Out of Weyr Adventure

Wilderness - Red Butte
This large granite dome rises from the Keroon plain. Its ridged surface spreads out beneath your feet, and you sense how incredibly important that this dome has been in history. Countless weyrleaders have met here to discuss important matters of Pern. Overhead, a weyrling may pop into view, going through the proper initiation of betweening to and from this place successfully. It's quiet here.

Zi'on has finally made some time to take Sunny out on her promised adventure. Though it's not really an adventure. It's more like… a picnic. In fact, Zi'on has packed a picnic for them. Sandwiches, fruit salad, tuber salad, citrus juice, there's even some nicely wrapped bubbly pies to be had. No booze, for once. This might be one of the few times Sunny's seen Zi'on when he wasn't drunk or drinking. But none of that today! It's a nice day out, plenty of sunshine and it's calm and quiet out. Zi'on has sent Sunny a message, telling her to meet him in the bowl, strapped everything up (including Sunny and himself) and then they were off! If Sundari hasn't ever betweened before, well, then it might take her a few minutes to adjust. Zi'on will at least unstrap her, then slide down and wait to help the seacrafter to slide down as well.

Sundari has never ever ridden on a dragon before, so it does take her a few moments before she can hops or even slide down to the ground. She blinks a few times and peers up at Suldith. "Woah" Is said once she is able to speak, which for her is a feat at times as she can be rather talkative after all. Her gaze snaps over to Zi'on and she soon grins. "That was wild." At least she didn't get sick! As for ZI'on not being drunk or drinking, she's ok with that, his more fun without it in her book.

Best to get it all over with in one shot! Like a band-aid right off! Riding a dragon and betweening. And look, she's still alive and not sick! If she can take choppy waters at sea she should be able to take a dragon ride between, right? Zi'on helps Sundari down, then goes to lay out the picnic blanket and the covered basket containing all their goodies. While he's at it, he pulls off Suldith's straps, too, and folds them up neatly. Suldith meanwhile looks back at Sundari and offers her an amused warble. "Heh. I guess it is, the first time. I was too young to remember my first time though." He sits down on the blanket and opens up the basket. "So. Any idea where we are?" Probably not, but it's worth a shot!

Sundari should indeed be able to handle a dragon ride after how many storms she's been through on the boat. A slight shake of her head is seen while she still grins; she leans up and gives Suldith a soft petting. "My sisters won't believe me." Once she is over the whole getting to ride a dragon bit, and going between she is looking around. She looks towards the dome and peers one way then another. "No water around?" Which for some reason she finds strange. "I have no idea where we are." There is a pause while she moves to sit down on the blanket and she peers at him. "Where are we?"

Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Why not? You've been spending a lot of time at the weyr lately it seems. They must be wondering why." The bronzer peers at Sundari. "Is there a special reason why? Or just that you like it there and/or I was forcing you to be there all the time?" He chuckles and then shakes his head. "No water around. At least not that I'm aware of. We're on the Red Butte. This is where leaders of the weyrs would meet for conclaves and such. It hold historical significance with the weyrs, at least. Once a weyrling can between here, we say they have passed their betweening test. It's quiet here without a lot of wind, so it's a good picnic spot."

Sundari peers back at Zi'on. "Well, part of it was that maybe?" Sure that works. A shrug is soon seen. "I've never spent much time around a Weyr before, I guess I was curious. I have a few friends at the market that live around the Weyr, they would tell me stuff but, always more fun to find out for one's self an all." She grins a bit. "As for my sisters they think I'm a nosey trouble making child so they wonder why about a lot of things I'm sure." That sort of makes sense. She peers up at the sky, watching and listening for a few moments. "There isn't a lot of wind for sure. Do the leaders still come here for stuff?" Her gaze turns back to him at the question as she has no idea.

Zi'on grins, and offers Sunny what appears to be a roasted wherry sandwich. "Feel free to pick at the salads. I didn't think you would mind sharing." The bronzer unwraps a similar sandwich and starts to eat. Then he goes digging for a bottle of juice and pops the top off. "Ah. Are you sure there's no special someone you're going to see? One of the cavern boys maybe? Or maybe an older guy?" Wink wink. Sunny should give Zi'on a kick to the shins if she knows what's good for her. "Oh?" Zi'on asks with his mouth full. He washes the bite of sandwich down with some juice. "I don't find you to be nosey or trouble making really. I'm far more trouble making than you. Even now." Zi'on shakes his head. "There hasn't been a conclave in a dog's age. Not since I was really little. A few of the senior weyrwomen didn't get along. So they would always end badly. I guess they stopped having them eventually because of it."

