Western Weyr - Large Storage Cavern
A huge cavern that serves as a warehouse for the Weyr. There is a loading dock for wagons and supplies of all sorts are stacked neatly on huge shelves. Several smaller passages lead to various rooms used for storage. Sometimes one will see one of the smaller dragons helping lift things to and from the shelves with the rider directing the operation.

It's early at Western. Very early. The time of morning when only crazy crafters are awake and some of the kitchen staff. Maybe a few sweep riders. It's also the time of morning where the watch seems specifically lax. One guard, burly Thomm, has fallen asleep. He's got a flask of something not-so-discretely tucked into his coat pocket. And the other guard is… just missing altogether. Likely because it was Straws who was supposed to take the shift. Where is the yellow-haired man? Well that's a good question. The stores themselves are dark and quiet.

Early morning is the best time to sneak into the storage caverns, especially when your goal is to liberate supplies for a not-really-sanctioned search of the woods around the weyr. So this is when Kayse, with Qiana a few steps behind, makes her way down the barely lit tunnel toward the caverns. Both youths are moving as quietly as they can manage, at first unaware of the state of the guards, and only the soft scuffing of their boots and whisper of cloth carry ahead of them. As they draw nearer Kayse slows, holding a hand out behind her to signal Qiana that they are almost there, and the novice forester frowns at the darkness ahead. "Shouldn't there be a light?" she whispers to Qiana, turning her head to look toward the shadow-obscured face of her fellow sneak.

Fellow sneak indeed. Qiana is treading as lightly as she knows how to, her feet only making a bare scuffling noise on the floor. Early morning is also Normal Time for Qiana to be up and about for her duties in the stables. But days off from duties are wonderful things, and Qi is taking full advantage of hers. "There might be." She says in a hushed tone, before she's reaching into the sack on her back and producing a very minimal stash of glows to help light their way. "This will be less obtrusive." Good as their intentions might be, liberating items from the caverns might not be smiled upon. And Qiana has had her fill of not doing anything while Iris is still missing. Over the last week, one might notice the beastcrafter smiles less often, even as her bruises from her runner-tumble are nearly healed.

Not-really-sanctions search missions are exactly what the weyrleader didn't want happening! That could easily lead to more people going missing, and for other reasons than being kidnapped. There should be a light. In fact there are several glow baskets around, in addition to the electric lighting. It's just… not on. The passed out guard certainly makes it easy for people to sneak into and out of the caverns, doesn't it? And speaking of sneaking, there's some faint rustling that can be heard towards the back of the caverns. It sounds like maybe boxes being open and shut, or slid around a bit.

Kayse accepts the glows from Qiana, carefully cupping her hands around them to restrict the light they cast to the area in front of her. As the light shows the baskets closed and guard sleeping she grins, murmuring, "Looks like we're in luck. The guard closed the baskets to get a nap in. If we stay quiet we shouldn't have any trouble getting in and out again with no-one the wiser." Suiting action to words the girl eases forward, just enough light showing to keep her from tripping over anything or running into the guard. She is so busy concentrating on being quiet that she doesn't notice the soft sounds from the cavern ahead, or perhaps it is the drumming of her heartbeat in her ears that drowns the rustling out.

There's something niggling at Qiana's attention as the beastcrafter follows the other young lady into the storage cavern, intent on getting those supplies for their foray after her half-sister. Every so often Qiana just stops to listen before shaking her head and resuming her look at the shelves, one hand coming up to rub at her forehead. "I wish we weren't in luck. Guards like that are the reason Iris is missing in the first place!" Her tone is still hushed, but with the amount of emotion in her voice, the statement probably carries a little further than intended. "Shards. What do we even need?" And then there's another noise from the back of the cavern, which again niggles on her attention. "Do you hear anything?"

Hopefully they remember to turn in the guard as well, when the time comes. He'll be lucky not to be thrown out of the weyr after drinking and falling asleep on the job during a crisis. Kayse may not hear the rustling, but whatever or whoever is making the rustling hears them! There's some panicked rustling that follows, a little more noisily this time. After a few moments, there's soft footsteps that can be heard, as whoever it is starts to make their way towards the door.

