Insanity at the Infirmary

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Even weyrleaders have to go in for health check ups. And right after a flight is a perfect time for such things, right? Apparently to the healers it was. Zi'on was going to be weyrleader for another turn or so, and it was important to keep him breathing during that time. For weyr stability and all. Zi'on, however, is a notoriously bad patient. And all the healers seem to glare at him as he's shown to his little examining corridor. And some mutter grumblings about arrows and pudding. A few of them ask him where his sister Ziria is, but the bronzer doesn't know. Finally he's shown to his section and told to strip down to his skivvies.

"I'm /fine/ Actually better then fine, I'm perfect!" This is heard from Sundari whom is already in the infirmary sitting on a cot getting a look over. She looks a bit dirt covered, and there is a nice bruise across her right cheek. "Just a bruise." Though one healer is tsking at her. "You feel off a runner, we have to at least look you over. Last thing we need is some kid running around with a possible broken bone or something." For the moment the healer is whisked away to deal with something more pressing leaving the seabrat on the cot glowering a few moments.
Naris wanders into the infirmary, from the lower caverns.
Naris has arrived.

Even Zi'on has to go through the hurry up and wait process at the infirmary. And so the bronzer strips down his undies and then gets to sit on the examining table covered in sterile paper for a while. Crinkle. Crinkle. Finally he gets bored, and he thinks he hears a familiar voice in the next stall over. Once he's sure the healer has gone off to deal with someone's hacked off leg or something, Zi'on sneaks over to peek into where Sunny is stuck waiting. "Psst." He says, wiggling his fingers at the seabrat. "Sunny! Hi! What are you doing here?" The bronzer slips past the curtain and into Sunny's examining cubical.

Sundari glowers for a few moments longer before rubbing at her cheek that is well bruised now. A faint sigh escapes her and she looks around the room. Well it isn't like she is often in a place like this. The 'psssst' catches her attention and she blinks while looking over to Zi'on. She looks amused seeing him in the paper getup and waves to him. "Hey.. Ah.. Well I fell off a runner." Totally explains everything, right? Sure it does! Her bright blues narrow a moment. "What are you doing here?"

It is clear that Naris is mad this time. No, not mad, she is absolutely /livid/. Along with the now mostly faded black eye on her face there are bruises forming on her right upper arm, chest, and collar bone. She is not crying, although it is clear that it is taking her quite a bit of self control not to. Sitting on her left shoulder Crawlie is nervously crooning and rubbing up against her, ever so worried about his pet. The girl does not do anything to show that she has noticed him, him or either of the other people in the room. Instead she enters the room and silently begins to look around, clearly looking for a healer.

Zi'on isn't in a paper getup. He's just in his boxers and his socks. Look, it's the manfur! Yes that's right. He's slipping into Sundari's cot area, to chat with her because he's bored and he hates the infirmary. "What! Why'd you do that? You almost got a shiner there. Did the runner kick you?" He wiggles a finger at her face, then sits down next to her on the cot. "I'm here for a check up. Where they yell at me and tell me not to eat so many pastries and put on some good weight." Naris is pointed to one of the sectioned off examining areas by an apprentice. One that was occupied by the bronzer, but is now empty because he's up and left it. But all his clothes are still there.

Sundari totally thought Zi'on was in a paper getup, though she did take a rather nice hit when she fall off that runner so maybe she is just seeing things? "Naw, well" She pauses and thinks. "Maybe, in my side I can't remember. Had the wind knocked out of me for a moment there." Though she doesn't look worried over such things for whatever reason. She peers back at Zi'on curiously. "Check up huh? Guess that's a good thing and so forth." As if she knows, nope not a bit. As for Naris she hasn't caught sight of her as she's over sitting on another cot with a rather nice bruise across her right cheek. "I did it because I was in a lesson trying to learn how to ride." So it wasn't like she was getting into trouble, at least not yet.

When the healer points her to the examination area she nods and silently walks over there, wincing slightly and moving her left hand over to the bruised area as she moves. Pain, pain in her arm and side, lots of pain. "Shards," she hisses. "Enka was wrong, runners are evil." Just as she's sitting down Naris notices the pile of clothes, clothes that she believes she has taken to get cleaned before. A groan leaves her moments before she calls, "Zi'on, I'm pretty sure it's you here and you left your clothes. Please, for the love of Faranth, tell me you aren't naked."
<OOC> Sundari squeaks!