Sundari smiles and takes hold of the sandwich, a nod seen at the salads, which for a teen she doesn't mind green thing, just the sandwich is more interesting at the moment. She blinks and peers up at him while chewing on a bit of food, and has to pause to think over what was said before swallowing down that bite. "Me? No, I mean I know a few of them. I seem to hang around you more than any of them though." She blinks and eyes him as she seems to catch on after a moment, slow she is on some things. "Oh, funny" If he wasn't her lift home she may indeed do that shin kicking. "You're also not my sisters so they most likely think like that cause we're family." It wouldn't be for all the tricks and pranks she's pulled on them, no not in the least. "How are you being trouble making now?" A slight nod is seen at the talk of the conclave's. "Do, all you leader types get along now then?"

Zi'on minds green things. That's why for salads there is fruit or tuber. No real salads with leafy-things. Not on Zi'on's watch! The bronzer looks at Sunny with a brow raised as she mentions she hangs around him more than anyone else. At her quip then, he laughs. "Perhaps it's because I'm not you're family. Perhaps it's because you need some help making trouble at the weyr. Perhaps I can help you make trouble." Zi'on grins. "I am good at making trouble." Little surprise there. He ponders. "I don't know. Is there someone you want to prank? Or should it be general, like… letting a wild wherry go in the living caverns or something?" He shrugs a bit. "I get along with most of them, more or less. Th'ero and I used to be best friends before he moved to Fort. We're still pretty close. Though, since his sister and I broke up… he might want to murder me now. The rest I really don't know that well. It's mostly business contacts."

Sundari picks at a bit of fruit from the salad and munches on it while she seems amused. "True, maybe that is why." She grins a moment and nods, her eyes brighten a bit at the talk of letting a wild wherry go in the living caverns. "Oh. Is that an option?" Now that the thought has been planted one should be careful! "I once hide a few spiderclaws in my one sister's bed, in the mattress so they was all crawling around, the claws was all banded though so it wasn't like they was going to hurt her. Though she didn't take it too well." Though Sunny was very amused. She nods a moment, peering over curiously hearing this bit about the Fort leader, a soft oh escaping her.

Zi'on blinks at her excitement about letting a wherry go in the caverns. "Well… Hm. Maybe. The trick will be catching one. Maybe it doesn't have to be wild, either. I'm sure any wherry would go bonkers in the living caverns. Flapping and pecking and getting feathers all over everything…" He laughs. "We had a spiderclaw infestation a few turns back, while a group was in candidacy. They were… everywhere. We had spiderclaw everything for several sevendays afterwards. Spiderclaw soup, spiderclaw dip, spiderclaw salad, spiderclaw stuffed wherry, stuffer herdbeast, spiderclaw cakes, mushrooms stuffed with spiderclaw. They were using it as a filler in the breads and such. The candidates were not pleased, either." He grins. "I'm kidding about Th'ero… maybe."

Sundari grins at this and nods. "It would be amusing for a short while at least, don't you think?" Now she'll have to make a plan to see that it is /done/. Though Zi'on will know who did it now. She eyes him a moment. "If say… A wherry was to wind up in the caverns now am I going to get in trouble?" Might as well ask first! She makes a slight face at the talk of spiderclaws being in everything. "I like spiderclaws but I think that would even get old to me after a while." She nods a moment at the talk of this Fort leader, not like she knows if it is truthful or not. She is pondering something though, not that she comes right out and say it.

Zi'on grins. "Yeah. As long as it doesn't create too much havoc." He raises a brow at her question. "Not as long as you don't get caught. Which could be difficult, since you'd want to put the wherry in there while there is a meal going on for maximum effect. Bonus points if it poops on someone." Even more if it poops on someone important. All the points if it poops on Ila'den. He nods. "It was. Towards the end we were shipping them to any place that would take them, free of charge. Before they all died and started rotting." The bronzer picks at the salads a little, but hardly eats any of them before moving straight onto the pies. He give her a strange look. "What's that look for? Do I got something on my shirt? You look like you're thinking really hard about something."

