The Planning Committee

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most tropical Weyr of them all? Not Fort. Half Moon is certainly in the top few spots though! That also means that Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, and it’s apparently what one Weyr harper has chosen to do today. It’s not like she /snuck/ out of her duties….she left a note when one of the Master harpers had stepped out for a brief break. And honestly, she’ll return eventually. Currently the young woman has made her way to the rooftop patio and strolls along the path. Her dark curls are tied back in a loose bun and she wears a very simple pair of shorts and a shirt. There’s a long yawn followed by a satisfied sigh as she stretches both arms skyward and bends to one side and then the other.

It seems enough time has passed that one particular Trader feels safe showing his (rather familiar looking) face around Half Moon again, for Zeltan is sprawled rather haphazardly on one of the benches in the central area, face turned up towards the sky - and the sun - humming softly to himself. The sound of footsteps draws his attention, and he is blinking his eyes a few times before his vision focuses on Ayushi, and the smile slips into a grin, and his eyes linger on the Harper. Shhh, she hasn't noticed.

It really isn’t safe. It is never safe. It is always a trap. Half Moon? IS A TRAP. Or at least it can be, cue one lanky dolphineer running a hand through disheveled locks as she strides bold as brass into the gardens, whistling a tune that is jaunty and likely is possessed of vulgar lyrics. Cue the identification of one trader eyeing a harper and, nope. Nope. NOPE. She’s just going to block the view, it’s a kindness, maybe? “I don’t think I’ve seen you around, but I don’t get away from the water much. Tanit, apprentice dolphineer.” She will offer in greeting to the harper with a wide smile.

Ayushi is thinking about the birds and the bees, like /actual/ birds and bees, the ones that used to exist. Please leave your minds at the sewer exit, thank you very much! Her mini zone-out session comes to an abrupt stop as someone appears in front of her and a few surprised blinks later Yush is sending a grin in reply. "Oh…hey! Ayushi, harper." There's a slightly furtive glance around then, "Currently on a well deserved break." Only it is neither well deserved nor a break! It's during all this that the woman /finally/ notices an unfamiliar Zeltan, though it takes a bit of peeking around Tanit. She'll offer a wave to the unfamiliar man before raising an eyebrow towards the dolphineer, "Someone you know?"

What a lovely vie- And then it is interrupted, and Zeltan is opening his mouth to protest, before it seems he thinks better of it. Which is probably good.. especially as a moment later he is identifying exactly what - or who - ruined his fun, though at least for the moment, his gaze turns to the more familiar form of the Dolphineer. And then, there are introductions, and Zeltan is smiling in what is hopefully a friendly, non-scary manner, wiggling his fingers at the Harper. "Trader Zeltan.. And yes, you could say that." He answers for Tanit, flashing her a smirk and sharing another wiggle of his fingers in her direction.

“He’s mostly harmless?” Tanit offers with a wry twist of her lips. Grinning as the trader introduces himself. “Very good at gather games.” See she isn’t totally evil, flashing a smile. Tanit moves to claim a seat on the bench. “Can’t say I know what all is entailed with harper business, aside from maybe the music? It always sounded deadly boring to me.”

Ayushi can't help but smirk just the slightest as she glances between the two, "Best of friends, I see. Though now I'm curious….what sorts of gather games?" Honestly the harper hasn't anything better to do so she also heads over bench wards, though she'll just plop down on the ground in front of it. "The music is about the only thing I like, dancing is fun too but that's not actually a specialty so…." Yush shrugs, but there's still a smile on her face. "Couldn't really find anything I liked better, but hey….at least I'm not specializing in law." Because that would just be eternal torture in her mind.

A hand goes his chest, and Zeltan gasps a little at the 'harmless' comment, lower lip sneaking out into a bit of a pout, though he brightens again at the gather game comment. "Oh you know, ring toss, targets, follow the ball.. there's just a trick you see. I'm sure I could win you a lovely plushie, next time there is a gather." The way to a girl's heart - stuffed animals. He is hurriedly sitting up to make room for Tanit and Ayushi, though an attempt is made to drape an arm across the back of the bench, and when only the dolphineer joins him, he is back to somewhat sprawling. "Shards, law harpers… the worst."

