Attack of the Furred Pervert

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Zi'on has his own pool in his own weyr. He's had one for turns, really. A bigger one now. But if the bronzer wants to really stretch out and relax he needs to come to the hot springs. Or if he was covered in mud or something that he didn't want to track through the weyr. Plus the hot springs were a place he could socialize as a regular person, too. Not everyone knew what he looked like, right? Well, most people now recognize him on sight as the weyrleader. Even without the knot. Or any clothes on. But right now Zi'on is content to relax in a pool by himself, looking almost asleep as his arms rest on the outer edge.

Most days, Kayse is perfectly willing to brave the shared bathing experience that is life at a weyr. Ever since she dislocated her thumb, however, the apprentice has done her best to try and avoid the busy times. It is, after all, quite difficult to scrub yourself one-handed, which is what she'll be doing until the swelling goes down and her thumb heals up, and getting offers of help from largely unknown people is more than a little unnerving for the holdbred girl. So now when Kayse makes her way into the hot springs for a bath she peeks around, hoping to find some isolation. She's out of luck on the total isolation front, but there /is/ a pool with only one person in it, and so toward Zi'on is where the apprentice heads, bathing supplies carried awkwardly against her body with her good hand while the other is held clear of any accidental jostling.

Trudging in with a little less concern over modesty then her previous visits, Kaliena has obviously been exploring some of the dirtier and dustier corners of the Weyr again. Covered in Faranth knows what kind of grime from her clothes to the wild mess that is her hair, the young girl pauses only to gather a towel, a brush and some sand to scrub herself and then she's trotting out to find a pool. Normally she'd find her own corner to bathe in peace as well. But upon spying Zi'on and the Weyrleader supposedly asleep, Kaliena aims for a little "revenge" of sorts. So quietly she sneaks up at the far end, sets her stuff aside, slips from her clothing and then as quickly into the water as possible. With a contented sigh, she seems ready to just lean back and relax but instead sends a little water flying in the direction of Zi'on "Pay back." The girl chuckles gruffly, then falls silent as Kayse approaches, suddenly meek and shy within seconds that her blue eyes catch sight of the unfamiliar face.

Zi'on is weyrbred, so even on the best of days he's not very modest. Also he has a surprise! he's stopped shaving his chest, apparently. So it's covered in manfur. Hooray! When the water hits him, Zi'on coughs and sputters and sits up in the pool. "Bleh! Kali? Shards, payback for what?!" All the horrible things he's done to get thus far, probably. He shakes his head out a bit. "And I was having such a nice dream, too. Now I can't even remember what it was about." Grumble. Zi'on looks up as Kayse approaches as well. "Hey, Kayse. How's the thumb? You need a hand?" He offers her one anyways, so she doesn't go sliding into the pool and crack her head open or something.

Kayse's eyes widen as Kaliena assaults Zi'on with water, still not quite sure about these relaxed relations between the weyrleader and others. That just isn't how things are /done/ where she's from! But now she has been noticed, so sneaking away to find another bathing place and not interrupting won't work. "Ah, it's coming along fine according to the healers. Doesn't hurt quite as much so long as I don't hit it on things. Thank you for asking, sir," she replies hurriedly. When she's close enough she drops her stuff in a messy pile and, blushing bright scarlet, replies to the offer of help, "It's going to take me a minute to be ready to get in. It, uhm, it takes a bit to get my pants undone."

"For once I'm interrupting you. Isn't too fun, is it?" Kaliena points out with a smug little tilt of her chin. Really, Zi'on hasn't done anything horrible at all to the young girl. It was just too good of a chance to pass up. "Couldn't have been too good of a dream if you can't remember it." She replies with a smirk, before her gaze darts back to Kayse, though she's polite enough to look away to give the other girl some privacy. She's holderbred too, after all, though she hardly looks or acts like it anymore. "How'd you hurt your thumb?" Kaliena asks a touch bluntly before she remembers her manners and sheepishly adds. "If you don't mind me asking?" Just curious after all! And maybe less awkward if she just remained silent.

