Western Weyr - Uninhabited Island
The beach on an off-grid Western archipelago island location.

It's early morning, Western time, when a message is sent to Yiskatiresiath. «Mine says come.» Indianath's mulch-tempered words are whipcracked to the point, accompanied by a betweening reference. «She says it's an emergency with the small ones.» The reference is for an uninhabited isle that's part of the Western archipelago. The scene there is far from what the word 'emergency' might suggest: the massive bulk that is Indianath is lounging on the pale sandy beach, warm sunshine beating down on his battered leather hide. Leaning against his side and under the canopy of her brown's outstretched wing is Rou'x, looking red despite the deep, weather-worn tan of her skin, and looking flustered as she tries to keep two wobbling, near-naked toddlers in check as they potter about in the sand. Indy's tail curls protectively around the unlikely trio, forming a gentle barrier to steer back an over-wandering tot. Rou, wearing a vest and shorts, with her feet bare and sand-covered, looks absolutely clueless in what she's doing - not a typical thing for the once-Wingleader!

Ir'e reacts instantaneously to the call of 'emergency with the small ones'. Who wouldn't? They're his children, his babies, and even though he hasn't really met them (or perhaps not for long) they still hold a very firm and entrenched part of his heart. And of course Ir'e has Rhabel in tow, because Rhabel is amazing with Ir'e's two other children when sometimes the father of them is just utterly useless. So Ir'e arrives bundled up in his leathers and when Yiskatiresiath dives out of the sky at bone-jarring speeds before his wings flare and he lands rather gracefully upon the ground. The bluerider is nearly tripping over himself to slide down his mount's side and make it to where Rou and the mini-horde is currently nestled. It's only once he's there, looming over the great brown's tail and taking in the situation that the frantic expression that was plastered on his face instantly washes away to something of keen irritation. "This.. is an emergency?" His tone is flat and those chocolate browns of his narrow.

Rhabel was actually enjoying a nice little cat-nap when he'd been jostled awake with words of 'kids' and 'emergency', and stumbled into clothes while being dragged out of the weyr behind his 'mate. The result is a disaster: sleep tousled hair, eyes that refuse to open all of the way, and yes his clothes /are/ on backwards - and inside out, because life always seems to need to add insult to injury for him. Well, his shirt is anyway. The clasps of his pants are undone, but /those/ at least made it onto his legs. When he's making his own way down Yiska, he's still holding one sandal in his hands, hobbling across the sands with the other on his foot until he comes to a halt before… Ir'e's asked the very thing that Rhabel was catching, minus the scathing sarcasm he probably would have added. Given that he's tired, and that means not functioning on a level properly suited to comprehend stupidity, the man stares on in silence. After a couple moments of that silence, he's dropping his other sandal onto the beach, slipping his foot into it, and then resuming that deadpan stare. He was woken up for this? "Ridiculous," he breathes. There are simply no words.

Indianath has barely a greeting for his clutchsibling, but Rou'x looks all shades of relieved at the arrival of the familiar blue in the sky. She's on her feet by the time Ir'e's at her lifemate's tail - a tail that comes up to the man's waist, holding him back. The twins are left to their own devices as she trips over the sand towards their father - and Rhabel? Rhabel. Right. If Rou's surprised by his presence, she doesn't show it. "'Course it's a fuckin' emergency," she replies in exasperation to the bluerider. "I got two littl'uns back there n' no /fuckin'/ clue what the shard I'm doin' with 'em, n' they're all…" Her fingers are wiggled before her, suggesting the two are all /everywhere/ and very, very active. Kind of like now, really - Rhei is pushing Theroux into the sand, and they're both squealing gleefully. The noise makes Rou look over her shoulder, expression a mix of both panicked concern and displeasure - presumably for the noise they're making. "An' they keep makin' that noise! Y'gotta help me, Ir'e."