“Do not appear so put off, Zeltan. Harmless is a good thing to be sometimes.” Tanit chuckles, seeming utterly unbothered by the trader’s sprawling. “I can understand that, I’ve dived most of my life, the craft hall just seemed like a natural way to extend that.”

"Well if you teach us the trick then we could clean house….sell the plushies for profit." What could be more romantic than that? Ayushi is joking, mostly, she's got a pretty wicked grin on her face though. "So what brings you two out here? Relaxing? Escaping? Running from a hoard of mad flizzen?" The last is clearly the most plausible scenario of them all!

"Ahh, no, you see… a real master never shares his secrets." Zeltan waggles a finger at Ayushi, before clearing his throat. "Besides, then they'll come up with a new way to rig them and I'll have to learn it all over again." A sidelong glance at Tanit, and he shakes his head. "Yeah, but you said -mostly- harmless. That means -slightly harmful-." A shake of his head, and he laughs at Ayushi's options. "Just managed a rather nice little trade, so I figured I'd give myself the rest of the day off. Perk of the job.."

The dolphineer grins, and Zeltan’s waggling earns him a lean into his space, Sea-green eyes oh so close. “Can you honestly say, you are completely harmless, and that there are only innocent thoughts in your mind?” CAN YOU? Space is granted again however with a soft peal of laughter, “Congratulations! Was there glitter involved?” As to the question, mention of hordes of flits has the dolphineer laughing. “Do not joke about such serious matters!”

"Point made….though really, you /must/ take a little extra advantage of those games from time to time, no?" For wooing purposes or something! There's a spark of curiosity in the harper's eyes at the mention of glitter, especially given all the hubbub about it of late. "You're the source of the contraband then?" How utterly scandalous! Or something. As for the serious matters, "I really shouldn't make light of such a subject. Did you know that 1 in every 4 Weyr members has been the victim of a vicious flizzen attack?"

What.. what just happened? Zeltan actually freezes as Tanit is leaning into his space, eyes widening every so slightly as he seems to be caught off guard and his groove thrown off. Blinking a few times, he clears his throat, "I, uh, yes?" Yeah, SUPER believable there, Zel. At the mention of glitter, he is tipping his head back and laughing, shoulders shaking, as he just shakes his head. "Shards, you and glitter, Tanit." He finally manages, trying to stop his laughter and look appropriately sober at Ayushi's "statistic". Before he is just laughing again.

Oh, sure we believe you Zel. Yes. Cue throaty laughter from Tanit, and a dark look to the harper. “I do not make light, I believe you. The little pests are the worst kind of Evil.” With a capital E. Tanit grins at mention of glitter, “You say this, but our illustrious weyrleader has issued a challenge, has given his ‘let them come’ speech. Those pearls you were going to sell for me? I need enough metric tons of glitter, of a non-toxic non melting or otherwise harmful variety to literally fill the hatching arena.”

Ayushi manages a very solemn nod. Yes, those dastardly devilish lethal pests, perhaps the most terrible Evil Pern has ever faced! There are times when the harper talks too much, but on the other hand…there are times when the harper knows exactly when there's listening to be done. An exchange of pearls for glitter? Why…how intriguing. There's no helpful statistic or random tidbit of chatter offered up by the harper now, instead she places her elbows on her knees and leans forward slightly. It sounds like something very /fun/ is going on!

Cue a fish out of water look from Zeltan, as he stares at Tanit. Mouth open, mouth closed, mouth open.. and yet, no words come out. Turning, he looks to Ayushi, as if hoping the Harper can verify that -she- heard what -he- heard, and given her rather intrigued expression.. "I.. will probably need some more pearls." Zeltan finally manages, even as he reaches into a pocket to grab the pouch that once held Tanit's pearls, but now holds a respectable amount of marks, offering it over. "And you need to arrange the transportation."