Zi'on gets picked on all the time. By everyone! He's used to it. Why should it change after he became weyrleader? Nothing else about him changed! Just his job. "That's good. No permanent damage or anything then, hm? How much longer do they figure?" He wiggles his own thumb involuntarily. "I can give you hand. I'm good at taking girls' pants off." He snickers a bit. "Or maybe Kali wants to help instead." And that might be a shard less embarrassing. Or maybe not. Zi'on sticks his tongue out at Kali then. In the most mature manner possible. Which to say isn't at all. Then he spills the beans as well. "She punched a renegade." But that's as much as he'll offer by way of an explanation. Kayse can fill in the details if she chooses.

"I was stopping a thief!" Kayse answers Kaliena quite proudly. The pride doesn't last, though, as it is awfully hard to remain proud when needing helped out of clothes. "I, ah, I didn't expect to hurt myself doing it. Uhm, another few weeks, they say, and I should be able to use it gently. Supposedly I got lucky and didn't tear things up too badly. I don't feel very lucky," she answers Zi'on sourly. The offer of help from the weyrleader has her going from red to white with horror at the idea and she gives Kaliena a 'save me from this' look.

Kaliena groans and purposely loudly from her corner of the pool at Zi'on's lewd remark and then perhaps because he volunteers her too. "You're awful." She gripes, scowling as she keeps her gaze down and starts to half-heartedly wash some of the dirt from her arms at least. No one would want the girl touching her right now… not in her filthy state. Glancing up just in time to see Zi'on sticking his tongue out, Kaliena twists her face and returns the favor. Maturity? Not here. Modesty or politeness aside, Kayse is suddenly under close scrutiny from Kaliena and perhaps there's a little, teeny bit of awe there. "He serious or just teasing? You really punch a renegade?" Obviously this wins cool points in the girl's book of awesome. Kaliena snorts again, "Thief, renegade… all the same aren't they?" she says with a shrug. Seeing Kayse's obvious discomfort, the girl sighs and comes to her rescue, though she doesn't mask her grumbling about it. Slipping from the pool half washed and with her back to Zi'on, she wraps herself in her towel and shuffles closer. Confidence is gone in a flash though and she only hovers awkwardly, uncertain. "So… what do you need?"

Zi'on nods in corroboration with Kayse's story about stopping a thief. "It's true. We've got him locked up in the jail right now, even." He'll leave off the bit about extorting information out of the man though. "Theif, renegade. Same difference, to me." Zi'on is about to get out of the pool, when Kaliena takes his place instead. Even if she's got her back to him… this is still a fine show in his book! The weyrleader leans back in the pool and watches. He's not even politely turning his head away. "She needs help undressing, duh. Don't get her clothes all wet. Then help her into the pool." The smug look on Zi'on face just says how much of a perv he is. "Once she's in I'll sort out her scrubbing."

Kayse, back to blushing, explains the confrontation a little more. "I didn't know he was a thief, or a renegade, when I hit him. I just saw him standing over Qiana and had heard her say 'ow' and I thought he hit her. So, well, I hit him back. Not well, since it didn't do much other than hurt my hand, but it slowed him down long enough for S'rorn to arrive and get ahold of him," she admits as Kaliena is climbing out of the pool. Once the other teen is near Kayse turns her back to the pool, flicking a distinctly unhappy look toward Zi'on before looking back at Kali and giving her instructions. "If you could get the ties on my pants undone and help me with the buttons on the shirt, I should be able to handle it from there. I just can't grip things very well right now," she says softly. "The buttons are a lot easier than pulling the shirt over my head, but they are still awkward to undo."

"What was he stealing?" Kaliena drawls in her usual accent, curiosity piqued now and likely keeping the girl from being too flustered to be much help. At Zi'on's remark, the girl only rolls her eyes. "Obviously. I'm not a dimwit, Zi'on. Sir." Though that even comes out as sarcastic as the rest of her reply. With her back turned, she doesn't see his smug look. Then Kayse is explaining her side of the story and Kaliena listens in rapt attention despite her awkwardness. "Serves him right regardless. Shame you hurt your hand, but at least you landed him a hit." Kaliena tilts her head as Kayse instructs her and shuffling a little, the young girl tries not to look too flustered. "Alright. Easy enough." Then she quickly goes about the task, though she's keeping her eyes averted for the most part and not exactly comfortable. "There. That well enough?" Kaliena steps back the second she's done, tucking her hands up under her arms and giving the other teen a crooked half smile, half smirk as she stands there.

