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Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

It's late in the afternoon, another perfect summer's day at Western Weyr, and the patio is predictably busy with people enjoying the light breeze that's wafting in off the ocean. Rhysanna's been lucky enough to secure a table for herself and is presently bent forward over a piece of paper, though instead of writing, she's staring off into the distance, sucking on the end of her pen. The tall glass next to her presumably contains juice rather than anything more fun, and appears fresh: chances are, she's not been here for terribly long.

Sundari is wandering on into the lounge wiht a yawn escaping her. Her right arm is still in a bandage from the looks of it, though she is moving her hand a bit easier at least. Yeah for healing! The bluerider glances around before she moves onwards, pausing as she catches sight of Rhysanna and smiles while she heads on that way. "Hey Rhysanna. How goes?"

Whatever it is that has Rhysanna so intent upon the distant horizon, it's nothing that won't take an easy interruption: the weyrling's gaze turns as Sundari approaches, and a cheerful enough smile marks her greeting. "Afternoon, Sundari. Beautiful day, isn't it? I'm well. Tavehtiath ate a whole meal without me present, and is now quite content to digest in peace, giving me some free time - sort of, anyway." She sets down her pen, likely oblivious to the ink stain she's left on her lip, and reaches for her glass. "How are you?"

Sundari pauses a server long enough to order a drink and some food thing before she flops down in a seat on the other side of the weyrling. A warm smile is seen along with a nod. "Yep it is. Well that's great. Bet your happy for that huh? Makes life a bit easier for you not needing to cut it up for her and so forth huh?" She scratches at her cheek a moment. "Oh I'm alright. Wating to get back to sweeps and the like."

"Like you cannot believe," confirms Rhysanna, though she's quick to add: "Well, no, I'm sure you can. I'm not sure there would ever be a rider out there who would prefer to keep chopping meat up, day in and day out, forever." She plays with the straw in her drink, prodding at the ice that floats below the surface, as her gaze tracks towards the bandage on the bluerider's arm. "How long will it be?" she wonders. "It must be difficult. What happened, exactly?"

Sundari grins and nods while she leans back upon her chair and curiously peet at her arm before a slight shrug is seen. "It's been over a sevenday now. I broke my arm trying to escape a wild wher that was on an island that Irk and I was exploring."

Rhysanna's eyes widen; she winces. "I am so avoiding uninhabited islands," she declares, firmly. "And whers, though they're creepy enough to begin with. That sounds awful. I guess if it's broken, you could be off duties for a while. I hope you've got lots of help in looking after Irkevalath?"

Sundari grins a bit and she nods. "Yeah… I wouldn't suggest wandering out there honestly. I think it was a watch one at some point. Had a chain around it and everything." She thanks the server for her drink and food before picking up her drink and sipping at it. "Yeah I haven managed to get some weyrbrats to help actually. Epsecially with oiling him, for a blue he is on the large size so I need all the help I can get really."

Mouth drawing in, in a way that suggests a certain amount of discomfort, Rhysanna allows, "I feel sorry for it, then, a little. But even so…" Her gaze drops, for a moment, towards the blank paper in front of her, and then slides back to her drink; this time, she takes a sip through the straw, swallowing the juice before she'll add, "Well, I'm glad they're being helpful. Taveh's been a lot of work to oil for a while, even with both arms operational; there's just no way I could manage even a green-sized dragon with only one. I'll be glad when Taveh's fully grown and doesn't need to be oiled quite so much, that's for certain, even if she'll be utterly enormous."

Sundari nods slightly while chewing on a fry. "Yeah… Sort of how I feel about it honestly. Though Irke has other ideas for it if he ever sees it again." Her blue really was not impressed with that wher after all. "You can always get help from others still even when she's fully grown you know?" This said with an amused tone.

"Oh dear," says Rhysa of Irkevelath and the wher, though she's smiling as she says it - not wholly serious, it seems. "Mm, I suppose so. I know I helped people when I was a kid, so it's not that I'm not familiar with that, but… I feel a little bad asking someone else to help me with what is clearly my own personal responsibility. But," she laughs, abruptly, "maybe I'll change my mind in time. When faced with a lifetime of that much dragon to oil."

Sundari smiels and nods. "Irke just wants to protect me I think. He likes to be all protective after all." This said with an amused tone at the idea. She grins and nods. "You might! So how are other things?"