Ir'e's arms come across his chest and his hand tucks into his elbow. A nice stern pose to match that equally stern look. "Why do you even have them Rou'x?" He's obviously boggled and while it'd be nice if he kept his eyes on the brownrider and kept that nasty look on his face, his gaze is dipping at the sight of the twins brings a smile twitching at his lips. He really can't help it. He already feels lighter just seeing them. But he quickly wipes the trace of that smile and turns to his weyrmate, reaching out to smooth some of that wild hair down. "Sorry, love. Guess I didn't need to drag you after all." Would have been nice if the word 'emergency' hadn't been used in this instance. Seriously, someone needs to explain to the brownrider exactly what classifies to use that word. "What noise? The laughter? Children do laugh Rou." Or else he'd be concerned if they didn't.

There will never be enough apologies to make up for the state of his being, and the fact that he's had to go about looking a mess in public. The man is a /perfectionist/, and Rhabel isn't at all pleased when Ir'e is turning around to smooth down his hair and remind him of just how imperfect he must look. It might not show in his expression, but he does catch at the bigger man by his wrist with a monotone, "Not your fault." The bookworm does take note of the tail restraining Ir'e, but better /him/ than Rhab, and it's probably the very reason why Rhab's keeping considerable distance between them. Don't you bring that sharding beast /any/ closer! While Rou'x is spared an unpleasantly blank look, the man is already skirting around the entire lot of them to move closer to the kids, and there's something about his expression that changes completely. Rhabel doesn't move close enough to startle, but merely observe, lowering himself into a crouch with a… smile? Is that a smile? STOP. EVERYTHING. THE MAN HAS EMOTION. He even brings one elbow into the meat of his thigh, drops his chin on the heel of his palm, and takes in the sight of little ones tumbling about for play. "You want them to laugh, Rou'x," Rhabel says very softly, after a moment. "Or they turn into me."

The big, brown tail encircling Rou'x and her brood is unmoving, for Rhabel as much as for Ir'e. Looking uncertain - spooked, even, the brownrider looks from her clutchmate to his partner, then to the twins, then back to their father. "They're mine. I can have 'em if I want 'em." Again she looks over her shoulder to the little ones, though she seems reluctant to take her eyes off Ir'e for long; Indianath fills in for her by raising his head above the group, over the heads of the tots to look down at them all. Rhabel might even feel the dragon's warm breath as he breathes slowly, eyes glowing as they whirl blue-green with just a hint of concerned purple. Rou'x hovers almost anxiously, worrying her lip with her teeth and wringing her hands in the fabric of her vest as she shakes her head. "That ain't laughin', that's screechin'." She swallows hard while looking up at Ir'e, trying to fix her gaze on his. If he lets it settle, he'll see an even more unusual emotion there: fear.

Ir'e keeps close watch on his weyrmate as he inches closer to the twins and leans down. It's only once Indianath is moving a tad too close to Rhab that Ir'e is stooping down and jerking his weyrmate back. Riding on top of one is one thing, having one breath down your neck is completely different. And he knows how Rhab will react if not taken out of the situation. She he pushes Rhab further back away from the larger brown before his lips set into a firm line. "Indeed." Because he had somehow forgotten that they were Rou's kids when he's pretty much never seen them? Yah, no. "Come on Rhab, we're going. She can deal with /her/ kids on her own." He turns on heel and starts marching back towards the ever so silent blue. "I don't have time to put up with your bullshit, Rou'x. I have no patience for this any longer. I'm not sure why you took them out of 'Reaches when you clearly have no idea how to raise children. But really, to call me out here 'cause of 'emergency' that clearly isn't.. I just.." He shakes his head, not bothering to turn around and face her while he bitches her out.

Thank /Faranth/ for Ir'e, because Rhabel does freeze up and lose some of his color when he feels Indy's breath on him. That means the damn dragon is /too close/. Suddenly his weyrmate has him, and there's not a single protest from his lips when he's being pulled away to sanctuary, catching at one of Ir'e's large biceps when the bluerider moves. It takes a moment for the momentary fear paralyzing thought to melt, and when Rhabel catches up with just /what/ is going on, he digs in his heels and the grip around Ir'e's arm tightens. He's certainly not going to out-muscle the 'rider, but he's a big enough man to at /least/ give him some pause. Through all the nothingness that resumed its quiet watch over his features, there is something very… intense in the look Rhabel fixes his weyrmate with now. "Don't." The man is moving to put himself in front of Ir'e, and then he's reaching up to catch his weyrmate's face between his hands, and leaning in closer to him. Forehead finds Ir'e's, Rhabel takes a moment to breathe, and then he's saying a very soft, "She brought them home, Ir'e. Don't let her be the reason you walk away from them." It's a plea for Ir'e to be /reasonable/. It was Rhab, after all, who was left picking up Ir'e's broken pieces after the first incident with these little ones being ripped away from his life. "You're only allowed to walk away now if you don't want them, and you're never allowed to ask for them, or after them, again. Think, Ir'e. Don't just simply react."