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, Ila'den is not here to kick metaphorical puppies. He's here to make fun of half-naked Weyrleaders who're probably getting their goodies fondled by a bunch of disinterested lady-healers — which I guess sort of makes him like a puppy, but with considerably less cute. So, the Weyrsecond arrives on the scene in style (what other way is there to arrive?), scoping out the battered occupants of the infirmary, making a face that screams I HATE THIS SMELL the entire time, and just so happens to stumble upon one little beat-up girl named Naris. The Weyrsecond's cocky, teasing grin falls flat in seconds, brows arching high before those grey hues flicker to the abandoned pile of clothes. "I hope this doesn't mean I have to arrest you for stealing my number one's clothes," he says on the sly, and then tilts his body back to squint… squint… MANFUR SPOTTED. Crises averted. For now. "Ah, well. Lucky day, lass. What in Faranth's name happened to you?"

Zi'on is here for a check up. Post-flight check ups were common, at least for the weyrleader. One more turn of being in charge meant one more turn they had to make sure Zi'on kept being alive. Though he's left his cordoned off examination area, and instead poked his nose, and his whole self, into Sunny's examination area. Who is here getting herself looked over after falling off a runner. "Yep. I guess. I hate it here." Of course when the healer comes in and sees him sitting with Sunni, it'll be clearer why. "I thought you lived on a boat. Why do you need to know how to ride a runner?" Zi'on heard someone calling to him then. He laughs. "No. But I can be!" the bronzer gets up and strips out of his undies, handing them to Sunny. "Here, hold onto these." He then goes running over to where Naris is, opening up the curtain. "Ta da! Ila?" Well, there wasn't anything there that Ila'den hasn't seen before. Zi'on peers at him suspiciously though. "Why are you here?"

"Cause? I wanted to learn to do something different." Sundari offers with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Though I'm not too sure I want to anymore." Seems one fall and she is ready to call the idea of learning to ride a runner quits. Well she is rather sore from it all so that may be a good reason why? A soft breath escapes her and she lifts her head slightly, blinking at the voice of Naris and she smirks a moment. "Great.." She murmurs out a moment, and then there is another voice. Leaning forward she peers out at Ila'den and waves to him with a faint smile seen. Her bruised up cheek is easy to spot for sure. Then Zi'on is stripping and handing off his undies to her? She glowers and holds them for a moment before dropping them to a chair. "How…lovely.." On top of that she gets the sight of weyrleader butt and falls back onto her cot as if she has fainted, though with her giggling it goes to show she is very much awake

It must be Send Your Weyrleadership to the Healers Day or something. Because yep, Enka's in here too. The goldrider's tucked away in one of those private examination nooks, subjected to the pokings and proddings of the healers who like nothing better to do than poke and prod at people and make them squirm while they ask all sorts of embarrassing questions like 'when was the last time you were regular' but at least she's here and is slumped down on the cotmaking faces behind the healer's back. And being in the infirmary, she is able to overhear and see some very /choice/ things indeed. Did … did Naris just say the Weyrwoman was /wrong/? Gasp! Enka can be wrong about a lot of things, but evil runners? "Only if you end up with a mean one," she remarks drolly — just enough humor in her tone to show she's really not /that/ displeased that her judgement's been doubted, in public, no less. "And Zi, what in Faranth's name are you up to, and what are you not letting me look at?" It's nothing /she/ hasn't seen before, but maybe she likes admiring the view?

It seems like she can't go anywhere these days without one of the leadership finding her and acting as far from leader like as possible. Well, at least Ila'den isn't acting /too/ unleader like this time, asking her what happened after asking if she stole the weyrleaders clothes. A small sigh leaves her before she responds, "no, I did not steal his clothes, he left them there. As for what happened I was trying to rider a runner when-" Naris is cut off by a very familiar voice saying that he could be. Suddenly Zi'on is there, very there and very naked. Her reaction is immediate, letting out a high-pitched scream before moving back in shock only to go tumbling off the examination platform. Enka was heard and will be addressed later, but mental scarring takes the priority.