"You're right, and I'm sorry, that was a thoughtless thing to say," Kayse replies softly as they ease into the cavern, holding her hands up to light the shelves. "Uhm… we need a sturdy knife for cutting away plants and, if we find her tied up, for cutting the rope. We need waterbags and emergency food packs, and…." Finally the sounds that Qiana has been hearing penetrate Kayse's focus and she stops suddenly, closing her hands to hide the light. When she speaks, it is barely audible. "There's someone else in here." A note of panic creeps into her voice, fear at discovery warring with fear of the unknown.

Qiana stands still for a few moments, much like an animal trying to figure out where an unfamiliar noise is coming from, only turning her head every so often. "Who else would be here, with all the lights off?" Oh, there's a small bit of panic in her voice, but more curiosity. One can't be a runner jockey without a small addiction to adrenaline, after all. "You get the stuff." She whispers as quietly as possible before she's stalking off after those footsteps. Caution? Qiana might have forgotten what that is.

They need a sturdy knife… for murdering Iris' captors, right? Right? The footsteps are getting closer, as whoever it is moves closer to the exit. Of course the other someone who is in the caverns is aware of -them- for sure. And as he hears footsteps coming towards him, he breaks into a sprint, hoping to escape the other sneakers. Or maybe assuming that they've already woken the guard, who has called for backup. Which is not the case, of course. Either way, in his haste there isn't time for caution, and he ends up crashing right into Qiana as she makes her way towards him. There's an audible grunt, and the sound of something hitting the floor and a bunch of other somethings spilling out of whatever that something was. Follows by some quick scurrying as whoever tries to get back on his feet.

Kayse murmurs her assent to the beastcrafter's instructions as Qiana moves away, waiting until the other girl is far enough off to not be illuminated by the glows before opening her hands resuming her search of the shelves. And then there is thumping and grunting and she whirls, staring toward the cavern entrance and straining to see for a moment before muttering to herself, "Of course you can't see anything, you idiot. You're the only one with a light." Promptly the girl heads toward the sounds, holding her hands up high again to try and make out what is going on and avoid stumbling into someone.

"Ow!" That would be loud enough to wake up that errant guard likely, unless he's well and truly passed out. Qiana crashes back onto her still-sore rump as the other person also falls, and drops whatever it was he was taking. And Qiana is squinting into the dark, even as Kayse comes with that light to help illuminate the situation. Qi is rubbing at her forehead again. "Watch it, huh?" Her tone is back to being quiet after that initial outburst, and her hands are going out, maybe to help pick things up. "What are you doing down here anyways?" Hey pot, she's kettle.

That guard is well and good passed out. It'll be a miracle if he's not dead, really. There's something mumbled to Qiana in an apologetic tone at her ow and telling him to watch what he's doing. Which is sort of ironic, since it's pitch black until Kayse shines some glowlight on them. And the light reveals… none other than Straws! Qiana's latest admirer! It also reveals an overly large knapsack that is fit to burst. Some of the contents that have spilled out onto the floor are spice jars and jars of fellis and other healing supplies. And Straws is hurriedly shoving them back into the knapsack. It's hardly the sort of thing one would take on a trip camping, for example. He's got no bedding or clothes with him, and is dressed in his regular clothing. "Getting supplies…" Is his only response to Qiana. Clearly he's trying to devise some plan to escape. And escape with all the goods.

Kayse comes around the edge of the last shelf to find Qiana on the ground and Straws sort of standing above her, at least when he isn't shoving things into the sack. This immediately leads her to think that Straws MUST have knocked Qiana down, and so she leaps to the beastcrafter's defense, letting out a shout as she swings wildly at him, right hand clenched into a fist around the glows. There's a meaty 'crunch' as her hand smacks into his near shoulder, followed by a screech of pain and the dropping of the glows. Kayse stumbles backward into the shelves, clutching her hand to her chest as she continues to scream.

Qiana's hand closes on one of the fellis jars, and in the coming light she can sort of see what it is. "Straws?" Is the first word out of her mouth, as her eyebrows crunch into a perplexed scowl. "Fellis..?" And then there's screaming to be had from the other girl after she slams her fist into Straws' shoulder. "What the..?" Mark Qi as just plain confused now as she stands up, fellis still in hand. "Kayse, quiet. What's the issue? He just ran into me." Creepy man ran into her, but an honest accident.

Straws did it! He knocked Qiana down! He's a horrible person! "OW!" He says as a fist comes flying at his shoulder. "What did you do that for?!" After rubbing his shoulder a bit he goes back to picking up the jars, then hoists the knapsack back up. "You might want to use that on her." Is his suggestion. Though he's not sticking around to see if Kayse is okay. No way! Nope. He's bolting for the door, intent on getting out of the caverns and out of the weyr as fast as he can!