A long finger with pale thin scars points to the harper, not deigning to repeat herself, “And you – oh lover of songs and fun, Do you think you could concoct a ballad to said weyrleader’s glittery abs? One that’s simple and jaunty and will spread like wildfire if whistled, hummed or sang?” Tanit nods, reaching for the strip of leather always present around her neck, unzipping the dive suit just enough to free the pouch from its hiding place in her bikini underneath. LOOK CLEVAGE HAS TO SERVE A PURPOSE OKAY. Pouch fetched, suit zipped back up, and more pearls are held in Zeltan’s direction. “Make It so.”

Ayushi doesn't really need to give it any thought, her answer is quick to say the least! "Of course, just leave it to me." To be fair, she's no wizard with lyrics but….with this kind of motivation she really /can't/ fail, right? Or at least let's hope so. "We'll have to make sure it finds it's way into the record books too, so it can be passed down through the generations." There really is an excitement in the harper's eyes now. This will definitely be something to look forward to!

A mild afternoon at Half Moon Weyr has led to a small gathering of people on the rooftop patio. It was happenstance that brought them together, but now there is a MISSION. A super secret mission that involves tiny specks of shiny things. Tanit and Zeltan are currently on a bench and Ayushi is sitting on the round in front of them. There is certainly not a dastardly air about them. Certainly not!

Eyes up, Zeltan, eyes up. Seems -someone- couldn't help but follow the motion of Tanit's hands, at least until the pouch of pearls is produced, and he is moving to swap mark-pouch for the pearl-pouch, the latter of which is stuck back in his pocket. I'll need… 3 days to make arrangements." And probably adjust Tanit's plan to avoid anyone's dragon eating him out of annoyance and/or rage. As Tanit gives additional instructions to Ayushi, the soft laughter starts up again, and he just shakes his head. "Remind me never to get on your bad side. Or maybe your really good side, either." Is anything safe?

What the -bleep- is S'van walking into? He probably doesn't want to know. And yet… that crowd draws his steps as it does his attention, leading the bronzerider over without a hint of apology that he might be interrupting super-secret missions and/or clandestine meetings. At least he knows two people in this little pow-wow (that being Tanit and Ayushi) who both get a chin-jut and a cheerful, "Hey," when he's close enough to speak.

The harper’s answer earns a broad grin from the Dolphineer, “I’m so keeping you.” She teases brightly, which may mean that the poor thing has been added to the list of people Tanit likes very much, YES ZELTAN it EXISTS. “It will probably take that long to find transportation, but I can think of at least one blue and a gold who might be willing to oblige.” But all talk of dastardly deeds and glittery plots go quiet as the Bronzerider approaches, cuing Tanit to grin at him. If she stands and gives the man a hug well, it’s the greeting of old friends. “Aede giving you grief again?”

Ayushi tilts her face upwards at the sound of a greeting and sends a broad grin right back at S'van, "Hey, long time no see." It probably really hasn't been that long. But LOOK, she's so casual. There was certainly not anything specifically being plotted or planned here. And as for being kept…Ayushi lets out a rather loud laugh at that, "In that case, I claim the sock drawer as a living space. It's quite underrated but in fact the coziest of cupboard living spaces." She definitely knows this from her life as a mini-human.

Just playing it cool, really.. Zeltan sits up enough to incline his head at the rider as he approaches, turning then to regard the empty spot that was so recently Tanit. As the Dolphineer greats the bronzerider, however, Zel is smirking at Ayushi. "If she is keeping you, I think that puts you on par with.. Is it Limecat?" A pause and he glances to Tanit for confirmation, before he continues. "Which I guess means I owe you a plushie to cart around, too." Then he is glancing back at S'van, and offering a quick introduction, "Zeltan, nice ta meet you." No title, no reason to think about what horrors traders have brought about the weyr as of late.