Is this real life? Did that just happen? One moment Ila'den's worrying over the state of Naris and the fact that she looks like she was on the recieving end of an ass-beating, the next he's turning in just enough time to come face-to-face with Zi'on's dingledorf. Horror, thy name is Ila. The bronzerider makes a startled face, blinks once, twice, and then dissolves into laughter. He's jerking out of his riding jacket, and dumping it over the top of Naris' head to spare her eyes when she starts shrieking. "Calm down, lass. It's a weyr. /Not/ seeing the man naked before is the oddity. Zi. Unless this is an invitation for me to have you in front of Naris and all your favorite healers, I suggest you cover yourself up. Quickly. My self-control is dwindling." He manages to choke down his amusement long enough to say this in lewdly husky tones, with lewdly waggling brows, long enough to return Sundari's wave, and then he's useless again. All laughter, all thanks to Enka and her comedic timing.

Zi'on nods to Sunny. "I guess that's a good enough reason. I don't really know much about runners myself. That's Enka's territory. I only know how to buy good ones." Yes, Sunny is keeper of the undies. How lucky for her! Though she gets a nice view of Zi'on's behind. What? This was a weyr. Also people were expected to be naked in the infirmary, right? Zi'on struts about. Actually he sort of moon-walks about, sliding his feet across the floor in his socks. He blinks, hearing another familiar voice. Is everyone at the infirmary right now? "Enka? Where are you?" He'll have to find her later. Yep, Zi'on is naked! Also he's hairy. Deal. With his dingledorf. Ila'den has seen it before. Zi'on stuffs his fingers into his ears at the shrieking. "Ila'den! DO SOMETHING!" About the shrieking. The bronzer struts out then, peeking into exam rooms until he finds Enka's. "Enka?" No. "Enka?" No. Another shriek. "Enka? Oh, there you are. Why are you here?"

Sundari continues to giggle out, as for the keeper of undies, they can stay on the chair and the chair can be the keeper of them for now! The seabrat soon sits up and rubs at her eyes a few times in the process. "Oh come on Naris, have you never see someone wandering around nekkid?" Well for the record she hasn't seen many, but she isn't freaking out at least. A curious glance is sent to Ila'den and she grins a bit before looking after Zi'on whom is, strutting around. How lovely, or something. A roll of her eyes is seen. "I don't know much about runners, and I think I'll be ok with it now. I dono maybe I'll try to ride one again some other time." A slight shrug is seen.

Enka has got skills, yes she does. It's all about the timing, and that wry little comment of hers apparently has Ila'den in hysterics. "Can you blame me?" she shouts out to the Weyrsecond. "I like lookin' at things, 'specially /that/." Hey, she's Weyrwoman, it's entitled or something. "And Naris," the shrieking has the woman clapping hands over her ears for a moment, "settle down, it's part of weyr livin', and if it bothers you, don't go to the bathin' caverns when other people are around." She'll ease her hands down then, in time to hear Zi'on's voice and the accompanied shrieks as the bronzer makes his way down to her examination nook. And then here's there, and oh my! All hairy and familiar dingledorf and everything. Well, hello! "Hi," she gives the Weyrleader a cheeky grin. "you goin' to give me an examination or somethin'?" HERE? As for his question. "Got a check up, that's all. No surprises or anythin'."

Thankfully Ila'den is there, covering her head in his jacket to prevent her from seeing the dingledorf. A small releaved sight leaves her for a moment, or at least it does until he begins to talk again. Apparently not only is not having seen the weyrleader naked before an oddity but he is tempted to take him right then and there. Lovely. Then there is Zi'on, yelling for him to 'to something', probably about her, and Sundari asking if she hasn't seen anyone wandering around naked before. In the end Naris decides to ignore them all in favor of talking to the only save one there, Enka. The screeches alert her to when Zi'on has left and it's safe for her to remove the jacket from her eyes. Once that occurs she hands it back over to Ila'den before turning to face what she thinks is Enka's direction before saying, "it's not the nakedness that upset me, it's the surprise nakedness. I could handle him doing a sharding ballet in front of me now that I'm on alert, but when my guard is down? No, I was not at all prepared for a naked weyrleader, hence the scream."