Sundari hums at this and ponders while working on another bite of food. "I'll have to think this plan on for sure." Not getting caught is the main thing, and leading a wherry around and shoving into the caverns could be tricky to say the least. At the talk of rotting spiderclaws she makes a face at the idea. "Yeah, they don't smell good. Had a batch go bad once, stunk the whole boat up. We dumped them as quickly as we could." At the looks back she blinks and ohs. "Nothing, just thinking." To prove she isn't going to bring up what she was thinking about she is chewing on another bite of sandwich, which is nearly done so she won't have this excuse for much longer.

"My suggestion is to bring it in through the stores or some other place where people are less likely to be milling about. Especially during meal time." But no, Zi'on is not going to rat her out. It was his idea! So if she pulls it off he'll be taking half credit. "I can probably help you." He nods. "And they attract all sorts of nasty fish and birds and such. Bleh." He peers at her, taking a bit of his pie. "Thinking about what? Just ask, Sunny. Get it over with. Is it about my ex-weyrmate? Or about I dunno… dragon flights or eggs or… what?" She's not getting out of it that easily!

Sundari grins and nods. "Well, alright sounds like a plan then. I bet I know where I can burrow a wherry to." Well she does know plenty of the stall owners after all. This should prove to be an interesting prank, she ponders it a few moments until there is the straight forward question and she peers back at him. "Well I was just wondering what happened between you two? I mean you and your weyrmare. My parents have fights and stuff but.. It's not like one of them leave." Another pause is there. "You don't have to tell me, I'm just curious I guess." There goes part of her nosiness.

The bronzer laughs. "Well, have fun making up a story as to why you want to 'borrow' a wherry. What does that even mean to someone trying to sell them?" Zi'on isn't sure. But he wouldn't be letting any teenager borrow one of his birds if he was a shopkeep. He sighs a bit at her question, pondering his answer for a bit. "Well, weyrmating isn't like marriage, or handfasting or whatever you want to call it. It's not like riders can always be monogamous. Even if we want to. We're married to our lifemates. So it's rarely for life. But in the case of Kiena and I, we just weren't seeing that much of each other after a while. She was too busy with her craft and I was too busy running the weyr. So rather than arguing about how to fix things we decided it would be better to just split up. At least for a while. We can always try again later. It's not like we stopped loving each other." He shrugs a bit. There, now Sunny knows all the details!

Sundari says "Well, I may have to work at the stall for a bit but it would be worth it to burrow a wherry and let lose a bit for some crazy fun." Sundari says while grinning, she would think of such a plan and then have to work it off somehow. At the explanation about weyrmating and marriage she just peers at Zi'on, brushing her hands off and folding her arms loosely across her knees. "Oh." She ponders this for a few moments, well seeing how Weyr life is still new this is a bit to process. "I hope you two can work things out then, at some point.""

Zi'on laughs. "What if I just bought one? Then you don't have to work at some guys's stall. Or catch you one from the weyr. Suldith can spook it before we let it go in the caverns." Zi'on pouts at Sundari. "Sorry. I didn't mean to lay that all on you." He grins a bit, suddenly feeling awkward. "Er… Heh." Zi'on digs through for another pie. "Anyways. So no boyfriend for Sundari, hm? No big sailor guy waiting back on the boat?"

Sundari grins a moment and glances to Suldith before looking back to Zi'on. "There's an idea. But, what would you do with it after the fact?" This questioned with a curious tone. There is a pause and she peers up at the dragon getting an idea what may happen to it. "Naw, it's alright. I asked after all. Anyway, sometimes helps to get it off one's mind. Out in the open and so forth." She shrugs a moment. "At least that is what my mother always says. She makes us kids talk stuff out if we're mad at one another." The idea makes her cringe having to explain why she would be mad at her siblings. At the talk of a boyfriend she blinks. "Me? Naw… All the guys fawn over my sisters so I get left alone most of the time. Sorta helps when the guys only see you as the seabrat of the boat an all."

"Feed it to Miraneith. That's her favorite meal." So hopefully Sunny wouldn't get attached to it. They did not make good pets, after all. Zi'on shrugs a bit. "I dunno. Maybe it does. But there's not much anyone can do really. It's just been hard is all. I was used to having her around, so it's been a big adjustment." Zi'on lays backwards, bending his knees up. "To be honest I'd normally talk to Th'ero about stuff like this. But given that it's his sister, I've been at a loss. I thought by now I'd be kind of over it. But it's been harder than usual." He laughs a bit. "Yeah? Well your sisters are older. So… that helps. In a couple of years, they'll all be chasing you instead." He leans over to poke at her.