"He broke my hand!" Kayse sobs, rocking back and forth with the pain. "The sharding bastard broke my hand!" Never mind that she's the one who threw the punch, it's all Straws' fault! Qiana's mention of fellis penetrates and she gasps, going pale. "He has to have stolen it. You can't just get fellis and carry it around. Where is the sharding guard, and where is that man going with the fellis?" About then the adrenaline wears off and Kayse slumps down to the floor, whimpering as her hand continues to throb with pain.

"You punched him." Qiana is definitely confused here. "How did he break your thumb if /you/ punched /him/?" And then Straws is going on how the door and Qiana is a bit more confused than before. "I don't know where he's going." And when Kayse slumps down to the ground, Qiana comes up to the woodcrafter. "Lets see your hand." There's a bit of resignation to the girl's tone, since this is probably going to put a kink in going out to search for Iris.

Screaming isn't something easily ignored, especially when it's aggravating little mouths with wings wondering where their possible source of food went. Squeals and chitters echo in the darkness, just outside the door and only grow louder when the sound of footsteps begins to join the fray. Not more than seconds after Faustus swoops in, inflated with anger and eyes whirling red, his human rushes in behind. S'rorn throws his paperwork on the floor and blocks the door way. "What is going on in here!" he bellows, eyes darting across the room until he sees Straws. "You! What are you doing?! Why is she on the ground?"

There's quite a difference in opinion in what Straws is up to, isn't there? Maybe Qiana is just complacent about him, having met him previously before and all. Either way, since Straws has picked up most of his loot, he's on his way out. Though the going is slightly slow, since it's still dark and he can't find the door. And the glows Kayse had are now on floor near Qiana. He shuffles along the wall, looking for the exit. Such a gentleman he is, isn't he? Not even apologizing or stopping to help Kayse. It's about that time that the door opens up, and light seeps in. Straws makes a dash for it, hoping to knock Rorn over in much the same way he knocked Qiana down, then to run off. Of course Rorn is a little bit bigger than Qiana, so he actually puts his weight into it.

"He hit /you/!" Kayse grumbles to Qiana, struggling to focus on something other than her hand. "And he's stealing from the weyr! Don't worry about me, worry about him," she says, face pasty with fear and pain. At least she isn't screaming anymore, only whimpering, but she is determined to see the man who knocked over the beastcrafter stopped. "What if he is the one who stole everything? Any why steal medicine? What if he needs it for someone he can't bring to the weyr?" About then her own firelizard arrives, the young gold screaming a brassy challenge in counterpoint to the cries of the other lizards as she swoops around, trying to figure out why her person is hurting. All she really does is add to the chaos and get in the way.

Note: Qiana is a good person, even with the week's stress of her very pregnant half-sister gone missing. "He ran into me. It was dark." Though Kayse's next bit does get the beastcrafter thinking. "Stra-" And all of a sudden there's one more body in the mix, and several firelizards making the scenery that much more chaotic and Qi lets whatever she was about to say drop. Uh oh. Here comes some possible trouble in the form of both Seamount's new wingleader and her sweety. This… might not be good for all involved. Though it seems like Straws is intent on running the rider over. "Straws! Just slow down!" Well, forget quiet now…

As soon as that weight goes against him, Rorn decides to grasp onto the clothing of whomever is pushing back. Hopefully, it's not one of the women, otherwise that would be awkward. Then again, some of his elder sisters are some of the most brutish women he's ever seen and been around. "Nuh uh, you aren't going anywhere!" the brownrider hisses as he uses all of his strength to shove the stranger back into the room. It's dark, but that doesn't mean he's going to lose him! "Not until you answer me!"

That's right, Straws hit Qiana. Though it was an accident really. He just wanted out. There's no push to defend himself to Kayse. What did he care what she was saying about him? Though now that he's been discovered, it'll be hard to sneak around places and thief things. The firelizards are ignored, and there seems to be a battle of wills between Straws and Rorn. "Let me through! I've got to get these supplies out of here!" Shove shove. Finally Straws has had enough and takes a swing at Rorn's face with his own fist. He'll just have to fight his way out, then!