Hesitation. Screams of pain coming from the infirmary are not unheard of. Usually they are muffled and light - and while not unheard of, that does not mean they are common. However, the shrieking that was heard by Rhadan just before he entered the Infirmary… that was different. Odd. Weird. It caused the teen to pause before he entered the infirmary, and perhaps someone might have been able to see him poke his head into the doorway before entering. What. Is. Going. On. It is not long after that peeking, 10-15 seconds maybe, the Rhadan is entering the Infirmary. His eyes scan over the cavern and some of those inside of it - Weyrleader? Weyrwoman? Weyrsecond? Others… o.O His gaze does not remain on anyone for long, as he make his way to a small table against the wall, not too far from the entrance. His hands go to his belt - well, one of his belts. He had two on. The one that comes off has a pouch attached to it. This pouch is set down on the table in front of him, and he opens it. Soon, items will start coming out, but his attention goes over his shoulder to… what is going /on/?

Sundari, Ila'den would return your look of inquisition if he was capable of more than simply trying not to die. Zi'on is moonwalking, and Enka is encouraging the entire debacle, and NOTHING IS SACRED ANYMORE. "You're telling /me/ to do something about it? You're the one dangling goodies in front of the ladies and expecting them to behave!" His jacket is handed back, Enka's inquisition is met with a guffaw, and then Ila's calling back, "Infirmiry isn't the place to be enjoying manmeat, Weyrwoman! There are some ridiculously delicate sensibilities lying around." The Weyrsecond jerks his jacket back into place, and tilts his head to give Sundari a smile, before those grey eyes turn back onto Naris. "Might as well go get immunity to it while it's out in the open, lass. Sure Zi'on wouldn't mind a feel or two. He likes them young."

Surely Naris has seen a dingledorf before, no? Just maybe not Zi'on's. It is a spectacular dingledorf, but not worth screaming over surely. "Well, just be careful with those runners." Sunny doesn't want to have to come back to the infirmary and this insanity. "You'll have to find someplace private to bathe if you can't take the heat, Naris. You can come to my weyr. I have a private bath." Zi'on heads over to give Enka a friendly kiss hello. "Examination?" He leans down near Enka's legs. "Helloo-oo-oo-oo!" He calls, faking an echo and then laughing. "Looks normal to me." The bronzer heads back over to retrieve his undershorts from Sunny, sliding them back on. "Well, Naris. Now it's old news." There's a very angry-looking healer heading their way, and Zi'on heads back over to sit next to Naris on the cot. Before he gets there though, he spots Rhadan. And his pouch of goodies. "Hi Rhad! You got candy?" Zi'on is always looking for sweets. But he doesn't want to get caught up by that healer. "This is my cot, you know. It's got my cooties on it. Don't make me hug you. Ila you may as well relax and take off your clothes. They'll want to examine you next." Zi'on peers at the weyrsecond. "I'm not dangling them at anyone. They do that on their own. And I do like the younger ladies. Also the older ladies."

Sundari shakes her head as she hears Naris. "Better than having your brother run around nakkied as a prank around a ship a few times. I thought I was going to go /blind/. Then he jumped into the water. Surprised he didn't scare a bunch of fish into the boat from them trying to escape him." She catches sight of Rhadan and smiles waving over to him. "Hey, come to join the crazy?" As for this seabrat there is a bruise across her right cheek showing she's been through something. So totally the runners fault of course. She pauses a moment as she hears Ila'den and sends a faint glance towards Zi'on once he is wandering back for his shorts, which she points to the chair. "The chair was protecting them for you." Or something like that. Well she didn't want to hold his undies! "I plan on be careful with the runners. Well, more careful I suppose."