Sundari wouldn't get attached to it, she's never been that close to a live wherry to start with so she doesn't think that she will start now. "Maybe, but if you two was with one another for a while that may be why it seems to be a bit harder?" Well it is an idea. "I'm just guessing that though." She squeaks at the poking and smacks out at the hand. "I'm fine with them chasing after my sisters. I'll just stick to the shadows, or something." She nods a moment grinning even.

Yeah, Zi'on hasn't been that close to one either. At least not a live spooked one. He shrugs and then nods. "It was quite a while. I waited for her while she was a weyrling, too. I just… I dunno. I was pretty invested. But we don't have to keep talking about this. It'll just make me depressed and make a bad time of your fun visit." He grins to her. "The shadows, eh? You won't be able to do that forever you know. Eventually there will be some boys around who are interested, you know. Make sure you eat your pie. Otherwise I'm gonna eat it."

Sundari is quiet for a moment and soon nods, she won't press the matter anymore not wanting him depressed. "Well, yes. Figure I'll hide there until I can't anymore." She chews on her lip a moment pondering the thought, which she never gave much think to think on until now it, seems. She glances to the pie and picks it up breaking off a piece from it and then offers the rest to him with a smile. "So, you come up here to think and stuff. What about games like, hide and seek or something?" Which is more fun maybe with a few more but hey, might as well offer up some ideas.

"Heh. Don't look like that Sunny. It's not that big of a deal. Relax." Zi'on chuckles. "Well, good luck with that. It might work for a while." Zi'on had the opposite problem. Wanting to be noticed but being unable. "I don't come here too often." He laughs. "But I guess you could. I think just as well in my weyr. There's not much places to hide around here though…" He looks around. "We could go down to the meadow. There might be more places there to hide." He sits up then, to clean up the leftovers from the picnic.

Sundari doesn't mind being noticed but only when it comes to certain things, like pranks, and games, and having fun, other things though she would rather avoid for some reason. Though she is still a teenager, so perhaps that could have reason behind it. "Well, let's go?" She grins and goes about helping pick things up after finishing to eat that bite of the pie she had.

Keroon Hold - Meadow Path
The meadows stretch out for what seems to be miles all around you. It's quiet here, almost a deafening quiet that pounds at your eardrums worse then the loudest dragon roar. Suddenly, a flock of wherries take off to the east of you, and you turn to face them, startled. Behind their cumbersome forms, you can see a large red rock rising malignantly from the dry grasses. It seems to be about 100 dragonlengths long. You realize that perhaps this is the Red Butte.

The walk to the meadow isn't far, but there are plenty more places to hide here. It's not terribly hilly, but there are enough rocks around the Red Butte and scattered throughout the meadow to make a good hiding spot. Also there are patches of tall grass about. One could actually really get lost out there. Though it would be easy to spot someone from above. Once they've gone down the path a bit from the giant red rock Zi'on stops walking at the base of a big rock that looks sort of like a face. "This will be home base. Since you thought of it, you get to be it first! No cheating and peeking. I need at least thirty seconds." Once he's sure she's not looking, the bronzer runs off around the big red rock to find a smaller red rock to hide behind.

Sundari follows along towards the meadow, curiously checking the place out on the way to where they finally stop. Might as well go ahead and look for hiding spots, right? She glances to the rock is question and nods with a grin. "Right." With that said she turns around and closes her eyes. "Better find a good spot then or I'll find you in no time!" This is sounding a lot like when she was going to beat him at that race too.

There's no answer from Zi'on. He doesn't want to give away his position, even though he's very tempted to taunt her. And basically tease her about losing the race. Once he's found his spot, about fifty yards or so from where Sunny is counting, he hunkers down and waits for her to be done counting. The problem with an open area like this is that there's no possible way to know which way Zi'on has gone. But eventually the bronzer will make a break for home base. Right now though he's staying still and quiet.