S'van is, apparently, the ruiner of fun and mischief. Someone, somewhere, is falling over in laughter at the irony. There's an easy side-hug for Tanit, and an amused grin for Ayushi and her oh, so casual-ness; a look that says he MAYBE doesn't buy it. "Nah, he's fine," in answer for the dolphineer's inquiry into his dragon. "Enjoying the sun up on the ridge. Not much to get upset about when napping." The laziest of salutes (can it really be called a salute, when it's a touch of two fingers to the forehead and maybe something that sorta resembles a wave? Probably not) for Zeltan. "S'van, bronze Aedeluth's," because it's kinda habit to tack on that last bit. "Well met," follows it, the bronzer adopting a relaxed posture amongst the group of not-at-all suspicious persons. "Sock drawer?" is questioned of Ayushi, but maybe his Spidey-senses are tingling, for a moment later he asks, "Wait, do I even want to know?"

“I don’t wear socks.” Or shoes – ever. “So I think it’s empty?” The dolphineer laughs brightly, “Just making new friends, though Zeltan does win excellent plushies, Lime cat does approve.” Somewhere far away a fluffy white squish faced animal issues a sneeze and carries about a stuffed peacock plushie. “You two have met?” Tanit asks of Ayushi with a warm smile, releasing the greeting easily enough. “You don’t, you never want to know, and there are oysters in it for you if you pretend you heard nothing. Lots of oysters.”

Ayushi lifts an eyebrow at Zeltan's next words and looks curiously between the trader and the dolphineer, "Limecat….?" Because that is in no way self explanatory. "Please tell me it's just a group of Tanit's friends that carry around green feline plushies." Limecat Gang. FEAR them. Course there could also be a much more reasonable explanation to all of this. There's something akin to innocent-eyes sent at S'van, which probably are not all that believable before she's nodding at Tanit's words. "Mhm, he's supposed to show me some pool tricks at some point. I figured it'd be kind of cool to watch instead of just imaging what trick shots look like!"

Fingers flick at S'van in acknowledgement, Zeltan grinning - not necessarily at the man, just at the various exchanges in general. As Ayushi takes a guess at an alternate version of Limecat, his mouth opens, and he looks from Tanit to Ayushi to S'van (because why not) to Tanit, "Tanit. I'll figure out how to get the plushies, but.." How could you pass that up?? The whole thing is enough to make Zeltan sit up a little straighter, though a hand does go in his pocket briefly to ensure the small pouch is still secure, before he is glancing back at Ayushi. "That is one of those games I will be happy to leave to the professionals."

"Since I actually haven't heard anything," notes Sev logically, "And have literally NO IDEA what you guys are talking about… I feel like that's an unfair trade. But I'll still take it." Because it's oysters. And innocent eyes. That he definitely does not believe. "Yeah… OK, now I definitely do not want to know." Even if he's decidedly not leaving, and looking a helluva lot more curious than discouraged. "It's an actual cat," at least he's pretty sure it is. "But, not green. At least I hope it's not green," right?! says the look directed at Tanit. Poor cat. But it's an easy enough grin curling at the corner's of his mouth for the mention of pool. "Yes! Definitely. I haven't forgotten," added with a somewhat self-satisfied smirk of a grin. "Professional would require me to make actual money for the skill which, alas, I do not." But otherwise, Sev is totally going to claim that title, thanks.

“I have a cat whose name is Lime.” Tanit explains or more accurately agrees with S’van, for Ayushi’s benefit, though order of the Lime Cat does sound so appealing. “She has a plushie that Zeltan won for me at the Xanadu gather, super cute little avian that she carries everywhere. And no Sev, she was only green the one time when she got into something I was working on.” As talk of pool rises the dolphineer squints, “Just – don’t bet against him. He’s a shark.” Tanit will say of the bronzerider with a sigh.

"Well right /now/ you're not making money, you could….just not in the typical way one would think of for a professional." More in the scam-like way, but money is money, no? Idle hands reach up, releasing her hair from a bun and then proceeding to braid it. As explanation about Limecat come rolling in the harper lets out a quiet, "Ah….ok now tat /does/ make more sense." Still, she can't help but chuckle at the thought of a gang whose sign is not some hand-sign but a stuffed animal. "That's exactly what I don't plan on doing….not a chance I'm betting against him, though I do hope other people will." Cue a very sly smile.