"I think that's sweet. Taveh… I'm not sure if 'protective' is in her vocabulary, really, unless we're talking about dignity, reputation, or something else intangible but terribly important to her mind." Rhysanna does, at least, sound affectionate as she talks about her dragon, even if there's some cheerful ruefulness about it, too. "Other things… I don't know. This whole weyrlinghood thing is pretty overwhelming, you know? Even now, after all these months. I feel like it's all I have to talk about, sometimes, and that's so boring. Just now, I was trying to write a letter to a friend, and I couldn't figure out how to start it. 'I'm sorry we haven't talked in months, but hi, and congratulations on getting married' seems kind of… off."

Sundari chuckles and nods looking amused and she soon shrugs. "I think it depends on the dragon. Irke is just very protective of me, even with certain people I've found." She looks curiously at the other, a lsight nod seen and she ponders. "I did that with my family, they have always been very happy and proud of me for being a rider but it was still hard to keep up with everything they was doing."

Rhysanna plays with the straw in her juice, gaze dropping down towards it rather than focus on Sundari herself. "Mm," she agrees. "Every dragon is different, right? And every dragon-rider partnership. And we all just… find the balance that is right for us. Or whatever." With her free hand, she rolls over the pen on the table, and adds, "Larya - the friend I was trying to write to - lived here until recently, and we still didn't manage to talk after the hatching. I think she decided I was too busy for her; I don't know. I still wish she'd told me she was going, even if obviously I couldn't go to the wedding." Abruptly, she glances up again. "How are your family? I know there was one point when you hadn't heard from them in some time, but I know that was a while ago."

Sundari nods lsightly while pondering the name but she can't recall it at the moment it seems. "I guess there alright…" There is a slight pause and she shrugs before glancing to her drink. "I haven't heard from them still. Reason Irke and I went to the island was to try and look for them. Was a place I went with the family before when I was a kid actually. I've heard people have seen my father and brother's ships so that is good." Still she misses her family.

Rhysanna's smile fades, her expression turning solemn. "I'm sorry," she murmurs, quietly. "I mean, I'm glad that other people have seen their ships, because that has to be a good thing, but… still. I see more of my mother than I'd care to most of the time, but I'd still be worried and upset if I didn't see her for months and months. I hope they… I don't know, show up here soon, or something."

Sundari looks into her cup a few moments, seeming a bit sad before her gaze drifts back to Rhysanna. "It's alright. They have there life to lead as I do here." She always knew thta she would be tied to a weyr if she impressed a dragon, though she dind't think she would be so alone in a sense. "I'm sure they will show up when they want too."

"Yes, but…" Something in Rhysanna's expression suggests she has difficulty accepting this excuse. "Surely, wherever they come in to port, they should be able to get word to you so that you can come and see them. Or they should have a schedule of where they're going to be, so that you can roughly plan around it, or something. Just because you're leading a different life now doesn't mean that… that you can't still be part of theirs." She sucks in a breath, holding it for several seconds before, abruptly, she exhales. "I'm sorry," she says. "It's really not my business, is it?"

Sundari shrugs now and doesn't look back to Rhysanna, the normally bubbly rider doesn't seem that eager to talk on the matter right now. "It isn't that easy, they don't have a firelizard on board and they go from port to port and different times of the day." A curious glance it sent towards her, a faint smile is seen soon. "It's aright Rhysanna.."

Rhysanna's cheeks flush uncomfortably; she's clearly noted the bluerider's reluctance to talk about it, and is doubly awkward for it, despite that eventual smile. "No, of course," she says quickly. "It really isn't my business, and it's not as though I can do anything to help. I shouldn't have mentioned it at all." Her gaze drops back towards her blank page and abandoned pen, and she exhales, lengthily. Clearly, she ought to change the subject, now, but equally clearly, she's struggling to think of something to say.

Sundari shakes her head slightly while she shifts, finding herself a bit uneager to finsh her meal it seems. "Hey it's alright, you didn't know Rhysanna. Honestly, no big deal." She is doing her best to play it off at the moment it seems. "I should go… Irke is asking for my attention for some reason or another." Most likely the blue has felt how his rider feels and knows this will help to get her to leave.

"It was still rude," says Rhysanna, firmly, as though she's absolutely intent on wallowing in the awkwardness she's caused. "I— of course. Best of luck with the arm, and… everything, okay?" Her cheeks are still pink, and there's a force to her words that suggests exactly how uncomfortable and apologetic she is. She reaches to pick up her pen again, though it's an idle gesture: perhaps just something intended to keep her hands busy, even temporarily.

"Yeah, his just wanting me to get an itch, or who knows, watch him try to burn the pen fence down again." Sundari offers softly as she turns to move off. "You too Rhysanna." This said with a slight wave seen before she is moving off to the beach to meet up with Irke whom is very happy to see her, the two will move off heading down the beach.

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