Pleasant Prospects (Vignette)

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Half Moon Bay Weyr - LOCATION**Weyrling Barracks

His mind was…incredible, his presence somehow larger than life. Even out of the egg, Jorynth was so damned big for a blue…and full of more than a fighting spirit and a zest for life. He was her match and possibly more…and so totally devoted to her that thought of when his mind first joined with hers made Alida choke up with tears of joy, pride, and gratitude.

Yes… ALIDA. Jorynth had insisted on her coming back into the light in full, 'Leeta' no longer needed to protect herself. He could do that and more… like hopefully coax her more into the light. It felt good… RIGHT for her to reclaim her birth name.

After feeding and grooming her hungry, itchy lifemate into somnolescence, Alida returned to the party the Weyr held in their honor, to find not only food and drink, but her family and the Holders of Blue Flame waiting for her arrival. There was hearty and heart-felt congratulations all around, her youngest brother — now 6 Turns — practically crawling up her body and shrieking his glee and glory in his big sister. "MY SISTER'S A DRAGONRIDER!" he yelled out to any who would listen, until shushed firmly by their father…the soul of pride and yet more joy in his only daughter. "You mother would be so proud, today…" he noted with a tear lingering in his eye. He actually embraced her roughly, followed by a more definitive squeeze from her first brother, now a senior journeyman Fisher and captain of his own vessel. "Congratulations, Alida!"

Reality, though, was still in the wings, and once she got some food into herself, Alida found another moment to take her father aside, and speak quietly to him of his and her littlest brother's safety in Ierne. "We've both been thorough in covering our tracks, daughter. Don't let your Jorynth's insistence upon using your true name concern you. I have…contacts inside Ierne, and even one still in Crom." Alida smirked broadly, knowing the likely identity of the one loyal to her father, still. He mock-scowled at her, then went on. "And my network is growing…as I know yours is." Like father, like daughter.

But it was the lighter portion of her life that dominated the still dark and early morning, and nobody would have it any other way, especially Jorynth's new human partner. To her first brother and father, 'lida noted with quiet pride and intensity, "He's like the warmth of high summer…and the thunderstorm that lurks within it." She was still somewhat in awe of her blue. "Lightning and thunder…" A force of nature himself. "With an ego larger than *yours*, father." Smirk.

And so the night continued for hours, spent dancing, drinking fruit juice (and a sneak sip of her brother's wine in a toast), eating until she was almost uncomfortably full (a rarity), moving in and out of fellow weyrling and Weyrfolk company (still not easy by a long shot) and tending to her joyous foursome of well-behaved firelizards. The baby blue and touchy Tempest was kept quite close to her to present no problems to anyone the whole time, tucked into her blouse and fed until he could do no more than sleep like the dead. It was a day to leave her nearly treading on a cloud, something that she'd not felt in a very long time ..until Jorynth's slow rousing with his belly yammering at him and his hide once again itching brought Alida back to her *new* reality.

Giving her family one last round of earnest and joyful hugs and the Blue Fire Holders quick salutes and smiles, Alida jogged off towards the weyrling barracks, and experienced once again the incredible surge of wonder and joy in seeing Jorynth's red eyes opening and focusing on her own…their unbreakable link forged anew: forest and sun and storm.

« What's on your breath, Alida? » he inquired as she moved both of them to the troughs to heft up a nice, pre-sliced gobbet of raw meat to feed him.

// It's called 'tea,' handsome. A drink humans can like. //

He really relished that 'handsome,' and let her feel it. « I don't drink tea. » It was more insistence than curiosity, the 'baby' blue so sure of himself, already. Alida knew she'd have a handful soon enough, but was up to the 'job.'

// Well then, some day when yer' older… //

He radiated a lightning flash of indignity that made flashes bolt over her vision.

// When you're OLDER, I'll let you try beer. //

'Tasting' that beverage from his pick of her memories (some of which weren't accessible by Jorynth, right now), the blue found himself heartily agreeing. But for now… « This meat, I like it! ANOTHER!! »

Thunder *indeed*.

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