"Tanit.. that isn't why you wanted to know how I dyed those apprentices green, was it?" Something finally seems to click for the trader, and he is eying the dolphineer rather suspiciously. As the talk turns to pool and betting and all those things, Zeltan shakes his head, raising his hands. "Marks are too hard to earn to bet on something like that." Ignore the marks he wasted on the Xanadu Hatching. "As if I don't know how things can be rigged.."

"Huh," for one-time green cats. "There's probably a story there," but that's all S'van says about it, brown eyebrows furrowed in consideration. To ask or not to ask? 'not' seems to win, at least at this point in time, though Zeltan's query about the hows of apprentice-dying get those brows right up. "There's definitely a story there!" But again, does he WANT to know? Probably. SHOULD he be told? Probably not. As for pool, "Nah see… I'm just going to play an innocent game of pool. And if Ayushi should happen to be in the vicinity when I do, and she should happen to entice a few people to a friendly bet, well…" shrug. Grin. "At least right now, she can honestly tell people she's never seen me play." But there's a quick glance and a grin at Zeltan and his 'rigging'. "Is it really rigged if I'm honest about being good? I've never lied about it. If others choose to believe that I'm not as good as I say I am… that's on them." However, "I would never actually rig a game. I prefer to win fairly."

“Far be it from me to keep you from your little scheme.” Tanit sighs, “I miss the days when I could kick all the sailor’s asses in a breath holding contest and they’d underestimate me. Damned knot took the fun out of that pretty quickly.” Sigh! As for green dye, there’s a wolfish green from the diver, “No, that plan I haven’t put into motion yet, I’m saving it for the next round of the lime wars.” Sea-green eyes flick between harper and ride, “Next time you run your little scam let me know.” Hand absently patting at her chest, or more aptly, the spot where she normally keeps her valuables. “I have a feeling I’m going to be a little light on funds for a while.”

So many dastardly plans, a good number of them apparently involving green! Ayushi will have to pry about this at some point, though she lets the subject go for now. She snaps her fingers and points to Tanit when the dolphineer mentions wanting to join in on the betting, "It'll help if you have a different audience member…make sure no one sense a pattern. Though, it /is/ all fair and good betting so…." It's not REALLY a scam, just some very carefully planned reactions and the exchange of money.

"There is definitely a reason why I am not a Weaver.. And it involves green." Zeltan remarks back to S'van, though it seems that that is all the story the bronzerider is going to get, at least for now. As the trio discusses the finer points of betting, pool, playing the crowd, etc etc, the Trader just laughs, waving his hand around. "Y'all do you, and I'll keep my marks, all the better to buy you celebratory drinks after you win." A pause and he inclines his head to S'van. "You may not, but I've seen plenty of drunk fools get caught in it and not even realize even once their pouch is empty."

"Her scheme," and an accusing finger is pointed at Ayushi as S'van totally sells her out. "I was just lamenting about how no one in Half Moon will play me anymore. I'm just in it for the pool." And maybe the bragging rights. "And you're more than welcome to come with us when we go. Haven't done anything yet," he notes. "Just thought it would be nice to actually play a few rounds. If you and Ayushi happen to be there," emphasis on the happenstance of this whole thing, NEVERMIND THAT HE WILL BE THE TAXI DRIVER, "and make a few innocent bets…" shrug. Smile. And he does the innocent look about as well as the harper, really. "True that," offered to Zeltan with a less enthusiastic smile, "Which is a primary reason why I won't drink." One of, at least. "But can you really blame the person who's emptying that pouch? Some of the blame must lay on them, for getting to that state of inebriation. And keeping their marks where they can be spent."

“Why not, I’ll need all the marks I can lay hands on, it’s still a few turns before my project to become Senior apprentice can yield any fruits.” She sighs, watching the exchange between the males half amused. “There are somethings that are done best drunk.” Tani has quite a few things that she only does when drunk. Still, she grins at the harper, “A bit of a mastermind are you then? Remind me to pick your brain the next time I need to come up with a dastardly plan.”

