Family (dragons)

** IC DATE if applicable
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks**

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jorynth projects « Hello, my fellow Moonians! I am Jorynth, and I'm here to protect you all! Isn't that spectacular?! *thunder claps as lightning strikes* »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Qhatiratrixth projects « Oh, goody. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jorynth projects « My good brother, aren't you interested in aiding me? It'll be GLORIOUS! Dragons will sing our songs for ages, of how we saved Half Moon from… Uh… everything! *pride storms over the Weyr in gigantic quantity* »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Qhatiratrixth pauses for a moment, darkness pulsing, nibbling at the edges of the blue's pride. « Right. About that. Sorry, I have to, uh… wash my… hide. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Zhelinath projects a paper dragon yawning. « There is no danger. Mine says so. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jorynth projects « As you wish, brother. Oh, good Zhelinath, there is *always* danger lurking around every corner, in the secret places nobody watches! *lightning strikes again, thunder rolls* »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Zhelinath pauses to consult and consider, then… « Perhaps you, yourself, are the danger. After all, your own self is the last place you would look! You must watch yourself very carefully, I think. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Qhatiratrixth, lurking, chuckles darkly. « An interesting train of thought. Let us explore this further. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jorynth examines that, hesitates, wonders… and then a burst of thunderous good humor and absolute confidence replace hesitation. « Ho-HO! Good one, dear sister! You almost had me for a microsecond! » For Qhatiratrixth, there is a deep and husky, « Faugh! If I must guard our home, then, I shall do it myself. » And more glory to HIM! [Jorynth]

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Zhelinath returns from several moments of consultation before sending a brief candle flame of encouragement toward Jorynth. « Dangers /do/ lurk, but they are terribly far away. Perhaps it is not silly to practice guarding. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] « Yes! EXACTLY, my sweet sister! » Jorynth thunders in the distance, the sound rolling, somehow reassuring. « I practice for the potential day that any threat dares to surface in our home…upon Pern itself. » A hint of ancient forest seeps through his thunderstorm — safety within it — and then recedes as a refreshing rain falls. [Jorynth]

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Qhatiratrixth says nothing, but the sense of rolling eyes is strong with this one.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] There's the completely confident feeling of one who KNOWS, who is beyond competent, who loves his brethren. It comes in reaction to Qhatiratrixth's 'eye-rolling.' Genial, certain comes the far-off rumble of thunder: « You will understand some day, brother. » [Jorynth]

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Zhelinath rumbles unhappily, and her next thought comes as a whiff of smoke, vanishingly subtle by comparison to her brother's booming thunderstorm. « Mine thinks you are like he used to be, when he spoke the mouth words. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Still confident, smooth, with hints of warm humor comes Jorynth's replay: « Impossible, dear sister. I am MYSELF, like no other ever again. And I am a dragon. Therefor, I cannot be like yours. » A feeling of brotherly love rushes over Zhelinath, honest, deep, warm, protective. [Jorynth]

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Zhelinath projects « The smoke is backed up by a flame that grows more steady as her humor returns. « Of course you can't. Mine will always be more brave. Mine does not have claws or teeth to fight with when he protects his brothers. » The flame flares, flickering with laughter, before guttering low again. « We must sleep and grow strong, now. » And just like that, the flame goes out as she drops off to sleep. That was…fast. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] « You will help him in your own way, my sister. We are all worthy, if we just try… » Jorynth notes in return, his words only distant thunder, the peaceful sound and feeling of rain now at the forefront. «They are us, we are them, and we always aid ours when necessary. » Meet and right and natural as the thunder, lightning and rain. His rumbling, easy laughter twists with hers, joy and humor shared, the blue then receding as the green wishes to sleep, his mental hug meant to soothe her even more into that comfortable realm… « Wow. » Out like a light. More quiet humor is rumbled once before Jorynth withdraws…finds himself soon quickly drifting off into the realm of sleep, as well. All is right with the world. [Jorynth]

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