Rou'x watches in confusion when Ir'e drags Rhabel away from Indianath; it wasn't like her lifemate was threatening in any way, so she doesn't get it. Perhaps she's forgotten the man's fear? Indianath lowers his muzzle towards the babies, and they're all to happy to squeal and paw at his big, dark-dusted jaw and muzzle. Rou'x doesn't watch them, though. She just watches the bluerider hauling Rhabel away, and when they're forehead-to-forehead in conversation, she turns on her heel and pads barefooted through the sand to awkwardly scoop up a little one in each arm. With Theroux balanced on one hip and Rhei on the other, she passes Indianath's obliging tail and walks around to the other side of him, continuing from there along the beach and away from the boys.

Ir'e turns on his weyrmate the moment the first word leaves his lips and he's scowling and generally not looking very happy at what he has to say either. But then he's being tugged down and his head bumped against Rhab's and there's a sigh that drops away from his lips. "I'm not walking away from them, I'm walking away from /her/ and this ridiculous situation." He throws his hand up and motions in the direction of Indianath and the family. But he does look back at her and watch as she picks up the children and walks away. "Why did you even call me out here?" He yells as she continues to get further away. And then she's getting too far and the Wingsecond huffs as he takes off at a brisk pace behind her. "What are you trying to accomplish with this? Why now? Why here?"

'Don't be an idiot,' Rhabel /doesn't/ say, but his eyes do. Those green hues jump from his weyrmate, to Rou'x, and as the woman walks away, Rhab's hands find the open ties of his pants to pull closed. If he's going to have to be /walking/ places, he wants to assure they aren't going to be falling off. He's pretty sure he picked up a pair of Ir'e's anyway, and that in an of itself is dangerous given the differences in size. "You can't walk away from her without walking away from them, Ir'e. She's their mother, like it or not." All soft, all delivered seconds before his weyrmate goes off chasing Rou'x. The bookworm follows after the both of them, but at a much, much slower pace. He doesn't have /much/ of a place in this, aside from being weyrmate to one of the involved parties, and he doesn't intend to. He's here to keep Ir'e from making stupid mistakes, and that's /all/ he's here to do.

It's not easy going on the thick beach sand, especially not when you're trying to balance two babies. So Rou'x's progress is slow, and she glares at Ir'e as he gets closer and starts tossing questions at her. Theroux, on the side closest to his father, is holding onto one of Rou's pigtails and is swinging it gleefully, while Rhei watches quietly over her mother's shoulder, her dark eyes big in her round face. They're both pudgy little things! "Don'tchoo go gettin' all shouty with me, Ir'e, or I'll put these two down n' letcha get shouty with my /fist/." It's delivered in a singsong voice, clearly so as not to upset her tot charges, but there's a definite barb there. She keeps walking, picking her way around a patch of washed-up seaweed. "You ask that Rhabel o' yours t' keep you back if you gotta, but you oughta know that if you ain't comin' inta this wearin' kid gloves, I'm gonna hurtcha where you ain't gonna be makin' no kids again the minute you say the wrong damned thing. Got it?"

Ir'e comes to an abrupt halt at the words that come from Rou's mouth. "I wouldn't get all shouty if you didn't start walking the other way. How else was I supposed to make sure you heard me?" He hisses the words and then turns back around and starts walking back towards his dragon. "That's it. Not dealing with this today-" He pauses and raises his voice so she can hear him as he continues to get further away. "If she wants something, she knows how to get a hold of me and not summon me to some random place for no sharding reason." He reaches out, grabs Rhab by the upper arm as he walks by and pretty much drags him back to Yiska. The blue is lowering so that is rider and weyrmate have no issues getting back up.

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