Riding is Fun for Other People

Western Weyr - Public Stables
You enter into the stables where you see nothing but rows and rows of stalls filled with well kept horses that belong to the Western Weyr inhabitants.

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There's nothing more satisfying an a breezy summer day than getting out to the stables and having an energizing ride! Well, for some poeple that is, but not so much for Kayse. The woodcrafter is not a particularly skilled rider, so riding exercises are more of a chore than a fun experience for her. Still, a skill that isn't practiced is a skill that is lost, and as such Kayse has been diligent in keeping up practice whenever she is at the Weyr. Today she's riding a gentle, calm little mare, chestnut in color, who is being quite cooperative. If only the young woman were better at giving her instructions to cooperate with…

Sundari has wandered on down o the stables it would seems, though even she isn't fully sure just why. There is the thought of lessons still rolling around her mind. For a moment she pauses peering one way and then another while she ponders before catches sight of Kayse upon the runner. A slight grin is seen and she waves towards the two, though she doesn't go wandering over just yet, have to make sure, right? "Afternoon Kayse." She calls out to the other.

Sundari grins a moment while she lets her arms fold behind her back a she eyes the runner curious like and soon nods. "Yes, I was thinking about trying to get some lessons in." She soon points towards the runner. "Is she yours?" This questioned with a curious tone. There is a slight pause while she peers at the snorting runner and pulls her head back slightly.

Kayse guides the mare over to the side of the exercise ring, bringing her alongside a mounting block. After murmuring to the mare for a moment she dismounts, careful of the reins again, then leads her over to where Sundari is standing. "No, she belongs to the Weyr. She's used for lessons and light riding, mostly, from what I've been told. I've riding her on and off for the past couple of Turns. She's good and steady," Kayse explains, rubbing the mare's nose and smiling when the runner rubs against her hand in response. "So are you meeting someone for your lesson, or just taking a look around today?"

Sundari ponders and nods while she wanders forward to catch up to where Kayse and the runner are moving towards. "She's pretty. I've never gotten a chance to actually be around many runners before." For a moment she ponders before she lifts a hand as if to touch the runner but stops. "Is it ok if I pet her?" She looks back to Kayse and smiles. "Thought I'd just come back and see what I'd have to do to get lessons and what not."

Kayse settles against the rail with the mare, well clear of any other riders who might want to make use of the ring today. The mare seems perfectly content to just stand there being petted and, when Sundari reaches toward her, closes the gap to bump her nose against the lift hand with a happy snuffle. Kayse chuckles, scratching the mare's neck. "Sure. Her name is Skyfire. She really likes having the top of her nose rubbed," the crafter offers with a smile. "I just asked Qiana, that journeywoman I told you about before, to teach me. Nothing complicated about that."

"Qiana?" Sundari says the name a few times more to herself and nods with a smile seen once more. "Right. I'll have to try and talk to her then." At the bit on where to pet the runners she ohs and then moves to give Skyfire a few soft rubbings across the nose. "Didn't think she would have a soft nose like that." What a thing to say. "How many lessons have you hand?" This questioned with a glance back to Kayse curious like.

"Yep, Qiana. She's been working with runners forever; she's been a jockey and owns a couple of her own now, I believe," Kayse replies, still smiling as she watches the teen pet the mare. Skyfire's upper lip wiggles enthusiastically as her nose is rubbed, exposing her teeth as she whuffles in pleasure. "I'm told runner noses are very sensitive. Being soft probably has something to do with that," she offers before answering the question. "Uhm, twelve or so, I think? Spread out over a couple of Turns, since I'm normally in and out of the Weyr quite a bit. I've been getting more practice in on the road but there's nothing like having someone who is an expert watch what you are doing and coach you through your mistakes. And it's a lot safer in here, too!"

Sundari eyes those large runner teeth and makes a face at the sight. "They have rather large teeth" Though as the runners isnt' trying to bite her this is a good thing, right? Her bright gaze turns back to Kayse and she nods with a smile. "So you must like it, to keep at it?" This questioned with a curious tone. "Does she charge much for the lessons?" Money amount would sort of be a good thing to find out. "I suppose I'll have to save up for the lessons and all. Which I just thought about right now."