"It'll be a well-learned lesson then….so /really/ we're just teaching them to watch how much they drink." All for the good of man-kind, see? After being BLAMED for plan-making Ayushi lets out an audible gasp and holds a hand to her heart, "Scheme? I'm wounded, it's like I said….a rehabilitation exercise of sorts. It teaches people not to be gullible or loose with their earnings.” Such altruism! But the the term mastermind /does/ have a very nice ring to it so there’s a very wicked grin thrown in Tanit’s direction, “Sounds like a plan.” Nevermind that she /just/ spouted off about how this was all a well-intended. Pfft!

Outnumbered, and out-argued, Zeltan seems to give up - if that is even something that needed doing, lifting his hands, waving them around. "Y'all enjoy your pool trip. I have some orders to source.." He moves to get up, before glancing back at the harper. "Including a lime plushie cat?" He asks, tilting his head to Ayushi, grinning, eyes wandering to Tanit briefly. "Or, two of them?"

There is a moment in which Sev considers speaking, pauses and decides better of it. He'll just stay quiet on the subject of this altruistic plan for the good of man-kind. Silence seems to be the proper answer here, and so that is what he goes with. Zeltan though… maybe has the better idea. A chin-jut is tossed in the trader's direction. "Good luck," for the orders to source, perhaps. Or maybe it's for finding, not one, but TWO lime green plushie cats. Hm. "What is it with you and limes?" is not necessarily demanded of Tanit, though it's clear his curiosity has been well piqued. "I thought it was all about glitter these days."

“Three, You are an honorary member yourself.” The dolphineer says of the plushies. “Very altruistic of you, and a goodly service you do for all of Pern.” Grinning wide, Tanit laughs, “It is a long standing private joke that resulted from doing body shots off our weyrleader. There’s been a merry war ever since.” Pianos, speedos, the chaos has only continued. “It still is, I’ve heard that there is even a task force dedicated to stopping it from coming in, but really when R’hyn’s issuing challenges it’s only going to invite people to bend or break the rule more to comedic effect.”

"Definitely including lime plushie cats," Ayushi shoots a broad smile at the retreating Zeltan followed by a small wave. "Body shots? Off the /Weyrleader/?" Now that just leads to an outright eruption of laughter, or maybe she should be in awe of such a thing! The harper doesn't have anything to offer about the glitter thing, just a hopefully neutral expression. HOPEFULLY neutral. She was not just witness do a deal that would lead to such a challenge. There are no witnesses here.

Again with the 'thinking about speaking but deciding against it' expression. This time, complete with frown and furrowed eyebrows as S'van just peers at Tanit as she recounts tales of body shots , and then he's staring into nothing at all. And then there's that grimace (and the dolphineer knows the one) and a swiftly decided, "Say no more," because he definitely DOES NOT want the rest of that story. Glitter. Somehow safer? (who woulda thunk it?). "I did hear about that," task force, offered in a somewhat incredulous voice, "But I honestly thought it was a rumor. It's a rumor, right. R'hyn hasn't actually assigned riders to the search and destruction of glitter…" …. "Huh." Because what else is he going to say about glitter task-forces? But he's eyeballing that maybe NOT AT ALL neutral expression. "I'm not on it," offered pre-emptively. "Hate glitter. Not about to search and seize to stop it from coming in."

“You should in fact, call him Mr. Abs. At every instance and occasion – he loves it.” R’hyn likely does no such thing but there is such a sparkle in the dolphineer’s eyes that it just might be true. “You know those things they say about Weyrs being centers of debauchery?” Tanit offers, leaning in to Ayushi conspiratorially, “It really isn’t true, it’s just an unfortunate happenstance of people witnessing things at entirely the wrong moments. For example, our weyrleader getting fireman carried away by his weyrmate…. Or.” She thumbs at Sev with a wry grin. “This one and his weyrmate are equally as bad about public displays of affection.”