Sundari goes about doing that count down and then turns about to look around for anything that may give where Zi'on has went hiding too. She ponders before pushing forward away from the rock and moves towards the right, which for the moment is away from the bronzer is seem. She creeps onwards heading towards some short rocky bits that are sticking out from the ground, maybe he is hiding behind them? Possible!

Zi'on for now seems to remain where he is. He's not exactly sure where Sunny is looking, but he knows she's not close by. At least not yet. Finally he gets the nerve up to peek around the rock he's hiding behind. If she spots him, he'll have no choice but to make a break for home base. If she misses him… well, he might try to run for home base anyways, unless she's heading in the opposite direction. He'll need to make sure he can get to the face rock before she does, in any case.

Sundari continues on towards the little group of rocks, that is indeed in the opposite direction from where Zi'on is hiding. At first it seems like she is going to continue but she pauses, pondering and glances around, eyeing the ground and then glances behind her, and thus towards the larger rock that Zion is actually hiding behind. She is quiet and watching and then sees him peeking. "See you!!" She calls out and turns about running back the way she came. Though there is still the chance for ZI'on to escape and get to home base at this rate.

Zi'on pressed his luck too far and Sunny has spotted him! And so he takes off at full sprint back towards the face-rock. "AAAAAAAAAAAA!" He yells as he goes. Why does he yell this? No one knows really. Maybe it is his battle cry, or maybe he's hoping Sunny will laugh and not be able to run as fast. At any rate, the bronzer is at a severe disadvantage, and Sundari is probably going to be able to tag him before he makes it back to tag the rock.

Sundari continue running on towards the rock that Zi'on is sprinting towards, she is running towards it and him as quickly as she possibly can. At the yelling she errs softly, a laugh escaping her but she is still running. "Gona get you!" She hollers out and once she is just about there within arm's reach she reaches out making a few smacksmackety movements of her hand to try and 'tag' Zi'on before he can reach the rock face.

Sunny indeed makes it to the rock before Zi'on, which means the bronzer can either try to avoid her… or just give up. At it appears that he is doing the latter, running towards her with his arms stretched out. He clothes-lines the seacrafter, laughing as he goes, and ends up scooping her right up off the ground and then over his shoulder. "I'M gonna get -YOU-!" He exclaims, laughing and panting as he runs around with her over his shoulder. Finally he lets her down near the face-rock. "Whew. I guess it's my turn to count, then. One… two…" He shuts his eyes and covers them with his hands.

Sundari wasn't expecting him to come running /towards/ her. "Hey wait!" Not that she gets any of that out as she is hauled upwards and squeals before laughing and wiggles about, which leads to Zi'on getting a few baps and smacks of his shoulders as a results. One she is back on the ground she is laughing, grinning on at him. "Strange way to play the game." As he starts to count her eyes widen and she races off to find a place to hide! Which is over there and instea of behind rocks within a fuzzy bunch of bushes that offer a good amount of cover.

Zi'on was expecting a bit of fighting back! That doesn't mean he's letting that influence how quickly she gets let down. He just grins to her. "I make the rules!" He exclaims. At least he thinks he makes the rules. Zi'on counts loud enough for Sundari to hear him. "Twenty-nine, thirty! Ready or not here I come!" The bronzer was at least astute enough to hear which direction Sunny had run off in. So he heads that way, moving slowly and checking behind every rock. Even lifting a few up. "Gotcha!" He says, after lifting up a flat rock. He's kidding of course. "You got a lot smaller and squirmy-er, but I know a Sunny when I see one!" He shouts at a crawlie. He's still not close enough to spot her, but close enough to hear any giggling.

Sundari wasn't expecting to be hauled up into the air like a sack of fish, yes fish. She did /sort of/ put of a fight, just not a real fight. She peers out from a few branches watches what Zi'on is doing. For a few moments she loses sight of him, and then at the 'gotcha' part she stiffens and peers around before a soft breath escapes her, well that's a relief! She peeks back out catching sight of him talking to a worm? For a few moments she watches, a faint giggle escaping her before she lets her hands cover her mouth and even holds her breath for a moment, wondering if he heard her.