Enka screams over Zi'on's dingledorf. Well, maybe 'screams' is the wrong way to put it, but it's the cause of a lot of appreciative noises, to be sure. And yes, she's definitely encouraging all sorts of naughtiness right now — tsk tsk tsk. "Then don't let your guard down," she chides Naris from behind her curtain, "or at least learn to expect surprised nakedness. It spares you all sorts of awkwardness at times." Like Enka knows, RIGHT? Of course she does, and there's no shame for it. "So to spare those ridiculously delicate sensibilities, Ila'den," she returns the comment, "are you suggestin' I ought to waylay him, drag him off to my weyr and enjoy at my leisure?" There's a brief pause, Enka no doubt contemplating this with some gleeful amusement. Zi'on's 'examination' has her giggling, and as he's headed out, so the goldrider slips out behind him, her check up over. But does she leave, nuh uh. She'll just cram herself into someone else's examination cubby — Naris's to be exact.

Suddenly there's a new person. Naris pays him exactly no attention to him, she doesn't know him and he probably has nothing to do with what she is dealing with right now. Ila'den's words cause her to give him a look that says she is /very/ disturbed before silently scooting away from him. Zi'on talks about coming over to his weyr with a private bath, but she isn't sure if he is being sarcastic or not and thus doesn't address it. But she /does/ talk when he makes his way over to her and says he likes his women old and young. With narrowed eyes she deadpans, "you guys remember that one conversation, right? The one where I described exactly how to remove one's testicles? Also, I don't care what has who's cooties, I'm not moving if that's what you're trying to get at." Sundari gets a snort from her, rather close to laughter as a matter of fact. "Man, that must have been awful. I pity you and the fish." She pauses then to glance at Sundari's face before asking, "that bruise, did you get it from a runner? I'm all busted up, climbed on this big black one only to find it was rather… unfriendly." Unfriendly was the kind was of putting it. And then Enka is in her cubby as well and she seems to be surrounded. Very well then, party in Naris' examination room. With a quirked eyebrow directed toward the Weyrwoman she asks, "and I guess nothing can surprise you any more?"

Rhadan did have a chance to catch sight of Zi'on's dingledorf. It was brief, just before the Weyrleader pulled up his undershorts. Rhadan does not shriek or even flinch. Whats weird about seeing /that/? Quickly, though his eyes are drawn to Sundari. He gives a shrug before he replies, "Just came to drop off some gear." Really, he did. See the pouch? The one on the table in front of him? His attention is soon drawn to Zi'on. Candy? Huh… Rhadan's head tilts briefly before he looks down at the pouch. Pause. Stare. Reach - he reaching into the pouch and pulls out a little small glass vile. "I have some fillis?" Painkillers. Decently strong too, but just one dose. The vile is set down on the table and a paper pouch is pulled from the beg, "Or some numbweed?" Just a little of this, too, but enough. "But you can get them both here, of course. I have… itch cream, too?" These items and a few others are taking out of the pouch and arranged carefully on the table. Bandages. Tape. Glue. Even needlethorn and some thread, "… no candy, though. Sorry. Doesn't come standard." And note, he is doing his best to ignore some of the conversations.

"Faranth, no. My weyrmate gives me a thorough checking every night. I'm sure she can assure any of the healers, and you, that I'm perfectly healthy, bossman." Ila'den will do just about anything to get out of being poked and prodded like some kind of foreign being new to Pern. Enka's suggestion has Ila'den emitting more laughter, and then he's calling back, "If it gets him to stop making ridiculous dance moves in his socks, Enka, I say you give him the best waylay of his life." PUN INTENDED. And then the goldrider is there, invading Naris' examination room with him. "Not chasing after Zi?" he inquires, looking amused. "He's going to be a very disappointed and sad man, Enka. Very sad indeed." Suddenly, Naris is making outlandish suggestions, and Ila'den sobers up fast. One does not speak /unmanning/ a man with a smile. "You had a conversation about what? Naris, sweetheart, you are welcome to bathe in Zi'on's weyr /all/ you want, but stay well away from mine." He even makes a protective shielding gesture towards his baby-making equipment before blinking over at Rhad. He leans around the examination room and calls over, "Better slather some numbweed all over him, kid! Think he's gonna need it after Naris has her way with him." Madness.