"Got it, not part of the Glitter Secret Service." Ayushi nods at S'van and by the tone of voices she does seem to believe him…FOR NOW. The woman continues to idly fiddle with hair as the conversations carry on and a raised eyebrow accompanies Tanit's next words. "You're right, body shots off the Weyrleader definitely don't count as actual debauchery….just a odd situation that happened to be witnessed, just like the Weyrleader being cared off in the arms of his weyrmate." There's a quiet chuckle and then a glance between her and S'van, "So which couple is the worst about PDA?" This kind of stuff is very important information you know!

S'van might be mouthing the words 'mr. abs'. At least, his lips kinda do that thing where they move, and words might have been produced if air had been expelled from his lungs. He does not, at least, burst into laughter. But there's a definite spark of mischief in those grey eyes that says HE MIGHT JUST DO AS TOLD (and PROBABLY let R'hyn know it was Tanit who told him too). Beam. BEEEEEAM. And then, "Hey now!" with mock insult and clearly feigned offense. "I have never done a body-shot off of Jae. Nor has he done one off of me," so clearly, they are the height of propriety (yeah no. Ain't no one gonna believe that). "It actually seems to happen a lot more than you might think," for that fireman-carry exit. "It's kind of their… M.O. Or signature. Something like that." Can't just walk out that door like normal folks. As for the worst PDA offenders? "Oh, them," meaning Ila'den and R'hyn. "Definitely them."

“You know – that’s actually a pretty tough call. I mean on levels of inappropriate they might be equal? Except I’m pretty sure Sev’s got far better manners than does Ila.” But such a hard decision! “It really is rarely ever dull around here though.” Tanit muses.

"Something tells me that I'm going to eventually bear witness to both couples and their PDA at some point here. Maybe I'll just wait to pass judgement on who's worse until then." Ayushi is still all smiles….until someone is yelling her name. And then there's a very prompt "OH FU—shiiiiiit." See? She can censor herself. Looks like someone found out she was missing. "I'll catch you two at some later date for definitely /non/-dastardly things!" Moments later….she is GONE.

"I feel like I should be offended," says Sev, eyeing Tanit with a whole lot of side-eye for those claims on his levels of inappropriateness. "You caught us once!" pause. "It was just the once, right?" The fact that he cannot remember probably means she's right. "Nah, you'll be fine," for Ayushi's assertion that she'll 'catch them' at least once. "We've gotten way better about it since moving in together." Sad, but true. And totally unashamed, even if there's another, "Heeeeey," for Tanit's comparison of him to Ila'den. "I've definitely got more manners than him." Not much of a debate can be waged before Ayushi's censored-swearing and swift retreat has him laughing and offering a, "Sure!" as she books it out of sight. "OK seriously… lime plushies? Really?" And suspicious grey eyes drag up and down the dolphineer. "I never really pegged you for a plushy-type."

“I’m sure, now that you get it all out of your systems in private.” She teases, watching as the harper runs off. She waves her farewell to Ayushi, before her attention rounds on the giant of a bronzerider. “Lime loves them, I wake up with her and that silly bird on my chest every morning. “ Tanit admits with a laugh, “If I am not the plushy type, then pray tell what type am I Sev, now you have me curious.”

No comment, but the suspiciously smug grin and twinkling grey eyes might say it all for him, really. Sev just grins, and decides to approach the subject of felines and plushies. "That's kind of adorable. Matrix is more about killing things than cuddling them. Or maybe that's just toward me…" a rueful half-smile for that, even if there's fondness for the feline. "Hmm," and he rocks his weight back onto one leg, arm crossed as one hand cups his chin; as if to give serious consideration to the question. "The kind that drinks and dives and wins bets against sailors. And can probably out-curse them. I dunno… just can't see you cuddling up with a stuffed animal."

Tanit laughs, “You do know me far better than most.” She wrinkles her nose, “I do like to cuddle, just – not plushie animals.” Lime is her favorite cuddle buddy. “What are you up to for the rest of the day? Feel like grabbing oysters and a game of Uno at the lounge?”

"Looks like I'm up to eating oysters and playing uno!" decides Sev with a grin. "Got nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon until Jae's back from whatever he's doing." Wingleader things. So tedious. "Shall we?" and there MIGHT be an arm offered, along with a grin.

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