Zi'on is just playing around. It's what he does best, really. And the game is enough to distract him from all his worries for the time being. Both concerning his ex and the weyr at large. No, Sunny has not been caught yet, the bronzer is just being silly. He does hear some noises that sounded like a giggle coming from Sundari's direction though. So the rock is let back down into its place and he slowly stalks her way. "I thought I may have heard something over here…." He suddenly parts a bush, expecting Sunny to be behind it. But it's several bushes over from where she is hiding. "Nope…"

Sundari bites down upon her tongue while she watches as Zion is moving towards her, crud, she may not be able to escape for the moment. She waits, and waits a bit more for him to go about searching that bush and is then scrambling off to the side diving through a bush while laughing as she runs, no sprints towards the rock face that is home base. "Wrong bush!" Is called out while she goes. As for the game she is enjoying it, and of course games are great use for distracting from any issues that could possibly be going on.

Diving through a bush! Sunny better hope she can scramble away fast enough without getting herself torn to shreds. Zi'on takes off after her of course, as soon as he hears her moving about. Though instead of following after her, after a few moments he just heads straight for the face-rock. Apparently he's hoping to cut her off at the close. He laughs. "It was close enough to root you out, though!" It'll be close to see who gets to the rock first. Zi'on isn't giving up this time, either!

Sundari may wind up with a scratch or two from her dive through the bush, not that this is trying to stop her. "So?!" She calls out as she is still running towards that rock face, she has to get there, has to get there! She looks back to see where about Zi'on is and eees as they are both heading towards the same place it seems. She is is getting closer to that rock face though, maybe just maybe she can reach it and actually out race Zi'on?

"Sew buttons!" Zi'on calls out to her. Whatever that really means in this case. The bronzer gains on Sundari as they converge on the rock. But at the end, she's able to reach it before he does. He's left panting at the end of it, and leaning against the rock. "Whew. I guess you win this round, too. Shall I count again? Or did you want to just trade off?" Generally he who is caught has to be 'it' but with only two people.. the normal rule didn't have to apply.

"Why would I sew buttons?!" Sundari calls out while she half leans forward and is able to snag hold of some bit of the rock face, which she leans against panting hard for a few moments. "How about a break?" Even she needs a break when it comes to running around like craziness. As for her dive through the bushes she managed to get a scratch across her cheek and a few across her arms which she is just now noticing. "Thorny bush." She would so hide behind something with thorns.

Zi'on chuckles. "Okay. A break first. I'm going to walk back up and get our stuff. I have a first aid kit attached to Suldith's straps. We can at least get you cleaned up a bit." Infections are bad. Zi'on walks back up the big rock, returning a few moments later on Suldith's back. The bronze finds a nice spot to land in the field, laying out to sun himself. Zi'on comes back over with a couple bottles of juice and his little first aid kit. The bottles are set down as he opens up his kit, pulling out a cleaning pad and a small bottle of antiseptic solution to wet it with. "You'd better let me get the one on your face. Close your eyes, just in case."

Sundari doesn't seem worried about it, she's a teenager nothing is wrong! "I'm fine, just scratches." See all is fine. Though she doesn't go about stopping him, because really how could she? She is sitting on the rock humming a faint seaworthy tune to herself while poking at the scratch on her arm that is still somewhat bleeding. With him back and the bottles out she looks at them. "Wait, is it gona burn? It's fine, really, no need to make it burn." Though she does close her eyes and sits there for at least a few moments quiet and cringing as she expects it to burn like fire or something close to that.

Too bad! Zi'on is not a teenager. Also he's a father, and a previous search and rescue rider. He had to do his due diligence. "Stop poking at it." He says. Then he chuckles. "Of course it's going to burn. Anything good for you either burns or hurts or tastes terrible. Haven't you figured that out yet?" He holds her face still gently but firmly, then wipes the scratch on her face. While he's at it, he gets the ones on her arms as well. They all burn, but it's over quickly. "There. Do you need a bandage or are you alright without one? It's still bleeding a little." He says, tossing the cleaning pad away and going back to his kit.

Sundari does stop poking at the scratch and huffs a moment but sits there. "Alright alright." Is finally offered while she holds still, eyes staying closed tightly as the scratches are cleaned up. "That doesn't make any sense But ya I did figure that out." She gives her head a slight shake as the scratch burns but it is at least over and done with quickly. "It's fine. I've had worse scratches before."

Zi'on grins to Sunny and closes up his kit. Then he heads over to sits down next to her, picking up his bottle of juice on the way. He pops it open and takes a long drink. "Ahh… You've had worse scratches before, eh? I would hope so, since those are pretty minor. So what's next? More hide-and-seek?" Once they were rested up, of course. "Or do you want to compare scars?" He laughs. "I'll win that battle, too." He says, confidently.