Kayse growls to Qiana, "Either help the wingleader or get the guard in here, but do /something/!" She grabs the shelf with her good hand, struggling to pull herself up so Qiana will stop worrying about her. "Why steal medicine anyway? It's not like a healer won't just treat anyone who shows up needing help," she says to herself, working hard to understand what is motivating the theft. Nala continues to whirl around the room chaotically, unsure of who to help and where to go or how to get her person to not hurt anymore. Kayse isn't in a position to see the blond thief strike at Rorn, too busy trying to not throw up when she jostles her hand during her efforts to rise.

It's not that Qiana doesn't want to help, just that too many bodies in the way gets… messy. But when Straws decides to take a swing at S'rorn (never mind the fact the rider can handle himself) she starts to bristle. Three more firelizards are added into the mix from Qiana's faire. The older green and blue go right back out the door, but the younger brown decides that harassing Straws might be fun, and Qiana is advancing towards Straws with a glower on her face. "Where do those supplies have to go Straws?" And no, that wasn't a gentle question. Qi is starting to get kinda pissy.

S'rorn takes the direct hit but he doesn't let his grip loosen in the slightest. What the girls are talking about in the room is lost to the ringing in his ears but it doesn't distract him for long. The dazed brownrider shakes his head, gritting his teeth as he straightens up and he uses his own momentum, bringing his knee as hard as he can into Straws stomach. Outside in the bowl, Nyzieroth puffs up, flapping his wings in agitation with his own large eyes whirling red. He raises up on haunches and lets out a deafening bellow in response to his own riders fury.

If Kayse or Qiana are hoping for answers from Straws, they are certainly out of luck. Straws is too locked in his brawl with Rorn to do much in the way of answering. And if that brown gets too close he'll earn himself a smack out of the air more than likely. Rorn's kneeing knocks the wing out of Straws, and he grabs hold of the arms that have hold of his shirt as he falls to the ground. Maybe he's hoping Rorn will keep him upright, or maybe he's hoping to pull the brownrider with him. At least he's safe from the dragons. But the screeching brown in the bowl is enough to wake up the entire weyr for certain.

"Nala, get out of the way," Kayse tells her firelizard, focusing on the distraction that the creature provides. "Come sit on the shelf or something. Just… stay out of the way. I don't want you getting mushed," she adds as she finally manages to get back to her feet. Now that she's upright she can take a moment to survey what has been happening, and the sight of the blond thief brawling with the wingleader has her attention almost immediately. "You, thief! Straws, or whatever your name is! Just stop already! Can't you hear the dragons? You aren't getting away with this so quit fighting!"

Qiana is at the end of the shelves, and luck upon luck there's some twine at the end of that shelf which Qiana picks up, starting to unravel the ball. As Straws gets the wind knocked out of him, Qi is wrapping the twine around his ankles whether she gets kicked for her efforts or not (Hey, she jumped off a runner, remember?), tying one of those lovely beastcrafter knots tightly. Needless to say, unless he has a knife, that twine isn't coming off anytime soon. And with the ball of twine still in hand, she unravels it further, scowling down at Straws. "Hands." Comes the single word from Qiana's mouth, directed at S'rorn as she gets another length of that twine ready for the thief’s wrists.

The sudden shift in Straws weight brings Rorn down on top of him and all he can do is his best to keep the other man from escaping. The brownrider takes in a deep breath, arching his head and shoulders back just enough for him to take one last chance at getting Straws to back down after they roll onto their sides in the fight. With all the force he can put behind it, S'rorn brings his own head down hard on Straws, trying to knock him out without taking himself out in the process.

Straws will definitely be kicking Qiana at least a few times. He's not going to make her job easy! But the fight is going out of him as he gasps for air to try and reinflate his lungs. He's not just going to -give- his hands to her. No way. He's instead grappling with Rorn and trying to give the wingleader another punch for his effort. One is aimed at his head. The other at his groin. Straws does indeed have a knife, but getting to it while he's tied up and Rorn has a hold of him is more difficult. If he can manage to scurry away though… But even that is proving to be hard, since he's still got the knapsack and probably fifty pounds of extra weight on his back. And then Rorn is pulling his head back to crack Straws' head with his own. Straws' eyes roll to the back of his head and he is out for the count!

And what impeccable timing. As Straws is completely apprehended, a group of guards, riders, and even the weyrleader himself move into the caverns from the other exit. The one they keep locked and only open up for deliveries.