Skyfire really is a sweetheart, not trying for even a nibble or a lipping or anything icky at all, just making happy sounds at the attention. "She doesn't bite," Kayse assures Sundari, reinforcing this with another scratch on the mare's neck. "Uhm, it's less about liking it and more about needing it. I travel a lot, so I have to be at least a competent rider to get around without taking forever to get anywhere." The question of money has her blinking and admiting, "My master paid for my lessons, so I really don't know what the cost is, I'm afraid. I'd imagine any of the instructors would work with you on pricing; there's always the exchange to services to care for costs. Maybe offer to help mucking stables and exercise runners to offset some of it?"

Sundari is rather thankful that the runner doesn't try to bite her. She nods while letting her hands brush off across her shirt after the petting. "Right, mighty nice of your master." She ponders if she could get her father to pay for a few lessons, it is a thought! Her gaze turns back to Kayse and she then looks around pondering. "Well that is an idea for sure. Didn't even think about that. Not that I would come hang around a stables before now either."

Kayse can't help but smile as Sundari brushes her hands off. "You'll get used to the hair and dust if you do take up lessons. Make sure you wash up well before eating, though. Anyway, I need to untack Skyfire and put her away." She starts to lead the mare toward the line of stalls, beckoning to Sundari to come with her if she wants to keep talking. "It's the job of a master to make sure his apprentices have what they need for their training, actually, though it is still nice to not have to pay for it myself," she replies as she goes, checking to be sure no other riders are in her path. "So why do you want to get riding lessons?"

Sundari follows along after Kayse so the talk can continue it seems. "I just thought it would be nice to try something new. I mean I often find myself out on a boat for long periods of time, so getting to try riding a runner would be new and different." She ponders before shrugging a moment. A glance is offered to Kayse while they walk along. "So, learning to ride a runner is part of your training?"

"Nothing wrong with trying new things," Kayse agrees, leading the way to the mare's stall and stopping outside. She ties the mare up, slipping a halter on over the bridle, and sets about removing the tack with brisk efficiency; she is clearly much better at this part of the process than the riding itself. "Uhm, it's not that riding is part of my training so much as riding is necessary for travel, and my training requires a lot of traveling," she explains as she works. "I spend most of the Turn on the road, traveling between logging sites, and performing evaluations is a lot easier on a runner than riding in a wagon."

Sundari didn't think about it like that it seems. "Good point. I don't have to worry about runners or wagons for travel as my father has his boats." Which is nice to have! "So, you go to different logging sites to evaluate the wood and all?" This questioned with a curious tone while she watches the other take off the saddle and bridle.

Kayse removes the tack, draping it on the stall door before grabbing a brush and vigorously grooming the mare. "Yeah, lots of ground to cover that is inland in heavily forested areas, making wagons and runners the only option. And runners are much better at navigating rough terrain." She glances under the mare's neck to grin at Sundari. "Yep! That's exactly what I do. You're the first person I've talked to who's had any idea of what woodcrafters do aside from making things out of wood."

Sundari smiles and nods at this. "Well, my father has helped transport wood and some woodcrafters from time to time so one picks up things from some conversations and so forth." She pauses and looks off a moment before a soft oh escapes her and she glances to back to kayse a soft smile seen once more. "Sorry, just dawned on me I need to skitter off to take care of something actually for my father. Perhaps we can talk more about runners and wood later?" Some conversation topics.

"Believe me, it's a treat for me to get to talk to someone who understands what I'm saying!" Kayse moves around to the same side of the mare as Sundari, firm yet gentle strokes of the brush lifting sweat from the runner's hide and leaving her glossy and clean. When Sundari says she has to run the crafter sighs, pausing the grooming to look at her. "Well, I hope you find someone to take lessons with when you have time, then. And certainly, I'd be happy to! We might even talk a bit more about those boats of your father's!" It seems only fair to Kayse to not monopolize the discussion material. "Have a good afternoon!"

Sundari waves once more and smiles. "You too!" She calls out before she is off and running to get where she needs to be before she is too late now.

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