Zi'on peers at Sunny. "Well, just be careful with my undies. They are worth money on the black market." Sunny will probably get examined before anyone tackles the mess that is Naris/Zi'on's cubby. "Also don't hurt yourself. You still owe me a foot rub, missy." That is some 'scream' from Enka. He laughs. "You are so demanding, bosslady." Zi'on looks amused as Enka follows him into the cubby. The healers might not be so amused at the congregation though. "No." Zi'on says, frankly. "Maybe. Though if you come near me with a knife expect to spend the rest of your youth in the Western jail." Zi'on instead wraps an arm around Naris. "I'm not trying to get you to leave. I'm just letting you know what you're getting into." He gives her a SQUEEZE. "Where did you say it hurts?" Lucky Rhadan! Really it's just a dingledorf. Not really newsworthy. "Eh. I don't really need drugs. I'm just here for a checkup. Stocking up on first aid supplies then? I'll get you some candy if you sew Naris' mouth up shut." Zi'on peers at Ila'den. "When is the last time you had a real check up?"

Sundari ponders the whole black market deal that involves Zi'on shorts, a soft hum escapes her. "Well, darn and here I had them in my hands. I should have ran off with them while I had the chance." This said while she grins. Hearing Naris she watches her a moment. "Eh, could have been worse. Ya I fell off a runner during a lesson. No big deal. Head worse falling off stuff on the boat." There was the time the hook went through her hand too. She grins and nods to Rhadan. "I'll offer you some candy for that too." Maybe she is joking. "Why would you talk about taking off some guys stuff Naris. Do you like dream about it? If so maybe you should talk to a healer, don't' think that is well Natural." This said with a serious tone and concerned look even, though she is still joking. Speaking of healers she is indeed stopped in mid conversation as a healer is over poking and questioning her. A few ouches and acks escape her as her sides are poked. "Hey, cold hands!" The healer is not amused.

"They are?" Enka can't help but overhear that remark from Zi'on, given how she's pretty much all but followed him into the examination cubby. "I'm sure I've got some of your undies floatin' around my weyr somewhere, Faranth I'm goin' to be rich!" she's teasing him, surely. But maybe he had left some skivvies lying around the senior queeen's weyr. She doesn't go so far as to sit down on the cot, really, it would be too much, but the goldrider does park a hand against her hip and give Ila'den a long look. "I think I could promise that," she smirks cheekily, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. "It'd be a different kind of dancin', and he might not be wearin' socks," or much else, but … "Course I'm demnadin'," she quips at Zi'on. "You just went around showin' yourself off, I don't have a weyrmate or anythin' to go jump all over /him/. It 'aint fair, Zi, to expect me not to be demandin'." Naris's comments get a raise of browd from the Weryrwoman. "Well, normally nothin' surprises me anymore. I've lived my whole life in a Weyr, so I've seen lots of things." Done lots of things too, ahem. "But that is pretty surprisin' right there, how easily you can just talk about it."

Naris frowns slightly at Ila'den's words before saying, "actually, I don't think you were there. Yes, that was I're, not you. And don't worry, I promise not to go anywhere near your weyr, don't want to see what kind of kinky games you and V'ric have been playing lately." And with that statement that seems to have come out of nowhere she turns to deal with Zi'on, although she can't do much dealing with, more like wincing and not saying anything when he squeezes her without her permission. Touching, touching, people are touching her! No, that has to stop! She stiffens noticeably, clearly not as comfortable with random touching as the weyrleader is. At Zi'on and Sundari offering candy to sew her mouth shut she snorts before muttering, "if you sewed my mouth shut and I didn't manage to break the stitches I would be unable to eat, and thus you would have effectively killed me. And as for why it was brought up in the first place I threatened to castrate I're once, Rhabel wanted to know how I would do it, and I told him." A small nod follows her words, as if it is all so simple. Naris then looks to Enka, frowning slightly as she says, "I've lived here my whole live but haven't really seen anything until recently."