Sundari leans over to take hold of a bottle of juice and gets the top of sipping at it. "You have scars?" She peers over at him curious like. "What was the worst one from?" Her right hand is lifted and she wiggles her fingers before pointing to a scar there near her palm. "My brother accidently sent a hook through my hand three turns back. Missed bone somehow." She grins. "I still managed to get rock candy out of him when I bring it up."

"I have a few," Zi'on says. "Most are from when I was a kid. Bumps and scrapes and whatnot. But the biggest one…" He stands up and lifts his shirt up, turning around so Sunny can see the stabbing scar on his back. "Is that one back there. I was stabbed with an arrow about a turn or so ago. It wasn't very fun. I almost died. If Western didn't have some of the best healers on Pern, I might have." He lets his shirt back down when she's done examining him. "A hook in the hand, eh? That must have been painful. Those aren't meant to come out the other way any more than an arrow is. The scar isn't too noticeable on your hand, though. At least you get something out of yours. All I got was extra duties learning how to manage a sword and extra security. If people knew I was out here by myself… I'd get a lecture."

Sundari peers at scar at his back, making a face at the idea of having an arrow in the back, and well the near dying bit. "Woah… Alright you win, the next rocky candy I get from my brother I'm totally giving to you." A nod is seen while she says this and sips at her bottle before peering at her hand. "Ya, my dad had to cut the hook in half and yank the other end through. We were out at sea when it happened. I got lucky, it could have gotten really infected and all. Salt water is good for cleaning stuff believe it or not. Just burns like the heck. Plus my mother had some medicine that was supposed to help." Not that she asked questions about it. Hearing the lecture bit she glances back to Zi'on. "Well, we can go back? Don't wanting you to get lectured… But who lectures a weyrleader anyway?"

Zi'on laughs. "Not really something worth bragging about though, being stabbed in the back at my own weyr. But I guess the scar makes me look tough and manly for the ladies." The bronzer blanches at the idea of having to pull the hook out the other way. "Ow. Yeah, I've heard salt water helps to heal up wounds. But it is painful to get it into one." He settles back down on the rock next to Sunny and grins. "That's if they find out. I'm sure they think I'm off at some meeting on official weyr business. So as long as you don't squeal on me…" He eyes Sunny for a moment. "We can stay out as long as we want."

Sundari ponders this a moment. "Well, ya I suppose not bragging about something like that would be a good thing." She eyes her hand a moment recalling that hook that was in it. "Yep, It burned like fire. Though it didn't get infected so I suppose it worked." Her blue gaze drifts back to Zi'on curiously. "Me tell? Hardly. I never tell anyone anything told to me in secret like and so forth." A grin seen while she nods. Though a moment later she is poking at his side. "But Who would give you a lecture? Aren't you like the main leader type person at the weyr?"

Zi'on shrugs a bit and grins. "I could. I just don't see what good it would do me. I'd be better off bragging about winning weyrleadership again, or winning a game of cards." He looks at her hand. "If it had gotten infected they might have had to cut it off. And no one wants to go through life without a hand." It would certainly keep one from standing, for example. "Well you better not. Or our next adventure might not ever happen." There's a grunt at the poking. "The guard captain, for one. Technically I'm in charge of him, but he's in charge of my security, as well as the rest of the weyr's. Also Enka. She's my weyr superior. If you want to get technical. Though we share leadership responsibilities."

Sundari is quiet for a few moments while eyeing her hand once more at the thought of not having it. She wiggles her fingers a few times and ehs. "I've seen others in the craft without a hand. I mean most of 'em are way way older, like ancient but they lost it at some point." She lets her hand drops back to her lap and glances back to him. "Course not. I'd much rather go on another adventure then go telling on you after all." Makes total sense. A soft ah escapes her and she nods a moment before pointing at his back where he was stabbed. "Did you get who did that to you?"

Zi'on chuckles. "We'd have to call you Hook for a hand Sunny. Or Sunny Severed Hand or something. And I think I like you better with two hands. Makes you a lot less creepy." The bronzer grins at her. "Good." That's what he was hoping she'd say. "Plus there's that whole wherry prank." He follows her finger, then shakes his head, looking awfully sullen suddenly. "No. He's still at large. I hope you and your family haven't run into any pirates on your travels." Zi'on finishes off his bottle of juice, then stands up. "So… should we head back then? We could take a fly around Western or something, if you'd like."