Qiana isn't about to add her weight onto the dogpile on the ground, but as S'rorn's head connects with Straws', she winces. Watching the theif go lax though, Qiana takes his hands before anything else, securing that second knot around his wrists before turning to S'rorn. "You didn't knock yourself out too, did you?" Whether or not she's still peevish is hard to tell, since there is genuine concern for Rorn here. Although give her just a few moments to catch her breath, as a hand goes to her stomach. "He can certainly kick." There'll be a new bruise for that.

During the scuffle on the floor Kayse hasn't done much more than watch and berate Straws. Since the latter doesn't seem to have had much effect she even stopped doing that much, simply standing out of the way and waiting to see what happens. Or more accurately leaning against the shelves, out of the way. When the thief is finally down and out she heaves a sigh of relief, which leaves her light-headed and swaying and elicits a creel of distress from the now-stationary Nala. "So who is this guy?" she asks Qiana, wearily peering at the trussed up man in the stronger light from the entrance tunnel and the now open second exit. To the arriving she comments, "I think we found the thief, unless there happen to be two people stealing stuff here."

As soon as Straws is pulled off of him, S'rorn rolls onto his side and covers his face with his hands for a moment. The rest of the world is still ringing and all he wants to do is close his eyes but he keeps them open. Watering and everything. At the sound of his mates voice, the brownrider pushes himself up into a seated position, forcing his eyes shut after the moment causes his headache to throb from the blows he took. Then the dizziness sets in. "I'm fine. Need a drink."

"Good work, soldier," one of the guards says to Rorn. He must be high ranking, since he's been barking out orders to the rest of them to secure the caverns. Just in case there are more fiends lurking about waiting to spring out and run off. Zi'on is more towards the back of the pack. His eyes are open and he's dressed, though the clothes have the look of someone who has been sleeping in them. Also his beard is much longer than is usual. He heads over as some of the guards cut the knapsack off of Straws and lift him off of Rorn, in order to take him down to the jail. "What happened? You all need to see a healer, but I need to know what happened so we can make sense of all of this." A few more guards come in with stretchers, putting them down and encouraging Kayse, Qiana and Rorn to lay down on them. Zi'on is handed the knapsack and he looks confusedly down at it. "He was stealing?"

Qiana hasn't completely forgotten about Kayse, her eyes lifting off of S'rorn, even though she doesn't move. Yet. "All I really know is his name was Straws." She informs the woodcrafter before her gaze switches to looking at the mass amounts of guards and riders that are in the area now. So much for spending the day search for Iris. Instead of taking a seat on the stretcher, she's holding her hands out to Rorn, to help him up and onto one of the said stretchers. But when Zi'on asks for a debriefing of the situation, Qiana opens her mouth… and then closes it, looking to Kayse. Are the two girls really in that much better of a situation than Straws, after all?

Kayse is plenty willing to follow the directions to sit on the stretcher, carefully lowering herself down onto it and bracing her arm against any jostling. Faced with questions from an authority figure she bursts into tears, the pain and fear of the last several minutes overcoming her. She babbles out, "We came in and he was sneaking around in the dark and then he knocked Qiana over I hit him to get him away from her and I broke my hand and the stuff he was taking spilled, and he has fellis! Nobody who isn't a healer should have fellis, so he must have been stealing it or why would he be here in the dark? And when the wingleader arrived he hit the wingleader and then they fought and you saw how that ended!" Sob, sniffle. Nala lets out a piteous creel and drops down from the shelf the crawl over to the stretcher where she rub her head against Kayse's good hand, trying to comfort the apprentice.

"The girls tried to stop him and yelled for help, I came as soon as I heard shouting and he was trying to run out. I didn't let him. I asked him what he was doing here, he didn't answer me." Rorn didn't fight the stretcher and he sat himself down, slowly laying back as he covers his eyes with an arm. Nyzieroth is still pacing in the bowl, rumbling with displeasure at having to wait to see his rider but S'rorn does his best to stay awake and calm him. He should be fine, probably just a headache he'll sleep off or get a tea from the healers. The man is hard headed, there's no cure for that.