Ila draws a quick glance from Rhadan before the young teen speaks, "I don't know if I have enough for that." With the statement, Rhadan is lifting the pouch of numbweed to indicate it. See? Not enough. Especially for something like /that/. The numbweeb is placed in a small basket that Rhadan pulls from under the table his pouch and equipment is on. Zi'on statement draws Rhadan's attention then. Candy to sew someone's mouth shut? Whoever it is… candy is an offer that is hard to refuse. And all he has to do is sew her mouth shut? Hm…. Okay, so Rhadan didn't /really/ think about doing it, but the offer of candy was a tease. Rhadan likes candy…. He does give Zi'on a sidelong, slightly questioning look. He does not respond to the mention of sewing Naris' mouth shut yet, "Returning and exchanging. Used some when I was out last, and the rest is getting old." There are more items going into that basket now - perishable things. The numbweed, salves and such. The bandages and stitches and all are left on the table. And the Rhadan is walking, the basket held under one arm against his hip. He has to walk to the back of the cavern, and thus has to pass the others. "You know, it isn't a hard thing to cut the thread after your mouth is sewn shut. You can always cut it. I'd be more worried about the pain." And smirk.

Ila'den's hands go up in a defensive gesture. "I get my check ups on the regular, Zi'on. Often enough to be on top if it, far enough in between to keep my sanity in tact. I hate the smell of this place, and don't enjoy being naked nearly half as much as you do. Women don't want to see my goodies." Enka draws his attention away, and there's a devious smile for the Weyrwoman, followed by some more of that husky laughter. "I have no doubt that you can keep a man on his toes for hours, bosslady. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to win a flight and see just how much." And then he's blinking at Naris, and brows come up in amusement before he leans forward too, intent on adding to her touching discomfort. He knocks a finger gently under her chin, bumping her head up, and says, "My weyrmate's name is Iris, little bird. Iris. Not V'ric. I promise you they're very different people." And then Rhadan has his attention again, he's peeking out to see what not enough means. Pause. Laughter. Yes, Ila'den dissolves into laughter all over again, managing to choke out, "No, I assure you, kid. That's probably more than ample amounts to slather and do him in." Did he just insult the Weyrleader's package? You bet. C'est la vie.

Zi'on chuckles at Sunny. "You shoulda, but then the healers would have been mad. Besides, you had plenty of chances while you were taking in my laundry to steal them." She could even get clean ones! Though they probably weren't worth as much. He chuckles. "She probably does dream about taking my junk off. Or she will, now that she's seen it and knows what to dream about." The bronzer peers at Enka and laughs. "You're already rich. Share some of that wealth with the poor. Hire Naris to do your laundry." Zi'on wiggles his toes. "I like my socks. It's not like have a weyrmate either! Just a bunch of ladies ogling." That's right, Zi'on is touching Naris and is all up in her personal space. She didn't move so that's what she gets. He blinks and narrows his eyes at Naris. Then he grins. "Yeah. I'd be fine with that." He says about the mouth sewing. "I'll get my sister to do it. She's a surgeon. She can probably get you a feeding tube they could stuff up your nose or something." He raises a brow at her then. "Have you been living under a rock around here?" If Rhad wants something sweet he can just come to Zi'on's office or weyr. The bronzer will share. He has little stashes probably all over the place. Zi'on peers at Ila'den. "Uh. Why? Are your goodies…. deformed or something?" He wiggles a finger at Ila'den's junk, wrinkling his nose. "Hey man. Mine's a grow-er, not a show-er. Otherwise it would get in the way."

Sundari allows the checking over, looking over and what have you from the healer. She is grumbling though and missing any question that is sent her way it seems as she is answering questions herself to the healer and proving she can move her arms and legs the right way. Once that is done she is told to not try and ride for a few days, and anything else the healer can think of to make the seabrat's next few days rather boring. She pouts, yes pouts an d rumbles a moment as she is up off to the cot and blinks while hearing ZI'on. "Grow-er.. not a show-er.. Great! That will give Naris something else to think about and freak out over?" She grins and is then fleeing once allowed to leave, a wave is sent towards them. "See you all later."

One thing that might not be common knowledge about Naris is that she keeps some rather unhealthy hours, staying up as long as possible and absolutely refusing to rest. As a result when she gets to a certain point she can't really control it and begins to fall asleep, and fast at that. This is one of those times. Her eyes, already ringed with red, begin to look bleary. She starts to just nod at everyone instead of speaking. And within a couple minutes she actually begins to lean on Zi'on, personal space forgotten. Then within a grand total of about three minutes Naris is effectively sleeping against the weyrleader's shoulder.