"She's a hero, she's just too modest to admit it," Zi'on explains further. Or maybe he's just trying to make Kayse more self-conscious. "I haven't seen Rorn since he went to the infirmary. I hope he's doing alright. I don't need him to lose any braincells." Zi'on's only response to Kayse's look is that smug grin. He's not making any friends it would seem. At least he's probably teasing about the part once she gets into the water, right? At least one of them is enjoying himself! And his name is Zi'on. Also he probably deserves more than one slap for this. He snickers at Kaliena. "What's the problem then, don't know how to work a button? Once Kaliena's got Kayse's clothes undone Zi'on grins. "You two are cute together. You should always help each other undress."

Kayse holds perfectly still while Kali is working, doing her best to not make the whole thing even more awkward. At least the ties are simple and the buttons smooth, so nothing gets horribly tangled or snagged. To distract them both, she answers the question. "I know he had a couple jars of fellis but I never saw what else was in the bag. He just called it medical supplies. Ah, that's fine, thank you," Kayse says when the older girl steps back. As soon as Kaliena is clear she takes a couple steps away, making sure she's well out of the casual splash zone around the pool, and, moving carefully, slips out of her clothes. Immediately she hurries to the pool, deliberately entering as far from Zi'on as feasible and refusing to answer any of his comments about the undressing process. "I'm a little fuzzy about what happened in the infirmary, since the healer insisted on dosing me with fellis, but I think he just had a nasty bump and a headache to match. Anyway, did you find out if this Straws character was behind the other thefts?" Anything to distract Zi'on from doing anything like leering at her or, horror of horrors, actually helping her wash up.

"So… S'rorn was hurt too?" Kaliena asks, though the question seems to be directed to both Kayse and Zi'on. The girl probably believes Zi'on is teasing and why she just simply plays along rather then get all prickly and scowly like she normally would. At his jibe, she only rolls her eyes again and smirks all the more. "Funny." But his next comment isn't so funny, at least to Kaliena. Because she's suddenly glaring at the weyrleader and dropping any sense of rank (not that there was to start), she growls. "Pervert." Then ignores him as she glances back to Kayse. "Typical bronzerider." She mutters under her breath. "Who steals medical supplies? Seems an odd thing for a thief to snare." Kaliena remarks with a frown, clearly puzzled as her idea of thief means the "mark and jewel" stealing kind. Leaving Kayse to settle herself unaided into the pool, Kaliena returns to her spot as well, dropping the towel and sliding back into the water. She sets to scrubbing then, but not without casting a curious glance to Zi'on and Kayse when the teen brings up Straws.

Could it get any more awkward? Well, it probably could. Zi'on can think of plenty of ways to make it more awkward. But thankfully he doesn't voice any of them. "He had almost every jar of fellis we had. As well as other medical supplies, spices, cooking supplies, jewelry. Anything that was small enough to fit and worth value." Sorry girls, but Zi'on is getting a look at you both today! Though he's enjoying it more from a making-the-girls-uncomfortable role than the pervert role, really. "I guess I'll just have to go see if he's still with the healers." There's a laugh as Kali calls him a pervert. "Sorry Kali. I don't see too many nekid girls these days. I gotta take it where I can get it." He shrugs a bit then. "I dunno. They're expensive, so that's probably why he took them. Every hold weyr and hall needs them, so they're easy to sell, and people will buy them cheap if they can get them cheap." Zi'on tugs at his beard. "He's behind all the thievery, from what I've heard. They're still trying to find out where he's got everything stashed, and if he knows anything about Iris though. He'll crack eventually. A few days without food feels pretty bad, from what I'm to gather."

Kayse pointedly keeps her back to Zi'on and, by virtue of using a very foamy soap, makes every effort to turn the water as opaque as possible. Anything she can do to hinder his oogling without outright saying something. "Whatever happened with the guard who was sleeping? It was awful strange that he never woke up during all of the, uhm, the noise." Screaming, she means, and most of it hers. "Is he alright? And does that mean I'll get my blouse back soon?" she asks, tone wistful. "Do you think he /is/ involved with Iris's disappearance? I know Qiana is fretting horribly about her sister, and what with Iris being pregnant I'm sure she's worried about the baby, too. I can't imagine what her or the weyrsecond are going through."