Zi'on is pretty sure they were in a better situation that Straws is. Really, anyone else on Pern is in a better situation. After all, if they hadn't been snooping around, Straws wouldn't have been caught, right? One of the riders has a notepad with him and jots down the things they tell him. Zi'on holds up his hands to Kayse. "Whoa whoa, slowly please. I just woke up a few minutes ago." He tugs on his beard. "So that guy's name is Straws. And he was in here, to steal this?" He holds up the knapsack, before handing it over to one of the guards as evidence. "So you tried to jump him? What were you two doing in here at this hour anyways?" He looks to Rorn then. "And then you come in, and he starts fighting with you?" It was hard to get an accurate picture really. As Rorn explains Zi'on tugs on his beard more. "I see. So he got nasty after you wouldn't let him out. Got it. Alright. Get them all to the infirmary. Get that… Straws character to the jail and send a healer down to make sure he doesn't die. We need information from him." Finally, he adds. "And get the damn guard who was supposed to be here in my office. NOW." A rider tries to comfort Kayse as the guards hoist them all up and make for the infirmary. At least it's a relatively short trip.

Qiana eyes Kayse with only a little bit of disbelief for the girl's babbling before sitting herself down on the last stretcher, one arm wrapped around her stomach. "He said he needed to get the supplies somewhere, but he wouldn't say where." And if Straws were still anywhere here, Qi would be glaring holes into his hide. Otherwise, she at least has the decency to confess in a guilty. "I just wanted to go look for Iris…" At least Qi isn't walking to the infirmary. She's might have a stomach ache for a short bit.

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Kayse lies on the stretcher as they are carried off the infirmary, still crying noisily. Hiccupping sobs have been reduced to a constant stream of tears and sniffles, and every jostle to the stretcher elicits a whimper. When the trio are finally delivered to the infirmary they cause quite a stir and the on duty healer is quick to dispatch a runner to bring another healer on shift to help out. "What do we have here?" he asks the guards, who explain briefly as the healer steps up to start basic triage.

Qiana is finally laying down on her stretcher, partially to make it easier for the guards to carry the stretcher, and partially because her stomach has started to hurt. "Nothing too serious." Qiana tries to assure the healer, who doesn't seem to be having any of it. "Seriously. I just got kicked - not by a runner this time - she claims to have a broken thumb or hand-

Qiana is finally laying down on her stretcher, partially to make it easier for the guards to carry the stretcher, and partially because her stomach has started to hurt. "Nothing too serious." Qiana tries to assure the healer, who doesn't seem to be having any of it. "Seriously. I just got kicked - not by a runner this time - she claims to have a broken thumb or hand-" and there's an inaudible mutter about being 'self inflicted', "-and he headbutted a thief." It's a pretty tidy explanation, and the freshly arrived healer can only quirk his eyebrow upwards.

S'rorn takes in a deep breath and sighs, slowly shaking his head from side to side. "It's as she said, sir. I headbutted someone and I took a punch to the head. Just a little headachy and dizzy, is all. Not sleepy." The brownrider continues to sooth his obnoxious beast outside. The brown circles overhead, rumbling to himself about chump thieves as how he could've taken him without a head injury… and looked good to the ladies at the same time.

Kayse's crying gradually ceases while the first healer continues to quickly examine Qiana and the newly arrived one glances between S'rorn and Kayse. "A broken hand can wait a moment. Let me check to be sure you haven't concussed yourself, wingleader. The last thing we need is your dragon thinking you might die the next time you fall asleep." Kayse finally calms down enough to talk again, addressing Qiana. "Do you think he has anything to do with your sister being missing? I mean, why else would he need the fellis and stuff?"

Qiana has given up on defending Straws. The blond-haired theif gave up that kindness when he both tried to bowl S'rorn over and started to assult him. Qi's stomach is tender, with possibly a bruised rib, but it doesn't seem to be anything critical. "Do I think..?" And for a moment she does think, and seems to get madder by the moment, until she just seems to deflate. "Right now, I just want to /find/ her. I'll flatten whoever is responsible for it later." And for the normally friendly Qiana, the talk of flattening another might be a new facet to the beastcrafter's personality.

"We'll find her, Qiana. She'll be back home safe and we'll get the people responsible. I promise." S'rorn moves the arm off of his face and peers over to her. After resting for a moment, the red from anger is gone and now only a little cut at the edge of his lip and a decent sized lump on his forehead remain. The brownrider yawns, licking his lip for a moment before rubbing the moisture from his eyes. It's too early for this nonsense. Now he has more paperwork to file if he can't recover everything he dropped in the stores. "That room needs lighting installed."

