for something that requires buying a bunch of drinks, first?" His drink is swirled - though not being a wine it is likely just a distraction.

Tanit laughs, “Depends on the kind of dance?” Tanit’s smile going entirely wolfish with that, “And the music playing. I love the big ballroom dances every once in a while and no you don’t need intoxication for that.” Another sip, “It’s not the number, but the rate of consumption too that you have to factor in, empty stomach so on.” She studies him thoughtfully as he swirls the drink. “Why do you have the look of a man that has just gotten far more than he bargained for and not in the good way.”

"Ballroom, hmm?" He questions, looking up from his drink and arching an eyebrow. "May need lessons in that one." He doesn't grimace though, and her question has him regarding her for a long moment, sipping his drink, and regarding her again. "Nah.. You just.. Intrigue me. In a good way." He continues to study her carefully, before he is tipping his drink back, and finishing off the rest of it.

Tanit’s lips press together somewhere between a neutral line and a smile, “I think there’s a complement in that.” Polishing off the last of her drink before her face scrunches up with a sigh. “It would seem, that my cousin is finally here. Would you like a ride back to wherever it is you go when you aren’t out making deals and winning people plushies?” There is a considerable pause before she adds, “I can’t promise T’san won’t try to hit on you, but he’s usually pretty… even keeled?”

"You think there is? I'll try and figure out how to be more clear, in the future." Zeltan offers with a smile, and then she is moving and offering a ride. "I wouldn't mind, certainly. Back to Half Moon, I can get where I need to go from there." As she 'warns' him about her cousin, he chuckles softly, with a bit of a shrug. "No harm, no foul." Sliding his chair back, an appropriate mark piece - with a bit extra for a tip - is slid on to the table, and he is offering her a hand up.

Tanit smiles then, fully. Accepting the hand up. “You say this now, but – you didn’t grow up with him.” The dolphineer laughs, tugging on Zeltan’s arm and leading him out to where green and rider are waiting to return them to half moon and beyond.

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