Sundari doesn't want to think about being called 'hook hand Suny'. "My brothers joke about it now and then when they recall what happened." There is a slight roll of her eyes seen to the event. She grins at the wherry prank and nods. "Good to have two hands for such a prank too." A glance is sent to him as she picks up the sullen look. "I'm sorry. We haven't had a problem with them. My father knows how to avoid them, says he can smell 'em coming so he goes the other way. Or his just lucky." Most likely more on the luck part then anything. She finishes the juice in her bottle and stands up as well. "Could we fly around for a bit before going back? Dono when I'll get the chance again." Not like she has a dragon to call on for such things after all.

There's some chucking from Zi'on. "I might start calling you that anyways. You know. Just in case. Or for getting a hook stuck in your hand before." Hey, it was better than Smelly Sunny, right? "Well, if I help you'll have four hands. Unless I lose one of mine before then. From a runaway papercut or something." He waves her off. "Don't be. I'm sorry we haven't caught them. I don't like thinking that someone might be their next victim. Good on your da, though. I'm sure he's a salty dog, but some of these other merchant types couldn't tell a dinghy from a dragon I don't think…" He nods then, stretching out a bit. "Sure. Around here? Or back at Western? Or both?" The bronzer moves over to make sure everything is packed up again onto Suldith.

Sundari glowers slightly at him. "My brother was the one who got the hook stuck in my hand. He was doing some crazy casting thing and hooked me." What are older brother's for, right? Though it does sound better then Smelly Sunny, which she still doesn't understand why she was called that to start with, silly adults. At the part where someone else could be the next victim she looks to Zi'on a moment. "Does That happen a lot? I mean with the pirates?" Now she seems a bit worried over it all. She scratches at her neck a moment and is helping with packing things up. "Maybe both, around here on the way back to Western?"

Zi'on just grins at that glower. "So? You'd be the one missing a hand." How nice of him. Really it seems like he's just trying to get a rise out of Sundari. Zi'on never put a hook through any of his siblings' hands! Also generally older siblings were there to take the blame from younger siblings. "No. We had a run in with the same group a while back. But it's a rare occurrence. Security and sweeps have increased over Western's waters, so there's little chance anything like that will happen around the archipelago." Meaning as long as they stayed in those waters they would be fine. "Sure." Zi'on says, cupping his hands low so Sunny can put her foot into them and he can give her a lift up.

Sundari grumbles as he goes on about the missing hand bit again. "Really Your worse than my brothers." She points out before shaking her head. "Well, that's good to know. I'll have to talk to my dad about that." Cause really that is the last thing she needs to worry about, pirates and all. She takes the help up onto Suldith, hoping up and settling back to where she was sitting before when they came out here.

Zi'on just grins at Sundari. Perhaps he was worse than her brothers! Or maybe it was just worse that he wasn't family, so she couldn't give him a good punch if she wanted to. "Not that your dad shouldn't be cautious still. Especially at night." No one wants to worry about pirates, but the fact of the matter was that they were out there and even the dragons couldn't be everywhere at the same time. "Do you want frontsies or backsies this time?" Riding in front meant a better view of course, but was more scary. Though the straps would have her as well as Zi'on if she rode in front. In back she would have to hang onto the bronzer. Once she picks, he settles himself in and straps them in.

Sundari wouldn't think about punching ZI'on, a smack or a poke well that is different! "He normally is careful" Still things happen after all. At the talk of who sits where she grins and moves forward to sit up front. Her fingers tap against the dear dragon's back a few times. "Frontsies!" She offers with an amused tone. Her gaze lifts up to him. "Thanks for taking me out here Zi'on. It was fun getting to see all this."

Zi'on will be on the look out for smacks and pokes, in that case! There's a nod about her father being careful. "That's good. Your best hope is always to flag down a search rider if something goes wrong at sea." He chuckles as she chooses frontsies. It was easier to strap her in at least this way. Zi'on leans forward a bit to grab the straps around her as they take off. "Sure. When it gets colder we can go up to Telgar or High Reaches and go sledding in the snow." And they're off! For a swoop around the Red Butte, then around Western.

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