"Well, you don't look to have any cracked ribs or signs of internal bleeding, but you are going to have yet another bruise," the first healer says when he finishes with Qiana. "You know how to take care of that, so unless you have any other injuries you've chosen to not divulge you are free to go. Now, let's see this hand of yours." This to the woodcrafter, who holds out her hand with a grimace. To distract herself from the sickening pain that the healer's exam produces she continues her talk with Qiana. "Once my hand is taken care of we can still… uhm, we can continue what we were looking in to earlier," she says, trying to not say too much about their search plans. The second healer tuts as S'rorn moves about, saying, "Hold still so I can take a good look at your eyes and check that bump of yours."

"I think I have to pass on that, Kayse." Qiana says with a sigh. "Nothing's broken for me, but I think I just want to stay still for now." Because in all honesty, if she got up, her stomach would probably revolt. Messily. Qi does spare a look over to S'rorn, and the bump on his head and the cracked lip. "What prompted you to headbutt him, S'rorn?"

S'rorn doesn't say another word, moving his arms to his sides and he holds still so the healer can examine him. He doesn't /think/ he has a concussion, but he'd rather be cleared so he can leave and make up for lost time. Still, the brownrider does begin to wonder what the girls were up to in the stores. Not that he'd ask… yet. "I think going back to bed when we're released is in order. This is clearly a sign that I woke up on the wrong side. Now that someone is apprehended, we'll leave that to the weyrleader and then we'll have more information to go off of. We'll know where to pick up and continue our search."

"I'm afraid this isn't a break, child," the first healer says to Kayse, earning a confused look. He clarifies, "You've dislocated both joints, and I am going to have to put it back in place. It will feel worse going back in than it did coming out, but once it is back in place the pain should lessen. I'm going to get you a dose of fellis to numb things up a bit before I fix you up." Meanwhile, the second healer gives S'rorn a quick checkup, then steps over to a cabinet and collects a small vial. He returns to the rider, holding the vial out. "Concentrated willowbark. Two drops into fruit juice or tea and drink the whole mug. It will take the edge off the pain and let you rest comfortably. Your pupils look fine and I don't see any signs of concussion, so you are free to go. Come back immediately if you start seeing double or throwing up."

Qiana just sighs slightly. Leaving it to the weyrleader. Now that the thought that Straws is behind Iri's kidnapping? Eugh. But she doesn't seem to be up to objecting to that. Instead as they mention drugging Kayse with fellis, Qiana finally starts to shift herself off the cot. "Going back to bed sounds like a good idea." Qiana gets her feet under her with minimal wobbling, but an arm remains wrapped around her middle. "We'll reschedule soon, if we can, Kayse."

The brownrider takes the vial and nods his head, slowly pushing himself upright, rolling his shoulders and back for a moment. Laying down on these cots isn't a good thing. "You'll be alright, Kayse. I hurt my arm not too long ago. Healed up quickly enough." He'll neglect to mention how it felt when they reset it or how doped up he was at the time. Poor girl's had enough, let ignorance be bliss if at all possible. S'rorn pushes himself to his feet and wanders over to Qiana, loosely wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "Do you want to wait for Kayse or do you want me to walk you somewhere?" he asks quietly, pressing a kiss to her forehead carefully. His lip hurts a little but it's nothing an ice cube and staying hydrated won't fix.

Kayse is giving the healer a distrusting look as he prepares to dose her, but she shifts her attention when Qiana rises. "You just let me know when." Then the healer is back and insisting on Kayse taking the fellis-laced fruit juice he holds out to her. While she is drinking it the healer shakes his head to S'rorn, saying, "She'll be staying here for a couple of hours, so you might as well be on your way. I'll make sure she gets back to the dorms safely when she's recovered."

"Just make sure to do what the healer says, Kayse." Qiana says, with an extremely small smile. "It can be no fun, but they know what they're doing." And then she has her equally bruised up mate wrapping an arm around her, and she can't help but snuggle in. "To bed? I just want to lay down for awhile." Until her stomach stops cramping up.

"Sounds like a plan," he replies, resting his chin on the top of her head for a moment as he takes in a deep breath and sighs. Outside, the eager rumble of a brown dragon echos through the walls. "I know, Nyz, I know. We're coming, we're coming." S'rorn gently guides Qiana outside so he can strap her in. "When we wake up, I'll just pick up food and bring it back to the weyr so we don't have to go anywhere. Hopefully the paperwork is recovered. Wasn't much, but I don't want to do it again."

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