Kaliena seems to be focused on scrubbing herself clean, but she's still keeping a keen ear on the conversation. "Huh. Grabbing all he could and cleanin' the stores out then. So… Straws — shells, that really his name? — Well, this Straws of whatever was behind the rest of the stuff going? So he's the jerk who took my dress?" Evidence is pretty damning, isn't it? But the young girl is really only assuming, none the wiser for these sort of things. Zi'on's reply earns him a narrowed look and then she half turns away from the bronzerider, which means she faces Kayse more or less. "That has to be the lamest excuse ever." She grumbles back to the weyrleader and then sobers a little. "You think he'll crack?" Kaliena asks, sounding dubious that a lack of food would weaken someone enough. Kayse is given a curious and long look then, as the other teen shares even more information to lure her interest all the more. "So you had stuff taken too?" A strange look crosses Kaliena's eyes at the mention of a guard, but it's quickly blinked away and she's back to scowling as she chews over her thoughts. "Hopefully Iris' is found safe and whole. Else this Straws fellow will be in worse trouble. If it is guy everyone was hunting for."

Zi'on isn't oogling anymore! He's barely even looking. He can't help it, she's sitting directly across from him now. "He was drunk. And drugged. Straws put something in his drink that he shouldn't have been drinking. He's no longer welcome at the weyr." There's a sigh and a shrug to Kayse. "It's hard to say. I'm sure some of the stuff he took he's tried to pawn off already. We'll have to see once we learn where he's hiding everything. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. We're all pretty worried. If Iris loses the baby…" Well, Zi'on won't even go there. "That's what he calls himself. Who knows what his real name is," the bronzer says to Kali. He rubs his face then and sighs. "Yeah, he is," the one who took Kali's dress. "I don't really have any good answers. We won't know any more until we can figure out where he's keeping things and investigate."

"Ooops," is Kayse's comment regarding the guard - there isn't much else to say on that subject. Careful of the wrapping on her right hand, the apprentice continues to scrub away. "I hope he gives up the information quickly. The sooner this is all over the better. Iris can be brought home safe and sound and as much as can be recovered will be given back and we can all get on with our lives," she says softly. It doesn't take her long to get clean what she can, and as there is no way she is asking either Kali or Zi for further help she is soon done with her scrubbing. "Well, thank you for the update on things, sir. And thank you for the help, uhm, Kali, was it? I think I'll be going now." Getting out will be easier than in, and the robe she brought to wear after can be managed with one hand easily. Whew.

Kaliena turns her attention to Zi'on as he shares a few more tidbits of information and for a moment she looks almost sorry for the weyrleader when he sighs. To her, all this is interesting enough and perhaps worrying, but she doesn't quite grasp just how much it may affect others - not yet anyways. "But at least you've got a key of sorts. It's a start." She tries to point out helpfully as she scrubs away. Reaching for more sand, she works on her hair next, which takes some time to untangle and tame. "Kaliena, actually. But Kali works too." Kaliena points out to Kayse and perhaps with her first true grin during the whole meeting. "And no problem. Hope the hand mends quick." Cause she won't be around all the time to save the teen from awkwardness. Content that her hair is as untangled as it's going to get, Kaliena ducks under the water to quickly rinse and then surfaces. "I'm done now too." She claims as she uses her hands to push water and hair back from her face. Reaching for her towel, she climbs from the pool again and then promptly wraps herself in it. Sitting on the edge of the pool, she wrings her hair as dry as it'll get.

Zi'on nods to Kayse. "We all do. If he doesn't give it up soon I'm going to send Ila down there to give him a savage beating. That might help to jog his memory." Zi'on frowns though, thinking about the alternative if they can't get the information they need about the goldrider. It's clearly more than just dealing with him weyr, it's personal for him. Neither of the girls probably knows his history with Iris, and he'd just as well keep it that way. Though Zi'on isn't looking too hot, if either of them were to get close enough to him to see. "Eh? You can call me Zi'on.." He blinks a bit as she scurries off. And then Kali is also scurrying. Was he that horrible to be around? The bronzer pulls himself out of the pool as well, grabbing his towel and drying off before he wraps it around himself. "Well, guess I'll go lock myself in my office for a while until Suldith calls me. See ya."

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