Enka's brows quirk upwards even higher at Naris's final comment. Yeah, has she been living under a rock or something? "You've lived here … all your life… and… haven't seen anythin'? Shells, where have you been? I've been here just about ten turns, and things happen when I'm around. Like," she pauses, shoots Zi a look. "Hey Zi, remember that time you made me flash the entire caverns?" It was a dare! Wasn't it? Ila'den's remark draws a slow, saucy smile to the Weyrwoman's face. "You have /noooo/ idea, Ila. Just keep tellin' Teimryth to practice his flyin' and you just might get lucky enough someday to find out." In the meantime, that luck all goes to Zi'on, see. "I'd be rich…er." Enka gives the Weyrleader another look. "Would you want to do my laundry, Naris? Because I've got a lot of it." But then there's the girl, sleeping, so that question's going to go unanswered. Darn. "Grow-er, hmm?" Zi'on gets a speculative look. Oh doesn't she know about the grow-er. Ha!

Rhadan's walking takes him past the cots and beds and examination nooks. When he is passing Ila, he gets a smirk on his face that might give away the fact that he is going to respond, but Zi'on replies. Hm. Grow'er… Rhadan gives Ila'den a quick, firm nod, "I know what he means. Me too. Grow'er." Rhadan gives that same nod to Zi as well. And Enka, for that matter. Yup. He's a grower. He continues his walking and his eyes drift to these different beds and nooks as he passes by, but he never keeps his focus on them for a long period of time. Once to the far wall he is at a cabinet, and all of those items in the basket are unloaded into that cabinet - different drawers for each. Then he is refilling the basket with identical items to what he just unloaded. Well, almost identical. The paper for the new numbweed is brown, not white. Big deal! Basket full again, he's headed back to the front of the cavern.

Grow-ers? Show-ers? Ila'den watches Naris practice a perfect imitation of narcolepsy, turns a grin onto Zi'on, bounces that look over to Rhadan, and then promptly brings his fingers into his ears. "If you must know, Zi'on, it's actually quite the fantastic little creature. I don't have any complaints. And on that note," he says, "I'm out." Yep, just like that, the Weyrsecond is slinking around everybody who's left behind in the infirmary, and making hasty steps for the door. RETREAAAT!

Zi'on gives a wave to Sunny as she heads out. "See ya, Sunny." And then Naris is falling asleep on him. There's a bit of a grunt. Since the healer is coming in anyways. And poking and prodding and touching. Since the bronzer is in pretty good health the checkup goes quickly. He laughs at Enka. "I didn't -make- you. Also I mooned everyone. So… you know. Psh. Ila will never be weyrleader. He's doomed to my father's fate of always being number two." He peers at Enka's question about his grow-er. Since he's all done with his check up he lets Naris lay down and gets up to put his clothes on. "See? Rhad's a grower, too. And he's not even done with puberty." Once his clothes are back on he raises a brow at Ila'den. "Yeah. So says Iris. Has she slept with anyone else ever?" There's a roll of the eyes. "Well, back to work for me." And the bronzer heads out.

"Well all right, you didn't /make/ me do that," Enka will concede the point in good humor. "And yeah, you did moon everyone. HA!" That was fun and amusing, naughty Weyrleaders. "Well, maybe he might if Iris ever ended up in the senior spot." Not that Enka's looking to retire any time soon. The goldrider starts edging towards the curtain and the exit beyond. "Look, I'd probably better go get some work done before dinner, and then Mir's been sayin' she wants me to check the sands in the Hatchin' Cavern with her. She's gettin' close and all. Talk to you later, then, Zi'on?" And off she goes too.

Rhadan allows a slight offended look to appear on his face when the mention of him still being in puberty arises, but he doesn't respond. There! The basket is totally what Rhadan's first aid pouch needed. Once he reaches that table again he slowly begins to put items back into the pouch - filling it with the needed items. When finsihed, he will leave. What weird things tend happen around here. He raises a hand in a goodbye to a healer apprentice that he passes on his way out into the bowl.

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